So Yea Forums, which one?

so Yea Forums, which one?

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Yes, yes, yes, yes


mimi > blondie > shitty tomgirl > two timing whore

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Mimi. I like Ruki and all, but Mimi. It's not even close.

Taichi, Takato and Takuya are so lucky

>which one
>slut,french slut,gravure idol,big ass tomboy slut.
i would take the big as tomboy slut please

All of them look like they will cuck you

Give Mimi and Rika the fusion earings and you've got the perfect girl right there.

Been in love with Mimi for decades.
Ruki is a clos second though.

far left any day of the week

Between Mimi and Rika. Zoey has a big ass, which would've put her on top, but a completely awful personality. So...yeah.

The one from Ghost Game.

The boy on the right.

Season 4 was the best to me.

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>Only one blonde cunny
You already know which one user.
There's literally only one correct answer.

Always Mimi

The tomboy

>remotely interested in Ruki outside one movie of dubious canon

Official nihongo Crazyeights from the early 00s were a mistake

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second from right only because I've seen a significant amount of diaper art of her

The one with the cutest panties

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>watching digimon for the humans

Nothing wrong with watching Digimon for the bond between human and their partner Digimon.

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>Been in love with Mimi for decades.
Tell me about it.

I don't see my favorite there.

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>Yolie, or whatever the fuck her name was
People hate 02 for a reason.


Can't fucking stand her.

Didnt he keep dreaming of her in the series?

Is this a motherfucking Utena reference?

If you have to ask this, then your rose tinted glasses must be a super high prescription.

Not him, but I don't remember 02 all that much, much less anything about her. Why did people hate her? Was she a cunt or something?

I like Izumi. She was like the best and was dressed the best way for going on adventures
I like Miyako. She was into computers but still girly. Shame she didn't get a lot of development, hopefully the upcoming reboot fixes that. If adventure was good but the reboot was bad then if 02 was men the reboot should be good

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It's not even just that. She was an Izzy that looked homely and never had a chance to score. The worst thing 02 did wasn't even about her or discount Biyomon. Davis almost killed the series by being a dumber Tai and twice a bitch. Also, simping for the latter's sister left a bad taste in all mouths that witnessed it. Takato did a bit of damage control, but there was a crater sized landfill of damage Davis left in his wake. You know it's saying something when your digimon makes you look cool just by being your digimon.

All of the above at the same timr

The blue frog.

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All pokegirls

>which one?

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The objectively correct answer is Mimi.

Same here.

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my nigga

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I want to slap whoever came up with her design.

Kek, it's been si long and my memory may be messing with me, but didn't the dubs give her a redneck voice?


Always found it interesting how much fanservice they threw in, and the fact some of it still made it stateside.

Mimi, obviously. It's not even close.

For me it's:

May / Haruka
Samantha / Kikuhime

No idea, never seen any (English) dubs.

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The one that ended in relationship with MC in her series.

Why are Mimi and Ruki so great, Yea Forums?

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They look like they cheat on their boyfriends

did you forget how slutty became mimi when she went to america.
my guess is she was eating lot of big fat chocobananas

She went to the Land of the Free and did what she wanted with no restrictions.

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Man of taste

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Good choice

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Ironically, that is the name of, arguably, the greatest Rukato fanfic writer of all time.
Quite a few memories reading that.
Perhaps I should head there, see if he's still alive.

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I'm a Rukifag, but can respect that.
Unbelievably based.

Which reminds me I haven't taken the time to try that Game Boy Medarot game I got recomended a few threads ago.

I truly am a master at procrastinating.

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Not even best girl in her own series.

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Sirenmon is cuter.

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Something is missing

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The femdom game is strong this season.

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She cute

Her brother