3-gatsu no Lion

Season 3 when?

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I wish I was fluffy

i dont think theres enough to adapt

First 2 seasons covered up to around chapter 90 so there's enough.


how old is she again?

Wasn't she like 10 when he was 16?

She graduated from middle-school so 15/16?

They married??? What happened next, I stopped reading the manga several years ago. Spoilers please!

Based chameleon boy checking both corners of the room at once.

>I stopped reading
I think you never started. He says he is planning, not that he is going to right away.

>They married??? What happened next
They didn't, but they got together. Manga is moving at a snail's pace.

This dude had Akari and his stepsis and he chose the worst option available. This is why nobody reads his shitty manga.

Stepsis is trash tier

>Manga is moving at a snail's pace.
Fuck!!! How many years have they been I wonder, dammit!!!! I remember user mentioning a rape and that's why he dropped it. What was that about?'?


>willingly going forvwomrn past their prime

It is a slow SoL, and 10 pages a month doesn't help either

This. Nothing against hinata but he had a duty to save his nee san and make her happy.

Same reason i dropped it

How is it acceptable to sell her family this before they talk about it in private? It's not solely the man's decision.

Acceptable in Japan, especially since the age gap is, what, 5 years? Up to 10 years isn't so abnormal depending on the exact circumstances. I also get the feeling he's waiting until she comes of age (20).
Still fucked up that he blurted it out here though.

He had zero knowledge on how marriage works

Rei is officially dating Hina and Akari is having a love triangle between Shimada and Sensei but that's scattered between the slow and long shogi match chapters

Kiriyama is 18, she is 15.
Kiriyama flunked one year so they are together in high school for his last year.

Kiriyama is 19, so it's a 4 year age gap.

There is no way that people can't see that Rei is a pedo. Especially with the way Umino draws Hinata in comparisons with Akari or Kyouko.

user he's definitely autistic even though the narrative is never explicit about it

I am very disappointed that he's not aiming for Momo.

Is sensei gonna give her the dick? I hope so.

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None of those geezers deserves Akari. But is Umino and she loves her age gap pairs.

Sensei is a great guy, he deserves her.

>Especially with the way Umino draws Hinata in comparisons with Akari or Kyouko.

What if they accidentally touched or saw his morning boner? Not a good idea to sleep together like this

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Akari is for Shimada. Sensei will deal with unrequited love which Umino excels in.

Nah, Shimada already explained that he'd rather focus on Shogi.

Akari was into Shimada with no thought for Sensei. If not Shimada then she will get with no one. I'm an Umino specialist.

Shimada teases Momo while Sensei gets along well with her. That and giving up on a personal life to achieve a major tournament title
It's clear who's the winner.

She said both of their touches activated her innards though.
Sensei just ends looking worse when the two guys are together because Shimada is more alpha than him.

At the beginning she was like 13 and he was 17

Sensei has an unrequited love that will never happen. If you know Umino and how she writes then you know she loves to drive the pain home by having the character all gloomy over their unreturned feelings. Akari got all blushy with Shimada during the dinner and has yet to react that way with Sensei. Not like it matters because that "love triangle" was put on the backburner so it might be done with.

Take your meds, amerilard

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what a chad

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>hina is getting more action than akari

Do you know what akari does for a living?

She works at a hostess bar run by her aunt, who doesn't let any of the customers get too seedy wit her. KYS shitposter.

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Miura ;_;

So did she have sex with Miura or what?

>completely rearranges her brain so she doesn't even remember of an entire lifetime without him
>completely makes her forget the baseball chud she was into her entire life
How did this autistic kid become such a man?

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tfw no groomed middle schooler gf

Bros... I kinda hate umino after that hideous honey and clover epilogue...

What did you hate about it? I'm not a fan of Hagu getting with her uncle.

>story starts with this young guy with nothing trying to change his life
>story ends with the guy with a shit job and even worse, cucked


JC are life changers (yes I know she's not a JC anymore)

who was cucked?

>tfw this is my favorite manga and there's hardly any threads of itand they barely last

Everyone but the good looking non autistic guys.

Be the change you want to see user

Yeah I think I will

3gatsu is mostly a feel good story though.

Not really? You have Rei and his backstory, the girls and their own backstory, the stepsisters lover and his wife who is clearly not going to wake up, Nikaido and his health issues and how they affect how he plays shogi, Shimada and his despair over not winning the title etc.

It's called grooming

How Akari failed to groom Rei, but Rei perfectly groomed Hina?

Hopefully this dull crap never gets another season. Go watch actual good shougi shows, like Shion no Ou.

Same. At least this one it's not a "literally me" thread.

The shogi here is secondary to the drama

The only instance of something resembling rape in this manga is that scene of Kyoko on top of Rei at the very beginning that is never explained or addressed again.
Who knows if Umino planned to do something with that. The way Rei interacted with Kyoko may indicate that nothing really happened, but that may change when we get the Kyoko redemption arc (if we ever get one).

I think she lost her chance at redemption seeing Rei happy from afar and wishing him well.

Kyoko doesn't even show up anymore after she realizes that she was an asshole to Rei

Akari actually sucks and is fat.

Rei was too old, and she doesn't seem to care since she didn't react negatively to his proposal to Hina.

I kinda expect a Kyoko return "soon". She dissapeared from Rei's life when he lost to Shimada in the Shishi-ou tournament, and we're heading to a rematch. It's a good opportunity to resume the whole Kyoko-Goto-almost dead wife thing.

I love this manga but Rei should've fucked Akari, how could he leave a perfectly good cake like that alone? COME ON REI

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Yeah, I forget that in some countries high school is 4 years long.

>They don't dump the whole volume instead of being drip fed during a year
I miss that, it was better situation.

I hope next chapter ends the nikaidou match. We bad enough.

I hope Nikkaido wins.

Nah Rei will win for the Shimada rematch.

I want Nikkaido to win to get his rematch against Meiji, and also to put Rei down a little bit.

Self-insert faggots need to be culled

Just go watch the hundreds of other fanservice anime instead

Wew that hidden Akari ass. Lord have mercy.

His eyes are looking in 2 different directions

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Legal wife and two concubines, it's fine and expected

Akari has a big butt.

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Why is Hina such a stick unlike Akari

There's a lot of bleak backstories but things have improved for almost everyone in the cast as it went on

>Nikaido had his shogi recognized and respected by the absolute best players. Rei opened up and became his buddy for real. More guys joined the Shimada study group
>Rei slowly got over his depression and found real friends and family, even a fucking gf.

>the kawamoto sisters kinda solved the issue with dad, they found a man for the family so grandpa can rest. Akari is getting a chance at romance after giving up her freedom to become the mom of the house

>Shimada gets to practice with genius new talent, improving his chances
>Souji has a comfy bff rival and a nice family
>the guy who was cheating on his wife got his family back

>the pigeon guy got his pigeon back

Only person still deep in shit is Kyouko.

I agree, but to say is is a feel good story would be lying. The characters have to go through their shit before things get better.

>Akari is getting a chance at romance
When was the last time the love triangle got focus? It'd be great if Akari got with someone, but it seems to have been a case of daddy issues and nothing more.

Give it to me straight. Will season 3 ever happen? I would start with such a strong arc....

Anything is possible, user. Many series have been getting new seasons or new adaptations.

It's still possible, maybe if it went to another studio...

I think Umino is the kind of artist that goes "no, I want THIS studio, THIS singer for the OP or it's not happening" and she has the power to not be turned down.

Shaft's been struggling in recent years after a good amount of staff left. They also seem to be obsessed with Madoka stuff and the RWBY anime. Hopefully one day they'll actually get back to 3-gatsu and Off Season.

sayonara bystander is my favourite anime op

Wasn't the anime financed by the shogi association or some shit like that? Maybe that money is gone and no one wants to pay instead of them.

Then it's her fault sangatsu had no suneohair or shikao suga?

Umino wanted Shaft to animate her work. She tweeted this a few years back.

I need season 3 like you wouldn't believe

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I love Momo

I think this is the tweet.

>I first got hooked on Bakemonogatari when I saw the first episode of the Shinbo-directed anime, then I picked up Ishin Nishio's novel, got too hooked, loved Hanekawa-san too much, read it and cried, read it and cried, played the anime Blu-ray repeatedly, sang along with the songs while drawing, and thought, "The anime adaptation must be by Shaft! and eagerly awaiting the day when

Looks like she's a huge Shaftfag

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>tfw Umino will never love your shaft

I really liked the anime but I when I started the manga I couldn't get into it. Maybe I should have started where the anime finished

mmf threesome in chapter 200

You should really give it another chance there's a lot of good stuff happening right after the anime ended.

>Umino is a Monogatari fangirl
Unbelievably based

>The closest thing to a third season we will ever get are two 30 seconds promotional videos released 3 years ago
It really hurts...

Imagine getting that honey and clover crossover arc animated....