Fairy Tail

Who is your favorite character and why?

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Boobs and ass

Ok, but why?

Wendy. Cunny.

Good reason

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Ah yes, everyone's favorite characters

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Lucy. Apart from simply being drop dead gorgeous, she's still got that cutesy innocence about her, has a warm personality, is smart, and while she isn't necessarily the strongest she gives 100% all the time which just makes her really endearing. Seeing how far she's come from the start of the series to now is heartwarming, and I rabu her very much and would buy her all the books she wants.

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For how she is and she cares about the rest of the guild like an older sister

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Lucy, because something about her just hits all the boxes.

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Look at Cana, so cute. I WILL have a drink with her someday!

What drinks would you invite her?

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Something classy and high-end. She's a very respectable lady after all.

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Are there any romances within the guild or do they have social lives outside of the guild?

Gajeel impregnated Levy, Lucy is thirsty for Natsu, Juvia is dying of thirst and Gray is her oasis, to name 3. Those are in-guild ones. There are others as well, Elfman and Evergreen for one, and I want to say Loke was introduced with guild females hanging off him.

There’s also Erza with Jellal outside the guild, Kinana with Cobra outside the guild, Erza is lusted for by Kagura outside the guild, and probably a few others. Laxus has a horde of screaming fangirls.

>within the guild
Gajeel x Levy
Gray x Juvia
Alzack x Bisca
Natsu x Lucy
Elfman x Evergreen
Laxus x Everyone

>outside of the guild
Jellal x Erza
Hibiki x Jenny
Ren x Sherry

There's likely more.

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>Laxus has a horde of screaming fangirls.

Who the hell are those jobbers on the top? And what did Mashima constantly remind the readers who they were in chapter header artworks if he never planned on using any of them from the start in the long term?

Fairy Tail will forever be the piss flavored diet coke of shounen anime/manga.

I have always liked this artist drawings

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He was female bait from the start.

>powerful magic
>rich from all the money he brings in from quests
>slightly broken
I wonder why, user.

Speedreading faggot. Jog on.

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Speaking of that

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Don't forget Fried.

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Lucy then mirajane then Erza because booba. Then sieglein/ Siegrain, because his white suit and face mark are kino

Every sexy-looking male villain has gone through it. Even the psycho bomber who assassinated the council. So much so that Mashima just couldn't keep quiet about how fucking weird it is.

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And Hisui

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What the fuck is her problem?

Mostly this

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What boxes?

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She just loses control around hot guys, please understand.

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It's true that she was based of one of Mashima's assistant?

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Please show her some respect.

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Yea. Flat, annoying, thirsty, jealous of Lucy & Mira's bodies kek.

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The loli with tits

>Flat, annoying, thirsty, jealous
Must be someone very difficult to deal with

sane person will pick Wendy.

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All of them.

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Does that mean she is 0,01% russian?

I hope Yukino appears again

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My sweet.

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Natsu, because he’s the cutest

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Chapter week.

In Two days

That is the face of a somebody who just lost.

Against who?

She was pretty much boiled alive by Natsu.

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Erza as always not caring about going naked around Natsu

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I wonder why.

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I wish i was Natsu or Gray here

No wonder they react to Lucy’s body like this

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fairy tail sucked big nigga balls like damn that shit always went with friendship is magic bs
but yeah erza is my waifu of the series,natsu can go die in a pit for all i care

>friendship is magic bs
That's literally what it was described as in the early chapters. The bonds between the guild makes their magic stronger, Hades fell to the 'dark side' because he was convinced it was born from darkness whereas Layla, Lucy and Mavis maintained the primordial magic is love. Long story short, friendshipCHADS won.

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I like the Power of friendship, there, I said it

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CHADxus. Because he's CHADxus.

The Tuesday

Based and same. I wish I had friends like them.

Me too

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Best endings
youtu.be/WBpi7e4qF2E youtu.be/wvIHHZdTJpY

Mavis and Wendy because I love cunny

Did you just start the anime? There are better ones than 1 & 3 but 2 is kino

No, It’s just that I like those from the first series

I love the chibi art they used in some of the EDs.

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From the 2014 series are these

I like the design

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I think they used that in the first endings

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But why?

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Thats not Orga thats Zancrow

>Is not actually a crow

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His powers are dark like crows?


because she's erza

Natsu, Happy and Lucy.

>Fairy Tail
>Fairies never appear and don’t have tails

I like them glowy eyes

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>cute autist
>big sister to the crew especially to Wendy
>started my love for red heads overall
I love Erza

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>Just belieb

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Kek that's entirely the point. It's an eternal mystery and therefore an eternal adventure.

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Is the new manga of it still going on
Didn't see it in a while by now

Believe in myself?

I don’t remember him having two arms

New chapter in a few days. It's bi-weekly.

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Prosthetic arm

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I swear, when the Tower of Heaven arc first came out, I KNEW Erza would die. The fact that she didn't was one reason I it's one of my favorite series.

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>26 minutes late
Well dang. (Unironic answer too)

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Yes, it’s just that this is biweekly

Even here he doesn’t get enough screen time

wait, when did this happen?

Bring me FAGxus.

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Happens only in the manga before Gajeel performs his song to the guild

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He looks like he’s praying here

mystogan, i just wish that world didnt exist

>pink hair
I love her and she’s the best spirit

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Did Gajeel knocked up Levi on their first time?

Sherria? She's alright, better than Wendy but a true patrician would pick Levy.

Ok Gajeel


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I think so


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Yes, with his Iron Dragon's Lance.

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I enjoyed both movie girls. Eclair was probably a bit too tsundere for some people, but I still liked her.

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Love her too. Always found her to be one of the funniest characters.

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>favorite character
I like rooting for underdogs
Every character named Or(l)ga are funny clowns, no exceptions

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How do I be as cool as him?

Best new character? Selene-sama!

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Kinana/Ultear are the closest we've ever gotten on the tits/ass scale.

That’s true

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It's always been Lucy. She's hot and fun.

Still hasn't been punished. Poor Virgo.

She’s clearly desperate at this point

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Can she be fixed or not?

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Never say never.

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I still can’t believe that Mashima giver her the biggest tits to Kinana

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Erza because I feel like she is the female character thats most likely to let you sniff her ass under the right conditions.

There was a manga cover that displayed this perfectly.

It's only going to keep getting worse.

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This one?

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Of course, man! Fuck yes! Thanks.

>I feel like she is most likely to let you sniff her ass under the right conditions.
Like for example?

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>brainlet here
so Irene was just carrying Erza for centuries right?

>so Irene was just carrying Erza for centuries right?
Yeah, that's right.

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The worst that can happen is this, again

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>Eclipse Virgo's tickle/mayonnaise/watermelon torture of Lucy is now canon...

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And don’t forget Smooth criminal Gray

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What else is now canon?

the slutty one

Which one?

Everything but Daphne I think?

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Probably, but I referred to the eclipse celestial spirit arc, what else is now canon?


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You just described 90% of FT cast in general.

>Hai hai hai hai

And this

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>tfw you're the only non jobber god slayer

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>Fairy Tail is Yu-Gi-Oh now

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She lost her magic

She's learning again, it'll work eventually.

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I wish loli Aquarius stayed

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If you could pick a faction, would it be House Natsu, House Laxus, House Gildarts, or House Jellal?

If you had Irene inside your body, what would you do?

It’s this a reference to something?


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Just which team you're on. Also, FE may have influenced my choice of wording.

Anyone not picking Laxus is wrong

Yeah, I also thought that, and for the team, Natsu

I can fix Irene

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Same, mostly out of MC priority. Also, when he takes ass beatings and still win, at least it makes sense unlike [NAME REDACTED].

I've been thinking, but the idea of a sequel with these two as the main characters, would it be good or not? Would you be against or in favor?

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I would rather watch 90 straight chapters of Erza and a cactus.

Gildarts, he is immune to death flags and jobbing.

Except that one character Natsu beat.

Why a cactus?


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Are you questioning me? Ok, just for that, 1,000 straight chapters of Evergreen and a kiwi fruit, you fucker.

We know, Mashima.

This page fucking made me hate FT for a long time. Bullshit Tenrou arc.
Tartarus was the arc that brought me back.

GMG had no asspull

Would they show more Natsu and Susaku next chapter?

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natsu suddenly stomping sting and roogue was kind of an asspull

Still better than One Piece.

Maybe after Erza trounces Misaki.

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They're all equally shit and boring honestly. One dimensional with no development or depth whatsoever.
Usually even in shit manga you can find a redeeming character or two, but here you're genuinely out of luck.

how hard is cana?

Very hard, specially Mira, you’ll have luck with someone like Laki or whatever joins the guild

>the son isn't black haired

huh really
i agree with mira but i dunno about the other two

> Crucify and beat her up
>constantly tease and make fun of her
>pumped her full of babies.

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After Erza vs Misaki we’re probably getting Gray & Gajeel vs Kirin. After that, Natsu & Suzaku vs one of the dragon gods finally, thats what i’m looking forward to the most. Hopefully Happy goes away, no need for his commentary on the fight. Also berserk Natsu is probably going to happen if they are even going to stand a chance against the dragon gods.

Mira may be a jobber but she is considered a goddess and someone unreachable , maybe Cana wouldn’t be hard if you invite her a drink, that if you don’t faint for drinking too much and Lissana could be either easy or hard, no in between

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Holy sex

This wouldn’t happen in real life right?

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You just haven't seen it

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Her definition of love is pretty twisted

How can you say you love her if you won't nuke her?

I would nuke her with my white fluids

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Well, she did fix him in the end

Thats every character in the show almost.

Even the man?

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I would go for someone safe

With the power of magic, of course.

Sex Wend-

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>Lucy is stronger than Mira now



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The one with the nice titties. Because of the nice titties.


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What the fuck is wrong with that leg?

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Is she?

Officially not, but on paper she's more impressive.

>on paper she's more impressive.
True, not only she has 10 zodiac keys and their Star dress, but also she can do various combinations with it

Made for being my personal oral slave!

Favorite male character? Natsu cause I think he's fun and I like his design. Favorite female character? Erza, I like red heads.

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Haku, stop shitposting

Her autism is really endearing and I like that

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>Those arms

Every female character in the series, except Earthland Wendy

I want to rape Natsu!

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Which characters did nothing wrong?


I like Laxus the most and then Erza. Mira has also some interesting and badass powers but Machima hates her and her sister for some reason.
I also don't like how Machima deliberately kept Laxus nerfed by having him still suffering from demon AIDS leftovers well after Tartaros, for him to not normally wreck everything.

Lastly, I just want to make sweet passionate love to Erza and her mom.

Attached: laxus.gif (500x285, 710.39K)

Wendy has ass

Same but with Sherria

Resist violently as I'm not into pegging

>I just want to make sweet passionate love to Erza and her mom.
They will drain you

She wouldn't let you

>Lastly, I just want to make sweet passionate love to Erza and her mom.
We know Natsu.

Hades (formerly Precht)

But not boobs

What kind of name Precht is?

>sex with Wendy, Erza, Lucy, Minerva, Miliana, Irene, Sherria, and Mavis

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>t. Lucy

Attached: 1557073788608.jpg (824x1162, 109.32K)

I'm going in fully prepared for what they're gonna do to me....

That'd be "Jellal", thank you very much.

Attached: Jellal_Comic_Hiro_Mashima_Twitter_5.jpg (791x783, 211.76K)

>implying that faggot jellal wouldn't just mope and cry about how he deserves to day instead of fucking the autism out of erza

wouldn't surprise me if he started to cry the second he can't get an erection

That's the point

deserves to die*

>Jellal with erectile dysfunction

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Jellal is a troubled soul that's still fighting for the side of Good, even after everything that happened to him (he did kill Simon, many others and even almost killed Erza). He's basically anime Batman, without the detective skills but with a darker past. He is kind of an emo though, that's true.

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Rape defeat?

>Wendy, Mavis
>snu snu

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The name was based on Bertolt Brecht. He was German.
For years, fan translators didn't know how to interpret his Japanese name, Purehito (because a German "ch" sound is somewhere between a "k" sound and an "h" sound), so they just left it as is until the official translation.


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That’s Irene in Wendy’s body


>still fighting for the side of Good
>doesn't do much against oracion seis
>nowhere to be seen against grimoire heart
>does nothing during the eclipse
>isn't even around when tartaros is about to destroy the world
>instead he's recruiting a bunch of jobbers who do literally nothing
>does nothing about the dark guild and their million-soldier army during the year break his gf's guild took after defeating the other bunch of demons he was supposed to defeat to redeem himself
>again does nothing when his one enemy finally appears to fight
>his gf also nearly dies like three times while he's busy otherwise getting knocked or jobbing alongside his new jobber squad
>tries to die like a bitch but gets saved and lectured by an actual hero
>receives royal pardon from fucking idol queen, still acts like a moody bitch
>gf asks him to look after her precious guild while she goes to save the world again since he's too useless to do so
>literally fails to stop the obviously evil loli
>gets brainwashed and fights his gf instead
>once again nowhere to be seen while his gf is getting her monthly torture from yet another sadistic lesbian

it's impressive just how much jellal sucks

Attached: SMUGcy.png (1280x720, 870.43K)

>another sadistic lesbian
Misaki isn’t a lesbian

Ok, but Mavis still doesn’t make sense

Did they draw Wendy with more muscles when Irene was possessing her?

Yo want to be raped by Sherria?

And Wendy

t. wendy

Ok, that makes sense

The son of the emperor who wasn't loved

Simple, Mavis is 24.

But with a body of a 13 year old girl

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Mavis sex

Attached: 1648082305204.png (512x512, 10.26K)

And Wendy?

Attached: D4A63DB8-D753-45A2-8039-D14B8F47D543.jpg (1280x720, 429.6K)

Tell that to Zeref.


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Does Wendy needs correction?

Attached: E1054377-5FB1-413A-B753-0C587BBB0F82.jpg (614x749, 126.33K)

/fit/ little girls are the best after all

>Slayed a dragon

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Of course

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Attached: 1646753579890.jpg (853x1683, 264.16K)

>See Lucy and Erza
>feel nothing
>See Mavis, Sherria and Wendy
>Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex


>See Lucy and Erza
>want to get raped to death by them
>See Mavis and Sherria
>want to get raped to death by them
>See Wendy
>want to get raped to death by her

What about Natsu?

I'm not gay

Do you want to rape someone and not being raped?

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Attached: 494ADBB3-0641-4D95-95D4-18A080BA5A17.jpg (960x717, 96.72K)

I want Wendy to fucking destroy me
Reduce me to a broken, trembling mess on the floor

Attached: 1647198414857.jpg (597x815, 50.88K)

I would

Zeref that's your brother. Or sister in this case.

That’s the best part

I hate how Natsu/Lucy and Gray/Juvia are in the same fucking guild which means more interactions while Erza is all alone until Jellal conviently shows up out of no where to save her or have some interaction for two pages. Erza has a much better relationship with Natsu and Gray than she does with Jellal but they are already "taken" by Lucy and Juvia. I'd sooner ship Juvia with Lyon and have Gray and Erza together than what we got instead.

I prefer Natza

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They would be cool together but I like his and Lucy's dynamic too much. I think her with Gray would be better. They both can be serious with some autist moments like both stripping

Do you want a new artstyle for the 100YQ anime or an old one to come back?

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I don't mind the new one just give me back the magic circles

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