Fate Heaven's Feel Trilogy

The definition of mediocrity.

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Now imagine just how shitty that makes Fate and UBW.

Fate what? Never heard of such a thing.

That's not how definitions work, retard.

>what is a metaphor
ESL or actually retarded?

>t. secondary
Stick to your Naruto, shounentard.

maybe but its still the best thing to come out of the franchise
besides zero

When lancer was fighting assassin jumping around on cars and all that stupid shit I wanted to kill myself. It was so fucking stupid

Blame the people whining about HF not having enough action scenes and the servants dying too easily back in the day.

First chuunishow?

>all that stupid shit I wanted to kill myself
why are you not doing it ?

It may have skipped a bunch of stuff and not been accurate but at least it was pretty to look at. Overall, I liked it though.

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Sakurafag director was a mistake.

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fuck sudou

9 lives was a fucking disgrace.

>Heaven's Feel
The only thing I remember from that route when I read the vn a decade ago was all the sex with rider.

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Illya had here. We hate wormsluts more than anyone.

Where's Taiga?
I don't see best girl on here.

Based and Illyapilled

Imagine adapting a +30h VN with over 250k spoken words into roughly 5 combined hours as movies …

If you like Medea you are a french president.

now imagine that but only one movie

HF3 had the based herc scene but that's it.
My fate waifu is Hippolyta.

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They did this scene JUST to tease Alcides, right?

I think what disappointed me the most was the soundtrack.
Just generic Kajiura stock background music all over.

it would have been better if they used SF Archer Herc(not alcides) design
SF Herc > Apocrypha manga Herc > HF movie Herc
short hair does not suit him

Do you even understand what you're saying or are you unable to read?

I'll make it clear so you understand, outside of the horribly written sex scenes Fate Stay Night is targeted to the same audience Naruto is, which is why Realta Nua doesn't have a M rating despite having the same plot.

I'm just happy we got more Medusa.

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UBW is shounen. Zero and HF are seinen.

HF is fucking garbage

they are all soft-seinen

it's worse because it repeats a lot of Fate/UBW, which we already saw first, with minor differences lol

The only good Fate adaptation is Emiya Gohan. The VN routes are simply too long for a 24-episode anime (UBW) and 3 two hour films (HF).

UBW is vastly better than HF, the only thing Nasu can write is Chunni and UBW is the only route that actually leans into this. Both HF and Fate Romances which nasu can’t write so they become absolute cringefests.

Absolutely based.

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FSN is mediocre in general, and zero is only slightly better. Take the Strange/Fake pill.

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HF > Fate > UBW overall. I enjoy his relationships with Saber/Sakura much more.

Problem with Fate route is everything it does besides Saber, either UBW or HF do better. It is route only for saberfags.

Nah, Saber is still the most popular Type-moon character to this day for a reason. Her route is legitimately good despite what Yea Forums thinks.

because she is the main girl

HF is by far the route most different from the others.

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yes user
we are all rinfag
they are the only ones who can't like sakura or hf

>sad moment
>constant shot of sakuras ass
gotta love it

Movies were mostly a snore, fights were either boring or too flashy which kind of killed any investment from me and killing off Illya scenes just made it worse

HF was the best Fate anime.

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The UBW TV anime shows that they had more than enough time to adapt it properly, but instead of using the runtime to properly adapt Shirou's internal monologues and do it right, they ripped all of it out in favor of a bunch of completely pointless overdramatizations and anime-original scenes that add nothing of worth and ruin the plot. They tried to rewrite UBW as a sequel to Fate/Zero rather than leave it at what it truly was, and it wound up losing its identity entirely in the process. What's funny is they may have succeeded a little more if they drew more on what made Shirou different from Kiritsugu in his internal monologues but that would require having them in the first place. And not completely and utterly destroying the Shirou VS Archer fight beyond all recognition and belief because they wanted it to look prettier and be more "hype". Just like how the battle of wills between Shirou and Kirei was decimated in the HF films to make for le exciting equal fistfight sequence when that wasn't the point of that part of the novel at all... while removing the part of that sequence that WAS exciting.

Ufotable is completely and utterly incompetent, it has nothing to do with time limitations. Even HF could have been salvageable if they had tackled the time constraints properly rather than making them even worse with garbage like describes. Oh, we need more time to include key characterization scenes? No, let's have each movie have some 15+ minute long blockbuster action sequence so everyone with under 100 IQ can clap their hands and shit themselves.

You are 100% right.

The movies sucked really fucking hard, but the experience would be significantly better if Kajiura wasn't involved. The only track that sound like fate stay night and not like downgraded madoka is emiya theme thanks to James Harris who is one of the three OG vn composers. If he wasn't involved, I'm 100% sure Kajiura would do something retarded like adding bells or even more fucking choruses.Oh god I just remembered these generic jpop songs made by her and Aimer. OH MY GOD I just remembered something worse. A fucking aimer song during Archer and Shirou scene in UBW. People who unironically like and defend these movies should kill themself.

They do show Illya going shopping with Shirou and singing though. And the scene where she hears from Taiga how Kiritsugu kept trying to rescue her, which allows her to forgive Shirou for her father's abandonment was pretty clever.

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wormslut ruined what could be a great route,

Based Riderbro

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Best girl got best route.

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Sparks Liner High > UBW > Fate > HF

Yup she's the reason why it's shit.
Jesus christ some whore bitching is anything but entertaining.

I don’t hate fate, I prefer it to HF personally. But objectively every other character is done better in another route with the exception of saber and debatably Gilgamesh.
Shirou has a better character arc in UBW and HF.
Ilya, Kirei, Rider, Sakura, and honestly Rin are done better in HF.
Cu, Medea, Redman, Assassin and Herc are done better in UBW.

Sounds like a you issue, /pol/cancer.

I haven't agreed so much with someone on this site for a while

Kirei pretty much sums up my issue with this route.

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Watching Kirei just tear her whole act apart with such ease and disinterest in a few words was pretty satisfying to read, ngl

>and then she kills him with just one hand

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One of Sakura's major issues is that she bottles up everything and blames herself for what happens to her even when others are clearly to blame.

>Basically, she is a worrisome girl that never resents others (not even Shinji or Zouken), and always blames herself for everything.

Naruto is unironically quite well-written. There are too many side characters none of whom get any proper development, the pacing is awful especially toward the end, the dialogue can be quite cringe, there are too many stupid decisions to count, the plot meanders a lot... but its core cast and themes are rather well-developed. Its heart was in the right place the whole way through so despite all the bullshit it still works. I say most shounen ought to look to Naruto both as a guide on what to do and what NOT to do.

The fact that Kishimoto literally wrote the story for 14 year olds and bashed the audience over the head with the themes yet people still thought it was about "hard work" is fairly embarrassing desu.

The romance with Rin is the central aspect of UBW speedreader.

lparchive.org/Fatestay-night/Update 204/

Shit taste

>Rin [is] done better in HF.
No she isn't. People just don't really want to think about romances and stuff in general they don't like all that much. HF Rin is the Rin for people who don't actually like Rin.

>instead of using the runtime to properly adapt Shirou's internal monologues
They did that though. Most of the lines that are actually important to Shirou's character are included as lines in the dialogue. See for example Shirou's "I'm not qualified to have such a wish", which instead of an internal thought is a line Shirou speaks directly to Rin herself during Shirou's defect: lparchive.org/Fatestay-night/Update 179/

>not completely and utterly destroying the Shirou VS Archer fight beyond all recognition and belief because they wanted it to look prettier and be more "hype".
Most of the dialogue is the same, Last Stardust is the most consequential change of all and that was just portraying Shirou's inner conflict through visuals.

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The best shit Nasu has ever wrote was nowhere near chuuni. It was lore heavy and plot focused stories both of which is not HF or UBW.
The only thing that Fate suffers from is the fact that there isn't enough fucking action and it's just an extended therapy session for Shirou and Saber.

SF has shit characters and setting
Enkidu already died
SAO will finish before SF
Narita is a hack

>themes are rather well-developed

What themes? Before Shippuden Naruto was about people being in charge of their destiny, but in Shippuden there is big revelation that Naruto is a fucking chosen one and reincarnation of moon god.

These are Marvel-esque posters.

The central theme of Naruto has always been bonds, how human connections give us all meaning and how people being incapable of understanding how the other feels is the root of all conflict. That's why everyone whines about Talk no Jutsu, because the resolution of most conflicts comes in Naruto possessing the needed empathy to comprehend and understand his enemies, why they became the way they did and pull them back from the brink by reminding them of what they used to value or giving them human connection and acceptance they so desperately crave in their isolation. The tragedy of Part I lies in that Naruto was able to empathize and understand all of his foes but not comprehend his own best friend, Sasuke. Only after Jiraiya's death does he begin to grasp his mindset. For a story with a very hippie-tier theme, the writing goes to great length to provide us counterexamples as to why understanding someone isn't enough by having the Ninja Alliance see all of Obito's memories, his dreams, his wishes and desires, just as they do Naruto's, and they still choose to reject him. Only the Hokage, the ones who had the same dreams as him, grow to feel sad for him and understand where he's coming from. It's a rather mature lesson - sympathy is easy, actual empathy is not. Looking into someone's heart isn't enough, you also need the maturity to accept them despite them being so different from you. It's why Naruto failed in Part I; he was SYMPATHIZING with his enemies, not actually empathizing with individuals vastly different from him. At the end of Part II Naruto saves Sasuke by choosing to focus on that which makes unites them, not what separates them; by forging a bond based on the common ground between their experiences and ideology instead of rejecting him for his differences.

And the point of the reincarnation stuff was that he was destined to reenact the conflict between the Sage's sons; which he does not. Naruto changed his destiny.

As you'd expect from fate

>HF Rin is the Rin for people who don't actually like Rin.
Bullshit. Rin is at her best in HF.

No she really isn't. It's all stuff reiterating what was already done better in UBW, without however going as much into depth about why she is that why. The part that adds the most depth of all to her in HF is her recollection of the high jump scene and the implication of that can only ever be understood when taking into account stuff from Fate and UBW, ESPECIALLY Shirou's thoughts on why he admires Rin from Fate (lparchive.org/Fatestay-night/Update 83/) when she tells him she has no intention of dropping out of the race:

>I'm stunned. …No, I'm not surprised. I already knew Tohsaka was this kind of a person.
>She is really firm, and amazingly selfish, and so fascinatingly brilliant.
>In other words, this is it. It feels like ages ago, but the Tohsaka Rin that Emiya Shirou admired was a girl like this.
>That's why I'm happy. Tohsaka has to be like this. After all, I wouldn't know what to believe in if such a stubborn girl decided to give up.

If you don't actually look into what makes UBW Rin so great because it's innately tied to her romance with Shirou then you don't actually like the character and you don't understand her either.

Fate was never good

>Take the Strange/Fake pill.

Why are you recommending the Fate equivalent of a cyanide pill? FSF feels like a fanfic whose author is an insecure fanboy trying to show off his knowledge of the franchise's lore by cramming as many references to other TMs works as he can as well as trying to create a bunch of OC donut steals who are vastly more powerful than the original work's cast. (FSN Saber could use Excalibur? Well my Saber turns anything he holds into Excalibur and has 6 Servants in his shadow that help him!) It's trash and I really can't understand how there are people who like it.

>her romance with shirou is what makes her great
Is what you're basically saying and I disagree with that.

>cropped version

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>FSN Saber could use Excalibur? Well my Saber turns anything he holds into Excalibur and has 6 Servants in his shadow that help him!
No he can use a extremely shitty version of excalibur that's a wet fart compared to the real thing. His bros can't even manifest for more than a moment regardless, the worst thing you can say about him is the fact he's a bootleg Alexander/Artoria with a specialization in pure speed.
If you want to talk shit about Alcides then that's fine since he's a bit retarded but sperging over the Lionheart is a bit of a weird hill to die on.

- Heaven's Feel broke the records with its massive positive reaction.
- FSN is bigger than ever thanks to HF.
- Zero and HF make the canon.

deal with it already

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>A Mystery he obtained during his life, as result of his idolization of King Arthur and his life-long wishes to be his successor. Its power forcefully names any weapon he picks up “Excalibur” and turns it into a Noble Phantasm. He can treat all forms of picked weapons as Excalibur. It’s power level changes according the weapon used, but it will never reach the level of the real Holy Sword of the Planet.

He sacrifices some power for greater versatility and the ability to do surprise attacks. Not a bad tradeoff. And he has his half dozen Servant pals too.

they removed all of her tits!

>>her romance with shirou is what makes her great
is an extremely simplistic way of putting it. The full breadth and depth of Rin's character is explored through her relationship with Shirou, to far far far greater extent it is explored with any other character, even Sakura. Why Rin became a mage, the seeming contradiction between pragmatic down to earth intelligence and her fiery inner drive to never give up no matter how the odds are stacked against her, the insecurities that weigh on her back - none of this is ever properly addressed or analyzed through HF. Sometimes it is tangentially touched upon (like the high jump scene) but even then you need the context of the other two routes to fully understand the depth and beauty of it. UBW for the most part unlike Fate and HF manages the get across the BULK (though not the TOTALITY) of her character and its nuances and it does so - yes - though her romance with Shirou.

Everything in FSN revolves around Shirou. Every main character gets their most in-depth characterization through their relationship with Shirou because in the end it's all about how they contribute to Shirou's character arc and what they reveal about him. The magic of the cast lies in how in doing so they end up becoming thoroughly fleshed out and amazing characters themselves. We learn most about characters based on their relationships with others. Humans are social animals and we are defined by our bonds and connections. And many of these are, you guessed it, romantic relationships. Sorry Rin doesn't fit some arbitrary feminist criteria for what a good character is.

based OST enthusiasts

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deal with it

rhinocucks... when will they learn?

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>Assuming everyone who hates HF is a rin fan
Here's a news break. Both Rin and Sakura suck.

(JPEG Image, 300 × 168 pixels).jpg

Notes was the only good Nasu work. I pray it never gets animated.

nah, Sakura is best girl

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god, wormy is so fucking trash isn't she?

>Both Rin and Sakura suck.

But she doesn't? Did you even watch the films?

He dies because she destroys his grail heart, tertiary.

> FSF feels like a fanfic whose author is an insecure fanboy trying to show off his knowledge of the franchise's lore by cramming as many references to other TMs works
It makes the world of fate actually feel alive when these big all important characters and events show up and are mentioned out side of their original stories. F/SF has done more for worldbuilding than any other Nasuverse work.
> a bunch of OC donut steals who are vastly more powerful than the original work's cast.
This isn’t S/F exclusive. The entire series has been power creeped to point where most modern servants blow out f/sn cast sans Gil. It’s nothing compared to some of the absolute bullshit f/go meme characters. Alcides isn’t anymore ridiculous than Gilgamesh who existed from day 1.

It's like Nasu ran a shitty photocopy of Kohaku's character through a printer that was almost out of ink, looked at the result, and said "whatever, let's roll with it."

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Sakura is more popular than Kohaku, though.

Here’s the real red pill. All fate girls suck and do t let your dick convince you otherwise. fate is only good when it goes full Chuuni/edge. It’s almost universally agreed the best f/sn characters are Archer, Shirou, and Kirei. There’s a reason why.

>almost universally agreed

Too bad that popularity polls show you're full of shit.

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All 3 fate girls are more popular than any tsukihime girl because fate is way more well known. What’s your point?

My source is I made it up.

They're pretty different. Among other things, Kohaku was broken from the beginning and actively plotted to destroy the Tohno family by driving SHIKI completely crazy, abd then releasing him to murder his father and sister. Sakura was able to maintain her sanity until the events of HF.

Doesn't mean shit

If you think people like the FSN girls because they are hot and not because they are hot AND really well-developed, nuanced characters then what the fuck are you even doing in a Fate thread, retard?

Best characters are Rin, Shirou and Kirei btw

The adaptions were just set up to fail man
some of the fights in the trilogy just felt way too over the top for me, namely saber alter vs rider

Yea. I noticed this a lot, and it was just the same cookie-cutter Kajiura music that was composed with maybe one or two tracks overall having some modicum of thought being put into them. Not that they're good, but they at least stand out because they don't blend into the rest of the bland OST.

It was a total joke to not hear a little deviation from the formula over the movies. How Zero was better, how even someone like Babylonia (which has the same issues something like Apocrypha has) is better is beyond me.
Kajiura phoned it in so hard on these movies.

Way over-done. Cu's fight was "okay", and I think for once UFOTABLE made a decent choreographed fight (apart from the truck scene). Everything had a layer to it and it was structurally sound at the very least.
This is something that every Fate series has struggled with though.

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what is it about fate/ufotable that sucks the soul out of kajiura? she has some amazing tracks in the past/other series

Having characters from a ton of different stories showing up in FSF just makes the world feel small. And it's pretty hard to suspend disbelief when the story turns into a Nasuverse meetup.