Hidamari Sketch

Just finished watching this. Let's have a wide thread!

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You're never finished.

At which chapter does the anime ended on?

welcome to this guy being literally me

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that image is wrong, yuno doesn't call Miyako 'Miyako'

wides: armageddon

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I love the wides

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wtf im crying and shaking this cant be real....

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Nooo, don't do that, Yuno...!!

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And then they had sex.

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But seriously now, where is all the NazuxNori doujins?

Just read it from the start.

Why do people still talk about this show? It's the worst slice of life ever made and I was very disappointed with SHAFT.

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Just to spite (You)

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cuz i like my wide girls

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The manga's still ongoing. New chapter translated when.

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Imagine living such a sad life that you have to come and shit on such a cute show.

>shit opinion
fucking pottery

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Nori taking responsibility!

Look at this normie


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Disgusting bedwetter

weak b8, here's your (You)

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Made to be ravaged by Nori

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Take that lewd forehead out of here before something bad happens to it


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You're right, what was I thinking.

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Yes, I'm looking at her very carefully.

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Will finishing my own rewatch of it soon. The world truly is a narrow place.

I bet Nazuna is tighter than Yuno. In several ways.

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Well, she's still inexperienced after all.

What did she mean by this?


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*cough* *cough* stepsiblings...


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Sae is the normal one, though.

Look at this smile.

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I'm looking.

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Keep looking.

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I am going to EAT Yunocchi

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A very fine specimen

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Yunocchi was delicious

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But what about Miyako? What do you think she tastes like?

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I would assume she has a slightly off putting taste due to her poor diet of whatever she can beg/scrounge up

cute panime

sae this

what do

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What's she apologizing for?

Why is Yuno eating Miyako?

how did you make it user ?

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Rip in peace Yunocchi...

Which Hidamari is the most erotic?


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>put batter in piping bag
>draw face in skillet
>turn on heat and cook until brown around the edges
>apply more batter on top and cook until set
also use a skillet with good heat distribution i used a cast iron skillet on the first one and the middle burnt while the edges were barely done

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Why is she so gay?

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hiro would be proud

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Internet corruption. She's been reading yuri hentai since she was 11.

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someone post the horny Ume-tentei manifesto

So erotic...

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Being a sexy boy.

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Objectively Hiro, this is not negotiable

Why does she have so much stuff?

all full of bath salts

Hopefully Yuno knows not to smoke them

W-what would happen if you smoke them?

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argyle sweater Yuno is VERY stylish!

what did the Illuminati mean by deleting this

Hidamari Sketch sucks.

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cool opinion, random messageboard stranger

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the audio is for some reason off and idk how to fix it

one last try

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I really like Yuno's soft and cute voice.

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Is this how girls take baths?

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why is he so narrow

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Someone has to keep the wides in check.

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Did the manga offscreen this picnic too? I was kinda disappointed when they didn't make it into OVA.

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I wanted to see Sae and Hiro in the sawn boat, but at least the senior trip episodes showed that

I think so, but I'm gonna need to see more examples before i can determine a definite conclusion

can someone post the follow-up to this picture?

something's wrong with my yunocchi...

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she's just at that age where she might be interested

Her episodes are anime only.

Wait, what. She's anime only character?

She's in the manga (at least later on) but she almost never shows up. Her role is heavily expanded in the anime. Natsume's like that too iirc, though to a lesser extent. Both Chika and Natsume were given larger roles by Shaft. And I think the series is better for it.

>She initially was only referred to in the manga, but SHAFT decided to expand her role and have her become a reoccurring character. She did not appear in person in the manga until the June 2012 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat, corresponding to vol. 7, p. 75-80. However, Yuno and the other residents never got a chance to meet her in the manga continuity.

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part of the reason she features so heavily in the anime is due to her seiyuu

Sex with Yunocchi!

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Yunocchi is for Miyako's personal use, only!

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She wouldn't mind if I borrow her for a bit.

That's from Miyako's POV, right?

That's nice. I like their roles in anime, especially Natsume.

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you ever notice that during the senior trip an eye catch features Ume-tentei's caterpillar in the exact same position as Natsume in the hot spring pool? both even share a "green" aesthetic

what are you suggesting, natsume is the self-insert after all?

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certainly there are aspects of Natsume's character that are autobiographical, and Ume Aoki has admitted as much, part of why this series endures is because the emotions and thoughts that it evokes come from someone's real experiences, whether that is Ume's time at art school, or the many animators and artists who crafted the anime who put their own soul into the production due to having similar experiences attending art schools

but... natsume is a gay dork! are... was ume-sensei also a gay dork?

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She was a gay dork which explains her affection towards gay dorks of other franchises

>professional mangaka
>professed love of high school girls
Ume is both gay, and a dork, and that's why we love her

Why did Miyako want to gift Long Cat int he first place?
As a side note Natsume is not gay or a dork, she just admires Sae's stories and also, she thinks Sae looks cool, and, well, it's not that big of a deal really!! Natsume doesn't even like Sae that much, baka!

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Natsume is the latest trophy of Hiro's sexual conquest!

I forgot my fucking picture!

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had us in the first half, not gonna lie

what did they mean by this

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Miyako is getting ideas from this

Miyako is the sunshine in Sunshine Sketch!

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who will stop this perverted menace?
yes i am reading hidamari doujins on dynasty-scans

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______ is the ________ in _______ _______!

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Hidamari Sketch? More like Himanari Sketch!

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Kisaragi is so cute lads

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Off-topic, but accurate post.

art is always on topic
you're right im sorry that was uncalled for

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i dont blame you user, "art school weirdos" is basically a CGDCT subgenre, and it's one i love in no small part due to Hidamari

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I got a girlfriend, she goes to art school
I got a art school girlfriend yeah
I got a girlfriend, she gotta girlfriend
We gotta girlfriend, and she gotta go

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Sae's Large Genus!

Yuno has joined Taylor Gang

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I think Black and Yellow Sketch overhyped

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this one watches me browse your degenerate posts, and has the appropriate reaction for it

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The only thing worse than hip hop music is men in anime.

>videos on the right
Oh my God how have I gone without Nyanderwall for my entire life?

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i said maybe

what chapter is this again

Sunshine v05 p073

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Ume really said "imma get paid to draw some ass today"


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is that sae's butt?

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No. Too fat.

Sae wishes she had a butt that big.

...now that you mention it.

My bad fellas, i just assumed since the front looks as flat as a board

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is this supposed to shrink and squish or get wider? my browsers don't do it anymore...

>tfw miya will never invade your personal space
crying natusme.webm

like this?

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Thats the one!

Am I the only one who prefers the smaller cast of Miya, Yuno, Sae, Hiro, and to a lesser extent Chika and Natsume?

No. First couple times I watched it, I really didn't like Nori or Nazuna, and although I've warmed up to them over time, 365 is still my favourite season because of this.

Probably not, but they get enough episodes int he anime and Nori and Nazuna add some flavor while never over-powering those four mains, in fact the cosplay teacher had more screentime in the last two seasons than those two

You're both right, I guess I'm just "hurr old good new bad".

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I like Nazuna, I even like Matsuri, but Nori is still boring.

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Festa a slut! slut!!

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it doesn't work on firefox for me but works on brave and edge. maybe only chromium based browsers support it.

That's what I thought at the beginning of Hoshimittsu. But, Nori and Nazuna really grew on me.

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I don't dislike Nori and Nazuna, but they also don't really feel like they add anything to the group's dynamic either

Tiny Yuno... Girl From the Hidamari Apartments

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uniform weighs more than her

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i didn't wish for this

Miyako facing the souls boss

Ah, I see that the freelance artist lifestyle didn't work out for them after all...

no they just want to help the nice berry mart manager!

W-why is Ume-tentei doing that...?

she's a woman of refined tastes.

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Because she tastes good.


I will need some photographic evidences of that claim.

sorry for being late
time for wide

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me on the right.

wtf hi Miyako!!!

Whos your guys favourite side-wide that you wish got more screentime? For me, its Arisawa.

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Yuno' erotic tummy...

Ume knew what she was doing when she designed that outfit.

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This prankster.

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Do girls really? Mami also gets orgasms from being complimented.

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Practice for their acting class.

a real pure maiden

Is this a wide?

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That's a potato.

What about these guys? Are they wide?

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Is this why we never see the other parents? Everyone is out playing mahjong?

is Ume married?

Not wides but I approve.

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No one knows for sure, but there have been rumors.

Yeah, to me.

kek nice art user


Do not squeeze the wide

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I want to read Sae's books

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So erotic...

Yuna, you say?

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What sort of rumors?

There's some old video of one of her book signing events and she's wearing a ring in it. What could it mean, no one knows.

On a Sunday afternoon