Is Raian stronger than Agito or Wakatsuki?

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those are all fan favourites so Sandwich will never write a scenario where those people fight

dunno about agito but he's def stronger than Waka

Better questiosn who would win
>Waka vs Gaolang
>Rei vs Gaolang
>Akoya vs Muteba
>Eddie vs Kuroki
>Lolong vs Agito
>Akoya vs Okubo
>Raian vs Kuroki
>Ohma vs Agito
>Julius vs Rei
>Akoya vs Gaolang
>Lu Tian vs Okubo

Sandro here. Raian and Ohma are the strongest and coolest.

At this point probably. The Raian wank is something else. Maybe he'll tie with Agito though cause Agito wank is pretty huge too.

>Waka vs Gaolang
Probably Waka
>Rei vs Gaolang
>Akoya vs Muteba
>Eddie vs Kuroki
>Lolong vs Agito
Agito, I think Agito is stronger than omega ohma
>Akoya vs Okubo
>Raian vs Kuroki
>Ohma vs Agito
>Julius vs Rei
>Akoya vs Gaolang
No contest Gaolang
>Lu Tian vs Okubo
Lu Tian

why are you making up all these interesting match ups? You should instead be excited for the new strongest villain character who will totally not lose in his first fight.

Agito and Kuroki are still the undisputed top of the verse. All of you who think Ohma, Raian, Fei or Lmaoong Donaire stands a chance have fallen for the old Sandwich fake hype. Maybe Edward came close and Shen Wulong MIGHT be in the same tier, but I won't hold my breath

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I'm expecting Shen Wulong to die in like 4 chapters.

Why does this series not have a single team fight. And i mean 4 people in the ring team 2x2

because it'd be Ohma and Raian vs Shen and Yan and it'd be the worst fight ever

Raian with intent to kill vs Armored Akoya(with nightstick)

who would win?

How the fuck does Kuroki beat Eddie, are you retarded?

Does Akoya posses a flashlight and does it have full batteries?


Raian vs a spetsnaz squad, who would win?

Raian gets smoked in 5 minutes flat.

Do they have guns?

I'm not convinced Edward isn't top-tier. Him becoming an absolute pillowfist after Erioh's "sacrifice" was such a jarring 180 from manhandling 100% Removal Raian (AND Erioh and the other guy) in base form. Although I understand that Agito and Kuroki are fleshed-out characters with established feats and abilities while Edward existed as just a shiny spectacle to feed to Raian once he served his purpose.

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How would Machio fare in the Kengan matches?

Hassad soon.

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Makes Julius look like Kaneda

bodybuilders don't fight, they are too narcisistic to face the risk of getting a scar on their perfectly carved bodies

Can't wait for the inevitable Gilbert vs Raian fight and for them to become friends somehow

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>Gilbert vs Raian fight and for them to become friends somehow
user, you and I both know Gilbert is going to ragdoll Raian for 3-4 chapters before getting killed in the most anticlimactic way possible.

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I don't know how anyone can call Ohma's fight against Rolon high-diff when THIS is Ohma before Kengan's fighters even left the damn place.

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Yes, also APCs and anti tank weapons.

>Waka vs Gaolang
Waka with difficulty. I would love to see the threads for this fight. Waka and Gaofags are both notorious for their fanboyism.
>Rei vs Gaolang
Close one, kiss Rei stomps but normal Rei it could go either way. People tend to forget Rei's got amazing speed and precision with striking, not just the one rush move. It might rival Gaolang.
>Akoya vs Muteba
>Eddie vs Kuroki
Eddie 's a weird case. I'd say he stomps the verse but after his bizarre sudden loss against Raian Sue I would give it to Kuroki cause Sandro's preference.
>Lolong vs Agito
Agito. I'm not convicted Lolong is a Kuroki-tier fucker, and even Sandro backpedaled on that. I think he could do it without ever using evolve/formless/switch.
>Akoya vs Okubo
Ultimately Okubo's probably too nice and Akoya too brutal. Akoya wins with high difficulty.
>Raian vs Kuroki
>Ohma vs Agito
Sandro's golden boys. No idea.
>Julius vs Rei
Probably Julius. Kiss Rei could maybe knock him with a jaw strike though.
>Akoya vs Gaolang
>Lu Tian vs Okubo
Lu, I like Okubo but this one isn't even close.

Raian wins low difficultyu

Waka got ragdolled by Fei so yeah probably.
Agito's a tougher call. They both got stupid powerful feats and author preference. I vastly prefer Agito though so i'll say him.

You're not makign any sense you said Akoya high diffs Okubo but Okubo stands no chance against Lu tian who got mid diffed by Akoya

>Lu was very likely in a weaker state
>Akoya had armor and weapons
>it slipped my mind because it was such a stupid scene, fuck Sandro's writing

No, I will never consider any supermode abusing twink zoomer (Raian, Ohma, Fei) to be on par with the big boys (Agito, Waka, Kuroki) only exception being the homokino duo Kiryu and Ryuki.

busy sharing shapeshifting techniques with Terashi

lolong was slapping around ohma even after he got serious
That fight mentioned both raian, kuroki, ohma, and fei as the little shit cherry on top, lolong was fucking doomed because it was just sandro making his own dbzfag style tierlist instead of writing an actual fight

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And even the homo duo has to get the fusion and Worm powerups to be in the same league. I predict Kiryuki will be the REAL Connector for Yan's faction (Wulong will get one shot by a rakshasa's from Ryuki a couple chapters into their fight) and Koga will cope and seethe so hard, he'll somehow end up on Tigerman's side. Endgame is Wormed out Kiryuki versus Gu Koga, or the ch 0 fight is just Ryuki shit stomping some Wkrm mook

Based. I've always said that until Kuroki actually loses a fight, none of these faggots are on his level. He will continue to be the king until someone takes his crown, which is never.

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>Better questiosn who would win
>>Waka vs Gaolang
>>Rei vs Gaolang
>>Akoya vs Muteba
Muteba unless Akoya is on duty then he gets a stat buff vs black people.
>>Eddie vs Kuroki
>>Lolong vs Agito
>>Akoya vs Okubo
>>Raian vs Kuroki
leaning towards beard but after the eddie fight who fucking knows
>>Ohma vs Agito
I wanna say Agito but Niko style memes could make the difference
>>Julius vs Rei
>>Akoya vs Gaolang
>>Lu Tian vs Okubo

Why is Wacuck being mentioned? LOL

No chance, Agito at this pointed is super busted. Reminder that Lu Tian in his base form was at least as strong as R3 Agito. Add to that the fact that his Guihan gave him a major speed boost and Julius tier raw strength in tandem with his formless makes him a stupidly strong opponent, likely the strongest on the purgatory side barring Fei. Yet despite all of that Agito beats him in an almost shockingly easy fashion. Lu doesn't even make Agito bleed, and Agito takes Lu out with basically one hit. Raian, is strong, bust he isn't that strong.

not happening, this Raian won't be silly smile troll Raian.
We're talking about a pissed off serious Raian holding a grudge since Erioh's death got to him cause "he's totally a softy on the inside" or some bullshit like that.
Expect Gilbert to be offscrened only to get a panel of Raian with muh serious expression saying
>See? I didn't even have to use removal to kill you this time

Gaolang. Waka has greater lethality with his strength, but I think Gaolang would pick him apart with his significantly greater technical skills.

Gaolang, probably. Similar thing, Rei's speed is crazy but I think Gaolang could manage.

Muteba. Akoya is a solid mid level fighter while Muteba is a lower high tier fighter.

Kuroki. I don't think Kuroki could have handled Raian and the gang, but his one on one capabilities are higher than Eddies.

Agito. It would be tight, but Agito would catch him with the Dragon Shot from a weird angle.

Akoya wins on Schizo power alone. Okubo would have the advantage overall, but Akoya would be far more brutal which would fuck Okubo.


No idea. They are pretty much Kengan's cream with we ignore Kuroki.

Julius. No one who isn't equally a monster can match him.


Lu Tian.

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>Agito would catch him with the Dragon Shot from a weird angle
He just needs to perform leg sweep and land that dragon shot kek

I'm so sad that this smug bastard is gone. Right when we were getting into the meat of his stuff. I know we've got a new Wu in town, but Edward felt special to me. I was so enthralled by the idea of the single personality continuing throughout the ages, but now that line is severed? Idk the last few chapters felt like a hard reset.

Fei was some bullshit you all have to admit.

We'd already seen Lu Tian by that point. Fei was fine, in the grand scheme of things.

Wow I have never heard anyone ask this before, I'm glad user pointed out these matchups

For me the Edward fight sparked a whole new area of Kengan that's led to these top Worm introductions. Nothing anything has done including Kuroki compares to what Edward did before the plot deemed it necessary for him to be stopped.

Just throw technique, form and stats as they were known out the window, here's a guy as big as Edward teleporting around beating up assassin masters and Raian like it's a tuesday with no stated techniques.

I'd believe it and be fine with it but Kuroki needs to show something in light of all the powercreep with stats and superforms. Dying Ohma only just finally fully piecing the Niko Style together managed to maim Kuroki's arm. That was 4 years ago, and we know Kuroki was training after the tournament. One area to emphasize could be his pre-initiative since it was the one thing we saw him showcasing in Omega with Rihito's flashback. It's one of the best tools for dealing with people who otherwise can have insanely better stats.

And to think Akoya is almost as strong as him now...

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how do you go from this...

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Attached: d5i8v01421351.jpg (1676x1168, 527.25K) this?

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He found a new "employer" dipshit.

Lu Tian is STILL powering up his wuwang fist. Just fucking wait.

>Waka vs Gaolang
Close, but I think Omega waka has too much endurance so he should win
>Rei vs Gaolang
Gaolang. Foresight hard counters aimless speed plus Gaolang was keeping up with Medel who on top of having foresight also has pre-Initiative.
>Akoya vs Muteba
Muteba cause Akoya is pretty prone to errors and taunting
>Eddie vs Kuroki
I don't think Kuroki was capable of doing what Eddie was doing before the raian asspull
>Lolong vs Agito
Agito and I don't think he would struggle a lot to be honest. Lolong is a reactionary fighter but current agito doesn't take chances nor does he overextend himself. Plus kuroki already said Agito is stronger at the moment
>Akoya vs Okubo
Likely the closest match here. Akoya is physically stronger with sharper reflexes but Okubo in terms of game plan and match up analysis might be the best fighter after Agito. Dunno who wins here.
>Raian vs Kuroki
Raian is a joke character with a joke fighting style. He wins everything
>Ohma vs Agito
I really think we'll see this in Omega. That being said, Ohma with release falls under the category of superpowered fighters whereas Agito is more down to earth so Ohma
>Julius vs Rei
Mismatch. Julius walks over poor rei
>Akoya vs Gaolang
Gaolang, but honestly with some trouble cause Akoyas reflex are arguably just as good
>Lu Tian vs Okubo
Lu is a monster who exhausted Agito in what seemed like only 5 minutes and almost beat Akoya with armor while injuired.

>aimless speed
This meme again. Rei’s possibly the most precise fighter in the series. Look at his fight with the pain-resistance guy.

>ei’s possibly the most precise fighter in the series.
the Raishin style speed is linear, not dynamic like Kiryu's. It's explained in pic related that if someone notices the charge distance and guesses the landing position, "it's not difficult to counter". It's why Saw Paing almost decked Rei despite being miles slower

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>Waka vs Gaolang
Waka wins, but it's closer than most retards in the fandom would think.
>Rei vs Gaolang
Probably Rei, people don't rate him because he's cringe but Kuroki almost got got by him.
>Akoya vs Muteba
Goes down similar to Muteba vs Meguro, Muteba probably gets chomped on and then kills murdercop.
>Eddie vs Kuroki
Considering Eddie literally has no martial arts and is just a big ball of stats Kuroki should theoretically take this. Eddie's powerlevel is all over the place though so it could go either way.
>Lolong vs Agito
Agito, does everything Lolong does but better.
>Akoya vs Okubo
Probably one of the closest fights ever if it happens, I'd take Okubo 60/40.
>Raian vs Kuroki
Kurko outlasts his removal and goes for the kill.
>Ohma vs Agito
When people talk about this I just pick the one I like more in the moment. I hate Ohma's personality now so Agito.
>Julius vs Rei
Rei plays with him, sorry Juliusfags
>Akoya vs Gaolang
Gaolang embarrasses him
>Lu Tian vs Okubo
Okubo loses harder than he did to Agito

I don't understand how people can read Kiryu vs. Kuroki and not think Kiryu was one of the strongest fighters during Asura.

Yes. Defeating Eddie proved it. "you were too strong" was so surreal because it was the polar opposite of what was presented to us. Raian inexplicably got stronger for that fight in a vacuum and that's all there is to it

It would be tough, as Eddie is dead.

Some people tend to disregard the juice of the fights and go straight to outcomes and thus jump to conclusions about arbitrary tierings

>it's not difficult to counter
>in theory

Healthy Lu > Okubo > Jobber disease Lu

>julius vs cosmo

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Mind you this is boosted rei, regular reis speed was never shown to be an issue for upper level fighters

>Fei vs Lolong
>Akoya vs Naidan
>Wakatsuki vs Lu Tian
>Liu vs Okubo
>Nitoku vs Cosmo
>Raian vs Agito
>Kuroki vs Ohma
>Misasa vs Gaolang
>Jurota vs Hatsumi
>Julius vs Kiryu

Who you got?

Why was grandpa sasuke shock at kurokis style? Didnt kuroki killed his son?

I can't find the chapter where the schizo squad kills worm members and it feels like the internet is trying to reject the existence of Flashlight4K

Because their base clan style is shit and is more suited for weapons. Rei single handedly completely evolved it into a proper hand to hand style although it still has very glaring problems which we saw multiple characters point out .

Should I read this manga? I'm in the mood for martial arts shit.

Read Kengan Ashura for kino.
Read Kengan Omega for clownery.

Same as Fei vs Waka tbdesu

>Fei vs Lolong
Fei stomps, Lolong's only hope is cutting him with an elbow.
>Akoya vs Naidan
Naidan was playing with Ryuki while Akoya was struggling, Naidan wins.
>Wakatsuki vs Lu Tian
Lu wins if he doesn't hulk out, if he gets tagged and goes ape mode Waka wins.
>Liu vs Okubo
Probably Liu, if we go by what was said Nitoku>Okubo
>Nitoku vs Cosmo
Le prodigy wins
>Raian vs Agito
Agito chokes him out
>Kuroki vs Ohma
Ohma, sadly
>Misasa vs Gaolang
Misasa probably, not enough to go off of
>Jurota vs Hatsumi
Jurota flings him
>Julius vs Kiryu
Kiryu flame katas around him and wears him down with Rakshasa's Palm before going for the kill with True Rakshasa's Palm.

Read Asura for a very fun and enjoyable tournament.
Read Omega if you like martial arts but want something more plot/mystery driven with clear antagonists. Omega has been in a bad spot for a while but things are hopefully looking up.

He specifically calls out the Raishin style's charging attacks here. His more precise strikes he used against Saw Paing after he realized that charging him was suicide showed off his precision and ability to aim for weak points.

>Is Raian stronger than...Wakatsuki
Yes, definitely.
>But muh blast core-
No, no it's much simpler than that. You see, Sandro REALLY likes Raian. Just think of him as a Marvel X-Men mutant. I mean yes, the Kures technically are all basically that but I mean this man ripped a nigga in half, I don't think anyone would reasonably argue WAKATSUKI could do that in the Ashura era.
I'm not sure, actually. I think Sandro likes him quite a lot too. Lu Tian was some serious shit.

>Waka vs Gaolang
It's close. Gaolang's technique was polished enough to impress Kuroki, but Blast Core is a really nice ace in the hole to have in an endurance match. I'd tentatively give it to Waka but I wouldn't be surprised if it results in a draw either.
>Rei vs Gaolang
Rei. Gaolang's a good boxer, but good boxing doesn't really account for basically superhuman martial arts that get all up in your blind spot
>Akoya vs Muteba
In Ashura I would've said it was close. After defeating Lu Tian? Definitely Akoya. If nothing else Muteba doesn't have the stomach for a close fight, and will throw in the towel rather than take serious damage that could interfere with his work
>Eddie vs Kuroki
Eddie's an actual fucking beast. Raianwank aside the Kures actually had to fucking assassinate a man for once and probably should've brought Fusui with her sniper rifle and mini-Removal eyes too for good measure. And while Sandro uses Kuroki as a powerlevel dickmeasuring stick I don't get the feeling he's one of his golden boys. He took significant damage in Ashura from people with less wank than what Eddie showed, and Eddie was only really defeated by Raian suddenly becoming strong enough to win out of nowhere.

>Lolong vs Agito
You were awesome, Lolong. Top 5 Purg men to fight Agito for sure. You've forced me to admit that Purgatory is, indeed, strong especially when fighting under Purg rules where he can win by having Agito accidentally beat him into the ground too hard. But I'm sorry, your match with the Beard was a lot less impressive than we were all lead to believe and Agito actually damaged a less green Kuroki before improving further. Agito takes this.
>Akoya vs Okubo
I like Okubo dammit, but while he has a lot of advantages whatever Kiryu says Lu Tian proves that schizo strength is no joke. On the other hand, it can also be a potential weakness as Cosmo showed. 60/40 on Okubo mostly because I can see Okubo just fucking with Akoya to make him reckless.
>Raian vs Kuroki
Raian wins. I wish with all my heart he didn't, but Sandro's love for him is too strong, he's already established Kuroki CAN be whittled down and Raian's started using techniques as well as his goddamn built-different physiology.
>Ohma vs Agito
This is tricky. Ohma is Sandro's special boy, but he likes Agito a lot too. To extend Kuroki's "perfect spears" line, I would tentatively say Agito because notionally Ohma is still held back by a weak heart and in theory Formless MIGHT be able to counter Niko-Kure bullshit somehow just long enough to make use of Agito's reach advantage.
>Julius vs Rei
Techniques are hella gay and whatever he says, Julius has started to use them. Rei was rattled by Saw Paing's weird fucking skeleton. I'm not saying it's impossible for him to win, but I'd still put good odds on Julius.
>Akoya vs Gaolang
Gaolang has the reach, build and technique to whittle down schizo strength. All of Akoya's seething won't do much good while he's getting punched in the face.
>Lu Tian vs Okubo
Lu's an actual monster, he was just pitted up against an even more unfair one. He takes Okubo apart.

Powerlevel fag thread
Ban everyone here to improve kengan threads drastically

I can't fap to Omega's Nikaido

Flexes hard enough to go back in time. Gets his opponent even buffer. Goes forward in time again. Forfeits on the basis that he's not an actual fighter and there's clearly been some kind of mixup.

>Fei vs Lolong
Fei rips him apart.
>Akoya vs Naidan
Naidan is a more well-adjusted schizo AND a bull-hauling freak. He takes this. Assuming he doesn't see something in Akoya he likes enough to die by his hand, I mean.
>Wakatsuki vs Lu Tian
Like the other user said, Lu wins if he doesn't go ape mode.
>Nitoku vs Cosmo
Cosmo can grapple and do things that aren't throws. As a pure technician Nitoku not only has a narrower skillset but is committed to winning on pure judo. And probably still hung up on Masaki. Cosmo takes this while Nitoku is desperately wishing he was being thrown to the ground by "Boy M"
>Raian vs Agito
This is tricky for the same reason Ohma vs Agito is. I want to believe Agito chokes him out but after the fucking Eddie fight where the other characters specifically point out he was getting dumpstered until his second wind, I'd put 60-40 odds that out of fucking where Raian just hulks out, bits on Agito hard enough to crack bone and takes him to Elbow City.
>Kuroki vs Ohma
Ohma wins even with his newly limited time for using Removal, and I hate that. Actually using Niko and Kure techniques instead of Removal is probably to his advantage given Removal still takes a massive toll.
>Misasa vs Gaolang
Data too limited. I think it would be a close match though, since Gaolang can adjust to skill monkeys and Misasa's no slouch at thinking outside the box. Very VERY slight advantage to Gaolang on the basis of both being huge and nimble.
>Jurota vs Hatsumi
Jurota flings him.
>Julius vs Kiryu
Yeah, flame kata and palm takes it.

Years of not being able to fuck your sister make a man let himself go.

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>Cosmo can grapple and do things that aren't throws. As a pure technician Nitoku not only has a narrower skillset but is committed to winning on pure judo. And probably still hung up on Masaki. Cosmo takes this while Nitoku is desperately wishing he was being thrown to the ground by "Boy M"
You're thinking of Jurota. This guy.

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I'm not saying anyone, nor I, cares about Katsumasa in particular, but this panel is such a perfect summation of how Sandwich treats antagonists in this series.

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>Villain is in an advantageous position
Normally this would be a set up but in kengan is a deathflag and it fucking sucks

I'm starting to suspect all the villains are copies of people Sandro hates in his life, suffering for his amusement. Maybe he got bumped into by a huge blonde Chad in a bar once, and it inspired him to have his own blonde boy beat the shit out of him.

Lu Tian

Fei with a bit more difficulty than it took Ohma
Probably Akoya now
Lu. Formless would still fuck Waka up
Probably still Kuroki
Kiryu. He's basically a hard counter for Julius

We know Agito stomps Lolong
but what about Ohma vs Lu Tian?

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super transformations like advance/removal/fallen demon etc are the worst part of kengan

>Lolong was hyped up forever, loses to a major character pretty easy and isn't seen the very next chapter
Whole fandom loses its shit
>Sukune was hyped rorever, loses to a major character pretty easy and isn't seen the very next chapter
Whole fandom is extatic

What went wrong/right?

>Idemitsus bow to the Narushima.
>in contact with worms.
>rumored to posess jobber aura.
>controls Kengan with a eye fist.
>owned dojos and hospitals all over Japan.
>direct descendant of the ancient royal fighter bloodline.
>in the process of terraforming Mars for Idemitsus joy.
>owns basically every secret worm facility on earth.
>first cyberbrain Wu Hei babies will be Narushima babies.
>both fists said to have 400+ punches per minute.
>ancient Chinese scriptures tell of one martial arts prodigy who will descend upon the earth and will bring a era of enlightment and unprecedented HOWEVERs with him.
>This is Narushima Koga.

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Lolong was the third guy in a row to go down in a weird way and was in almost every chapter of an already lackluster arc, not to mention Ohma bringing out not one but two of the most offensive pages in the series so far
I'm pretty sure the breaks and the possibility of Jack getting his ribs grabbed like a fucking straw wrapper concerned baki readers more than some fat fuck

I want to cum in young lolong so fucking badly

Attached: koga grande.png (1095x985, 895.55K)

People like Jack and he'd been sorely needing a win as payoff for all of his hard work, determination, and self-destruction. He's had some of the most exciting fights in the series even when losing, so people actually care when he wins. In contrast, Ohma shouldn't even be alive. No one with at least half a brain cares about Ohma at this point. His arc had been completed and he has spent all of Omega just being a calm, rational guy in the peanut gallery with no real chemistry with anyone on the team. Compare this to Jack who is still a bombastic force of personality with an ongoing character arc. He's been built up for ages whereas Ohma already reached his conclusion but was forced back into the manga.
The overall quality of Omega post-chapter 50 is much lower than Baki and the Kengan v. Purgatory tournament was full of legitimately badly written fights, so it's also a matter of bad fight fatigue.

Seriously who gets off to this shit except for redditors who need to fuck off DBZ/OPM threads
You know who is the strongest? The fucking writer can make the fights go literally either way because one of the guys accidentally backed up into a cracked hole in the ground and twisted his ankle

You're reading a fighting manga for children btw.

Sukune was properly hyped and looked like a threat while all we got for Lolong is a bunch of people going "h-he's strong!" over and over again with no substance.
Also-and this is the important part-the Jack vs Sukune fight was actually good.

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They edited this chapter for the tankobon, you have the old version

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Can anyone in Kengan beat someone but also not be stronger than them?

additionally, there wasn't a crumb of exciting motivation in the fight itself
lolong is fighting because ... We don't know
ohma is just there and coasting off the fumes of ashura plus his gay shit with sandro's other favorite
There could have easily been something decent with lolong fighting to at least try to make up for purgatory's losses plus liu losing almost all his friends in one day, or ohma having a genuine do-over after blowing his heart out, but then there was just nothing in the actual fight
The only real bit of emotion was when lolong got visibly upset and started spamming 12-6 elbows after ohma just bullshitted his way through every single move

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Cosmo and Akoya during KAT

Cosmo and Adam too

Cosmo the champ

Ohma beating Raian in Ashura

Kure tradition my ass

Attached: copy.jpg (847x305, 144.81K)

So forced submissions = weaker like we are setting "stronger" as overall muscle capacity or something?

More like in most cases Akoya or Adam would've won but Cosmo won this one fight by clutching the win

Akoya would have won if he didn't waste time torturing Cosmo. He was the overall stronger fighter during their fight

unga vs techniques
human pitbull that wasted time torturing cosmo instead of actually trying to winning, would have probably won if he didn't get distracted by the side quest of eating cosmo

I said look at his fight with pain-resistance guy. I don't know why people meme the linear move as being the only thing he does. It's like they forget this fight, and most of the Saw Paing fight. He just uses the charge move for a quick no-kill end, and in the case of Kuroki it was his best bet because nothing else but a surprise super charge faster than Kuroki calculated would've worked. But Rei's a full-on monster.

Attached: 1630330124191.jpg (869x1234, 269.89K)

It's a fighting manga. You either discuss fighting stuff or the plot, and the plot is hot garbage right now.

One, you're confusing Nitoku with Jurota. Two, Jurota would absolutely wreck that twink, fuck off outta here.

Where do you utter retards come from? Do you think you look clever or intelligent by being contrarian? You look like idiots who want to be perceived as smart.

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My favorite character could win because he is cool and I like him :)

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Everything on this page creates perfect seethe.

I've seen the exact same cookie cutter prompts for years (LE AGITO VS RAIAN!??!?!), hopefully someone just compiles a list of the responses to every matchup so any autist who needs their fix can just look it up

Cosmo literally passed out in the Akoya match and the dumbass woke him up just to continue torturing him

ashura for peak manga
omega for mariana trench manga

people were talking about hopes for characters/plotlines and it all went up in smoke after lu came back just to get murdered

Kek true

It's a little weird how essentially "luck" made him win. I don't like how luck should even be counted. I get that if they fought 9 more times they'd probably destroy Cosmo by not fucking around or being bullheaded dumbasses but in a real death match, the lucky "weak" guy can win all the same. Then there's no "next time I won't be stupid! I'd so obviously win on all accounts". If anything, being stupid or having a crippling torture boner should be an extreme weakness when faced with an opponent who only needs a split second to crawl one of his arms or legs around your neck to choke you out.
tl;dr Cosmo is actually stronger than both of them at the respective encounters.

Fei cause obviously
Naidan, Akoya's biggest boon is his defense/reaction which won't matter as much against high level grappling
Lu I guess cause lolformless
Liu vs Okubo could go either way, to hard to say
Cosmo cause natural talent and just more consistent time in the ring
Gaolong, he seems to just be the overall more skilled fighter
Jurota, SWING
Kiryu I guess. The rakashan techniques can put in opponent down immediately so with his heightened reactions from FD Kiryu should be able to drag the fight out and end with 1 or 2 good hits.

I was genuinely hopeful about seeing some characters again and now I'd rather they just stayed safe in the job dimension
not too delighted about seeing the same old characters again and again while the new ones get flashlighted

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Yeah same.

Hi Sandwich!

It's the most reddit topic imaginable

No, you're just a complete mongoloid.

Would would win? 236216922 (rage boost) or 236216860 (2 Year TS)

>Speculation about who is the better fighter in a FIGHTING manga about FIGHTING is bad
Like I said, complete mongoloid.

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>warm up to Terashi after his horrible fight that locked up all the fun parts of Okubo's fight
>he shows up again
>spares Nic but the whole confrontation is over in 2 pages
I got double monkey pawed

Post the leddit coloring chocolate flavored one

I don't have it

what I really want to know is how Nic's doing two years after having the schizo meltdown of his life.

reminder that JK lolong taught "high level" worm combatants

Sounds like 236217099 (oil bonus) won

If someone way younger than me was my instructor and pushing my shit in I’d be pretty mad too

>Lu Tian

Was Akoya killing Lu in 5 page sthe worst thing in Omega?

I honestly don't get why omega has taken the turn that it did. the only reasons I can think of are
>editor change affected how leashed sandaro's shitty story choices are. and he could have been more held back in ashura
>sandwich literally went insane durring lockdown
>sandwich decided to make this into more of a parody manga like one punch man or magic and muscle
>story self sabotage?

It's literally a fighting manga, its the only thing that matters, kil yourself.
The plot has been dogshit in Omega