Golden Kamuy

"Golden Kamuy" by Satoru Noda will end in 3 chapters in Weekly Young Jump. Last chapter will be the chapter 314.
Totally not rushed. Totally.

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Disappointing final arc. I guess it just left the bar too high previously I expected more.

The real golden kamuy was the several heavily life threatening injuries on the way

Yeah, kinda like SnK.

It's a bit rushed. I guess we might get an extra long final chapter.

It hasn't been axed, is it? I always assumed it was selling well.

he killed everyones favourite characters completely anticlimatically in 2 chapterters
whats the point of a climatic last battle when there are really no stakes for any of them
i cant be the only one who feels like this

>It hasn't been axed, is it? I always assumed it was selling well.
Who knows? The last chapters were rushed as hell. My theory is that Noda just got tired and gave up

I have no problems with the dnding so far

well, what else can be done at this point? they found the gold. the train is about to crash. most characters are either died or passed out. would you rather watch them hunt down the madman for another 50 chapters?

>only 3 more
I am nervous now
5-10 chapters more would have been great.
Not sure how much you can do with only 3 chapters.

Same, this shit is fucking bananas. It's gonna be what, a single chapter for the ending itself? The absolute speed at which the story is blasting off at the very end, compared to the rest of the run, is pretty insane. And there I was thinking there would be some more hunting to send us off right.

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neat, I can finally start it

what the fuck no wonder the last chapters felt so rushed

Tsurumi just needs to die, then an epilogue.

>killed everyones favourite characters
>there are really no stakes

Time to bitch about the ending getting rushed, what the hell anons. Where is my monke conclusion, I hope Noda makes the last chapter really long.

No, I’m fine with it ending now but only three chapters is harsh. I would be more optimistic with it being at least 5 or 7 or something.


nah, it’s one of the best selling series in the whole magazine. Guess Noda wanted to finish it anyway and they decided to make it fit the event schedule in that opportunity.

I'm just grateful it's getting a decent ending unlike SnK or Chainsaw man

even if the ending is only decent and not as good as the abashiri prison climax

Already praying for an epilogue chapter in the volume release. What the fuck.

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The best ending would be Asirpa marrying Sugimoto. and showing a picture of their wedding in a year's time and Asirpa's swollen 14 year old pregnant belly.

in any ending where Asirpa and Sugimoto stay together, this is canonically what happens.

Noda where is my monke character development, what the hell was that he doesnt even know his father is dead yet

I'm coping already user.

Must be a burnout

so the russian dude just died without doing anything?

IMO the ending is already good after giving cat his just deserts in such an exquisite fashion.

It makes sense though I think 5 chapters would be ideal.

Reminder I predicted at the start of the series Shiraishi would be the only one to get some of the gold. Joke character always wins.

The ending has been fine so far. Looking forward to seeing how it concludes. This is flat out wrong.


Yep, a complete waste of years of build up

The final arc has been great so far
It just need more chapters to wrap up everything

I don't understand why the mangaka needs to rush it at the very end

he's just tired

He stopped cat from sniping anyone important. Maybe we’ll see him in an epilogue, but if we don’t, I’m satisfied with how cat’s end was handled.

I think it can still end in good quality even with only three chapters and chance of volume revisions left. I am glad the cat got a blast of a death with a full chapter dedicated to him, but I’m a bit disappointed by monke and turtles arc so far. Wish they wouldnt rely on each other narratively that much but I guess its too late for that now. I just hoped they could have concluded with Tsurumi in a more interesting way, that was pretty lame compared to other characters, so I hope that wasnt everything so far.
>tfw no cooking in the forest epilogue
How high are the chances that Noda makes some small spinoffs just for the fun of it when he has the time and doesn’t need to work on it every day full time?

>one of the few long runners with the prospect of having a good ending
>author just decides to rush it himself

he tried to get revenge and failed. What? Do you expect the "good guys" to always win?

So far the final arc has been fine, none of the deaths felt unearned.

That said, only three chapters more feels weird.

it isn't really a rushed ending. the final battle has been going on for 20 chapters.

The train ride is a culmination of the manga's events, i don't have much of an issue at all with how the deaths have been handled. Better for Hijikata to die in combat than fade away of old age and all that

I liked Vasya but hes not really a good guy by any means

same man I did not expect only 3 more chapters

his death was the best one
the cat should have lived

>manga ends instead of dragging for 10000 chapters like the average battle shonenshit
>first thought retards have is AXED?????

The final are was shit so far.

kek what
their "duel" was just big disappointment

>amazing manga overall
>great worldbuilding, loveable characters, good story
>throw everything out the window and rush the ending

Why, WHY does this happen every SINGLE TIME?

Nigga you look me straight in the eyes and tell me this shit isn't rushed. If we would've have gotten about 15 chapters to resolve everything it'd been fantastic but 3? what the fuck

The problem is him dying pathetically and Ogata's plot armour skyrocketing to shonen tier level of bullshit


I like the final arc mostly so far, but I agree that Noda fucked up a bit with Vasily and it does feel a bit rushed. We’ll see what magic can happen in three chapters

>rush the ending
fucking what?
the gang was collecting skins in order to find the gold, then they put the map together, then they found "the gold" and got into a battle with the 7th division that is still ongoing
what fucking more do you want?
some more slice of life episodes while they are speeding to their deaths?

you are so fucking weird dude

Vasily only needs a panel showing he is still alive and now a painter or something.

I am more worried about Tsukishima not getting a proper arc resolution.

Agree, I couldnt care less about tsukishima at this point. I really liked the idea of him concluding with Tsurumi further, it had so much great escalative potential with the foreshadowing of a possible conflict at the church but maybe this really was everything we got.

he literally just killed off everyone in less than 10 chapters, you don't even have the time to process anything

It's you who are retarded.

I accept your concession
you mean 4 characters of which 2 were already living on borrowed time and 1 was an old man who shouldn't even be alive
the rest are expendable
it would be a different story if the train just turned over and everyone inside died, instead it was an uphill battle against the 7th division which has been chasing them for almost 80% of the manga
if you didn't see it coming then you are more demented than Hijikata

>the past, golden kamuy
>the future, unlimited fanworks

>Golden Kamuy ending?
>No, I don't want that
>I want it to run for at least 100 more chapters
Shitty bait aside, I'll wait until I've read all chapters, so far I agree with .

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>Yeah, kinda like SnK.
how the fuck is this anything like snk you nigger

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I posted once in one of the gk threads that I’ve dreamed that ogata was shot by tsukishitma and then turned into a bird due to apparent internal fear of a shit gk ending, at least that did not come true kek

Hell no, motherfucker. Noda can pull this off, but I don't expect much.

I swear its like a coin flip if a mangaka can do a proper ending or not.

>Tsurumi, I forgive you
>gets shot

again how the fuck is that like snk you dumb nigger

Good endings in manga are like a needle in a haystack user not a coinflip

Armong trying to keep his hands clean by surrendering to people who want to destroy Eldia

Mangaka destroying a story that was perfect in just the last few chapters by rushing to the unbelievable things and throwing out of the window buildups and plans

>and throwing out of the window buildups and plans
what buildups?
go on, tell us

I agree with , finding manga with good endings is really really hard

I can cope with this when GK gets an okay ending, mh standards arent high. We’ll see

>and throwing out of the window buildups and plans
The build ups and pay offs are all there
>professor penis and his heroic death
>monke and satsuma domain btfo'ing Hijikata
>cat coping to death because of asirpa
>tsurumi vs sugimoto finale

thanks, it feels like the last 100 or so manga have read only a handful maybe a dozen have had good and satisfying endings

Same shit happened to Dr Stone, at least there's no lame mystery reveal we were waiting for for 300 chapters

Rest in peace tsurumi


Based retard

Honestly I would've loved it if the train derailed

this, this ending was a trainwreck

I hope the ending will be a literal trainwreck
Has any series done this so far?
>captcha: 8XXXD

>bad guys lose, good guys win, someone dies
>timeskip to epilogue
It was about the journey not the destination.

not YET, golden kamuy will be the first

>I hope the ending will be a literal trainwreck
Kek. If it happens then I wouldn't be mad.

I seriously came to this conclusion during the ceasefire period pre-Abashiri. But I wonder how Noda managed to execute good arc after good arc for years yet messed up so much during Goryokaku and Train. It’s still enjoyable, but there are things that shouldn’t be there.

What's even left to be done? Pretty much every plot has been finished in some way. As I see it, the last chapters will be:
>showdown with Tsurumi, resolving the runaway train
>monke already in a position to sort out the chaos of the headless division 7
>getting the land deed acknowledged (no Vinland saga farming simulator)
Pretty much the only thing left is Mume-something's treatment fees, and a bit of behind-the-scenes, like Tsuki's wife.

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its not ending abruptly because of the political climate with russia r-right?

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I can't remember exactly when GK started but I remember the first thread dropping the raws for chapter one before it even got translated. Once it did start getting translated I was hooked as fuck. Now I haven't read a single chapter since Sugimoto and Prof. Penis got in that fight in that crowded restaurant and now I hear it's ending within the month. Guess I got some reading to do.

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I really wish these two would meet again but I doubt it.
>that spoiler
dont see how that could have anything to do with some guy named satoru noda living in hokkaido finishing his bear fucking manga a bit too fast.

Imagine if Asirpa dies

kek maybe im overthinking it. The weird situation with vasily and the fact this is a historical manga revolving around former soldiers who fought against russia just makes me feel that way i suppose. Noda doesnt seem like the type of guy to rush something like this when he has always been so patient before with the story so i wondered if world situation affected him somehow.
>I really wish these two would meet again but I doubt it.
I wanted to see tsukishima take tsurumis hand but monke business came in the way. Also hoping for a reunion but now it seems highly unlikely with the train carts separating.

I swear if that faggot Zelensky has robbed us of a Manchurian arc..

Or most things by Urasawa Naoki.

>almost none of the main characters die for 300 chapters
>everyone dies in the final stretch
Nice pacing

it's a satisfying pay off bro I SWEAR

>but there are things that shouldn’t be there.
such as?
all I'm hearing from posts like yours is "my favourite character fucking died, this can't be happening, democracy has failed us etc."

Neat. Been waiting for this to wrap up for some time. Rather read series like these at my own pace in one go.

Have fun with the rushed as fuck ending, user

Pretty sure it's because most manga are entirely pitched and picked up on the basis of the premise. It's a pretty cutthroat industry nowadays, where only first impressions matter and how quickly you can grab people's attention and thus start making money. Then if they get popular, the publishers want to extend it, and because the author probably didn't have much of a plan to begin with and money seems nice, they go along with it, making shit up as they go along until they finally run out of ideas or get sick of the "story" they've been telling.

Of course, some authors are exceptions and have a clear idea on how they want to end from the start, or are just really good at adapting on the fly and organically tying brand new ideas to what they already did even without a plan, but those are few and far between.

They’re all likeable characters with dumb thicc plot armors I’d rather have them all live
The siege of Goryokaku is pretty awkward imo, we only have a handful of people in Hijikata, Sugimoto and Tsurumi’s party for the whole story secretly looking for the gold so the sudden arrival of Russian rebels and tons of army backups threw me off a little. I tend to get peeved by scaling issues like this more than anything. Vasily’s death (or not) could be wrapped up better despite his only purpose being cat’s cockblock from Sugi’s party. Also looking how we only have 3 chapters left, Ushiyama’s death feels like merely a small fuel to Asirpa’s killing intent. Ogata suddenly trusting Tsurumi to act as a bait and 7th Division backups suddenly not charging against Hijikata/Sugi’s party during 309-310 is also kinda weird and could easily be avoided (e.g just show that the bear mauled the entire army or something)

oh I know all that, it's really disheartening seeing stories with promise devolve into cashgrab garbage because the publisher wanted to prolong the publication or wide the audience range and force the author to write something he wasn't ready for (not talking about GK here) at the end of the day it's always about money

I'd say YJ is fucked once Kaguya and GK ends since everything else is either a flop or not much of a hit. Kingdom will be milked once that happens.

Don't see why, Russia is pretty minor as far as the plot's concerned.

>only 3 more
Damn I feel like 7 would have wrapped everything up better

maybe not outright fucked but pretty much this, they better find something good next with their main cashcows gone. Inb4 YJ flop era

isn't that horse gacha selling like hotcakes?

So apperently chapters 281 and beyond are planned to be "greatly revised" in the tanks. So Vol 29 to the end might play put very differently.

>story gets (((revised)))

The best chance for a manga to get a good ending is to be popular enough to now be axed, but not popular enough to be milked to the unbelievable.

What chapters are in the tank with monke on the cover?
Monke is 29

Volume 29 is chapters 281-290 (or at least I expect it)

Source? Man, waiting for Viz's slow badly translated release will be a bitch, if this is true.

I expected maybe 7-10 chapters. So it's probably going to be 2 chapters of dealing with Tsurumi and one epilogue chapter.

I still think they should've let Ishida publish Choujin X at the magazine in batches. Instead they tried to push that retarded idea at him and made him take out the manga from the magazine

damn i just started reading this yesterday

Boy's Abyss will carry YJ
Senseichads we won

fuck outta here to not get spoilered and enjoy the ride, at least you wont have to wait inbetween releases

>10k sales per month

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>So apperently chapters 281 and beyond are planned to be "greatly revised" in the tanks.

the future is cute and funny

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Fuck no, its nowhere close to snk

>POS estimations
It's probably even lower than that

Damn i don't think i have ever seen manga that ends "in 3 chapters" that i like the ending.

That is too quick.
I knew it was in the finale, but 3 chapters is far from enough to tie things off well. Especially when we'd need 2 chapters just to finish dealing with Tsurumi.
Urasawa is a pretty good reference here.
Endings that aren't bad, but end up really cut short fast.

Nah, but his duel with Ogata should have been more substantial.
Their first duel was one the best moments in the series. And there others were really great too.
But their last one was anticlimactic and ending in an unsatisfying manner without an explicit enough conclusion.

Its like the opposite of Dorohedoro.
That was an adventure series with a ridiculously dragged out conclusion. This was an adventure series with a ridiculously abbreviated conclusion.

i love golden kamuy. i dont want it to end..

That being said anyone complaining about the ending so far... sorry. You got filtered. Its ok.

The ending has been great so far when we consider historically shit like snk and japan being bad at endings. This has been pretty ok, not great but ok. a lot hinging on the last 3 chapters.

>will end in 3 chapters
what the fuck, that does not sound good whatsoever.

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>The ending has been great so far when we consider historically shit like snk and japan being bad at endings.
I suggest you read more manga

>tfw Tsukishima just fell asleep and will never meet Tsurumi again

It's the same as Dorohedoro for me now that you mention it. Fantastic first half, several years of reading by inertia and not really giving a shit about it and then actually enjoying last few chapters, Doro just because it was finally over and GK because it got good again.

Him and Koito lying on the train will be the last we ever see of them

it's gonna end in Tsurumi getting shot by Sugimoto, Asirpa, Tsukishima, Monke and getting mauled by another bear
but not before burning the deed

…man that would be not very exciting

>announcement specifically says that everything in the final volumes is gonna be revised which must mean Noda hates how things turned out
I wonder what changes will be made. Remember how he completely altered child Monkey's characterization in his flashback?

It really goes to show that people don't have a big manga library considering that they keep talking about SNK and its ending.

Still no source for this

I agree with most of what that other user said.
The siege took what was a story built around small scale personal conflicts between characters with fights to match where even a single squad of 7th Division troops could be a lethal match for the heroes and drive an entire arc. And scaled it out of proportion. Where we had tons of faceless goons getting murked on all sides.
I also felt that a lot of nuance was lost when the story fully became about everyone vs Tsurumi towards the end. Where the great 3 way conflict between people that were all greedy and ambitious and set against one another because of that was subsumed by Tsurumi becoming the main villain in pretty much everyone's story to one degree or another.

And on the train things have just moved so quickly. Ogata's plot and scheming that has been a focus for almost as long as Sugimoto and Asirpa's quest was rapidly tied off after he made a seemingly out of character deal with Tsurumi to tie his story off. Vasily getting a very abbreviated finale in lead up to that. And characters like Tanigaki coming back only to apparently be killed for little gain.

I don't know why people are saying the deaths feel rushed with no build up. While I can agree that it's kind of lame that only now main characters are dying and in such a short time span, they ARE essentially at head-on war right now. Ofcourse people are gonna drop like flies. On top of that most of the deaths were built up and handled pretty well, Vasily being the exception
All that being said 3 chapters is fucking scary. 5-10 would have been fine, but 3? I'm hopeful it'll deliver, but I have to admit its sounding like it just wants to end.
I forgot to say it in last thread, but imagine if pic related happened but with Asirpa and Huci (who's lost her sight due to aging) in the last chapter

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I disagree on that assessment of both.
For me both Dorohedoro and GK were great right up until their final arcs. If anything improving the entire way through up until that point.
But I haven't/didn't love the ending of either.

>they tried to push that retarded idea at him
what was it? first time i'm hearing about that

Its a really fantastic adventure story.

how many chapters should have been wasted on kot's death for fujos to be satisfied?
the last thing this manga needs is a dozen flashbacks in a row

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the worst thing isn't that it is rushed, it is that Asirpa's new 'realisation' that the gold is leading to a lot of death means it is better off hidden should have been resolved during the prisoner arc because it's a very fucking obvious point to anyone with half a brain that finding the gold would lead to bloodshed and spending the fucking gold would never go well.

>t's a very fucking obvious point to anyone with half a brain
good thing everyone in charge of looking for the gold is missing that half

well everyone looking for the gold is either mentally unstable or ill, so...

>rushing to the unbelievable things and throwing out of the window buildups and plans

I swear to god we are not reading the same manga. I refuse to believe people have this little reading comprehension

it was fine, I’m glad he got a good chapter for this, even more counting the one before. Couldn’t have been much better desu.

Noda always revises the manga for the tank releases.

Can confirm Goda’s moonrunes say this

I don't think it's ever been specifically emphasized before with the adverb "greatly"

but why would they force one of their best sellers to rush the series

It's fine the way it is. If Vasily is somehow alive, it'd be perfect if he finds and buries the body. It'd give their rivalry some proper closure.

Noda sounds super confidence with the ending though so I going to have faith and trust he know what he is doing.
Unlike the other romcom manga on the same magazine from a hack mangaka which is also ending.

>All chapters of Golden Kamuy will be free to read from 4/7 to 4/28
>As for the reason why I am being so generous
>It is because I am confidence that this is a work that will make you want to reread and collect all tanks even after you read it for free
>I am confidence this is work that will make you liked it even if you had any bias beforehand
>all chapter including the last chapter will be free to read.

>In addition chapters from ch280 onwards will receive a LOTS of revisions and touchups
>If you read it with the serialized version you will get double the enjoyment

>But the biggest reason is because I want to reach the end with you all.

Agree. That would be a great conclusion.

sounds good, but the manga peaked during the sapporo arc. The ending is more like a place the story had to go, rather than being the main pull of the story.

if it turns out that Vasily wasn't holding his binoculars as kot expected and thus ended up completely unharmed, I'm gonna stand up and clap
it would mean that kot lost twice even if he shot himself before admitting his loss to Asirpa


"Golden Kamuy" by Satoru Noda will have big drastic improvements/adjustments for the remaining chapters of the last 3 volumes (29 - 31) compared to the magazine versions

Satoru Noda believes, these changes will make it twice as enjoyable compared to the magazine releases

my manly and hairy ass

Extra pages?

>Catfags still seething

of tanigaki nudes yes

>Kingdom will be milked once that happens.
It is pretty much confirmed to have a 1000 chapter run, so yeah.

>characters survive a hundred life-or-death situations over and over
>luck finally runs out and they start dying as a literal army, supported by naval artillery, finally traps them in, many losses on both sides still
>retards sperg out about how they are dying too fast in the literal climax of the story

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This is my COPIUM: tankobons extras and longer last chapters.

This would actually be shit if not for the fact that this final arc is a literal trainride to hell. It is a scenario that allows characters dropping like flies without it feeling like a total asspull otherwise

I think it all tied together pretty well, honestly. You could argue the demise of her father carried less weight because she already thought him dead, so it took a lot of new people perishing to actually wake her up to the fact. Plus, the resolution came from her ultimately placing Sugimoto's life above the gold, which is a nice character moment that ties well with the widow plot.

This whole situation reminds me of Joubin in Jojolion. Everyone thinking he's going to have a big moment towards the end of the arc, but in actuality he's just fucking bleeding out/dead on the floor from a can.

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Man, having to rely on Viz for this is fucking painful. A fucking year we will have to wait.

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I'm thinking based. As sad as I am to see GK end I am really excited about Noda's next project.

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Vol 29 drops 4 months after vol 28 instead of the usual 3. Does anyone know the schedule for 30, 31 and 32?

no, they don't announce anything until at least a month before they come out

I still can't believe that a manga with so many piss and semen jokes is genuinely emotional and heartwarming. God bless Noda

3 chapters seems like the bare, bare minimum. Why the rush? I think 5 would have been enough, I don't even think the manga needed another 10.

>and thus asirpa contracted herpes

Get ready for the return of ib - Instant Bullet to save the YJ.

Didnt Noda also announce hes working on another project related to GK? Wonder what is that gonna be all about

It is mystery no one knows yet apparently

What would be a good ending?

sugi and tsurumi die, asirpa runs off and disappears

If I had 3 wishes I’d use one to get an explicit account of the koitnapping

I dont feel like its been rushed. Shit has to actually happen eventually.

I would have had tsukishima die to sugi, hijikata dies to a firing squad and have asirpa kill ogata for good. I wanted koito to kill tsurumi

A firing squad?

At least Vasily was a side character, and not baited to be the major antagonist.

yeah how he died irl

Will Sugimoto marry Umeko if he survives?

Damn, 3 chapters?
This last arc has been a bit rushed but honestly this manga was still amazing. I can't imagine it being ruined no matter how it ends.
If it was up to me I'd like Sugimoto to die in the end.

I hate how this serie is fujo pandering specially when I love that era of japan

Umeko is old news, mate. Sugimoto's tenuous connection to her has been supplanted.

Koito killing tsurumi sounds lame. Rather it be tsukishima doing it since they have a long history together.

Then what will he do after this is over, with no gold? He's a jobless orphan and needs to live somehow.

must suck to be put off by nodas taste then, those elements are not even detrimental to the story

I'm betting he's gonna do some variation of going to the Ainu village to deliver Asirpa and just staying there, for the exact reasons you stated. Noda has made no effort to establish an out for him. Unlike every other character, he has nothing going on except for his partnership with Asirpa.

who the fuck is umeko?

Sugimoto's childhood friend, the widow from the flashbacks.

Bodyguard work.
He's good at killing people and doesn't dislike doing it that much.

Or he can start writing romance novels because he likes them so much.


It's called manservice

Sugimoto survives and lives happily ever after with his waifu

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Not starveand enlist for World War I in about 6 years.

i dont want to get myself called a speed reader but Sugimotos backstory has to be worst thing in the whole manga
its so disconnected from everything
it would be better if he was just somehow connected to Tsurugi due to the war

He's spent like 2 years living off the land with the Ainu. He could easily become a hunter or woodsman if he desired, and that's assuming he didn't live with them.

If he goes for a widow he should go for a rich one, Hiro, Yuki…

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i just catched up to the animu after noticing these threads for years.

I noticed that it is basically like a good written version Jojo.
The characters mental illness basically acts like their stands.

Who'd be his wife?

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Let's read the final chapter together, user!

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Nispa reads faster than the speed of light

>Sugimoto The Immortal Hunter
Fucking bears are going to be raped to death (again)

I don't want more random Tsurumi in every character's backstory. The guy's fucking omnipresent.

Rip polar/albino bear bro

3? I was expecting at least 9-11 more chapters considering he needs to tie up the story for Tsukishima, Ume's fate, the final fight and the rest of Hijikata's group. He's got less than 60 pages to do this on top of delivering a solid ending for Asirpa and Sugimoto.

Japan will reclaim Kuril just so they can shoot a live action Golden Kamuy there.

Honestly it might be the moment to reclaim that and minami (or whole) Karafuto, and, if they are going to use the live action as an excuse, Vladivostok too

I'm two thirds into the series. Does anyone else feels like Noda introduced Sofia because the readers were complaining that the series was showing too many naked men and no naked women whatsoever?

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Ogata's death was almost perfect. He literally wasted his life by doubling down on such a stupid way to live. Too bad we couldn't involve more of Vasily's revenge into it but dying in a way that reference the way he killed his entire family was neat.

I agree with the user from the other thread to keep some of the gold for themselves to at least make off with a small fortune as a reward but give the rest to the government in order to make everyone happy. Not taking a damn thing at all means they wasted their entire journey for it with all the friends and enemies that were killed along the way. It's almost as disappointing as Asirpa being satisfied with just the land deed.

Redpill me on this manga

With how confident Noda is, here's to hoping they are king-sized chapters.

It is awake on the JQ

What? No. I felt like he needed a third person who's not Kiroranke to finally tie the last remnants of Asirpa's memory of her father in order to complete her resolve for the Ainu. Kiroranke and Wilk had to die but there would be no one left to help finish guiding her to make the choice for her inherited duty.

Also, her nickname being golden hand/t was the only thing that could have given Tsurumi the chance to do the namedrop, golden for Sofia and kamuy for Asirpa.
I think she was totally meant to be there right from the beginning

It's really good, a modern masterpiece. Read it.

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We already had O-gin, she could have survived and joined our merry band of degens

90% historical trivia 9% plot 1% manservice

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unfortunately dying together is mandatory for a couple based on bonnie and clyde

Momke should have let her scramble Tsurumi’s brains some more, for shits and giggles

What if Indiana Jones, but gay and sociopathic.

Yea Forumscore but unlike Fire Punch it has a lot of /his/ elements too

It’s /pol//d//an/ /k/Yea Forums/mu//y/

Speaking of Nikaidou, where did the ‘mechanical hands expelling weird shit’ trope came from? It reminds me of that robocop in Voynich Hotel that can produce condensed milk and vaseline out of its fingers.

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Kinda glad I didn't pick this up and had it on my backlog if this is the general reaction.

don't fall for it, it's a good series regardless

Ok fine, I'll pick it up once it ends.

Join us in this ride! Break this week so you have almost a whole month to read it!

I posted some criticism itt but I still think it’s a really good and consistent series (despite the arguably rushed final arc). The chapter threads are fun

It's just an easy joke based on machine-gun fingers.

those were some fun threads

Hmm you drive a hard bargain. I'll try to read the first 10 chapters tonight

Filtered without even reading it.

Its a series i would highly recommend, you came in a bad timing kek. Anons here are only mad that that a great series is getting a rushed ending which is fair.

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A lot of anons are just mad their favorite character died.

It's one of the best currently running manga. A slightly rushed ending won't change how consistently excellent it's been for years. It's also been blessed with good threads despite having an anime adaptation.

Honestly have never seen this level of bitching in a GK thread until cat died.

nta but it’s the finale, many characters died and it just got announced thas its ending in 3 chapters, of course there will be lots of bitching. It’s only natural