Urusei Yatsura

Yuki chan Benten chan lum chan

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Ran chan I love you

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>a fool that performes without an audience really loves his craft
Based Deren still doing his shtick all alone.

Is this the Last.Universal.Common.Ancestor. of all waifus?

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Long neck

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I would let her freze me

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Sorry she belongs to big ape cock.

Sometimes dead is better.


I love my wwife very much

You were ask to explain your statement not repeat it numbskull

because she is the only one that I lve and that loves me, she is the nicest person I love her so much

Ran Ill love you no matter what my sweet Angel Ilov eoui so much

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You're drinking again don't you.

Ran I love you sweet Ran

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I may have messed up Ran

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You definitely did, that's lum.

For some reason I read that as Ran the 3rd. Can't deal with one psychotic pink haired bitch, Lord imagine 3 fucking generations

Empress Ran the third, ruler over mania and dementia. Make way for her deranged highness!


I Wouldn't mind giving her meatpie a little cream if you know what I mean.

How man subjects will she have killed off due to her insanity?

All of 'em with increasingly elaborated methods as the death toll rises. well maybe not all just the ones that aren't insane enough.

I can see it.
Also Lumfrens, Lum's mom is progressing though at a slower rate compared to the old drawings. Here's the WIP with basic shading and highlights added. I hope you Lumfrens like the progress so far

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Move to the Shinobu thread, this one contains too much deren

its comming along nicely, hope you doing fine friend

God this image makes me so fucking horny. I want to pound that milf endlessly and then fall asleep holding her exhausted and sweaty body in my arms.

Is her ass going to be okay?

look at her she loves it and is a bit surprised she can take it so easily


>You will never double team the queen of oniboshi
Why even live

Does Lum have inertia while flying or could you grab her bush and swing her around?

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She can stop on the spot and is almost to weak to support herself and Ataru. You could definitely just pull her out the air and give her a hard rod.

uy has some prime milfs

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There are only like what 5?

a handpicked fine selection, also does she count?

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I dont remember that one. I remember:
That one from the one off episode where ten got a gf
and that one with the weird insect kids

* Incest
Might as well be bug people with their freaky fuckin naruto eyes

you forgot a firy one and atleast one other

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I bet she has abs, imagine cumming on them.

I don't see ten as a person, and theoretically if he were one Ataru's mom raises him more than she does. but yes I did forget about her.

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I wouldn't. A day care attendant hits different, she could be like 17 or leave the job the next day.

>That one from the one off episode where ten got a gf
The Ara Warrior

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i never said she was a good mother only that she needs a good thick hose

Her kid was more interesting; I'm down for anything to make ten suffer.

>make ten suffer
i hate this little shitstain so fucking much

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>Her kid who did things and misunderstood valentines like the aliens was more interesting


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light patting with lum in the cinema

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have a cute lum

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That Uzume in the last episode caught me off guard. Sexy as fuck!

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impeccable taste but lum stole the episode with her outfit alone

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>A day care attendant
thats true and she is so innocent too

Why has it had a resurgence in popularity this past year or so?
Not complaining.

if you mean on 4chins, its autism. if you mean in general it was never gone

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last lum to close the thread

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not so fast

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Ran should get a taste of her own medicine

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sauce? i think that is highly educational material

i get thats a hatsune miku cosplay, but damn i want to bend lum over and breed her till she cant walk anymore while pulling on her twin tails

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Ran is nice

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into crazy?

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