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Less than 5 days and 23 hours remain until 86 season 2 is announced.
Kurena is shopping for a ring because she is going to propose to Shin.

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>Kurena is shopping for a ring because she is going to propose to Shin.

Kurena is trying to figure out which one of the five guys spent more.

Found on bird app looking for more fan art. How did we miss pic related bros, it won a medal or something.

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>How did we miss pic related
It's basically impossible to scrape twitter correctly because nobody uses tags so imgbrd-grabber and booru bots miss it all. If you see something you like on twitter you should really upload it.

This is the one shit I really hate about that. Searching for things is fucking cancer there.

Shinlena seggs!

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So soft and warm

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Thats what I'm doing. I found that by browsing the hashtag #エイティシックス and pic related by looking at Asakura sensei's likes

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Did you know, Theo actually drew that?

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>animated phonix round 1, 2 and 3
>pig farm
>snake and toaster
>siege and siren bridge
>shin almost dying and realizing he doesn't want to die because of the slim chance lena would hear his calling her as a legion
>lena mouthraping shin
come on s2

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I'm finishing timeline part 3 but I need somebody else's opinion.

The anime makes it look like the squad receives the offer to join the strike force led by Lena on the 26th cause we see 2 nights go by and then the next day Shin visits Eugene's grave on the 27th.

But should I straight up just make Shin visiting Eugene's grave on the 26th, the same day Lena visits her dad's grave as well for parallel purposes?

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I want S2 really badly but I also want it to have just as much love and care put into it as S1 so it may have to wait a bit

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Do the chronology that best matches the captions in the anime.

So Season 2 in 2026...I would be okay with that.

all I want is confirmation because all the good shit is after volume 3.


Yeah, I'd be cool with a 2024 or 2025 s2 release if it had the same production quality.

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Are women better at writing romance?

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What is that, some sort of fanfic?

It seems to be a fan made timeline

I thought that last thread was going to be the end until the 10th, especially when the /m/iggers hit us with the drive by slide action. Do you guys really want to keep gloating about how kino the finale was and why another season or movie is inevitable until then? Do yo really? Because I do.

btw did anybody make a webm of the moment Shin is about to get whack and Shiden lights the Ameise up out of nowhere?

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Just summarized event based off the anime timeline. There's part 1 and 2 and I'm finishing the final one.

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post part 1

Now that we’ve discovered all the really good art is on Twitter I think we have room for a few more threads, though they might not all survive overnight

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Its my night off so I'm just meal prepping and shit posting. I'll find at least one new piece of good FA every time I take a break from cooking.

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Asakura sensei liked pic related.

Read artist's bio for...ふふs


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Folks I've started watching Votoms (5 episodes in). It's ok so far.

Why do you guys say Lena VA simps for Theo VA? is there like an interview of this or something?

I thought Lena's VA had said something to the effect of Theo (the character) being her best boy/husbando or something. Could be a literal cas of lost in translation though, not sure.

86 is an objectively bad story. the only thing that it could have had redeem it was hiroyuki sawano, but not even he could carry such a shit plot

Nah, that is Aldnoah.Zero

One of the patch makers on /k/ should make us a patch that says

> OK /m/igger

both have absolutely awful writing, but i at least liked hiroyuki sawanos music in aldnoah zero

plus there was her at the end saying everyone's name, and she sounded really excited for Theo.
I would buy an 86 patch for sure. everyone has a lot of GFL patches, but a juggernaut patch or something else would be neat. I feel like "okay /m/igger" is too much of an in-joke.

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God I love Lena so much!!

whatchu meal prepping user?
the link that posted is fantastic, still unsure whether this person is actually Asakura but on her smut alt

>whatchu meal prepping user?
chopped steak, rice, with spinach x3
chicken, rice, peas and carrots x3
>still unsure whether this person is actually Asakura but on her smut alt
lol that didn't even occur to me, now I have to look again. I just thought it was funny because Asakura sensei is openly smashing

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>lol that didn't even occur to me, now I have to look again
nah, I don't think it's her, I just think she's horny on main. Agreed that it's funny though, lol
Post workout meals? I assume if you're prepping 3 it's for immediate after workout, or if you drive in 3 days a week.

Another from Asakura sensei's likes. Comfy. I hope these mean that fan artists meme her into giving us a happy ending.

Chicken and rice is for lunch which I eat right after training/before work. The steak and rice is for dinner which I eat at work. I only do 3 days out because I don't like the way everything ends up after day 3. Its just kinda gross.

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Makes sense. I usually meal prepped stuff that would hold for a few days. I did dried ramen ingredients in a mason jar that you just had to pour boiling water in, that was good and kept for 5 days. I've also done various chicken meals to great success for 5 days, but I can see your current ingredients getting their texture ruined.

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I wanna suck shins cock!

We know, Lena.

Kurena should have just sucked his dick and got it over with.

Pic related source twitter.com/Skzk_Sdm/status/1506423427715919877

Kurena, this post is lewd and indecent
I haven't decided what to do on Thursdays. Current schedule is 4x10 (nights) and I'll do half night on the weekends sometimes. So far I just hit up the healthier choices at chick fil a or my local deli near work.

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>I haven't decided what to do on Thursdays.
If you have a slow cooker, you could always find a good recipe that you like and throw all the ingredients in it in before work, so you have a meal when you get home.
>That picture
Best part of the finale has gotta be all the fanart that keeps coming out, my God.

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>Best part of the finale has gotta be all the fanart that keeps coming out, my God.
Whats funny is that was posted on the 22nd. We are supposed to be the community that finds and shares these things, and we have been missing them because we aren't looking in the right place. That's our oopsie. Pic related is even older (obviously). I like this one because it really communicates how Shin felt on the inside, and continued to feel all the way until Lena identified herself.
>If you have a slow cooker, you could always find a good recipe that you like and throw all the ingredients in it in before work, so you have a meal when you get home.
I actually considered that. I have one and use it at least once a month anyway. I even got the stuff I need when I went to the store. That settles that. I'm going to load the slow cooker before work Wednesday and that will be a couple of my meals Thursday and Friday.

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Yeah, it's a shame twitter is garbage to search, especially if you're searching across languages. Luckily the hashtags catch most of it. Good work on fanart archaeology, user.
>I have one
nice, hope it works out. Slow cooker saved my ass wrt having a hot meal whenever I got home, was nice to have chili or chicken or beef stew. I'm hopping off, here's hoping the thread is alive in the morning.
Was thinking about adding a 4th column, for when we see Lena in the ruins of San Magnolia. Anyone know if anyone's done that yet?

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I can't figure out how to get a gif from twitter but holy shit this hits me hard. Anju is my favorite girl and her story throughout the series is heartbreaking. I really do hope Asakura sensei gives her a happy ending.


From the horny poster Asakura sensei likes to give

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>Less than 5 days and 23 hours remain until 86 season 2 is announced.
Are the prospects of a S2 that good or should I brace myself for disappointment?

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I don't think chances are high considering production issues. But still there is hope since 86 seemed to me like a title they intended to focus on.

One more and I'm off to sleep. Source: twitter.com/shanabi0610/status/1509501262726774784

If this drops while I'm asleep, that's okay. I'll see you on 4/10 then.
>I won't forget.

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God I wish I was Lena's cuck


More wholesome version of that one pic

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God I wish I could watch Lena get fucked by shin!


Or Kurena

I need more drunk Lena in my life

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you and me both, user

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Lena is Cute!

Or Annette

It's the duality of anime. BDs sold to a level where most anime get (at the very least) an OVA. No record breakers. But the debate is whether BDs matter when some other animes get s2 with fewer sold, in this age of digital streaming. You also have the LNs selling like hot cakes and the mechs on their 10th production run or something.
Something I find plausible is that if we get a s2, it might coincide with the last volume of LN being published--or right before--in 2024. I assume we're going to 15, and if we get 2 a year that would put us at 15 in 2024.

If you want a surefire way of determining what's happening, I recommend hiring a haruspex or taking up palm reading.

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Or Frederica

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There’s probably going to be a season 2 at some point but this seems a little early

Why a little early? I mean i don't think they started pre-production for S2 yet if we are getting one but do you think it's a little early?

Or anju

Because the anime was just finished and if certain rumors are true the sequel was only greenlit a few weeks ago, so it isn’t even in preproduction.

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i want to tanju anju's bunjus

Japan likes to hype things up only when they're almost finished, to keep the hype going and carry that into viewer numbers, and then carry that into BD sales. So sometimes they only announce it when it's closer to release date

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I re watch 22 and 23 often, such a good pair of episodes.

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How do I get a gf that can break boundaries?

Very well made, glad I got into the series after they finished.

I want to be crushed by Lena's thighs

I'm not like the user who has had LilaS on repeat, but LilaS came up on one of my playlists so I had to watch the last 3 again last night.
me too, user

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A mix of being this hot and being a broken shall so she can scream I CAN FIX HIM!

Stop bragging Shin.

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Despite the little label, it's not actually a GIF but a video (maybe if you're on some ancient platform/browser combo without actual video it's serve you a GIF).

Anyway here's a sloppy re-encode for Yea Forums purposes

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Would you?

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I tried to encode it a bit better, even a straight rip of the mp4 off of twitter wasn't particularly high quality.

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What a silly question, yes i would.

handholding Lena, with the lights off!

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Thanks for volunteering, now go make dinner for them while she fucks Shin

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>I can't figure out how to get a gif from twitter
yt-dlp tweet. Re-encode it with

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Only if I know for sure that Shin's dead and hasn't been revived as a toaster or a giant metal bug.

New comic

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I am and I didn't have to put tweet. in front of the tweet, it took the whole twitter URL. I am actually that you helped that day, which is why our webms are the same size. Thanks again.

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any Nip speakers translate for the EOPs? or does anyone know of a good OCR to grab the characters and Deeptl them?

Honestly with that small amount of characters I'd be probably be quickest to use the drawing input on Google Translate to get the characters then whack it into deepl

Lena wonders why the soldier calls her shosa, shiden thinks she figured out he's undertaker but lena is just thinking he might be calling her sho-san.
I'm assuming sho-san is a name but I'm not sure about that one

Lena you capital Dork.

Here's what I get doing that btw, no guarantees it's 100%

In the English TL of the LN, Lena thought it was a misunderstanding about the different country's rank structures. I loved the shot of her in the anime at the end of the exchange with Shiden. Perfect comic relief. I didn't think I could both cry and laugh at that intensity at the same time.

I'm Thank you all so much. Private brave browser thought it was a gif and I couldn't figure it out. Later I'll see if I can duplicate the results so I'll have that in my tool box.

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Why didnt Shiden tell her it was Shin?

Maybe she thought it would be funny just like everybody else did.
She does bully Shin for it on Vol.4

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Episode 22 was great, but holy shit was I pissed when they didn't reunite since I wasn't expecting them to meet up again for another season or two after that. Good thing episode 23 fixed that and ended up making their reunion more satisfying cause I was expecting to be blue balled for several years waiting for an actual reunion in S2/S3

god I love this Dork so fucking much

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>I didn't have to put tweet. in front of the tweet, it took the whole twitter URL.
Ah yes, sorry, that's what I meant. I was just lazy. yt-dlp twitter.com/senzxvlm/status/1483789608571654144
>you helped that day
I'm not him, I just saved the post

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Lena is a cute retard

You’re a cute retard

She could have thought there was a reason he hid his identity from her. In volume 4 when she gives Lena Shin's gun it's to rib Shin and to get him to say that was him that day.

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Are you an anime only, then? I'd like to hear the weaknesses of cour 2 from an anime only perspective

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Nta but anime only, i thought that cour 2 was really good. Only problem was that I wish we saw a bit more of Lena in the first half. That sort of young officers coup she has planning.

This show flopped despite being overrated by a vocal minority on Yea Forums, itsover.

No it didn’t

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>This show flopped
it got more viewers than AoT which was supposed to be the most popular show of the year

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NTA animeonly cour 2 was way better. Mostly because Lena a shit but also because of the increased time for characterization and better production quality. Soundtrack was better too.

>I wish we saw a bit more of Lena in the first half.
>Mostly because Lena a shit
The duality of man. Interesting to say the least for both of you, thanks. Agreed on soundtrack, and the last two episodes for me were bangers cause of production quality.

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the best last two episodesof any anime honestly, maybe except gunbuster

part 3 is done. Will get to the new comic soon

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thanks, timeline user-kun.

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if picrel is part 1, what is part 2?

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Attached: NTR protag.jpg (1080x737, 53.53K)

This is an updated version of part 2

Attached: 2.jpg (6594x1389, 2.58M)

And an updated version of part 1 because it includes the Kitty scene with Daiya and Anju

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that's awesome, thanks. This is fantastic work.

Women are on average better at writing period, though men are more likely to write true kino

Always nice work Timeline-kun. Love the We won't forget at the end, its a nice touch.

I'll be sad if there's no S2 announcement. I started reading the novels, which are nice so far but it's not the same without Lena's voice and seeing her dumb mannerisms

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Speaking of Freddy's pictures, on my rewatch the other week, I swear I saw her taking one where her fingers would have blocked it even more (perhaps of Shin while in her room?), but they never showed the picture. I hope they show it in S2 or something, with the finger occlusion.

Main problem I had with cour 2 is the racism towards the 86 from Giad. Felt like the author really wanted to make a statement on racism, made the statement during the early part of his story but then felt he had more to say after it didn't make sense for the racism to still be so prominent in the new setting.
Pretty much my only real complaint about the show thing. Show was great.

*whole thing

There will be S2 eventually, the question is if it's gonna be revealed this soon

>Kiriya manifesting as an Ameise
Wrong. That Ameise spoke with Shin's voice, and the unit itself wasn't a hallucination, only the voice was.

Was that racism? Or "holy fuck these kids are fucked in the head battle junkies, keep the creepy bastards away from me"? Remember Giad and the 86 are both colourata

God I want to see volume 7 animated. That whole volume is just filled with that dorks voice and dumb mannerisms

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I watched the show and want to get into the ln, how and where should I start? Should I read from the beginning?

Yeah, though you could also start from v4

If you really want to pick up where the anime left off, starting from Volume 4 is fine. I think a common sentiment here is that Volume 1 is good, while 2 & 3 are regarded as the weakest, Not saying they're bad or anything though. If you skip those, you miss out on the Morpho fight which goes shows more about Freddy's and Lena's contributions to that battle.

The anime is better than the LNs, so you can start from Vol 4 with no problem

Thank you for the replies. Wheres a good place to read it, I was planning on just buying them on MAL but if theres a place to get them for free I wouldnt mind.

I think you can find them on nyaa si but I bought the ebooks off Amazon, but you can also get them from Kobo if you don't want to money to benzos. I think the discord server for the Eighty Six subreddit has download links for the first three volumes pinned in one the text channels.

I personally found some ghetto google drive links for the first 8, can spoonfeed if needed (though nyaa.si is better)

Buy the books so we get season 2

I have already, I'm not a poorfag

I'd say start from the beginning because it has lore bits, but I myself started from 4 and only went back to 1-3 after finishing 9

I started in cour 2, so I read 1 to make sure I didn't miss anything then 2-8. I think that you're fine starting in volume 4, then reading 1-3 if you want to after you finish. If you gotta know what happens, I get it, plus the beginning of 4 is pure sugar after seeing depressed Reaper Shin.

>Ywn find a real life Lena gf
Unironically upsetting

L-lewd... B-baka pervert!

Based cute retard

There's been a ton of anime that have sold well, developed huge fanbases, and have enough content for more seasons but never get a S2. You're setting yourself up for disappointment if you think it's a sure thing

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God I wish I'd get cucked by Lena



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We know, morpho

I don't get it, why is she saying she's guilty of getting them killed if her trying to keep them alive just orders them dead, how is that her fault, why is her friend making her feel bad if it's not her orders?

Attached: [SubsPlease] 86 - Eighty Six - 08 (1080p) [A2A2B618].mkv_snapshot_09.12.553.png (1920x1080, 2.77M)

>the unit itself wasn't a hallucination
Legion don't turn into dust when you destroy them user. It was a hallucination

It was Kiriya's voice though, no?

Fido is ready for S2...

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If Lena had an onlyfans, would you simp for her?

very nice user, did you do the paint yourself?

Attached: 1648416430417.png (3000x2250, 1.41M)

do both of the shin kits come with a fido?