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Happy first anniversary!

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Threesome time, huh?

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this author has definitely the worst case of sameface I've ever seen
I can't think of a single other series where every character looks exactly the same

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chapter end

No extra illustration for the first anniversary? Bummer. Maybe I made a mistake and they will do it next week. Kinda weird though

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No one cares about this reddit manga.
holy shit just fuck off already

So ridiculous that is funny. Also the evil eye doesn't like to be clothed

It's weird because the art is insane but the faces are all so similar. When they're not doing gag faces the expressions are kinda stiff too.

thanks user. I'm not expecting that we get comfy chapter for the first anniversary

Incredible spread.

Damn, has it been a year already?


indeed, started april 6th 2021

He has a good range of drawing characters from different perspectives and angles and his background art is also highly detailed, but yeah agree about the faces. He also does the :O thing too often instead of mixing it up a bit

>Japanese MIB covered the worm up
Will the gilf be affiliated with them?

That's Ranma how it suppose to look like.

he spent like 2 decades working as an assistant, I guess it makes sense

and it's something that can be easily fixed by just giving each characters' slightly different eyes
but for some reason the author just gives every single character the same beady black irises like in this page

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>a droplet counts
How is he not switching back and forth constantly?

body temperature?
I bet that little onions sauce came right out of the refrigator

to be fair, mha goes more for a capeshit/comic-tier style that makes it easier for him to design faces

Kek love Aira

Kek, Jiji was reduced to a background gag + plot device + Okarun's fan. Couldn't have asked for more. The previous godawful arc did something positive in the end

careful user, if you cope harder you might get a hernia
you still owe OP those 10 bucks, you know


>careful user, if you cope harder you might get a hernia
Coping about what exactly?
>you still owe OP those 10 bucks, you know

>a single drop counts
Amazing spread, love that he rips his clothes instantly except the underwear.

>refrigerating onions sauce
You don't have to do that

makes it easier to chug

> all the retards living together
Romcom shenanigans hype

>one fucking drop
>wasn't even cold (unless they store it in the fridge)
My fucking sides, are you kidding me. This is impossible
Thanks for the dump OP

turbo granny calling Momo by her name?????
the fuck???

Baki worthy tableflip

>ripped his clothes
So that's what his gag is

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This series has some really amazing spreads

Isn't his gag being the retaded good boy/the retard?

what does he drink now?

According to Ranma, room temperature counts as cold.

granny cunny


So what about residual water? Would he turn again if the hot water used to splash him cooled off before he wiped it away?

Alright, this is going to be harder than I thought.

god damn i fucking love the setup here lots of development. going to happen now. having the whole crew and evil eye to deal with like this is great. i love the characters

I know a solution: onsen arc
keep the fucker submerged in hot water 24/7

Keeping him in constant check like this keeps everyone prepared for when Jiji will inevitably need to be transported to the exorcism site

basically, i'm imagining for something like that even if it's too cliche and convenient
>school trip
>Jiji gets more retarded than usual due to desperation and joins in secret
another spirit in the woods nearby appears that also tries to possess Jiji
Evil Eye needs to defend his retarded vessel

>sleepover with momo


This manga is such a treat to read, real glad I picked it up.

Ayase or her grandoma would beat the shit out of him if he just tired something like that, and Jiji honestly seems to simple minded to think about something that complex.

m-Momo panties at last?

Give up user, Jiji has eyes only for Okarun's panties


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Why do Japanese girls wear such short skirts?

you don't drink tea boiling hot. even room temperature liquid triggers the transformation.


It doesn't need to be boiling hot retard, otherwise Jiji would be already dead or severely injured

I missed this Akira.

momo was already going for the hand holding, she might not be able to hold herself back if she has a sleepover with okarun

>Jiji's hands are backwards
Just noticed

oh. Oh damn. evil eye or not, this isn't supposed to happen. Hope it get fixed in the tank.

They aren't. The evil eye just decided to flip the table with the back of his hands

he's double-jointed

how can okarun pee when hes got no balls

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fuck I just remembered he has no balls, can't have sex with Momo with no balls

Just did this pose irl, can confirm that it works.

he has 1 ball, that's enough for most sex positions. the second ball is just a spare anyway

Because his kidneys, ureters, urethra are there

but pee is stored in the balls, user.

but pee is stored in the balls

I retadedly forgot the bladder

I see sum great american education 'ere.

Imagine if the series ends with Okarun having 3 testicles

>from DanDaDan to BallsBaBalls

you need two balls to fuck Momo

No it doesn't. Notice the position of your thumbs? In that position your thumbs are supposed to be outwards, not inwards.

This shit goes down so fast. It's getting boring.


> Yea Forums's finest intellectual

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No. Try to figuratively flip a table with the back of your hands; continue to do that motion until you are more or less in the same pose the evil eye has. What's the position of your thumbs?

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Don't worry, I got it

Time for a new story arc!

Momo is so cute

is Momo considered a gyaru?

yes, and so are her friends

You know, now that I think about it. Jiji hasn't changed his underpants in days.

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Seiko is a cheapskate.

>The retards will all be staying together
Oh yeah, it's all coming together

Aira what the fuck are you wearing.

Is she really?

Chapter of buildup for this, worth it.

>Turbo Granny being nice

yeah, even the chapter titles are written from her POV and she's using gyaru-speak iirc
but gyaru doesn't mean anything anymore these days anyway


Also, if a single lukewarm drop counts, then Jiji is basically fucked

Based gyaru supremacy

You cant compare MHA to most other comics. It draws from a fundamentally western capeshit style, where drawing multiple different faces is easy.

I'm sure the çoy sauce was chilled

It's directly inspired by Ranma, where even room temperature stuff can trigger the curse.

late nigh bump
until next monday fellas

It's the middle of the afternoon in my timezone, but enjoy your rest user. See you next monday.

Pee is stored in the balls, checked

Human skin cant handle being underwater for so long
The guy with the world record was like 80 hours and had to stop bc his skin was basically melting

we had a whole ass arc with momo and aira in underwear and okarun naked

He has 1 ball now it cant store much so he has to go often to the bathroom

Who took turbo granny cushion

He most likely changed just this day when Taro got off him, he simply likes tighty whities

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Post proof.

...Has the cushion been brought up before
I feel like now its gonna end up being important

>a whole ass arc with momo and aira in underwear
user. while there were 5 chapters of great content from that arc, it ended in ch 26. we are in ch 51 now. the last arc was all jiji in his tighty whities

Will Momo and Okarun share a room in the sleepover. Momo might sneak and snuggle up next to him

>jiji is 17 years old wearing tighty whities
I think it'd be hilarious if jiji wore boxers and they just changed to tighty whities for no reason

Momo sleeps naked

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all will sleep together in the same room. momo and aira will try to suck okarun's dick while making as little noise as possible so they wont wake up jiji

Evil Eye snatched it, the fiend.

In this gif you can see that he has his palms up, user. Jiji has the back of his hands up. Try the pose while having the back of your hands up.

I wish I was glimpsed by a cute brown gyaru

Kino outfit desu

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was this on purpose or did we meme it into reality?

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Kinda weird that Rock Lee isn't around anymore you'd think gramma would have him around for when everyone is at school

Momo is just trying to make sure to witness when she takes Okaruns virginity. Cuck her with maximum potency and mark her territory. Might as well get Jiji of his back while at it.

Momo is a mastermind.

Good, are you retaded? The gif clear shows that if you continued the motion you would get in the same exact pose of the Evil Eye.

he iwill be. not sure why he wasnt there this chapter but momo mentioned that he would be looking out for jiji at times.


One full year already...
Fuck I'm getting old.
At least the few panels with the speed devils will always be cool to remember. Hope this doesn't turn into a milkcow.


They are. If you can see what's clearly are the palms of the hands, then the fingers are on the wrong side.

If you can see his palms that means his thumbs are supposed to be on the outside. If he did what you just described, then you wouldn't see the palms of his hands at all.

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You can see the palms form that particular angle because the evil eye hands are slightly rotated outwards

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Uohhhhhhhhh! !! !! Hag erotic !!!!!! Hag's cunny and thighs !!!!!! Erotic …