Who will lose their virginity first?

Who will lose their virginity first?

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Definitely not OP


not exactly sure about the order of the last 3. I can see Kagami getting jealous/insecure that one/multiple of them had sex before her, and that dynamic would work for any of the others.

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Tsukasa (shy girls etc)
Miyuki (saseko)
Konata (comiket)
Kagami (waited till marriage)
Alternatively Tsukasa could rope Kagami into having sex with her bf.

Does a deer count?

Kagami > Miyuki > Konata > Tsukasa >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> user

>you just know

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>implying they weren't having passionate hate-sex after every shoot of lucky channel

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Miyuri (already lost hers)
Tsukasa (first to find a boyfriend, other than Miyuki)
Konata (finds otaku boyfriend in college)
Kagami (forever alone)


All of them with me.

Tsukasa and Kagami

They are highschool girls, none of them are virgins

You never watched it.

her probably

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Konata, con orgy

Japanese cons aren't the hipster orgies that western ones have become, even today.

>Kagami first
I don't buy it. Kagami is the sort to not put out until at least ~3 months in

haha, they wish

Actually, Ayano is the only one who's not a virgin.

Just read the manga.

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Which lucky wud u fug


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>implying Miyuki is still a virgin

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Konata already lost her virginity to her father.

I just remembered THAT picture

Work Kagami
Date Kagami
Sex Kagami

That time doesn't count. Dad just got really sad one night and things happened

Konata lost hers years ago.

Not canon though

What a slut.

Hot and canon

Is not, lol, like Mr. Hiiragi headcannon.

Konata and Kagami have already lost their virginity (to each other)

Still hot

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and canon


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The luckiest lucky.

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She lost it to producer san, being a child star and all

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Oh god damnit

That's probably why she lost her innocence and canonically became ok with having pedos in her fanbase because thanks to them she became a relevant idol..

And yet she's the only girl who actually wants a bf.

Lucky bros, why our threads die so hard....
Why can't we be like hidamarifags.

What Mr Hiiragi headcanon?

Lesbians don't have sex, just extended foreplay.

Konata's dad hit that pipe too hard.

Imagine being the father of four daughters and a still fertile wife. The pipe? Don't worry, you have four more.

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>he doesn't know

Konata and Kagami. Simultaneously. To eachother.

Wet dreams doesn't count, Kagamin

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This is how it happened

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oh deer

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This is not what it seems. This wasn't canon.

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Where did you go to school, Euphoria high?

Masturbating to hentai games doesn't count.