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Is this the best duo transformation in all of Precure?

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Every maho transformation exists so no

I want a precure to do this on me.

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not OP but only half of those are good.

Why are they called Cures? What does the Cure part mean?

Even the best season of precure sucks compared to a real anime


Other pinks can't compete.

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>precure have to keep their identity a secret because... um... they just have to, ok?

You don't have to use meme formats you talk about stuff you know.

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heals good


I love love me.......we're a a great big hug.......and a kiss from me to you.....won't you say you

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It's fun keeping secrets

It's one of the few duo transformations that aren't clips of solo transformation sequences spliced together. I like Maho a lot but HC duo transformation is still my favorite

so how about that cure yum-yum

she's dead

cure ded-ded

cure dum-dum

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cure bum-bum

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What's her problem

cancelled by china

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Dead Party

Is Hugtto best of you've seen every season before it?

yeah she's a main character in Delicious Party, surprisingly enough

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It’s ok CL, I love you. Especially your shiny 4head.

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I don’t know who I want to sleep with more.

Yes. They are the best duo too.

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depends on how much you like clapping because you recognized a character from an older season, personally the fanservice filler was the lowest point of the season for me

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Yes, but Suite is the best full group transformation.

Nope, it's still Heartcatch.

Their identities are being kept secret so as to prevent the public from encroaching upon their private lives; in some cases like TR the girls go to lengths to cover up the very existence of Precures rather than being a known entity like in other seasons.

Although it's funny how their own families can't be let onto their secret (with the exception being Tsubomi's grandma) while no one has any issue with the villains knowing who the cures really are as civilians.

Nope, Yuri looks like she was forced into the transformation with no unique animation.

>in some cases like TR the girls go to lengths to cover up the very existence of Precures
No. They didn't actively hide the existence of cures. That's just how it worked out due to most people being knocked out because their motivation was stolen.

It fits her character. It's ok though, Suite can still have the fourth best group transformation.

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It's not even debatable that Suite has the best group transformation. You have to be an ultracontrarian to think otherwise.

I want to dress up as a Nakewamake and get beaten up by Cure Peach!

>It's not even debatable that Suite has the best group transformation
Dear god, you've got an ego. Did you work on it or something?

Cure and Spicy

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It's one of the few universally agreed /pc/ opinions like Doki being a bad season.

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No it's not, they didn't bother to do an animation for the full group.

I liked the Hugtto more.

Sorry that you disagree but you're wrong. Heartcatch has the best group transformation, duo transformation, and solo transformations.

Doki was fun though

>It's one of the few universally agreed /pc/ opinions
Dumb shitposter.

I’m passionate about Cure Passion!

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Happy birthday Honoka.

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Beautiful Emiru.

i will never have lewd thoughts about honoka

I view her as a cute daughter but I still lewd her.

I want to eat Pamu-Pmau

Neat theme song.

You mean eat her little pussy right? SEX with Pamu-Pamu!

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Fuck off.

The real reason Yumyum hasn't debut yet is because she's insecure about still wetting the bed.

>Welcome home master! Woof woof!

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That hip sway

Fairy fucking is one of /pc/'s core values, you should have been here on Suite.

Fuck off.

That's cute.


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Imagine the sex.

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Oh I am.

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When does DP come back? I thought it was supposed to be 3 weeks.

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Loving a Hinata GF.

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Just two more weeks...

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Show me a more hyped battle theme than this.
Of course you can't.

Who drew that if you don't mind, it seems like it's possibly too new cause it's not showing up in the sauce options

Cute Nodoka.

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talented chiyu

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I believe about then is when Miracle Leap came out, good movie

Thanks user

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In the middle of watching Heartcatch and watching them try to fit Itsuki into their transformation sequence is kinda painful to sit through. They're clearly trying their best but it isn't working.

What's she sleeping on?

I want Nodoka to praise me for being a wagie too.

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She'd be proud of you

As expected of someone with a truck driver mom

Truck Drivers Precure

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I love this leg.


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This lad has grown so much.

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I like how he had a better arc than Chiyu.

But what if honoka wants you to have lewd thoughts about herself

>Let's go kick the final boss' ass
Hinata is fearless.

I like how on HG the fairies are pretty well developed, besides Nyatoran that's it.

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>besides Nyatoran
I'm starting to dislike you.

I'm starting to think that rushing to the final dungeon was a bad idea.

I mean Nyatoran is the only one who doesn't have too much screentime in comparison to the rest, hell the only Nyatoran episode that I remember is the one he fell in love wit that girl, and he doesn't have a defining flaw like Pegitan that needs to be addressed, most of the time he's playing tsukkomi to Hinata or joking around and rolling with whatever happens.

Forgot my image.

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If you bothered to open Photoshop at least strive to do a better cropping work

So they actually defeated the giant ball of evil and one of the generals became the bad guy, this is like SS all over again.

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He's unpopular but I really like his look.

Haha funny you mention that considering the episode

The city looks pretty cool like this.

I like the new outfit, that blue is pretty cool.

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Did you like KB mainly going after Asumi because she's the only one he considered a threat

Opinions on Hinata's cheaply thrown together final episode?

Reika told me she saw Miyuki making out with Yayoi.


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is not relevant to this discussion. Fuck off.

Chiyu is so cool.

Yeah I like how he mostly cared about Asumi than the other ones.

It's really really weird, it feels like they took some ideas for Hinata's episodes and blended it with the final arc in such a way that it feels that everything happening is Hinata's fault too.

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The king is dead, long live the king.

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I meant more the fact that they tried to push that "Hinata is a pathetic loser and that's ok" message.

>The king is an evil giant dog
I should have seen that one coming.

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Man Daruizen is full of shit saying Nodoka is the same as him and only cares about herself, dude didn't even promise to help the Cures get rid of the King or even apologize for all the bad shit he pulled on Earth, he just wanted to use Nodoka to heal his wounds and then fuck off, I'm glad Nodoka didn't help him.

I feel it was more like Hinata is a dumdum that gets manipulated easily, but she has friends that will help her fix things.

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That next episode caused so much chaos here.
>she has friends that will help her fix things
Yeah, but her friends won't be there forever.
Hinata doesn't really have growth once the writers stopped caring about her early on. It really feels to me like they just threw something together in a rush once they realized they had forgotten about her.

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Daily Minamin

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Nodoka's ded eyes are cute.

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HG was a great season, can we finally admit it?

I want to fondle Ran's Yum-Yums

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Mediocre at best.


Based, fuck that fag.

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It always was good.

Yeah it was great

You quoted the wrong post.

I was enjoyable but I wouldn't call it good.

she lacks empathy

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Making him look slightly sympathetic was a mistake.

The correct response


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fear of death is the most relatable thing

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Its abysmal toy sales say otherwise.Toy

>Oh no, my cancer is fearing for its death, I'd better not get any treatment and let it consume me. Poor thing.


Lmao so schizo he typed toy twice

a tumor isn't sentient


My typo doesn't change the fact that HG flopped despite having one of the most famous seiyuu in its cast.

Okay but then imagine the tumor says it likes hurting people and then when you hold a gun up to it it says "actually I love hurting people but really don't shoot"

I know you're trying to evade the subject in any way you can but you know my analogy is dead right, and it will always be no matter how many times you try to bring this up.

Not him but I wouldn't shoot because it's attached to someone. Find a better comparison.

>X Bregur FLOP begause TOY stop bosting it :D:D:D:D
Tell me, how did this affect the enjoyment of the show for everyone who watched it?

That huge scandal with Aoi Yuuki admitting on air to being a pedophile in the middle of the season sure didn't help either.

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I never said it was attached to someone

It's like I said, showing him suffering instead of being remorseless was a mistake. Nobody would care if he was shown as a jerk the whole way through.
And before anyone jumps all over me, Daruizen deserved death.

lol big name vtubers admit being into shotas and nobody complains, Japan simply has a different culture especially for someone linked to the otaku sphere like her.

It's unironically you who lacks empathy

>Oh nuuoohhh a seiyuu just confessed she likes underage manga porn, her career is over xD wait until /pc/ get wind of this!
And then, not a single soul cared.

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>That huge scandal with Aoi Yuuki admitting on air to being a pedophile
>implying anyone in Japan cares

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Dumbfucks, it was a HUGE deal on reddit AND all the discord servers and made many swear off HG. Because of that HG's ratings and sales SIGNIFICANTLY dropped. But oh, please continue with your fantasies about how only the Japanese market matters for Toei. Are you honestly trying to defend cheese pizza here with a flimsy argument like "oh japan just has a different culture"? Is this really how fucking degenerate /pc/ has become now?

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>it was a HUGE deal on reddit AND all the discord servers
You mean places that don't matter at all for Aoi Yuuki or especially Precure?
Also I never saw anybody posting controversies about twitterfags avoiding HG, stop trying to be a revisionist for something you know nothing about rolafag.

Nobody in Japan cares about what moralfags on reddit think. Japan has been sexualizing underage girls and boys in their cartoons for ages.

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Honestly, I understand that he wanted to keep on existing as himself but at the end of the day Daruizen was nothing more than a selfish dude that never cared about anyone but himself, I have seen people compare his situation with Ex-Aid's Parad but they're pretty different, Parad realized the errors on his ways after going through the same pain he made others feel, while kinda dying in the process, meanwhile Daruizen never showed any kind of remorse on his actions, on the contrary, multiple times you can see him laughing at the pain he inflicts on others, and when asked what he was going to do after being healed by Nodoka he never said anything about giving up on harming the Earth and the people living there or gave a shit about how much pain he would cause Nodoka by staying inside her body so yeah, I'm glad he is gone now, fuck that fag and Nodoka did nothing wrong.

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You aren't wrong but that didn't stop people from doind all sorts of mental gymnastics which made a storm of discussion lasting for months.

Also from a story standpoint letting Daruizen in would cripple her and King Byogen is currently trying to kill everyone

You're not wrong but still, humanizing him was an odd choice to do right at the end.


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>cheese pizza
Dude, breathe, she was talking about drawings.

but you guys told me being attracted to drawings is the same as wanting to fuck the real thing

Holy shit I'm her #1 fan now

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Well if they didn't then there'd be no conflict for the episode and we wouldn't be talking about it to this day
It'd be like how nobody complains about this death

He was suffering and remorseless. He refused to repent his actions or even say he'd stop if she saved him.

Yeah the writers really fucked up with Daruizen, by not making him show any remorse they made him feel eviler than he actually was.

>Because of that HG's ratings and sales SIGNIFICANTLY dropped.
Did Laura's VA get caught with real CP or something then?

The Neo King looks cool.

After reading the threads I thought Nodoka's decision would have been more debatable or something but jesus, there are so many arguments in favor of her stance that I'm having a hard time thinking on why Nodoka should help him.

Yeah, that makes the situation even worse because the little shit didn't even try to say something like I'm gonna help you kill the King or anything to help his case.

Indeed, it was kinda weird how all of sudden dude went from not giving a shit about anything to realize that he was scared of dying.

>by not making him show any remorse they made him feel eviler than he actually was.
Yup, if they wanted me to feel sorry for him then they should have humanized him way back, maybe at that time he realized that he was born from Nodoka or something like that but nope.

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Okay we can all stop replying to the clear bait post that opened with "discord and reddit are important to Precure sales and ratings"

Did they already explain why KB was fucking missing for most of the show, I forget if that's explained in his human or dog form but I missed it the first time

Ironic lolicons like you also need to fuck off.

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>sudden dude went from not giving a shit about anything to realize that he was scared of dying.
Well, he only cared about himself and his own amusement at making others suffer, so dying would interfere with that

>he only cared about himself and his own amusement
That's most people though.

And most people don't give a fuck when those people fuck around and find out.

She's ugly, who cares what type of porn she touches herself to?

But are those people attractive?

Find out what?

>by not making him show any remorse they made him feel eviler than he actually was.
I felt like this part was pretty intentional, Daruizen was supposed to come across as a hypocrite and to symbolize that you shouldn't sacrifice yourself for just ANYONE, you don't need to suffer to save people that are only going to cause you more suffering, which is the a lesson that a little girl could carry to many aspects of life and the ultimate lesson in a show about doctors.

Fuck around and find out is a figure of speech for getting what's coming to you. So when someone robs a convivence store and gets shot by the cashier or some lame ass villain gets absorbed by his leader no one gives a shit.

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Also he looked like a demon and lived in Hell

Indeed, it felt like a metaphor for abusive boyfriends.

Never heard that phrase before but it doesn't make sense for what I said.

Oh, I thought you were talking about Daruizen, my bad.

Sssh, the dog is sleeping.

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Poor Latte.

What a cool scene.

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It's nice. Hinata looks so cool.

Why are some of you people extremely weird about that? I can't imagine anyone being that invested in HG's generals.

yeah nodocuntfags are weird

You all are weird. You don't see anyone getting excited about Maho's second string generals being killed and they were about as interesting as HG's.


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>tfw your childhood friend is the one that's tsuntsun

I'm not a fan of that scene. Everyone is hiding secrets from each other.

Cute friends.

I think it's funny, they respected their wishes of keeping the Precure stuff in secret while also helping them with whatever they need.

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King Byougen was so absolutely terrible, bland and unbearably boring that the possibility of Darumeme being the final boss and dying as such was more interesting.

And then when someone accidentally brings it up everyone ends up hurt. It's not really a good message to have right at the end. But that's not the only weird decision saved for the end.

How it should have gone:
>Darumeme pretends to be good and helps Nodoka and friends defeat Neo King Byougen
>Darumeme takes the opportunity to absorb Neo King Byougen and becomes the true final boss
>after Nodoka and the others defeat Daruizen and weaken her back to normal, Nodoka gives him one last chance because he did help them against Neo King Byougen
>Daruizen is a traitorous fuck and attacks Nodoka from behind
>Nodoka turns around and fires one final Healing Flower at Daruizen while screaming "You goddamn fool!" Daruizen is finally killed for good.

It would've been a lot more kino if Daruizen hijacked KB's body and ended up as the final boss

Indeed, he just looked cool but that's it.

I'm sure they will all laugh at it because it's a silly thing at the end of the day.


Lady Rate is so funny and cute

King Byougen was shown to be a manipulative smug asshole who didn't care about any of his minions and was gone for most of the season because whenever his generals were attacking he snuck into our world to plant his boogers everywhere for his eventual final plan. This big problem is that this reveal is said really quickly with no build up or reaction from anyone which is actually a thing HG does often (like when they explained where KB came from). Although I guess it's something that Daruizen was killed by someone with his own mindset but King Byogen is bearly there enough for that to register

I know some people didn't like it but I loved the Healin Good OST and especially the track during that scene

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>You're walking down the street
>This group of girls blocks your path
What you do?

Do what any sensible adult would do. Take kirara to a love hotel

Get knocked out by the incredibly good smells

>What you do?
I get fucked, that's what I do.

Cute and canon

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Attempt to romance Hinata, Homare or Elena.

>Lady Rate is so hot and lewd.

STOP reading my inner voice

I wanna see their panties.

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Just hunt down the dolls

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I'm thinking on buying some figures.

Thanks user.

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Big snifffffffff~

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Same here, I really like the OST.

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Damn, haven't been here in a bit, there's quite a few less activity than when /tr/ was airing, is the new season so uniteresting?

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Fuck off.

>Gets her ass kicked in her cameo
What a dork.

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I wonder if those buns were a real product you could buy

tl;dr Toei got hacked and as a result we don't have new episodes for a bunch of weeks by now, it's getting similar to the Healin' Good hiatus after ep12.

Summer stole Blossom's special move.
Shizo with shit taste.

kill yourself

I love that this is the avarege fan of a franchise about little girls that learn to be nice to each other

Karen is so lucky to have that forehead all to herself.

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Opinions on the thrown in at the last possible minute lesson they tried to tell with the monkey?

You're dedicated, damn. Yeah I like using that image, still, I post it far less than others, and only when I want to make a point

Fuck off


Your only point seems to be around "FUTARI WAAAAA" like some genwunner that only drops here once every couple of months to be condescending.