What if Miura had stayed faithful to his oneshot and kept Griffith a girl? I don't understand why he didn't do it.

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The series would be 10 times better

Imagine girl Griffith raping Casca

sorry user but a no name woman can't be king
so Casca will be in some mild-yuri one sided relationship with Griffith then got corrected by Guts big D? that will drive yurifags insane
Then Griffith went yandere a grew a massive dick to rape Casca? Ok that's hot but it wont be as gay since Murata is a huge homo

He eventually got a loli anyways

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>Imagine girl Griffith raping Casca
Hot. Imagine Guts being mind broken by a girl.

>sorry user but a no name woman can't be king
Say who? There were countless queens in history. And when someone wields as much power as Griffith, it doesn't matter if they are a man or a woman. Misogyny is truly a cancer.

Loli griffith was better

Because that's not Griffith in any way except some design similarities.

Wrong. Misogyny is BASED.

There is no work if art as perfect as berserk.

key word is "no-name", dumb ass.

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>s-s-swordman-san! y-you belong to m-me

Femboy Griffith is more memorable

But the point is that Griffith is so exceptional that his origins don't matter. FemGriffith would have pulled it off somehow only to lose to Guts' D anyway.

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Fujoshit crowd and LoGH was popular.

then berserk would have ended sooner

You're forgetting one crucial buttutiful panel

joan of arc dumbass.
fem griffith could still become a leader or armies

I like to imagine guts as a girl and getting raped by griffith, becoming permanently crippled somehow so that when they eventually meet again on the outside guts could do nothing about it. It'd be sweet revenge and domination for grriffith.

Because he would've make lolifith with a retarded loli personality instead of his based canon personality

Why does Proto-Guts resemble Bruce Campbell so much?

It wouldn't be any good.

There is no CASCA you fool, Griffith takes that spot.

The same reason Kenshiro looks so much like a combination of Stallone, Bruce Lee, and Mel Gibson.

It would have been kino, instead of casca, guts would have been the one raped by FEMto

What would the eclipse have been like if slan also raped guts?

But miura would have been still alive due to the power of cunny.

I would sacrifice cannon berserk to the loli beherit to get my boy back


Casca would have been the one seeking revenge instead.

Because like many mangaka out there, he is a big faggot

>There is no CASCA you fool, Griffith takes that spot.
How could FemGriffith sacrifice herself in Eclipse?

Imagine Femto (female) raping Guts

cunny is the fountain of youth

If Griffisu was a girl than Gennon wouldn't have financed her

What if Griffith found another powerful rich old man who was into cute and funny girls?

Nah i was thinking more along the lines of it happening while femto raped her.
Actually that's pretty dark, why did i think of that?

So Miura really intent to make Griffith a girl. You can't make this shit up.

It's really not that much of a stretch. While she did have a noble name Catherine the Great is a comparable rags to riches story. In fact if you were to try to find a historical counterpart for Griffith, Catherine would probably be the best bet.

she still have to marry a king
well I guess technically Griffith could still do that

Does this mean FemGriffith would kill charolette and try to get with the shota instead?

>heartbroken female knight barges into shota's royal bedroom and rapes him
Shit, someone get me pen and paper

The most obvious answer is that there are things a woman and a man can never really understand about each other, thus there are also levels of bonding, a deep brotherhood that cannot be possible between them. If it had been a female-male pairing then the dynamics would be fairly recognizable and repeated elsewhere, typically of romantic and/or sexual nature.

Griffith to Guts and Guts to Griffith is also that, but something more. Sure, Griffith is kind of a faggot for Guts, but that's only meaningful because he comes off as fairly asexual otherwise; Charlotte or Casca are never objects of desire for him, only ways to get back at Guts for hurting his ego. By writing a complex relationship between two men that cannot be easily categorized, Miura really hit gold. It's Akira and Ryo but much more developed and tragic.

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why didn't Miura let Rapehorse join Guts party? He could have provided transport and comic relief

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Catherine herself was originally going to be pawned off to her uncle. But due to a pretty stupid conspiracy she ended up getting engaged to Peter. Comparability, granting a woman a title and marrying her isn't that crazy.

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Wouldn't getting with the old king be faster?

>men and women can't truly understand each other
Fuck off you misogynist. It works best when you gf is also your bro. There is nothing a man can understand but a woman can't.

anyway FemGriff pussy game has to be really good to go from a no name to that

I mean we are talking about a female Griffith. I assumed that was implied.

Than we would have at least one good rivalry between man and woman in manga

Yeah, but my idea would sell more volumes.

Because he isn't a fucking loser like you. He wanted to write an actual good story.

Saying there's a gap of understanding between the two genders isn't misogyny. It's not saying that one is inferior to the other, only that they can never truly understand each other. It's what makes male-male and female-female relationships so much more powerful in fiction, really.

Shame he couldn't finish it. Kinda invalidates it in its entirety, no point in a revenge story without revenge.

I am glad he didn't finish it. So that he couldn't have ruined it. The dude mellowed out after all those years so I wouldn't be surprised if he ended the story with Guts forgiving Griffith and move on, to give a massage about love and forgiveness, like the author of Sun Ken Rock.

>He wanted to write an actual good story.

I want an eclipse with loli Griffith being raped by demons and protoguts has to watch. Bonus if she's raped to death.

That's dumb, certain things are unforgivable and the eclipse is one of them.

What if Miura didn't abandon Berserk for years before dying? We shall never know

It wouldn't have the same impact.

What if loli Griffith gets mind broken from demon rape and becomes corrupted into a demon?

Because Guts being an utter retard would've been the only way Girl Griffith still did everything Griffith did when Guts left. Girl Griffith would have owned Guts in the way only a woman could.

His entire thing was loving Guts more than he should have. In a forbidden way, so he tried to distance himself through their manhood, which led Guts to think he had to become his own person to stand out to Griffith.

Like said, Girl Griffith would just be Casca and fuck you I love my delicious brown warrior. Either you have some dumb unnecessary love triangle between Casca, Girl! Griffith and Guts, or you have someone else in Man Griffith's place and Girl Griffith is just Casca but white.

>What if Miura didn't abandon Berserk for years before dying? We shall never know
It would have been finished.

It'd be impossible to write an ambitious character as a female

>There is nothing a man can understand but a woman can't.
There's things women will never experience and others things men could never experience, it's common sense you fucking clown.

Not a queen and had no real tangible power. Propped up my male institutions for propagandas sake.

Catherine the Great is an exception not the rule. and even then she was heavily influenced by the males in her life.

? She literally overthrew Peter III.
And took like half of Poland for that matter.