I am tired

I am tired
tired of all these new isekai shitshows
no its not
unnecessary gore and rape without any build up is not mature
the MC alone saving the world every 5 seconds with only marginal support from his harem is not a DND campaign
it also probably gets much worse

why can't the limp dicked monkey never write something good? I just want more konosuba

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the konosuba ln is fucking shit past a certain point
the anime + movie ended in the right place

Read better isekai

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Just don't watch lmao, stop being a drama queen. I only watch some praised isekai nowadays, most of them I haven't touched at all.

It's just a contest of who can one up the other, don't get your panties in a twist and find something your enjoy.

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Pic unrelated.

watch dunbine

they're irrelevant


cope and seethe aquatard
the megubros have won

name then

Arrest yourself and go to bed you contrarian.

This is incredibly boring and for all the hyping about worldbuilding, the world is just some generic tactical jrpg world ala Fire Emblem.

I don't watch isekai so I'm having a good time with Konosuba, it works as a general Japfantasy parody

don't read i'm thinking about making babies with my wife Yunyun

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enjoy your rotten apple with hag voices.

Just don't watch or read any isekai anime and manga

Well, you WILL get more konosuba ontop of isekai quartet stuff, so you have no right to complain about others getting theirs too.

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more based Isekai ever

Neat, hopefully they'll keep both the bizarre and sketchy feel of it.

Only one I can think of like that is Faraway Paladin. There's also Goblin Slayer, but it's not isekai. Do you know any other classic high fantasy or dnd-like manga? Isekai or not. Also, Konosuba is a trash heap. Please kill yourself, OP.

>the world is just some generic tactical jrpg world ala Fire Emblem
What is wrong with that?


dorkness milk jugs

That’s why I like Isekai Smartphone, it’s good fun

It's because Narou writers are all garbage. Mushoku Tensei and Konosuba are the only two worthwhile stories from there.

Faraway Paladin is Isekai only in name. It has ZERO other world elements other than slight emotional baggage on the MC. He uses no knowledge or values from the other way, everything he employs, all the knowledge, values, and skills, are the ones he was taught in that world. Author was probably pressured to make it Isekai for marketing, but he obviously just wanted to make fantasy.

Nothing by itself but people should stop pretending that element is better than other isekai.

Yeah, I agree. Him getting reincarnated into a fantasy world was mostly a gimmick.

Imagine getting filtered by isekai of all genre.

Wait, is all that shit getting more seasons?

I'm still sad about the saihate no paladin anime. It didn't capture the feeling of the manga, let alone the novel.
At least the opening was cool.

Yea why are you surprised. We live in the best timeline. Hopefully every single anime in the future will be isekai.

I'm not used to anything I watch or like getting a second season, let alone a 3rd or 4th.

well you see back in battle harem days only very very popular stuff like Date a live and shit got more seasons so I understand you’re wondering what’s so different this time?
Well the difference is that isekai is way way way more popular and for a reason it has variety despite what the detractors say.

isekai smartphone was so bad that it spawned a meme among the nips because of how forgettable and bland the show/mc was

Your taste is as bland as your opininon.

There should be an isekai where the world you get isekai'd to is determined by how you died. So everyone who dies in a car accident goes to the same world, everyone who shoots themselves goes to the same world as Hitler, etc.. The generic isekai fantasy world we are familiar with is just the one for people who got hit by trucks. But some of the worlds are better than others, and some have requirements that can only be fulfilled in certain worlds (you can't get killed by a gun in a fantasy world), or really brutal requirements like being murdered by your best friend. It turns into an all out war between interdimensional suicide murder cults trying to get into Heaven

TFW no Re:Zero confirmed yet

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What's the one under Tanya?

i havent read this one
but the anime seems interesting

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>The more wholesome and peaceful your death
>The shittier your Isekai world is
I love the idea. I'd give it a read

Grace of the Gods

I've been a fan of isekai since Digimon and I'm glad we have a large number to choose from now so shitters can stay in the crappy fandoms and chads can adopt the fun ones like Konosuba.

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Konosuba gets another season and gets to be the main player in isekai quartet.
What a time to be alive

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Watch anime made before the 2000s

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that one is boring as fuck though, it loses its steam extremely quickly. Yeah there's a bit of nice inventing paper and failing and the characters certainly help, but after all that goes dry there was literally nothing left.
fuck you.
shit taste

based isekai fan

thank lord

>Konosuba gets another animation project™

its gonna be a season i refuse to believe they are not so retarded to make another movie

I disagree, but you have a right to your opinions, even if they are complete garbage

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I honestly don't know why they had to make the announcement so vague. The main argument I have against another season is that LN ended. I guess a movie or something would be profitable even with that in mind.

Hopefully at some point, at least to see Sirius and Capella.

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The only Isekai I like are Mushoku Tensei and Tanya desu Re:Zero and Konosuba are decent too but beyond that I can't think of any I'd actually want to watch/read

probably right all the other isekai shows just straight up said they are getting new seasons but not konosuba so its probably another movie

A butchered adaptation with all the grim dark elements removed to pander to the faggot iyashiki crowd.


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Amazing taste. I consider Mushoku, Tanya, and Konosuba as the trio of "worthwhile" isekaishit, while Re:Zero is "watchable."

Enjoy your pachinko

>bakarina returns
nice, i just got to rewatching S1 and starting S2 finally

>isekai quartet stuff,
This is all I want.