Solely physically speaking, which one appears to be the best here?

Solely physically speaking, which one appears to be the best here?

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JH best symphogear porn artist

Maria pits

Maria is objectively the best geah

Top middle, whoever that is.

none of them

Excellent taste Miku

Bottom left.

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Best Girl

Shribble a shit

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Hibiki didn't need a body this lewd

thank you for stating the truth and not giving in to peer pressure!

I hate Maria but even more so I hate how horny she makes me

I would blast unholy amounts of semen in to Kirika

Chris and Kirika are tied for hottest nymphogears.

Kirika and Hibiki

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I want to have a threesome with DMJII

I’ll take Tsubasa.

Need threesomes with Kirika and Shirabe.

Chihaya as always.

Kill yourself, spammer.

Chris, she's 100% pure sex incarnate. Hibiki is still best girl overall once you factor in personality and coolness factor though, with Chris in second.

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Top right made me drool. It's that silver hair and pure expression she makes.

Shirabe is the only correct answer.

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It's Kiri!

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Top right
And I like under left

For me, its silver hair in top right

Hibiki's tits aren't that big.
Also I'll take a Kirika please.

As expected, everybody loves Chris!

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So Hibiki loves to cuddle so much?

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To cuddle and other stuff.

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Shirabe but we all know Chris is the true best.

Welcome to the best girl club brother. But to be fair you cant really go wrong with any of them. Except maria, maria sucks.

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I've only watched the first show but bottom middle looks best to me.

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Good taste.

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Impeccable taste.

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For me it's Maria > Chris > Hibiki > Tsubasa > Kiraka > Shirabe

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>"negative" trait is being a bit slow
>top tier body and personality
>doesn't have baggage like the other

Kirika will give you the most authentic gf experience.

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who's the girl in the red bikini?

>doesn't have baggage
how many times has she attempted suicide

Either bottom left or right, preferably both at the same time.

>putting your dick in a hole that was used for all manners of human garbage for years
But also imagine how her pussy wraps your dick once your trigger the sex slave flashbacks.


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threesomes with kirika and shirabe

She's got a goddamn song about it.

She's better now, but don't pretend for a moment she's healthy.

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She has several songs about it.


It is somewhat disingenuous to call a song about not killing yourself a song about suicide.

On the other other hand, considering said song was an necessary counterpoint...


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Bottom left.

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Chris and Maria. I would still fuck all of them though


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7 more months till live for real this time. .

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Hope Japan will be able to ignore any new chinkflu variants this time

At this point its almost certain it is from a mutt biolab.

Seeex ahhh seeeeex ore wa....

The octopus haired cat on bottom right

I like the blue hair one

They're all great, but Miku shouldn't be underestimated

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Top middle, though I must say bottom left is very very very cute.

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This scene was simply...heh...pardon my pun...but this scene was superb. I always watch it with a big grin on my face, knowing they knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

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yes Shirabe before Kiri killed fine's soul in her is the correct choice

Millarc and the dolls

Kirika seems underpicked in this thread

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Thanks, I'll be fapping now.

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pink hair one

It is a shame we never got loli Fine molesting Chris.

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Kirika, Shirabe and Chris.

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Chris. Always Chris.

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I love Tsubasa

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Shirabe's sexual energy

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Sex with Noble Red

>sex with the bat
Enjoy your flu

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Shribble is pure and wholesome.

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You might want to use protection.

But then I would not be able to impregnate the anal dog

The protection is for you. Noble Red carries lots of bad stuff.

Ponytail Maria > Hair down Maria > Octopus cat Maria

top right, bottom middle close second.

you didn't even post every girl

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Shirabe if you're a gentleman, Kirika if you aren't.

I want to have a foursome with the trio!

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ChrisxBrown rapists truly is the OTP of this franchise.

What does Chris do to attract the attention of so many browns?



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Honestly, all the girls are hot and sexy and I would take all of them to pound town.

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her best ship is with a space nazi shota though?

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I don't know who that little blonde boy is but Chris had better ara ara the shit out of him.

I cant believe chris chan went to prison

mobile games features parallel worlds and in one of them a group of nazis actually managed to escape to the moon as WW2 was ending, they then find all the custodians shit and spend the next 100 years building ripoff robots, sending glowniggers to earth, and breeding shotas out of an ancient nazi sperm bank. They then have the shotas knife fight each other to death, whoever survives gets to be the new Fuhrer. Of course it's really more of a PR position, so this little retard escapes to earth and Chris has to babysit him from killer robots and flying saucers. By the end he is in love with her and almost asks her to come to Mars with him, which the nazis will attempt to terraform now that they need to abandon the moon because America is really pissed they blew up Area 51. In this timeline Area 51 is a secret anti-nazi spaceship the size of an entire state that america has been secretly building for decades.

Mfw panties getting wet at what's happening to Chris

holy based
>In this timeline Area 51 is a secret anti-nazi spaceship the size of an entire state that america has been secretly building for decades.
I need to see this.

>I need to see this.
they didn't bother drawing it because it blows up in 5 minutes and it will never get animated so you're shit out of luck

never watched this show, but I can tell top middle and bottom right are best ones, how far am I?

If I had to choose only one I'd choose Hibiki cause i love girls with strong legs and toned asses. Though honestly I really want whichever one who'd love a faggot with a crippled leg like me

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Aren't Tsubasa's tits too big here?

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Fair enough

I like bottom-left and top-right the best, what does this say about me?

Does anyone else lose their boner when artists forget to draw Hibiki’s scar?

where is this from? the game that got eos'd?

Hibiki's tits got bigger every season.

Why is Chris so popular?

Lolicon and good taste?

You like asymmetrical docking.

Why is Meiya doing a Tsubasa cosplay?

>we will never know what the maximum lewd version looked like
It still eats at my mind

Also, Symphogear sequel with early 20s Kirika with the same figure but taller and more athletic when?

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Isn't Kirika already pretty fit?

She's a developing girl.

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Kirika is canonically squishy

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Fairly so and that's part of her appeal, but she doesn't come close to Hibiki or Maria yet.

I like to imagine the more lewd version had her licking the pole like a dick and even pressing her tits up against it

You like mommy and her daughter, in that order.

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If you look up the girls' three sizes it turns out Tsubasa has the same size bust as Kirika. She's just tall so they look smaller

>cute chubby dess noises

I mean technically that does make sense but visually it’s hard to believe

>Click link
>Preview image is some V-Tuber avatar and the dumb "Watch Symphogear" thing westoids kept pushing for years
>14 minutes long
Not watching that shit, never post that link again.

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Bottom left, then bottom middle, then the top row, then bottom right.

Hibiki, all the way. Best voice, worst singer, best girl.


Any hopes for the 2022 live show?
Also, Chris

XDU anime getting announced at the live later this year.

Got more?

Reminder that Shirabe has exclusive access to this body here and gets as many pole dance shows (lap dances too) as she wants.

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That's what the general said during the last live. Guess I'll wait till after November.

I'm afraid we might end up getting something really lackluster instead

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Just date Shirabe, then Kirika basically comes as a package deal

God I wish

All lesbians can be dicked straight

Maria easily, though it's unfair to only judge them by hair, tits, and face.

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Do you also want them judged by their asses?

A new anime announcement

Having only watched Season 1 so far I'm inclined to say Hibiki is by far the best one

Bottom right looks best but I have absolutely zero context.

I think Maria has a big potential in the future

With the degrading quality of otaku culture over the years, I can see it.

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Miku is best

Bikki cuz she has the dikki

Post the Shem-Ha one

bottom right

Bottom middle. Titties are not too big or small.

Chris > Hibiki > *

Best girls are better together.

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>early 20s Kirika
I'd assume she would have an hero already by that point.

Chris finally cracked the code. She can keep the idiot at bay with food.


Sounds like Tsubasa is abusing some ninja's ability to tamper with data files.

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bangs+twintails girl is best, unsurprisingly.

Bust size is torso size+breast size. So even if Tsubasa's cup size is smaller than Kirika's, they can still have the same bust size.

blue followed by bottom right

boobs too big except for southwest and south. westeros sword looks like a transwamen.

Maria no!

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it was biolabs, son.

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Maria, you gorgeous girl.

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Would you a hag Shirabe?

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ew no way hag

Fuck yes I would.

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>Black hair
Who's the one peeking at the bottom?

Me, I have black hair

Biolabs with bats in them.

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Bottom right looks the least unhappy to be there and also is tied for the best shape.

Going to have to agree with all the Chrisposters. Clearly all Geah enjoyers are men of taste but Chris is the finest Geah.

I agree but why exactly? What makes Chris the best Geah?

all symphos are best symphos
why can't reality stop reminding me of that other show that will never get a season 3

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her sexual prowess honed by getting the dick countless number of times in her every hole
she can please man very much like an educated prostitute

Top left looks the best.

Much like Schrödinger's cat, Yukine can be tsun, dere, cool and a loser all at the same time. You pick a flavor and that becomes your Yukine. She's the perfect wife no matter what.

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that's just her in another picture

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So, Shirabe is doing herself?

That never happened

i would like to see that but i guess it's just some kind of composite picture
stop asking questions user and rather post gear lewds

I dropped the gacha two years ago, have they done a parallel universe where Shirabe becomes Fine yet? It should be the lowest hanging fruit after the one where Kanade doesn't die, which was the first one iirc

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Prime breeding material.

calm down, Shirabe

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What does Yea Forums think about Christina?

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That's right! But she can pretend to lose to your cock to lower your defenses. Such is the specialty of this crafty vixen!

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I'm still surprised the Gatcha hasn't added fine shirabe yet

Yes are there any more hag geah pictures?

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>she sees my erect sudaca penis

That depends. Which one smells the nicest?

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Bottom right.

As far as being whores? Maria without a doubt. She can please 20 faceless old men a night without a problem.

She looks just like Chris so of course she's cute. What's her gimmick?

She's basically Chris if she didn't go to Valverde and became an idol instead.

Thousands of people die in her concerts.

So the average Symphogear concert, then.

I would marry and impregnate OL Shirabe.

What an outrageous outfit.

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>no big tits
She beat the Fine genes?


Cute slut

The black hair cutie