Happy Birthday Tsubame Koyasu!

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S3 will have a lot of Tsubame screentime, right?

New chapter today, btw.

Spoilers where?

Sadly, we have a break this week. Aka seems to be getting lazy lately.

Tsubame lost.

Tsubame won against Ishigami.

Is there a break? I thought there was no break?

No. No break.

dead thread dead manga

Now I'm confused

Thank god.

Would this be the best page to greet animeonlies with?

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sometimes i wonder why u fucker are like this :(

Would you watch Kaguya during her private moments?

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But she didn't want to win. Ishigami is too much of a beta cuck to satisfy her jock chad needs.

If Ishigami lost Tsubame, who will win Tsubame?


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Cute cover.

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Ishigami was born a cuck

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Tsubame a shit.

Shut up Miko

Tsubame a best
Tsubame a strongest
El sol da la mi vida

Stay mad.

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chink spoiler

>云鹰抢遗嘱 派人抓辉夜
Is this it?

>Kaguya's mouth escapes yellow light
>Yunying robs the will and sends someone to arrest Kaguya
>The chairman hasn't arrived yet

Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.

Thread seems pretty dead

and so is manga

Spoilers about Kaguya shooting mouth beams like Godzilla and prez doing nothing again doesn't help.

>Kaguya shooting mouth beams like Godzilla
If only that was the case then the series would actually be interesting again

IIRC Yellow Light = Oko, so I guess he runs away?
And for those wondering who "Yunying" is, here's DeepL's translation of the second line.
>云鹰抢遗嘱 派人抓辉夜
>Cloud Eagle grabbed the will and sent people to catch Kaguya
>Unyo = 雲鷹
>雲 = cloud
>鷹 = hawk

tl;dr Unyo betrays Kaguya (and thus the stuco)
I fucking kneel, Aka.

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>inbefore Hayasaka was right but nobody paid attention to her

Right about what?

>The sons' names are all in kanji
>Kaguya's name is written in hiragana
What did Ganan mean by this?


About Unyo.

Tl;dr: there's no kanji for "Kaguya", only hiragana


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"輝夜" can be read as Kaguya; some song titles use that.


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Is this how Fujisaka dies?

Does anyone have the Oshi no Ko spoilers?

Someone pisses inside Kaguya's mouth. Another Aka fetish.

Ruby keeps calling Akane oneechan and insists on sharing a room with her. The two of keep talking about romance within earshot of Kana on the way back to their hotel when they run into a crow on the way. The crow leads them straight into the mountains to Goro's corpse
More pics here:

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Oh shit. Will Ruby reveal their original lives? Goro's plastic ID card should be still there.

Why couldn't Aka just make Kaguya's family disown her so we could get back to the cute romcom stuff

4 days left.

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Jesus these "villains" are so laughable, unironically
All i can remember about Seiryuu and Oko is that "wahman bad" and that's it. I just really wish Kaguya got disowned and live an ordinary life, not this bullshit arc.

Turn it into a funny game

Go on discord/Reddit and see people defend it each week

Reading this manga became just a torture for true fans


Ishigami brings Kaguya escapes and hides somewhere else together.

Miko a shit
Ishigami a shit
Tsubame a shit

Animeonlyfag here, how many chapters is S3 likely to cover? Please don't tell me it'll reach the shipping wars shit with Ishigami, I want wholesome comedy not melodrama

>it'll reach the shipping wars shit with Ishigam
It'll likely end there.

How do you know about the shipping wars if you're an anime-only huh?

Korea When???

Because I used to lurk these threads to see fans of that dumb slut Ishigami liked seethe.

He forgot that this wasn't leddit

Since the season subtitle is "Ultra Romantic", it should end at either 137 or 138, depending on whether the anime team wants to end it in romantic or comedic fashion. Either way, there will be no retarded drama this season.

Oh, I thought you were talking about in-universe shipping war.

>Go on discord/Reddit and see people defend it each week
I do this but I can only lurk for a couple minutes before my IQ starts to drop. The discord is almost entirely sunk cost mikofags for some reason

Thank God

It's right there in the spoiler pic. So yeah, now Ruby is going to find out that her beloved doctor died long ago and in such a weird place. The question is, will Aqua find out?

it's pretty sad I got my dose of spoilers for OnK in a Kaguya thread

Miko a shit.

Don't worry, Unyo took over as the real villain, it seems.

Is there a functional difference? Both are hackshit made by Aka.

But wasn't it already the plan to make Unyo the new head?

Fucking reddit called Seiryuu interesting.

Maybe plan changed?
>>Kaguya's mouth escapes yellow light
This is about Oko, and so it sounds like Kaguya actually talked things out with baldy.

Some animeonlyfags are seriously annoying with how they think that covering 50 chapters batches ike the anime did so far is rushed in this cour. Those retards seriously think that 24 episodes should be wasted to end with ch 160.

Under normal circumstances, yeah. But what if the will Oko told Gan'an to sign wasn't the same will Kaguya is holding right now? Imagine if the old man wrote a different will later that put Kaguya as the heir, the stuco would have no reason to get rid of that one... but Unyo sure as hell would.
Just trying to rationalize a betrayal at this stage, I obviously don't know what's going on either.

This is actually pretty interesting and might finally have Ruby be more involved.

Aka's not a hack. He just pulled the "This was all setup for my twist" card.

Here's the usual cryptic nip spoilers, which pretty much confirm the betrayal.
Wow... was this hinted that time?
It is not "finished" after all. [referring to the end of the manga]
They are an irredeemable family. (laughs)

Yep Unyo will backstab them.

Not Unyo, but Prez. Turns out he and the Shirogane family were the true evil masterminds.

So, everyone happy with getting taken on the ruse cruise?


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do it Aka

I love Hayasaka.

Here's your new party now that everyone else's been captured, say something nice about them! Surely Miko is safe in MUH SANCTUARY right?

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Who's the prettiest girl in Kaguyaverse, counting in onk girls too because it's set in it too.
For me, it's Tsubame.

We hate Mikoshit here

She's the strongest. The prettiest is probably Osaragi.

We know, me

Miko's hair.

To me it's miko

Miko an ugly dog

Shut up, Mikado

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Kaguya doesn't want to and Mikado kneeled to Prez.

Canonically? Either Osaragi or pic related, then Tsubame after both.

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>yfw Un'yo brings in guns, kills all the kids in front of Kaguya and blames it on the Shijos
I would take back everything I once said about Aka, and will admit he's a genius.

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In terms of how they've been described in the story, either Kaguya or Tsubame.

Mikado is closer to Jean. He's the one who has loved the same person for years. Eren will always be Ishigami. F is Connie, Prez is Armin, Hayasaka is probably Annie and Miko is probably Historia. Ishigami's father is the farmer.

College Tsubame looks like trash though.

Mikado is Bort

If Kaguya will be Mikasa, then I'd rather Mikado be Jean.

Before or after he reveals he fucked Kaguya's whore of a mother and is her real father?

I think in universe
S tier : Tsubame, Ai, Ruby, Both Shiranuis, Osaragi
A tier : Kana, Maki, Kaguya
B tier : Hayasaka, Chika, Miko, Onodera
C tier : Nagisa, Memcho, others

I don't think Tsubame is supposed to be more attractive than Fujiwara. I don't think she's even meant to be "prettiest girl in the world" tier at all.

Tsubame is flexible and have big titties.

Move Chika and Kaguya to S tier, and I think you’ll be right

It's not impossible, considering it's not certain Gan'an is her father.
Also, if you consider Un'yo was the one who pretty much raised her, and that Iceguya is pretty much a female Un'yo, and that current Kaguya is kinda what a good ending for Un'yo would have been, it kinda works.

She's one of the 4 impossible girls though.

And the impossible girls merely rival the StuCo girls. In short, Fujiwara has bigger tits than her.

Weren't they called impossible because they all rejected the same school Chad?

Koreans: manatoki126.net/comic/11843337

Yes, and even then, Kazeno's praise was that they were on the same level as the StuCo girls. Meaning that the Impossible Girls aren't the standard for attractiveness in Shuichi'in. Kaguya, Fujiwara, and Miko are.

Okay it was funnier than I expected

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But they were considered the prettiest.

Kaguya would never do that.

Both Hayasaka and Mem are A tier in looks, and S tier girls overall

No, they were considered as comparable to the StuCo girls. Fujiwara has her own fanclub too, you know. She's probably hotter than Fujiwara, but with a less conventional personality.

I would kneel and forgive Aka for everything

Based Un'yo

we only saw 2 of them right?

Kaguya wants to be a photographer and agreed to marry Mikado if they can't solve everything as a family.


>you snakes from stepmothers...
>were waiting for this moment weren't you...
>I don't know
>they are the one who created this opportunity
>I somehow got into this, and haven't done anything

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Since when was Hongo a chad?

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You're the speedreader. Fujiwara is probably above Tsubame.

Have Akane's looks been described?
Ai was described as being a beauty, and Ruby's looks are supposed to rival her mum's. Kana is said to be the type of cute girl otaku tend to like. Memcho is good looking enough to be popular in YouTube, but I don't recall Akane's looks ever being commented on.

Unyo thought it was bullshit too, which is why he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Reread the manga

>all you had to do was to remain as a puppet...
>and yet you had some foolish wits to pull something like this...
>that's right
>it was you who unnecessarily taught her
>you were expecting this moment...

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>I don't know
>they are the one who created this opportunity
>I somehow got into this, and haven't done anything
Funny, Prez could say the same thing.

I think Ruby called her pretty, and she managed to get on a reality TV show, so she’s probably at least good looking.

can't wait to see animated the Maki/Ishigami/Shirogane friend group.

The StuCo is literally held up as the example the Impossible Girls are compared to, and considered to equal rather than surpass. People don't say they're the hottest girls in school. They say they're as hot as the girls on the StuCo.

Yeah, she's definitely good looking, but I was wondering how she compared to the other girls.

happy birthday best girl, can’t wait to see her in S3

>all I did was to raise a sister who was born in Shinomiya
>into a person of Shinomiya
>into someone like us, from this god damn family
>who are full of schemes and prides
>thanks to that, she became this stubborn and ill-tempered woman
>who's this ill-tempered woman you talking about

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They have the will thanks to him.

>I'll resent you for that until I die
>I do feel gratitude for
>teaching me how to judge things by myself
>and how to fight to protect myself

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>violence is no-no for fight between siblings
>I don't care about what's next, resolve this by yourselves
>great idea!
>now is where bond between family is about to be teared apart!
>if it continues like this, it might end up just like when Shinomiya and Shijo household parted ways
>I think you guys need to speak properly so no more troubles would be left
>bond between family huh...
>there's no such thing to us from the beginning

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We know. But unlike Fujiwara who is indeed talented and popular, Tsubame also has swarms of both girls and boys that love her.

Miko telling them.

>our mothers were different
>even our age
>or places we grew up in, are different
>only thing that exist is competition of what kind of position we will be in this family
>and gazes from peers who are full of expectations and keep pushing our backs
>father made this household like this
>it was passed down from generations before his
>there are over 4000 companies under Shinomiya group
>and total number of workers nears 900000

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Tsubame also has a different personality, where she tries to be nice and helpful to all the lonely losers, the exact sort of person who falls in love if a girl smiles at them.

That's also because Tsubame is quite approachable, whereas F is a weirdo.

It's funny. It's like Miko is there on the scene while Prez is nowhere to be seen.

>once Shinomiya falls
>there will be countless workers who will hang themselves
>it is really heavy burden, our decision that is
>compare to that, who cares about your marriage or two?
>the reason why you were born in environment that is far better than others
>is to fulfill that responsibility!

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Yeah, meanwhile F is a snobby class purist and kaguyasexual. No wonder she doesn't attract as many guys

>ofcourse I know that
>as someone born from Shinomiya household..
>for people working for our group or their family
>I have determination to fulfil that responsibility
>that's not something to be forced upon by you, brother

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Why can't Hayasaka hold the phone right? She's either blocking the camera or has it facing the wrong direction.

>it should be done by myself
>by my own will, to fulfil the responsibilty
>then take the responsibility
>as your own will, that is
>yes, you even didn't have to say
>but I have no intention to sell myself cheap

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Where did it all go wrong?
Is it truly just ishigami?

>>but I have no intention to sell myself cheap
Kaguya is an expensive whore confirmed.

Appu, please.

>the moment I make that decision
>is when I used up all my schemes I could use
>peace with Shijo
>are you saying you can accomplish that?
>if you believe me, I can
>but what part of you am I supposed to believe

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Why blame this on Ishigami when he has had nothing to do with this Shinomiya family crap until now? Aka just sucks at doing family politics.

>please at least know this
>what I'm going to say is
>something I never said to anyone before but

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Ishigami's drama was a symptom, not the cause. Notice that Hayasaka's arc had the same issues, and it took place before.
The issue is Aka wanted to make a shift from comedy to drama, at least for the romance portions of the story, and it didn't work out.

>want to become a photographer in the future
uh... that was unexpected

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>something I never said to anyone before but
Whoreguya never even told her BF. Shows how seriously she took their relationship.

What the fuck is this?

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Umm, okay? Not sure why this is a big reveal, but whatever.

I need a One Piece-style reaction page.

>these days...
>it's only at the stage where I bought proper camera
>and taking photos of nature
>or meals but
>once my skills get better, I do want to take a photo of people
>....which I think about sometimes
>a portrait....?

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She never told Prez. She told him she wanted to rule the world. Our Personas 2 coming up.

Chapters 100-101 really changed her life, huh.

>Since prez isn't a character anymore, is the midget who takes the role of preaching everyone in place.
Miko a shit.

>once I go to university
>I want to go into those clubs
>and I don't know about the next part but
>I want to have a job like that...
>actually I...
>don't have much desire to
>reach high places in Shinomiya household
>for me, I'm fine with you taking over Shinomiya household

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Kaguya wants to scout gullible girls like Miko on the street and have her way with them


What the fuck happened to Prez

So, considering Prez 's mum hasn't shown up yet, this arc will be the Kaguya drama arc, then Mamagane shows up and the next arc is the Prez drama arc, right?

Pointless arc is pointless.

She lied to Prez about wanting to rule the world. I guess that's what she thought he wanted. The Kaguya who was also the Ice ruler of the world.

>but that's only when
>my freedom
>and your promise that neither president nor people around me will be hurt are guaranteed
>if you can guarantee that
>I'm also willing to try my best for Shinomiya household

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The manga is ending soon user. There's not enough time.

So, she's an Instagrampleb?

I thought Prez is supposed to leave in less than a month or something.

>then do it
>if you can make peace with Shijo
>do it
>if you fail, you will be married away
>is that fine with you?

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Oko in that last panel looks funny.

It makes sense she lied to him, because if she didn't tell him she was interested in ruling the Shinomiya, but instead she wanted a more normal life, then Prez would have got too involved and might have risked himself, which still kinda happened, but she tried to prevent that.

>who would thinkg you would be this stubborn
>I didn't know you were thinking to that extent either
>as expected
>communication is very important..
>hey hey
>giving everything to brother leaves nothing good for me

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>you can do it by force
>take that will from her
>weren't you against using violence?!
break next week

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>Oko become next heir
>Peace with shijou.

No wonder why Un'yo betray them.

>break next week
Fuck this.

Not going to lie, Unyo is scum, but I don’t blame him here. Fuck that noise.

>give everything to the brother that tried to pawn you off and not to the brother that raised and made you strong
Why is kaguya like this

Thanks for the dump and TL, user! Chink spoilers made the "betrayal" sound far more serious than this, kek. It will probably be resolved offscreen with a good talk, or maybe Aka will use it as a cheap way to have Shirogane "save" Kaguya next chapter.

>break next week
Of course.

I want IshiMiko back

best slut


She wants to be at peace with them, so she tried to make a deal.

You have to go back, Mikodog

>>if you can make peace with Shijo
>>do it
>>if you fail, you will be married away
Is pic related the true final boss then? Who am I kidding, he'll get talk no jutsu'd into submission in half a chapter, won't he.

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Don't take it out on me just because you're mad that Miko won.


Miko will lose to Hayasaka though

That's too much drama. When this arc wraps up the next chapters will be wholesome summer stuco shenanigans.

What Unyo is saying makes sense but wtf is with that QUALITY last page?

>Thanks for the dump and TL, user! Chink spoilers made the "betrayal" sound far more serious than this, kek.

What? This prety much serious.

Un'yo want to become a next heir.
This is a good chance for him to do right now.

>"Golden Kamuy" by Satoru Noda will end in 3 chapters in Weekly Young Jump.
Guess Kaguya will get a similar announcement in 10 chapters unless Aka wants to milk Mamagane and/or IshiMiko.

She always was

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it's dead move on already

>want to become a photographer in the future
That's NOT how you can make a lot of money, damn no wonder why Shinomiya's are doomed

Thanks for TL. This was an entertaining chapter.

Well the last page looks almost like a joke, which is why people are finding it hard to take seriously.

Depends on what happens with Unyo.

I've always thought the broken phone was the most forced irrelevant drama ever.
Based Aka.

It had sone wholesome scenes.

>in three chapters
Is it sudden? Or did they also got an announcement that that will be the last volume?

Another manga that ends before Wano arc, huh
I wish Golden Kamuy started after Wano, would've been funnier

Just checking in to see if we've gotten back to the main plot yet. I'll sleep for another few weeks

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Yeah. Kaguya properly confronted her brother, told him what she wants, offered a solution to their problem, and he accepted. And now the other brother started stirring shit but it's for comedy.

Is true after Kaguya fucked Prez, everything is going into shit?

Manga sales down, plot turn into shit, author don´t like IshiMiko, etc.

>another few weeks
more like 2 months if you're lucky side shipfag

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What the FUCK am I reading anymore hahahahhaha holy shit

yes desu
To be fair the manga became shit before the sex starting around Hayasaka arc. The new classrooms and ch 220 brought back some of the hype only to be ruined by low quality drama chapters that followed it.

You'll have to wait until Miko's birthday

Aka is going yuri... it's too late, he already showing the signs, shipping idols...

Attached: 1649095265900.png (570x391, 139.57K)

It's Hayasaka's fault.

>a birthday thread but it's a general thread with subject field for a different character

Hayasaka wasn't the one who ruined the other characters, the humor, the plot, or the art. If you removed her from the manga before her arc Kaguya would still be shit.

No specific "last volume" announcement, but for long running series the mangaka themselves usually say "hey, we're entering the final arc" first so everyone is ready for the end. In the case of Golden Kamuy, that happened last year with pic related.
>On 27th July, Satoru Noda, the author of the 7 years long running series “Golden Kamuy,”, announced the manga will enter its final arc in the 35th issue of Shueisha’s Young Jump magazine on Thursday.
For Kaguya, it was obviously chapter 240 with the Final Act panel after which Aka ran that one Twitter Space Q&A session where he answered a bunch of stuff (and confirmed the First Year Summer chapter).

Attached: final arc announcement.png (408x474, 38.39K)

If you remove her from the manga before her arc then her arc would've not happened.

Sorry Appu, but all the garbage arcs after ch 177 would still happen and kill the series anyway

Some redditor told me Aka said he has a lot of material left including university arc. Any proof for this?

Mikodogs are barking again

Some people said the manga would be over in a handful of months because they thought Aka would move the story by a month per volume, in addition that the final arc is already in motion. It's been over 9 months since they said that.... Once Shinomiya drama is over (hopefully within several chapters), Aka still has to conclude Ishigami and Miko's development that he left hanging, Hayasaka's future in whatever she decides to do, and then the matter of Prez and Kaguya graduation. At the current rate, the manga could go on for another half a year or more.

You shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet, user.

>obsessed with Miko and has her living rent free

He's going to be even more mad.

Attached: 1523119356226.png (201x245, 61.21K)

>Aka said he has a lot of material left including university arc
That's a bit of misinformation, pic related is what he actually said regarding the hypothetical college arc during a Twitter Q&A. Basically, it's something he'll do if he needs money and/or is bored out of his mind long after the manga is over.

Attached: college arc.png (483x216, 15.13K)

I thought I understood the basic premise of this manga. From my brother tells me about it and the crap from the anime. Yet browsing this thread it feels like I stepped into the twilight zone.

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Mikoledditors are mentally ill.

The manga isn't canon. Close this tab and watch S3 when it premieres this week instead.

bitch you spend more on coffee shops than most photographers earn in a month

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Speaking of the S3 premiere, here's the chapters being adapted in the first episode.
>Ch. 95 - Miko Iino Wants to Be Soothed
>Ch. 102 - Kaguya-sama Doesn't Realize
>Ch. 117 - Chika Fujiwara Wants to Fight

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Still don't understand why the fuck would it be rushed if they reach ch 150.

Manga can only be redeemed if If the final chapter is all the girls spreading their asscheeks

Strange order. Thought the karaoke chapters were going to be in the first episode.

You rike?

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No need for many chapters, Ishi and Iino could just have a few panels saying they'll continue to date (or not), Hayasaka is supporting character and doesn't need to choose anything, and Prez isn't graduating he has to leave before then because USA system starts in fall.

The manga could finish in less than a dozen chapters.

Unyo is perfectly in the right here.

The tone shift of the Iceguya arc would throw off the flow of the anime. We'll get an OVA for it one day so stop complaining.

I can see why they're doing it. They want the first episode to feature the main cast with self contained chapters before we get the episodes featuring multipart chapters. I'm just surprised ch 92 wasn't one of them for ep 1.

Here's the source, just in case.

I can excuse that fact that prez seems to have never existed. I can accept Kaguya dreaming to be a photographers, it connects to the phone chapters, but it REALLY should have been written better. Kaguya is fucking retarded in this chapter, but ok, it's love between family members, fine.

I can't excuse the art though, I honestly can't tell if the last page is supposed to be serious or not .

Attached: Milf nike.jpg (632x720, 107.02K)

I just want ishi raping miko in every hole for the remaining chapters
Is that really too much to ask

it's honestly a lot of fun seeing how the series escalates from its dumb initial premise. though at a certain point it kind of got a bit too much, ill take that over a romance series that just never goes anywhere

>Chika is so popular with normalfags that she gets a chapter in the premiere episode

Attached: 1630185600571.png (1200x1200, 679.12K)

Why are Hayaska, Ishigiami and F just standing there?

chika a best

I guess it was too sudden for them to do anything also they were on the other side. Hayamama and Hayapapa should be nearby too.

It's just a gag, you're not supposed to take that page seriously. I admit it's hard to believe given the general tone of the arc, but it's something Aka would totally do.

To be fair, even Kaguya reaction isn't that serious, my guess is that this will be when Shirogane enters.

They need that yuri money after all.

Have they had sex since 220

Maybe, but it wasn't shown.

Gonna add Unyo to the unironically did nothing wrong list.


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cute kouhai

why they act so shocked?

There was a very peaceful mood at the moment and Fujiwara thought Unyo cared m0ore about Kaguya than the other brothers and wouldn't start shit. Then he started shit.

They're surprised, you fucking retard.

Because Kaguya normally acts like she wants to rule the world and be in charge of everything, but all she really wants to do is take cute photos.

hmm fair enough

Apparently they tried in 236, at the very least they slept together.

Why's he smiling like a dork?

Unyo is legitimately one of my favourite characters

>Why's he smiling like a dork?
thinking about tsubame

>Apparently they tried in 236
That chapter made it clear that Kaguya visiting Shirogane's new apartment was happening often, so they were fucking offscreen.

She drags everything down with her I guess.

no that's miko

and Kaguya

>it was like he was looking at walking garbage

Sorry, I don’t watch anime where the MC regularly has sex and experiences young love.
t. 25 year old virgin who’s never kissed or been on a date

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I doubt it, the absence of both Papagane and Kei in the house in the evening is a rare occurrence.

>only 25
You're a child, you have no power here.

My dude people start getting married at this age and having kids

Not that kind of anime, falseflagger.

For a virgin on Yea Forums, 25 is young.

fuck kaguya for betraying unyo

>starting with IshiMiko chapter
What did they mean by that?

The ones saying that they should support Unyo were Fujiwara and Prez, plans changed once the will was brought up by Ganan, that and Kaguya was never part of the plan.

It’s going to be once chapter 220 is adapted in season 4

>ends with the keychain
No idea user.

Nagisa is sexually active in the anime

We should make a Kaguya edit of pic related.

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I don't read this, but why isn't the Tsubame chick a main character? She has such a pretty design especially since this artist draws 5heads too much.

She is one in season 3

Cause she's only important to one character, not the group.

Because she was only relevant to a non-protagonist for a while.

Nigga what the fuck? Why did she tell Prez that she wanted to rule the world?

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Maybe she feared Prez would think less of her.

Our Personas (Kaguya, Part 2) SOON



Shut up Ishigami.

Why are two Adachis the final villains of this arc?