Aikatsu and Pretty Series

The chemistry between Yume and Rola is undeniable.

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Yume liked Koharu better though.

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Nah, their chemistry are nothing compared to Ichigo and Aoi or even Aine and Mio.

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She's pretty cute, almost as cute as Aoi.

>last thread died
Dead general

Incredible insight

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Ichigo's smelly feet

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You can take the Smelly feet while I take her tasty nipples.

Her nipples don't actually taste like strawberries, you know.
They taste better.

Ichigo's pussy juice is strawberry-flavoured.

I want to die.

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In season 1 when their positions are simillar it feels stronger, they aren't just buddies like Ichigo/Aoi and Aine/Mio but are growing together with some tension between them, obviously then comes S2 and the balance tilts too much and Yume "stops having fun" (aka personality changes).

>Ichigo's heavenly smell feet you will never smell

>She's pretty cute, almost as cute as Aoi.
She's a bit cute until you see the tip of her hair changing into green, I don't even say it because of "ew green", having brown into green is simply nasty.

>having brown into green is simply nasty.
yeah like poop

I cum in there

I love you

Don't know why they didn't go with red to match her fringe.

Green is an earth color

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Like a low budget Kiara.

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The color-palette in Kiara makes her version work better, the colors for this yugioh girl are kinda atrocious, for brown and green to work you would need to be more subtle.

Yeah, I agree. The shift from a mundane brown to an almost neon orange is jarring.

Finish Primagi first.

Watching Primagi makes me want to die even more than usual.

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Watch prichan

>Asahi rejects her confession
>she moves on from her crush on him later
>stays single and ignored by the writers at the end
Poor Morimura, she deserves better for sure.
Not to mention her romance arc was done billion times better than Ackey’s

Watch Jewelpet.

the chemistry behind watching yume cuck rola at nearly every opportunity and not even letting her foot of her throat for a second was undeniable

>Loli character is that way because she was born prematurely

Deepest lore tbqh

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those diapers are kinda hot not gonna lie

No nipples allowed!

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hidden past...

Every idle aspires to be her.


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Miruki is the cutest.

>new im@s anime announced

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Idolmaster? More like Cunnymaster.

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I love Coco. What a shame the staff hates her.

Every single fucking thing im@s has done since the original was absolute dogshit, so not exactly optimistic

> not ShinyMas
> not Cinderella Girls season 3
At least we will have good cunny threads now

what the

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I don't think she has any programming experience.

If the series is just a bunch of lolis having fun than you already should have your expectations on check, the point is going uoh over it.

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I want to fuck a caterpillar.

I love Yume so much

sexy caterpillar

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We all do, ainon

I don't.

you do

Precure needs more multi-forms.

Which Cure would you most like to be beaten up by?



>[Kiriya] Aikatsu! 026-050 [BD 1920x1080 x265 FLAC]

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What the fuck is Aikatsu?


She sees your deck

also works for my dick

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bundoru! bundoru!


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Nice joke.

I'm not laughing.

oppai lala

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I bet she also enjoys anal.

I will never not be mad at how she got shafted and never got a performance.

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They definitely intended for her to perform, probably in the episodes focused on her but it fell through somehow.

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She sucked.

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Pet and dogwalkers.

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And fucked.

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Ainons prefer flat idols.

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>harapan idol

yes I prefer them for bullying

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Flat idles are elegant and beautiful.

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Flat idles do have the best daughters though.

that's a man

That's my whore wife.

Did she appear in Aipare?


This but it's my cock and also in the middle of our wedding.

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Cock goes where?

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I want them to force me to have sex with them.

Miruki is fatter than Karin

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No one wants you.

The biggest difference is that one of them is actual smart.

Is this the LL thread?

One that feels guilty afterwards.

You mean the /ll/ thread?

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Aroma is not like Miruki, right? She's not a...uh..f-fattie idol? She's nothing like that.

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Can't be a fatty if your best friend steals your lunch.

no this is the im@s thread

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you can see the middle one's nutsack lul

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nope but mikan is

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Someone is missing.

Someone is missing.

Gaku are missing.

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No one is missing!

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Ainons love drunk idols

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Like I said no one is missing.

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why jap niggas always be eating green beans with their alcohol?

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salted edamame goes surprisingly well with booze

No one even have rice with their beer, rice SUCKS.

solami smile resorts to the forbidden pailume change to not get mogged

Rice kingdom forever.

I love my eternal 17 yo wife Nana and her friend Sugar.

Do we love Shion now? I told you she was cool.

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Your 17 year old wife looks like she is in her 40s.

you're the reason the last thread died you know, didn't even reach bump limit

Shion is a dork, A DORK

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I want to have sex with a twin.

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Rude, just because my wife watched kamen rider black when she was a little girl it doesn't mean she is in her 40s.

>eternal 17 yo wife Nana
The anti-depressant abusing idol.
>her friend Sugar.
Her name's Sato Shin

-The duel segment felt more self-aware than I expected, they were throwing cards when drawing, thinking how cool they were for saying a line, noting that it's only a good win if you're back on a corner first to look dramatic, etc.
-I didn't expect the alien guy to be the actual MC? It seemed to be the red-haired kid but the white-haired alien has the "Yami" form during duels so I guess it's him? I liked his gags like the eyelaser, I have seen characters with a "fanbase" before but in his case it's literally 8 million people from his home planet, that is certainly a new record. His "fish out of water" gags have potential.
-Plot doesn't make a lot of sense and seems very covenient at this moment: Home system is at war so he fleed with 8 million people in a spaceship and somehow Rush Duels are a legend to solve this(?). Girl offered a deal with this bigshot alien that if he lost, he would have to work at her alien research lab thingy(??). Is the 8 million peopel just chilling in the spaceship while the MC is having a fun time in the town(???).
-Plenty of tutorial but I guess it's to be expected in the first couple of episodes of an anime advertising a cardgame.
-Girl design is decent but hair color ruins her.

On the fence with this one, will give it 5 episodes.
If anything it's giving me Star Twinkle Precure nostalgia which isn't bad at all.

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>Her name's Sato Shin
Yeah, that's what I said. Didn't you know that people call her Heart/Sugar instead of Shin?

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that's stupid. you are stupid!

Woah, rude.

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and be grateful i can't punch you.

Just try me little baby.

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That frame is probably Aipla's only legacy. It's full of soul.

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Characters didn't seemed very expressive in AiPla, so we had to make do with what we had.

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I want to have sex with two twins.

That not true at all, just look at this Ruli looks dead inside and probably want's to kill herself right now.

I barely remember what aipla looked like. And that's a wonderful thing.

It's for the best.

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I want to ____ Hana’s long ass neck.

give hickeys to

Is the girl going to get an alternative/transformed form?

it's been only one episode but I think her gimmick is sight based glasses/perception.

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>replying to yourself

Who are you quoting?

He probably already mad no one gave a shit about his pointless long post.

yeah you wish.

Uh, looks like it received a replay, though.

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Worst pink of all time.

I'm not glad Mewkle is dead even though I didn't personally watch it. I have painful memories of Cocotama ending and I hate to see ainons lose shows they like.

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I like it when /si/ show end because it's funny to think about the crying little girls who lost their favorite show

>[Over-Time] Avataro Sentai Donbrothers - 05 [627D80A0].mkv

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The absolute state.


I also hate Spanish girls.

don't open



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You ever wonder how weird it is that Ichigo and Madoka never interact even once in the show?

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God I love honk so much.

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The only annoying thing about Honk is how distractingly sexy she is.

we know, fat ojisan.

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hope they do something great with her in the anime because the game version was a total shitfest

Her black nipples are super sexy indeed.

I could have sworn that that they did during one of the designer episodes.

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God i hate this bitch.

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Can't stop thinking about Miruki's thick and dark pubes

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God, I love this bitch.


I get you, imagine her reaction when you ask why they aren't pink.

why are you lying?

Everybody loves Madoka.

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Not fat enough for my taste.

To think she was the most popular Akarigen in Japan.

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I am warning you.

about what?

Weird concept for an episode but all the characters shined in their own way, this show is so addicting.

>replying to yourself

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Not really but I can't give you proof so stay with this pic of Miruki instead.

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why doesn't she just sit her huge fat ass down?

on me

No, nothing like that. They even go so far as to obscure Madoka's figure for the one time she's in actual close proximity with Ichigo during OGkatsu; heck Ichigo doesn't even acknowledge her presence at all.

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That's some quality QUALITY on the potato. A fun and expressive look made by simply shifting the eye a bit.

she should stuff Matsuri and Myamu into her bra

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oh fug

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t-title drop??

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>screenplay: Mari Okada

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AikatsuKing reviewing Cinnamon the Movie when?


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>says byerilu
>doesn't actually go anywhere and stays here all night
>never denies it, just keeps mindlessly spouting into the void

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I don’t mean to alarm you but you seem to have a severe case of schizophrenia

I don't mean to alarm you but it's not schizophrenic if it's true.

Don’t you have some other fanbase to shit on before you pass out on your keyboard

Two posts and you still haven't denied it.

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aifure sucsk

stinka is so stinky that she turned dark green

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This but it's me when?

bump before going to sleep but at price of being a fish pic
nothing is free in this world

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by the way
how much is the fish?

Like oil and water.

You know what you are doing.

It's okay, Honk and I are friends.

More than you can afford, nerd.

God I love mermaids
I would love nothing more than to worship her tail

uh oh, meltyyyyyy

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I want to sleep forever.

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Borekledeady Nix

Reminder that Mewkledreamy has ended and no one cared or talked about it afterwards.
Even Aipla and Prichan didn’t get that kind of apathy.


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>reveal the secrets of the universe to me, oh my new toy

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Now that I think about it, really can't remember if Inaho have show up at all in this season
Good shit.

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Attached: [Anime Land] Youkai Watch ♪ 49 (TVA 1080p Hi10P AAC) RAW [2CE9A358 ].mkv_snapshot_11.33_[2022.04.04_08.28.52].jpg (1920x1080, 186.68K)

Attached: [HorribleSubs] Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - 47 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.00_[2018.04.11_15.33.18].jpg (1280x720, 114.21K)

Romin is so cute

Aoi is so cute.

Attached: 1.jpg (2048x1045, 528.03K)

Left is cuter and should be worth more money.

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Attached: E-z-RzOVEAk7D7S.jpg (1448x2048, 344.18K)

Attached: 100hituzi-20220404-094644-1511007370565996545-FPgtMblUcAEFKTA.jpg (1570x2048, 256.92K)


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If this thread were a dog, it would be euthanised.

Attached: E4FVDxnVcAINTFD.jpg (1636x2584, 386.12K)

It's Leo's birthday, say something nice about him.

Attached: Leo HBD.jpg (1378x1913, 1.89M)

I don't even know this bussy

From what I've seen all the Precures are cute so I want each and every one of them to assault me brutally and stomp on me until I cry

Akari's feet...

I would start crying before they even laid a finger on me.

He's cute and I'm envious.

Attached: 1514979666000.jpg (1250x1650, 336.92K)

>brought out Miki
Nice ~nanodesu.


Attached: Dressing Pafe forbidden love.jpg (1088x1371, 822.52K)

primagi failed us

Both will lose an eye before they can kiss

Slut thread.

Attached: 1639368289632.jpg (1447x2047, 654.31K)

>asymmetrical legwear
How loose.

I want her to laugh at me and call me a virgin.

Oha Real You

Attached: AtoZsanINDEX-1510905675236274178-img1.jpg (2896x4096, 787.69K)


Karin is not a slut.


Only a slut would leave us for Jav Live.

I wish she'd do JAV.

I wish Yuu do JAV.

I wish honk would do a JAV.

Attached: 1639526024042.jpg (831x1059, 148.41K)

Attached: Auru and Stinkle.jpg (610x570, 156.24K)

Now it makes sense

I want to play with Myamu's asshole.

Attached: 1480744356293.png (959x1176, 1.74M)


>Even Aipla and Prichan didn’t get that kind of apathy.
Nobody talks about that either retard


I want to fuck Kyoko.

I love this coord so much, one of the cutest dresses in Aikatsu. Along with one of the cutest girls.

Attached: 1591233565634.jpg (863x1199, 177.53K)

Are you sure?


Attached: 1494322328818.jpg (634x800, 70.61K)

Attached: FPfkfNCVsAcNlK1.jpg (1359x2048, 486.7K)

Ew, great great great great great great great great great great great great grandma sex

But she's younger than me...

damn lala got a dumptruck

>DAT Lala

>pizza 3 times a day every day

I'm ready for new gakus

fuck off already

fuck on already

More lucky2 eps or new gakus entirely

>replying to yourself