The Ultimate Debate

The Ultimate Debate.

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I prefer the best girl.

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fpbp and checked

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People seriously think Mikoto isn't the best girl in Raildex?

How can she be best when she has zero sexual appeal?

>wind turbines in a metropolis environment

Yeah right.... What were they thinking?

Yeah, they're called people with common sense. You should learn about it sometime.

Thread Kuroko best girl

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Left tops, right is a bottom.

Kokuro has dropped them both as punishment

They seem pretty fine with it.

Depending on who's writing her Mikoto can fly so there's nothing to be worried about.

Kuroko > Saten > everyone else


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Mikoto can fly over the ocean. Probably over river too.

Mikoto was nice but I at least kind of got tired of her. Its been years of Railgun manga and she shows up relatively regularly in the novels. Like I dont hate her, but there just other girls that are really cute that dont get nearly as much exposure. Feel the same way about Misaki, honestly.

Honestly, I think Kamachi should have done more of what early OT did and have a few reoccuring female characters sort of rotate out every few volumes. Like Itsuwa showing up in OT7, then OT14, then OT16. She felt like more of a girl that would stick around back then, then she sort of dropped off completely. Lessar felt memorable despite really only showing up for Brexit and WW3, because she was around for multiple volumes back to back. I think having a few volumes dedicated to a new girl palling around Touma makes them stand out way more, which is why some of the newer girls dont do anything for me, because theyre usually gone by next volume and stay gone for 20+ volumes. Its hard to get attached to them. I still enjoy the series for what it is, but I do miss OT's pacing and story structure even if I think it gets way overwanked.

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I want a Mikoto's sister for researching purposes

Misaka x Misaki


The only correct answer

Fpbp as always.
She’s okay however not nearly close to the top contenders because Kamachi prefers to keep her as the punching of the community where she will never get any development until the end game.

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The answer is Othinus

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One and Othnius

Wait 2 centuries and globohomo will deliver.

Uuuuh...Right? Like, this was never a debate lol.

Both are fine.

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NO! No, left is not fine. What's wrong with you?

When is someone going to make a nice mmd mikoto model?

Also because one kick, and you'd get zapped, and you know it. So, once again, what's wrong with you? Misaki would at least enjoy your company, even if it is for the sole purpose of brainwashing you.

I'd rater not. The Chinese water torture levels of trauma would be too much to be worth grooming. Also,
>no boobs

Accelerator. He wouldn't let two threads die so easily.

That guy is a fucking horrible faggot that should die alone in a field.

You think proper pacing and story structure is overwanked?

I know you are and are insecure about it, but Accelerator is an angel.

Kill the whiney little bitch.

I would kill you if I could but you'd be too much of a whiny faggot to give your location.

Don't be a faggot. Get your homosexuality fixed little liberal public school brainwashed boy.

the gloves should go above the elbow

The only debate us whether Misaki let's Misaka clean her up after Touma

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No, that OT is overwanked. Its good and fun, but there are certainly some big dips in the series too just like NT.

I disagree. There is little need for gloves to be up that high unless you are artificially inseminating a cow.

Plus, it limits your elbows flexibility.

>coward afraid of a few punches
So are you an obese whale or an emaciated soiboy?

Late OT is not overwanked. The series still hasn't topped it.

Why is Misaka so jealous?

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Index is best girl, there is no debate. Followed closely by Last Order.

>two worst girls

Mikoto as a life/sex partner, Misaki as an onahole/titfuck machine

So, shirai san?

Kuroko > saten > kongo > Uiharu > last order (gap) >>> misaka/misaki ect.

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Accel is the only worthwhile girl this series has. Come into the light.

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Misaka > Saten > Frenda > Index > [Irrelevant]

Accel isn't a girl.

For you

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Yeah, he a fucked up little pussy.

Kill yourself.

We missed out on Frenda becoming a future titty monster.

What a pathetic waste of space you are. You’re too low to even be called livestock, you disease-ridden pest.

Accelerator is the best character in the series. The series is of the harem genre. Therefore Accelerator is a girl.

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There is a flaw in this proof: Harems normally have non-girl characters, for example the MC's school mate, and there is no rule keeping you from calling those characters "best".

Mentally deranged evil degenerate.

Those characters are never demonstrably the best characters in their series of origin.

You’re only describing yourself you retarded faggot. Is your self-hatred really that bad? Sucks to be you.

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Accelerator has millions of upstanding people who love her unconditionally. You, pedo user, have nothing and no one.

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They're both shitty dumb sluts who waste screentime with their vapid shit.

5 more days before GT 6 spoiler. Even if the preview already gave us almost a third of the volume

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The Ultimate Debate.

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Food for autistic children?


Will never be topped, will continue to make subhumans seethe.

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Anyone with knowledge of the characters choosing left is forfeiting their life.

Imagine not picking the sweaty tomboy

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Holy based.

Pictured: highlight of the Coronzon arc

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Don’t forget high point of the series. So much so that insecurity about that simple fact is telling.

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Mikoto a cute and best!

Now I have a fetish of getting turned into a plushie for my wife to play with. Great.

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God bless Aleister for cloning this semen demon, his only sin was not making more

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You posted an average girl, demon. Pic related is best girl.

my toaster is dying

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Heres your new and improved anti skill

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We know who will win in a fight. That's for damn sure.

Adding to cart since I have a fair income unlike 60% of the citizens of AC.

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My penis?

Your penis lost since you inserted it into two troons.

marriage is for life user

If you don't like Accelerator you are subhuman. There has yet to be an exception to this universal rule.

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Railgun T was so good this is one of my favorite series I hope they make new season soon

This is not the YouTube comment section, dummy.

Fuck da police

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Imagine crushing her small insides with you cock UOOOOOHHH

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Accelerator will continue to be the best thing this franchise has put out and the franchise will continue to spiral down the drain as long as Miki and the other bozos can't admit fact.

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Imagine being so pathetic that you need to transfer all your own self-hatred and pettiness onto a fictional character who both went through more hardships and accomplished more than you ever could. Now imagine being dumb enough to admit to something so embarrassing. Couldn't be me, but apparently could be another user in current year r/a/ildex.

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technically speaking, that would not be legal.

>100 posts in and not a single Satan posted
what the hell, Yea Forums.

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>You will never be arrested fornpetty crimes and be kneelt on your neck by a Misaka until you run out of breath and die, all while seeing the white and blue striped heaven right above you

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That isn't Neph and Niang.

Should i bother with New Testament? I think i stopped at one or two volumes after othinus got fairyed

>Character can control minds
>Literally only 1 (one) reverse mindbreak doujin

sickening desu

Sounds like you stopped around NT12 the volumes after that have their high and low points.
NT18 onward is the high point of the franchise but 13-17 can be a bit more controversial with 14 being hot garbage you should speedread through as fast as possible you wouldn't miss much.

Is it an incitation to sex with children. Y-your a bad user. Why am i sweating? It's hot in this period of the year haha.
Saten is nice but kuroko is too SEX SEX SEX for me to post something else right now.

Kuroko has no tits and she sounds like an alien. Is that really what you find attractive?

she cute and funny and I love arai satomi's voice.
Captcha : ggdry

You can only pick one.

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Marry uiharu
Sex kuroko
Befriend misaka
Ignore misaka
Rape frenda

Stop posting this shit edit


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NT18 onwards is hot garbage. NT14 is just garbage.

I still don't get hating NT13. HP was a gift taken too soon. Aleister's wild ride was definitely a favorite for me. The madman lived, died, and lived again for his own sins.

Why does this read like a bot.

Can I write a what if story, which respects the foundation of characters while further developing them to create romance and setting it in one of the many layers Othinus created and destroyed in order to pretend it could be canon?

Why do you read like a bot?

I feel like some day I need to rewatch S1 filler just to observe how out of character Nagaiverse Kongou is.

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Why not? A monkey on a typewriter could make a better story than canon. I wouldn't read your idea, though.

It depends on how much you like Mikoto starring in a plot she had no business being in.
I just wish the Mikoto mindbreak plot culminated in more than a hug what a goddam waste.

Kamachi explicitly approved every OOC moment.

weird way to say ever-present but with no effect on the plot. A lampshade in every scene would be a starring role in your eyes.

I didn't mind her being there because it was kind of the point that Touma could have grabbed literally anyone to be his security blanket. He just happened to grab the person who would take the most mental damage from it and apparently mostly walk it off with a hug.

>I still don't get hating NT13. HP was a gift taken too soon.
You just outlined a reason why the volume is hated.

I can see what Kamachi is trying to do with his Big Boss for his Story Arc each being different in the way they do things.

Fiamma was the master planner who made a huge plan and brining all the pieces together.

Othinus was the person who made a big master plan that was just there to pull the wool over everyone eyes for her true plan.

Coronzon and Crowley whole thing was two master planner trying too one up each other for their final victory

Well Anna had no master plan and just does whatever she wants with her overpowerness but that in turn make her the lamest big bad character to watch.

Aiwass is likely going to become a big bad for a Story Arc in the future and likely to be the biggest pain in the butt because he is likely the kind of Big Bad who end goal is likely inevitable. So no matter what the heroes do to stop it, it will be inevitable.
Aiwass had hinted at that way back which the whole it doesn't matter if he dies at that time, he will be back in 100 000 year anyways. Hinting at no matter what the heroes do, he will win in the end

Yes he was

Remember, no consequences allowed

You can say that about NT17 which squandered all the setup, not NT13 which was the setup.

Both at the same time

Right, i stopped at NT 12. The St Germain thing was terrible

That doesnt negate what I said

Kuroko built for dic

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*built for Touma

Mmm... Middle school kids.

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Independent of her age, Kuroko's body is extremely sexual. I wonder why that is.

Still looks femenine

>Kamachi took this way from us

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Noncanon she's fat as fuck


looks like a faggot, it fits

fucking underdogfag

She's a Satanist Communist so it checks out. Touma kills her this volume by buying a iron cross from a 100 yen store.

I liked the Dragon's Shell more

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It still funny that Touma's somehow Solid Snake this through the castle

He solid snaked 8 inches into Shirai Kurokos groin.

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I bet there are a fuck ton of little but deep claw marks on the ceiling they are still filling up.

When she realized the tampon string broke.

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Holy fuck my dick

It's not even a debate

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She's not even top 5, maybe not even top 10.

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Mugino would be a great housewife.
She's very good at baking.

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No one needed to know that you're into vore.

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Mikoto is better
Kill yourself namefaggot tripnigger

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Wow thats nice.

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Rare saki

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Still not developed enough

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Depends on the model used

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I mean Misaki over all.
She's a cupcake now, I wanna see her reach decadent cheesecake levels

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Both. Both is good.

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Both are disgusting pieces of shit and only braindead retards like either one

Ah, I see what you mean

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What an ugly, punchable face. Also put your tits away, whore.

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Needs to be jaw dropping luxurious

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More boobs it is

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Can this spamtard fuck off? We get it, you like garbage

Fuck off.

Keep it coning user. Misaki is a beauty

Nah, the garbage is accelerator.

I will not fuck off. Shitkoto and Shitsaki are trash and so is your taste

I'm gonna help.

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>i-it’s one guy!!1!1!!

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What makes you think I wasn’t including the Accelerator spam too?

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Posting alot isn't spam. There are limiters in place.

Mikoto a cuck

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>14 years old
How did she do it?

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Have you seen pictures during the lockdown? You can be big at 10 now.