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sukebei.nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=magical twiligh

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Did she isekai?

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No she just remains a ghost for a gag for the rest of the episode.

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More Akebi because the animation in this show was superb.

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Nope nope nope cannibalism is where I draw the line. Not cool.

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>anime mentioning twitter
I'm so glad I avoided snek

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Imagine post-unironically missing out on the best cute girl comedy since Milky Holmes

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Last one for me, have to do things.

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wow. gorgeous

more like this?

when i was 6-7 my mum gave me project A-ko and battle angel alita in vhs, coolest cartoons i had ever seen

beautifully detailed hands and feet in this one.

beautifully detailed panties in this one.

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>bullying ATM
Only snek is allowed to do that.

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i wonder what cause GPU market crisis

Its a shame how boring the first half of black magic is when the 2nd half is so good.

I hope someone crowd sources a remaster.

Still pretty good overall though.
That would be nice.

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I would upload something if it wasn't for 4cha not letting me upload anything anymore.

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>still not the obligatory ones
You suck, Yea Forums!

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The previous webms were just a warmup.

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We need to go lewder!

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>ignores the dfc

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oh wow, nothing on Nyaa for Magical Twilight? There's always at least some 15 year old rip on there for something.


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It's on Sukebei because it's hentai.

sukebei.nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=magical twiligh

Good thread.

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Nyaa doesn't have hentai? I guess I never checked. I don't care for hentai per se, I just like comedies and nice animation so I guess I never looked any up.

Sukebei is a part of Nyaa.

what a great, tense moment

great fan service

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lol wtf is going on here?

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s t e r e o

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Oh this got a BR release? Niiiice.

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>great fan service
I might have more pantyshots than Aika.
Based Cobra poster. I love how he keeps insisting that he's James Bond.

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Yes, it looks great.

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Man, I love this show

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Such a fun cast.

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Agreed, that's one of the reasons that it's my favorite series.

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that's a fucking pornhub tier comment bro lol

>I might have more pantyshots than Aika

based collector

where do you think you are

TOO lewd

I know you gotta delet this but all fairness at this point it should just be considered "classic" pre2k anime instead of porn.

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God I miss Keijo. It felt like I was back in the times where we got those Xebec ecchi cartoons. I miss those simpler times.

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absolutely gorgeous

i just appreciate detail, is that so wrong?

>tfw people shat on Izetta, but I liked it
And the soundtrack was very good

It really is, anons that haven't seen it should give it a watch.

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every day is a struggle not to rewatch Ranma

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if only he was always this cool maybe his anime would be interesting

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Breaks my heart that the author dropped this in favor of 2hu doujin.

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Gotta pay the bills somehow user, Daily Lives just wasn't that popular. I agree it is a shame though

Nice to see someone who liked it too

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saucenao doesnt work on webms does it?

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>Takes over for him
That's a good subordinate.

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it does. maybe not always, but ive had some success.

geez thats so cute.

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oh shit really? thats cool. thanks user

holy fuck you were right it works

What is this

Very cute.

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