Does Yea Forums watch live-action adaptations of anime/manga?

Does Yea Forums watch live-action adaptations of anime/manga?

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No, fucking stupid idea that will never not look dumb. Just watch k-dramas

I feel like K-Drama is getting shittier nowadays and this comes from a guy who watched K-Drama during Winter Sonata era

just post the clip of her running and tripping on the beach alright that's the best part of this entire shit show.

It is when its shoujo comedy series like Ashi-Gril or that one with the supreme older sister.

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20th Century Boys trilogy and to this day I still have no idea what it is actually about.

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No, but I do the reverse

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Only if there’s ryona

Live action anime are cringe.

Yea Forums is too autistic to look at real faces.

Hospital playlist is good
, I've seen a lot with my mom during pandemic and was surprised with some

Said the guy who also posts on Yea Forums

Only when the story is, for the most part, either about fighting or more realistic than anything, with only a little CGI fantasy included. The Death Note films were decent (obviously without including the US Netflix abortion), Rurouni Kenshin, Ping Pong, Azumi, korean Oldboy, Liar Game, etc. When you go full fantasy live action the result is almost assured to be shit
>There's Inuyashiki and Kaiji live-action
I might be interested to see that

What's going on here?

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There are good live action like Rurouni Kenshin, this one from Kaguya is okay IF you watch it expecting nothing.

The costumes and set design in this are really well done. The girl playing Kaguya is cute.

The Blue Blazes adaptation is really good and I highly recommend every Yea Forumsnon watch it

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I did watch that pantsu sneakpeek maniac anime live action anime, so I guess. Also it fucking sucked, and that shit went on and on for hours on end. The worst. Wouldn't recommend. Go watch itchi killer for a much more fun live action anime.

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Never did, never will

My personal problem with live action is that they pretend to be anime characters instead of simply acting like any other role. It's like watching a cosplay event and all the retards in it trying to re-enact some scene from the anime. I would rather watch any japanese movie that is simply that, a movie and not actors pretending to be mentally retarded.

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Live Action can be great if done well:

Saiki K
Mob Psycho
Prison School
JOJO Part 4

No they are all universally shit
>A-at least kenshin's was good

why the fuck don't Japs know how to kiss? it's always this little peck shit where the lips barely touch. no enthusiasm in it at all

Is Strangers from hell any good? Translation is taking too long and desu kdrama adaptations fucked me up since gone home came out. (what garbage like actually wtf)

I don't mind manga, basically just like adapting a novel but with a storyboard already done.
but any attempt to directly adapt anime to live action is universally awful

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Just me or are the tits of this girl actually big?

I don't,i wouldn't want a reason to splash bleach into my eyes

>pantsu sneakpeek maniac anime
what? The one from 40hara?

K-dramas are soulless



That girl has amazing eyes.

Nodame Cantabile live action was great.

It wasn't meant to be a kiss kiss. It was just from genki girl pushing them together.

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Seconding this. It was great.

I didn't even know about the existence of the source material but this sold me on both

LN and not anime but I watched the live action adaptation of the LN Nisio did about the amnesiac detective girl. Was pretty nice actually.

They suck, so very rarely. I tried with Mushishi and Saiki, and it's just either plain bad or very weird because, well, actors are Japanese...
Now, things like Edge of Tomorrow or Alita is another matter, but than again can you really call them adaptations?

The Boku Dake ga Inai Machi one (the whole show, not the movie) was pretty good. Much better than the anime at least.

I hate korean "culture"

Me too. I hate Kpop too.

The live action was pretty funny thought

> sentai anime
Is it boring?

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No. They're usually trash.

Yeah Speed Racer was great


My sister forced me to watch the Nisekoi live action movie.

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Out of all of the live-action anime adaptations I watched, the live-action Space Battleship Yamato is the best one.

damn Chika actress has some boobas on her

No, just watch actual Japanese film if you want 3D so bad

I really like Riki-Oh

>Does Yea Forums watch live-action adaptations of anime/manga?
Like this one?

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I think any sensible person would. I hate that we live in a world where people will indulge in Korean shit.

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The only Live Action I watched were GTO and Gokusen. Nothing else really appealed to me.

Mugi and her husband

This was pretty okay but not spectacular.

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I don't have a particular objection to doing so but they usually don't get subbed it seems

Kaguya's actor looks really beautiful. Prez seems fitting as well. Kind of funny how Aka said in one of the volume extras that the hair colors are just for style, and "in reality" they all just have black or brown hair. But in the live action they have colored hair, so it's not reality, even though it's real people.