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No (You) are the liar. Don't call me a liar, faggot.

I am not a liar, loli.

What is this? A picture for ants?

Lolicon ants.

Finally, a good fucking thread

What makes it a good fucking thread?

Grrr... :anger:

Why was she like that?

Lack of correction

Rin had nice toilet scenes

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What kind of correction?

...pants on fire
true somehow now....


Still mad that Aoki was too big to fuck her.

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>Hair so long it touches the toilet

greatest love story ever told

Is this appropiate attire for a little girl?

As a pajama, it fits for a curiously naughty girl

It was a pretty irritating ending.

The best loli and the best loli anime.

:baw: :drip:

No, really. Can you remind me? Was she sexually abused by her uncle or something. I never had the patience to finish watching it, though I guess I could read the Mango

Yes you should read the manga, but the scene for why she's like this with the cranes is one of the few things that the anime actually did well.

I vaguely remember that spoiler. I think I'll read it.


it's true to size

If you was the uncle of this little slut would you teach her some lesson by rape correction? I would.

Lolis are for consensual lovemaking, not rape.

I consider the vn to be the canon end

Is the VN good?

It does what the anime should have done but it serves as a nice accompaniment to the anime. I've never read the manga but thanks to the vn I have no desire to

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I would watch this, but Kissanime is dead and it's not on animepahe for some reason

Do you think Kuro will become straight when she grows up?

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My cute (and funny) loli wife


You are going to get molested if you stay in this thread, child. You need to learn to torrent before you grow up.'s a fucking child

Kids can't consent.
shitty brats need rape correction

Would a child have these kind of thoughts?

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It's just a phase

Ask /wsr/, they should help.

A kid would be happy to explore her sexuality with you at her own pace. You shouldn't just surprise j-j-jam it in the pooper, that's what mature women(stupid whores the lot of them) are for.

There will never be an anime like this again.

>male child
Nah, I think he's safe.

The more I realize this the more I cry inside.

The 00s were a different time.

Is the anime worth watching or should I just read it?

play the VN


No just anime but manga as well. Those actually being made right now doesn't have lewd scenes. Just implications but never scenes.

MiA had lesbian loli tribbing, that's a scene.

I mean it's not adult-child romance, but it's something. As long as Tsukishi can get away with the shit he does, there's always some hope for a Lolita adaptation

>His first thoughts are that she's being abused
Sensei is a good man.

MiA? what's that?

You know. MiA.

Nice thank you

Missing in action.

Even now I'm still surprised it got the anime it got at all

Manga's the better story but the anime's not bad, just incomplete (and slightly lewder)

Made in Abyss

Sensei played the long game and won.

That one manga with the time traveling loli is full-on lewd. I forget it's name though.

We never knew much about her brother, but was she lewd around him at the house? Did she like watch him fap or anything? Weird.

Wait, what brother are you talking about?

Are those nipples or just jpg artifacts?


My headcanon is they did anal

it's called "I'm not a lolicon", and it's far lewder than knj.

I thought that guy Rin lived with was her brother? Or somehow related to her? I'm talking about Reiji or whatever his name is. The person that takes care of Rin, I just know he didn't play any real role in the anime/manga. He takes care of Rin but we rarely see him and he has very few speaking parts/appearances.

you didn't read the manga at all. Reiji was cousin of her Mom, his parents died in a car accident and rin's mom took him him. After that Reiji and rin's mom started to fuck. After rin's mom died he groomed Rin to be he's. when rin started to masturbate he found porn in his laptop and said to her he would teach everything to her

And? He ended having sex with her or something?

Fuck kodomo

no, he new Sensei had already cucked him fucking hard.

>Kids can't consent
Can anyone actually prove this?
Maybe fags just aren't explaining it to them properly.

Science and Church say so. For normalfags that's enough

But in the very end as far as I know, Rin never have sex with sensei until she become an adult, no?

yeah, but Reiji explains how he took care of rin until she could legally fuck with sensei, he also says he realized during rin's graduation. still, Reiji endup with mimi

What? the oppai loli ended with him? Why? the anime portrayed him as a someone ynstable of the head.

So Reiji fucked his aunt? What? And Reiji basically fooled around with Rin? Holy shit, also I did actually watch the anime but it's been several years and I know the anime cut A LOT of content from the manga.

The closest we've gotten since was Astarotte no Omocha which was 11 years ago. Loli ecchi is almost confined to loli h-anime only which only 1-3 studios release once/twice a year or 2. Despite how little loli h-anime we get the prudes who forced us into this hell reality still want the little we get banned entirely.

read the manga is fucking great, I love the parts when rin and sensei text each other and when sensei starts living with Reiji and Rin

This sound like ntr in all it glory. I feel disgusted but I am curious.

Fooled around how? There wasn't any sex as far as I know

seriously, read it, Reiji as a character gets developed really well.

>Reiji and Rin fool around
>Rin fools around with Sensei
>The awkwardness and sexual tension

Sounds like a mess, but exciting if you're into that

>Renji and Rin fool around
Isn't this what you call used goods?

there's no ntr because Rin always saw Reiji as someone who loved her mom. the max Reiji did to rin was give her hickey while she was asleep.

Then why people say they fooled around? Sound like there wasn't penetration, but they had sex for sure.

The concept of consent has no objective markers, it's a vague idea that is decided by individual opinions that have coalesced into a group consensus. With some exceptions, minors, retards, the comatose, etc. cannot consent because enough people do not think they can to pass legislation denying them the authority to sign-off on their own sexual activities.

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It's fine when the brother do it.

>but they can consent to life-altering genital surgeries and being pumped full of hormones, though!
The only good normalfaggot is a dead normalfaggot.

Is Kuro too innocent to know about how sexy feet are? Or do lolis just have a sense of when a guy has a foot fetish or not?

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Feet aren't sexy, you're just a weirdo.

Normal people don't think that, you obsessed weirdo.

Damn female kid!!!

Used goods

>feet aren't sexy.
fucking faggot

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What is it like to massage a loli's feet?

Yes they are. Look how soft and tender the sole is.

Who know, maybe the artist wanted it be earlier than how it ended. But sjw and similar idiots forced the artist to do the current ending we all now. We'l never know.

this is why I'll never read this clearly non-canon manga. VN is canon end

It's not healthy to be obsessed with VNs

>Literally has "fanfiction" tag

Just 9 pictures?
Just go ahead and post them, You cowards

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>he can't decide on a preferential end being the canon end
these cucks cant keep getting away with their NTR propaganda. I refuse to consider the manga--which has cuckshit--the canon end

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I really live the graduation kissu, post it

Is the last panel here implying that he got a boner?

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