Slam Dunk Storytime

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Perfect timing OP

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Nice, thanks OP.

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Based bros

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Women will never understand this scene

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This makes THAT play against Sannho even more awesome.

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Takehiko Inoue was behind this early in his carrier right? Incredible to see his art evolve

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I see. Very interesting. I'm highly intrigued.

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Slam Dunk is super interesting this week

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Brothers in getting rejected and one-sided crush
Finally they translated the after chapter pages.


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>>Sakuragi's Fist of the North Star fight is coming up
Strap yourselves in fellas

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God, I'm looking forward to it

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To think this little shit becomes based as fuck.

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When did begging to the bullies ever solved anything?

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Yugi, Honda and Jonouchi.

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Rukawa is just build different

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Why? This is a clear case of self defense.

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oh shit I love this

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Wasn't he missing some teeth?

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Are we gonna get THAT page this volume or the next one?

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Good catch

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This is a cool cover

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More tomorrow.

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translator note: tensai means genius

Thanks OP ! See you tomorrow.

Thx OP. Things are heating up!

note to the translator: hige also means mustache

Isn't he only a few cm taller? In the bottom left panel he looks a head taller

>we interrupt your spokon manga for some old fashion delinquents shonen action

thanks op


Don't bully our precious high school hige

What a lovely kiss

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Thanks for the dump OP. Slam dunk is my favorite battle manga

thanks for the dump, a manga about sakuragis delinquent past would be fun

Yeah this was Inoue's first manga with him as both author and artist. He was only 23(!) when he started it.

is he retired ? any of his other manga worth it ? all seems unfinished

Thanks for dump OP. Makes me want to go back and finish Musashi. Really enjoyed that and I'm liking this so I might even pick up Real.

Less retired and more rich enough that he only draws when he feels inspired. Vagabond is great and is pretty close to being finished, but no one knows if that's going to happen. In an interview Inoue said that drawing Vagabond takes a lot out of him, mentally. REAL is absolutely worth it and as far as I know is on a quarterly schedule, so infrequent but maybe consistent updates? I have to go back and reread it, but I remember being blown away by it. Personally i think its his best work.

is this a reference to 1 2 Sanshiro.

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Thanks op.

Small trivia here:
When Slam Dunk first started, Inoue had a backup plan in case the basketball story would not become popular with the readers, and that was to turn this manga into a street brawl type manga. That's why Sakuragi's squad was introduced back in first chapter.
Also, when Mistui was first introduced, he was intend to be a throwaway arc villain who had nothing to do with basketball. It was half away into this arc Inoue decided to come up a backstory with him and made him a ex basketball player

Thanks OP

The guy's nickname is supposed to be Tetsu, from Testuo, which does mean Steel but they're not literally calling him steel.




Thanks for the dump user!

I assumed the delinquent shit was there just because of the time it was written in and what was popular then, kek, nice to know.

Interesting, where'd you learn of this?

smart gori

Thanks OP

Moments like this are so fucking based, you can't help but smile