>tfw user says StrikerS sucks

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>no more lolis
Yeah, it does suck. Movie continuity > StrikerS

It DID suck.
Until Nanoha became the main character again and relegated Subaru to supporting cast where she belongs.

Strikers is okay, its the Vivid series that are fucking horrible.

I enjoyed the first episode of it way back when. Never kept watching though. Was hoping they would adapt it into a movie... that was over 14 years ago...

No reason to get upset about faggots with no taste, StrikerS is the apex. Those last few episodes are god damn legendary.

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Hmmm why does that name make me think of horse-fucking lolis?

Vivid Strike was fine because nobody from the primary cast was recognizably involved so it felt like its own show barring the appearances of some StrikerS characters.
that and the anime school shooting

I feel like I might have enjoyed it more if I didn't have to endure the QUALITY on a weekly basis.

you could just watch it again now or something instead of relying on far-gone memories of the TV airing which was an absolute nightmare to follow

Uh oh, moviebros. We're in trouble.

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New Subaru just dropped

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StrikerS is the best season.

She will literally never have lesbian sex.

She already had plenty with Teana

Nanoha made sure she lost her virginity before becoming part of the team

It's shit but it also gave us the ViVid cunnies.

>MFW these shitty brats are about to kill each other via reckless maneuvers in training and its giving me PTSD flashbacks to the time I nearly died

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TSAB's white devil..


Not helped at the time by YesY faggotry; but still true on rewatch.

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I started watching nanoha because of that episode, but i never finished strikers

Im still on my break from Nanoha so I haven't seen strikers yet. I might rewatch the series
Who is this? Is she in the Force manga or a new series?

Post more old Nanoha memes

>Who is this? Is she in the Force manga or a new series?

She is from the new Nanoha Vtuber project.

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Subaru would have gotten lost in it

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Still looks weird seeing random official art above their bed.

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IMO, there isn't a single part of the Nanoha anime, in either the TV or movie continuity, that I would call "bad". Even the weakest parts are still a solid 8/10 for me.

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I mostly agree, but Maxwell is pretty god awful and contrived even if I liked Detonation overall. And I don't like what Movie 2nd did to A's at all either, even if it looks really pretty. It's probably my second least favorite entry just for how dumb it makes everything in such a previously well written story.

I also hate large swaths of Vivid Strike even if it had some good parts and think it was a bad decision overall, I'd have taken a S2 of Vivid any day of the week instead.

However, all that said, otherwise the franchise is by and large fantastic and, outside of the above examples, at worst above average. The original trilogy is phenomenal the entire way through and definitely the best part, but everything else from Vivid to the spinoffs and the like stays great too.

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I swear I've seen another version of this meme somewhere or my memory of what it looks like is just failing me

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Aren't Nanoha and Fate a little old for twintails?

I always preferred Nanoha’s side ponytail

Attached: 1BC7922D-AA36-400C-865D-9E21E1A63ADC.jpg (850x1220, 211.75K)

So did the creators, they eventually went back and just made the sidetail her default adult appearance even when transformed.

I need them to bring back adult Nanoha. She’s pure sex

I respect your wrong opinion

once your a famous hero you can have any look you want and still be a trend setter

I watched the StrikerS FOR Subaru


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Holy breedable

Yes, it needed more Fate.

Vivid was suppossed to be a more lighthearted companion piece to Force. A way for fans to relax from the serious and dark plot.
Force being a complete failure derailed the plans, and forced Vivid to be the main continuation it was never planned to be

>S2 of Vivid
I remember that was announced and then apparently maniofested as Vivid Strike. I also remember Yukarin was at the time in a bad spot regarding her relationship with King Records, to the point people thought she was gonna quit KR and VS was a plan to continue with different seiytuus without recasting Nanoha
Obviously she didn't quit as she voiced Nanoha for Reflection and Detonation, but I still think there was SOMETHING at the time and plans for Vivid S2 changed so they could make something without Yukarin

Yukarin did break off from KR at the time but still worked with them for the new movies.

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unfathomably based

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Ginga was better

I keep forgetting about Maxwell until people bring him. Why did they do it?
A's was worth it just for the first Vita vs Nanoha.

>tfw Vita peaked at her first appearance

StrikerS Vita who would die for Nanoha’s sake just as she would for Hayate’s is peak Vita

That part was awesome.

I know NanoFate dominates this fandom and for good reason, but I’ll always have a soft spot for NanoVita

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With how some things are portrayed I've always had it in my head that Vita has a tsun crush on Nanoha but knows she can't step in on Fate's territory.

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>lesbian "sex"

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Platonic crush maybe, I don't think Vita has a sex drive.

Vita needs to get Signum to romance Fate then it’s all fine

Ehh, the movies weren't that good either. I mean I loved nanoha going spaceborne and all. But it kind of lacked grittiness that A's had.

Official recruiting material from the TSAB, probably shot by the devices.

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Is Fate even interested in Signum?

I wonder how many people still understand this.

Yeah the best I’m ever going to get is Vita caring about Nanoha very deeply but obviously will not step into any romantic territory due to Fate.
Kek. Perhaps in an alternate timeline where Fate and Signum hook up leaving Nanoha for Vita

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Signum is for being Cypha playgirl.

Fate will kill Cypha to claim Signum as hers.

Canonically of course they have no romantic feelings, but when one talks about crack ships it’s less about canon evidence of interest, and more about whether or not a certain pair of characters could become romantically interested had the story gone in a different direction. And honestly, I do believe there is a good basis between Signum and Fate to forge a relationship from

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>Fate and Signum get competitive while sparring
>Bet on a penalty game for the loser, to be decided later
>things get heated in many ways, but Fate clutches the win
>"so what's my penalty ga-" interrupted by kiss from Fate
And there you have it, a realistic basis for your picture.

Thanks user, I do appreciate it. Although if I’m being honest I live for the slow burn kind of relationship. The slow realisation that you like someone as more than a respected friend and dealing with the conflicting feelings that come with that. Especially for a person like Signum where the act of courting someone is outside of her skill set can lead to some fun scenarios too. Potentially drama too if in a situation like Nanoha and Fate already being in a full relationship while Signum realises she likes Fate too. Leading to Nanoha vs Signum 2.0: This Time It’s Personal.

Attached: 16EFD7DD-3CCE-43A1-9A11-B1584B9FBF37.jpg (1000x1000, 578.93K)

Of course you'd still need the slow burn buildup and sexual tension before this.

>Potentially drama too if in a situation like Nanoha and Fate already being in a full relationship while Signum realises she likes Fate too. Leading to Nanoha vs Signum 2.0: This Time It’s Personal.
That's terrifying. Fate and Vita would have to step in.

>Fate and Vita would have to step in.
Most definitely since in this imagined scenario emotions would be running high and someone would have to stop it before the battle turns lethal. Now the question is, does Vita hold back Signum while Fate holds back Nanoha, or would it be switched? Either one can lead to different of emotional moments depending on the characters involved. Unfortunately while I would love to keep talking about this pairing, I’ve got to go to bed. I hope to see the thread still alive when I come back but the lack of any new content Nanoha gets these days obviously means deader threads than what we used to have. So if the thread dies while I sleep then I just want to say it’s been nice to talk in a Nanoha thread again.

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I like your idea anons. It's always nice to see a Nanoha thread, as few as there are.

Always liked Fatenum but personally I enjoy it more when Fate is a grown up as it feels like they have a long built mutual understanding and more confident among themselves. Signum allows herself to tease Fate more often as she knows her friend can take it while Fate also take friendly jabs at her sempai.

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>Signum teasing Fate because she's her superior now
That was cute.

StrikerS The Comics.

It does suck. I really dislike it when they age the characters and change the genre.

It doesn't suck. I love when characters are allowed to grow and explore new horizons.

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Strikers gave us Teana. It's good.

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The only good thing it has is the Corruption porn

Which Nanoha has the largest breasts now?

Impossible to tell. Official art is very inconsistent. Someonetimes Nanoha looks average and others she seems to de F cup.

Cyclone stopped delivering

Are there no official measurements somewhere? Those seem pretty common.

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Sasuga best Nanoha.

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You can only recycle the same overused plot so many times.

don't go making me upset user.

Attached: 1242570864323.jpg (640x480, 34.24K)

The best you'll get is the official bust ranking order from the A's timeskip. Which is horrendously out of date since Vivid and Force have made Nanoha's tits fucking enormous. StrikerS doesn't clarify relative sizes and all artwork for it is extremely inconsistent.

>Those seem pretty common.
If I recall, the characters didn't so much as have officially designated heights until Reflection and Detonation, let alone other measurements.

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I miss the simpler times

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>made Nanoha's tits fucking enormous
I bet Ritz is behind this.

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StrikerS did leave itself open to a number of gags

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Delete this! Nanoha is a good girl.

Unison in!

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Have a template

But Raging Heart isn't

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>raging heart

Attached: FN0LYBIaAAEkK5l.jpg (1638x1158, 438.29K)

Simpler times, as I was saying, with a 15+ year old 4-koma.

Attached: 1185482990102.jpg (624x400, 96.78K)

I will never accept "raising" heart

I thought the emojis were forever

The panel that heralded the beginning of end for Bitchhkun

Attached: Dearche's dearches BTFO Bitch-kun.jpg (854x1111, 251.58K)

I liked when she had cool inner monologue about protecting Nanoha and thennanoha turned around and started headpatting her,in StrikerS.

Signum being a meek bottom for stealth-permathirsty Shamal is better, IMHO.

I like the idea of Signum and Cypha becoming buddy cop reluctant partners.

I wish there was Signum headpatting adult Fate in the epilogue after the grand finale of Force-Vivid joint plot's kino ending.

Attached: Headpat Ending Unlock.png (720x544, 531.67K)

>how it started
>how it's going

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The girl that was a good girl and ate her green peppers

Attached: 1451677873158.jpg (439x1500, 232.68K)

>crack ships
Feels good that we can talk about crack pairings without a shitshow happening


Attached: Happy_Cherry_2_035.jpg (839x272, 88.99K)

>we can talk about crack pairings without a shitshow happening
You're basically summoning you-know-who.

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holy fuck
the art is so fucking BAD

Like ferret-kun

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A's TV looks amazing. Fuck you.

Attached: Signum_Schwertform.gif (500x281, 1.89M)

This series is so strange, I like whatever they come up with, the seasons, the movies, the spin off, the PSP games, even the fucking manga
Give me the next thing already, I feel like I'll be happy with anything when It's about this series

sorry bro, it looks like shit, very much like every other TV installment in this franchise

Next thing?

Attached: 1622578413051.png (400x400, 16.21K)

user, I...

>Give me the next thing already
New projected announced in 2020 but it’s been two years and we still know nothing. It’s so fucking weird

What do you mean bro? I thought the movies did relatively well

At least looks leagues better than the movies with their odd head shapes and shitty symmetrical hairdos. I love the poofy hair on the TV anime.

Not weird when you take into account the coof and Seven Arcs overloading themselves on multiple projects we've heard about since then. They've got a gacha game (not nanoha related) and all of the Nanoha staff are on Extreme Hearts which is airing next season. Given when they were teasing ExH that was almost certainly far behind schedule as well.

I still can’t believe Hayate got her own anime

Attached: 5D35C72D-CD9B-44B2-BCEA-B4B1E01F369B.jpg (700x394, 115.06K)

Extreme Hearts will end up being another Nanoha spinoff in the end like Vivid Strike

I get that, but still you’d think they would tell us what the project is exactly. Even if they haven’t made much progress on it.

More like adult Fate headpatting Signum because role reversal

I think they're probably scared of shit like Movie 3rd where what it was, including its name, changed several times before the final version.

hmmm, I don't see it, more like victory-hugging in a unintended-mogging way, but that is more of a Vita thing. Somehow I'd like to see Signum with Testarossa's testarossas on her head, though, even if it also makes no sense.

>victory-hugging in a unintended-mogging way
Would Fate do that? Maybe Nanoha would

I mean, jump at her in euphoria when the final tense fight ends, but ending up putting her honkers against her face. That's why I said it kinda needs height gap, a Nanoha-Vita thing

The mogging could also work as a joke if she's bigger than Signum but Signum is pretty big anyway

I always find amusing that Signum, Fate and Cypha are tall girls in the Nanohaverse but are barely average size compared to American people.

Japanese people are short and that's what every single Japanese franchise ever is based around for obvious reasons. I'm shocked that people continue to be surprised by this.

I was talking about chest

While I like how the movies are better animated I’ll always hate what Reflection did to Signum’s design. Literally a downgrade

Attached: B645985B-2147-42E1-9AB5-9D0C9E186780.gif (500x259, 2.25M)

>Extreme Hearts which is airing next season
Wait it is? Do we have a PV for it?

Neat. Thanks user.

Fate doesn't look great either

I think she looks fine, I honestly appreciate that RefDet went and tried to make everyone's visual designs have several more distinct features. I do think that Vita and Signum look objectively worse but I don't have complaints about the vast majority of the cast.

Attached: [ron] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Detonation (1080p BD Hi10 AACx5.1+2.0) [48FF6A15].mkv_00_44_31.502.jpg (1920x1080, 378.41K)

White and pink was a mistake. White alone is already not perfect but pink makes it too much

agreed, the pink elements shouldn't be there.
and symmetric hair

Fate has literally always had the pink in her design in that exact same spot from the very first season. As for the white I was torn on it for a long time but I get why they did it. Movie 2nd Blaze Form/RefDet Fate do look a lot more heroic/paladinlike for it which fits her character at those points more than her initial design and it links better to her adult Barrier Jacket.

Attached: 008.jpg (2342x1667, 2.06M)

Not the same shade/shape of pink iirc

they put too much stuff in at once in 3rd so it stopped working together

Her design in Reflection is not far from Blaze Form, at all. In fact the thing that changed most is simply the admittedly ridiculous boots.

Attached: character_fate.png (479x608, 376.44K)

Also, Detonation took the pink off and fixed the boots anyways.

Attached: character_fate2.png (479x620, 96.04K)


>her skirt changes from pink to black between films
Considering that both movies are literally back to back it’s hilarious to think that Fate just wanted her barrier jacket to change its colour mid battle or something

The original pink is a duller shade. That's the only difference, it's always been a skirt.

Attached: [Fete Rider] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha - 04 [BD 720p][2878C8D9].mkv_00_20_26.809.jpg (960x720, 170.45K)

Detonation looks alright, it's just a very different style. A's Fate looks like an edgy speedster, Detonation Fate looks like a prince who'd be fight more like a tank. I like it, but I'm not sure it fits.

She's obviously still wearing the Reflection BJ in the opening scene, but there's a period near the start of Detonation where they're all on the TSAB ship for a while and everyone's Devices undergo maintenance and strengthening to better deal with the anti-magic threat, which is when all of the design and weapon changes take place.

Attached: [ron] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Detonation (1080p BD Hi10 AACx5.1+2.0) [48FF6A15].mkv_00_37_19.154.jpg (1920x1080, 335.64K)

Yeah I realise that now, still. Would be kind of funny if it just changed design right at the start of Detonation

Nanoha stinks

Fate's fault.

Attached: 1639183544291.jpg (436x702, 61.07K)

>Fate is a smellfag

Movie Horseface Signum.

masturbates furiously

>Masturbating to an angry Subaru
You've got issues, man.

She was always horsefaced

Demonstrably false. Look at this handsome woman.

Attached: Signum_Handsome.jpg (1912x1068, 892.67K)

I don’t get it

Just as handsome as Fate

Attached: D51C8409-96CE-4FC2-B680-0E4282234562.jpg (728x1040, 225.63K)

why dont u also masturbate ,huh?
u afraid to cum,u think it will make u gay?
no no my friend it just shows that u understand his feelings

You stink

Neko to Tachi diagram.

>Detonation Fate looks like a prince who'd be fight more like a tank.
I think that’s due to the design looking more armoured, or Gundam like if you will

*Threadly reeing about that they need to bring back Force*

Attached: EoAaA7FUUAAlUoQ.png (775x640, 103.37K)

Whether it's Force or something else we need more post StrikerS content.

I’ll take anything, even something as safe as ViVid season 2 at this point

This. I want the main continuity to go forward.

Attached: FORCE_GoD.png (480x272, 228.94K)

I don't think they're going to make any more Nanoha media.
It's time to give up and accept the franchise is pretty much dead but it had a good run and lasted a very long time.

A Vivid S2 would be incredible to be honest, but it won't happen because there's no manga to advertise anymore.

I would love to but there's that godforsaken announcement of a new project that hasn't been unveiled led yet. So it's their fault, not mine than I'm still waiting.

Attached: EMzIf4sVAAARYPz.jpg (818x1024, 225K)

They announced a new project two years ago. Not to mention that Nanoha’s story is still incomplete and has been for 9. Fucking. Years.

Attached: 70D4B33A-45D2-4671-992F-21FB19EB397A.jpg (464x661, 74.06K)

but they said it's an all-new original project

You're going to be waiting a long time.
Guess what they also got announced a couple months ago and is actually coming out.

>Extreme Hearts
>a couple of months ago
Was that really? I swear it was announced at least a year ago

Also I’m not gonna seethe at Hayate’s spin-off unless it’s shit. It’s fine if the creators want to work on another project, just that they need to eventually give Nanoha the proper conclusion the series deserves

StrikerS is the conclusion. Anything past it is filler

>another person who doesn’t know what filler means

Seven Arcs is also probably gonna animate that gachashit as well (its publisher is Aniplex)

You guys are going to be the ones who make the Extreme Hearts threads I assume. I seriously don’t see anyone else even talking about it

>cute girls playing sports
Threads will be filled with the usual people that watch shows like it.

don't forget the idolfags

Maybe. I don't think Pride of Orange managed to attract the idolfag crowd.

they kept talking about it in Selection Project threads

How does it feels to be befriended?

A brief moment ot unspeakable pain followed by pure bliss.

Sounds like an orgasm

That’s if they know it exists. Is the show even going to be picked up by an official company to sub it?

Like a cock piercing you if is to be believed

Yes it was over a year ago I have no idea why the other user thinks it was only a few months ago

Attached: 779CA5C8-B98B-401D-B259-4F007C8B8D44.jpg (575x800, 392.19K)

Next fresh Nanoha content will be Infinity Souls collab

Nah it should be a part 2 of the Nanoha x Symphogear collab

Botan from Hololive

I still need to get around to watching that event story

Attached: 6447B4B3-B739-4783-9E0E-5D2835B3CF03.jpg (739x415, 76.38K)

It's okay. Nothing special or unique despite how cool it could and should have been since the devs only care about kaiju flicks but there's at least one neat aspect of it near the end.

Attached: 6A073317-E3CB-4900-852A-13A39F171E6C.jpg (4279x3234, 3.86M)

Probably the weirdest Nanoha (Hayate) pic I ever saw.

Attached: 1161957005560.jpg (1000x670, 161.32K)

I have no idea who the rest of those characters are

The main cast of Kasimasi ~ Girl meets Girl
A crossover with no obvious rhyme nor reason.

Attached: 51zDQJEm2qL._SS500_.jpg (500x500, 52.97K)

Hayate is a genderbender

normal sized rein is a crime

Attached: 1637363626642.jpg (365x695, 83.96K)

Normal size rein is the happiest magical tome

Attached: happy tome.jpg (640x480, 32.76K)

>Hayate standing between Subaru and Teana to split them up
What did she mean by this?

That she's taking both of them home after this.

Maybe it’s a seiyuu joke

Women in uniform is the best

Join the TSAB.

Attached: 1635543370577.jpg (850x410, 30.13K)

this is still the best nanoha manga series

Attached: hayate1.png (595x840, 81.41K)

These are fucking great.

Attached: 1626752645279.jpg (708x1000, 86.67K)

You're late. Go out for a walk.

Attached: 1628505803919.png (694x388, 311.95K)

>normal size
Didn't Hayate say somewhere that her boobs were the best?
Or was that Nekotoufu

Attached: EAaNhVMUYAkfzxm.jpg (1228x1039, 170.9K)

At least we had a good thread for a couple days. I'm satisfied.

Attached: SignumReinTea.jpg (480x272, 20.45K)

Iris is good.

Attached: EKOd4lMUYAQ1d1Z.jpg (1413x2048, 483.99K)

She has a pussy so she have to be.

She was best part of the movie

Attached: [ReinForce]_Mahou_Shoujo_Lyrical_Nanoha_Reflection_(BDRip_1920x1080_x264_FLAC).mkv_snapshot_01.30.44_[2018.04.14_02.29.01].jpg (1920x1080, 144.11K)

Attached: [ron] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Detonation (1080p BD Hi10 AACx5.1+2.0) [48FF6A15].mkv_snapshot_00.27.49_[2019.07.05_02.27.16].jpg (1920x1080, 323.82K)

It must be tiresome to keep track of all that. Take a rest.

Let him be, this one is a medical issue


Do you think FORCE plot could be efficiently handled in a 6 episode half cour series?

Attached: Huckebein-ke.jpg (350x201, 71.43K)

Iris is the most beautiful of Nanohas.

>endless training
>boring robot enemies

I dropped that shit.

Why 6? I'm happy as long as we get the cool aerial fight and prince Feito.

>Dropped StrikerS right before the epicness started

Attached: RyukiShokan.png (864x480, 387.39K)

Assuming you don't want to invest too much time and just want to expose the story so the franchise can move forward. Back when OVAs were a thing I remember 6 episode anime that did a good job with their stories.

What already exists of Force which was definitely not the full thing couldn't be done in 6 episodes, let alone whatever the entire story was.

Alright, then. A normal 13 episode one cour anime would do it?

Attached: CyphaSonicaSketch.jpg (480x480, 172.54K)

I know Force is dead and everyone hates it but I still want to see it continue to the end. Either that or have Yukari Higa go back to work on Shina Dark

The hatred of Force is heavily overblown and relates more to the completely horrendous release schedule than anything else.

I genuinely wonder how different everything would be had Force been an anime like it should have been.

>The hatred of Force is heavily overblown and relates more to the completely horrendous release schedule than anything else
True. Reading it on release schedule was a nightmare but rereading all the released chapters in one sitting makes it feel like a completely different story.

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Force just needs a cute girl as decoy protagonist instead (kind of like Subaru in StrikerS)
Maybe genderbend some of the male bad guys too just like Numbers

Saving Force might prove hard, the bad guys just aren't good enough.

Hades was fun though. Man did not give a damn.

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The Hucks have some some decent faces among them but a number of stinkers who unfortunately have more focus. They're not super compelling but not terrible.

The Grendels are fucking hilarious and the best of the bunch. Had the manga started with them and then lead into the Hucks as more "serious" villains later I believe the early impressions of Force, even with its shit schedule, could have changed dramatically. I want to see more of them.

Hades was interesting thanks to being a huge douche and really entertaining to watch do anything, as states. I'm still curious about his daughter.

He's the best one, easily. If only because he btfo'd the hucks

>Muh power limiters
>Nanoha's Magic Cancer
Strikers made me drop it and forgot about the series. Which was sad cause the designs were top tiered.

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How else do you want Nanoha and Fate to not solve everything instantly?

Powerlevelfags not understanding the true writing intent of the limiters, showing the TSAB's inner conflicts and mistrust, when they came off in every single circumstance where they would have mattered baffles me to this day.

>Nanoha's Magic Cancer
You mean the consequences of her own actions? There finally being a payoff to how dangerous her handling of herself in the first two seasons was portrayed was long overdue.

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This. Limiters meant that rules and regulations could be antagonists on top of just bad guys. And it makes sense. Organizations get big and messy.

Nanoha is a stinky whore and she will end up as a crazy cat lady.

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I really liked this artist.

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big fucking swords

Do you fap everytime you post something like this?

Nanoha is best girl.

>watched vivid awhile ago
>those bug eyes and hair design didn't age well for me
I am sorry nanoha enjoyers. I need a modernized design on their face and hair nowadays.

Stop posting Fate.

modernize this, nerd

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You're the cancer killing anime.

As the original A1's style is good poster, I am still defending the Vivid TV hill.

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Furthermore, Einhart was the best

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Fortress Nanoha hit an itch for me so hard those days
>The Grendels are fucking hilarious and the best of the bunch. Had the manga started with them and then lead into the Hucks as more "serious" villains later I believe the early impressions of Force, even with its shit schedule, could have changed dramatically. I want to see more of them.
It would fix some problems but still not all the problems surrounding the Hucks. Definitely would have been a better escalation for the series.
I've reread the series a couple of times since the translations finished and it definitely felt much better than it did back when we were waiting months to years for chapters and the only access we had was to Chinese scans.

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fuck you

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You had Caro and loli!Rider

>You mean the consequences of her own actions? There finally being a payoff to how dangerous her handling of herself in the first two seasons was portrayed was long overdue.
Shame it was offscreen

There are some nice scenes here and there but shit like this just really takes me out of it.

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Eh, the Hucks and Grendels are way more fun than the Numbers, mostly because they have less members so you can easily juggle them around more

The only thing I was truly upset about concerning how it was done was that the buildup to it was manga only. StrikerS TV is almost on the ball about conveying everything you truly need to understand what happens throughout its events without any supplementary material, despite benefiting immensely from it regardless in the case of Erio, Caro,and the Numbers; but the PTSD and flashback hits extremely suddenly without having read the manga's currently released chapters beforehand.

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Never really felt the hype behind Hades. He just felt like a dime-a-dozen overpowered big bad and corrupt business suit.