Because Fuck You the anime

madoka Magia Record

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Fuck Fuck Marry Kill

Nemu-chan doesn't deserve such fate.

Terrible ending to a terrible anime based on a terrible mobage.
Fuck Magia Record.


All this time we thought they were nazis.

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Braid train?

Why did they think that?

Dropped it after season 1, did I dodge a bullet?

Alina did nothing wrong

>loli trio dead
>Iroha dead
>Alina dead
>Mifiyu dead
>Kuroe dead
>Momoko dead
>possibly multiple members of PMHQ dead but Madoka definitely dead

This was not the ending I was expecting.

Being Homura truly is suffering

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>Kuroe dead
I was just joking about you being useless Kuroe, don't despair ;-;

The mobage is good and I love the story. That is a based opinion.

What the fuck is magia record is it related to madoka magica?

Canon spinoff set in one of Homura's pre-anime timelines.

Though technically there are two Reco timelines now.

The best i can say that it's not offensively bad, i don't regret watching it but will never see it or think about it again.

Little girl feet

i liked it, it save the show for me also the backgrounds on some parts are fucking good
7/10 i enjoyed the last 4 eps

They just went for bad end to avoid doing part 2 anytime soon
Smart move I would say

I wish I had friends and kind big sister

all the kaede/rena stuff was well done

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QB is proud of you, Iroha!

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Wait is the second girl from the left Madoka? i don't watch spin offs

>tfw you realize that Alina was the only sane person in the whole series all along

Sana BEST girl!

snaa bro!

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She didn't deserve this.

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Thinking about it some more I realize that Ui is to blame for this doom:
1. Irhoa made her wish because of Ui kicking everything off
2. Ui did not manage to probably control the magic because she wasn't a mad genius like the other two.
3. Ui did not properly keep Iroha trapped like she was supposed to, leading to the death of everyone.

Or I guess you could say that the fault lies with the smart lolis, as they did not recognize that the people are cattle who are not worth saving before it was too late, and thus trusting Ui with an assignment she did not measure up to in the naive assumption that she was like themselves. This is also reflected in their effort to take in all the weak magical girls who would later turn on them once the field shifted.
Alina is the only one who had it right all along.

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Eroha is a much more interesting heroine than Meduka. For your consideration:
>is a pink shit
>fails to stop Walpurgisnacht an infinite number of times because she is a weak shit.
>rejected that bad things happen, and created an imaginary mahou yuri false world that only worked thanks to Homerun-chan
>is a pink stacy
>beat Embryo Eve with her own HUEG LIKE XBOX suped-up attack which incorporated both hope & despair
>accepted the world is filled with good and bad
>will use her power of BEFRIENDING to try to mitigate despair but also collect a harem of cute little sisters
>has an ero belly

Cute hands.

Is new season out already?

What a fucking mess, you need a talent to shit on mobage plot, which was already a fucking mess.

This was almost an end of the world scenario.

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The plot of the game is a completely generic story, the plot of the anime is the embodiment of the director's frustration and emotional anguish.
This is the "Apocalypse Now" of the anime, true art.

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>2. Ui did not manage to probably control the magic because she wasn't a mad genius like the other two.
In the game, her magic was passive and literally was absorbing impurities all the time. That makes more sense than she activating it and then not stopping.

>NEODOROTHY MOTHERFUCKER, is just named in this page as 'Alina Eve (nickname)' her witch runes dont appear here.

Or inucurry just wanted to keep the name secret, or shaft realized that name was fucking stupid and tried to keep it under wraps.

Next movie will be a complete disappointment at this rate.

The anime team got completely horrible source material to work with and the only thing they could do it to have QB mock the main character to her face over how retarded her actions were.

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Every single frame of this sequence was great.

anyone got the webm where iroha hugs motherfucking alina and explode? every frame there was great too
also the anime might not have been the best but you can see alot of heart and soul poured into it.. especially in these last 4 episodes

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all I care about is Eroha tummy

Yeah, Kawada is really good at it. His water effects in the second season are also great

It was an objective mess but it wasn't "bad", the lows were pretty terrible but the highs were pretty great.
And genuine effort went into much of the animation and artwork.
And at least there was an attempt to salvage the plot into something more interesting.

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Game is not even horrible. It's nowhere near the original but it's perfectly fine and some of the events are good. Shaft went full retard.

>Iroha dead

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thank you! god this is eye candy

She killed herself or witched out after.

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I didn't pick up on that, this got even darker than it already was.

Did you riek it?

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Yeah, symbolism with the tree being in full bloom too which should only happen if all 4 of them are there.

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Ir :o ha

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Im tire of dark magical girl anime

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They didn't handle well wish scene, tho it went a bit different in anime.
In the game QB explicitly states that probably you don't have enough weight of karmic destiny to make such crazy wish, so everything can go wrong. But then Ui, again, explicitly states "I'll take on as much debt as I need to, as long as I can help her" and other girls also said similar things because they should die soon anyway. QB, of course, didn't explicitly stated that in the worst cases your entire plan will be ruined.
So, Ui couldn't control her powers because her karmic destiny wasn't enough for such wish. It's like Felicia case.
After that they tried to convert impurites but couldn't handle them. Then Alina seals Ui in the barrier.
Main important thing that Nemu in the game thought up a different plan (more successful, as we already see). She said that she can manifest one of her stories and you can't fully transform into a witch if you don't have a soul, because transforming requires personality and emotions. So Nemu took soul from Ui body and put it in lil QB, while also explicitly stated that someday it can be reunited with body.
I don't really know what happened in anime. It seems somehow Touka ripped out her soul with soulgem and Nemu just inserted it in lil QB. There's no manifesting of story, just sequence of hurry actions, so probably there's no way of putting Ui's soul back to her body.

So, main point is: QB tricked even them because didn't explain much what consequences making a wish without proper karmic destiny can have. Girls got too emotional at the moment and didn't research risks.

I mean, what do people expect?
All of them literally died a month later in some horrible way.
Like, think about it for literally ONE SECOND.
In The original series, there was one(1) magical girl for Mitakihara, and then after Mami died there were two for some time: Kyouko and Sayaka, and the territory was barely enough for both of them and they were constantly fighting over it.
Witches are ALWAYS magical girls.
So what do you think happens if Magius keeps thousands of weak magical girls alive way past their expiration date?
After the Doppel system collapsed, naturally the number of magical girls will be reduced back to sustainable levels. So in the end Yachiyo was left all alone again.
This makes an even stronger case, because, besides Yachiyo, Iroha was the only one of the "Villa girls" who was at all strong or competent, the others are literally fodder. But since she is confirmed dead, the other ones also died for sure.
Yachiyo was left all alone. This is the end result, and Kyubey mocks Iroha - and everyone who thought this was "the right thing to do" for it.
The only right reaction to this is to do what Homura did: To loop away from this doomed world that Iroha has created and try again from a saved game.

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man, ep 11 got pretty fucking dark
I hope it's gonna get even worse

Dropped it at the first season in the 3rd episode, dunno why the lot of you didn't see this shit coming when the 3 first episodes were already fucking terrible and a disgrace to the franchise.

I mean, that's her fate. Might be not today or tomorrow, but every magical girl has to die someday.

EVERYONE dies someday, the problem is that magical girls have a half-life which is probably around the one of radium-225

See what coming it wasn't as good as the original but I still enjoyed the ride.

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As if this being one of Homura's loops (quite an early one by the looks of it too) was ever going to end with Madoka's survival, or just happiness in general.

They deserved it, Iroha and co's motivation was
>I don't know what Magius is doing and can't be bothered to spend any real effort finding out but I will assume I don't like it and I will fight really hard to stop them.

I admit, I really didn't expect such a great show coming from the adaptation of the gacha.

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It's even worse, because Irohas Doppel was the part of her that DID understand what was happening. This is basically why she is so clueless

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hameru....i not feel gud

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madoka looked weak af here already, she might have used up all her magical powers and died even tho walmart was defeated, shame for homura

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The more I think about it, the more I realize the only thing I liked about the franchise is Ume's character designs, and now I resent it for leading her to abandon Hidamari.

Her understanding of what is going on is savely contained in her Doppel. It is safe to say that she literally witched out immediately after QB mocked her to her face

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Eroha is a good girl who dindunuffin

She killed Kuroe.

Reminder that magical girls are useless

no, she is the madoka replacment
ie the innocent pinkette trying to save everyone from witching, sacrifices herself in the process and doesn't care the sex symbol of the series is trying to save her
pic related is said girl taking a selfie with jeane darc.

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Kuroe is not real

i think nagisa is more not real-er

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pity, s3 was made with your kind in mind
watch it, its only 4 eps

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Neo-Dorothy, Motherfucker

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Kuroe flashback was pretty grim, with that girl just waving and waving as she left

>homura preferred to crash a timeline without survivors than getting cucked

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LMAO, it literally say Motherfucker

No no, its not even „I can not be bothered to put effort into finding out“, its „Magius spends a tremendous amount of effort to explain what they are doing and why they are doing it to me in great detail, but I am literally cattle so what they are saying is beyond my comprehension“

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Honestly the final redpill on Magia record is that the magical girls got what they fucking deserved.
Magius tried to save them, but they were cattle all along this is why the plan failed.
It was literally a Faustian bet with QB.
Magius: We bet that magical girls are reasonable and we will save them!
QB: No! They are cattle!
Magius: We will make a plan that relies on the fact that magical girls are reasonable and will understand what we want to do.
QB: good luck!
Cattle: Muuuuuhhhhh
Magius: Well so much for that.
Alina: fuck all of the cattle, Motherfucker!
Magius: nooo, that’s going too far
QB: *Wins* told you

The only ones who were human were Tooka, Nemu and Alina. The others are just cattle, and through their own actions have proven that QBs treatment of them wasn’t wrong.

>making meguca that sides with them into faceless mooks
>>megucas are not cattle!
you got magius wrong.

>nuking a city is good because... it's le good
eroha was right

It wasn't a master piece like the original but was enjoyable
Having a different ending from the game or any other generic happy ending was cool

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They weren’t even going to nuke the city in the beginning. Nuking the city was Plan B which became nessecary only after their headquarters got destroyed by Yashiro. And besides this: Yes, nuking a city is absolutely worth preventing the formation of all witches. Its not even close.

No, Magius did not make them into faceless mooks - they were that all along. Magius gave faceless mooks a voice, and that was their prized mistake

>nuking a city is absolutely worth preventing the formation of all witches
how many magical girls would be saved in exchange for hundreds of thousands people dying?

How many people would be saved because there would be no more witches GLOBALLY FOR EVER?
remember that witches are killing people, (compare Madoka episode 4 the suicide cult). It’s not just magical girls that suffer from it.

>[SubsPlease] Magia Record Final Season (09-12) (1080p) [Batch]

Wait, they released all the episodes at once?

they wanted to get this shitshow over and done with

They won't commit

Also you have to calculate:
How many people died from Magius VS How many people would have died from Walpurgis without them.
+ Walpurgis just goes around and kills lots of people every day. And there are lots of other witches like that.

that's pretty far-fetched


Ui if she American

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Im pretty glad i never got invested in the spinoff. I watched like 4 episodes of the first season and tried the game for a few days but it was all just so generic and lacked the interesting bits of the original. It was clearly a spinoff for the sake of a spinoff to milk the franchise.

Is this about Madoka's little sister?

because nothing lasts forever
not even muhdoka could escape from incubators, why would the loli trio fare better?

Madoka's lover

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Meduka tried to become the magical goddess, but Eroha will become the magical superdevil who befriends all the other, smaller witches. Then they'll all be weak together and hang out in the living room.

>Fuck this.

cute and canon

I get what you are saying, but if it was stable for 20 years and the process of how to make it became widely known chances are the thing would be implemented permanently.
Also it does not need to last forever to pay for itself. Because the death toll from witches is basically ALL natural disasters and accidents. So it would already pay for itself multiple times over in less then 1 year. Did you know that 1.3 million people die from traffic accidents alone in the United States alone? Like you can could 50% of that to witches. There you go

*1.3 Million EACH YEAR

I doubt it, this isn't the first time curry's slipped fuck or motherfucker into their shit

>wants wide and not suffering
Play magia record then

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Sorry that was the global number misread there. But this gives us something to work with.
The total number of deaths caused by unintended injuries in the US is 200.000 each year.
And the number of road deaths in the US is 38.000 each year.
This means that approximately 20% of all accidental deaths are caused by road accidents. Which in turn allows us to roughly project the total global number of accidental deaths from those numbers:
Meaning 1.3 million road deaths globally, times 1/0.2 is 6.5 million people.
If we attribute 50% of that to witches that is 3.25 million people saved each year.
Oh, but witches also cause suicides, right?
700.000 people each year from suicide.
And we can say that most of them are caused by witches. So 350.000 more each year.
Totaling 3.7 million per year.
We could go on counting because megucas are not counted yet, also stuff like mass healing people because using magic suddenly has no more drawbacks becomes possible. But who am I telling this to?
And again, nuking the city only became nessecary because of Yachiro and Ahoroha

What was her wish?

I am 100% with Alina on this one.
I very much respect what Magius and their pure wings have done. But the cattle REALLY need to get their payback for years of unfairness and exploitation

They have some Nazi-inspired imagery, like the Nuremberg-esque rally or riding around in a vintage European car that somewhat resembles Hitler’s Mercedes

why is she struggling?

Those two are absolutely freaks

>Canon spinoff
Not canon

Kuloes? She wished to go out with a boy she liked.

>fails to stop Walpurgisnacht an infinite number of times because she is a weak shit.
Watch slower

Alina Gray turns me on.

Can magical girls be saved with the power of a loving boyfriend?

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No. Only yuri love stands even a chance of saving a Magical Girl.

More like
Marryfuck Marryfuck Marryfuck Marryfuck
16 kids here I come

I hate it.

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Yes, but not if they contract a bad case of tunnel vision.

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>gets rejected from art academy
>Immediately teams up with magical girls to destroy the world
really makes you think...

I guess it was decently done and far better than the completely retarded S2, but this is still a massive fuckup. No way anyone who cared about those characters will be satisfied.

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I am just sad for Touka and Nemu because they deserved better. But other then that, all the other characters got exactly what they deserved

I think people forgot the message of the original if they're celebrating this ending as a deserving return to form. You just like it because it's dark and depressing, which is fine but ironic given that the original TV series ended by undoing most deaths and remaining hopeful. Even Rebellion ended by undoing more deaths and settling on an imperfect solution where almost everyone is happy. The upcoming Walpurgis movie is going to provoke some extremely polarizing reactions no matter which direction it takes, because Madoka as a franchise has become seriously muddled in what it's appealing to. This anime is set in the same universe where ghost licenses are a thing.

This was much, much worse than actual 1:1 adaptation of the game would be like. Shaft is completely retarded now. First they add trippy Rebellion like shit everywhere forgetting it's not a dream world then they go full retard with some DBZ epic battle and now this. They are going to completely ruin the series with next movie.

Nobody likes this ending it was crap.

This really feels like an ending by people who thought Madoka Magica was good because it was dark. Makes me worried for the movie

this spinoff has literally no bearing on the movie. nobody from the quartet oversees and filters the content of this spinoff. it almost feels like shitposting the consistency of people thinking magireco has any influence on madoka when it's been stated explicitly multiple times that it does not and never will.

This ending is the opposite of the rebellion ending.
Magius wanted to do the rebellion ending and fix things, but they failed because the people are literally cattle. This ending just proves Homura right.
This right here is the „BTW. Homura really did nothing wrong in Rebellion“ Ending
Which is actually kind of based.
So yea this makes me very optimistic for the sequel and salvages Magia record for me.
Also I makes me feel kind of sad and empty inside, because I wanted touka and nemu to win. They really deserved better. But the ending did justice to their characters either way so I am not going to complain about it.
All other characters literally got exactly what they deserved 100%, and I very much approve of that.
Its 8.5/10

When was the last time Shaft made something good? Assault Lily looked good but plot was all over the place in second half. It's literally years since Shaft did anything undeniably well.

This was a very simply story to do well. Yes it's not as good as the original but it actually has a lot of strong points and good characters. They ruined pretty much all of it.

Tanteidan. AsaLily was under Saeki's oversight, probably because Shinbou was involved in the movie at that point.

It's going to be a super generic Homu = Walpurgis crap and you know it. Nothing but flashy lights and ebin battlan for two hours.

Madoka is one of the biggest and most influential series in anime history and they are going to tarnish it utterly.

I love Touka. Her stuff was pretty much the only part anime did okay. Shame we will probably never see those characters ever again.

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Butcher doesn't give a fuck about Madoka for years and he didn't make anything good since Madoka anyways. His name is on the movie only for PR.

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he literally wrote the script user

Keep believing that.

Who is supposed to be satisfied by this ending?

user if you're name lending as a writer it's on something like design or creative assistance. this is basic stuff

those people don't care about facts, they just want something to complain about
butcher is working with shaft on the RWBY anime so it's safe to assume he's also involved with new Madoka movie

Yes, I am of the opinion that the sequel should have never been made.
And I am one of the lucky ones, I can joke about it and keep hope that maybe somehow it might end up not being a heresy.
The truth is as soon as the sequel was announced we from the hidden rebelionfag discord immediately banned any ans all rebellionposting in our own ranks in order to not lead our own members into despair.
Honestly the situation is really bad,
99,99% it’s going to be a heresy.
Like I honestly hope that the sequel is just 2 hours of Yuri fan service that way we can just watch it without gaining or loosing anything. Rebellion was divine revelation, how are you going to compete with that.
That being said, this ending right there shows me that the way we interpret rebellion is very much consistent with this ending. The one thing this ending reinforces is that the metaphysics are such that Homura did nothing wrong in rebellion. Or in other words:
If they had to change the friendship is magic and just wins lol ending of a mobile game to stupid characters ruining everything with their stupidity and QB mocking them for it - then at the very fucking least I can be fairly certain that they won’t do THAT in the actual sequel movie

Doomfags, Edgetards, Depressionsissies, etc.

Homura fags, apparently

Madoka was a fluke. It's his only good series. 3/4 of the ideas were not even his. Madoka was a result of Quartet brainstorming Gen was just in charge of putting everything on paper and polishing it since he was the only experienced writer.

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I'm a massive Homufag and I hated it.

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I think I forgot to watch the previous season.

Not enough Madoka, obviously.

so we agree he did the script.

Game is like the only timeline where she's actually happy and has a lot of fun moments with Madoka.

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Wrote it over one week to grab the paycheck. At best. Rebellion changed a lot of his script anyways. It was supposed to be a super generic end like the manga. Gen's name on the credits means shit.

I think part of the reason for the "bad end" was precisely because there is a movie coming. Giving it a good end would somewhat override the mainline story which this, as a spinoff, should be downstream of. The implication being that if the movie has a "good end" these characters will be saved from this "bad end" as a part of the greater madokaverse, rather than obtaining the good end for themselves and it being overruled by whatever shenanigans are planned for the Walpurgisnacht movie.

Meh, it's a spin off for a reason. I don't consider it to have any bearing on the masterpiece that is the original.

It would be hilarious if Reco characters had cameos in the movie. Anyways, I have very low expectations after this.

Game had Ultimate Madoka intervening though. That's the whole main difference between the anime and the gacha. Basically:
Anime Magia Record -> Homu runs from bad timeline -> Goddess Meduka -> fun gacha timeline

Call me a pussy but why not make the spin-off lighter, wasn't that the appeal at first?

AnimeRecord shows that the trait that Homura is most criticized for: not explaining herself properly is 100% justified.
Touka literally orchestrated a lecture for Megucas where she explained what the problem is and why and how they are going to get rid of it. And it completely backfired. The correct approach would have been to do everything alone without relying on anyone anymore, that way touka and Nemu would have surely won, don’t you get it?
They were literally going to fix anything but the cattle just refused to listen and in turn they tried to burn them at the stake.
This was their downfall, additionally as Touka says in Episode 2 of season 3: they did not expect the magical girls that came to them to be so weak.
They got a whole bunch of black feathers, who are literally nameless magical girls who would have immediately perished without them - and so they did after the removal of the Doppel system.
Instead of gaining Allies they invited sabotage and weakness into their ranks and this was their undoing.
This literally refutes the strongest criticism leveraged against Homura: why didn’t she rely on others more? Well she knew what would happen from experience.
And where would Touka and Nemu get that from? Truly a tragedy

I would be fine with that though if it was just short little vignettes at the end with them living their good end life's.

If only 'cause I need Momoko and Mitama to bang. They were done dirty.

>mhm not dark enough, no stakes, mhm bad
>mhm too dark, no happy homu, mhm bad
>mhm original series this, original series that, 4th movie is bad coz spinoff bad

I didn't want Magia record to be dark, a fun spin-off sounds perfect

In a modern anime landscape of happy endings, bittersweet endings, return to normalcy endings, or non-endings, I think it's very refreshing and different to have a dark "everything is fucked" ending.
You don't really see fucked, "bad endings" as often lately, not even in grimdark mahou shoujo.

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>they did not expect the magical girls that came to them to be so weak
Well when your main recruiter kept calling herself weak, that's what Touka should've expected.