Rank them

Rank them

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Rape Eren
Marry Lelouch
Kill Light

In terms of writing, I'd say
Light > Lelouch. Never watched SNK'
Light felt like more of an actual intelligent person than Lelouch and he generally felt more consistently written. He was an egotistical sociopath from day one

light >>>>>>>>>>>>>> trash >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ledouche>simpren cuckren

The 3rd one never really had a plan.

rape light
kill lelouch
marry eren

Light >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lulu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3/10 wits Eren

It amazes me that SnK fags think their garbage shounen weekly serial is on the same level as Death Note or Code Geass.

>Code Geass
*Chode gayass


Lelouch is the only one who actually won so him he’s on top

If Lelouch won (when he died in the end) KEKren also won since they both let themselves be killed, one just had a way more retarded reason to do so.

>Sasuke > Lelu >>>> Eren if he knocked up Historia >>>>>>>>>>> Eren if he didn't knock up Historia = Light
What these anime tell you is what you've known all along. It's good to be smart, but it's more important to be smart and be a CHAD.

Being a CHAD is why Naruto, Sakura, and every female SIMPs hard for him. That's why Naruto didn't let him go through with his stupid wannabe jesus plan, Sakura still wet af for the D, and everyone forgave him.

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>Light is well written, but a terrible person overall.
>Lelouch is terribly written.
>Eren loses pretty much all his character, because he is always controlled or manipulated into doing things.
Weak bunch of characters. I'll take Yang Wenli over those guys, any day of the week.
Code geass ain't that great either. It's a fucking stupid mess of a show, and it's dumber than people think it is.

People really need to go back and re read death note

Light is not smart at all and the only reason it came off as good or even decently written was because you were a teenager

Which one was done dirtier?
Made of him an Incel simp
If your enemies kill you, you win
Killed by his own people and people in order to save the lives of criminals

Light. Lelouch and Eren relied way too much on asspulls and plot conveniences.


Amazing how everyone started shitting ob eren when he was hailed as one of the best protags not too long ago.

1-122 eren > light > lelouch > 123 - 135 eren > literal dogshit > 136-139 eren

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It's amazing how Eren's character could have been salvaged almost entirely by having him take Ymir's place in PATHS as his endgame but Isayama didn't do it because he's a dumbass

>1-122 eren
You mean the character that single handily ruined the entire cast?

SnK's cast were either never good, killed off when they showed potential or ruined by Armin.

Eren was a trash one note character pretty much throughout the show, all he did was get kidnapped and scream like a confused retard until the plot fed him with more convenient tools like future memories etc. Isayama cant write

Overall Light is the most skilled person in DN. This is from the encyclopedia. Higher IQ than L

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Kek, nice cope Cuckrenfag. Despite that the MC never actually placed 1st in the popularity polls

Light's character went downhill like crazy in the last few episodes. I enjoyed the super intelligent sociopath personality but towards the end he just acted like he was on bath salts or something, hell the guy let a literal child get the best of him.

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>Overall Light is the most skilled person in DN
L was up against the power of two death notes and two shinigamis with no supernatural powers whatsoever. He was playing a 1 sided game.

3 examples of 3 stories which could have been great if they didn't fuxk up the ending.
KiraGod >>>>>> Leidiot >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CuckEren

The author still said Light was more intelligent than L

Also L said himself he is has done many crimes and only hunted Kira for sport not because he cared about justice. Near said Yagami was not evil to add on to that. The only person with morals was Yagami Light and his father. The author said the only good person in the series was soichiro Yagami. (Lights father)

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Okay so in terms of the story that each was in I'd say

#1 - Lelouche - he actual won (brought about the peace he wanted from the start, and is now living a happy, immortal life with pizza butt

#2 - Light - He was pretty consistent up until near the end and his eventual downfall was foreshadowed pretty early on by Ryuke (too egotistical and rash as time went on)

#3 - Eren - He should have been a Lelouche type character at the end (revealing that he was only pretending to be evil to save the world). This message is SORT of there but it's very poorly conveyed. Plus we never really got any scenes of eren that might hint at his true motives, his character just completely changed and had no real resolution

I'd say Code Gayass is the only one that had a proper, non rushed ending, with DN being a close second (muh near and mello)

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Lelouch>light. Haven't seen Aot, but Angelo Legusa from 91 days has got them all beat.

Pre-139 Eren > Light > Lelouch > 139 Eren

>expecting a manga author to even understand different interpretations of intelligence instead of treating it like the creator taking part in nerd power level discussion as if intelligence is a jrpg stat

>Pre-139 Eren >

Still arguing against the author hahahah

cope, L got rekt and that was the whole series. L vs Yagami

Light only looked smart because other than L/Near the other characters are unbelievably stupid

Well, throughout the story L is always one step of ahead and puts more and more pressure on Light but Light also manages to find new ways to throw him off the loop.
So it makes sense in a way.

seeLight has higher intelligence than L but equal to Near. It makes sense. And the author wrote the death note encyclopedia, it has interviews with the author and everything

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I see two losers and one genius who accomplished his goals.

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Soichiro Yagami's encyclopedia page

his son is like him. Hates evil/criminals. Thats probably where he got his sense of justice from

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Suzaku was right though. Lelouch is an edgy kid who goes out of his way to become a terrorist, to change the world. Meanwhile Suzaku climbs the ranks in order to fix the problem from within.

This but 1-134 Eren in first.

Suzaku was right

The content of a man's character should be measured by how he treats his imouto

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1. Lelouch (The Savior)
2. Light (Chad)
3. Cuckren

>Light tried to murder his imouto

DO you KNOW how many people died in WW2? Do you know the extent of torture governments have done?? Yagami ended wars and crime by 80%

You're a child trying to be an adult not an adult

>Another underage Light fanatic
I only now realized how cancerous the death note fanbase is. It's a series literally made for teenage edgelords, wannabe school shooters, and other such retards.

I'm 27 years old. The whole world in Death Note loved Light. Don't you care about democracy? You probably never had a real struggle in your whole LIFE

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Eren was never smart but was just mindfucked and lost all agency and could have been better so much bettet without the final twist, but Light was actually smart and cunning but became utterly retarded because plot needed him to lose so 1-lelouch. 2-eren 3-light

Lulu accomplished his goal AND his girl brought him back to life. Lights plan failed at the very end, while Eren is just kinda pathetic.

rurushu > raito > ereh

Lelouch is the king of asspulls.

He is a horrible person, rotten to the core, and he deserved the pathetic end he got. I hate the teenage edgelords who praise him as the good guy, who was right. Meanwhile I remember how
>He always had a slasher smile on, when he was winning
>He absolutely got his rocks off, when he told the people he was about to kill, that he was Kira
>He had no problem killing the innocent or good people, he just didn't want the bad PR from it, so he did it in secret
>He was manipulating his allies all the time, and he was always ready to murder them if need be
>He was 100% ready to murder his own little sister, but changed his mind because it would have made it too obvious that he is Kira
>He tried to manipulate his dying father into writing down Mello's name, knowing full well that hus fathers soul would have gone to a horrible place for all eternity, if he did it.
I don't want criminals to be judged by a psychopathic and childish brat, who is barely human. That guy never cared about crime, all he cared about was the huge ego trip he was on. Also, I was not exactly on the side of L and his successors too. Soichiro Yagami is my role model.
>The whole world in Death Note loved Light. Don't you care about democracy?
Almost everyone in Nazi Germany loved Hitler. Look how that turned out...

Even Near said Kira wasn't evil. Kys my man.

L had no morals, Near with 500 IQ said Kira wasn't evil, and Mello was a gangster. The only good person in the series according to the Author was Yagami's father. But even then atleast Light had morals and wanted to make a better world. Young people like Yagami but where do you think the saying "old fool" comes from??

>Almost everyone in Nazi Germany loved Hitler. Look how that turned out..

Thats not the whole WORLD

Do you know how many people died in WW2 fag? If you had a daughter, would you raise her under Obama or KIRA

Even the author said Soichiro Yagami is the only good person in the series. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

And don't give me that bullshit speech "HE WAS A MASS MURDERER"

Samson and King David in the bible, killed (thousands of people) because God gave him the OK. Just like Yagami.

>AND his girl brought him back to life
In a non Canon movie.


Thats why i said AND

I got nothing to hide

>he was on bath salts
That's how I'm going to view it from now on.


>Eren wanted to pull a Lelouch
>Makes one side hate his fake persona while the other side loves it
Was he a retard?

Flat character
Magnificent Bastard

Lelouch was not a good character and his anime is overrated.

Death note's second half was a big drop in quality, but nothing compared to snk. Code geass was terrible from the beginning.
I don't even like light but
Light >>>shit>>>>>>>>>>eren=lelouch

How can I rank three aspects of the Literally Me Trinity?

Light > Lelouch >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cuck

Most people are voting for Yagami

Long live Kira

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yeah hitler was pretty cool too. what's your point?

His competition sucks. Eren is pathetic and code gayass is shit. If you paired him with any MC with testosterone he would be last.

His competition is only huting him for sport and even Near (his last competition) said Kira was not evil

retarded author

That's Luffy

If isyama had eren actually succeed in his plan and rumble the world, it would be perfect

Eren is so hot!

Light was truly a piece of shit, Lelouch is pure meme material and I can't see him seriously. Eren is just badly written.

Lelouch > Light > Eren
Lelouch basically achieved all his goals while being stylish and holding to his ideals the whole time. His low points are all basically asspulls by the author to increase runtime.
Light could have achieved his goals in a better way, but part of his fuckup and inevitable downfall stems from the main thing that makes Lelouch better than him. Light is a raging Narcissist who's plan hinges on eventually coming forward as the God of Justice. Lelouch's plan is built around his own death, which he accepts with grace.

Eren is just a fucking idiot without a clear motivation or goal. If he really wanted to save all the Eldians he could have committed to actually finishing the Rumbling. The "peace" he built by murdering half the world bought his people, what, 50 years? He could have given them the world forever. Eren failed and is a shitty protagonist because he doesn't fully commit to any plan. The ending would have been far better if he was just written as committed but being overwhelmed by those opposed to him. Instead he half asses his resistance gambling on a plan to build peace that any moron could see wasn't going to work. Marley held the grudge against Eldians for generations. Rumors of a few punks helping stop the Rumbling wasn't ever going to stop the rest of the world from ensuring it never happened again. Let alone that rumors Eren had supporters would make things even worse.

Lelouch won
Light lost
Eren is a faggot

Didn't Lelouch die at the end as well? Never saw the anime. Can't admire the art style

Depends on if you want to treat the movie as canon or not. Either way him dying at the end was literally part of his plan for world peace, and he succeeded. Eren meanwhile tried copying Lelouch's homework and still ended up failing.

>L only lost because Light cheated
>rAiTo iS MoAr iNtElLiGeNt

L was cheating from the start

someone post the manga scan of L saying he has committed many crimes, is a cheater and is only hunting Kira because he wants to

All of them are severely underweight

I forgot the part where L used supernatural beings to do his dirty work

What do you think about the worlds best detective cheating illegally using intelligence agencies video taping a high school kid in his bedroom?

Nothing wrong with that. L and Light were not playing on a level playing field. Light's trump card was just to get a shinigami to kill L before he exposed him.

>nothing wrong with that

In most developed countries its illegal to video tape a private residence without a warrant. L even said I have committed many crimes and I will cheat to win. Not for justice or for whats good but just to win.

Lights trump card was originally to kill him by any means necessary. Misa/Rem got Light under more suspicion than if he didnt know them

Yeah I'd fuck em.

The bigger question

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Fuck Misa (hundreds of times)
Marry C.C.
Kill Mikasa

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L lost for two reasons. One he his suspect be a part of the investigation team and then send him to look for second kira which is the only reason Misa was able to find him, two he didn't take Rem into consideration when he was trying to disprove the fake rules even though she told him that that they were legit.

He got rezzed and got a cute wife

And that's because while he is a pathetic cuck, up to the end of Snk Eren's motivations were at least understandable which can not be said about Raito's. Yeah just kill people in prison it's not like americans haven't been doing that let's see how it affects crime rate (I know it works in the DN setting but author can just do fucking whatever with his world). Also reveal it's you doing the killings on the first occassion, because you want people to worship you, what a retard. All he needed to change the world was to kill polititians and stay fucking quiet.

>just kill people in prison
He killed people in and out of prison dumbass.

If it will prevent a war its understandable. War is very ugly

There is no fucking question here, one beautiful strong woman and two pathetic simps.

Judge a man by his waifus.

>Lelouch wins as he's got the best waifu with big ass and nice tits. Also Lelouch got to wife her and now gets to spend eternity railing her

>Light killed one of his waifus and the other is a shallow bitch that would get him killed through her own stupidity. But at least Light got to bang them both

>Eren has no waifus. Farmer railed and impregnated Historia and his rival, Jean, dicked down Mikasa and bred her multiple times. Eren's forever a cucked virgin.

So Lelouch >>>>>>Light>>>>>>>>Eren

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I've read DN twice, once 4 years ago and again 1 year ago. Light is a smart character, you’re misconstruing Lights arrogance with his intelligence.

>Death Note
Read the manga, the anime ruined it

there was some really good character, almost all old Survey Corps fighter, like erwin, hange, ervin etc

this isn't a question. CC stomps on those two simp cucks

Mikasa is a waifu that lacks a real personality and Misa is a thot

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Ok I haven't watched Death Note in a while so correct me if I'm wrong. He started killing people comitting crime in public at the start of the series when he was testing death note. Then he moved onto people in prison and when killing people outside of prison it was people that he needed to get rid of so they don't catch him, like Ray Penbar or his girlfeiend. You're right, very admirable

faggot retard

From the start Light was killing of anyone he considered evil but who he considered evil was kind of vauge. Like here he talks about killing people who are immoral and harass others who these people are is up for interpretation.

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1. Eren
2. Light
3-99. Others
100. Ledouche

Code Gayass and SnK are terrible garbage with terrible asspulls
The DN manga nothing near as bad as the shit that happens in those two series. So just for that

unironically the only reason why Suzaku plan wouldn't have worked was due to Charles plan to nuke lies, he was climbing the ranks despite Lelouch fucking him up
>but he got lucky with the Lancelot
same as Lelouch got lucky with the Geass, so yeah Suzaku was right

Did Light achieve anything?
Lelouch and Eren didn't achieve anything and Eren was a cuck.
So tentatively
Light >>>>>> Lelouch > POWER GAP > Eren
Light = Lelouch > POWER GAP > Eren

The world mostly reverted back to the way it was expect for the fact that kira is still worshiped by some people.

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Light >= Lelouch > POWER GAP > Eren
That's depressing, three losers who once had god like powers.

Well, he had achieved everything so what else is there?

This. Although Leouch's intelligence is treated more like a superpower, he thought about what was he trying to achieve harder than "I just clean up Gotham City". Honestly the two epilogue chapters that try to retroactively make Light look like the most qualified person to hold the Death Note.

Even as a teenager, I knew that that was complete bullshit. L was working on an impossible case. Only a fucking retard would get caught even against L.

Is Near a female? I'm still confused.

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Light is the only one whose author had the guts to go full villain protag rather than giving him some bullshit justifications and anime sadboy motivations like muh imouto or muh nakama.
People like Eren and Lelouch don't exist irl, but narcissistic psychopaths like Light do. That automatically puts him at the top.

>Don't you care about democracy?
Democracy is for faggots.

Well, watch it. The unique art style will grow on you, just like Lelouch and his bs plot armor antics will, too. It's a great anime and I can't recommend it enough.

Lmao Code Geass is full of hack moments and contrivances. Even the so acclaimed ending is weak as fuck. Show went to shit in season 2, and even harder when Charles was taken out.

Based Soichiro Yagami supporter

Characters like Light are censored these days. Most of the people on the top are really psychopaths that would make Light look like Heidi. People on the top defends criminals because they help the society to be submissibe, money laundry schemes with NGOs, bring their drugs and minors, etc
That's why SO MANY stories about mcs having to understand their enemies and forgive them. They dont want people to actually bite and defend themselves against obvious abuse

Light wasn't perfect, but he really saved those little kids from the kidnapper for example.

People who gives you le moral lessons are actually richtards living as far away from peasants with hired armed guards protecting their asses.

decent protagonists>>>>ledouche>>>>>>>>raito>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>cuckren

lightsisters... he called us out... what do we do now?

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>He was an egotistical sociopath from day one
Like Lelouch was though.
Actually, over time he became softer and kinda kinder.

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Both Code Geass and SnK have hack moments. At least Code Geass stayed fairly consistent to its character development and has a solid character arc that leads to a satisfying ending. SnK basically threw a shit load of character arc out of the window at the very end despite building so much great potential with them.

>Eren - He should have been a Lelouche type character at the end (revealing that he was only pretending to be evil to save the world).
Fuck no, that would have been even worse than we got. Eren should have rumbled the entire world, then he would have been far better than Light or Lelouch

Nazis are the good guys

>Almost everyone in Nazi Germany loved Hitler. Look how that turned out...
Hitler was a good guy, unlike Light

>, but Light was actually smart and cunning but became utterly retarded because plot needed him to lose so
How is that any different from cuckren?

1. Ledouche
2. Raito Yagami
I don't even know who that other faggot is.

>died a cuck
>died a virgin
>died like a bitch
Maybe I ought to embrace stupidity

sperg newfag

>Even Near said Kira wasn't evil
Read the manga

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Misa's an idiot, but at least she's loyal

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Ok, but what's about imouto?

You’re also wrong.
Eren/SnK is the best of the three, followed by Light/DN. LeLouch/Code Geass isn’t even that good.

ok, how exactly is Eren/SnK good? Explain

I fucking love how kekren self inserters were BTFO, he's always added as a meme and to draw out the retards that read his shit manga so we can laugh at them again and forever.
>kekren before [[insert chapter number here]]

I've only watched the first season of SnK, so for me Eren is just a little bitch complexed because he's weaker than his girlfriend, so I would say Lelouch>Kira>>Eren

He doesn't change from S1 ever, so you're correct


An I really the only one who still appreciates Eren? This board fucking loved him, I still do, I just ignore the ending because it quite literally makes no sense at points. Even acknowledging it, I'd say he nearly pulled off a 10/10 plan to destroy the world but was ultimately convinced by his friends to stop and give a chance to world peace (it failed), which doesn't make him a bad character really. Of fucking course he'd be crushed by all that blood, so he stopped at a point he believed Armin could manage with some talk no jutsu.
And when I say his friends convinced him I mean it since previous timelines. Eren isn't that retarded, if it was up to him he'd do the 100% rumbling but in every timeline Armin and Mikasa try to stop him so he decides to leave it up to them, otherwise he'd do it.

>This board fucking loved him

KEKrens goal of leaving behind something better was obviously a failure though as it barely lasted till they started warring again. Lelouch actually left behind a empire to keep order.

Lelouch actually won
Light Lost, but never betrayed himself
Eren is... just wtf...

Light couldn't have been anymore transparent that he was Kira using private police information and fucking up at every turn.

The only reason he managed to make headway is because L had to play completely fucking dumb. It was legitimately just plot armor with no real intelligence

L lost because he was cocky
literally knew Light was Kira for a long time but let him be free for the thrill of the hunt

Eren became a god

shees who cares

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>all edgelords with mental issues
Is there a need to rank garbages?

What's their tax policy?

I unironically wouldn't even put Eren above Decuck

The fact that there are still people refusing to understand Suzaku in 2022 makes me want to kick things

Top 10 animes of all time.

Eren is one of the best characters I’ve come across.

Thank fuck, at least the original canon is safe from that shit

based cuck

It’s funny that Eren became Yea Forums‘s raughingstock now

not really, even during his 'based' era he was just edgelord fodder. the ending just pulled awa the curtain


That's why you should care

Light wanted to personally confront L and was willing to endanger himself in order to meet him directly. It's been years and you still haven't figured that out huh


This kinda Light's clever but he would've gotten buttfucked into jail if the policemen accompanying L were competent enough

That doesn’t matter.

C.C. and it's not even close

Mankasa is a disgusting traitor and Misa is a crazy dumb bitch

>Farmer railed and impregnated Historia
So? eren never thought of her in a romantic way

Schizoren is top tier cringe... However his gf Mikasa (despite being a shit character and getting horsed) is cute af.


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She's a bitch and only survived because of plot armor, kyouya a best

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Light is smarter/
Eren is stronger/have more willpower
Lelo is winner

If i had to choose one of them as my friend, i would choose lelo, since he wouldn't betray me (you can't trust light), eren is not very sane

She used to be beautiful in WIT era, but now she looks like shit with her new SJW haircut & appearance.

I thought Lelouch died?

I agree, the reveal that Light let Near have access to his Death Note on purpose is insane. Part 1 Light would never let that happen in a million years.

I just watched the latest snk episode, and them I feel second-hand embarrassment that there was once a time where I liked this protag. He's literally just screaming his token one liners like "muh kill all the ebil people" etc. on end, and people think he's suddenly good now because the MC is some edgy confused school shooter with too much power on his hands.

He knew the emperor had memory-altering eye-magic and a completely darwinistic worldview and still worked under him, solely because he was butthurt lelouch killed his girlfriend. Despising lelouch and wanting him to answer for his crimes is one thing, but suzaku also directly worked against his own goals in season 2.

Had Lelouch not existed, what was Suzaku's plan exactly? Climb up the ranks by brutally slaughtering Elevens and eventually hope that he'd be made a Knight of Rounds for that?

L.L>light iamagay>>>shitren

That was a bit too difficult a truth to handle for some, so they chose to latch onto the Code theory (or worse, the AU movie plot).

Sometimes stories have to end, or else you get endless garbage.
Finality is good, I don't know why it scares some people.

>Light wanted to personally confront L and was willing to endanger himself in order to meet him directly.
So you are saying that he is a retard. Got it.

>Finality is good, I don't know why it scares some people.
Probably because they didn't get the ending they wanted, at least where Code Geass is concerned.

I didn't like the ending at first either but when I thought about it for more than a second it all made sense.
Were they expecting him to go "it was all a prank bro" and for everyone to forgive him?

>Were they expecting him to go "it was all a prank bro" and for everyone to forgive him?
Yes, and also get the girl.

>Almost everyone in Nazi Germany loved Hitler. Look how that turned out...
Turned out the winners propaganda worked wonders with muh Holohoax

Light's motives of wanting to cut down on violent crime makes sense at it's core but he takes it to another level

Misa is dumb as shit
Mankasa becomes a man after timeskip
Plus those will be subjected to the wall
C.Cunny is ever youthful

>People like Eren don't exist irl

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Eren was always the weakest character in SnK. Don't let the mystery box shit that happened post timeskip fool you

Lelouch=Light>>>>>>>>a gap of several lightyears>>>>>>>Eren Yeager

AoT is garbage

>posts seasonal waifubait

If I wanted strict realism, I wouldn’t read manga or watch anime.

It's hubris, low WIS high INT, obviously way smarter than you

> He tried to manipulate his dying father into writing down Mello's name, knowing full well that hus fathers soul would have gone to a horrible place for all eternity, if he did it.


Fuck Laito
Kill Lulu for his plan
Marry Ellen

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0/0/i will never watch code geass

No idea about Lelouch, but in a fight Light would have no chance as long as Eren stays in his titan.
There are no photographs on Paradis so Light would have no way of finding out Eren's face even if he heard his name before being stomped.

i like this, ll was the only one prepared to die to achieve his goals, eren tries it kind of, fails miserably, he literally goes the worst possible route, light gets complacent and underestimates the opposition

Ereh will never be anywhere near the level of Light or Lelouch lol.

I assume he would know some high ranking paradisians and just manipulate him to kill eren.
He can choose zeke for example

literally me
literally me
literally me

Correct. Both light and lelouch would destroy him in combat, he's a loser on all fronts kek.
Even his brother zeke is a retarded schneizel wannabe

Probably doesn't help that his "girlfriend" would have fucked Lelouch given the chance.

slutzaku threads

Suzaku himself literally admits to being wrong. Suzaku's problem is that his goal of reforming Britannia is impossible, the only person with real power to do that would be the Emperor, a position Suzaku could never reach, as he is not part of the royal family (and marrying someone from the royal family would not work, none of Charles' wives had the power to change the empire), and he can't achieve it by other means such as trying to convince the nobles to stop being racist because the nobles hate him for being a number who rose up in Britannia. Then his plan in R2 shows that he gave up on trying to reform and is at best trying to become the Knight of One so he can get Japan and make it so they can't treat the Japanese like dirt, but this doesn't change Britannia at all, as all the other areas they control will continue to have the same racist policy.

Good times

Lelouch gets a bad rep from all the retards who watched code geass but he's genuinely one of the better anime protagonists

Light >>>>>> piss low self insert MC from your seasonal harem > Eren > actual shit > Lelouch and his garbage show

Light shits on them both, and DN shits on both their show.

Light during the first half > Lelouch > Pre-139 Eren >>>>>>> Light in the second half >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ending Er*n

>Kill Light
>Kill the smartest among them
And you plan to procreate with a retard and a moron?

Light is a fucking dumbass. He had a magical book to kill anyone from the safety of his room, without any way to link them together, but still managed to fuck it up.

Light was a complete retard because of his ego, he literally had everything to win but still lost due to the fact that he couldn't stand to have his ego damaged in any way. Not to mention Light is a ticking time bomb, at least with Lelouch and Eren yes you can form a bond with them so they will protect you, while Light will sacrifice you as soon as he sees fit no matter what your relationship with him is.

>gradually, the suppressed voices from the latter group start to emerge to the surface
sounds like the famous "silent and invisible majority" that is actually a loud minority

Here's a different translation, the idea of kira supporters becoming the majority is consistent.

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He wanted people to know someone was out there killing the bad guys. He says this in chapter 1.
If he didn't he would have killed people in different ways and not just heart attacks.

>at least with Lelouch and Eren yes you can form a bond with them so they will protect you,
Didn't work with Sasha or his mom

I have not read or watched anything where the super smart guy didn't come off as having random future sight.

Light using his father's account and then taunting L by confirming he has inside info was plain retarded. Some power level chart claiming otherwise is just retconning at best

The fruit thing isn't really a retcon.
Lelouch is the Emperor of asspulls since he could even predict a whole convo with his brother lmao

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L had nothing to actually confirm this, he had suspicious timing and that's it.

that isn't the problem.
He consistently made mistakes which revealed various facts about him such as:

He is from Japan
He is a student in Japan
His specific region in Japan
He has access to private police records

For one, he broke his moral code from the start trying to kill L, and it backfired. Using his dad's police records, even though he knew they were gradually honing in on him at this point, was even dumber, and just proves he thought he could get away with anything because he had a magic book.

Lelouch was so good the author had to use plot devices to nerf him. Others are only good because of asspulls ans plot devices

And when L shared that info with team, Light immediately started arranging his kills at XX:00 sharp. Which confirmed both he is a student and also has inside info

>revealed several facts about him
>He is from Japan
>He is a student in Japan
See pic related
>His specific region of Japan
For all L know he could have moved it was pretty stupid of him to let kira know that he knows where he is.
>He has access to police information
Yes but he got that access L would never truly know.

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Hello Jean :)

Yes that's the suspicious thing I was referring to.

If L lied about being Lights friend why would they show them being so close together in pic related

L lied about being Lights friend but Light didn't lie about being L's friend. (when he had no memories about the Death Note)

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All that pic proves is that Light basically played right into L's hand
>Have I been tricked?
No, he clearly wasn't tricked.

>Yes but he got that access L would never truly know.
Since he deduced light was a student, it wasn't that hard to guess how. L narrowed in on Light incredibly early on, after which was just him trying to collect conclusive evidence.

If L was Light's friend then why did he want him to be kira?

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It was not friendship, it is just homolust

Thats wierd

Did you forget the time he used it with mao, declaration of independence with cc as bait...etc

>No, he clearly wasn't tricked
L has no way of knowing this.
>sence he deducted that light was a student
If you mean kira he didn't, the pic I showed proved that.
>it wasn't that hard to guess how L narrowed in on Light incredibly early on, after which was just him trying to collect conclusive evidence
L wasn't even sure if Light was kira and he spend most of the series trying to determine if he actually is or isn't kira.

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>no one can say what is good or evil
>i would consider using the death note myself
>Im just like you Light Yagami

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Japknees can't do good detective shows. They all rely on asspulls and silly action.

Even so I could've very much respected his character if he'd stuck with it until the end but the author wanted to be subversive in the dumbest way. Now you can't even call it edgy, it's just pathetic.

1. Light because he can fucks Misa Amane...that girls seems to be a real rude sex.
2. the faggot with red eye
3. Eren..that virgin has mikasa...and she has face of giving a bored sex.

Eren and Lelouch died virgins canonically but did Light ever have sex?

Yes with Matsuda

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Lelouch wasn't a kissless virgin, just a virgin probably, even though he was sleeping next to c.c.
Light moved in with misa, so probably

>shoot Yagami

Oh no bros we did the bad thing

Misa and Light definitely fucked. Light is a manipulator afterall. He knew that Misa would need more than just a little kiss to be his loyal pawn for eternity

Would Light do it if Misa was an old man?

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Light >>>>>both

Eren is a fckn clown that needs no discussion

Lelouch is better but still cant even actually play chess, uses geass in the most retarded ways, and the ending only worked out because of plot (10 years after here gone people will wage war again 100%)

Light is delusional but at least has a brain

He would especially if it were an old man