Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Kadomon Risch in Re Zero? Let alone defeat him.

And I'm not talking about Unpaying Customer Repellant Chibi Spinoff Kadomon Risch.
I'm not talking about Unpaying Customer Repellant Appa-fueled Kadomon Anime Version Risch either.
Hell, I'm not even talking about Annoyed Unpaying Customer Repellant Appa-fueled LN Version Kadomon Risch with the Authority of Greed and backing of Hoshin Trading Group (with advanced merchant abilities and being capable of both Light and Shadow magics), equipped with his long-grass chew, a perfect sales pitch, control of the lower spirits, with Aldebaron's DNA implanted in him so he has checkpointing capabilities and can perform shamak release magic while being an expert in slows, stuns and half-knife-ear discrimination.

I'm talking about Sagemode Sage of the Six Magics Extremely Annoyed Unpaying Customer Repellant Appa-fueled Half-Knife-Ear Discriminating WN-Version Legendary Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct Kadomon Risch with all the Great Elemental Spirits (including previous Great Spirits such as Melakuera), The Dragon Sword Reid, All Sin Authorities and Merchant-God status, equipped with his Shining Trappaezohedron Gate while casting Super Tengen Tappa Gurren Lappann as his armour, controlling the Gold Appaxperience Requiem stand, having become the original mahou user after having absorbed Satella as well as an Appa Metia, able to tap into all previous and IF timelines, chewing the long-grass EX chew, with Dragon DNA implanted in him and having eaten Mimi Pearlbaton's burger while possessing quantum powers like Subaru and having Rem watch his appa stand.
Think about it for a second.

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New chapter today. I feel it.

Adam Kadomon

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Breakfast in bed with Rem!

Attached: F28A1832-DD4D-4EEC-B141-F5A092C1E5C6.jpg (930x1799, 855.27K)

Interrupting Nee-sama's bath.

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Waku Waku~! This Kadomon guy sounds strong.

Gets me everytime.

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>"Eh? He can't loop?"
>"Right? that's so lame!"

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Is the new Isekai Quartert thread?

Is there anything to talk about with that, other than maybe figuring what type of guy the Re:Zero oc is?

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The IQ movie trailer introduced new characters based on each series except for Overlord. Konosuba's is a crimson demon while Tanya's is a female soldier.

He has a black hoodie.

If slutella didn't interfere we could've had Subaru roleplaying as Yorna's kid and or vincent's relative, including magic'd fluffy tail etc for subaru. (Thanks again to the Yea Forumsnon that drew this it's really cute)

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Sooooo when is there gonna be more anime?


Please?? I love Emilia and not seeing her drives me mad.

Get used to it!

Attached: Petra won.png (700x393, 349.33K)

>It's Crusch's birthday
Here is hoping she makes a come-back and stops getting fucked by the universe I swear if Tappei makes die to make catcunt not fall into the dark side then I'll be upset for a long while
>we could've had Subaru roleplaying as Yorna's kid and or vincent's relative, including magic'd fluffy tail etc for subaru
Why do you think him that wouldn't happen later on? Vincent did plan on making remain a child for whatever plans he has, and with the current major fuck-up he can hold him by the balls to make him do as he plans else he would tell Rem about the shadow inside him and potentially confirm her suspicions about him being the anti-christ.

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Is that Fembaru and Shota Otto?


user? Were you about to say something? Wait whose th

Not paid attention to the series since around the end of S2, and in the manga Subaru / Rem / Rui just entered some kind of military camp
What do I need to catch up on? At least, before the Isekai Quartet threads start up again for the movie. If they start up again...

Holy fucking shit, nice

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There will be a third season according to the informations the Supreme Leader Ice has. (He's the administrator of the largest translation group and he says he has heard news that a third season was in production)

>and in the manga
Do you mean wn? If so, then its a pretty bizarre ride out.

*Yeah, I meant the WN, sorry; Subaru just got his fingers stomped up.

Well, OC new characters. Gargantua is new but just from Overlord.

Her dying is how he would fall to the dark side, her being around is what keeps him relatively in check.

i'm a LN reader, why is the hate for Felix? i don't really care about him but a lot of anons refer to him as cat cunt or something like that, does he do some weird shit in the WN or the IFs?

I can't believe Holy ate the new chapter and two anons, can she ever be sto

There's a couple reasons. He's sort of an insufferable faggot, and people have less sympathy for him than when Subaru is being an insufferable faggot. On some level he seems to not want Crusch to be fixed and won't take steps that could help her, it was either his magic that does it or nothing, and he's been taking advantage of the situation which is pretty scummy. A lot of people are really annoyed at him cockblocking Rem because he's a jealous cunt. But a big part of it is legacy stuff from an annoying user called catfag who would spam him and Crusch constantly and be generally annoying.

Didn't he try to brainwash Subaru into depression?

where i can find that? side stories?

I hope so, Satan, I really do. Crusch making a grand come-back and it being handled well could really make for a great moment.

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Arc 2, iirc while he was giving Subaru treatment he was messing with his od/mana and trying to make him depressed. Ren stopped him when she realised what was happening.

Which thing? Pretty sure all of that is just in the main story. I also forgot this
He was starting to mess with Subaru during his treatment to inflict unspecified mental control, which is why Rem was in there to stop him doing that because she knows it's possible and noticed him trying.

seriously? why tho?

Arc 3. This thing, while played for laughs is Rem actually painfully crushing Subaru's head because she has the fleeting thought that if Felix is going to mess with him, she'll have to 'save' Subaru by killing him as he is. Because oni are weird. So being held by Rem here is not as pleasant as it could be.
But since Rem calls Felix out on it and tells him she'll tell Crusch he stops doing it.

Attached: Heaven and Hell.gif (640x360, 1.25M)

Because Subaru is a member of a rival camp and he could function as a mole or assassin or hostage, its not clear what Felix was thinking he would do with it or how far he would go.

How does Todd know Katya can't get pregnant?

oh, what a cunt then

>Arc 3
Whoops, yeah that's what I meant.
Felix also shits on suicidal people while also hanging on mentally with Crusch as his crutch.

He was also pissed off about Subaru's knight ceremony sperg out.

Yeah, but so were a lot of people and for good reason. Felix was the most pissed though.

She doesn't have a copy of Skyrim; thus permavirgins can't get pregnant.
FACT: Owning a copy of Skyrim raises your fertility levels by over 9000%

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But Todd has every copy of Skyrim, shouldn't it balance out?

that's understandable, early subaru can be quite annoying

Relax subaru

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I like to think that one of the reasons he was more spergy during arc 3 was because he was going nights without sleeping after arc 2.

Nice edit secondary.

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>Imagine being so much of a cuck that your future knight kills himself to save another women but not to save you.
>Imagine being so much of a cuck that the first thing he does after reuniting with you is to try and tell you he wants to marry her too.
>Imagine being so much of a cuck that he tells his father that he loves another women just as much as you.
>Imagine being so much of a cuck that the witch with the ability to show you your hearts desire shows him another women.
>Imagine being so much of a cuck that when you finally make the first steps to having some sort of relationship he immediately backs off once her realises what you are actually like.
>Imagine being so much of a cuck that he spends time with another women every night for over a year.
>Imagine being so much of a cuck that the when the first chance to help her comes up he drags you off to a desert to risks his and your life to conquer a tower that even the Sword Saint himself, Reinhard Von Asspull, couldn't even reach.
>Imagine being so much of a cuck that he plays being married to another woman.
>Imagine being so much of a cuck that everything that he did was because he wanted to be a hero for another woman.
>Imagine being as much of a cuck as Emilia.

Attached: Rem Amused.jpg (325x325, 25.84K)

Wouldn't be too far fetched, his spreng out in the beginning of arc 7 was partially due to excessive stress after all, there were other factors of course, like him thinking that Rem would automatically understand him without proper/coherent/sane explanation.

Attached: 20220404_201018.jpg (1472x2500, 472.11K)

Kino and this doesn't even mention Albaru, Arc 7 and Sloth stuff.

Attached: 1618261743211.jpg (427x365, 58.86K)

As always Waifufags ruin every Yea Forums based Re:Zero discussion. Emilia is not real. Rem is not real. Go outside you pathetic losers, then come back to discuss Re:Zero when you’re not obsessing over nonexistent women.

Attached: 1626750107070.jpg (1058x1480, 333.23K)

Yes, you should stop coping and go find a leaf or something.

It’s the nature of Yea Forums that causes this. Yea Forums in general is mostly pathetic losers, and Yea Forums is even more pathetic than then most.

Its not like you posting this is gonna change anything and its not like this happens just in Yea Forums.

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>find a leaf or something
Did your brain break from being BTFO too hard?

>not gonna change anything
Nah, I’m not gonna change anything, but it’s not like a single thing said in this thread will change anything about the world whatsoever so who cares.

>it’s like this everywhere
Ironically from what I’ve seen even YouTube and reddit comment sections aren’t filled with this much pathetic waifuwarring. For example, if you avoid the Emilia and Rem fanart posts on r/re_zero you get a chill community that is nice to discuss Re:Zero with.

>Did your brain break from being BTFO too hard?
No..? Just go find a leaf.

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i agree, re:zero it's actually quite interesting to discuss whenever we get a new chapter, but the thread ist always derailed into emiliafags vs remfags autism battle, i mean, i get it for the first couple of years after the first season was released, but that was 8 years ago.

You have to kiss Petra first.

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But she's scary.

>but that was 8 years ago.
I mean Asukafags and Reifags were going at it for 20 years, guaranteed that was a different type of autismand probably more geniune than Emiliafags' autism, but you get the idea.

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cringe, delete yourself.

>Rem is not real.

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No because Regulus is my favourite character.

Attached: 1599368080445.jpg (350x490, 30.06K)

Reggie shat himself and died.

Why is he black?

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I prefer the original characters. Tappei's soulless copies are garbage.

Attached: Soul VS Soulless.jpg (1008x528, 177.32K)

almost every IF is about Rem
rem is living rent free in his head
rem is the only one getting pregnant and has wholesome scenes
"subaru" never becomes Natsuki Subaru anymore because he's missing a important memory and that's rem
subaru only cares about rem and his goal is to bring her back
only happened because of Rem

>Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Kadomon Risch in Re Zero? Let alone defeat him.

Shut up Barusu.

Horny Reinhard solos

Attached: reinhard sunglasses.png (2048x1384, 2.03M)

Attached: E93chxnVkAIQOvT.jpg (2803x4000, 691.7K)

>subaru only cares about rem and his goal is to bring her back
Its also worth noting that Dona may or may not be purposefully withholding information that can revive Rem in that IF.

Attached: 1631381164675.jpg (2000x2374, 1.72M)

It's kinda weird, because both Rem and Emilia are such basic, generic characters.

Is this the part where you post the "tierlist" you just made?

Attached: 1619883290291.jpg (1229x989, 173.15K)

Which archbishop would Genericanon end up as? since he clearly has the right amount of autism for it.

hi dere!!!!
my name is regulus but u can call me t3h mo0nk3y 0f [email protected]@. lol, as u can see i'm SOOO kind, giving my name lololo!!!!! i caem here 2 m337 pppl who like har3m anime....i am 100+ years old (i know, i'm so old evn i forget LOL!). i love 2 watch toloveru wit my harem (kirito for the winn) its my favourite sh0w!!!!!!!bcuz rito cn't lay the grillz. i dn't l/a/y my grillz too nd I want 2 meet more pure girls :D like they say the MorE the merrier!!!!! lol...neways i hope 2 GET m33t a lot of pURITYfans so give me lots of wommense!!!!!

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Did I ask for your generic and basic opinion?
He makes two to three posts and fucks off every now and then. It's almost like a bot behaviour because he doesn't even bother to reply to someone responding to him, though the fact that he picks specific posts to reply to only means that he personally comes here, types posts, solves captcha and posts, everyday evety thread, for a year now. It's a pathetic sight really.
Probably wrath, since he's constantly seething and fuming.

Attached: 20220404_200806.jpg (2000x1372, 1.44M)

>Regulus and Gilgamesh
I can't help but think even Gilgamesh, arrogant as he is would get irritated by Regulus, CasGil in particular would find him repulsive.

Attached: 1638964102673.png (400x584, 159.04K)

Do you ever get tired of making the same posts every thread? Did your parents neglect you so severely that this is how you seek attention?

regulus would slaughter gil though

>regulus would slaughter gil though
This is true but only because Gil has zero means of actually damaging Regulus if he doesn't understand how his authority works.

>Did your parents neglect you so severely that this is how you seek attention?
Either that or he's super tsundere and really enjoys this series but feels he needs to be the villain for these threads or something

Are they the ethical Sonic fanbase of the Jian Bird of characters? This is bad for Rem.

Leave my bird out of this.

Sorry, the numbers suggested I included it.

>when the doves turn out to be finches

Pandora did it?

rui sex

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Attached: wakarimasen.png (909x1008, 410.79K)

What would be Capella's reaction to Subaru asserting his love for two different women?

call him a liar while taking the form of Emilia

The exact same as she does with everything else

I feel like there could be fun, like Capella manifesting both Rem and Emilia and trying to get Subaru to choose one over the other.

Why would it be any different from their previous meeting?

because this time he has to kiss Petra