Urusei Yatsura

Fuck thronritter's lazy spam thread, let's have a good thread starting with tomobiki's #1 human.

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lol get fucked shinobufag

eat a dick
Shinobu best girl

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Hang yourself ranshitter.
First girl best girl.

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you can not stand on one leg time to bump both threads endlessly

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atleast till i go to bed, if something interesting is happening

The only good thing Shinobu ever did was get her tits out, and even then it wasn't willingly.

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what about the time she made out with ryu?

That was the lipstick, she had nothing to do with it.

how do you explain this and the lust in her face

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That's a fake, there is no lust in her face, and Ryuu did it only so she could wear a bra.

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>posts space whore

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>unattractive brute who regularly attacks all the boys in her class
>traditional woman
You're kidding yourself

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>unanimously regarded as the top girl before lum came
>has connections to the other NO. 1 girls in the tomobiki area
>still has enough influence to be a major contender for miss tomobiki
Also she attacks the boys in her class for justified reasons. Disloyalty is not tolerable in traditional japanese society.

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Gross, look at that tomboy brute lifting weights and scowling like the unfeminine failure she is. No wonder all the boys at school flocked to a space alien the first chance they got; they even made a fan club for her, unlike ugly Shinobu.
She will never suck your dick, Kitsune

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>unlike ugly Shinobu
The stormtroopers used to be based, you know.

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>using a screencap of child Shinobu to prove current Shinobu is attractive
I see you're getting desperate. I don't pity you.

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ITT: alienfags on the ropes

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>She will never suck your dick, Kitsune
She might. Her other boyfriends are a seal and a rabbit.

she was ready to put his nuts in her mouth

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Why are you people like this? Weren't Lum and Shinobu essentially friends after 30 episodes? Can't we just all get along?

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I'm just proving that Shinobu's always been a top girl. Lum had to pop pills to even get a fraction of her strength, and Shinobu didn't even have to work out like Lum attempted to. Best part is she doesn't look like a freak with bulging muscles, she's able to keep her petite form.
She's the most traditional girl out of the main cast (even ran dresses in a bikini half the time, while Shinobu only does so at pools/beaches), becides oyuki debatably.

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Id rather have the space whore.
Also Benten is pure

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/shinobu/ always forgets about sweet cross

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Shinobu has always been the third choice in the diarchy that is Lum vs Ran. Like the soviets during the second world war, they have generally teamed up with allied lumfags to stop the rankrauts reich, but aspire for more power in the aftermath.

>Shinobu's always been a top girl.
Until a space alien showed up and mogged her that is. Even Ryuunosuke gets more love than dumb Shinobu.
>She's the most traditional girl out of the main cast
That's funny, I don't remember traditional women picking heavy objects up and screaming that they hate men. Nice try though.

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Shinobufags are the libertarians of Urusei Yatsura

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but why shinobuy when there is girls from space?

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Pure Japanese bloodline, a future soldier for the divine emperor

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>lies down and lets foreign aliens mog them unabated
Yep, sounds pretty accurate alright

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urusei yatsura is really a story about how americans fucking ruined traditional japanese society. even shinobus strength has been shown to only be in effect when lum is around, a metaphor for how japanese women started dressing like whores when exposed to american popular media

Can you all please stop taking about my wife so disrespectfuly?

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But that's what filthy fuck meat like her like


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Shinobu is nobody's wife but Ataru's

trying too hard, Rantard

I've always found Shinobu more attractive than the other girls, but she seriously has a shit personality.


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shinny oh boo

i bet she loves it, getting railed from behinde and grabbed by the horns


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slow rhythmic sex with shinobu

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psst shinobu is sleeping

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Why is this thread filled with angry anons?


it is?


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Benten best girl period naggers

nice saving throw, have a space dyke

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Shinobu is the best. Fuck Lum.

>Fuck Lum.

hi a here is my shinobu fan art hope you like it!!!1

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Bentens armpits smell nice

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Benten Oyuki and Ran are the best, no competition