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New YGO Anime and no thread? Finished the episode and being honest, I somehow feel like the show's tone has gotten more childish than Sevens. The pacing was a mess, everything happened way too fast with little time to breathe between scenes. The art direction has somehow worsened drastically, those backgrounds are sad. I didn't mind the tutorial duel and the cast seems like it is going to be fun, but overall I would say this was the weakest first episode out of any YGO series.

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They changed to a new art director.

Yeah, I also felt something was off throughout the episode. I read on Twitter they changed the art director which explains the lackluster visuals. As for the tone, I dont think it was much different from SEVENS. Maybe the tutorial duel gave you that impression. Regardless, I'll still watch the show since I enjoyed SEVENS and this seems to be a sequel. Also, I'm chained to this franchise for life.

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They intentionally seem to going for a more pencil art aesthetic over realism. That's how I would describe it. There's no other way to explain some of this shading and outlines.

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Yeah, not very pretty to the eye

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>New YGO Anime and no thread?
we had two threads both hitting bump limit.

The Anime looks super old now. I mean not like Sevens didn't looked old with that outdated art style but now is on a whole different level

I've never minded that kind of art style that much though. Yugioh is not exactly grounded in tone.

Thoughts on the new Manga art style?

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More rush duels?


Because no one cares aside from like 10 anons. Sevens killed all the hype.

looks a little heavy handed.

These twins seem like a mix of luke, romin, and yuga but not much of anything else.

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The pacing was all over the place. Like, we only got 3 minutes of Yuhi and Yuamu in the forest and the rest was spent on Yudias' spaceship and the eye beam scene. Also, man, Mutsuba really screwed over Goha after their takeover. Everyone lives in a literal ghetto.
The artist of the Luke manga should have stayed.

Yuka, Roa and Ranze

Asana too. Kid really loves his machines and judging by Yuamu's ace name her dragons might look like machines too

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>Also, man, Mutsuba really screwed over Goha after their takeover. Everyone lives in a literal ghetto.
Goha is still there, they just let her do whatever she wants in a tiny portion.

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oh boy, time to watch this episode after i get lunch

They don't act dignified or prideful. They don't have silver hair or asana's cool blue eyes. yuamu doesn't have her type of skin either. Their aesthetics are largely chaotic and informal even if they have jumpsuits. Sure they have machine gimmicks but honestly there were a lot of characters in sevens that might fit in that category. Also they don't have a problem with drones.

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That doesn't look like goha tower though.

They are white tho?
>Also they don't have a problem with drones
Who is to say she didn't grow to like them? If she is so interested in Yuga then is obvious

Also Haruka, but since she is Asana's best friend she most likely knew Asana liked Yuga so i doubt she could have tried anything

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Yuamu's complexion really doesn't match asana's. Unless you pin earth machine stuff entirely to Asana (which wouldn't make sense even romin's cards are technological) I can't find anything distinctly like her in here. That's just my guess for now. Probably should wait 10-15 more episodes.

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Let's be honest, while Bridge made it obvious Asana likes Yuga from the moment they met you also need to consider the writers never gave them as many moments and development as Luke x Romin. Writing-wise she should be the obvious option, but i wouldn't be surprised if they took another route.

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>two girls take their shoes off next to you at a picnic
Lucky kid.

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2 of those are guys.

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I can't see the difference. Maybe he'll taste it?

one male twin, one female twin, and an alien prince I think.

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I'm rewatching the arcs i skipped and was wondering how did Luke know she was Princess G but couldn't tell Mimi was cosplaying?

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Princess G is connected to luke, romin and probably the twins now.

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He doesn't show it much but Luke is actually the smartest character in the gang.

No Luke has a recurring connection to Princess G. Luke was the one who prompted Romin to explain how she got Prima Guitarna from Princess G by looking into Romin's guitar case. Luke's the one who turned on the tv to her when Romin was dueling Sushiko causing her to lose. Romin's last duel episodes brought them together and showed they all used duel guitars.

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I miss arc v so much bros

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Sevens needed a prominent red haired girl somewhere.

Same, the kino left with Gallop

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>gallop only made four yugioh movies over 20 years

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The sogetsu's deck seems a little less generic this time.

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The Duel Disks look tiny as hell. Same thing with the cards. The artstyle feels like it would fit another series (Digimon, Beyblade)

>The artist of the Luke manga should have stayed.
It was shit.

It was beautiful

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The only good part was the beach chapter with Romin and Asana bikini.

Ending it at season 1 was a good stopping point because it had the majority of enemies but hell if i would not have loved to see Luke face all the siblings and Haruka. Just image the fanservice with Haruka

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Arc V was the one time where people who normally don't watch Yu-Gi-Oh was watching it the plotline was really good until the 5D's arc.

I like how they're right next to a curry restaurant.

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Indeed, you even had people calling it AOTY

I wish I was around for the threads back then.

Seemed like a standard tournament arc with lots of mystery baiting that they had no intention of fulfilling when I watched it.

sora vs shun was pure kino.

Maybe she'll get a character arc where eventually she won't even need to use the glasses to have super sight.

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I enjoyed Standard the most with the first half of Synchro. Hell i also enjoyed XYZ because it was my first time watching Kaito but by the time XYZ ended i knew the series wouldn't end as the best YGO Anime ever. But hey, at least there were still plenty of good moments near the end

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I think there's a good chance we might not get the opening until they introduce zwijo. Which would be disappointing.

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>everything happened way too fast with little time to breathe
really? I felt like there was so much of nothing that happened that I hated this. the first episode is literally just a tutorial about normal summoning monsters, attacking, and drawing. and if it spent all that time doing that, then the next few episodes are also going to be painfully slow tutorial episodes because they want this to fully teach new players. they still have to go over magic/traps, tribute summoning, and effect monsters. all of which I'm sure will take at least two more episodes given this slow boring pace.

SEVENS was far better at quickly introducing the game without taking too much time and making it fun. the only fun here was Yuudias being a dumb little alien hitler.

And don't forget Maximums and Fusions. I wouldn't be surprised if this whole arc is just a tutorial

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Fusions won't come up until at least yuhi duels again. And Maximums are big showcase monsters so they probably won't come up in this first string of duels.

I still haven't digested Luke's defeat. It just doesn't feel real. It's so well but at the same time so lazily done like the writers themselves are struggling.

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Sometimes you have to cheat at the card game to save the day.

I'm expecting entire arcs later to show those off, definitely doubt they would try to add those in with the rest of the basics already

Nail, Roa and Gakuto look so done with Yuga's bullshit

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Some of these characters have to be doing this out of fear or something because most of them should have had their own dreams and stuff.

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>Time for your dick flattening, honey!

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Zwijo appearance might be when shit finally gets real for this series. Similar to Roa, but look how he turned out.

>Similar to Roa, but look how he turned out.
At least Zwijo has a much more interesting background and a better reason to be an asshole who stays evil for a little bit longer.......maybe

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yeah the alien antagonists might do all kinds of stuff to all the old characters.

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I really want to see the Kamijou Gear Company. Shit was so interesting and i want to know if Luke burned it to the ground or not. UTS looks like it barely survives

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Could it be considered good character development if Luke stopped running away from his destiny and became another cog in the wheel of society? I can't tell

if you look at the sky view, I don't think anything exists as it once was.
Goha tower is not there anymore.

Luke alone would fuck everything up, but conveniently he has someone who knows when to put him in his place

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No. But that would be assuming yuga did nothing to change the world or other characters after he returned

I dig it. Has the whole first chapter dropped yet?

In two weeks i think

First chapter should be out today. But it's in saikyo jump so I don't even know if raw images for it will be out. I haven't seen much out of saikyo jump mangas ever.

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I like it. She reminds me of Romin in terms of personality.

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There's a page with all the Manga dumps even the one with Yuga farting. Still no Go Rush Manga. I imagine it comes out together with Boruto and DBS

Not according to this.


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