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Baki low mid
I do not agree sir

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this but also include HxH in S

Is fairy tail that bad?

nah, maybe a C
don't really remember anything from it, it's one of those shonen, you know. kinda like fast food

It’s genuinely one of the worst manga ever made.

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I should point out I'm only including Phantom Blood in that JoJo entry, the rest aren't S tier.


Objective ranking

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Imagine you've got a manga where every arc ends with the protagonists being about equal with the current world destroying tier enemies, then keep it going for 16 years. The only interesting part is the actual romantic progression of a couple of the characters, with a rival of the MC actually knocking up a (mostly) background character and the main characters recently jumped into another dimension where they're older (because these characters didn't jump into a stupid time dilation field) and the main character and his best friend have kids with their respective girls.

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Noragami makes my blood boil because the world itself and some side charas are uber good and can tell really cool stories but the MC and 90% of the main cast is complete dogshit

Based soft seinen enjoyer

It's embarrassing how much kino shounen manga I have yet to read, but here is my tier list.

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>DB has 3 entries, even though two are the same manga
>JoJo has 1
Who made this shit list?

I can agree with almost all of this, do think Jojo should get at least 'okay' though since parts 2, 4, and 7 although not great were good plot and fun fight wise. It is hard to rank them though.

100% objective list coming through, if you don't agree with this list you're simply not a real manga fan

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I’ve never really given jojo a proper try, didn’t like the first part much and just left it at that. I know everyone says it gets better so I’ll try the rest at some point but for now it’s not ok.

I don't read no damn manga. This is for Anime. Now rate my taste white boys.

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Explain HxH being below One Piece. I love both but just doesn't make sense to me. What aspects of One Piece are better?

> Bleach/Naruto/DBZ/Fairy Tail in S tier
Most definitely bait but a 0.3% chance you're just Black or Latino.
Even then putting Fairy Tail in highest tier and Death Note in D is just too obvious a bait.

Nah my nigga those are S tier. You just hate fun.

Give shonen monkeys their separate board already

You do realize you can enjoy Shonen Anime and non Shonen Anime at the same time right?

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Snk and csm should be f tier

>Attack on Titan: The Final Season

Retard, you're just a hipster who hates anything that's popular. Chainsaw Man is objectively good.

>no Ueki
Into the trash.


I don't care/know the rest. I'm open to recommendations.

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Why is a community of what I assume are mostly adult men so obsessed with stories for prepubescent and early teen boys?

This list is really bad.

Why HxH so low?
Bakuman is worth reading if you don't mind lots of text in your manga. The highest rated one you haven't read yet too. Same mangaka as Death Note.

Thos in D are because I didn't cared to much, Jojo in S because of every part excep 1 and 3.
Magi is objectively great
Unique taste user
Anyone who says bleach is bad is lying to themselves
Is SNK this low because of the ending or the series as a whole?

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Chainsaw Man is so overrated here. It’s fun. It’s not that fun. Fire Punch was sincerely garbage, almost incomprehensible.

>almost incomprehensible
What? How retarded can one be?

this bait is your actual opinion isnt it

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Its litarally funny fire man in snow is not that complicated

By “one”, I assume you mean the one manga, Fire Punch, which we’re discussing here. In that case, pretty retarded.

The problem with all the lists here is that they don't truly reflect how the person feels about the series they just want to cater the generally well liked manga on Yea Forums so it seems they don't have bad taste.

I said it was almost incomprehensible, not almost complicated.

This truly reflect my opinion on this series.

To be fair, you have to be very high IQ to get HxH.

fire punch do be more seinen then chainsaw man but its alright your shit post isnt invalidated

>anime only fags

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That isn’t true at all, I rated the series I enjoyed high and the series I didn’t low. You think that because one piece is generally well received and boruto generally isn’t is some conspiracy that we’re following in order to be part of the in-group?

i'll give reading Bleach a go then, the anime had so much filler that even me as a young teenager dropped it around episode 64 (soccer episode?) when I learned there was still a shit ton of filler on the horizon.

where the fuck is dandadan?

ALSO FUCK YOU my list is goat

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Ooo one tranny at the top. Have you seen the latest chapters oda farted out? I guess to you it looks like gold.

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How is haikyuu in D? Your list is shit

S tier baki bros are based

Volleyball doesn't interest me and I felt like it wasn't a very good manga. I'm a talented but lazy person who picks up most things he doesn't have an injury stopping him in so I identified a lot more with Kuroko which was all about exceptional people (albeit a lot more exaggerated), it's why I found YGO more relatable than Pokemon growing up. I just don't like Hinata and his simple sport and you definitely can't beat the height cap as easily in that game as in basketball

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These are the only ones I care enough about to rank

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>I'm a talented but lazy person
You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

age 32, turned it last fall

not much of a shonen fag

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if you have one piece in anything but S your opinion is irrelevant

So much of YYH is so weak and even the good parts have really lazy writing in them


I really like the characters, I don't care much about the asspulls or some boring fights

i respect someone liking it though, there are worse series. fyi I even kind of like fairy tail and it's in my F tier. the whole list is just my personal taste. I really liked act age and paradox ghostwriter though they got axed, so that's reflected in my placements. It's not an objective list at all

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user you can’t use a different set to everyone else.
Another haikyuu hater, it’s ok to be gay user you don’t need to repress it

not my fault it was fucking boring

Maybe the first half, second half is no higher than d tier

this. Haikyuu snobs are like Hunter snobs except instead of wanting to stab your mom and justify it, they want to molest your kid. A lot. That's how they behave

This but also Dai.

Haikyuu snobs aren’t a thing, at least on Yea Forums. And the average haikyuu fan is more into their yaoi fanfics than molesting children.

Too lazy to list the series in order

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The average haikyuu fan only exists on Yea Forums to call anyone disliking it gay or underaged, because whenever they aren't doing that they are doing gay underaged things and it's not right. I'm pretty sure Act-Age's author was a haikyuu fan

Shit list

Ask me how I know you are a SA monkey


Too lazy to make a good list

Seethe and cope.

BC could be on someone's S tier but in terms of success and how good it's perceived by nips overall it would probably be a C tier

I don't read a lot of shonen.

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you really have DEMON SLAYER in high but Kaiju #8 in trash topkek

I keep looking for it on the bottom up every list I open here, it keeps being plunked. It's a thing of beauty

My file was too big

disagree = wrong

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what manga is that in third place there?


I disagree

>Explain HxH being below One Piece

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>in third place
Third one in S tier? Ashita no Joe.

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Not him, but it's objectively a great manga.

so these are the people who make up most of Yea Forums these days....

is that the demographic of people who want to fuck killua?

I'm sorry but if you drop an anime because of filler then you're stupid. You can just skip it

Opinion discarded.

I don't read too much shonen sorry!

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Nah fma & demon slayer are dogshit

>no argument

>original dragonball in low tier
...fucking retards

this is the best tierlist in the whole thread, also one of the few that recognize fire force for the kino it is

No they want to watch killua fuck gon. Horny fujos have the best taste.

Not every conversation you have is a debate, autismo.

here is my tierlist

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Based Shonenchad

braindead zoomers who think chainsaw man is peak fiction cause "it not like other shounen! it blood and revolutionary!"

Second half >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> First half

>seven deadly sins above soul eater, bakuman and ippo
trash, garbage, the worst list

Chainsaw Man is peakfiction because it's kino

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OP second half is literally dog shit. I have it in S on my list because of the first half. Second is literally Z--------- tier, ngl

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Nice list desu.
Why Doraemon tier S tho? Nostalgia?

Toriko is actual kino and infinitely better than chainsaw man

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>I have it in S on my list
No you don't. You can stop pretending to like One Piece, huntard.

Read Doraemon and find out.

toriko is no where near csm

It's it's this list. And I've been watching since the days when Kaizoku-fansubs were the biggest fansub and it was way behind W7, which was the latest arc at the time. I absolutely have followed it weekly for almost dead on 20 years at this point

I have put the og naruto on s and not facotred in shippuden. bcs i hate shippuden and love naruto

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Oh I don't think it's better than those, I just didn't organize the rows at all.

Toriko was a lot more fun than CSM

>fire force in D
I swear to god fire force has got be one of the biggest pleb filters. It does certain aspects of Ohkubos style even better than Soul Eater, even if Soul Eater overall is better. Fire force is also the rare example of manga actually getting better and better and better and ending at its peak. Plus the powers get super creative with the premise of just "fire". Every fire force ability could exist in MHA but they never could cuz hori isnt that creative.

fully agree except trigun should be one tier higher

anyway, I've rewatched/read pre ts in it's entirely a dozen times and have struggled weekly with my first read of post ts, I am sorry. It's just bad manga to me. I am happy many other nakama along the way have made it through the new world, your haki is stronger than mine, it is just an appalling bit of entertainment to me and it's fall from what I perceived to be the best story ever written was baffling to me (and some others I've seen around), but there's enough manga behind that point for me to like it.

I enjoyed Zou, Big Meme's backstory and that arc being a subversion, and I liked Dressrosa if Pace trims the anime down but it is a bit too long for my tastes. Everything else is unbearable, to me at least

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I watched the anime. two seasons of it. Honestly it was just boring idk why tho.

>Hunturd x Hunturd
Of fucking course

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unironically filtered. I am the last to say post timeskip is perfect but WCI fishman island zou and Wano are kino. Dressrosa is mid tho and punk hazard is the worst arc of the whole thing

>There are actualy people on Yea Forums who haven't even read Chainsaw Man
What the fuck happened to this place? Have we been overrun with fake manga fans?

read the manga the anime is fucking ass

>Dressrosa is mid tho
Dressrosa is a masterpiece. No one in the modern age can write a story arc that takes place in a single day with dozens of factions and characters at play, focusing on hundreds of plot points, building up a big climax while also delivering emotional payoff to every single of those plot-points. There's not a single plot point that does not have a resolution in Dressrosa. It manages to do all of that while also tackling thought provoking themes and introducing characters that are infinitely more morally interesting than any other arc that came before it.

Dressrosa is the type of story you would see in ancient religious and fantasy epics like The Divine Comedy, Odyssey or Mahabharata that are hundreds of years old. No modern authors can replicate a story arc as masterful as Dressrosa.

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Stop typing like a child

Now this is a list i respect

Back in the day we weren't angry pissbabies about what we each liked. This was pre Chimera Ant finishing and 2011 didn't exist, so HxHers weren't the pretentious proselytizers they've emerged as in the wake of Madhouse's middling adaptation. We didn't have smartphones or a ton of new shounen vying for our attention, are you aware your series might have been around before you were even born at this point?

Many generations of OP fanatics have came and went, HxH was a valued sister series along with peak Bleach and Naruto at the time. I would figure you'd be attuned to this history.

NNT is trash, pedoliodas is the biggest gary stu of all time, and the DK is a cuck of a final villain

He is a child, though.

This is it for me lads

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Why is noragami so high. Post tits

>HxH was a valued sister series along with peak Bleach and Naruto at the time
>Naruto and Bleach
Pretending to be an oldfag will never not make you a newfag.

What is your opinion on Fishman Island? It seems to me like you're an extremely based individual so I want to know.

One piece is great but there's no fucking way it touches S tier.
The arcs are formulaic and becoming more and more bloated, a solid A tier.
C tier for that dogshit adaptation.

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Worst arc in the series by far and the only time I ever considered dropping it. Any of its “deep themes” had already been done at arlong park and sabaody, the fights were shit, shirahoshi was annoying (though hot), in fact the new characters in general were just bad and sanji got character assassinated.

This fag isn't me. FI is the only pleb filter arc in the series.

user can’t you read
>objective ranking
>disagree = wrong
One piece is top tier deal with it

Dude, I'm 32. Thirty fucking two. My first eps of Naruto were downloaded when I couldn't get much more than 8kb per second on the default bittorrent client, with it climbing to 120kb/s around the time I gotten into the Forest of Death. I have a pretty congruent memory of these things. I was in the FGC at the time and can probably cite people who remember the dorky OP signature I had as a 15 year old on the boards for organizing events, pre SF4

I don't get little babies like you because OP was one of the least popular of them and the only one not cross watched/read by everyone. HxH was slightly behind too. I was onboard when Naruto was literally everywhere and was telling everyone how good this was instead

It's entirely possible I just don't like the timeskip content and felt betrayed after all of the time I put into seriously enjoying this shit. This was a time when Naruto and HxH were actually really fucking decent and I preferred OP anyway. You see how many people have those two on top of their list here? I STILL PREFERRED OP. Literally Dead End Adventure (non canon as it was) was my shit over that. Alabasta and Arlong were my favourite arcs, I didn't have much of a choice at the time anyway.

Pre ts can't be that bad if I rank it higher than what were shaping up to be terrific series, before they all collapsed and became shit.

>Dude, I'm 32.

I'd love to make on of these but I've only watched/read like 6 of these series, I guess not every one can be a mentally challenged manchild who eats any shonen-shit the magazine puts out

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>pleb filter
I never understood why people hated that arc. To me it was an instant top 5 arc.

>I never understood why people hated that arc.
There is only one answer. Marinefordbabbies

That’s because you’re black
Why so much haikyuu hate, maybe Yea Forums does need more females you fags have shit taste

I started here in 2008 so I probably count as one. You are eternally newfriend if you start after 2005 afaik. My first post was some dumb /g/ post asking if we could one day make Old Snake's solid eye with a pocket controller or something. That's how pre smartphone it was.

But to OP? Fuck no. Nigga I had Chopper's pre ts plushie in my soft-furfag phase. I had a kinky broad for an ex who did things with it, you can laugh at that. I remember endless fucking fillers around the time of Crazy Rainbow Star. Dude, I'm old in this shit, cope

Post ts is the worst shit I've read and OP is still my favourite story ever, what most Berserk fans describe about post GA is how I feel about it and I concur with aspects of what they say about that series too. It's still nowhere near as gargantuan as the drop in consistency post ts.

Oda is literally stalling for time over certain chapter number milestones just for symbolism, like 1044 for shishishi. That's horrible. Drawing out arcs like Toei filler in DBZ JUST for a neat number pun, how blind do you have to be to A. not see that B. think it isn't seriously compromising the manga's quality?

shit fights mostly

I'm surprised to see so many people reading Boruto, I thought most wouldn't have picked it up at all

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adding to my shitpost, I maintain my original position on the matter. You get your manga you like and I'm happy for you. It's just not for me. Not post timeskip at least. 'Your haki's stronger than mine,' curb the autism and roll on home with your gold star over tastes in adolescent asian fiction

TL;DR You are a newfag

I dropped it a couple years ago but salad was the only thing that got me through the chapters I did read. Once the naruto x salad affair arc starts I might pick it back up again

Should mention Biscuit Hammer would be in the top tier if it was shounen

i just trimmed it down.

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how the fuck do u make up a lie that autistically

great post.

I miss when people online at least pretended engagements were meaningful. What the fuck is wrong with people nowadays, you are basically a freaking AI bot regurgitating unfunny image macros (they're not memes, cope.) about some unrelated manga whenever someone doesn't kiss the ground post ts walks on

Back in the day you could actually hurt someone by pointing out inflections in the way they annotated their thoughts. It was low and not a thing I'm seeking to do here but it's a possibility that's faded into irrelevancy since everyone is a meme and their only concern is not being cancelled.

I've been in /opg/ threads a ton. And god, does nothing ever constructive happen there, just one liner posts and shit straight out of a paper thin macro 24/7

Yeah I've trolled there, not with the HxH shit, but anything sets you off and has you playing whack a mole with each other for weeks in my absence after. Anything short of entirely hijacking the thread and posting metric tons of insanity is completely unfunny, too, so you can be sure your fucking 200,000th HxH macro edit is just as excruciatingly pedestrian as anything

Why do you think Devilman is bad? It's one of my absolute favorites.

He grows to a reasonable height and stops chasing his autistic ace dreams and becomes a well rounded player that can do everything. He never lacked talent, he just never had the means to practice or correct guidance.
Meanwhile kageyama is the biggest prodigy in the nation.

I'm not lying, you can suck my dick. Op fans are fucking retards, which is probably why he lowered the target audience to only consider 2 year old savants with the attention span required to tolerate the Succession War wordsalad Oda proliferates every arc with. It's been this trash ever since 2012

Thread ended right here

If he is that well rounded and useful as a support wouldn't he de facto be considered an ace in the end?

>I miss when people online at least pretended engagements were meaningful.
Here are your average posts from mid 2000s. This was one elaborate bait but thankfully no one fell for your bullshit. Now fuck off.

>cherrypicking shit

oh how funny. What next? Going to post the Roger laughing on the Togashit grid?

Yes 'thankfully,' 'THANKFULLY' no one fell for one dude typing in a thread who you'll probably never speak to again or know you are talking to. Christ man. I'm not even mad you're pretending to be stupid, that's the point of this site, but in the absence of proper centralized discussion outside of maybe plebbit (I don't want down/upvotes and jannies) I'd expect Yea Forums to give me content if they aren't going to do what it was at least good at in the past; being funny.

Dude I don't care. Everything you say has been said before. Fuck off. I've seen the HxH macros, I've seen the elaborate lies, I've seen the rampant denial. The worst part is that I'd like to know why post ts watchers like it so much, not so much as incentive for me to try it again although it might help, but maybe because it'd give me some closure. But nope.

I can't do that, that's questioning that trannies might not be real women. And you can't have that. How dare I question post ts, even if it was to ask why YOU like it yourself so I can get an idea

absolutely ridiculous. Just remember when your threads go to absolute shit and you islampiecers are tearing your hair out, that is the only thing those threads are good for. Maybe you embrace that. But don't even pretend that you know anything about manga ROFL, and I mean any of them. You are a trollbot on a board where people act dumb for kicks, you can't even take my statements at face value because everyone else is a trolling drone too. So, nothing you say about OP has any value either

Just read the damn manga. It's extremely good and Yea Forums never talks about it. I can't summarise 400 pages of character development in one comment. Even if you don't like hinata, everyone else gets a good amount of focus.

>Yea Forums never talks about it
I'm very much not interested but if there was a way to make me try it anyway, this might be it.

>islam piece
How have you been?

>236212527 (You)
>236212613 (You)
>this is unironically how all 200 posters on arlongpark act
The sad sad reality of pre-timeskip manchildren

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rent free

>Baki not Peak
yeah, I think you're retarded.

checked. at least we are going to play this game honestly now. we are here to laugh at how shit the threads get and how ridiculous it is, don't you DARE pretend any of you give as much of a fuck about OP itself. Glad we agree

>236212902 (You)
>don't you DARE pretend any of you give as much of a fuck about OP itself
I browse every OP discussion site everyday. I follow every OP thread on Yea Forums, I desperately look for OP threads on Yea Forums, I browse worstgen, fanverse, arlongpark, pirateking, even 5chan op threads. I follow every OP e-celebs, most one piece discord servers, most OP twitter accounts. I have hundreds of gigabytes of OP fanarts saved. I follow Redon for chapter hints, read early spoilers, read detailed spoilers, read raws, read scanlations, read officials and even read the volume releases. Most of my irl friends watch One Piece because I've been converting all of my friends into OPfans for the past 15 years. I read every OP magazines, SBS, databooks and Oda interviews. I even keep up with smaller events.
And unironically, Arlong Park is the most painful place to discuss One Piece because it is filled with the same 200 pathetic pre-TS manchildren like you.

I would have JJk at least at the same tier if not better than Dr.Stone but as long it's over the other nu-shonen I don't care

most of this makes it sound like dragonball z

>no Gash Bell

Similar, which is why it's not surprising that Toriyama is a big influence to the author.

I can't seem to find negima aka the greatest battle shounen harem (extremely low bar I know) of all time

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I'm a newfag to anime, so bear with my taste.

Attached: tier.png (1202x920, 806.79K)

I like HxH and Jojo, what would be a good fit based on those two?

It’s almost a good but not quite, maybe if the main trio were slightly less dull, dr stone’s kinda dumb and I usually don’t like stuff that’s similar yet I like it regardless. Senku runs a fine line between obnoxious and likeable but he won me over fairly early on.

I don’t get people that love yyh and hate hxh. Sure yusuke is the far superior mc but every other aspect is better in hxh imo.
>but muh asspulls/poor pacing/tranny shit/unfinished final arc
Like yyh doesn’t also have those

OP has unfathomably bad taste holy shit.

stop watching shounen and lurk 1000 more years before posting

Wtf rugg you actually have good taste
Now stop spamming QOS and you can fit in here

>UQ holder is there but no Negima
Fucking hell, I'll put Negima in good though

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>Magi is objectively great
Maybe for a few arcs but it got worse with time
everything after marine ford was shit but what came before was never beaten
>Who made this shit list?
not me. The only reason jojo is so low is because part 1 is the weakest

I have read 2000 manga and this is the near-objective rating
Give or take a little bit since I don't want to spend too much time in this

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And unreads

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>hunterpedo chainsawtranny is a pre-ts fag
Checks out

You’re missing a letter

Wow I have shit tastes.

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Unreads is here Went over 4MB

BNHA is good. I said it

>Black clover and eden zero in middle
>Naruto in high
>Hunter peak
Naruto is good till fillerpuden, but on way better than black clover or eden zero

Sakamoto is really overrated.

Btw there's some oddities in my deliberations. I'll point out just a few:
Jojo includes part 7-8 (seinen though)
One piece would be S but I subtracted points for shit that sucks in the last decade
There's also series like Bleach and Naruto that could easily be A but I also subtracted points for some shittiness here and there as well
It's also hard to rate gag and serious manga together.
For zetsubou sensei I bumped it up one for the ending
Shingeki could have been S but had so many years of pure garbage
Dunno if there's any other considerations. Those are the main ones

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E user you’re missing E!! Decent enough taste, but rosario should be higher and demon slayer lower.
It was decent to start with but hasn’t been for years now

it had some interesting ideas but it really kinda sucked once all might retired. It also has the worst "rivalry" in all of shounen which has the nerve to take up a decent chunk of the series and is a major drag on everything

Attached: 1621583483041.png (680x1318, 439K)

The entire series would be fixed by one of deku/bakugo/shigaraki being a girl and deku falling for one of the other two (or both, that works too).

Ah and I didn't sort the manga within a category because fuck that shit it's nap time
That's just how the OP's tiermaker started for me.

Also fuck where is world trigger you dumb monkey OP? easy A or S

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And I quote
>SS (Soft Semen)

It was okay until the end of PLW.

Non contrarian list

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Making this list made me realize how many series I've dropped, and how many shounen manga I've never heard of lol

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You are a woman
decent but could be improved

Better worldbuilding, comedy, and narrative threads within an arc.

>Ultimate shounen tier list
>No shakugan no shana or world trigger

Atleast they added some literal who shit like strawberry 100%.
Theres also no prison school

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Whoops, sorry for being blind!

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some of them I only watched the anime, i ranked my favourite adaptation
also why is samidare here and not spirit circle?

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A cooking anime is above Dragonball and Baki? You shameless cunt

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Bretty gud taste right here.

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It would only be bretty gud :DDD if build king was in S.

>Soma over landmark works in Shonen
Say sike rn

Not too bad. If categories are all equal, there should be a separate chunk between your A and B. Works that were good trailed in the end in your opinion should be bracketed between. Also why such high praise for Black Clover? Ever since the elf arc the conflict feels so hot and cold. Great highlights but the sense that the plot has little to no momentum.

Fucking dogshit cringe thread.
We all know that the best anime/manga of all time is clearly Hunter X Hunter.

Can’t be bothered to go through each chart but hxh is one of the highest rated on average. One piece probably takes the top spot but hxh is definitely 2 or 3

Hunter X Hunter is boring and only has 1 good arc. Chimerafags need not respond

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>All the Yugioh disrespect
>People actually like Bleach
Garbage taste

We should have a Shojo or SOL tier list thread

Peak is good but rest is trash

Nigga really wants to tell me that fire punch, blue exorcist, fairy tail and demon slayer (all trash btw) are better than the kinos of dragon ball, trigun, and Magi. Devilman is also quite pretentious but better than many that are listed above it

Go make one then

Also Baki low mid? You sir have brain damage

Are there even good shoujo shows in the past decade?

Servamp i guess

Kageki shojo

Here have a good list

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Naruto in the same tier as boruto is a bold move.

fair enough. For me it's the other way around and I find the characters/humor in dr.stone really obnoxious.
still don't get why he didn't just kill all might
>cooking anime is above Dragonball and Baki?
didn't even finish soma. Some entries like Devilman or Trigun are just to fuck with people without being obvious bait. Dragonball and Baki are at the right place though

>Dragonball worse than db Z
>Black clover worse than magi and hxh
Looks more like a shitlist desu

Actually decent list for once, good job user.

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