Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

character 94 preview

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>Using the males bath soap so that she will smell the same as Kyou.
What a slut.

Wait, do I UOH or not? She's 14, right?

Yamada do some squats for fucks sake

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She's tall and shaped like an high school girl anyway

>Her nails is colored
That's news to me.

>ends up smelling like his dad because Ichi actually uses the herbal one

BokuYababros and Nagabros crossover collaboration chapter soon?

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We spell it butte not butt, Montana~

>flat ass
at least norio is consistent at that department

When my family was in Butte, we fucked up and went to the Pizza Ranch instead the mexican place up the street.

every thread

I bet she drank the bath water

You are wrong. It's a strategy to not alert her prey

Until you like it.

She's shaped like a stick with big boobs, rectangle torso and pancake ass

You seem to have failed geometry.

That's just Kana being upset that she's not being lewded

>Yamada probably wearing Kana's clothes

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>periodically smells her own hair the entire chapter
>Kana or Kyou assume she’s bothered by the smell because she’s used to nicer shampoo


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>your daughter will take a bath at some old man's bathroom

Watched some jav the other day where the girl looked like she had a pancake ass but in some angles it looked nice and when the guy squeezed her ass his fingers sunk nicely.

I think we exaggerate the whole "japan has no ass" thing. It's not that extreme

>facebook tier post

That's what happens when people force ironic pedophilia into a meme

Honestly, it's 50/50 at this point

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No it isn't. Have you went to another's house to take a bath if permitted?

How is that weird? We aren't big on bath culture, but I took showers over at friends places all the time. Did you go to bed grimey or what?

oh, I forgot about that already, thanks for posting it

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Yamada WILL die

Of old age with a head full of happy memories with her husband Kyou and her many children by her side

women usually live longer than men though

Bokuyaba isekai

yamadad will die after this arc

Yamada will be hit by a truck and isekai'd to another dimension based on a Smitch game. Ichi will go on an American spree to murder all his classmates, before killing himself to join her. These threads will resume once the sequel begins serialization.

of diabetes

OUHOOOOOO dam young girls

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I'm also upset Kana isn't being lewded!


It's the angle of the dangle, the size of the ass is roughly simliar, but you can't really see it well in most poses. I'm an ass man through and through and I fap to asian girls all the time.

Anime announcement? This year. For real this time.


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If it doesn't happen this year, is not gonna happen at all.

What if it gets a live action movie instead of anime? By the way, is a manga getting a live action seen as worse of better than anime? Or is it the same thing?

Long Yamada butt Ichikawa is a lucky little guy

>implying she doesn't know her boy's scent enough to be able to tell which one he uses

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Is it only me who kinda likes pancake ass? Its cute.

No curves. Looks like a man's ass.

there is no way Ichikawa wouldn't be freaking out for this

he got drugged

with propofol? anything weaker wouldn't cut it


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god I wish that was my dick

Already done

Nice headrest

Hips too wide

post too gay

Is this finally the chapter?
This is going to be another thing Norio set in the early stages of the manga just to be relevant in the future?

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Didn't Ichi accidentally walk in on Kana in the bathroom? I wonder if it'll happen again with yamada

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Other way around, kinda. He was in the bathroom washing Yamada's jersey and then stepped out to see Kana stripping because she was about to get in the bath.

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ah shit, what chapter/extra was this?

Volume 5 omake. 64.4 on Mangadex.

I hope that's the case

Obviously not. He knows that she's in there and will steer clear until she comes out by herself. Kana might intrude and get in the bath herself, though based on the previews I don't see it happening. Anna has too much solo time, no place for Kana. I wager that since this sleepover wasn't planned, that Anna will use Kana's clothes and they'll be a bit tight. A button might snap or some cleavage might be shown, that kind of thing. That's about it. Kyou won't see more than that. Not even after she rapes him because she'll use a blindfold to enhance the psychological abuse.

Her Mom thinks she is in her fem-friend hoise.

Yamaman definitely knows she's at Ichikawa's house

A true hero...

I've never gotten the argument that jacking off to 2D underage girls means you want to fuck 3D underage girls. For the simple fact that 2D underage girls look absolutely nothing like 3D underage girls (to the point that the former often resemble full-grown adults), and because 2D girls have much better personalities than 3D girls. And the difference between the personalities of 2D and 3D underage girls is MUCH more pronounced than than the personality differences between 2D and 3D adult woman.

Embarrassed Kana is cute! Cute cute cute cute!


I hate this new meme
It's just not funny and completely lost its meaning

She definitely assumed that at first, not sure if she still thought that upon being given a name. Probably still does considering that's not a name/voice she's heard before.

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Why is kana going apeshit over the chan?

user I think you need to spend some time off of this site, the brain rot is getting to you

She was calling her onee-chan up until know.

Does it matter?

Unironically Yamada is getting herself into a problem with this attitude of hers.
>lying to mama when Ichi was in her home/bed
>both kids probably forgot at this point that Yamada's dad saw Ichi wearing her daughter's uniform
>now "lying" that you are at your bowfi's home
>now probably "lying" once again to sleep at your bowfi's home

It’s an edit.

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>both kids probably forgot at this point that Yamada's dad saw Ichi wearing her daughter's uniform
Ichi definitely remembers, Yamada never knew in the first place

true, you are right on this one.

She has a flat ass, so yeah, why not.

You can always count on twittercucks and plebbitors to ruin a good meme by overuse.

Anna just knows her dad mistook his name for "Yamada" for some reason. I wonder if he shared his thoughts and/or worries with Yamama by now.

Like many Twitter "memes" this one hardly cracks a giggle before gets dry. Like a NASCAR that runs out of fuel before the finishing the first lap in a small oval race.

Wtf I love small women now.

>fake shota

Believe in the Power of Onee

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Is it normal that I find her sexier than Yamada?

Yes, this is an Onee-board.

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Did they ever state her age? I know she's old enough to drink but she still looks pretty young.


Part of me want's to believe she's done with college so 22 or older; No sources on that though;

She recently had her coming-of-age ceremony, so she's around 20 years old.

She's around 20 or 21. She had her coming of age ceremony during the runtime of the manga pretty early on.

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Wasn't it a plot point that she literally just turned 20, ie drinking age?
And she had that "adult cerimony" where she dresses in traditional japanese clothes and make up and take a bunch of photos? Maybe I' mixing up several different manga but I'm almost sure she's 20

Well is she, user?

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Imagine still being single at 20-21
What a looser

Probably the case; Anyone remember the karte where that was mentioned or happened?

[Spelling] If she were looser she'd get some by now

not the exact issue, but it was when Ichi broke/fractured his arm and tried to show pictures to Yamada when they were back to school IIRC.

>Imagine still being single at 20-21
y-yeah haha can you imagine

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Chapter 60, he shows a picture from it to Yamada.


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>Imagine still being single at 20-21

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I can’t believe Kyou is gonna break his arm again.

something will happen during the sleepover that will probably be trigger for the confession at chapter 100.
which will happen. for sure.

Yeah sure

Is this the "Living in Denial" club? You got room for one more?

I'm on the, "I hope they start fucking before a confession" party

I am currently masterbating to her flat, sexy, spankable ass

Look man not all of us are normalfags like you are cut Kana some slack.

man that feels like forever ago

Bro, she's literally 14

go back to twitter

she's 14?

We're at 86 pages so far in volume 7 and page counts usually top out at around 150 so it's more likely that the volume will end (and thus the big climax will happen, whatever that is) at chapter 98 or 99.

Karte 99: I kissed Yamada

Karte 100: I killed Yamada


why are nee reactions always the best

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more like Onee-flat as a board

Flat you say?

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same. Most 2D girls are drawn to look like adults
Obviously this can get a bit muddy when it comes to loli and shit, but for your standard high school romcom shit the characters have bombshell bodies you'd never see on someone that age.
It's like accusing some who jacks off to an actress 20 year old actress that was in a high school movie of being a pedo. It doesn't really work.

Anyone buy the physical manga? Is it worth getting the special editions? What do they have over the original volume, the twitter extras?

Volume 5's SE has a booklet with some color illustrations of pictures of Ichi and Yamada when they were younger, a couple of original extras, and some reprints of Twitter extras. Volume 6's SE has a booklet with same guest art, a short comic centered on a flashback of Ichi and Moe in elementary school, and the transcript of an interview with the characters.

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Yes, it's better to be attracted to the single girl than the one with a BF

That looks cool. Might as well get them I guess.

Ichi and his gf

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>dream to be hairstylist
she will become dyke in the future

nyaa is so fucking irrelevant it isn't funny

They're quite the cute couple.

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Remove chii entirely from the story and develop Nyaa

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how is she single?

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My only guess is if she only started wearing contacts (her school photos had her in glasses) that with the pigtails may have been offputting enough to her classmates; A damn shame.


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I marathon read all of these in a row and it was a mistake, because it's the same joke every time. Don't recommend doing the same.

>Calm down my lucifer

High school Kana ran with pretty much the same style as college Kana.

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Get this girl some dick, on god

Why is onee-chan hot

Because she's best girl

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They've done the guest comics but man I would love a crossover, even if it would be weird

Is there going to be some reason that Nyaa hasn't been developed much, some pay-off? We see a lot of the other two, and all we know of Nyaa is she is a kind of big sister type at times? She's like a rougher Onemine.

yeah a 14 out of 10

all content in history has been made by trannies
every single Yea Forums post was made by trannies
you are a tranny, your parents are trannies, and their parents before them were trannies too
everything else is fake, a lie, a spook
it's all trannies
always has been

nee-chan wishes her tits were that big

They are perfect as they are.

it's the Rinnegan

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new preview

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>kana used underwear

It seem that the editor no longer can keep Norio's lust in check.


But then who will do the mantis thing

Chii should get her own story

give chii giant fat tits that keep bumping into and rubbing up against things and people, but don't change anything else about her or the story.

So she doesn't have underwear there?

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>being seen naked by your SIBLINGS is embarrassing
The japanese are strange

>a teenage boy finds his sister unattractive
Kills my immersion every time.

t. only child with incest hentai addiction

Tell me you don't have siblings without telling me you don't have siblings.

Probably bringing Yamada some clothes to sleep in.


yes but the underwear is already been used. I think ichi will give yamada his boxer later

>hurr durr everyone is a stunted libidoless faggot with no curiosity like me
I have an older sister and when I was at that age I liked peeping at her boobs and sniffing her panties, it's pretty common shit my dog

Who's gonna tell him

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>t. lonely virgin only children
feel bad for you


I'm sorry you didn't have a good relationship with your sister but most people don't want to fuck their siblings.

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It's extremely common in the 8-11 year old range in every culture on the planet. Kids are naturally curious and experimental, which is why you kind of have to watch them as they get towards the later end of that range (many less heavily-developed countries don't, it's common for kids to "play" at sex without understanding it in India, even parts of rural Japan, laughing and bumping their crotches together like they see the adults doing because everyone lives and sleeps in one big room, without actually understanding sexuality) The brain chemistry for suppressing mating instinct with sibling family members doesn't kick in until late adolescence.

You're actually wrong, and your rather forced moral grandstanding just reveals you haven't really studied the phenomenon.

Not everyone is a pervert with incest fantasies dear user.

>kana: don't react as if you touched a cockroach
Fun fact, "cockroach" can be a slang for "pussy" in portuguese ;)

Even people with incest fantasies can keep reality and fantasy apart. Some sre just more perverted than others

>moral grandstanding
>no argument
Your implications are even incorrect. Has nothing to do with "incest fantasies". Children are experimental and curious, and parents need to watch out for it, if they want to raise them up to proper western standards at any rate.

Does your sister know, user?

My sister's fat and old now, but I still would if it weren't for her personality.

>indirect panty kiss
Things have escalated

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indirect panty what?

>For Anna-chan's sleepwear, how about a huge-sized sweatshirt?
>As expected, I don't have unworn panties so she would have to use one which I have only worn once.
>Don't react like you just touched a cockroach!
>Anyway... I leave the rest... to you..
>Haa. Oi!

Thanks a lot

His fingers must have touched his mouth at some point.

Zombina, my wife

I actually meant it'll be Kana and Yamada's... y'know...

I thought it was funny, anyway.

>As expected, I don't have unworn panties so she would have to use one which I have only worn once
Do girls really?

I don't have any unworn underwear or socks, why would I stockpile it?

How does she know she only used it once?

Humans have a feature called long term memory

Probably because she remembers that she only bought them recently


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So I guess "Kana and Yamada have a chat that Ichi eavesdrops on" is off the bingo card.

ask him

I do agree. I have a twin sister. I sniffed her underwear also we toyched each other naked bodies alot. Also when we were teens she actually said that i can masturbate ifrong of her. I never did sadly.

what chapter is this again?

just before he gives the speech

Blogpost here
I have a sister that has never gotten along with me. In fact I could say that we hate eachother due to a rough upbringing. She is seven years younger than I am. I did everything that I could for her without our parents and she turned out to be a rotten bastard of a human. I stopped talking to her aside from holidays, and she ended up having a kid from an unknown father. She ended up naming the kid after me and she tells people that she named him after the greatest man she knows. We absolutely hate eachother and she goes and does that. What the hell is this supposed to mean?

>indirect scissoring
Is that a thing? Any yurifags ITT?


She's a Dere. Don't know wich one tho.

Congratulations, you basically became a father.
Don't think too much about it, she must've had a moment of clarity among the the chaotic mess that is her mind.

She reflected and it was her way of apologizing to you. Bringing up the topic isn't necessary but you should try reconnecting with her again if you believe she's being genuine.

Was there tension between you two because she was hanging with the wrong crowd or because was she inherently manipulative? If its the latter then it may be some big brained plan to siphon money from you. Only you have the most info in this story.

Why can't she just wear her own panties?

She is a fucking mess. The only thin that i can give her is that she does not do drugs or drink. She is a manipulative piece of shit that fucks and sucks her way through life. I did not raise her to be like that. I took the physical abuse and almost ended up dying protecting her. She is just fucked up because of how things were, i understand that. Maybe its my fault that she is fucked up how she is. I have my life in order and that is what matters. I did everything that i could for her.
We stopped talking about ten years ago. Everything was a mess and i just did not know what to do. I packed everything took her with me. I found her a place to stay and i was homeless for a few weeks before i found a place to stay. She was extremely rebellious and decided to become some kind of manipulator to get what she wanted. I am just rambling though. I did what i could and she told me that it was not enough and that it was my fault that things turned out how they were because i was her older brother. I stopped talking to her right there. Holidays are extremely awkward and i try to avoid her. We only started seeing eachother again since she had her kid.

So, her naming the kid after you IS to manipulate you at some point. Beware of that.

Seems like a tough call. Having a heart to heart with her would probably be best if you dont know her intentions. You know her mannerisms so consider that when you meet her in the future.
I'm worried you'll get burned.

his fingers indirectly touched her cunny!

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Depends on how you were brought up honestly, some families try to not be seen naked by each other. My sister can walk around naked around the house and I'm incapable of feeling anything about it at this point since it's so normal.

No. Tits too big.

She has a terrible personality and you think you two don't get along but she actually respects you.

Who walks around with a second pair of panties?
If she uses the same one it might get smelly and Ichi would notice

Caught up.

Well if I have the option of wearing my own underwear for two days or wearing the used underwear of another person I know what I would chose.

So this is an excuse for Ichi to walk on a naked Yamada?

Oh are we doing blogposts now?

Faggot of the month.

>Who walks around with a second pair of panties?
I think some female must do it. Because ovulation and bleeding and all that shit.
Maybe some because they get wet easily?

Indirect frottage, right?

I'd gladly wear Anna's underwear.

Nah, they'll probably just have an awkward conversation through the door. Yamada slipping and falling or otherwise making Ichi think she might be hurt/in danger resulting in him running in without thinking and seeing everything is something I could maybe see happen at some point but not quite this soon.

that sounds too cliched for norio

>Oversized shirt and panties
Holy fuck how will Ichi's dick survive?

How is your relationship with your sister, anons?
Would she play the wingwoman for you if the opportunity arose?

From my experience the big sister wingwoman doesn't exist in real life.

>not hip thrusts

We get along fine.
I sincerely hope that the shit I've read about having a sister ITT is nothing more than funposting.

Things are, uh, extremely awkward between us. Younger me did some "things."


You can't leave it at that

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posting onee

Attached: 89254043_p4.jpg (1302x1842, 1.51M)

Attached: 92830130_p7.jpg (1347x2047, 1023.84K)

Attached: 97351653_p9.jpg (1447x1447, 950.06K)

a cute. how's she still single?

Yamada in clothes that are too small for her.

damn, kana is completely wasted

>getting wasted at her parents' house with no other friends
she really is a loser lol

profound social retardation. look at the chapter where she first meets yamada at the shrine

A perfect fit for most anons then.

The same goes for me.

Does it mean what I think it means?

It's okay I guess. We don't hate each other but we drifted apart pretty hard as we got older.
I think she'd be pretty neutral. Wouldn't help me but she wouldn't cockblock me, just make teasing comments about embarrassing stuff I used to do.

I don't have a sister, but it makes me wish that I had a cool one that would approve of my incessant buyfagging like Kana.

Attached: kana gift.png (519x388, 176.03K)

no social skills like her little bro and there's no male yamada at her school

>from a drawing
You fucking twitter trannies really need to fuck off from this board.

>niggas blogging about their incest fantasies

Ichi sex

Attached: E27999CC-A26A-4AD8-9C1E-1639DB6343C3.png (819x968, 989.44K)


That's a very sexy back

nee sex

Attached: 1644298393241.png (744x951, 576.15K)

Let incest in fiction you retard, if you put it into real life then you'll regret

Young me played some games of "tickle tickle" and "shower peekaboo" and shit with my imouto and eventually it escalated into touchy feely kinda stuff. I stole her panties all the time too. She agreed to it but was pretty clearly grossed out by it all. I didn't go too far, I only ever ate her out through her underwear this one time and shortly afterwards realized I should probably stop.
We have an unspoken agreement not to bring it up. Sometimes when I go home she catches my eye with a vaguely disgusted look but that's all. Other than that she's surprisingly cool with me and gives me a hug when it's time for me to leave again, so I can't figure out if she hates my guts and is just hiding it or if she rationalized what I did somehow.
I feel pretty guilty about it and tried offing myself a couple years ago, but wussed out. I want to properly apologize to her sometime but I'm afraid to bring it up again after so long.

The "disgusted look" is probably you imagining it because of the regret you feel. You should probably work this out and get some piece of mind since it clearly affects you negatively if it almost made you kill yourself.

>Kana has Yamada over, then immediately falls into drunken sleep, leaving her with ichi
best sister

You're just projecting your own desires onto his larp.

My fucking dick

What desires, I just advised him to man up and deal with this bottled bomb of an issue.

Just a few more hours yabros

I put decent odds on her either faking passing out to give them alone time (similar to what she did back in 55.) Maybe we find out she overheard something they said to each other via her teasing him about it the next morning.

Attached: da230ac1-01e4-4f62-9b95-ff8dc050b1e4.png (844x1200, 154.41K)

>I only ever ate her out through her underwear


I wish I was larping.

She is drinking. Alone. In a singles bar. Which she will leave. Alone.

Just give her to Kanzaki, then.

is there anything (physical) on yamada that's not sexy?

Flat ass

but that's perfect

not on my watch

Hello Seamus O'Malley

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DeepL says:
>Yamada is a beginner, so the first thing you need to do is learn how to fall properly and avoid injury, and I will teach you how to ski.
>Don't worry about that.

Yamada's mind is elsewhere