Daily Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro chapter

Chapter 56

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Done. We're getting to the meat of the chase now, and Kuro is starting to crack.
Do you think you can get into Heaven?
See you tomorrow!

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Ah, yes. The "little girls suffering" daily.

Milly ;_;

she's a liquid now

Is she okay?

Her suffering is over, it seems.

Thanks OP

I really like how thin the line is between the curse being magic and being a diseasenof sorts. To the point even medicine can keep it at bay.

It makes sense but I don't see it that often.

She's sludge.

You were just told to not drop the hat, Kuro.

And now you know why Kuro has gloves on in some of these scans.

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cool bottom panel

I thought she was just cold.

After the last chapter we needed a reminder of what Hifumi likes to do to girls with mother issues

Kinda weird, considering at least one third of her is a mother.

did kuro mercy killed her? or absorved her like Mo?
did the sister kill herself?
and did kuro get another attack for her handds to get permanently black?

me dum dum please understand

I thought that was the other daily

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That one is the whiny teacher daily now.

You'll find out in time, it's narratively told that way for a reason

based purely on artstyles, it's this daily that should be dumping SZS. every time I open my "assorted dailies" image folder I mistake a dowman image for a kumeta one. and I can't create a purely dowman or purely kumeta folder because I don't have enough images to properly warrant one! and that has left me in despair!

>he doesn't have a folder for his dailies
ngmi, senpai

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Where's GalCleaning! son?

It's not worth the effort if I'm never gonna post them again when the daily ends.

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>Tasogare Memorandum
Nice. That's a rare one.

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didn't read it, no offense
but then you can look back on the memories all neatly organized!

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>He doesn't read the axed daily

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>Alein 9 et Milk Closet

You can't hide, frog.
Also, nice spelling on "Alein".

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>she's just like me


nice family


nta, but I really like it. I used to avoid axed series, but now I've learned to enjoy my own seething.

undressing Kuro

You fool, that's exactly what it wants.


Thanks OP

ahh shit I barely keep up with this and CITY

put it in a blender with some protein powder then

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that misspelling was intentionally kept there

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Seems the joke is on me, then.

When you realize nips have shit taste, you start looking at things differently

This is horrifying

Kuro isn't little anymore at least.

>Do you think you can get into Heaven?
Based on most scripture, not likely.

Is not like the west is any better

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It's more about not trusting their market just because their medium is better for now

where's my nigga mo?

There's only one human being with decent taste. Myself.

She looks way more evil here.

Cool, a sky burial.

Goodnight bump.

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>absorved her like Mo
wait am I a complete idiot? what chapter was this?

Kind of a Bloodborne chapter, I like it



Why would she expect curses?

Why would she think that?

Should she be touching that?

It's not like she's gonna get more cursed

It hasn't been confirmed, but it seems pretty likely to me, considering how they said Kuro would be Mo's coffin, how the kots confused a girl who looked like Mo for Kuro, and the whole mirror chapter.

She's dying, and someone who looks like a mortician is visiting her.

Presumably user meant that this chapter was like the game Bloodborne in either style or substance.

Who brought a cow to the thread?


Kuro gets confused for a travelling mortician a lot.

So you turn into a black ink monster?
Not that bad of an end overall. At least you're still alive and everything.

good morning sir

I will make my heaven to dream.

It's terrifying

Question with spoilers Kuro can't die because Hifumi took her death, but she's still under the curse. Did Hifumi takes thesengirls and Mo's deaths too or was that just for Kuro?
And why do I think the big sister is named Sophie?

STORY SPOILERS: None of the afflicted other than Kuro was ever placed in a situation where their life was threatened and their death was prevented by the curse, so it's safe to assume that Kuro's case is special. Later on there's a conversation between Plague and the first Hifumi (Ann?), which takes place before Hifumi was even formed, and she is nothing but a black puddle in the bottom of her tank in the professor's lab. To me, that is the assumed outcome of all those afflicted by the curse if nothing is done to mitigate the effects, and I think Milly was well on her way to reaching that point.
As for your second question, I have no idea.

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Have a good one.

The difference between Anne and the others is that Anne absorbed Plauge as a virus and only didn't succome to it because the Professor managed to put her in suspended animation. Which backs up Plauge's explanation the turning to sludge is what happens to people who take in Plauge but don't die instantly. But I'm not sure if that means the removal of death is necessary for all of the curse victims to survive long enough to turn to sludge.

It could very well be that the girls that Hifumi passes the curse on to subsequently have their deaths removed as a part of Hifumi's magic. We never see their lives threatened outside of Kuro, but we also never see them die from any other method besides being absorbed by Kuro.
It almost seems like Milly was left completely alone for 4 years, which would support the theory of her death being removed by Hifumi. However, I'm inclined to believe that she was probably still left food to survive since not feeding her would be akin to murdering her and taboo by their religious standards, along with the servant knowing where she was. All of that is really just speculation though.

Navigating my mouse around these spoilers is like those old Flash games

It sucks that hovering over inline quote links also reveals spoilers.

>We never see their lives threatened outside of Kuro, but we also never see them die from any other method besides being absorbed by Kuro.

Kuro is going to die, it just takes longer for her than others ( Kuro mentioned here that a more "positive" personality might withstand the curse longer ... I guess you can even see that in Kuro's fluctuating health depending on her mental state etc. ). And the people Kuro absorbs don't die, they live inside her ... somehow.

Yeah, I guess technically the elder sister doesn't say she's going to die. The crows could just as well slurp her up alive. Or she just doesn't know.

I've been burned that way before.

Oh fuck, the thread is cursed

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I don't get it, shouldn't they supposed to be segregated per chapter/volume?

brown loli maid cunny

Many thanks!
>Do you think you can get into Heaven?
Like the other user said, most likely not.

On another note, I'd love to see an adaptation by SHAFT. The later chapters are really good, and it's nice to see all the callbacks and how the art has evolved. I wouldn't be surprised if it would be a big hit like Made in Abyss, but that's stuff that only happens in a parallel universe.

Not that user, but I guess I'll do that from now on, I've always been messy navigating images.

The latest chapters keep leaving me confused, Im just lost most of the time, like I can see what happened, but... Whats happening???

What are you lost on?

Nothing exactly, its that I just feel confused, trying to make sense of what I read, like this chapter what happened with the sisters, what did they mean? I get the events of kuro goes to place, talks, gets to other place, leaves, gets more cursed (but why?), but WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? Where are we going we this!? I feel that there is a trail leading to the truth, but I dont know what it is.

A lot of chapters feel very dreamy and/or surreal, there is something about the atmosphere that makes me feel like i am lost

Aye, I would kill for a plot summary

If it helps, it is a story that asks you to roll with it on a first read then if you choose to go back and read it you get the context to understand it better what each bit meant.

For things you might have missed
>what happened with the sisters
Like Mo and presumably Kuro, they made a deal with Hifumi that resulted in them recieving some of her magic, effectively cursing them.

>gets more cursed
She doesn't get more cursed in every place, but does so when she experiences an extreme negative emotion.

Kuro' and Sen's goal is to find the Witch/Hifumi and have the curse removed. They go from place to place to try and gather information on her and track her down.

Yeah, the events all make sense in chapter, but the coherency of it all tied together as things become more and more interconnected falls apart.

Very moody page.

The ongoing plot is there and holds up well on a reread but the main show is the slice of life travel story and the mood.

That's a stylish Fukashigi.

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As usual.

black cursed maid cunny

Is she a maid?

In terms of important plot points that have been dropped so far
>As a baby Kuro and her mother where seperated from her father when he was drafted
>She wasn't known as Kuro then but to keep things simple I'll use that name
>Kuro was then separated from her mother when she went to work, and unknown to her died
>meanwhile two other women met their end; Red Rose a performer and a bookish young lady who had once been childhood semi-friends with a boy who would become the professor
>Together these women where stitched together to make the Witch known as Hifumi
>Kuro was adopted by a reluctant Sensei (later known as Sen)
>One day the Witch came to their home
>Kuro was cursed with Hifumi's magic which also changed her appearance, and Sensei was turned into a thousand bats
>To lift the curse they went on a journey to find her
>btw Sen's curse is lifted for one night during the red moon
>Also early on Kuro recieves an old coin with a dog like face on it from a traveller that would allow her access to the "Torokushi Gathering", settlements and hideouts exclusive for travelers, which began life as a system for the nobility
>They also learned the story of the First Content and it's storu at a map makers place; The world began as one continent and there was a large kingdom. But it became too big and it all fell apart and crumbled, eventually dissapearing and being forgotten. But maybe a decendant of the old kingdom is still walking the earth today. (this is one page in vol4 if you missed it, after the abandoned castle with the flowers)

>After some triles and tribulations, Kuro started finding black marks on her foot
>In a village, a girl named Mo encountered Hifumi and wished to become a Witch too, so Hifumi gave her a bit of her magic
>After this Mo too started finding black marks on her body. Soon after, her entire village was wiped out in an epidemic leaving her the only survivor.
>Kuro and Sen came across Mo on their travels, who at this point was almost entirely covered by the black stains.
>We found out that when the stains cover an area complerely, it rots that body part away, and that the stains spread in response to strong negative emotions
>Something happens between Kuro and Mo with Mo asking Kuro to put her inside her. The next day Mo is gone and Kuro starts dressing in black and carrying a coffin she selected.
>At somepoint when Kuro is still small, she meets Fukashigi the dog faced traveller and recieves his big hat
>Sometime later she meets Chou the pilot in training, only to witness Chou's grandphather pilot die. This triggers her first severe attack where the stain spread to all over her body. But she manages to recover in a few days.
>Some time later later she meets the friendly Witch on the hill, who she helps connect with the citizens of the nearby town
>In the meantime the Professor has been experimenting with curing diseases and creating new life by mixing genetic material. He succeeds with the latter with Experiment 29 and 30, who seem to exist beyond human limitations, and who he gives new transformative abilities to.
>One day after locking the two away, the Professor is killed by something during an experiment.
>Sometime later Kuro ends up breaking into the mansion looking for answers on the Witch and finds the two, deciding to take them with her as the two want to find their Professor, not undertsnading what death is.

>It turns out that the girls can absorb colours and pass them around, but when Nijuku tries giving her white to Kuro she absorbs some of Kuro's black which permanently stains her ears and tail
>They meet Kei, another traveller who likes to mooch off them
>At some point Cho and Kei end up meeting at the house of the Witch on the hill. They share stories about Kuro and the Witch on the hill gives Cho a package to give to Kuro if she sees her again
>In general the twins start to learn about the world, develope into individuals (Nijuku is absent minded but level headed while Sanju is more cunning and a bit bratty, and start to understand death as a concept.
>At a house full of magic mirrors and paintings, Sanju and later Nijuku are tricked into swapping places with their mirror selves in the mirror world. There we see mirror Kuro and Sen...and also a mirror Mo.
>Some more travels later, Kuro and crew unknowingly meet Kuro's father looking for his wife and daughter, and Kuro recieves from him a necklace with a popular design from their home.
>They part ways but her father is killed saving a mother and child when they're caught in a blast as the war restarts again
>At a busy public spot, Kuro overhears the woman whom her father saved asking if anyone knew the man and showed his hat. Kuro hears the story and the woman tells her hismlast words; her own name and her mothers
>Realising who he was, Kuro rushes out to find him but succumbs the the stains spreading over her body and passes out
>A years passes while Kuro is taken care of by Sen at a Torokushi settlement, and recovers thanks to Chou finding them and delivering the Witch on the hill's package which included herbs that helped fight back the stain

>After an episode of amnesia where Kuro forgot the twins, she recovers her memories and decides to carry on forward with them
>Kuro starts having visions of Hifumi explaining that she's been with her the entire time (vol 4, the clover chapter)
>Kuro meets Count Rittock, an eccentric adventurer who likes to test out new developments in travel
>Kuro meets Fukashigi again after falling in the Primeval Valley. Look your just going to have to come back to this one on a reread. It's SACK at it's most trippy and navel gazey, and it's more about the themes than solid explenations.
>This one could have taken place before they met the twins, but one page shows that Hifumi has a havit of transforming men into things, and doesn't like them very much.
>Kuro and Sen go to meet a pair of sisters who also have the curse after they made a deal with Hifumi. The elder has managed to fend off the stains with medicine but the supply has run out, meanwhile the younger sister, Milly has been completely covered by the stains and reduced to goop, sealed away in the catacombs. Kuro agrees to take her but we don't know what she does, but from then on starts wearing gloves all the time.

You are here.

Of course, there's no way she isn't.

Thank you o most wise sage for sharing your knowledge

This is a very comprehensive summary. Kudos, user.
You could work a little on your spellingz though.

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Why did the dog man get his face changed again?

I didn't get half of that on my first read

It's the comprehensivity or the dyselxia & typo combo I'm afraid.

Kiyuduki loves to spread kernels of plot in a way that doesn't seem too relevant at first.

Thats exactly what I meant

Ah shoot, forgot one or two
>After the twins are awakened, Fukashigi visits the Professor having visited him a year previously, and the Professor inquires as to how his face is suiting him.
>After going through his own experiments on the twins, the Professor offers to grant them an ability that they desire, and does so.
>In the background of the Professor's room full of containment tubes with his failed attempts prior to Nijuku and Sanju, there are three tubes smashed open, numbered One, Two, and Three

Thanks for the reminder on that one.
His face just got worn out over the millenia he'd walked the earth. I imagine it was just getting bothersome.

What does Fukashigi even mean, so far all japanese named characters have some meaning behind their name?

And as soon as I posted the last addition I remembered one
>Prior to meeting Kuro, Hifumi met with two children who opt not to take her deal, but she grants one of her voices to the boy without cursing them.
>And she learns the phrase "Come back when you have a better pick up line" from the girl.

Thank you user, that was very helpful

It means mysterious, or something of the sort.

Is there even a reason for these characters to not have their names translated? I guess twenty-nine might be a mouthful

Honestly, 123, 29, and 30 would be cooler names and would help with the atmosphere. As it is, I think they just read as "normal" Japanese names.

Why else would she be wearing a maid uniform??? Have you ever seen a girl that was not a maid in a maid uniform? Of course not.

They totally do.