Girls Und Panzer

Saori...lay off the snacks

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She should eat more.

Didn't you get the memo? The boys like a little bit of fats and bellies now.
see? she's gonna be so popular.

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saori sitting on your lap, her impressive weight noticeably putting pressure on you

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shhh, shhhh, no tears now

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Yukari is cringe. CRINGE.

Someone's been watching GHPC videos.

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good cringe!

"cringe" is redditor faggotry. Stop ruining GuP threads, faggots.

baka at least im supporting floof calm down

DVCEchads, assemble.

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Is Chobiko really reading an /ss/ doujin in public?

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its just fun to imagine miho losing her shit inside the tank.

This kills the user.

A really gritty anime spinoff would be fun, I dunno if it would be best to have a Ribbon Warrior adaption or do something entirely new.

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So far I've seen the first season and some OVAs, and my impression/idea is that the whole playing tanks thing is actually training for proper war that soon will break out, and then it's no longer flag tanks and simulation shots, but dead lolis all over the place. I sure as fuck hope I wont be disappointed. My guess is those movies is when shit will hit the fan.

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That's definitely a popular fan theory, but they never play it up as anything more than a really intense school sport. I wouldn't want GuP to go in an actual war direction but I'd be lying if I didn't think another show doing that couldn't be really cool.

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How gritty are we talking here?

Something's going to be putting pressure on her in return if she keeps sitting there

Swearing and ecchi shower scenes and maybe broken arms from tanks rolling over and stuff, dirt and grime and creaky rusted up tanks with a bit more of a realistic weight and feel to them, but not any gore or death or anything.

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I would impregnate Saori so hard.

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>dead lolis all over the place.

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alright that sounds good

I read that as "putting pressure on her rectum".

a ribbon warrior anime adaption would probably fit the bill for that then

That can be arranged

sexy bunny, is this official

Who do you think mandates that their crew use standard tanker terminology irrespective of the situation? Thinking about the hearing perceptible panic in a teenage girls voice as she yells "GUNNER HEAT TANK and then hearing a muffled yell from the loader kind of makes my dick hard

Shouldnt that be LOADER Sabot? Loader picks the round, gunner aims and fires.

sexy miporin

How can other girls compete?

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The commander is telling the gunner what shell is in the breech. When he wants the loader to index a different round instead of saying fire he'll say fire, fire HEAT/sabot. If the loader is indexing the same round as he just fired he'll just say up, if it's a different one it will be HEAT/sabot up.

Stop bullying her! She’s not fat, she’s plump.

Thanks my mil-spec nigga

oh yeah, i dont believe you so post proof


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>zero (0) Hip posts in the last thread
I am disappoint

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how gay are gup men if she doesnt have a bf

I don't know how long I could last with her sitting on me

No, user. In this world Tanks already obsolete. That's why they teach tankery to the masses. Because it really doesn't matter anymore.

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I wonder what happens to the guys inside after a carousel detonation, are you just plain vaporized or is it still possible there could be identifying chunks left after?

my wife

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GuP itself hinges on the idea that it's not actually about tanks, it's just a sports show. Trying to go for
>but what if it was REAL?
is just missing the point imo

Why is she so fat?

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Tanks for Nothing

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without going too graphic or too off topic, you'd be surprised on the state of what comes crawling out of an exploded tank. has happened within the last few weeks.

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Shhhh, duce is sleeping

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i wish to be her blanket


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jeez I thought I was the only one that likes Saori

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I like her body.

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There’s a lot of her to love

Oh yes indeed.

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I bet she sees Hana eating so much and unknowingly eats more herself. Not like there is any problem with a bit of extra softness if it goes to the right places.

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Are there any examples of classic WWII pinup style posters but with GUP girls it seems like a no brainer for cute art

I still really love my baka wife, but lately I simply can't catch every thread

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fuck off, Yukari

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Ass to mouth with every member of the public morals committee.


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What would a talking plush doll of Saori say?

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rw anime when

it depends on the damage done to the tank. sometimes a crew member will look like he's sleeping, sometimes that only thing you'll find left is a pelvis fused to the seat.

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>ammo detonation
I'm going to go with everyone inside is now mostly mist.

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Erika's face when she lets out an incredibly nasty fart and blames it in Koume.

TL Note:

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I want to give Maho and Miho a new little sibling

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The wani fears the dork

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>another cup of tea for your page 10, milady?

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Post Miho's bear panties

I want to hug this crying Duce and tell her everything is going to be ok

miho and alice's matching pantsu

I don't know how to describe how this image makes me feel.

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it's really cute. i wish more guppy fanart had proportions and styling like the show and less exaggerated.

Incredibly small and flat. Also why does that lunge mine have the Saunders logo on it?

massacre the Chinese

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saunders glow in the darks provide many forces with weapons and stuff if need be. pssshht. I said too much already. I gotta go now.

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here comes the americans, here to job to finns

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Should guppies be made pregnant?

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That's Miho's job.

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Damn DF3 went dark FAST.


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The nishizumi cream pie technique has a 100% success rate

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Even on boys?

Could Miho potentially teach me that technique? Maybe I could borrow her dog Yukari so it's more familiar for her?

GuP men are allergic to desperate girls

in the GuPverse men have completely abandoned women and instead have sex with tonks


This. Planes are much sexier than tanks. Especially if it has either elliptical wings or inverted gullwings.

on a date with duce

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Exactly. Planes are stronger than tanks. If anyone disagrees then how are planes able to carry tanks? More than one even???

*taps head*

Why is she looking at me like this?

Going by that logic gup men should only have sex with ATGMs and MANPADs

No (you) are the ATGM and guppies are the tanks that need to be hit.

Too bad we can only afford microwave pasta for this date

My wife Erika

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has severe autism

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So have I as a kraut. Isnt she great?

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Who is thirstier, Saori or Alisa?

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There was a series of pinup nose art done:

sweet, thanks user

Noriko is love.

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so you're a Norikon

A girl did this to me on high school, she was a bit chubby too. God i miss those days

This is my wife, Maho. She is infertile.

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>She is infertile.

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My Maho wife is NOT infertile

Maybe it's your sperm that's the problem here.

What kind of metabolism does Hana have?

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I'd have to say Alisa. Saori is desperate but I think she'd at least want to know your in it for the long haul with her before she did anything you want. Alisa on the other hand would do anything you wanted if you called her cute while on your first date at WcDolands.

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That's a cute Alisa butt

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I call bullshit on that. Guess I'll have to creampie Maho every night till I prove you wrong.

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And a 1, and a 2, and a 3, and a...

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Imagine the smell

she's milking these cows from the wrong end

She'll probably let pound her ass first without hesitation.

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Alisa is definitely the type of girl who deserves to have her first time be anal.

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Uuuuuooooooohhh ToT


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That's not what the long glove is for.

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Duce dance

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funny, i read a doujin just about that today, unless that's what you're referencing

*is a boy

It wasn't but now I really want to read it.

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Chubby garupan girls are hot!

I like anchovy

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Much appreciated.

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Aki is a big girl now

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Why is she wearing clown shoes?

But Noriko is a girl.

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You only go for vaginal when she stops being such a bitch. Oral is also OK too the first time.

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do you think Alisa gets jealous of Kay when comparing her boob and butt size to Kay's

I want Anchovy to look at me like this after I shoot the most pathetic load ever on her tummy.

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And what a girl.

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My mind was fucking blown the day I realized those sukumizu weren't actually just one piece.

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Is that even a question?

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How big is she exactly?

guppie mogging is great

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POV: your javelin and NLAW teams spot a T-90

Attached: Saori swimsuit seals.jpg (2048x2048, 1.67M)'re a teenager and still wearing a training bra? Come on now. Let's take that off

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i love my seal wife

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Maybe it's addressed to them.

>come home
>open bedroom
>see this
What do?

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360 and walk away