ITT: 10/10 endings

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Tomino the God

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> literally Watchmen but played straight AKA without the part that made it good, the fact that Ozymandias did it all for nothing because Rorschach already sent the journal.
I’ll pass thanks

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I'd be pissed you just spoiled it, but I know I'd never finish this trash

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How do you feel about DSOD?

You know, if you were going to complain that the Zero Requiem wasn't fully successful, maybe you should watch the movies that state that the Zero Requiem wasn't fully successful.

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I liked it for the most part
The story is kinda meh and so is the main villain but i enjoyed it

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Nunnally screaming always took me out of it and made laugh.
I couldn't take her VA's cries of despair seriously. This was pure comedy


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>Random cosmic entity decides it doesn't like that your species exists, so conducts simultaneous falseflag operations on you and a different alien species, then falsifies evidence to make you each believe the other started it
>It then inserts itself into your war as a superweapon to escalate the conflict to a matter of extinction or genocide, ultimately eradicating all of both members of your species in hellfire
>It then blames this on you
Ideon will never not fuck with my head

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This was great.

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a decade ago on a random board i remember telling someone that code geass was known to have one of the best anime endings and then someone responded by calling me a retarded casual and it made me feel bad

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Good read

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Those smiles from the audience are psychotic.

I mean, he wasn't wrong

retarded casual

It's OK, but Kaiba carries it hard. Madlad summons a God because "fuck you" and then literally goes to the afterlife to challenge his rival.

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its the will of the ide
the emergence of the ideon is a test of character for all species engaged in interstellar warfare. If you and your enemy can realize whete its all heading and manage a ceasefire, the infinite power of the ideon could be used to build shit like dyson spheres and asteroid blenders that could solve all non-ideological problems. if it just keeps getting pursued and used as a tool of mass slaughter then mass slaughter is all you get and life in the cosmos gets reset once more.
its sort of the antithesis to gundam, the logical end point, billions of newtype force ghosts start playing god and rolling the dice over and over until beings that can resist the temptations of war eventually evolve and only they get to reap the full benefits of infinite magic space powers

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Does anybody have that edit of Ohgi's marriage picture with Suzaku replacing Ohgi and Lelouch replacing Viletta?

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Anything anime endiing made by tomino is a 10/10. He is the father of godly endings.

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I love abrupt endings

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Nah, he's right. Code Geass is fucking retarded.

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This series was brutal.

Literally the most cringe ending I've ever seen.
Even worse than Attack on Titan.

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What are your favorite bittersweet endings?
Full on suffering endings don't feel complete

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Yeah this one. The last 4 volumes or so were absolutely great and unexpected.

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I didn't really liked SG;0 adaptation but I must admit their original epilogue was kino.

Post the next page, made me cry...

Anime of the year

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Was waiting

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Puppet Kino

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Was just about to post this. Gunbuster and Diebuster have literally the best, and second best endings I've ever seen in any anime and I've been watching this shit for over 20 years.

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smiley vamp best girl

I still believe this is the only time in mainline where the "federation" actually stood their ground fighting instead of running away or doing nothing like fucking pussies.

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This one is definitely my favorite. The whole story is pretty bittersweet

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Get it? Lolz it's a parody depressed manga because it's her dad actually recording his dying daughter LOLS I SURE GOT YOU GUYS. I BET YOU THOUGHT IT WAS LOLI HENTAI!

Nonsense, they're rich!

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Ideon is a retarded series

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>"I'm is a retarded brainlit"


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they sold their life and only have 3 days left

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The first Gundam anime is about the Federation turning the tide of war and going on the offensive against Zeon.

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One of the GOATs

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And essentially just relying on Amuro and white base while just doing nothing to help them until the end at a boa quo where they still just lay back and let Amuro and crew beat most of Zeon.

Terra e

In comparison to Victory where all the old guys actually stay behind and join the battle to make sure angel halo is stopped.

That's a good one

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How did you get filtered this hard? Once the Federation had the computer data from the Gundam, the White Base stopped being vital to the war effort. The Federation used them as a distraction to keep Zeon's specialist forces occupied, while the real war effort was going on all around them. It was cruel and heartless, but that was part of the point - Amuro stopped mattering to altering the outcome of the war, and all that really mattered at that point were the individuals around him caught up in the violence.

Why has no one published the goat ending yet?

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you held out your small hand...

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wtf, this happens? king of games faggot returns to his crypt or some shit?

I already miss it.

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position zero

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retard, the part that made it good was when blue atom guy said >"it never ends..." or something cool to that effect.

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F Chadtem...

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My boy gave his all...

Literally the first thought that pops into my head every time I see this page is "wipe those smiles off your fucking faces"

KEK He's the crypt keeper of card games

In the final episodes the White Base wasn't even with the main Federation fleet which were considered by Zeon to be the primary threat.
Stick to A/Z.

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the full story: a prophecy states the pharaoh will never return until a proper defeat. yugi decides to challenge atem, who is not holding back and summons all 3 god cards at the same time, simultaneously accepting to depart from atem knowing he'll go back if he wins and confirming that he has grown as a duelist apart from atem.

Why was The Ide such a dick

>"it never ends..."
Which is a theme code gayass doesn't understand, the world doesn't just fix itself because a manufactured boogy man constructs a self assassination.

Remember how the only good thing about zeta Gundam was the ending?
Man, Zeta Gundam sucks ass.

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Just curious, for what purpose do you think Suzaku as Zero serves in this new world that has magically fixed itself with Lelouch's death??

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>Remember how the only good thing about zeta Gundam was the ending?
No. i don't. Because zeta is actually a flawed masterpiece with pacing issues & some of the best & most complex cast of characters in all of anime. So no it doesn't suck i'm curious as to how anyone can get filtered by it.

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Same way you (likely) got filtered by a flawless masterpiece TURN A GUNDAM

Very good read.

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Except turn a is close to being one of my fave series from the franchise. Unlike some dumb faggots i love & enjoy different shades of tomino shit. Kiss me & dianna's ass.

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The best.

That feeling when you lose and have to settle for the shapely waifu that's madly in love with you.

I only watched the anime but I fully agree with this. It was very satisfying.

I see too many bittersweet endings time for a happy one.

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I never expected my crackship to turn canon. What a masterpiece.

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You nailed it, annon. The ide is an ideological test. Tomino wants you to reflect on the "necessity" of war.

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Schizo manga at its finest.

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Plow Lunaly and give her tons of kids.

Always shed a tear at this one, cheers.

i wonder how loran is enjoying it at their eloped love cabin.

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Almost everything by Abe Youich
>Sore wa Tada no Senpai no Chinko
>Shin Chimoguri Ringo to Kingyobachi Otoko
>Daidai wa, Hantoumei ni Nidone suru
>Vanilla Spider
Also Sumire 16 Sai

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I always felt like this was bittersweet due to how open it was
He saved her, but she will never remember those 3 weeks they spent together

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Yep can't argue with that one.

You've got to be kidding me.
>That unsatisfying conclusion to the stalker arc
>That unnecessary school play/other time traveler arc
>MC doesn't actually learn any lesson about accepting wife's past
I really enjoyed the beginning of this series, but it just kept getting worse and worse after they went to the study camp. It deserved the axe way sooner

Not canon

Nothing lasts
It's for the best
I won't stay here
I won't stay there
Cause now I'm happy
For you have changed me
I am so thankful
No longer hateful

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Pls no

Revue starlight's ending was better done than 3.0 +1.0

So did she survive or die?


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Yep, it was even better than the manga

Truly a bold way to end the series

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>actually a flawed masterpiece with pacing issues & some of the best & most complex cast of characters in all of anime.
This but with g-reco


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I think almost no one in Yea Forums watched it, but the movie was very damn good

Man what the fuck was he even thinking with this boat arc nonsense. Just end it and start a new series if you want to do this shit that has nothing to do with anything.

My speedreader kun, I don't understand how can you post that scene and still don't remember that in that very damn same moment, Kurisu remembers how Okabe called her on those 3 weeks.
Revealing an important plot point that everyone had Reading Steiner, Okabe's was just stronger.

>Watched this
>Got a job
>8 years later probably more depressed
Work is slavery. Nippon has fooled me again.

explain why their relationship is "stagnant" in DaSH then

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There's your answer user

This has got to be one of the most hard-earned happy endings I know.


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what is this, i dont read moon runes

>and start a new series
I don't think Togashi wants to keep drawing manga anymore, if he ever comes back to draw HxH it will be just to give it an end so he can retire from drawing manga.


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>This but with g-reco
I'm Looking forward to G-reco than.

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We all knew it would happen but didnt want it to. Like an accident in slow motion

Not bad but Brotherhoods/manga ending is better imo

Probably not too well considering queen Diana went there to die peacefully

But that aside, what do we all think about best girl jobbing continuously?

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Haibane Renmei
Watch the dvd rips as the bluray blurs everything too much.

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Easily the best last page ever

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If that's the case if & when dianna passes away loran will have to go back to sochi

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I watched it. It was alright but didn't get enough time to really build up my investment in the characters like the show did, and the way everyone just comes back after that heart wrenching 'we're past the golden years at this company' scene really rubbed me the wrong way.

Dunno why people get so mad at this. It's a good ending.

Would have been better if we would have seen that dude traveling to the Bear.
As is, it comes really out of nowhere and feels janky.

They ballparked this ending, so good

You too, huh felix?

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You are retarded, that exactly why it works and what makes it great

Atem cannot be set free unless he loses
Yugi defeats him in a fair duel, atem is set free, yugi becomes the OH!

No, thats what makes it feel hacky.
The last we see of him, he's immobilized and basically destroyed and under massive amounts of observation.
He's a Hannibal character, the difference is that we see Hannibal's escapes and how they work, which justifies them to the audience. In Pluto, we never see that. So it comes off poorly.

Dragon ball GT has the perfect ending

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Well, time to rewatch LotGH

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one of the only anime’s that have got me reduced to tears

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This just gets me mad when would Kaiji get real friends?

Filtered by autism kino

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>summons all 3 god cards at the same time
Anime shit

So fucking good. That line too.

Your welcome

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Space Dandy had the perfect ending. I do not understand why people want a season 3.

One of my favorite last chapters

Anima's reaction here always makes me laugh. The page of everyone holding the toys makes me cry.

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Personally, I preferred the lower stakes conflict and bittersweet ending of 03, but I don't begrudge anyone who prefers the manga/brotherhood.

I still think it's hilarious they ended on a gag of him getting run over.

I enjoy the fuck out of everything from this franchise, but I can't deny it. I don't think this will be topped as an ending.

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I really hope Shingo Natsume doesn't fuck the sequel up like he did with Sonny Boy

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>most complex cast of characters in all of anime
this nigga joined space IRA because he skipped a judo class

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Because its very good and the episodic nature allowed for a lot of exploration.

It is crazy how terrible of a character Lalah is but its a product of her time I guess.

I didn't care much for the rest of it but banana's episode blew my mind

The series had amazing 11/10 ending.
Then Rebellion shits on it with it's trashy otaku-pandering bullshit.

Attached: __kaname_madoka_and_ultimate_madoka_mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica_drawn_by_say_hana__4479da2db70e3f6794102aac7497e280.jpg (1032x590, 80.82K)

That's like saying the una bomber became a terrorist because someone built a house near his

I've read his manifesto and that's basically his point of view

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literally finished this today, hard agree

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Don't forget the woman who defected and gassed a colony because she didn't get enough dick.

The ending of tasogare otome and uta mask of truth

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Is this Dragonball?

Attached: AIE.png (363x551, 185.21K)

While not much of a fan of the last stretch of chapters, this was a great and deserved finale for the main characters.

leaving this world isn't as scary as it sounds


Attached: Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai - Vol.16 Ch.81 - Yugami-kun Doesn't Have Any Friends_ - 38.png (764x1200, 152.48K)

Attached: TGend.png (731x860, 868.82K)

Attached: 5-o.jpg (799x1200, 391.92K)

"I am of smart since i like cartoon with retarded ideologies"

Attached: M26_C481_Kimochi_Warui.jpg (851x480, 157.77K)

Attached: 143abd0a-dbb1-4fa4-ad90-03b0d975d8a5.jpg (806x1200, 343.9K)

The slow music makes me nod stoically all the time. I mean yeah it's emotionally but I'm not about to cry or anything. I'm not gonna get caught up in their sacrifice, Kimiko looking up at the sky briefly and the slow build up to humanity's fate as Noriko and Kazumi look on in awe and triumph as each dot of light slowly illuminates and they thank gunbuster before heading home. ...yep. Don't tear up or anything. ;_;

Attached: Gunbuster.EP6v2 (720p.Hi10p.AC3)[161FDB0D].mkv_snapshot_26.22_[2022.02.17_05.12.45].jpg (952x716, 120.32K)

I wish it didn't end so quick

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I wish more people watched Logos.

Attached: Aquarion Logos - 26 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.58_[2018.12.25_18.30.18].jpg (1280x720, 145.16K)

Gun X Sword had a great ending.

Attached: Gun x Sword - Episode 26 [English Sub] [Dual-Audio] [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.51_[2019.10.27_07.19.42].jpg (1280x720, 50.29K)

Attached: v20_266.jpg (1107x1600, 564.11K)

Based, as much as I like the ridiculously optimistic :re ending, there's something about this one that's just perfect.

Only self-inserters and marifags hate it.

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Hellstar Remina, you know they were all going to die eventually but the spark of hope it gave was still touching

I like the Re ending too but when TG ended it felt like a punch in the gut and a sigh of relief all in one. Even though it happened a while ago I still remember where I was when the chapter came out

The show was good but the movie was fantastic

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Manga version of the duel was shit.

>Yea Forums'S GIRL
She won

Attached: yotsuba win get 4444.jpg (3528x3083, 3.54M)

I was there, good day Nino a shit

Attached: im-a-hero.jpg (700x492, 152.68K)

What's the sauce for the top right?

There's no way this won't have a sequel.

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>Watch the dvd rips as the bluray blurs everything too much.

Early 2000s digital animation is a bit of a cunt to remaster wasn't it.

best ending dont @ me

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don't know what this is but looks based

The oath was kept.

Attached: GaoGaiGar FINAL- OVA 08 [Blu-ray Hi10P 1080p][x264-AAC].mkv_snapshot_51.04_[2022.04.04_02.57.21].jpg (1440x1080, 193.23K)

doot doot

>white chad kills subhuman jap lecher

Primary Colors still fucks my shit

Attached: List_of_Digimon_Tamers_episodes_51.jpg (640x480, 94.46K)

MC suddenly turning into Kenshiro was 11/10.

AOTY 2020

Attached: 01 - The Crushers-00:04:02.930.png (1920x1080, 2.79M)

Why did it rain frogs?

witch shit


cuz she's a fuckin witch

loved the ending to this series

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Too bad about karakuri circus though.

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Attached: Phantom - 26 - Large 44a.jpg (1280x720, 62.64K)

What is this and what is happening.


Attached: image_2022-04-04_093352310.png (603x396, 248.45K)

honey and clover my nigga

This. Ordinary grief in extraordinary stories always hits hard.

Peak kino

one out's was good
Wish they finished the anime

I hate it I hate it I hate it, I love it

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This. Bittersweet but very fulfilling.
Having the complete ending only in the volume release was a shame; the editorial department really didn't have any respect for their biggest hit in decades.

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Can't say it's a good read, but at least it had a happy ending huh? Did the bullies get BTFO?

>subversion is... LE GOOD!

>is... LE
Fuck off back to Yea Forums.

Oh shit, did you just post my waifu?

this was the perfect ending for kengan asura. forget omega retroactively destroying it.

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yeah agreed, we can act like the second half of omega isn't real

Man, Mari was so fucking close to winning. I'm so goddamn sad.

No, you're just shit at the game

Is that even subversion? A tale of revenge ultimately leading to self destruction is pretty expected in certain angles. I'm still furious though. Cheerio.

>Anime shit
say that to my opponents on master duel that last 5 minutes summoning all kind of different shits in one turn

It wasn't self-destruction though. It was just sudden death out of nowhere.

>Pick a fight with guys who can and will kill you
>Out of nowhere
It was sudden but it was hardly out of nowhere.

Happiness' ending. Why can't he visits his mom and Shogo more often bros ;_;

Attached: happiness ending.jpg (1740x1248, 647.87K)

>the author actually taunts the reader about Masaru x Shirogane
my blood boils when reading it

I honest to god can't remember how this ended. He and his vamp bitch were in jars for years or something and then they escaped and lived happily ever after or something, right?

same, I might just go and reread it

Sumire 16 Sai!!

Attached: sumire.jpg (728x1093, 96.22K)

>escaped the secret organization with the brain jar of his vampire waifu
>saved the girl from the crazy cult
>second last chapter is a montage-esque of all characters growing up old and dying
>final chapter reveals why vampire waifu likes mc
>they both walk towards an un-defined time
His mom and Shogo deserved better closure

Thanks Oshimi

Pet was great, shame so few people watched it.

Yeah I remember now. I pretty much had it right.

Speaking of good endings and Oshimi. The manga of this probably had one. I actually can't remember.

Attached: shut up, shit-face.jpg (1250x802, 108.98K)

yeah Aku no hana had a great ending, I mean I loved it
I hate the anime adaption so much it's unreal though

had I not looked it up I wouldn't have guessed it's by Oshimi. Did the anime changed anything writing wise?

I know it's not exactly a definitive ending but it was a nice note to end it on

Attached: 21-o.jpg (1280x1791, 534.06K)

I unironically loved the anime, but not in the same way I normally like anime. I just really dug the weird atmosphere the shitty rotoscoping gave it combined with the really stellar soundtrack. I still rewatch it every now and then.

People don't really talk about Black Jack enough

it didn't change much but I just physically can't sit through it, because of the rotoscoping (the soundtrack is great though)

Attached: Holyland.png (1076x1600, 1.34M)

Attached: fM5yZ5A.jpg (1456x1006, 395.79K)

Attached: 045.jpg (728x1102, 116.07K)

I hate how my favorite manga have shitty adaptions but great soudntracks (TG, Aku no hana) the only exception is yokohama kaidashi kikou but that's like a couple of OVAs not really much of an adaption

every time


this manga was trash

yeah nothing will ever come close to that


G-Reco was so good how did Yea Forums not appreciate it

I don't think you read the thread.

I don't have the final page but Claymore

Attached: 1624232928192.jpg (2037x1528, 1.73M)

Attached: 4bdab47e-6b2f-4a6d-805e-55e2d3a0ca5b.png (1114x1600, 622.44K)

Alright this is one of a few shonen that actually has a cool ending

>what do we all think about best girl
That's not Miashei.

Attached: shot0016_8.png (720x540, 510.24K)

One of the few manga endings that still make me tear up whenever I read it

Attached: C102C-N403989N-41.jpg (700x1018, 229.71K)

Gash is such a wild ride, I loved every page of this manga

Attached: 0323-019.png (896x1400, 657.15K)

Based, it's one of my favorites too. It's too good

isn't a sequel in the making?

misery porn


Attached: ao_no_flag.jpg (870x1270, 315.15K)

hated blue flag, what a shitshow

chapter 2 of the sequel is coming this month


blue fag*

I really hope Ichikawa doesn't play Elden Ring.


fuck you faggot

at the very start of the manga they talked about the witch making it rain frogs

What a read. Thanks, anons.

What about Mario and Chang?

It only could have been better if the author wasn't so damn vague and teasing about Nagisa giving Kayano the mating press and knocking her up. But at least there's enough there that I can reasonably accept that that is undeniably what had happened.

Attached: 57622021_p8.jpg (1200x920, 335.13K)

I feel like Jump authors are so into fujobaiting that they're never gonna do romances properly.

>Last thing Huntards ever see of this series is discount Gold Experience


Why does thge younger bro looks like he wants to fuck his big bro?

Rio deserved the win tho


I feel better now that I know you have no idea what you're talking about, thanks

At least in Karma and Nagisa's case it never went beyond joking about him crossdressing or getting the tranny surgery, and was eventually revealed that the jokes were just his way of covering up the hidden fear and animosity he had for Nagisa ever since they first started hanging out. Not that any of the fan artists picked up on that despite it being explicitly stated.
She had better chemistry with Karma but apparently they never felt that way about eachother despite operating on the same brainwave half the time. Missed opportunity, would've been cute to see those two smug fucks experiencing their first crush.

>Blind Katejina
Fuck that bitch. So satisfying.

Attached: 9c9652aa-f997-4629-b956-4afc29007862.jpg (1129x1600, 295.5K)

>posting the shipfaggot movie ending in a thread starting with Zero Requiem
Here your (you), now kindly fuck off back to your fanfiction writing

Best girl won in a dramatic manner

Attached: 15.jpg (664x998, 156.8K)


Nah. The fujo baiting happens mostly because most Jump authors weren't doing romances properly in the first place. Working in even a half-assed romance takes time and effort away from whatever they're actually interested in writing or drawing, and they probably have no practice writing or drawing romance. So they mostly skip it, with the result being the rivalries and friendships that they do focus on attracts fujos.

Still seething that they didn't follow through with this ending and made Slane an even bigger cuck.


Attached: welcome home.webm (476x358, 2.76M)

was going to post this myself
this is a proper classic and if you haven't read it you shouldn't be on Yea Forums

The only good scene of 0

Fire Punch

not the ending. the shit shambala movie is the ending.

That is a good end

Attached: Nyaruko checkerboard.png (1024x722, 806.28K)

She unironically did nothing wrong

what should I watch? just the anime and then this movie?

Sounds like a cope

Attached: chrno.jpg (457x321, 29.55K)

Based Blue

Based, the manga ending is superior

No I mean that's quite literally filler shit, he only uses Obelisk in the manga

Based Biscuitchads

I'm shocked that no one posted this

Attached: 93197e62-cf6f-446b-a105-5333dc1a2b73.png (955x1500, 477.82K)

Sounds like an arrest


dont we all

Attached: statue.png (1528x1200, 1.55M)

i will never forgive the japanese

Such a great finale

Attached: Gridman.webm (960x540, 2.93M)

>the token loli character actually won the MC bowl
beyond based


Yes, but I like the anime's ending too.

Attached: 1631510392136.png (730x633, 325.59K)

>someone you care about and is struggling finally manages to get their life together
Back when it aired it hit too close home man

Attached: 1441637136190.jpg (640x476, 74.16K)


If you ignore the no face stuff, it's pretty much a finished story at the end of the 2nd cour.

what kino is this?

It's a Taiwanese puppet show

Guys what's the viewing order if I want to get into Gundam

Chrono Crusade and Pandora Hearts.


Attached: 332.jpg (728x1047, 138.88K)

The answer always and everywhere is production order.

At least you get to be reborn while hearing a cool song

>not Ten

Most life affirming manga in existence

Attached: 389.jpg (728x1057, 191.72K)

the fuck are you on about user, she didn't pick a fight with them, she worked for them.
She was killed bc she was related to a traitor and when they discovered that they killed her unceremoniusly

helck as so good and I hadn't even heard of it prior to finding it and reading it all in one go
Kinda sad how some good series are just never talked about after they end

Yea except Tomino shit all over newtypes since their inception. They're not fit to judge or rule over humanity and never will be regardless of whether they're a collective consciousness or egomaniacal individuals.

Shin Angyo Onshi

The federation stood their ground in Z. The AEUG is a splinter faction within the federation. They did it in F91 too. The federation garrison was the main force against Cosmo Babylonia and Seabook was basically drafted to help them

>Gash fucking dies

Attached: 1_0aqDx9IKezlHPmuwjuXjmA.jpg (1024x543, 82.5K)

The bulle would just shoot through their chest.

I've never been so angry with a series ending.

It was kinda boring in the middle desu, but the ending really saved it



Attached: GreatWork.png (731x495, 317.06K)

Attached: C535C-N406084N-13.jpg (700x1093, 191.13K)

I feel like Tomino's opinion and optimism regarding Newtypes changes with each installment. In 0079, it was pretty clearly pro-Newtype, with only Amuro and Lalah being true Newtypes. Zeta completely flipped this narrative by giving a clearer view of NTs as autistic schizo freaks. ZZ continued this trend a bit, but made them a bit more sympathetic. Char's Counterattack is probably the most positive on Newtypes since 0079, with the Axis Flash showing the real potential of their psychic empathy. And then Victory was a total blackpill on the whole thing. I haven't seen G-Reco but it seems to be optimistic again?


>I haven't seen G-Reco but it seems to be optimistic again?
There are no newtypes but spacenoids are becoming dysgenic mutants

I fucking hate this google new google lens shit, i cant find sauce to this. Whats it called?

Stop being retarded. She doesn't remember what happened. It's more like deja vu.

Attached: Inuyashiki.png (1533x1017, 1.4M)

Yep. No other material is required.

Highly recommend getting the anime OST the insert songs are phenomenal.

Attached: Kago no Naka no Kotori wa Itsu Deyaru (1).jpg (1200x1705, 367.94K)

Recently, The Bones of an Invisible Person. Saw it in an OPT a few days ago and binged it one go with tears in my eyes for like the entire last quarter.

Attached: index.png (845x1200, 128.69K)

I wanna give Spectral Wizard-chan a big hug.

The ending nobody expected but everyone who cared wanted.

Though fuck, kinda wish we had gotten one last arc covering everything that was during that timeskip

fuck you
this ending was so bad the author had to come back with a epilogue to try to fix it

well, if you want to live then you gotta do something. the point was Satou didnt really want to die. he just wanted an out. if getting by means being a wagie then so be it.

I remember the cliffhanger when I first caught up was some rando rushing at Kurapika with a knife.

Team medical dragon

Attached: 1624118853864.jpg (1824x1300, 639.74K)


Attached: k0XYBpS.gif (1006x830, 1.34M)

It's good but it doesn't compare to BH or SY as an ending

Polygamy is illegal in Japan.


Are you retarded?

Odd taxi had a good ending

t. kamille

that should teach him a lesson

Attached: 1640285912977.png (686x386, 193.16K)

Attached: 1597504423500.png (1443x2048, 2.1M)

I am a child who is autistic.

you might want to delete this before you get a 30 day ban

you know like they say.
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Love how well they nailed that ambiguous ending that still hints enough to give you an idea of where it's going.
Chihiro is a treasure though and the fact we haven't seen her animated yet is a travesty.

Attached: 11.png (764x1200, 145.34K)

How's the Live Action movie compare to the anime?

The epilogue was an even funnier end

Attached: 1447914229294-e1522474651815.png (759x920, 232.93K)

been following this chart and so far it's fine
i may be wrong but if you want the real meat of the gundam which is the UC (universal century) then go for 3 first series (0079, Zeta, ZZ) in order then finish it with char's counterattack the movie.
but if you just watch whatever mecha show that has gundam label on it then go straight to the bottom half of the chart.

Attached: file.png (1021x2712, 979.15K)

Was gonna post this but in manga form, what an unforgettably sad ending

Why is that guy nude.

Read the manga to find out.

She only worked for them as part of her plot to eventually overthrow them. She was a traitor since episode 1. Also, killing the relatives of a traitor is completely normal in that era.

i just finished 0079
like holy fucking shit a fucking toy advert show had no right to be such a masterpiece jesus christ.
plebs may get filtered due to some slow pacing, archaic vocal acting, and an extremely dated animation quality (which was wonky even back then), but for me, it was a pure experience from the start to finish. at the moment i'm still in the midst of experiencing tomino world and holy shit it's so worth it.

I wish Tomino made SnK
wait a second...

Attached: 1586244178158.jpg (1500x7327, 1.42M)

starting with a concept, characters, story is easy.
ending it, that is a difficult part.
how do you make an ending that feel satisfie to both the readers and yourself while leave room for discussion?

If only Tomino made G-Gundam...

Was there too. Way too many gets. It came home.

>that ambiguous ending
There isn't anything ambiguous about Yugami-kun ending

I forgot what it was called, but that manga the author of gantz made about a 30-something NEET who had to live with his young step mom after his father died.
The ending was good because it was hopeful but not unrealistic. The guy does get a job and gets married after trying to get his life in order, but he doesn´t get a high paying job and the beautiful girl, but a humble job and homely woman, which is a more realistic outcome of what you would expect for someone who completely dropped out of society and only came back in his 30s. And he seems to be happy with that.

Unironically I thought that SNK was headed in that direction. If only he didn't fucking ruin it with Eren walking back his whole motivation.

Attached: file.png (720x534, 380.77K)

Thunderbolt Fantasy

>the fuck is this
>the fuck was that

>Loses and dies
How is this a good ending?

lmao, fucking retarded nigger get over your shit series, not even hunterkeks are this pathetic

Me~teru no Kimochi, I remember that one.

Ashita no Joe.
Joe is doomed even if he actually lives because he's got an incurable neurodegenerative disease, but he managed to fulfill his dream and achieve inner peace. He won. Yoko lost another love of her life, but still finally got to his heart in a moment of extreme intimacy and trust (the part where he hands her the gloves), even if it took the entire series, she finally succeeded in getting truly close to Joe , even if for a brief moment.

Did tenshi ever loved the mc? I wasn't sure on this part

come on now...

Attached: hug.jpg (850x956, 65.34K)

Well that doesn't mean they can't share a bed or a house. But she straight up refuses even though everyone was down for it including the older sister.

We don't talk about the live action.
It's fanfic.

The greatest.

Attached: PEAKINO.png (500x279, 169.76K)


If only this was ending

Whoops pic related

Attached: tumblr_7115ed9c9f311093fa29e1beabfd15d6_d2141742_540.png (540x810, 475.91K)

The movie is officially set in an alternate timeline, but nice try

>adaptations that ended better

Attached: DN_LA.jpg (720x900, 63.45K)


As rushed as the pacing got in the final arc, the fact that Gotoge actually ended the story definitively is excellent compared to most shonen being in a perpetual state.

I hope this gets an anime adaptation soon

"He just left. Those kids did too. Akira also."

Attached: vlcsnap-2022-04-04-14h49m05s357.png (1920x1036, 1.53M)

dont care, this was an inspirational/melancholic/kino ending

Attached: 5-centimeters-per-second-2007-ending.jpg (1280x720, 139.29K)

It is a great ending, no doubt about it. It really hits right in the feels. I'd still say it's a 9/10. If you think about it for a moment, you realize how incredibly unlikely it is. 12k years is such a long span of time that this wouldn't have worked out.

>instead of using the snakes to bite the motherfuckers he just makes them shoot
stupid, stupid, STUPID

They couldnt kill sato permanently.he won

Attached: dcjaqb6rjjk71.png (1920x686, 1.74M)

It had mediocre to bad animation and an extremely confusing plot.

I hope the author's next manga reaches the heights Helck did.

Attached: 073fcb5845dd71538daa69f59e189e98--fruits-basket-manga-manga-art.jpg (348x527, 56.54K)

No love for the master?

Attached: Onani Master Kurosawa - Vol.4 Ch.31 - 35.jpg (700x995, 82.36K)

Gets pretty melancholic towards the end with all the side characters finding some kind of resolution and some leaving. Midori forgets everything that happens as MC's hand too

Attached: Midori_Days_vol_1.jpg (252x395, 166.33K)

Attached: vlcsnap-2022-04-04-15h19m34s804.png (1828x988, 2.09M)

That page is actually horrifying after reading Jagaaaaan

The happiest girl in the whole world

Attached: vlcsnap-2022-04-04-15h23m37s703.png (1920x1080, 1.56M)

Read this recently and it hit harder than I thought it would for such a short manga.

Attached: All You Need Is Kill - Chapter 17 - 22.jpg (1066x1600, 332.87K)

Oh god the feels come flooding in

Why should a godlike entity wear clothing around the lesser beings

She was a good mama

Shouldn't she be alive? Since Chaos has her Bunny?

I want to cry ;_;

Ijuiin should win her Bowl
change my mind

We'll never know.

Attached: 1638274432446.png (720x536, 592.55K)

>Chihiro is a treasure though and the fact we haven't seen her animated yet is a travesty.
too good for anime onlies desu.

Do you remember love Yea Forums?
When the song starts playing and they say the "Is culture...returning to us?" line it really got me for some very dumb reason

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 75.06K)

>maybe you should watch the movies

Only losers who don't love themselves genuinely like this manga

don't worry, I only like it ironically

my man
marathoned it on my first watch with my friend as wee lads. we were standing up and yelling for most of the last confrontation
Trigun Maximum anime never

S2 ruined this ending?

Surprised there was no mention of Utena.

Attached: Utena39.jpg (1440x1080, 450.21K)

But the movie is shit, user