Akari in a big coat!

Akari in a big coat!

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she is simply not feeling the cold

That coat is far too big for her

Wait, why did Namori make her so cute? I don't understand.

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Is that a floating lab coat? Why did you post a floating lab coat OP?

sexy little yuru

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Don't post my own screencap at me ever again. Understand?

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sexy little yurus

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You're a real son of a bitch.

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I'm not sure Namori is capable of drawing girls who aren't heart-meltingly cute.

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ayano likes big girls

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She isn't fat, she just has a bit of pudge.

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Does a purer, sweeter, and cuter girl than Akari exist? I don't think one does.

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Where did it all go so wrong

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How does one obtain a yuru gf?

Ayano wasn't able to rein her in after she started down the wrong path.

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Kyouko's getting fat. She can't even button those shorts anymore


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Too much high tension janken


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Yurus were meant for lewd but only during the full moon.

Is Namori making these lewd-proof intentionally?

She's naked under those clothes.


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little girl :baw:

Wait a minute...

No such thing.


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Is that when they have their unsafe days?

did she make anything with with the other zombies or just lily?

Just Lily

I'm surprised because Junko or Ai would be right down her alley

Look at my wife dancing

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i don't understand i don't under stand i don't un-der-stand

Found out where her lost panties ended up.

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Akari's special place tingles funny when she thinks back to what Chinatsu did to her.

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Akari is so innocent she probably doesn't realize it's something that should be done in private.

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She did draw Junko

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I want to yuru a yuru's yuru

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Please no.


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Oh no! Is she gonna cuff and search me?


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Akari got a problem.

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That seems rather extreme for a minor and understandable offense, I'm sure Akari would be more forgiving in the situation

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Be careful, user.

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Rise is the one yuru we can be pretty sure gets her yuru yuru'd on a regular basis.

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she's the main character

koikatsu is poison
dont play it

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Did you made the yurus yuri?


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Cute art with a jealous brat (forgot image)

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Good, she shouldn't be wearing any at all.

She isn't pure anymore

Same seiyuu

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Thank god she got more VA work.

That's a cute brat

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>himawari gets the hard fist
>chinatsu gets the gentle hand


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That's a cute and responsible brat who takes her student council duties seriously

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Akari is the cutest yuru, hands-down.

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Rise if she had blue hair and Nishigaki-sensei was a high school boy.

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Momma Yui feeding her yuru babies

The best stay at home wife yuru is a cute boy

>Same seiyuu
Are you kidding? We'll get to hear Akari's VA make sloppy sex sounds??
Damn it, I might have to actually watch this garbage...

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I didn't mean to mislead you, but the thread you're looking for is right next door.

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>Akari is the cutest yuru, hands-down.
But she wins against Rise and Hanako only because she's the MC

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She needs the mandibles to be Ayano.

i was surprised when i realised shes historia from snk

Too late

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What a pitslut.

She also voiced the country bumpkin in Akebi.

Nice, thanks for posting these user.

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Akari mama...

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This is a cry for help. She's practically begging to be impregnated.

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Poor girl... If only there was a large group of male foreigners who were willing to fill her up to the brim with cum one after another

Heh look she's making the face and pointing, you know like that meme.

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I don't know what meme you're talking about, maybe you could post it so I can know what you're talking about

This meme, perhaps?

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>taking a picture of something you want to show someone

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Someone already made a template for that a while back.

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Akari training to defend against her husbands.

akkarin's toned abs

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Practising positions that will blow my mind.


I thought Akari has a pudgy tummy...


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Every single yuru is marriage material. How?

They are all sweethearts. Even chinatsu.

She's been taking self defense classes to protect herself from Chinatsu.

Even Sakurako?

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Yes she is Himawari's wife/pet dog.

>Ah Akari... Your pats must be really stinky after all that training
>Here, let me take care of them for you

She just needs some correction, until then her body is more than enough to cope

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Does Akari like to be cuddled?

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I would say they all do, but chinatsu/kyouko are by far the biggest cuddlers.

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laying on my back in my bed
akari is using my left shoulder as a pillow
sakurako is using my right shoulder as a pillow
they each have a hand on my chest, and are wrapping their legs around each of mine
this is heaven

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Teach me your ways. I want the same but with 2 Chinatsus

Sounds nice. Have fun.

Why can't this be me

What's the non lewd version of this? Where does Namori post these pictures? I can't get enough. I'm dying

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I think that is the non lewd version, and she posts them on her instagram

That's the non-lewd. The other version has nude yurus

Please show

Can't find it either. Someone else please post it

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I was talking about but I guess she mainly posts on Instagram so thanks

>I was talking about (You)
so was I

Man there's no way that's not the non lewd version

I meant there's no way that's the non lewd version. No way Namori drew that.

See I found the original on saucenao
but I can't figure out how to view the saucenao result in full resolution

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Normally there's a link right of the picture. But this is from e-hentai, where someone uploads all these in a gallery, and they don't link that directly for some reason.


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She mainly posts on twitter, but these daily images are instagram only for some reason. I wonder if it's paid by facebook to promote social media cancer in Japan.

Akari is so popular she got to be an emote

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I see..i found the same e-hentai gallery by searching Yuru Yuri Katsudou Nikki
I don't understand why they don't tell you where the sauce is when they're literally called saucenao

Chinatsu definitely has a mental disorder or two.
Sakurako is clinically retarded and permanently immature.
Himawari has anger issues and will be bickering with you until you divorce her.
The rest are marriage material though.

akari ass...

>Sakurako is clinically retarded and permanently immature
This makes her unlovable? No.


The lack of dick can cause a girl to become frustrated and change her comportment. Nothing to be afraid of, a bit of love can solve the problem and make her even sweeter.

You just gonna post that without linking to the uncensored version?

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This but Akari + Yui

I couldn't find the "proper" version, please accept this Yui butt as my apology.

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she finally found a way to stand out!
it only lasted for one day

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God bless

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I wish I hadn't seen it.
Yui looks like a boy with gyno...

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>Cunny outline

I think it's more to do with the nature of the daily pics, she uses her twitter for promotions and full drawings, the daily doodles would obscure the main content.

How do I get Akarin daughteru

It's real.
bring up season 3, episode 11, between 39 and 41 seconds in.

what's the source user

Whoever drew this royally fucked up Yui's proportions, she genuinely looks like a man here

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Are you retarded


I hate to break it to you, but you definitely are

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i dont think so

I think so

sounds like you spend too much time looking at men instead of cute pubescent girls

There are three pubescent girls in that pic surrounding the one boy whose lesbian mothers (not the good kind) forced him to start taking estrogen at the age of 14

sounds like you have some tenants in your head that probably arent paying

I don't normally bring them up, but that's what Yui looks like in that pic. male skeletal structure with weird moobs

Chinatsu is a selfish, harsh lover. Akari changed to cope.

the thought of akari turning into a delinquent fills me with dread.

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The thought of giving Akari a correction when she turns into a delinquent fills me with lust

the idea of being a bad influence on turned-delinquent akari fills me with lust. need a doujin about that except only girls

you guys are incorrigible...

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Holy shit
It only shows for like half a second but you're right

Dude her shoulders are wider than her hips.


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You guys cant just keep posting these lewd things about akari because...because...you just cant! Ok?!

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is a kiss with akarin considered lewd?

Leave her alone, Chinatsu-chan.

just ask chinatsu

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>interlocked fingers
This should be under a spoiler tag!!

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What would happen if Akari-chan saw this thread?

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imagine how soft akari's small hands are

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Don't do this to me... I love her so much

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akari blushing and looking into your eyes as you feel her soft hand

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>akari blushing and looking into your eyes as you feel her soft hand
I'd trudge through the depths of hell and back for my own personal Akarin, she's too cute for this world.

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imagine how cute your akari would look when she passes out in the middle of you helping her with homework

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Lamenting the knowledge that Akari isn't a kid anymore and being overprotective when she gets her first girlfriend!

what do I do here? Do I leave her alone or carry her to bed

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You should definitely NOT leave her there, as there may be dangerous predators lurking about.

Attached: 1556398370792.gif (533x300, 2.18M)

feel her hair until she wakes up and blushes. then hold her hand while walking her home

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Carry her to be bed to make sure she's safe from predators like

Attached: 1485379111486.gif (500x291, 1.11M)

but you also must protect her from said girlfriend when you find out she's a filthy rapist!

As long as she puts a baby in her so I get grandkids.

How does Akari fare in popularity polls? Surely she's #2?

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Does that mean Akari consented in the end?

she can't say no

Probably. I don't know if there was a poll about it in the past but I feel like she's #1 here

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Hug your yuru!

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Thank you, I will go and hug my wife, Ayano.

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something like this?

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Attached: __akaza_akari_yuru_yuri_drawn_by_ria_riaponyo__be7ae698c17ac974661f50fb33915432.jpg (2000x2000, 2.09M)

Based drawfag

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Attached: 1625547030582.png (395x585, 122.57K)

Based. God I wish that were me. Hands could be a bit lower though.

Attached: excited_genki.png (236x225, 22.72K)

Very nice.

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I know, I messed up some parts, I still have have to learn more

I don't understand why you can get a headache from oversleeping, but I've gotten it sometimes too.

Nah, I don't mean you messed up. I mean I wish his hands could reach their butts and grab them. But hips are fine too.

This thread is too lewd.

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Looks like he's touching Akari's butt at least.

>can't appreciate the small of a yuru's back

It's mostly wholesome with a little bit of lewd here and there

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Why does Akari bully donuts? What did they ever do to her?

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>those bandaids
Cute detail.

Attached: yryrunsuitable.png (677x452, 104.64K)

Is it a reference to something?

user, it's an October calendar page, and Akari is clearly wearing an outfit reminiscent of what Dracula is portrayed wearing.

holy sick I wish I could draw my own yuruart too

Oh fuck I'm stupid...

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Cute picture but Akari must be really clumsy in the kitchen. That's a lot of bandaids.

Cute uniform.

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I wish yuru yuri themed ASMRs/voicepacks were a thing. I wanna fell asleep to Akari singing me a lullaby while stroking my hair

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With how prevalent these boys are, it sometimes makes me wonder if the girls who are supposedly into yuri are actually into cute boys instead.

Attached: 99d60b87941c6507cfaae89171ae0071.jpg (800x564, 402.13K)

Well done!

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Happy Ayano is such a precious thing.

Lucky guy.

Her brain grew and now it doesn't fit.

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>being unable to get past the sadpanda

if you use privacy extensions then it doesnt work without annoying effort. i even have an account but it doesnt work 9/10 times

You're doing something wrong.

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Attached: kaaaa.png (634x694, 481.68K)

not true, i could change browsers and it works immediately (but im not the original user and probably different issue)


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I don't think playing video games counts as exercise.

It counts if you are as fat as Himawari

Attached: 7564b6d63cca053e37652ac057b56e9a.jpg (950x1245, 328.47K)

The needed adjustments were obvious this time.

Attached: 0403c.jpg (1080x1350, 160.92K)

Oh sweet Himawari's tits got bigger

Nice, let me try one.

Attached: brat went too far this time.png (1080x1350, 744.05K)

I want to hug and kiss with Chinatsu

The death penalty.

I love Kyouko. Don't you?

Attached: 20220302_173554.jpg (2039x1378, 271.64K)

I am going to LOOK at Akari

I like to imagine those two schools meeting on a trip school or something

Attached: 1380317640990.jpg (800x1082, 376.22K)

Dynamite and a screw driver?
She isn't MacGyver.

Yui keeps getting more and more handsome

she can also be girly, you know

Attached: 1412216324795.jpg (1241x1920, 626.95K)

Never seen one of these before?

Attached: 17.png (2000x2000, 1.19M)


Attached: cafe.jpg (1280x720, 215.33K)

How could I not love her and her beautiful white skin.

Attached: 1648265460637.jpg (567x862, 76.28K)

what is it with yutus and not waring underwear?

Attached: 1644459811608.jpg (1082x2048, 219.87K)

Seems like Sakurako's brain isn't the only thing that grew bigger.

Attached: 1635047823037.png (750x750, 240.67K)

Did her dick grow bigger too?

Attached: oh boy.gif (500x280, 220.46K)

Attached: 87441237_p4.jpg (927x711, 370.57K)

Poor guy. He's probably so hard that it hurts, yet he can't even move a bit because that would wake the girls sleeping so blissfully on his shoulders.

Imagine getting licked by Chinatsu

Attached: EdhwSAcUEAAxAf4.jpg (840x985, 132.05K)

But what if you get stuck in her twintails?

Imagine licking Akari

Attached: 1596410120448.jpg (1004x1416, 724.45K)

>getting licked

Attached: 1603043135600.jpg (1080x588, 294.73K)

Which one is the best? That's a dilemma

Licking Akari's exposed tummy and shoulders!

Good night

Attached: yawnshikawa.jpg (425x572, 97.28K)

Attached: jl2akx.jpg (1768x2455, 1.36M)

Oh my God!

Akari probably tastes like honey while Chinatsu must taste like cotton candy

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