Chi no Wadachi

Chapter 118: Resemblance

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the suffering continues

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why am i even following this series

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to suffer

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Obviously there's no way he's committing suicide now (especially not before meeting Seiko again). The spark's been lit thanks to seeing Fukiishi. He's already having doubts now. He'll make preparations, but he won't follow through. He'd better get over his oneitis, because unless Fukiishii's husband is "waiting" in the grave, that's a closed book.

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>me, age 30 visualized


>middle panel

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what is wrong with oshimi ?

man the story progresses at a snail's pace

You guys told me that she was visiting her dead husband's grave. You guys lied to me

The better question is, what isn't wrong with oshimi?

Unironically a repressed tranny

asexual and aromantic too, right?

Might still be.

So is this gonna end in 5-10 chapters or is the ride only beginning?

I doubt he's gonna kill himself or his mom. Can't really think of an Oshimi manga with a sad ending.

good chapter, the cumulonimbus rising up as he "turns on" again was kino. kinda spooky though, isn't that the same metaphor he used when he got into a fight at school and when he pushed shige? what if he goes full psychopath

random prediction: he kills her kids

Oshimi will rush the series by making MC actually kill himself and that will be the end of the manga so Oshimi can focus solely on Okaeri Alice

this manga is like 30 chapters too many

so suicide?

i kinda wish that this just ends in the next chapter with the MC suicide.
i only keep reading to see what happens but im already getting sick of this suffer fest and just want it to end already

>Can't really think of an Oshimi manga with a sad ending.
Exactly. Literal 0% chance. Only people who think this or people unfamiliar with his works. This is the beginning of the obligatory healing arc.

I think you're right. I thought was a dead giveaway but it's ambiguous and the fact that it's there probably is implying something. Maybe it's more obvious in the Japanese.

he's gonna see mommy mid suicide and decide to kill her instead


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He's married and has kids irl

Same, user. I'm , and that is also how I interpreted it. Ordinarily I would not think anything of it, but the fact it is taking place in a cemetery and is veiled in ambiguity made me raise my eyebrow. I'm just remaining cautiously optimistic as I know how the author operates (see: Flowers of Evil, Drifting Net Cafe, Happiness) - so there is a good chance he will have to "move on" just as Fukiishi has.

But it's also fairly transparent Fukiishi is the reason he will relent on becoming an hero. I ran two scenarios in my head before this chapter:

>He leaves without giving his name (making Fukiishi another "loose end" that will stop his suicide.) We don't learn who she's visiting there. Chances of hubby being dead skyrocket.

>He reveals himself, and the two reconnect. Fukiishi is visiting either or mother or father who (she has forgiven, successfully "returning to life" - prompting Sei to re-evaluate his estranged relationship with his mother and seek closure.

That latter did not happen. but the former did almost impeccably. And because of that, I don't really see the point in their "chance meeting" if it doesn't end with the two of them rekindling their relationship and him being "saved."

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>I don't really see the point in their "chance meeting" if it doesn't end with the two of them rekindling their relationship and him being "saved."
It can also just be to show that he can't be saved. He's truly given up. Though I doubt he's going to kill himself. I don't think he'll ever be happy but I think he'll be able to cope with his trauma and that's the best we can hope for.

It's insane how he can go from this to writing that garbage fire Alice


>that's the best we can hope for.
>He lacks critical information
With or without Fukiishi, Sei will find happiness. That's the unwritten universal rule of all of Oshimi's works. It does not matter how soul crushingly bleak and depressing every step to the end was. The light of happiness is always shining at the very end of the tunnel so long as the characters continue to persevere.

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Do you think her husband is going to be this guy? I remember reading it back in 2020 and noticing that this scene and their kiss really felt out of place in the rest of the manga.

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If he's alive? Not sure, but leaning to "no." He was mostly going after Fukiishi in retaliation of Sei, and Fukiishi expressed no interest in him at all. But more than that, it seems uncharacteristic of Oshimi to keep them together 22 years throughout middle school to present, given how grounded in realism his stories are as far as relationships. Any other mangaka, I'd say it was likely. I would say there is a bigger chance of it being a literalwho.

In the offchance (and I really mean OFF) it *is* him, he will likely be a manipulative and abusive asshole that Sei will "rescue" her from. But I doubt that's the case.

She has a beautiful family. It's great to see her doing well.


This. It's almost impossible to recover from the abuse he suffered without external help.

That argument holds some degree in merit in reality. In this story? Not really.




Schizochads we are back on the tracks, blood is coming!

Nah, no blood is coming. Not even his.


why not

Because he obviously isn't going to kill himself, and isn't going to murder Seiko despite schizofags' wet dreams. He won't do shit.

>Because he obviously isn't going to kill himself,
are we reading the same manga? this kid has been suicidal since the time skip and once his dad died he was like well I guess its time. seeing fukishii is the only thing currently stopping him
>and isn't going to murder Seiko
he better

Can't wait for the author to run the manga into the ground by adding another 50+ chapters instead of ending it in suicide.

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That’s how it starts. The fever.

thats already happening

so her husband died and they're visiting his grave? who the fuck is this nameless ugly bastard? how did she get over osabe so quickly?

>so her husband died and they're visiting his grave?
why do you lot keep saying this?

plot twist: her children's daddy is also her daddy. it doesn't make sense for her to have moved on so quickly.

>how did she get over osabe so quickly?
it's been years. just look how big one of the daughters is. it'd be crazy to not get over someone who dumped you in middle(?) school

oh shit. kino name drop coming

>it doesn't make sense for her to have moved on so quickly.
>so quickly
user its been like 20 years

Wow he’s literally me!

the time skip skipped ahead 23 years what are you niggas smoking that you consider that quick

>it'd be crazy to not get over someone who dumped you in middle(?) school
shhhh user you'll trigger the boku dake fags

>Das it mang

This guy reminds me of this one user who said once that he was already dead, only his body kept gong

worth a read?

or watch

>are we reading the same manga?
Good question, are we? Forgive me, but anyone who unironically thinks this story is going to end with Seiichi killing himself is actually retarded.
>he better
You're reading the wrong manga.

I don't think Seiichi will kill her mother before killing himself, if the mother is ever coming back in the series is gonna be because she need a kidney transplant or some shit and seiichi is going to be her only living relative so she's gonna crawl to him for help.

I hope you're wrong

Imagine not killing yourself because you ran into some used up roastie from high school

middle school

Meh I don't think the mother ever comes back to be honest, she going to remain as an abstract figure in Seichi's mind representing his dark past and traumas.

Wait it's supposed to be his school gf and not his mom?

Damn i'm retarded lmao

>Wait it's supposed to be his school gf and not his mom?

Do the mother/son have the same mental illlness as Nakamura from Aku no Hana? I'm also calling it now son will have a confrontation with the mother at a train station, they will wind up having sex maybe rape. A passing train runs them both over, police arrive and one of them comments on how "There is so much blood on the tracks".

>who the fuck is this nameless ugly bastard?
Doesn't matter, She won't appear in the manga again anyway. It was only a distraction before, he already decided.

Anyone else feel like the art has gotten worse ever since the snowstorm scene? I don't know if it's cause he's doing two series at once or if it's his health

His art peaked during happiness.

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>Anyone else feel like the art has gotten worse ever since the snowstorm scene?
seems the same as its ever been to me.

>when he met her again the sky was dazzling blue
>the sky is black

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Welp. Can't take a slow burn drama without the burn. Dropping this til it's finished. See you in 5-10 chapters. Or 50.

>Or 50

At least we have okaeri Alice

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any indications of how long this will keep on going? his dad is dead and he just met his ex. only his mother is the remaining unaddressed major plot point.

I thought we were close to the end during the trail but i have no idea

are you blind? looks same to me

He chooses to draw things look surreal to illustrate how fucked in the head seiichi is from all his trauma and depression. It's a stylistic choice. Go check out his other current ongoing series Okaeri Alice and you'll see his art is still just as good

When will his suffering end

made me start binge reading this from ur pic
oshimi is truly a genius

That manga keeps making you think it's gonna blow up and then... nothing all that amazing really happens

never dude wants to fuck his mom to death

okaeri alice has a lot of haters but i enjoy it.

I would count suicide as a bittersweet ending for him at this point.

i just want a title drop. i don't care how it gets there

You bastard in one month I'm reaching this stage in life,is this the end ?

Seichi No!

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I stopped reading at the time skip, is it still shit?

it's definitely slow. i'd wait til it's finished to binge it

>I'm also calling it now son will have a confrontation with the mother at a train station,
He's already on his train going back, he won't meet her.

It's literally Yea Forums 's favorite manga

It has never been shit it's a masterpiece

We don't know where she lives now who's to say he doesn't meet her after getting back

Please someone dump the raw chapter 119 when it's going to be released!

It was really good at the start but I lost interest instantly when he pushed his recovering cousin off the hill

dad left seichi her address when he died

All the main sites are dead. Unless someone buys it, don't count on it.

which he burned without reading, so it may be an ironic twist, where he meets her at the place he wants to commit suicide.

ok so he wont kill himself, the question is what will be the thing that stops him from doing it

sorry i'm retarded. i even went back to see if he got an address or a number but didn't look past that

If you want to die at least make sure no hardships come to your loved ones.

Up for you to decide but you need a hard time limit of when you actually need to choose.

No, that's Nagatoro. For reasons forever beyond my comprehension.

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What no sex does to a nigga

bruh who hurt oshimi

he did have sex though


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damn imagine getting married providing for a family but your wife still makes this face about a childhood crush

that said i hope oshimi introduces ntr

i wonder what oshimi’s mom is like

Will he die virgin bros? He should have at least raped his mom.

She's quite sweaty

It's supposed to be hot, she is all in black, pretty sure it's just the temperature getting to her. It's not like she is scared for her children in front of this creep.

This man's about to nut

>damn imagine getting married providing for a family but your wife still makes this face about a childhood crush
That's assuming he's even alive. They're in a cemetary, visiting a grave deliberately withheld from the reader. Without him, mind you. He's "waiting" for them despite ice cream ---> home" being their next destination. Why is he "waiting" for them at home (or anywhere else) and not showing his respects along with his family? Why did Oshimi have Fukiishi randomly say "Dad is waiting for us" (while they're in a cemetary) without actually showing him? I'd say to hide the answer in plain sight from retards

Oh fuck off and read Alice if that's what you want, cuck.

oshimi needs to do a joke manga featuring all the characters from his manga interacting

>literally me

w-what does the cloud mean

likability meter. if he had tripped over her and fallen with his nose on her pussy, it would have tilted upwards instead.

You're overthinking it. They've met at the cemetery because that was the only place he visited. Her having kids and a husband, just means she moved on with her life and is not a "loose end" that will distract him from ending it.

the husband is 100% dead

If MC wasn't such a schizo...he had everything,a girlfriend who loved him,a doting father,a mother,who well,didn't give a shit about him.
Why did you do it MC? Why?

this chapter reminds me of this doujin

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>They've met at the cemetery because that was the only place he visited.
That isn't how (competent) creative writing works. If it were that simple, they could have met literally anywhere beforehand. You do not even have to subscribe to the theory of her husband being dead. But if you do not question *why* Fukiishi is in a cemetery, then you are not a critical reader.

can anyone who reads nip share with us the nuances from the language in this chapter? i feel like we might've missed some context.

never. he only came in his pants.

Raws aren't online anywhere I can find (and I was searching all week.) I almost bit the bullet to buy the chapter digitally, but figured it would be translated by the time I did.

I dropped it at like chapter 38. is it even worth slogging through this shit

No. Don't bother. It's not for you.

or his exes

I'm not a fan because the transexual is a manipulative and dodgy fucker while the fanbase on Yea Forums is certifiably insane, only AoT/SnK threads are that bad

pretty much every character in any oshimi manga messes with the MC. this is nothing new. just treat it like a ride and it should be fine.

now i'd fuck the daughter, not the mother

I feel like the author is crazy enough to have mc at least try to rape her if he so wants.

Kei is nothing but supportive and nice to Yo.

If you were Seiichi would you kys?

Thread theme:

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This man is writing two modern masterpieces at the same time. What a legend


Can't wait for him to start killing people

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Waiting for mommy to ENTER

Sucks that only the first volume of Alice is on nyaa and that Chi no Wadachi hasn't been updated since volume 8


manga aggregator sites user


Widen your google search. It's out there.

Thousand cock stare

Back to r9k with you

Why are women like this?

This thread is interesting because I can tell how many people here haven't read a single Oshimi manga and came over from something like Boy's Abyss.

What zero pussy does to a mf

Sex don't fix mommy issues

Why does boys abyss live rent free in your head ?

What parental issues does to a mf

>tfw 32
It's getting comfier not giving a fuck about meaningless shit.

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Why is the Japanese penal system so fucked up? You can clearly see the boy had extreme mommy issues and was manipulated by his mom. Why not just send him to juvie at best for rehabilitation?

As someone currently reading Boy's Abyss (yet also read most of Oshimi's other works and one-shots) - I can see where you are coming from. But I've also browsed mangakakalot and leddit, and surprisingly some of the takes are even more fucking retarded. I can still find 3 or 4 anons with familiarity with the author's other works and actual critical reading skills here. But between the deluge of "will he fuck his mom", "he will kill the mom", "he will kill X", "he's going to kill himself" - they are too far in between.


>your entire life is a lie
>your mother tried to kill you, stunted your growth as a person, manipulated you with her lies and never loved you
>you kill your own cousin in a nightmarish daydream
>everyone in your town sees you and your family as a pariah
>your own relatives now hates you after you kill your cousin
>all the kids in school hate you
>you lose your sanity as the one thing that made up your entire world (your mother) comes crashing down
>end up a soulless husk after juvenile detention
>end up working a shit job where everyone treats you like shit
>the only person who looks after you (your father) dies, leaving you with nothing because he had to spend his wagecuck salary repaying your relatives for the mistakes of your batshit insane mother and your own murder of your cousin
>your crush from your childhood moves on and has kids with another man, and her daughter is the spitting image of her, making you feel even worse
>mid-30s at this point in time with no hope whatsoever
If I were a japanese male, yes I would unironically kill myself in seiichi's circumstances

If he an heros it will be a great story, really crushing. Will Oshimi do it though

Fuck this semen slurping manga

>Will Oshimi do it though
If you have to ask, you already know the answer.


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Is this thread in auto sage ?


I hope not. Because if so, Janny, please kill yourself at your earliest convenience.