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Will Boruto use his ayylmao powers against the Funato?
Also, if not, how will they defeat Araumi without them?

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>Naruto lost to Deidara


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Karma is going to be a non-factor until they start segueing into the code stuff.

Those polls are kinda narrow no? I know in the west naruto is above sasuke. And genocide-man is above both afaik.

And Sasuke won before he even came back to the manga, lol.

Brings back good memories...

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>hardcore Narutard
>dropped Boruto

It just doesn't hit the same

no he won't, In throwaway plotlines writers would nerf the shit out of Boruto.

but this time they don't have to, they don't have to nerf mitsuki either

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Starting to think Boruto SD might be too dirty for an anime adaption. I hope we get an official English release at least

why? naruto sd had boob hammers and naked might guy and it got an adaptation. sasuke sd, on the other hand, had that whole christmas hidan thing, so that really couldn't get an adaptation, but boruto sd is mild in comparison

Coomer Metal?

When are we going to see her again the anime ?

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We don't need her anymore, we have her daughter. She's better in every way, don't you think?

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My boy Neji is there

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I like SoL aspect

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Mutt's law


>literally larping as Uchihas

There'll always be more filler eps.

>Will Boruto use his ayylmao powers against the Funato?
Probably not.
>Also, if not, how will they defeat Araumi without them?
Power of friendship.

Isn't this like, the start of shippudden before Sasuke even came back, hence people wanted to see him?

You're pretending like Naruto is Deku when he's been number 1 in the polls more than any other character

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Is it just me or artstyle looks like smilar to Taimanin gachas'?

In the manga? soon considering all the hospital work that's going to need to be done. In the anime? next time Sarada has a character arc.

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>Sasori 8th


Coom to who?

Boruto definitely isn't using Karma this arc so power of friendship it is.

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Boruto WILL use both Jōgan and Karma for the first time to defeat Araumi

The writers have to figure out what the jougan even does (or, for that matter, if it even exists at all)

Has the Jougan even been used after Boruto got the Karma?

When the fuck will this end? November 2024?

Re? Minder.

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Hopefully Hebiichigo influences Metal’s style and stops puts a stop to the green jumpsuits.

>Hopefully Hebiichigo influences Metal’s style
That would probably make him end up like Voldo in Soul Calibur.

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>Boruto goes missing
>No one, not Ino, not his mom, not either of her teammates, senses him instantly
>instead gimped Sage Mode has to work
Man. Kishi is just phoning it in harder than ever, isn't he?

I thought up another pun ship name for those two. It would have something to do with the word "heavily"

>And he was a good friend

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I was hoping for the cast of characters to actually be used but it's the Boruto/Kawaki/Naruto/Shikamaru show for the last year of chapters. Kishi paces this like it's a weekly but it's a monthly with barely anything happening chapter to chapter.

Based Yea Forums Chad

If you think this is "barely anything happening" you really need to take your ritalin. Yea Forums has fried your dopamine receptors.

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Both Boruto and Kawaki should be able to use these powers but it's filler and it would make them way too powerful so they probably won't.

I still believe he landed a karma mark on Code and will reborn after being eaten by the juubi (because lmao, he's the only sacrifice avaliable and ain't no way we're getting cucked out of a sacrifice)

How is she gonna influence him? By teaching him sewing?

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That's over the course of six months. In Naruto, that would be about 24 chapters. Naruto and Sasuke's entire final battle takes like 5-6 chapters.

I will say that the Code fight was pretty hype but it also involved things like said. Characters have to act stupid for the plot to happen.

Boruto's slow pacing is probably the series' single biggest flaw.

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Boruto used Karma to hide his chakra, speedreader.

Iwabe and Denki aren’t really doing anything this arc.

>Iwabe and Denki aren’t really doing anything this arc.
compared to all those times when they were instrumental, of course.

That pic is funnier than it has any right to be.

No, Kawaki did that to face Code alone. Boruto specifically didn't hide his chakra so that Naruto and the rest would be able to find them. That's how Naruto finds them instead of getting his wife or one of his closest friends to do it instantly.

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Denki was Boruto 2nd main friend many moons ago.

Overdrive+Elekiter fucking when?


These threads are the only break I have from reality.

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So when will Boruto fight an insectoid bio-android who absorbs the two cyborgs?

Boruto wife

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Genderbend the snake.

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Futano clan will kill Kagura's friends and Kagura wants revenge
Boruto will use tnj that revenge is not good

Mitsuki need a sister

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I want marry Kakashi

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whatever happened to snekboy's big bro anyway? the one in the mindwiping test to see if he could make his own decicions or not

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Episode 1 doesn't count.

Yamato lived a hard life...

>Orochimaru has an udder
>Karin doesn't
What did they mean by this?

He's probably referring to when he used it against Urashiki, but the karma hadn't manifested by then

What is this?

One day he will come back

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Metal won.

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Mitsuki brother is hot

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Why does Naruto have bad worldbuilding?

According to Kakashi Hiden, Kirigakure has a class system

Did you know? In the past, Kirigakure was called the Village of bloody mist. 'In order to become ninja, we had to pass a certain test: students at the academy were forced to kill one another.

"You probably already know all this. But what you don't know is that the only ones forced to take this test were us, the shinobi in the lowest class. In this graduation exam, Zabuza Momochi, who was still a child, slaughtered over a hundred would-be ninjas.

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NY illustrations by Tetsuya Nishio

Jesus chirst, The funato fucked up their faces.


It's going to Code with his Limiter removed.