Sex in Yea Forums

So Yea Forumsnons, what is Yea Forums's stance on sex in anime? Yes or no?

It always seems to do down 2 ways:
>anime MC dodges sex
>"LAME. Why is he such a fag!?!?!!"

>anime MC has sex

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Sex with your mom? Yex.

The image that mindbroke half of Yea Forums

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how many times are you going to make this shitty thread

There should be no secs and the mc should be confident when he rejects whores

I don't care about purityfagging, my favorite girl characters are all kind of slutty anyways. I'd rather the MC fucks because the blatant sex dodging just makes me groan at this point.

Why did anons get so mad at this? I don't read Kaguya so all I know is there were a million threads full of seething anons

I was under the impression that only japs cared about their fictional characters having sex.

Casual sex, great. Sex as a plot point. Lame. Sex as the main focus of the characters and basically the entire universe the manga is set in? Extremely lame. All of that but with actually titties? Great!

They can't have sex. How dare they have something I don't have?

Yes. Fuck all the self inserters who get mad. I want sex.

Sex is fine. Unless it makes fun of my loser virgin status, then that makes it not fine and they should fuck off.

this but unironically

KYS. Never made this thread before.
Find the last time I made this thread faggot.

I fucking miss Genshiken. For a whole host of reasons. Fuck.

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Some people just overreacting, others didn't give a damn, COOMERs upset there was no 4 pages of sex, and purityfags actually got BTFO.

Meanwhile Reiji delivered a whole NTR hentai doujin with no issue.

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Are they actually having sex or is it classic misinterpretation
Also what chapter

>with no issue.

how many times do you plan on posting this?
the first time you had a typo

I mean from the editors.

Aka made a chapter earlier in the series where Ishigami was talking to pres about how shounen mags allow 4 pages of sex. That made a lot of fans expect at least 4 pages.

because it was a Twitter raid and kaguyafags took the b8 and kept humoring them. There were like four purityfags who were unironically upset when it leaked and everyone outside of the general couldn't give two shits because Eva and snk were already spamming the front page. It was the most forced controversy I've ever seen.

or the third being they never shut up about self inserters despite being one themselves

I'm never going to lose my virginity.

Do you know why?

Because I never lose.

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Sometimes, I like the ones that are subtle and goes over Yea Forumsnon's head.

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Just finished mushoku tensei 2 cour and it was well done that way imo

>tfw 30 and still virgin

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Just fuck a whore lmao

You shouldn't feel pressured to lose your virginity user, I was and got fucked because of it. Decided to lose my virginity with a prostitute at age 20, liked it so much I started going every week and then more than once a week, it got to a point where I was in debt just to have sex, that's way sadder and more pathetic than being a virgin at 30 yo.

>die from cancer anyway

I'll be the same in a year.
At least we're living comfortably, right? Nothing to think about, nothing to put a ton of effort in. That's what matters.

No user you just lack self control, that's also why you watch anime. After going two or three times you should've just found yourself a regular woman but you didn't because you feared rejection.

your a wizard now! it must be so cool!

Yes, it's pretty much that.

27 here

>>with no issue.
>>Japan doesn't care that the world outside there drops a popular/controversial series from 7.3 to 6.9.

Of course we have issues. Issues like:
>>Why is all the sex scenes only in the shounen lead's head as a fantasy?
>>Why are we getting 8 pages of self-cuck MUDA MUDA in a "romcom" where everyone is expecting the shounen lead to FUCK a bitch IRL?
>>Why are the MC and FeMC in a love hotel, people are fucking in the next room, these two are not but about to, a phone interrupts them, and the MC is at home masturbating in the next scene?
>>Why is there a show about guys fucking to repopulate a world and this one spineless MC refusing pussy?

It pisses some people off; it makes them wanna do things I can't post here. It pisses them off even more that /H/ anime companies aren't pulling the weight can countering any of that cock-tease, cock-block, blue-balling bullshit.

I really like this artist. He draws the comfiest girls who also look hot for some reason.

Putting value in your virginity status is not good. If anyone has an issue with that, it's on them. Just do the things that make you happy.

why are threads for rent a slut getting deleted lately?

I am 26 and still a virgin.

And I had a great job and a life and a fulfilled sense of happiness and a struggle towards a fulfilling purpose, and I threw it all away in a single day two days before my birthday.

Now I’ve gained back weight, am living with my parents, lost all sense of happiness, nothing stimulates me anymore (video games, comics, reading, art all have lost their luster to me), I’m seeing a therapist, I helplessly binge YouTube all day, and because of my new antidepressant meds I have a hard time deriving pleasure anymore from masturbating.

Oh, and I am really far away from my friends and have been lonely and isolated for the past two years.

I am unhappy.

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I bet there were a lot of strongly worded phone calls from the anime studio to the manga studio that day.

Once you have sex for the first time you realize your incel fantasies about how amazing it must feel were really only that - fantasies

>>rent a slut

It's called "Rent-A-Bitch." If the FeMC was actually a slut; the shounen lead would actually lose his virginity, and the story would end because romcom story creators have the imagination of a brick. And by that, I meant they have none.

I personally relate to the MC who doesn't have sex, but rather than from dodging it is because sex was never a possibility in the first place.

>sex with ribbon on

I don't like explicit sex in anime or movies. Implied is ok but don't rub your crotch on my face. "Fan service" I'm ok if it's tasteful and done in moderation and it doesn't feel out of place.

>tfw 45 and still a virgin

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With the fucking beret on lmao

Is late adult virginity common in Yea Forums? I always considered Yea Forums to be sexually successful unlike /g/.

sex bad unless it's a hentai

virgins are pretty vocal about their virginity, I'm sure plenty of lurkers dipped their wick at one point or another.

Ah, a fresh wizard. What are your starting spells?

Just throwing this out there, but does anyone know what chapter oguie and whats his face finally bang? I dont feel like re reading rn but I do want to see them smash or whatever happened




>I always considered Yea Forums to be sexually successful unlike /g/.

>I always considered Yea Forums to be sexually successful unlike /g/.

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but what's the answer?

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if a girl has sex with the character I self insert as it's based
if a girl has sex with anyone else it's ntr and I hate it

how is this not the easiest concept to understand? I honestly think that anyone trying to argue differently is just trolling by creating some kind of boogeyman that doesn't actually exist.

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Well I've obviously had sex so it's not a big deal or anything

I don't know.

I mean, if the people behind Yea Forums are also getting tired of Reiji's bullshit cock-n-ball torture, then so be it. But don't take my word for it.

>tfw wizard
>my colleagues' first impression of me was that I'm a playboy who broke a few hearts and aborted a few babies
>played along sheepishly
>bosses would sometime go to strip and cabaret joints and ask me to tag along
>have to engage in endless flirting and pleasantries with strippers since I don't want to lose my wizard powers to them
I don't know how much longer I can maintain this front boys

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>Be me
>Age 47
>Lost my virginity during my time in high school.
>Lost it in the Eastern part of the US (since I live in the Western part).
>Dad introduced me to his hooker friend.
>Today I rent out "escorts" every two months whenever I have enough money.
>It's NOT like your favorite anime titles.
>Tips: Be a gentlemen, look out for greedy bitches, don't overstay your welcome if visiting.

i dont care about being a virgin much but knowing the wizard meme exists as a joke for something unlikely to happen and being part of that small % that it happens to feels bad

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>2 smart kids ending up fucking because they were kids
People are retards or watched too many shows where the cast are perpetually virgins unless it's a doujin


>I always considered Yea Forums to be sexually successful unlike /g/.
Wasn't there an user back then who always did Yea Forums demographic surveys? The last one was 2013 IIRC and Yea Forums was 50-60% virgin

This is probably the board in the saddest state of them all in regards to that. What the fuck are you smoking? You have hourly posts with people whose view of reality is so warped that you just know that they are never ever getting out of their bubble. There are regular posts that you can just glance at and instantly know exactly at what year they are going to join the statistics as another middle age male suicide.

>So Yea Forumsnons, what is Yea Forums's stance on sex in anime? Yes or no?
Purityfags are absolute peak mental disorder and fucked in the head.
Sluts are the GOAT

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Do you even read the random blog posts that drop every new year/christmas/valentines?

>if a girl has sex with the character I self insert as it's based
>if a girl has sex with anyone else it's ntr and I hate it
>how is this not the easiest concept to understand?
So you're saying you self insert as a form of escapism because you're constantly upset how unbased you are in real life and thus get NTR'D by literally every woman on earth?
Got it.

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opinion discarded

learn words, nigger

>1/2 virgin
>Christian build so at least Cleric-Wizard
> Girl staying out my house
> Short king 5'2
> Acted like I didn't want to fuck
> She wanted to fuck
> Kept the act up
> Found her on the family coach
> Put on my best /SS/ act
> She said this was boyfriend training
>Sucked on her nipple
> Dry humped her doggy style and missionary
> She wouldn't suck dick
> Saw her pussy when I asked her let me see how wet she was.
> Didn't technically lose my V card so no laws were broken
> Session over before brother came home. Try to protect my virginity for his own selfish reasons
> Ended vomiting in the toilet that night.
> Might have got reversed pregnant XD

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you could've just said hormonal teenagers, really stupid way to word that

Don't give that bitch the attention it so desperately wants

What type spells can you cast? Wind? Fire? Ice?

Only time I ever see option 2 is in shitpost and caricature posting

Blood mage with sacrifice (self, suicide by 45 if the stats are correct)

eh, it felt like it was mostly larpers

The biggest redpill for the rejects that couldn't watch anime and sustain a decent life at the same time is that there is probably multiple reasons why you couldn't and all of those traits are undesirable.
The biggest blackpill is probably when they realize that banking on or taking solace in the fact that "A woman becomes less attractive as she ages while a man gets more attractive" is only true for a successful man who has blessed himself with the experience that comes with having taken part is the wider society. (you) partly because you are a virgin only become less attractive of a specimen the longer you live in your bubble unfortunately. Nothing is more embarrassing than meeting a middle-aged dude and 30 minutes into a conversation realizing that this fucker hasn't done a single thing in his life and you could get the same depth of conversation by speaking to a 16 year old.

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>The last one was 2013 IIRC and Yea Forums was 50-60% virgin
Probably lower now, normalfags are all over Yea Forums these days

Well, I just assume that every female anime character isn't a virgin unless the author said so, so there's that. Yotsuba is an exemption to that.

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i feel like all media skips over this one fact
another human being is hot af
>let me just draw these characters falling asleep holding each other
hell no, you gotta boot them to the other side of the bed
their breathing alone is like staring into pre-heated oven

shut the fuck up

As someone who primarily plays eroge/vns for entertainment, sexless romantic relationships in anime generally annoy me, but when sex scenes occur they're just as vapid as the overall content of the series so it doesn't matter in the end...

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Upon can do it, user. Believe in your inner strength.

The Lord is never silent.

lol you haven't had sex.
lol you had to pay for sex
lol an invisible sky man won't let you have sex despite explicitly saying "be fruitful and multiply"

yall just sad.
>first kiss when I was nine
>lost my virginity to the downstairs neighbor girl at 12
>married my first wife at 18
>married my second wife at 28
>45 and I have a grandson from my first marriage
>never stopped watching anime
>lived in japan for a while with my second wife, too.
yall motherfuckers need to have sex.

Don't kill yourself, user.


Being a slave to the desires if the flesh is never worthy of applause.

For fuck's sake user, this is a blue board

please. you probably beat off more than anyone, so don't give me that self-righteous bullshit.

Those are obviously two different groups


>anime MC has sex
Only an extremely small minority does this unironically, its almost all fake outrage from falseflaggers trying to stir shit up. Kaguya is a great example of this. Barely any of the people bitching actually gave a fuck, they were just trying to artificially create a shitstorm.

sex is fake and gay

Therefore having sex will set you free from the misery not having sex inflicts on you.
So nothing has really changed for the virgin.

didn’t happen

It's not a particularly great manga but I was really happy in the Playboy/Sage manga when the two characters who were obviously in love just openly decided to have sex without leading on and dancing around it for a hundred chapters.
So yeah, I support it strongly, it's emotional and carthartic.

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I won't get mad if the MC is shown having sex but I will drop the manga because I can't relate to the MC anymore so I stop caring about what happens in the story.


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those are some hyper boobs.

No, I don't want that!
Having sex with another person?
I want to remain a sexless virgin loser for the rest of my life! Even if I ever get a relationship... I want to be a virgin for 10 years at least!!!

They absolutely are. The author has a preference.

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it fine if it's at the end with the girl MC loves
it not fine if it's casual pump and dump sex throughout the series

Well i forgot to ask the first time that you made the exact same thread, but does anybody knows if that thing of the mononucleosis of which a seiyuu died for is only when you give a first kiss, or you only give kiss during certain age or some bullshit like that, i mean, that would explain a lot of things about how lame some kiss scenes are

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How dare a teenage couple have sex

It was mostly just shitposters who don't even read Kaguya

I don't have a shread of a clue for why you ever considered that

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Nonvirgins are fine. Virgins are fine.
I just want love.

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>gets a single kiss after paying 3 years worth of salary to a woman that has had a packed shcedule of dating other people for a year
>thinks they hold a point over NTRfags

Marriage is a Jewish conspiracy cuck


Literal fucking cope, lmao

> *spends time on an anime imageboard where he posts anime girl reactions*

consensual sex leading to marriage

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Sex with condom doesnt count
You only lose your virginity if you do it raw
Good fucking luck doing that with a whore lmao

Sex is overrated
A blowjob feels better then a pussy

this has been debunked

this guy gets it. also, sex with a condom is infinitely worse than jacking off, not even worth it in the slightest

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this desu. plain and simple.

bullshit nothing is better than warm and tender pussy.

You're looking at two mostly distinct camps. I don't watch or read stuff to self-insert or for escapism, so I'm in favour of sex. Some people on Yea Forums almost wholly consume anime and manga in order to stop thinking about the crushing loneliness of their lives, and many of them dislike being reminded of it.

Everyone's pretending that losing your virginity is just arbitrary and while that's's missing the point.
I know why you wish you weren't a virgin. It's representative of your inability to fit in with everyone else. It's the ultimate symbol of the fact that you have been unable to do what everyone else seems to find so easy: make a genuine emotional connection with someone else. Being desired by someone else. Being worthwhile enough for someone to want to get close to you, to see you naked and have you see them naked. And that means it can get wrapped up in all the other ways you think you've failed -- like it can represent your inability to make friends, or your inability to have a prestigious career.

Losing your virginity won't solve any of those problems, but that's because losing your virginity was never the point. That's why is so clueless.

Just another rushed, retarded and shitpostworthy Kaguya's development, not the first and not the last.

Also Kaette Kita Motoyuusha's post coitus just makes you think "The only reason why they cant draw it in detail is because we won't the artist's great xray shots like he usually does it"

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This. It feels like a rite of passage to becoming a proper human who can fit in with others around you.

All sex that stimulates me but not her is the best.

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No. I watch hentai if I want to see sex.

>I want to remain a sexless virgin loser for the rest of my life!

Freedom (from sex)!

Honestly, I find mcs that are scared of women to be extremely cringey.

Go to the mall and hookup with a middle/highschooler for some quick fuck or something!

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it depends
both extremes are bad

I lost my virginity at 24 to someone I love and am still dating. I'm sorry you weren't able to save it for someone special. Virginity is not a curse, it's a special gift to someone you trust.

he's a 30 year old virgin lol, how would he be able to pull girls in their prime

Only if pic related

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Fuck that, I don't give a damn about virginity. I'm fucking sick of dating virgins. It's so much pressure and you have to teach them everything.

Sex should be based when it exists in anime. No casual sex or the like. It should be used as the pinnacle moment between two characters or used to directly drive the plot in some way.

What if a show has casual sex, but it's portrayed as a bad thing?

>pull girls in their prime
thats why I said middle/high school. theyre still too stupid to know their worth yet better than pulling some slag with 7 kids

it's called fake outrage

theres like 4 manga running right now with that theme

Then settle down?

What did user mean by this

Date someone you like being around and share similar interests?

What does that have to do with anything I said
Obviously I date people I like being around (similar interests are actually utterly unimportant and a classic newfag trap) but I'm sick of everyone being virgin. I just want to date a superslut.

Dude sick, show us your wizard powers

Yet you still haven't found Mutual Love?
>similar interests are actually utterly unimportant and a classic newfag trap
Not the same interests, similar ones. If you cannot talk to your wife about the things you like, then you're essentially married to someone you can't relate to. You don't need to be clones to have similar interests

>It's the ultimate symbol of the fact that you have been unable to do what everyone else seems to find so easy: make a genuine emotional connection with someone else. Being desired by someone else. Being worthwhile enough for someone to want to get close to you, to see you naked and have you see them naked

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If they have sex, how can I self-insert anymore?

Of course I've found mutual love. Where did this assumption come from.
You need to be on the same wavelength for sure, but you don't need similar interests. You need for your partner to love your perspective and to have an interest in the ways you value your hobbies for sure (and vice versa), but you don't have to actually care about said hobbies in and of themselves.

To quote a certain movie I forgot the title, a ring on the finger means at least somebody can stand this son of a bitch.

Based and r-redpilled...

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It's okay for an MC to have sex if he was introduced as literally me, i.e. no friends loser, virgin, never had a girlfriend, etc. and only later acquired his girlfriend.
It is not okay for an MC to have sex if he's a dirty riajuu.

>if a girl has sex with the character I self insert as it's based
>if a girl has sex with anyone else it's ntr and I hate it
this is why I'll always support NTR hate the self-insert characters liek you wouldn't believe

I don't see why not. KareKano had it and people love that show because of Anno/Gainax. Sex is the next step in the evolution of a relationship.

Sex outside of marriage is wrong.
Those people need to get a clue.
>how do I self insert to this?
Nice strawman, but they are at least half-right in detesting the irresponsible, out of character behavior of these otherwise bland, careful MCs.
Unless they are ready to follow Abe's guidance they should not have sex.

Attached: Abe.png (762x766, 475.62K)

>sex is the next step in a relationship
No, it isn't.

>Japan cares little to nothing about the rest of the world having opinions about their works
You're saying it like you're surprised about it.
Water is also wet, i don't know if you were aware of that

No, because I don't have sex

I only accept sex in this medium if all characters involved are girls. Very simple.

All true

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Only while married and for procreation.

Attached: 54656524635.jpg (637x887, 144.49K)

The Departed, when Baldwin was talking to Matt Damon


Fine if it's not done all lovey doey. hate that shit.

Sex only where relevant. It's irritating when the only reason its shown off is to show that a character (like every other human) simply enjoys sex. It's no different than a food scene, but at least a food scene is 99% of the time paired with dialogue surrounding or superseding it, and it's often a meeting point for a potentially broad range of characters. Too many times a sex scene is used without any actual purpose beyond being a narrative black hole with mild pornography into it, which is entirely okay your manga is an ecchi/softcore manga wherein sex is just part of the entertainment, but it's shit anywhere else. Things like pic related use it for a number of narrative devices and even without explicit sex you'd still gain something knowing multiple characters are engaging in intercourse and the implications of it.

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Same user. Same.

i honestly just hate seeing teens have sex with someone they'll spend the rest of their lives with. either make it so their not bound for life or age them up

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as long as it looks good i have no issues.

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if you want stories of teens slutting around you could always just watch netflix shows instead of anime you know

Why can't people who don't pass on their genes get to be immortal?

Attached: 1633856925737.jpg (429x377, 41.37K)

how do threesomes work actually, since the guy only has 1 penis

That's missing other details too.

crazy how you think not finding your ""soulmate"" in school means teens are sleeping around. Netflix has done a good job poisoning your mind

You want characters to "not be bound for life" a.k.a. you want them to slut it up, pump and dump. Which is fine, I'm just saying you'd be a lot happier watching the average netflix show

>MC in a series that has sexual themes actualy has sex
>nobody complains about it

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Eh percentages are rising globally; 20ish percent being the norm now. We are talking about billons.
>I wonder why this is happening thi

>It's representative of your inability to fit in with everyone else. It's the ultimate symbol of the fact that you have been unable to do what everyone else seems to find so easy: make a genuine emotional connection with someone else.

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It was pretty out of nowhere, and having sex in a Japanese romance manga is definitely the equivalent of jumping the shark.

>pump and dump
or have the relationship not work out because sometimes they don't? are you purposely being obtuse or do you genuinely believe people can only go two ways? fucking retard

And you want to see failing relationships and jumping from relationship to relationship because...??
Once again, you already get that on the average netflix show, fucking retard. Multiple ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, hook-ups, failed relationships, all that fun stuff. You could just go watch those series

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>Why is there a show about guys fucking to repopulate a world and this one spineless MC refusing pussy?
Which is this one?

>Good fucking luck doing that with a whore lmao
>he doesn't know
Creampieing an escort is fucking amazing

holy shit you're braindead. i never said multiple you absolute fucking money brain retard. way to expose your own cuck fantasies though.
>And you want to see failing relationships and jumping from relationship to relationship because...??
literally read the first sentence in the post you replied to. i'm not going to handhold you through learning all the reasons that your first relationship may not be your only one ever.

Is this supposed to make me feel better or to make me more miserable ?

>have to engage in endless flirting and pleasantries with strippers since I don't want to lose my wizard powers to them
how does that work?

Demoralization; so worse

>i never said multiple
You want their relationship to not be the only one. How is that not implying you want to see multiple relationships? Wtf is this retardation
Just say you want to see pump and dump and be done with it lmao, no need for all the mental gymnastics

>Is late adult virginity common in Yea Forums? I

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>Cardcaptor Sakura is a pump and dump series

>I always considered Yea Forums to be sexually successful unlike /g/.
He's baiting.

I see no problem

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Then you should enjoy this one. Last chapter was retarded and I think I'm done with this garbage. And I'm far from purityfag.

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Having one ex is not multiple. One relationship to another one is multiple, sure. And you keep saying pump and dump again implying a failed relationship is one that only had sex going for it. You even mentioned hookups and 'all that fun stuff' forcing your own cuckshit to the discussion. you actually have no self-awareness do you? Do you recognize yourself in the mirror?

35 here

Attached: 1638712933905.png (728x782, 789.66K)

I have no problem with it, you can even show it subtly. Not all stories need it though, but it can enhance some, and it's sometimes a shame when they don't go all the way.
Also one of the water pipes in my room isn't properly affixed to the wall when did this fucking happen.

You explicitly say you don't like seeing a single relationship succeeding. I suggested you go and watch netflix shows, because they appeal more to your sensibilities, with characters having plenty of past relationships for your enjoyment.
>Having one ex is not multiple.
Having 2 relationships is not having multiple relationships? Wtf am I reading

I don't feel demoralized because it's what I've been feeling all along. He just put it into words better than I can.

You are supposed to get wizard status on Yea Forums. We should require it before you can post

>I always considered Yea Forums to be sexually successful unlike /g/
How new are you?

Your not actually supposed to fuck the strippers. Unless you are in Latin America, then yeah, ok.

It's supposed to make you feel acknowledged. It's not fair to go through pain and loneliness and feeling like a failure, only for people to turn around and say "what, because you're a virgin? Who cares? It's just sex".

sex is cringe

Attached: 1647880586641.jpg (713x689, 255.89K)

What kind of retarded thread is this. People are going to have sex regardless of your stance on it. Why waste energy on this thread.

walking home gently

I had sex 3 weeks ago for the first time in my entire life (27)
I fucked and licked her for like an hour and she sucked my dick too.

But i couldnt cum, I dont know why, i put her in all positions, even doggy style (she has a great ass) but i couldnt finish :(

Eh, I can live with that.

Nerves. Try again next time.

Porno dick
don't jerk off for a month then go fuck for best results

This is why I keep trying to tell incels (and the one femcel I know) that losing your v-card is not that serious. It's not about the fucking and you need to stop actively looking for it.

I'm not that big a fan, since in a lot of stories they feel a bit superfluous. Rampant casual sex between the cast, American TV show/superhero comic style is the worst offender. It really waters down and limits any sort of subtlety or variety in the dynamic between most of the characters, boiling them all down to a dull, same-y mess. To the point sex and relationships are just things that sort of happen haphazardly.

I've really liked the way they were handled in Sakuranbo Syndrome, though. There's really a nice slow burn to them, they feel more like an actual 'adult' romance, and they actually have a point since they weirdly help establish Asou and her relationship better. Which is important since it's an adult relationship drama story.

Attached: Autistic OL hag.png (961x1400, 393.41K)

I think what sucks is that anons will self-improve on literally any fucking aspect of their lives EXCEPT social skills, which is by far the most important one. Lacking friends and girlfriends is almost entirely down to lacking social skills, but anons will spend two years in the gym turning into a sculpted autist rather than spend a day learning how to be at ease with other people.

Lol what a loser, I lost mine at 15

Attached: peko.png (480x480, 295.65K)

Read the sentence after the one you greentexted. Then kill yourself

I'm 38 and still a virgin. Get on my level, scrub.

Attached: 1536242173530.jpg (640x480, 29.19K)

This so much. And it's even worse when they treat social skills as something you instantly aquire in ten steps self help vids or bare minimum effort instead of something you refine over time and experience.

What, this?
>One relationship to another one is multiple, sure.
What am I supposed to be seeing here?
Once again,
>Having one ex is not multiple.
Is peak retardation
If it's a romance-focused series and an ex exists, it means the character is moving on to another relationship. Making it multiple relationships. Unless they're supposed to be forever alone in said romance series?

I really don't understand what your problem is. You say you dislike relationships that succeed in their first try, and that's fine. I told you to go watch netflix shows because characters there tend to have plenty of past relationships, an element that you seem to enjoy very much. And you bitch and moan at me like a retard for no reason


This useless hack has obviously never read LotR. Plenty of romance if you open your eyes, but it won't get his dick hard since it isn't queer shit.

Nah, LotR is notable for having very little romance. I suspect YOU have never read it, and have only watched the films, which added a lot of romance.

Have you gained any magical powers yet?

Attached: v6.png (969x424, 262.98K)

Sam and Rosey. Aragorn and Arwen. Eowyn and her unrequited love for Aragorn.
All of which are overshadowed by Beren and Luthien. Sure we only get them mentioned and in song, but they are still in LotR.

nankoko girls are so soft.

Attached: file.png (1280x720, 679.76K)

Don't forget Legolas and Gimli, and the whole NTR-plot of Gollum/Bilbo/Frodo and the ring

Right. So you haven't read it.

It means they've had multiple relationships (2) but only one (1) ex. I never once said I enjoy characters with plenty of past relationships. In my first post I even said one relationships forever is fine if they're aged up as adults that more or less have their shit together.
>for no reason
You keep saying plenty. You're extrapolating my dislike for high school sweethearts being together forever to mean i want a couple with dozens of past sexual partners and whatnot. Go ahead and respond now completely missing the point like the dumb cuck you are

36 here lets meet to unvirgin us

>gets laid
>shippers seethe
>everyone else cheers before we went back to the shitfest that was :re

Attached: 1495271328634.png (953x1400, 530.89K)

Not him, but man fuck Spotted Flower.

>Sam and Rosey
barely in the book
>aragorn and arwen
barely in the book, vastly expanded in the film
>Eowyn and her unrequited love for Aragorn
barely in the book, vastly expanded in the film, AND you didn't mention the romance between Eowyn and Faramir which wasn't in the film making me very suspicious about your reading the books
>Beren and Luthien
>sure we only get them mentioned in a song but--

I don't see how having one ex instead of 2 or 3 or whatever even matters to this conversation?
What you want is the concept of "ex", you want there to be multiple relationships and you want there to be at least one failed relationship. Once again, netflix is a good place to go for these things
>In my first post I even said one relationships forever is fine if they're aged up as adults that more or less have their shit together.
Oh yeah, the 30 year old virgins... that have their shit together.
just lmao

I got raped at 8 and never had consensual sex I am virgin too?

Meanwhile, I just don't want to socialize and have sex that much. Family, colleagues, a couple of friends and anons are enough to keep me company and I don't mind staying a volcel, at least right now.

Despite being overly cute most of the time, their relationship was rather well done. They were sexually active without their desires dictating their lives.

Attached: Fetish_is_cute.jpg (300x426, 37.95K)

That's fine. Having a few friends and family isn't an unhealthy way to live at all, and it'll make things easier when you decide you do want to have sex/a relationship.

Sure hasn't helped me.

You underestimate how hard it is to have sex or a relationship if you have no social ties whatsoever.

Like seeing the main character bring his pregnant gf/fiance, etc to the altar, it's cute.

I return to this video every week. I'd set it as my alarm clock, but I want to enjoy waking up.

>when you decide you do want to have sex/a relationship
More like if, but who knows.

That's fair too.

OK so we finally get to know that you think there isn't any difference between 1 ex and 2 or 3 or whatever number. Plus every adult is a 30yo virgin sperg. Is a 24 recent grad not an adult? This is what happens when you grow up with Yea Forums instead of actual people.
Too up its own ass for it to be comfy. The sniff dialogue is cringe throughout

Sex is overrated.

If it must happen, save it for after the series ends and leave it all implied.

The more degradating is the genre the more virgin and deplorable are it's audience. Genres like this are nothing but a cope fueled by lack of self respect and disdain toward things. Netorarefags hates seeing people succeeding in love so they wank off on the idea of seeing everything getting corrupted and ruined.

Where is it that you're finding well-adjusted 24 year old virgins entering their first relationship?
I mean, you can't be serious dude.

Found the ntrfag

>tfw 18 and not virgin

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Attached: 1605121631537.jpg (500x500, 138.37K)

"muh feelings" is a gay concept
it is truth of (your) problem, maybe you can respond to it with lucid decision if you understand what he said
your decision is your own, combat how you are or kill yourself
either way doing so conscious of reality is better than drifting away in the dark

When a girl is still a virgin when she reach 30 year old, does she become a witch or a magical girl ?

>tfw was 18 and not virgin
>but it's been 10 years since the first and last time

Attached: Teetering on the brink, facing the abyss....png (448x708, 159.22K)

it seems today
that all you see is violence in Yea Forums and sex on Yea Forums

I'm more bothered by the incel MCs who piss their pants the second a female touches them. That trope is the worst. I get that 90% of japanese young men are like that but holy shit why would they want to read about MCs as miserable as they are themselves.

Yeah I'm not serious lol you got me. I totally forgot about the unwritten rule that not getting laid at 16 means you'll end up a foreveralone turbovirgin

Condom? Makes sense.
For people who masturbate a lot, condom sex is fucking terrible

incels don't want to see chads taking all the girls, since they already see that irl

if you fall prey to their succubus charms you lose your powers

That's fine, you know what you want right now. I'm mostly talking about the guys whose whole identity revolve around sex they aren't having and people who are, and/or go into midlife crisis at fucking thirty if they aren't married with kids they don't even want.

I hate to break it to you user, but there are no wizard powers. Tis but a lie.

>30 year old schoolgirl by day, magical girl by night

Sad but true. Though I'd argue for a man it's easier to turn their life around even into their 30s. Passage of time isn't as ruthless towards men as long as you're healthy. If you're not hideously ugly you can get in shape, you can find a job, you can learn to be social. You can get rid of some of those undesirable traits. Whether or not that will get you to a place where you can attract a woman you're attracted to is a whole another thing.

I just want superpowers, not sex.

>the romance between Eowyn and Faramir which wasn't in the film
Wasn't it? I think it was implied at least. Or maybe it was in the extended edition. Nta but I haven't read the books. I did read the Hobbit as a kid and loved it.

I think it was dropped on you at the very end for a microsecond in the films.
Loved the Hobbit as a kid too. I actually prefer it to LotR desu.

It's not like the MC needs to be some huge chad. Not flinching when getting touched by a girl would be a start. Or at least I would expect them to get better over the course of the story but that would mean having character development. Too much to ask from most mangaka.

Well thats an easy one, just roll around in a puddle of toxic waste.

In terms of physical pleasure? Yeah.
In terms of actually having some girl bouncing on you dick, feeling her warmth and the pleasant feeling of actually getting someone who wants to fuck you? That's the real draw.

"Why do you want to socialize and have sex, or do you even want to?"
This is a question they should ask themselves. Some people just aren't really into it and it's relatively normal, especially today, so don't cultivate that desire just out of shame or insecurity.

I find sex to be incredibly disgusting. How can people possibly engage in such an act?

Unless you're asexual or weird. My GF was a victim of abuse and she still liked to have sex, she wasn't some traumatized victim.

Pretty much this.
>Have Koikatsu and a decent knowledge on how to use it well at this point
>Master certain masturbation techniques that can feel fucking incredible if done correctly and sparingly
>Always preferred 2D over real women, in both physical attractiveness and personality
>It helps that the women in my country are either gross or consider themselves 10/10s when they clearly aren't.
I've got no interest in dating or fucking, and can satisfy myself well enough. Todays culture is too interested in vapid, meaningless relationships, and I want none of that shit.

You ever think to yourself "Why would I punish a girl with being around me?"

your dog doesn't count

Insecurity and shame are often the primary motivators of guys like this I've met. Especially if they're more online than offline, and in the thrall of the worst kind of political and entertainment influencers. Sometimes it's just mental issues or never growing past their highschool mindset even decades after graduation.

No, but I doubt I'd be good company anyway. I know I came across as a judgemental prick in that last post, but I assure you I don't assume I'm any better.

Don't you mean the other way around? Being around a girl is punishment for me

Depends on the girl I guess. But I'm such a boring, miserable prick that I can't imagine a single female on Earth putting up with me.

Lost mine at 25. I prefer hentai + my hand over all that effort to be honest.

Attached: 1648853384055.jpg (960x1081, 195.02K)

Source please.

That's fucking stupid, sex is insanely better than masturbation. And it's less effort, too.

Nah. A decent onahole can be just as good and you don't have to bother with w*men before and after you bust a nut.

user... flies live up to 28 days and they literally fuck more than all of us together

Not in all cases.
Certain onaholes and a few advanced techniques feel much better.
Unless you're talking about the emotional pleasure/getting to play around with tits.

Because a lot of us are virgins who missed out on teen/young love so we got mad

Attached: EF7AB0FE-36AC-4B1E-AF48-1EF387742EF6.jpg (1284x710, 545.24K)

Since we're blogging
>got gf in uni out of pure luck
>lose virginity
>in relationship for ~4 years
>have to move back home after school
>never break up but lose touch, haven't talked to her in years
>been three years since we last saw each other
I didn't really love her anymore by the end of it but I dunno. Still feels weird never having any closure. Would I be a bad person if I started another relationship at this point?

I've never used an onahole, but I don't believe you for even a second, because sex feels amazing because of the sheer emotions which flood through you and the tactile feeling of being entwined with a woman's body.
It is indeed the emotional pleasure and getting to play with tits.

What if you're 36?

A little of this, but every time I feel sad about it I remember how literally everyone I know is either in an abusive relationship where the woman treats the guy like shit, or their relationships failed and they're alone AND bitter now.
Then my day gets better as I realise I dodged a bullet.

This question is so stupid I'm not even gonna answer it

Attached: guts.jpg (400x400, 115.72K)

Are you both autistic or something?

Kill yourself

>sex feels amazing because of the sheer emotions
>how do you do fellow men?
Lmao. Okay "dude". An onahole with a warmer is as close to a pussy as it gets.

>user has never had sex with someone he cares about in his life

You're trying too hard. I feel bad giving you this (you), because you didn't even really earn it.

lol seethe virgin

Thats what I figured.

> sex feels amazing because of the sheer emotions

Same, friend.
Why does it bother you, though? The only thing that bothers me sometimes is I'd like to actually try fucking, just to experience it. The actual emotional relationship stuff seems retarded to me, like I see guys just letting women treat them like shit just so they can presumably get more sex/say they're in a relationship? I don't know, it just seems stupid.

>user tells on himself yet again

>caring about women
that's kinda gay

Oh, it doesn't. I stopped giving a shit about kissing, having sex, hand holding...all that stuff years ago.

Doesn't seem worth the effort.

Unironically if you’ve made it to your mid 20s and beyond and you haven’t even kissed a girl or been on a date and not by choice for religious reasons or some shit, kill yourself.

i am sorry, that doesnt help at all
maybe some retards improved after that, not my case

nah I think I'll stay alive just to make (you) seethe

How does it feel that I haven’t been a virgin since I was 12 and have never struggled in dating?

>still giving a shit at that point

You should seek therapy for the statuory rape you went through

idk man why you asking me?
I wouldn't know what it's like to get assfucked at 12 yo

That makes me feel sorry for you, user. I mean I'm glad you never struggled in dating but it sucks growing up with rape. Unless you were both 12 in which case lmao damn

Still trying far too hard. If you want (you)s you've gotta be more subtle, get under your targets skin. Just posting "lol" and "kill yourself" like a 12 year old is basic bitch trolling.
It's weird. The zoomers flooding this place are simultaneously more spiteful than previous users, but are lazier at venting it.

I took a girl’s virginity.
She was 13, I was 12.

>our of nowhere
The past 2 volumes since they started dating or since the school festival talked about it. Four pages remember

>and not by choice

Okay, I'm good.

Sex (especially romantic sex) is why I can’t get into Mushoku Tensei, Horimiya or Kaguya-sama. It all just reminds me what I missed out on. Im 25 and never even had my first kiss.

Then my reaction is "lmao" but also I'm glad. Anyway uh yeah that's not something you wanna show off lol, someone I know accidentally revealed they lost their virginity at 13 and everyone was basically horrified.

I'd watch it.

>less effort

That is simply not true lol, not in 2022

I can make the air smelly

>I turn over
>my penis is basically already inside her
>she pushes her butt into me
>I begin thrusting while we're both groggy and half-asleep
wow so much fucking effort
>o-oh but I meant it's so much effort getting to know people and be a basic part of society!
Compared to rotting in your room feeling nothing but pain? No

I don't know wich is sadder, having this sort of mentality as a way of coping with the fact that no woman wants you or actually wanting a woman but they will not want you anyways.

I just farted. Ask me anything.

I read them to get a small taste of what I'll never have.

Quite pungent, my dear?

user i guarantee you she's getting railed by another person right now. get another woman because it was already over 3 years ago.

These blogposts are really boring. Drop two nukes on this board and start over.

Did it smell like fart?

Attached: NeptuneFace.png (235x257, 36.76K)

Attached: 247358A7-8CE7-49FC-AE25-826406780E5C.gif (498x239, 1.97M)

There's a difference between talking about it and showing the end result as the conclusion of a chapter rather than them breaking it down into multiple chapters.

nice fanfic, write more
women are insufferable, shallow beings, I'm not a virgin, still I know how hard it is to get your dick wet, women don't care about you or your personality, they care about money and status
I'd rather keep using onahole then submit being vaginal slave till I die

So like I said, you've never actually had sex with someone you care about before. Why are you arguing with me, when I actually have experience having sex with someone I care about? How could you possibly know what that's like?

>having sex in a Japanese romance manga is definitely the equivalent of jumping the shark.
I'm choosing to believe you have no idea what jumping the shark means.

He didn't say "romance," he said "sex." Tolkien's relationships were evidently too chaste and courtly for his tastes.

That said, he's wrong anyway. Samwise Gamgee fucks.

Attached: hoes-lord-of-the-rings.gif (498x211, 1.28M)

Same, also can’t get into Fate for similar reasons

>having sex in a Japanese romance manga is definitely the equivalent of jumping the shark
>but also the sex should have covered more chapters instead of being offscreened
you what

Honestly that time I got laid was 6 years ago and though the 6 years I never got any more always getting so close so many times that I just gave up

I'm the same and unironically just hope that some unrepentant thot is going to take my virginity at this point since I'm too cowardly to go on the offence myself.
It's not like I actually have some moral indignation about people who enjoy sleeping around at any rate.

Attached: index.jpg (1500x1942, 1016.39K)

Samwise is a fat manlet, he doesn’t fuck.

my point stands, women are shrewd witches, trying to screw men over anywhere they can

No, your point doesn't stand, because you admitted you have zero experience in this matter.

Who hurt you, user?

not by hobbit standards
not by hobbit standards

>you admitted you have zero experience

based on how emotional you are - you're either an orbiter or a woman

It was I, DIO

It really doesn't sit well with you that you don't have any experience, huh?

Nah, that other user is right. You sound like a woman.

Same, 30 and a virgin. The suckiest thing is that in your late twenties and beyond it's hard to meet new people, even for normalfags.Your fucking/socializing window is during high school/college, that's when you make and build connections.

I fucking hate this manga.
Narusawa Kei is my favorite H artist, but he stopped because working in this manga

are some of you actually 30 y/o virgins or is it just a funny internet larp

Attached: makimaa.jpg (225x350, 29.01K)

Of course not. I'm a 36 year old virgin.

I miss when this place was mostly outcasts. Normalfags like yourself coming here have ruined Yea Forums.

Only if she stays dressed like a JK during the day

Nah, I'm 31.

literally me

Sex feels good. But it wont change your life. You will probably get a nice ego and confidence boost from it though.

Btw fellas Confidence is the most sexy thing to a woman. Know what you want and show them.

The whole culture changed. Back then, being a creepy weirdo was tacitly expected and even a point of pride especially on Yea Forums and the like. People just talked about whatever the board's topic was about, and sometimes would go way off-topic, but the kind of dudes that posted regularly were all in the same page to an extent.

Nowadays even the losers care more about "being normal" than the topic. It's like the whole value system of the place shifted, but that's probably more to do with how the internet and culture in general has shifted in the last 8 years or so, than a Yea Forums specific thing.

Attached: D430C731-40F0-4D33-B34B-0F6EDCF5063B.jpg (1284x1554, 1.4M)

>30 year old
>Start self-inserting as fat ugly bastards in hentai.
I wish bastard-addicted schoolgirls were real.

Attached: 14688405948231.jpg (400x333, 47.23K)

>Lost virginity to childhood friend gf at 14
>Havant had a girlfriend since

Attached: Kaneki_panel.png (954x1300, 193.59K)

Attached: Missed out.jpg (998x1364, 153.06K)

is this the incel thread

It's easier to say than having to explain you wanted to kill your ex girlfriend. Or why.

You can still experience teen love as an adult you know~
Just get a teen gf~

I fucking love Shimimaru

Attached: ero.jpg (1500x1942, 1.67M)

the problem is not that you missed out on teen love, the problem is that you're still mentally a teen. if you manage to become an adult, you will naturally start looking for adult love without all this other self-pity bullshit

No woman wants to date a mid 20s inexperienced virgin and teach him

Nah, if you become an adult you have the intelligence to realize its all pointless.

which leads to the same end result anyway

but you already know that's empirically false so what's the point of this discussion

Yeah that’s why you’re fucked if you have no dating experience by the time you’re an adult. Dating in high school and college helps you grow and learn from your mistakes from previous relationships. When you’re a mid 20s virgin, you will be immature when it comes to dating and most women will not wanna put up with that anymore.

>that’s empirically false
Delusional. You would be better off lying that you’re not a virgin.

NTA and while I don't have any experience with long term relationships I honestly don't think I would do well in one. I would need to find a truly special girl who understands my needs better than I do and leaves me the fuck alone when I want to be alone. Every girl I dated in the past would get pissed at me for being me. I do get lonely at times but most of the time I do well enough by myself that I lack the drive to look for a relationship.

>anime MC dodges sex
I don't even care if he dodges sex. Just don't make him such a raging faggot about it.
>*stands up, bonks head table*
>*clang, falls down on her, hand on boobs*
>*stares, face goes red, hand flies up*

Just make him behave like a normal person.
>Sorry Love Interest-Chan, I think we are little too young for something like that

I'm having emotional meltdowns over not being able to receive any affection more and more frequently and I'll probably end up killing myself in 5 or so years. Other than that it's not so bad being a virgin over 30.

Not sure if porn addicted coomer with death grip and PIED, circumcised, or both

>like I see guys just letting women treat them like shit just so they can presumably get more sex/say they're in a relationship? I don't know, it just seems stupid.
So many of my friends are in dysfunctional relationships and I don't really get it either. It's funny to read all the incel complaints about women on Yea Forums and then hear much of the same shit from my friends when they're talking about their gfs. I mean that they say the sort of shit that would get a bunch of retards calling you an incel on Yea Forums but I know their gfs and the guys themselves are functional adults.

Based on all this combined with my own experience I've concluded that women are the problem and not worth the time.

getting laid is hard work, please understand

Not if you’re a woman, or a good looking guy

>I always considered Yea Forums to be sexually successful
Are you the guy that expected MLP wouldn't get porn?

I’m circumcised so it’s not like I could enjoy sex if I ever get that far

It's kind of annoying in all forms. I would rather avoid it at this point. A lot of mangaka are just weird fags.

You don't even need to be that good looking. It's just that I think a bunch of guys entirely miss out on something essential when growing up and once you've missed that it's very hard to recover from it. THAT in this case being some level of interaction with the opposite sex when you're still in your teens. Men and women are so different that if you never interact with girls your age growing up then you never develop the skills to do so. Once you're in your 20s lacking these skills makes you exude an air of being a creep in the eyes of women. That obviously makes it almost impossible to build those skills once its too late.

Everyone from Twitter and Reddit is so fucking fake

I know you are lying I'm the only 30 year old virgin on Yea Forums. Thanks for trying to make me feel better. I love you all Yea Forums bros

Looks open up opportunities you don’t get if you’re not tall, jacked and handsome. And it’s fucked. Women don’t want to teach a guy how to be a boyfriend.

Does it count if you're older than 30 and a virgin?

a cake or cat lady

fuck off, normalfag

Yea. A lot of times I'm wondering why people are so utterly desperate for it aside from the status aspect of it. Your partner doesn't care about the relationship, the sex anywhere near as much as you do, so what's really the point? As you enter your later 20's, the friendship/emotional aspect of it is worn away and it's pretty much all transactional.

>buzzword, buzzword, buzzword
A lot of assumptions there but do go off.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm 2 years older than you and still a virgin. I did see a vagina once in a life drawing class when I was 18 though. Shit was so cash.

>I did see a vagina once in a life drawing class
How old was the model?

>first time ruined my tastes for the rest of my life
fuck this gay earth

Attached: 1482848461820.gif (700x625, 546.63K)

How many people actively care or think about it?
At most I end up thinking about maybe once every month at most and it barely bothers me, it bothers me more in social situations.

looked mid 20's and in good shape. I really lucked out, since that was the only life drawing class I ever took and I know that most of the models are old, fat, men.

Porn addiction gives you erectile dysfunction when you get involved with the real thing. Death grip makes you unable to feel anything when inside a vagina because your penis is used to being gripped tightly when vaginas are never so tight. Circumcision removes sensitive nerve endings from the foreskin that make sex enjoyable, as well as making your dick dry.

>and in the thrall of the worst kind of political and entertainment influencers.
Such as?

Nice, almost like in my doujinshi.

I wish there was more wholesome hentai with chubby/fat guys instead of rape and NTR shit

It bothers me whenever I'm reminded of it. I try to have as little contact with people as possible to avoid this but it's pretty much impossible unless I go full hermit mode and never see anyone or consume any media.

Sure schizo

People were mad because they were reminded about missing out on teen love and sex


It doesn't bother me as much but I'd honestly avoid people that talked about it all the time.
Media-wise I don't really care, I mostly dislike when people act like normalfags by pushing their own view of things are supposed to be for everyone.

>tall, jacked and handsome
I'm none of those things and I had plenty of girls interested in me in my teens. I'm short, not ugly but not handsome and never been in a good shape all my life because of health issues. I used to be super shy too and still am slow to warm up to new people. The one thing I had was hanging out as a group with boys and girls starting from my early teens. This is how I came to the conclusion in my earlier post. That's the one thing that sets me apart from the average nerdy guys I made friends with in high school and uni. They never interacted with girls to begin with so they never learned how to and it never got any better for them.

And I'm not saying it's their fault either. How were they supposed to learn something when they never got a chance to. Life is cruel like that.

>Circumcision removes sensitive nerve endings from the foreskin that make sex enjoyable, as well as making your dick dry.
Over time it also desensitizes the part that normally is protected by the foreskin.

You probably aren’t ugly. Things like Tinder have made women way more picky

So you’re saying sex is pointless when cut and you feel nothing? Because I’m unfortunately cut due to being American

lol, lmao even

Anyone get the feeling that if you ever do have sex, you're gonna cry afterwards?

Women despise weakness and vulnerability from men. Be masculine.

>those people reading teen love manga got mad about the teen love
Sure, fag

A lot of mainstream manga/anime don’t get as far as showing couples and the main couple having sex

I never said I was ugly but I'm certainly not handsome either. I agree that tinder and social media changed things. I could still go to a club and likely find someone to fuck but I have that previous experience to fall back on. A guy who never learned to interact with girls wouldn't do so well.

I mean, even if you get that far, you cum too fast, its a miserable first time, and you cry about it afterwards.

>Sorry about that.
>What, the fifteen seconds of sex or the 20 minutes of crying afterwards?

I'm not saying cut guys can't enjoy sex but they sure as shit ain't feeling it as much as uncut guys do. Of course there are individual differences beyond cut vs uncut and in some cases the circumcision was butchered more than in others.

You can thank your (((doctor))).

I'd probably cry when feeling genuine affection from a woman. I wouldn't even make it to sex because she'd be too disgusted and leave.

Then you’re physically attractive

You wouldn't say that if you saw me.

Post your pic faggot

You have to be good looking to pull girls from clubs

Thankfully lube helps

And foreskin restoration could be a thing in the future

Dumb conversation, stop

>I'd probably cry when feeling genuine affection from a woman
You're safe because that's never going to happen. Women aren't capable of genuine affection.

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Not a bad looking guy, I’d give a 7/10 if you took off your glasses

I'm a third level incel, I don't believe that sex is actually real.

I don't know how it is where you're from but over here clubs are full of average guys and gals. Real life isn't the internet.

This AI generated guy would be better looking than I am if he shaved, styled his hair and got better looking frames.

Sorry. I'm done now.

If sex is so good, then why hasn’t the CEO Of Sex released Sex 2?

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By hobbit standards Sam is a giant chad.

what powers do you gain when you reach the third level?

Sounds like cope

The star keeps holding out for more money.

A girl who was a coworker said I looked like Samwell as an insult

Of joy? If it's that good, sure.

gotta milk sex 1 users out of all their money first

No, not joy.

So you’re saying sex is like GTA Online?

That's how you knew her taste was terrible.

this dude is so fucking ugly

He’s lost weight since

sex is only slightly better than video games, so yea

still fucking ugly

If I could choose between remaining a virgin and having experienced fleeting teenage "love" I would choose the former, I would only choose a stable and for-life relationship over my current situation.

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Still gets more pussy than you

I was no longer excited to make love or a relationship with the person I would make my life partner.
I just want to live quietly from now on, I didn't ask to be born in this world.

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>I was no longer excited to make love or a relationship with the person I would make my life partner.
I don't understand what you mean.

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he's famous so yeah probably

Yeah, better to just forget it and wait for death's sweet embrace.