Love Live!

It's birthday of Shizuku Ousaka! Please wish her a happy birthday.

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ranju a cute

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But she hugged ayumu

So is this the one we use?

God I want to fuck her so bad bros I literally can't stand it

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Appears so.

Sexy and nasty.

Will YumiSeira appear?

For her birthday.

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>Three Shizuku birthday threads
But which one should we use? was the first but it only has three posters.

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This one. More lively.

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God I hope so.

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>3 posters
>most of the posts are clearly you
No thanks, I think we're staying here.

Guess that settles it. This is the right thread and the other is made by a shitposter.

Same. I'm staying here to spite the fucker.

Someone needs to give her black hair edit.

user calm down, there's no samefagging going on. If anything it's the other thread that's full of it.

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The only one obsessed here is (You)

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Can we please celebrate Shizuku’s birthday?

>Using two different browsers
Very clever smartass

The kids and poop looks weirdly sharp.

I'm pretty sure it's the other thread which was made by the shitposter. I've seen their modus before: making a thread, spamming it with pics, samefagging, and complaining that people aren't using it. I wouldn't be surprised if that was none other than you.

Holy shit. You're right.

How can you be so sure? I don't believe you.

Good for porn. Also LGD

Her porn is good.

Jesus fuck, this retard is gonna be shitting up threads all season. I thought your boyfriend was the one who posted shit about other idol series, what does danbooru even have to do with that you fucking schizo? More importantly, why should WE give a shit about your stupid ass internet feud?

Wait, who were those two girls at the end (the twintail blonde and the Indian-looking girl)? They resembles SIF Normals but I can't remember who they were.

Lanju kawaii! Suki suki!

Setsuna Flame Princess (Shakugan no Shana)

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Cute and canon?

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She looks like she fucks white girls.

Jennifer and Rakshata.

Rakshata is Tamil not Indo-Aryan. Thoughts?

I stand corrected. This is cute and canon.

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Was that supposed to be Jennifer? It didn't look anything like her. Jennifer's hair is orangish and I think her twin tails are supposed to be longer.

You're right. Her real name is Toyama Kasumi.

Fuck off

Nice. Who is her Ichigaya Arisa?

Disappointed Ayumu didn't manifest a purple snake here.

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All of it was supposed to be a reference to their first MV in S1.

Jesus Christ, why the hell are we still sleeping on a couch?

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We are poor please understand

>sloppier than Kanon
I didn't think it was possible

Well, it is us...

What is going on here

I see the other thread is mostly just image posts now instead of discussions.

We still don't have that Digimon collab.

Some schizo is sperging out again.

what was the point of these shots and why did they show them to all the other students

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High rent.

She is just jealous


I love her

To attract students.

can't believe pomu was forced to be paired with her worst enemy...

>people are using the thread with most posts and IPs? That's impossible! Everyone surely cares about an incomprehensible schizo reason to ignore this thread like "danbooru filename" as much as I do!"

Ep 6, finally we see Nico-senpais semen milking machine.

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Why are we so smelly?

Also more of the erotic JC

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Why do you always agree to yourself and pretend more than one person cares? Your samefagging is so obvious and no-one but you cares about your boogeyman. And even if he is a problem you are far more annoying.

How far did she get on Apocalypse?

What bullshit?

Dont argue with this schitzo. I do find its sperging a little bit entertaining tho
Milked dry

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It's pretty obvious the guy who's complaining is the OP of the other thread who is mad that people aren't using his thread and are now claiming that the people in this thread are samefagging. The ironic thing is that it is his thread where samefagging is clearly happening. Notice how his thread is mostly image spam while this thread is mostly discussion.

>it's free of his bullshit
Explain the image spamming in the other thread then? That's clearly you trying to keep the other thread alive, am I right?

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Don't fucking bother with him, he's literally impossible to talk to. Every single person who replies to him or criticize him he dismisses as being as crush samefagging, he has convinced himself no one else could be annoyed by a retard shitting up threads to try to make us care about filenames. You'd have an easier time trying to have coherent conversations with that mentally ill Emmafag or JavKnight the clinical retard.

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I always liked that Yukiho was just as dorky as her sister


Nope, not OP

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>free of his bullshit
What "bullshit" exactly? The only shitposts in this thread are you sperging out about this guy. And this time you didn't even bother to give a coherent reason to believe it's him (not that we'd care regardless).

Im sorry not really, but i dont really even care for Nijis.

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I'm almost convinced that "crossoverfag" and the guy who keeps complaining about him in every thread are the same person.

I've seen this exact same thing happen multiple times before. The user wants to be the only one who makes Love Live threads and gets upset when other threads are made. He will then spam his own thread with images to bump them, while complaining about other threads and accusing their OPs of being a shitposter. I'm not sure if that guy or anti-"crossoverfag" are the same person, but I would not be surprised if they were.

Yeah, its been a blast rewatching because i have forgotten so much of the dorkiness of the characters.
These mental patients are one of the best things about anything LL related the other one is lewds
/vg/ and /jp/ threads are pure gold when you are feeling down and need something to remind that things could be so much worse for your mental health.

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Are you the same guy who was upset that someone made a thread for the last episode of Superstar and kept spamming that thread with images in order to bring it to bump limit so you could make your own thread? I still remember that and it was one of the most auitistic things I have ever seen on this board.

>Kasumi is the best girl
Prove me wrong

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How will she pay for her mistakes?

I unironically prefer /vg/ LL threads to these, their local spammers are less obnoxious and easier to ignore than this guy or knight.

We call them happy little accidents.

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Who the fuck is Javknight?

Some attention whore roleplayer who threatens people for talking about the jav slut.

I cannot believe Lanzhu shat on us like that

What the hell are you talking about? I don't even go to /u/. You didn't even answer my question, plus the fact you completely evaded it suggests that my hunch was right.

Arisa instead pls

Blame Rina, she could've exported it straight to the flash drive or don't put the unused raws in there to begin with.

I like how absolutely every single one of your comebacks are based on assuming the person talking to you is your boyfriend for no reason other than you're incapable of believing anyone else could wanna make fun of you.

At least this time we weren't being a little bitch about it, and Karin and Ai didn't betray the club.

We should've bombed Hong Kong

It's fucking retarded. There was this guy who image spams /u/ LL thread, possibly makes an early thread and this headcase blamed Crossoverfag for it. Literally not his style. Crossoverfag shows up drops about 10 to 20 images then leaves. The schizo probably thinks Crossoverfag blocked his toilet and killed his dog.

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Did you grow up with semen instead of milk ?

Like S1, anime is better than the mobage, in the game Lanzhu comes off as a treacherous cunt (we'll see in the anime) who plays dirty and then sells herself as only wanting to challenge you.
Also, Ai and Karin being traitors comes off as stupid because their ideology is stupid.
Lanzhus ideology is also better in 1 episode than the entire arc of the game, in the anime shes a perfectionist who dislikes the Idol Club's amateurish and reckless attitude, while she trains and dances well while the Club just to stupid hand movements and rudimentary bullshit.
Thank god i dropped the game a while ago.

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I dont remember if there ever was uoooh Arisas in the show.
Yes, its basically only thing i slurped when i was a wee lad growing up.

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Moments before disaster

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I still can't believe that canonically Karin is the first to know Nana's secret. It is the red thread of fate.

Initially i didnt really care for Nozoboob but time went by and nowadays i cant get enough of this kansaiben W A S H I W A S H I

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that's what she gets for making Emma sad

Do you think shioriko would be very upset that Nana is Setsuna? maybe something like it's not fair, it favors one club over the others. I think she'll be a bitch when she finds out and steals VP too. I didn't see the game so I don't know how bad things are between them but I really think it will go in that direction. We need to see Setsuna in action so far Lanzhu hasn't seen her but it seems her absolute favorite is Pomu.

Someone post the stitches from yesterday? Thank you.

Also more Mia.

Ok, you first.

Karin said that her dear friend was sad and that's why she investigated but then we find out that Karin is really an idolfag. I wonder if she was really interested in finding out who was the chad from school that everyone loved. There was also a strange tension in the atmosphere of that office. Karin is waiting for her moment to beat Setsu.

Anime Shioriko looks like she's given up on life.

>Shitpost hard in thread
>Then claim no-one should use it because it is shit
Too obvious. In any case, given that last post, it probably confirms the other thread is made by Crossoverfag/Anticrossoverfag.

So that is the actual shit thread.

>9 ips vs. 45 ips
I think ill stay here.

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Holy shit I'm so fucking cool

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and in S1E4 Karin goes with the physical group to help them just because Emma is there and she wants to ensure that Emma is no longer sad
instead of helping the singing group which has Setsuna
your point?


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I think Karin was always interested in idols and wants to beat Setsuna. I never said she didn't care about Emma but that's not her end game. She wants it for herself.

Didn't you say you were going?

That explains the sperg going on in his tirade about this threads existence and talking to himself.

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>now he's sperging about non LL threads

Attached: Lanzhu_03.jpg (1920x1767, 931.77K)

Kek, he actually sees this guy everywhere.

It's amazing you're able to think this means anything coming from you.

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And what's your proof only a single person bitches about this annoying retard, totally not him?

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Because there's no way he could do the same in that thread?

Attached: Love_Live_Nijigasaki_48.jpg (740x3422, 1.98M)

Whats wrong with this thread?

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Some shitposter has been shitting up this thread since the start, and now claims it is so shit we should use the other thread all because he thinks the thread was made by some boogeyman.

Basically like A..

Best ignore.

>people keep using these common words to describe me
>it's not that they're accurate, it's just one guy following me around

Cute chink.

Why should i care about faggot OP?

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You shouldn’t. Based on last reply this guy is insane and bringing over some stupid vendetta from /u/.

Why should i give a rats ass what happens in /u/?

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Never mind that he hasn't even explained how he supposedly knows it's that guy, all he said before he started his autistic meltdown is some shit about the OP file name being from danbooru.

What exactly do you expect people to ask when you go up and demand they care about your retarded internet rivalry? There aren't many different ways to start those question.

I dont fucking get that guy. He never even posts or discusses anything LL related, its always that fucking ethan winters picture.

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The fuck is going on here lmao. I created this thread and went to sleep cuz I was tired and now I come back and see some dude seethe about me.

Are you me?
I´ve been told by the schitzo im the OP and a gigantic faggot.

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Everyone who replies to him or talks about him is his nemesis samefagging according to this schizo.


I want a horny You.

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I think we are different people. I think he is calling everyone OP because he is butthurt.

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In the end your opposition failed. Another great victory.

No i rarely post anything in LL threads i only look at lewds, until yesterday when i decided to start rewatching the first series and posting caps to show progress. I just remember him going off the rails in many threads before and all the pics it uses.
Dont we all
Thank god, i was afraid we are a some sort of twisted faggot OP hivemind.

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>attack innocent seiyu (sic)
If you were anything but an ineffectual posturing poseur you'd learn Japanese and go do it on their social media where there's actually a non-zero chance of that happening.


It would be fucking funny if Jannies accidentally enabled IDs and flags to this thread for a moment.

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You said like an hour ago you were going to the other thread, why haven't you?

Because I'm not the one who said Why would I?

Why should we? This is a Love Live thread?

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Someone call?

Hey OP. Is it true you got 30 day banned from /u/ as this sperg is claiming?

Dude, understand that no one buys it when you pretend to be a different poster because no one else gives a fuck about this guy. We can't even tell why you this OP is him.

Love Live and Madoka in the same weekend. Pretty good.

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Fuck. This sperg has been sperging about the OP for 6 hours now. Imagine the smell.

Last time I posted on that board was two years ago in a hibike thread. I don't even visit that board.

KumiRei Fan?

I consider Kumiko to be my waifu so I don't ship her with anyone. Not reina, not shoe. I am more of a NozoMizo appreciator.

Ah I see. Liz and Blue Bird Chad.

Stop replying to retarded yuri hating baiters and talk about chinese pussy.

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Is LL globohomo?

My personal preference.

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the things I would do to lanzhu would not be fit for polite conversation

Not that cap-worthy episode this time, but still good fun nonetheless, the gang is finally together.

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Autism runs strong in Kousaka household

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 08 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 411.89K)

>High impact sexual violence

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 08 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 328.53K)

And lastly, Nozolegs.

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why are her nipples so hard here?

She forgot to deflate them.

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Attached: E7AAFtmVUAEVqDw.jpg (1446x1024, 155.12K)

I know there are jannies here because they've been deleting this retard for hours
Jannies, why the fuck is this guy not banned forever and rangebanned?

I bet it’s the same guy that spams the Mazoku threads with his nemesis and his obsession with crackship.

Why do only your posts get deleted? Are the jannies the idolfag too?

as a break from the usual love live thread drama, check out this beautiful picture of me and my psycho killer wife

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Happy birthday sakura
Hopefully her or her sister get to be in the anime

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So this whole season will be a Lanzhu show?

Attached: [SubsPlease] Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai S2 - 01 (1080p) [D84F710E].mkv_snapshot_17.08.611.jpg (1920x1080, 190.7K)

they better be in

i don't even like lanzhu but this song was pretty good desu. why do the worst girls have some of the best songs?

Attached: Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai - S02E01 - 1080p WEB x264 -NanDesuKa (CR).mkv_20220403_112421.673.jpg (1920x1080, 428.65K)

We could have read the file name and prevented everything...

Attached: YuSB.png (1920x1080, 1.91M)

cute nails

Ep 9 done, it was supposed to be Sweet Dee´s episode but i left the episode thinking how fucking erotic Elicchi is.
I was pleasantly surprised, because thus far nothing good has come from chingchongs in animes

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 09 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 268.28K)

imagine the smell.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 09 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 350.55K)

Very cute Nico

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 09 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 472.49K)

>Gaijins could be here!
Very cute background Nicobutt

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 09 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 447.27K)

Probably not, but I imagine the first arc will surround her.

w a s h i
w a s h i

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 09 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 376.56K)

Tall spats Eli erotic!

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 09 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 251.96K)

And ending with tall maid Eli legs erotic!

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 09 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 256.08K)

lanzhu is one of the best though

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 09 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 236.71K)

Jesus man, no one gives a shit.

Love Eli

Attached: 20160706033336!Eli_cool_sr777_t.jpg (512x720, 198.96K)

Shame about her VDV parents.

Attached: 4cebdc49.jpg (1697x1200, 155.14K)

bro, you just posted cringe.

Attached: [SubsPlease] Love Live! Superstar!! - 04 (1080p) [5D9E6A8D].mkv_snapshot_13.06_[2021.08.17_16.03.41].jpg (1920x1080, 205.98K)

Why would anyone care about the schizo conversations you have with this guy whom we're supposed to take your word is the OP (according to some logic you refuse to explain). He's not the one who's been shitting up this thread for hours, I'd rather spite you. Go necrobump your dead thread again

We make a new one of course, this retard shouldn't get the satisfaction of his thread being used.

We´d actually be at bumplimit if the based Jannies Jannies are never basedwerent removing the schitzoposts

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 09 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 327.41K)

Bros, I really, absolutely in need of a little cute sweet thin naked loving beautiful caring firm fit sexy big tight boobs aryan absolutely perfect looking anime cunny. I am gonna cry.

Attached: 16490088385842201868046688632703.gif (220x220, 120.73K)

which main character had the LEAST lines this episode?


Well this is not the series for you

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All of her songs are amazing.

I think not, but the original author of Rabu Raibu is a very relevant yuri author, she invented the first Yaya. Such an amazing person as Bosoir Ikuhara sama.

The song is cringe but I want to fuck this chink.

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Is Chika still the GOAT idol?

You still don't give a single reason as to why you think he's this person or why we should care if he was, yet you expect everyone to bend over to your whims simply because of how butthurt you are. Are you a literal child?

inb4 another schizo whataboutism about /u/ or something where he accuses me of being his nemesis, apparently the only kind of answer he can give.

No, never was.


>236117508 came in first before
Pic related.

>Can you retards fucking explain this bullshit?
Two threads are up simultaneously and posters who come in prefer one by chance. There.
I don't even get what you're trying to imply here. Did this idolfag of yours mind control Yea Forums posters into using the wrong thread?

Attached: 474d61ceab278de8dc898b504520ed4b.jpg (236x212, 14.24K)

What do you mean by cringe? Please express yourself with something other than memes.

Yes, always was.

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Attached: E7oxc-ZVUAU2P2W.jpg (500x500, 66.34K)

Attached: FPZqpQ6VsAAFnfA.jpg (1252x1684, 236.5K)

Attached: FPZfDhcakAAffpY.jpg (618x957, 57.83K)

>random chink babble
>wubstep shit
>dance looks retarded
I could go on but those are the main points.

Attached: [SubsPlease] Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai - 13 (720p) [DCD8A451].mkv_snapshot_11.27_[2020.12.26_16.57.23].jpg (1280x720, 80.56K)

Attached: FPa-6uGVsAMzI0t.jpg (1654x1654, 2.19M)

Dont use my girl rina for posts with terrible opinions

Attached: FPa1a-0aUAAbTyt.jpg (2048x2048, 409.75K)

Attached: FPbAoW1VEAQ7i4w.jpg (1986x984, 246.52K)

Attached: FPZe9WGacAweNzO.jpg (2048x939, 173.54K)

Attached: FPbYWwhVkAM3aLK.png (566x800, 304.53K)

Attached: FPa6qnoVkAMWoFK.jpg (1446x1024, 226.02K)

Attached: FPbcP1_aQAMxfmt.jpg (1280x1254, 111.63K)

Are we going to ignore the part where bitchoriko forced lanzhu to write an apology for singing?
I hate strict cunts

Attached: FPV2UhGaIAU5_TE.jpg (1057x594, 52.03K)

Ep 10 done. Licky lick Eli tummy.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 10 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 410.71K)

Look at how happy we are. Lanzhu could never understand our dream.

Attached: YuS2.jpg (800x1080, 418.21K)

Look how hot they are holy shit.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 10 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 188.32K)

Was this scene really necessary?

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 10 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 157.59K)

Yes, super necessary.

Look at that jealous brat with her sticky stick legs!
I dont delve into /u/faggotry but im pretty sure these girls are Magnetic Gay

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 10 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 275.33K)

nah they're straight

>A nuu cheeki breeki iv damke!

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 10 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 223.91K)

And thats that, no next episode because Umi went full Hinamizawa on muse´s asses.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 10 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 185.18K)

What are your thoughts on the birthday girl butt

Attached: 1604738879549.jpg (696x1086, 287.26K)

smells nice for a butt. very fun to give firm smacks to. beautiful chunk of meat.

Attached: 97383467_p0.jpg (681x956, 687.61K)

She has a very lovely butt.

Happy birthday Shizuku-chan!

Attached: 68.jpg (1418x2048, 405.2K)

Attached: 97372087_p0.jpg (1536x2048, 851.25K)

Attached: 1640192484921.jpg (2777x3928, 652.43K)

It's wonderful.

Attached: 13-11.jpg (1347x552, 169.15K)

Attached: 75.jpg (1848x3242, 787.18K)


Attached: shizuku.png (806x1914, 543.77K)

Attached: 1648911786170.jpg (1448x2048, 389.78K)

Attached: 1.jpg (1280x1807, 214.17K)

Attached: SZK_1.jpg (2150x3035, 924.14K)

Attached: 88699785_p0.jpg (1666x2596, 523.62K)

Attached: 1.jpg (1000x1412, 229.98K)

it's been pretty quiet for a while did that autist finally get b&?

Attached: __ousaka_shizuku_love_live_and_2_more_drawn_by_turkey_min__3f092ca23f6507839770c193d2a4f440.png (560x864, 560.28K)

Attached: 50.jpg (633x893, 115.04K)

Attached: 1622006088773.jpg (750x1200, 499.01K)

No thoughts, as I vastly prefer upper body, with a particular appreciation for midriff

Attached: 82548652_p11.jpg (1450x2048, 914.29K)

Attached: 1a8860e6ef699ad9f3bfbf8e16ce6b21.png (2193x3617, 2.05M)

Attached: 97380576_p0.jpg (3000x3590, 3.24M)

Attached: 1601803367520.jpg (262x353, 42.66K)

Attached: shizuku butt.jpg (860x1214, 744.42K)

would rub and poke

Why is Shizuku so hot in official art?

Attached: shizuku.jpg (1053x1500, 335.67K)

This is a 15 year old girl.

Yeah, that's partly it but what else makes her so hot?

They're all pretty hot.

Attached: 152.jpg (2160x3062, 1.53M)

I think it may or not have something to do with her butt

Attached: __ousaka_shizuku_love_live_and_1_more_drawn_by_yuni_dpfn4557__5f3535658bf6fe690a30619d61e44e55.jpg (1200x1604, 1.79M)

Attached: 153.jpg (2160x3062, 1.37M)

I prefer the 18 year olds

Attached: 481SR-Asaka-Karin-雨はあまり好きじゃないわね-Just-Believe-oHaXr4.jpg (1800x900, 401.24K)

They are touching

Attached: 1612065185584.png (128x128, 21.14K)

i prefer the 8 year olds

Attached: loli karin.jpg (2241x2967, 2.4M)

Attached: 1648913005766.jpg (636x900, 581.76K)


Attached: 1644008778355.gif (342x512, 311.76K)

what causes a girl like this to form?

>tfw I'm a 30 year old man getting horny for 15 year old anime girls
Where did my life go astray?

Attached: 1640192395952.png (1323x1871, 1.81M)

The moment you started watching anime.

Seems based to me user.

Imagine being Shizuku's dad.

Attached: b50t6kts0bny.png (444x850, 184.93K)

*hits pipe*

Good genes, healthy diet, and a loving home

Attached: 96935767_p6.jpg (923x788, 673.54K)

Why did god give me such a hot daughter when I'm an orc?

>Hard nipples
I want to be next to a raibu that's horny as fuck.

Attached: 58890817_p0.jpg (1200x735, 517.25K)

Attached: 1648921718585.png (1920x1080, 1.77M)

Sometimes the couch is way comfier than a mattress

I'm in love with the queen

Attached: 1648909779635.webm (1920x1080, 1.35M)

I'm horny for her.

I'm hyped for her redemption arc and her song

I'm hyped for the episode where she will kick the current joke of a president from the Student Council.

I'm 37 and am fine with enjoying Shizubutt. You'll be ok

Don't bully Setsuna like this...

>shizuku fans are middle aged men
Sluttiest rabu.

Attached: 1630192349532.jpg (847x1202, 665.77K)

I cant believe Honk is FUCKING DEAD!

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 12 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 270.75K)

w a s h i
w a s h i

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 12 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 216.76K)

Alpaca community rejoices

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 12 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 367.34K)

Bratty child!

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 12 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 275.12K)

>Punished Honoka
>School Aidoru denied her Rabu Raibu

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 12 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 191.98K)

And with Amuro getting Brightslapped we are ending episode 12.
Now the finale and OVA.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 12 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 421.25K)

Attached: 97382548_p0.jpg (2150x3035, 2.98M)

It was an okay finale, didnt really take that many caps. Realized that i´ve barely ever listened to full Start:Dash! and found new love for it.
Now the OVA

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 13 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 196.62K)

Will you do all series or just original?

Well that was a positive surprise! Turns out i have never seen the OVA, too bad there was no subs but it was not rocket science to understand what they were saying. This is why you should not be a streaming service using homosexual, they omit OVAs apparently.
My intention is to go all the way to the Sunshine movie. I just started rewatching on a whim and thus far im enjoying the ride.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - OVA (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 334.94K)

Very cute Eli

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - OVA (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 128.93K)

Tomato power-up!
And off to bed, have to work tomorrow.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - OVA (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 175.11K)

Can't you torrent? I watched SIP last year and the OVA was subbed, one of those torrents with the full series had it.

Maybe i just picked a bad batch, my torrent has all of the series too.
Whatever, there really wasnt a plot in it anyways.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - OVA (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 231.22K)

Attached: 97394029_p0.jpg (1958x1219, 562.64K)
maki beautiful

Attached: __nishikino_maki_and_yazawa_nico_love_live_and_1_more_drawn_by_kazuharu_kina__42c0b323f5205a796d0a65af90b81de5.jpg (713x1000, 441.83K)

Attached: 1648923923506.png (1920x1080, 999.01K)

cute, fat girls.

Official art always bumps up the girls' lewdness. If you're going to release something, might as well make it eye catching.

lanzhu sex

Attached: 309_S1Ep8.png (1920x1080, 1.8M)

>Barges in and starts singing about how great she is.
I kneel to chink Stacy. Also Niji has the best songs because it's only one girl singing. The personality and themes of the girl are represented the best like this. Group idol songs lose the personality among the sea of voices. I can not remember any song from sunshine, and the only songs I remember are Snow halation and Nonfiction.

Attached: [SubsPlease] Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai S2 - 01 (720p) [17C17EBF].mkv_snapshot_17.45_[2022.04.03_17.54.55].jpg (1280x720, 190.23K)

>and the only songs I remember are Snow halation and Nonfiction.
Sounds like a personal problem.

Which songs stood out to you the most out of Sunshine, OG and Superstar?


I want to see all the love live get dicked

Aishiteru Banzai
Next Sparkling
Tiny Stars

They wrapped up her personality in a single song. In a way, it's weird that she would brag about being the best - she joined Niji in the game thinking the other girls could keep up with her. She actually hates being the best at everything.

I watched SIP last year and I can't recall any of the songs. I mean, I remember things like Snow Halation by name but not what they sound like, not even the openings.

susume tomorrow
aishiteru banzai
start dash
bokutachi wa hitotsu no hikari
angelic angel
mijuku dreamer
my mai tonight
awaken the power
brightest melody
mirai youhou hallelujah
tiny stars
wish song

Eutopia was nice but this is a real banger from china


Keke's favorite song

I loved when this played in Superstar S2 episode 1 when Keke sang it as she helped her nation take back Taiwan.

Which first year girl is the biggest semen demon?

Attached: 1602370494704.jpg (1920x1080, 258.4K)

Read the thread. You already know.

I would do unholy things to shizuku

Kasumi just pretends to be hot shit, Shizuku is the true semen demon.

It's so hard to keep track of all these idols called Shizuku.



Attached: 8f84970ac53b912fcb529daf9d9e95bb.jpg (2300x1600, 327.35K)

Susume Tomorrow
Start Dash
No Brand Girls
Love Wing Bell
Snow Halation
Happy Maker
Hate No Heartbeat
Sunny Day Song
Aozora Jumping Heart
Mijuku Dreamer
My Mai Tonight
Miracle Wave
Self Control
Believe Again
Tiny Stars

These are the only ones.

Rina easily

Attached: 7fbeea033472aaab7d05c4886b21646f.jpg (846x1200, 495.65K)

i like kayo

Attached: 24904a53.jpg (1280x720, 66.12K)

I ship Shizuku with every Niji girl because she's a Stacy with a harem of every girl.

Attached: 9.jpg (850x1200, 176.95K)

I really appreciate how beautiful the 3d is in nijigasaki and how close they made it look to the normal 2d animation
In an industry that usually has godawful, extremely noticeable, and low quality 3d i'm glad a show like this can exist

Attached: 1609639748526.webm (1280x720, 2.84M)


Attached: 1618726710850.jpg (1368x2048, 405.56K)

Stacyzuku is my favorite Shizuku.

Attached: 1644367473282.png (2960x1440, 2.55M)

Shizu x ai? Kinky.

you's delicious thighs and titties

Attached: 515804 inou_shin love_live!_sunshine!! watanabe_you.jpg (1348x1920, 458.48K)

Attached: 1638605867307.jpg (1058x1505, 1.22M)

shizuku is for drama club president

Start Dash
Yume no Tobira
Aishiteru Banzai
Mijuku Dreamer
My Mai Tonight
Water Blue New World
Believe Again
Tiny Stars

Conqueror of Asses

Do you masturbate to the Love Live girls?

Attached: 1.jpg (819x1193, 515.77K)

almost exclusively

I've blown like 5 loads to Shizuku just today alone.

Yes but not all of them. Mostly the 3rd years.

Attached: ai.webm (1280x720, 353.64K)

only to You


Attached: 1603403127109.jpg (1353x1080, 524.32K)

Start Dash
pretty much any S2 song in sunshine + Self Control from Saint snow in S1
Tiny Stars, Nonfiction and Kanon's solo of Watashi no Symphony are all great moments too
Any of the movie songs from µ's and Aqours are great too

yes today it was shizuku, setsuna, ruby, and you in that order

Attached: fuck u all.jpg (1080x608, 141.95K)

Attached: __takasaki_yuu_zhong_lanzhu_and_mia_taylor_love_live_and_1_more_drawn_by_deadnooodles__7a41753f93787c8769a515bb4cec4307.jpg (1000x1412, 1.08M)

>rabu r ive
Is nijigasaki ntr??

They should really make the next LL gacha step up the CG since Niji stepped up the 3D models in their PVs. All Stars looks no better than Starlight Stage and that came out years ago.

This is the face of someone who has given up on life.

Attached: 1648997747564.jpg (428x428, 14.18K)

Can INFJs be Stacies...?

I don't know that horoscope sign.

I like her SIFAS design more. Her anime design is such a downgrade.

YO SHIT KO (...-tan)

its the exact same thing as the game design

Nigga, you blind.

The face of someone who showered her iPhone

I fantasize about "what if I turned into a girl?"
What would you like to do?

Attached: d4a3044a2793c0b00e51659449061848.jpg (2744x2230, 844.25K)
So are her and Lanzhu sisters? They arrived together? Is she from America?

No, just friends. They arrived at the school together. But they didn't arrive in japan together. Yes, she is american.

Its been 10 years and I still fap to love live girls consistently. All of them, every single member of every group. Zero discrimination, they're all the target of my lust

I love Kayo

Attached: lhcqccsxh2121.jpg (2560x1440, 402.58K)


Same, user. My pana folder is the second largest I have

Attached: 1630229496282.jpg (1100x792, 633.67K)

This but for Setsuna


Attached: 87624378_p0.png (1500x1875, 1.38M)

Chinese pussy will save her.

A Hero must strike a pose.

Attached: They went for burgers afterwards.png (500x500, 355.18K)


Happy birthday one last time Shizuku

Attached: 97387154_p0.jpg (1149x1609, 1.37M)

Where do you keep finding these things?

Emitsun is a JAV superstar and that's okay! Our girl can suck as many cocks as she wants, we'll always love her.

Attached: emi-nitta-nitta-emi.gif (498x278, 978.88K)

Was this ever confirmed?

No, neither they ever deny it. So who knows.

That is a FAT fucking face.

Gonna be 100% honest. Even if she is a JAV star, I literally don't care. It has nothing to do with how well she voices Honoka.

Me neither.

The evidence was overwhelming that it was her but she never confirmed because obviously, Love Live probably made her sign a fat contract to take that shit to the grave.

Attached: FPckzVkWYAU8Tej.jpg (411x411, 43.53K)

Have few hours to spare before wageslaving, started 2nd season. Exactly what this series needed is a musical sequence since there isnt that much singing and dancing already.
Same here, to me at this point its just a funny way to piss off the mentally ill knight.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! 2nd Season - 01 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 607.35K)

I never cared, it's just funny trolling people that care too much.

I guess they have to put down those alpacas now.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! 2nd Season - 01 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 320.34K)

You're the one who is mentally ill faggot.

Perfection was perfected.
Big words coming from pagan jesushater.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! 2nd Season - 01 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 233.93K)

Glad you admit you are shitposting.

What are they doing out alone at night?
Being magnetic gay?

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! 2nd Season - 01 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 344.21K)

I wonder if this is the reason we've never had a muse reunion or have any of the muse girls come back every now and then for live streams and stuff.

God i wish i were that pillow. Gonna watch another episode now.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! 2nd Season - 01 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 372.65K)

They have come back and they never left. I saw them come back and we welcomed them.

Heh, glad this cheap slut has nothing to do with LL anymore.

nobody cares about voice actors

>Over 100 deleted posts ITT
Not bad. LL threads are back.

How wrong you are. She is still here and the Silent Majority supports EMTN.

Attached: 1648920859140.png (1920x1080, 2.2M)

post µ's Love Live is literally built on seiyuufagging

Ah yes, the lamp

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! 2nd Season - 02 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 377.27K)

Maki gets presents from Kwanzabot every year.

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! 2nd Season - 02 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 375.15K)

Nico is fucking dead!

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! 2nd Season - 02 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 422.92K)

And we end by climbing mountains of madness with Lily White

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! 2nd Season - 02 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 284.98K)

Need more dork Umi.

I hope we get some really gay moments with them.

Idol CG has been getting better. Have you seen Selection Project? Their CG looked better than SiP and Sunshine.

Her or not doesn't matter. I support EMTN. Always have, always will. To my grave.

The Crusader King is someone who watches and protects innocent seiyu, stopping the shitposters.

Nobody asked.

I'm genuinely curious knight-kun, have you been diagnosed with any conditions? Are you currently employed?

Attached: 1643031436186.jpg (939x1523, 746K)

Attached: 93269113_p0 [].jpg (2631x1860, 3.11M)

Aqours would kick Niji ass in a baseball match

Attached: FPgHQ5_VkAc5Byb.png (1720x1085, 332.73K)

Anime Shiroriko was cracking me up.
Everyone so impressed with Lanzhu, but she just doesnt give a fuck.

Attached: 1641734499288.jpg (1280x720, 532.23K)

OG Niji would get crushed hard with Ai being the only decent player. But now, they have Lanzhu to even the odds.

It's odd but as time goes on, and I've been following LL since 2011, I find myself being less interested. Most recent anime don't impress me, I'm not keeping up with the releases, and I'm even less keen about LL jumping in on the Vtuber fad.

What next? LL NFTs?

That has been done, I was looking at the SunnyPa's seiyuu profiles and I can confirm someone launched an NFT Idol project

They don't care as long as the franchise's biggest spenders don't start becoming fatigued like you.

BakaMaki believing in Santa warms my heart. SIP was great because of moments like that.

I lost interest during Sunshine but I think the Niji saga has been good fun. I'm sorry that the new stuff doesn't click with you, but I don't think its a problem with the franchise.

Attached: FPWQ0-WakAUty7N.jpg (636x900, 298.86K)

Attached: FPgSLraacAgPoWF.jpg (1450x2047, 376.59K)

Attached: FPfrZ7maMAIoAan.jpg (1462x2048, 450.97K)

Attached: FPf8HaNaUAIxjuy.jpg (1154x2048, 204.96K)

Attached: FPeu-2NUYAMZWiO.jpg (1280x1280, 143.45K)

Attached: FPess_5aUAEktnm.jpg (2048x1365, 416.46K)

Yohabelly peek

My queen...

Attached: sample_8100a6cc4b68177fc792da8862fa6209.jpg (850x1203, 244.96K)

Attached: FPgKfIXUYAYi3NP.jpg (2048x1443, 225.2K)

What the fuck, all of them have realistic hair colors, except that pink slut.
(The other hair colors would be actually realistic in the west, but they're probably in a future where every Japanese is some sort of half-breed.)

Attached: 1619223910840.jpg (1280x720, 253.09K)

Attached: 1643762216315.png (70x97, 16.93K)

Attached: Sunny Passion.jpg (1280x720, 165.07K)

Attached: tp-WjNLW0TIEm76CBM4GZ6pfr0IHgK5tgDaZRTmFPbc.jpg (1658x2048, 354.27K)

Attached: Heanna.Sumire.full.3532539.jpg (2048x2732, 1.58M)

Attached: 1641034159836.jpg (463x513, 51.06K)

Attached: Yu are interested in lesbian brothels.jpg (1445x2020, 423.04K)

Attached: 136Koizumi-Hanayo-Speaking-of-Lunch-SR-6VMftv.png (3600x1800, 3.46M)

Attached: FPZSu9-UcAIkAqW.jpg (1238x1009, 85.3K)

it sure looks like her tho'
But here's the thing, why were they voiced? No other N cards cameos had this, also both of them are voiced by idols

>but they're probably in a future where every Japanese is some sort of half-breed
Japan got more Ukrainian refugees.

>Rakshata Antonescu
Sounds Indo-Aryan to me.

They're almost certainly going to be showing up again, a few of the other N girls got voices in S1.

did they? I must have missed when it happened. I knew there was some cameos, but not voiced ones (Haruka and her friends doesn't quite count however)

I'm not counting Haruka, as she was voiced even in AS, but I am counting the other girls from her school as those were not in AS afaik

Attached: EnW8PDqWEAQ0hAG.jpg (1200x675, 82.22K)

did anyone other than her idol group got voiced? I dunno, those doesn't quite "count" because it's all related to Kanata's storyline, so obviously her sister became a thing and the stuff around her sister. Jennifer and Rakshata are kind of an oddity tho' so far, especially in a post credit scene like that

I just want to see Hitomi and Chiduko

Attached: 62936392_p0.jpg (4092x2893, 3.09M)

Right, these, I forgot about 'em

This season is the only way we will ever see animated shion
I really hope some of these girls get something

Attached: 1642319411106.jpg (1536x2160, 3.36M)

So many fuckable N girls.

i want to lick every crevice of nico's soft little body

Attached: __yazawa_nico_love_live_and_2_more_drawn_by_shamakho__1a6f23bcf597154680de032e57ba341d.jpg (1274x1812, 1.35M)

Now this is based


Attached: nijigasaki1_2.jpg (1920x1080, 240.73K)

Attached: FPWKrEgaMAIy3HH.jpg (2048x1144, 109.39K)


Attached: 10.jpg (2000x2100, 1.6M)

Sex Shizuku

Nico bulli gf

>What are they doing out alone at night?
thats what everyone has been wondering since the episode aired

Is Nico actually taller or is that part of the QUALITY?

This week on pixiv

Attached: Love Live Pixiv Week 75.png (985x981, 108.29K)

>Nico 154cm
>Maki 161cm
Yup, its QUALITY

Attached: [YuushaNi] Love Live! - 10 (BD HEVC 1920x1080 AAC) mpv[].jpg (1920x1080, 228K)

Nico is wearing heels

Attached: mpv-shot0001.jpg (1280x720, 133.1K)

this is why shizuku became a director

That is pretty good as a debut.

As much as I love u's and Aqours songs, I agree that the songs are a bit samey when they sing together. Also, Niji doesn't seem to be a lot of those broadway musical-esque' songs that are common in u's and Aqours (haven't fully listened to every Niji song, so not sure if they actually are common, but I just haven't noticed a lot of them personally) as those are my least favorite kind of songs.

I wish Ai did this to me

Especially considering that it aired on Shizuku's birthday in Japan, meaning artists were more inclined to draw her instead.

Since when were purple and green tips realistic hair colors?

Attached: S2Ep06_00205.png (1024x576, 830.88K)

Is this Guilty KISS?

No, this is Guilty Kiss

Attached: spurdo kiss.png (1600x1587, 764.61K)

I guess Yea Forums really loves Shizuku

From her feet, she seems to be closer to the camera than Maki, so it's perspective but also a bit of quality

she went from the casting couch to couch casting

merry birthday

LL is the last fanbase I expected to make spurdos.

I agree about the full group songs, but Muse and Aqours' duets and trios are pretty good. I wish Niji did something like that, besides the subunits' stuff. Something like Storm in Lover or G Senjou no Cinderella. Singles can get a bit tiring and repetitive.

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>This is what they took from you.
I want to go back! Back to the times of official lewding!

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Jesus christ just look how smug she is

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BakaUmi chinadress erotic!

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>I'll lay my life down to protect you Kasumi-san

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can you stop already

>Niku Niko! Sale
I´ll eat Nicos meat

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What is the taboo?

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Serial molester

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Pre-anime promotion designs!

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that is the best episode in the entire series

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