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Ayakashi Triangle #86 is up with lots of Reo lewds. mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1013005

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What is the point in making the thread if you're not going to dump the chapter? Just wait until someone else bothers to do it.

>chapter is up for an hour, no dump
axe soon?


Then dump it you faggot.


To drive the tracked reader numbers up for the manga, of course.

Leak thread I'd do it, but I'm not at the right computer this week.

Last couple chapters, there were multiple people willing to do it before I even could. It's basically just random chance that none of them would this week.

Wouldn't be a problem if they didn't skip chapters

damn u got me, im a viz shill

>im a viz shill
Anyone who wants AT to be seen as doing well would want the numbers up, not just Viz shills, user.

Matsuri didn't get molested again this chapter. Something's off.

She got off better than the poor guy in this weeks ayashimon that actually got his ripped out

gonna dump to stay awake while I watch the final season of the madoka spin-off

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Yabuki really loves Reo pit service specifically, I wonder why.

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>she does blacksmithing
That's pretty metal

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Imagine the smell of that room.

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She's clean though

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Reminder that the main girl always wins these things. Suzu has already won.

Reo is so lewd.

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The main girl is Matsuri though

meh chapter.

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>you'll never lick reo's anus consensually
Why live

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how is this supposed to be meh?

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Actually, he's both the main male character AND the main heroine. Why do you think he sometimes appears on issue covers of WSJ along with the other Jump main characters which nearly all are male?

Dear lord Yabuki

I don't know how anyone can call this chapter meh after the last few we've had

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The Reo's part is fine, it's just overall chapter is bleh

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Is it just me or is grip a really weird word choice here?

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There is a prophecy that Ayakashi Maiden dies in the age of 16. So Matsuri X Soga is the endgame

It about holding your shit before going to the bathroom right?

I wonder if there'll be something hidden in that spinning fan for the volume release.

Holy shit

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So I guess first chapter which Suzu doesn't make an appearance right? Aside from the flashback of course

>The Reo's part is fine
literally the whole chapter

Imagine the smell.

Smells like salty coins and milk.

It is. "Lost my touch" is what you would normally say.

Suzu was only in a single panel of chapter 55, and it wasn't even a new flashback.

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Yes, plot.

That's only because all previous mediums lived in barbaric times or, most recently, times where women get burned on a pyre for being suspected witches.



What happens when you lose your shirikodama?

Just hug him, goddammit!

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Remember when Lu likened Kappas to Grey Aliens? So going by her logic, the Kappas using their tongue to extract the ball from human's ass would be likened to Aliens giving an anal probe to abducted humans

There's basically no mention of it outside of kappa folklore (as a story for why drowned people's anuses flare up), but it's sometimes said to contain the soul, and thus you'd die if you lost it. Or it's just a thing kappa pull out because it's in the way of the liver, which is what they actually want to eat.

But Reo pretty clearly wouldn't have died losing hers.

Why do drowned people's anuses flare up?


I'd put money on it.

If we're going by Lu's logic on likening Kappas to Grey Aliens

They void their bowels, which then get full of water.

>black dots near the crack

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she really was just fully prepared to take that long kappa tongue right up her ass, spreading and everything.

> Kappa related chapter
> known for fisting people's asses for the shirikodama

surely they won't go there...wtf Yabuki.

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>Suzu's surprise attack (attacked/meeting?)?! Destiny is calling for a choice! Seize the future!
"襲う" could mean "attack", "succeed (someone)", or "suddenly visit". And it's not clear if it Suzu is the subject or object, though the other sentences make me think she's doing something.

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Comment for this week.

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Yabuki can't be stopped

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Well, well, well... Looks like shit is about to go down

I thought Kappa used their arm to extract the shirikodama not their tongue.

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Could it be a new enemy?

Tongue but hole

Reobros! Finally!

Imagine being her next door neighbor and looking at this daily from your window.

The "seize the future" line makes it sound way more like a good thing.
>Suzu (seemingly) makes some kind of breakthrough with Mei.
>Matsuri finally agrees to start dating Suzu, even as a girl.
>Suzu catches Matsuri.

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does this mean that Reo is into anal?

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Not necessarily "into it", just "considers an acceptable sexual favors".

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I guess he's only "dad" after-hours.

Reo certainly is a pervert but she is so emotionally vulnerable girl.

It is this manga. From what I understood it is an alien in the form of Kappa that had been locked inside a cucumber, the owner of a hot spring (onsen) frees him and the alien stays there to live.

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why hasn't Sharkbro been interested in her?
she's perfect.

They'll be inevitably paired up when they both lose.

To put it lightly. It is a spicy manga.

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Reo deserves better

>why hasn't Sharkbro been interested in her?
She was the bane of his childhood, user.

God, casual lewds are the best.

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So in other words, Reo's cheery personality and perverted nature was really a façade to hide her insecurities


>Matsuri isn't embarrassed in the slightest until the nipple slip
Is he being too stupid to think of sex at all, or savvy enough to get "I want to strip down and blow a fan over my junk" isn't exactly a sex thing?

There must be kind of desensitization to female nudity to not react to her wearing just a T-shirt, even before she exposed herself.

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But Soga is a catch. Ask his sister.

Because it's a Reo chapter

cute belly button

Acting different at different times doesn't make one behavior "fake". Her confidence having limits doesn't mean Reo is just posturing.

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Is it a belly button?

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Her mom is pretty meh.

MMORPG party:
Suzu - mage/healer/summoner
Matsuri - melee/tank
Soga - melee
Reo - crafter/support
Shiro, Ponosuke - familiars


Reo doesn't like him that way, either.

Reo's explicitly considered very attractive in-series (by the guys at school and even Suzu). If she moved on from Matsuri, it's not like she'd have trouble landing another boy or girl.

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now it starts the wait for the doujin

I'll settle for some well made h-pics, there's barely any AT doujinshi out there.

There are about 3 or 4 AT h-doujins.

the art is not very good on those.

ShogaxMatsuri or gtfo

Wait until the anime, there's barely even any fanart

This one is pretty good

yeah, that short is the best one.

Sharkbro wants a good girl like Matsuri. Reo is a mentally unstable nympho that was ok with getting her ass tonged by a mutant frog.

when does it air? haven't hear anything from it since it was announced

Reo pleases old kappa for their ointment.

she was going to get ass tongued then anal fisted by a folklore creature. (not a mutant)

Underrated post.

if this pairing was already shot down I guess Soga x Matsuri has a chance.

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>in various regions...

why is a girl doing something willingly in exchange for favors so fucking hot?

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I'd let Reo milky my white slimy secretions iykwim.

Just a peek at the tummy, very sly of Yabuki.

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Yeah, I was thinking there was going to be something with the window. Like Matsuri calling to her from the front door instead of barging into the room.

She didn't expose herself to him though, she was facing the other way.

Nothing has been announced besides that it exists.

>She didn't expose herself to him though, she was facing the other way.
I was talking about two pages later, when she stepped to the door, looked at him, and her bare breast popped out of the shirt neck.

Anyway, even before then, Matsuri could tell she was very scantily-clad (that shirt was either meant to go over a top, a hand-me-down from someone much larger, or had the neck deliberately stretched like crazy), but didn't react at all.

Was there Inquisition in Japan in the past? I guess the pagans are tolerant towards people with supernatural abilities.

They had reverse inquisition where they rounded up all Christians and wiped them out.

Reo's developing quite a tag list.

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I always love to see Shirogane-sensei.

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They killed off any religion so the people would worship their emperor as god

because she's a whore

what the

WOW did Yabuki just plagiarize the Loli from Saotome Shimai and put tits on her and made her taller?
He honestly should be ashamed of himself.

He should go back and finish To-Love Ru already.

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>shop gear
>T shirt
>straight back to the shop gear
The T-shirt is great, but I was hoping to see Reo in a casual outfit. We've never seen her wear anything but school uniforms and ninja stuff.

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This is a bit too NTR-like for me, but I suppose they couldn't have him try to take it by force after the Lu/Rochka censorship.

Ye, wish Japs and ugly freaks didn't love ntr
Yea Forums will likely get mad at your comment

I mean that's basically what's always happened in humanity. Women trade sex for food, protection, etc.

I feel like Matsuri is getting too used to being a girl given how obviously embarrassing that'd normally be.

The amnesia chapters were way worse in that regard

Doesn't this kill you

Nah it just makes you lose your grip

Yabuki is a hack

>This is a bit too NTR-like for me

I guess it's because Reo likes Matsuri but is being coerced into doing something sexual for the kappa.

Sharknigger killing the manga, will probably kill the anime too. Too many people could drop the anime thinking its a tranny fantasy.

Of course not. Reo is clearly a reference to best girl Imari here. Yabuki has great taste.

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But the thing is, Matsuri doesn't have or has shown any signs of feelings for Reo, so that wouldn't count as NTR

She doesn't consider it as "something sexual".

I'd like to see her Ayakashi Triangle. Should I read this for Reo?

She doesn't show up too often but almost every time she does is pure gold

I fucking hate that artist.

I like his art, but his fetishes are dogshit.

Because you will be sued?

Saotome takes a lot from TLR. They make references in the manga. And the bottom line: They treat Yabuki like a god.

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Kappa tongue forced up her butthole at those speeds would hurt, wouldn't it?

>Meanwhile, Suzu in her room
>Suzu: I sense a great disturbance in the Force

C'mon Yabuki, you don't have to censor assholes in based nippon!

>lose their grip
Hope he means hands.

Someone doesn't know what を means. Suzu obviously isn't attacking anyone lol.

Wow, beast AND scat?

It's a made-up organ. Losing it does whatever the story wants it to.

It's not Reo wants to "save herself" for Matsuri. She might fuck Suzu if she had a chance.

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Solely for Reo? No, she appears very infrequently. But if you like other aspects of the series as well as Reo then yes.

he has an onahole fetish, which is pretty boring.

How come we see nipples in the first few chaoters but nothing here?

If you had the opportunity to extract Reo's shirikodama would you use your arm or your tongue? Choose wisely, she only has one.

>we see nipples in the first few chaoters
You're were almost certainly looking at the volume version.

It looks exactly like Maisora and nothing like Imari.

Which makes it all the more embarrassing that Yabuki ripped off Maisora's face.
He didn't even try to make it much different besides his version having a slightly longer face.
Just shows how little effort he's putting in.

We still see the lazy censorship happen these days, but it is much rarer than it was at the beginning of the series. Maybe whoever is doing it got less lazy over time.

He is most likely talking about how the nipples were still visible and not totally censored most of the time they appeared early on. Yabuki still draws nipples for the magazine version, rather than only adding them for the tanks, they just get covered up after the fact either by him or assistants.

Speaking of which, does anyone have a link to scans?


not always though.
in TLR Yui won the bowl.

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None of the girls won in TLR, except kind of Haruna and Lala. It was basically an open "to be continued" end.

Girls scare him.

Which is all Reo the mad artificer's fault.



Somewhere in Japan an old man is crying that some kids just learned about this for the first time from softcore porn.

When all the girls are this fuckable, sasuga Yabuki-sensei! But because they are fuckable, the sell prices of AyaTri merchandise are gonna be a spinning scale.

Why does nobody realize how she basically nearly tried to kill a poor kappa for pulling this stunt?

>google it
>it's a thing
dude.. why are japanese so fucking perverted

Maybe Suzu will decide that if she can't get male Matsuri again as a boy she will get a dick herself to fuck Matsuri as a guy or futa?

Matsuri always resists when Suzu tries to kiss him. So, will futa Suzu rape the innocent girl Matsuri?

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His body will voluntary surrender to the cock.

Finally, it's time for us, Reo-chads

Man, all Yabuki solo work read better than toloveru. Black cat and Ayakashi triangle both.

Futa Suzu would reach levels of horny not previously thought possible

I haven't read Black Cat, but I definitely prefer AyaTri to TLR.


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Do girls REALLY

Attached: 1618675570868.gif (329x331, 93.94K)

Reo needs a kiss from Matsuri.

Is that a Z'gok?

Attached: 1623524321929.png (320x240, 338.47K)

I see a Guncannon on the shelf, at least.

Teach me Shirogane-sensei!

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So in order to appease the frog/turtle thing you have to let it take your butt?


Or offer it some sake without choking it to death

not really.


> Kappa are usually seen as mischievous troublemakers or trickster figures. Their actions range from the comparatively minor, such as looking up women's kimono if they venture too near to water, to the outright malevolent, such as drowning people and animals, kidnapping children, raping women and at times eating human flesh.[12] Though sometimes menacing, it may also behave amicably towards humans.[9] While younger kappa are frequently found in family groups, adult kappa live solitary lives. However, it is common for kappa to befriend other yōkai and sometimes even people.[


we better get some pixiv art out of this, if not I'll have to comission some.

>he never took a tongue torpedo to the anus

Matsuri's kisses are taken, not given.

I can't believe no one else has said this yet. He's gay.

>He's gay.
He was in love with Suzu first. At most he's bi.

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Is this a pre-historic uoooh?


archived futaba AT thread:

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quite the lovely edit i must say

Het butthole is too low

It's weird how everyone forgot that.

It's old, but not that old either.

It had two manga between 1989 and 1992, Yabuki says he read it as a child, being that he was born in 1980 the dates coincide.

Oh, and that manga was published in a children's magazine (the author himself says that letters of support arrived as well to get it cancelled).


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So much licky licky in this chapter.

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Reo's boobs have a really nice shape.

>Reo nearly kills the Kappa for no reason sperging out, but him wanting recompense is considered a hostile act
That's a load of bull.

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Are you implying a water spirit can drown?

yes just like you can choke on air, faggot

this. sad

>C'mon Yabuki, you don't have to censor assholes
Yabuki only seems to draw anuses when they aren't easily noticeable or in clear view. For instance, Lala spreading her butt is censored by her tail and a shadow when she gets her temperature taken through her anus, but Yabuki will draw anuses as a not immediately noticeable small line/slit or draw a detailed anus in stuff like reflections.

Attached: How Yabuki sneeks in buttholes.jpg (3300x3586, 2.35M)


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That's not what a shirikodama is.


Sun Wukong Ayakashi when?

Only if it's the female monkey king from that one h manga series from the artist whose name escapes me at the moment but they used to do a ton of femshota back in the day.

shirikodama was an excuse for gay samurai fucking boys in the ass, wasn't it?

yeah, it's the gay chakra; a.k.a. the prostate

You know japs dont give a fuck about western censorship right?

How exactly could you replicate this situation if he tryed to take it by force? Also, it's out of character for the kappa to do it.

Getting Big entrapta vibes from this character

Attached: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f51376377704347444f46446d57773d3d2d37302e313632646563653035363163666233633739343038313331363534312e6a7067.jpg (720x720, 57.21K)

How much does Matsuri masturbate?

Nowhere near enough and always too far from the window.

She likes to do it in front of the mirror.

Attached: 1647626750425.png (740x1080, 902.26K)

I spy with my little eye...

Suzu, please.

Matsuri is cute!

Ninokuru-senpai, please...

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Attached: 1644101864794.jpg (729x739, 175.79K)

Attached: 1647717130618.webm (1920x1080, 1.2M)

Attached: 895сtpsswsob.png (881x1322, 752.64K)

I'm sad we haven't seen more of Matsuri quivering in shame when he's forced to do girly things.

You can't die by choking on air, imbecile.

But Matsuri likes to wear girly things.

Attached: 1-o.png (700x1025, 581.38K)

Everyday after smelling Suzu.

Attached: suzusmell.png (797x718, 452.8K)

Cute wolf

It's not that girly, is it?

Wolf-kun-chan. And he's a boy! Remember that!

Attached: wolfiedr.png (651x1178, 354K)

It's not a frilly dress or anything but a man definitely wouldn't wear that. Especially with the exposed shoulders and wearing the pants high to more cleanly show hip curves.

Is Matsuri now a straight male (in mind), straight female in reality, gay female in reality or gay male (in mind) or bisexual/pansexual?

The way I see it, he still sees himself as a man in his mind. He wants to go back to being biologically male before dating Suzu, but that's starting to waver. Certain interactions with Soga imply he has female biological urges, but doesn't think like that in his head.

straight male but slowly turn gay female in mind

Attached: 2-o.png (266x308, 72.61K)

We really need a chapter where a bunch of odler guys want to sexually abuse Matsuri just for her to be saved by male Suzu wearing tuxedo kamen mask.

I miss her show.

Hopefully someone picks up the manga

>her show
Do you mean Kuroitsu-san's show? Because Wolfie is a boy.

Attached: wnkd.png (525x551, 145.16K)

What this manga needs is other guys competing for suzu.

Wouldn't amount to anything. Suzu is Matsurisexual.

matsuri is Suzusexual and the the manga revolves around everyone hungering for his cock. your point?

Nobody has seen Matsuri's cock (Suzu has seen it for 1 second and Rochka saw some "whale"). But all of them (Suzu, Soga, Reo, Ritta, Matsuri's mom) want Matsuri's pussy now.

Straight mind but gay body.

Attached: 1639931565575.png (784x1145, 537.14K)

Attached: 1639931626425.png (784x1145, 437.87K)

>Straight mind but gay body.
how does this even work

Suzu is more alpha than most male shounen MC's.

He has straight thoughts but his body likes doing gay shit.

Attached: matsurileglock.png (379x784, 325.83K)

Shonen manga doesn't really do male love rivals anymore. Why do you think Soga fell for Suzu, then gave up before spending more than a couple pages together with her? There's merit to going against trends, but a F/F-leaning gender-bender romance is already pretty "out there".

I would like to see Suzu do more things apart from Matsuri, but there's plenty to do separate from her love life (even if it's still stupid sex comedy).

>Matsuri is a girl
>gots the hots for Soga

Attached: 16488098101211.jpg (2483x1654, 230.11K)

He isn't a girl though

She is a girl. She can't even kiss Suzu.

Attached: 11.jpg (700x1022, 193.82K)

>how does this even work
What does it mean? He considers himself a guy, has a female body, and is sexually attracted to a girl.

Why might he be that way? Sexuality isn't rigid. Matsuri turned into a girl and realized he's attracted to Suzu regardless of his own sex, but has no other interest in exploring his sexuality beyond that. For all we know, female Matsuri could favor guys but it's irrelevant when he's super hyper-monogamous.

Attached: 83 loss.jpg (532x376, 140.85K)

Grandma lewds when?

Attached: 1615132815161.jpg (587x418, 88.17K)

She doesn't look very busty, better have a fat ass to make up for it.

More like straight male mind straight female body.