What's the point of summoning Jack?

What's the point of summoning Jack?
>specializes in killing women
>would still lose a female-exclusive grail war

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flat chest thick thighs

Assassins are for killing Masters.

Any saber summon would be better at killing masters than any assassin.
Really the whole grail war ultimately just boils down to "did you summon a saber servant?"

>What's the point of summoning Jack?
There is none considering Abigail exists.

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Jack can erase the memories of the identity of the attacker. That means it's just a matter of hit and run tactics until the master is dead because there's no way to prepare.
Also getting a Saber doesn't automatically mean you get someone broken like King Arthur.

If the Caster happens to be Nursery Rhyme, you're golden

Hag centaur

You don't have enough mana to keep her satisfied.

I want to get dominated by Jack

>get Saber
>it's Jason
What do?

>What's the point of summoning Jack?

if i get a Jack, or Medusa, i don't care about the grails wish anymore. Unless its to wish to keep the servant after the war finishes.

jack is for mana transfers

Prey really hard that his wish to the Grail is still the whole "want to make a kingdom where everyone is happy". If so, his NP at the very least guarantees the basic combo of Heracles, Medea and Atalante.

she just need a C'tan phase dagger

Wait, why is she a "heroic" spirit again?

Nonstop mating presses while everyone else fights

The bar is really low these days, as long as you are even a little bit famous, you qualify

>king arthur

It was always famous historical or mythological figures given Fate basically runs off of the "every myth is real " angle of fantasy.

It's why Rider/Medusa is a thing, despite not really being a "heroic" figure in some of the stories.

Would you let your daughter dress like this?

Fate and the entirety of Nasuverse are so fucking shit, it's insane. And before you say anything, I've played the Tsukihime and F/SN VNs, watched and read all their adaptations and sequels/prequels, read and watched Kara no Kyoukai, and played some of the vidya like Extella. I have given this pile of shit franchise far more than any fair chances it deserves, and I know more about it than any faggot in this thread who shills it. It's the epitome of shit. It's the quintessential "manchild who never outgrew his teens huffing his own farts waxing (12 year old-tier) philosophical while pretending he's too smart for common shonenshit" franchise. You motherfuckers couldn't tell the difference between good writing and your own cumstained hands. And no, just because it's self-aware sometimes about how shit it is doesn't mean it's not shit, it just means the creators are cynical cash-sluts. The art, oh the art, have I mentioned how shit it looks like? "Every girl is Saber, but with different heights and hair colors!". And if that wasn't enough, the whole thing degenerates as it goes along. Tsukihime was the least shit point in this franchise and it still wasn't good, then it gets much worse from there. I am sure the only group keeping this putrid filth propped up are porn-addicted perma-onlines. FGO wasn't the "final blow" like some of you retards claim, no, it's the franchise being reduced to its purest essence without any pretension: just porn and shonenshit. It's all just porn and shonenshit. That's what it has always been, that's what it will ever be.

Like she would have a choice

How hard would you seggs her???


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We NEED more little girls with hips like these in anime/manga

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Clapping those fat little cheeks of hers obviously

But where is the penis?

The ideal way to use her would be to make a contact with each of the other Masters saying you'll let them fuck her if they drop out of the war. Easy win.

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To rip my foreskin

I only care about Strange Fake Jack, not some collection of aborted children.

>Saber: Arthur Pendragon
>Archer: Gilgamesh
>Lancer: Melusine
>Rider: Caesar
>Caster: Nursery Rhyme
>Assassin: Jack the Ripper
>Berserker: Arjuna
How exactly you're supposed to win, if you're master of Jack?

I mean, all but Caesar are turbo jobbers.


To CS her in milking the male masters dry

Does a chainsaw really count as a sword?

You don't. Saber will simply solo everyone.

There is a snowball's chance in hell of winning though.
>1. Foucs all your efforts on assassinating 1 master.
>2. Betray Jack by using a command seal to force her to stand still as the leftover servant kills Jack.
>3. Bind the leftover servant to you and continue the war normally with your new vastly superior servant.

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Jack killed whores. What's there to be confused about?

She would end the war in one day should be enough.

Is this the perfect female form?


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I see nothing wrong here.
Jack is just sitting on his lap. Very cute.

Jack is for constantly transferring mana 8 hours a day. So she can remain strong, of course.

Just gotta make an alliance with Nursery Ryhme's master. They're friends. It'd be like summoning gil and one of your opponents summon's Enkidu.
Cept with less of a goddess forcing her way into the war to fuck the two of them over

She is literally made for sex. That's literally it. Cute and Funny.

Fate justifies this in the same way that Angra Mainyu is a heroic spirit despite being considered a personification of evil, that evil doers bring salvation to the minds of people by being an easily blamable thing that they can point to as the reason for suffering, misfortune and tragedy that happens in the world.

TL;DR Everyone of any mythical or historical note can summoned as servant even notorious serial killers, rapists and monsters

I mean it's not like she chose to be raped by Poseidon. (Which isn't even the Fate interpretation of the events)

Cannot be summoned normally

Jack only fucks girls who's old enough to be her mommy

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Arjuna is a Heroic Spirit of Indian Mythology and can be summoned as a Berserker. God Arjuna is a different thing.

Then he wouldn't be as strong as the Final Arjuna, and will probably drain you to death day one.

I assume that if someone wants to summon a powerhouse like Arjuna, he will have countermeasures prepared.

Are you implying there's anything more heroic than killing women?

Jack's point is to be impregnated by me.

she is not, she is a phantom spirit, same as the whole deal with Shinjuku, that's why she is more than one story put together

Why do people talk her up so much? Is she that strong canonically?

My daughter?
No way in hell.
My son on the other hand?

>Rider: Caesar
Is he that strong?

seriously though how do you beat a saber?

Become Zelretch yourself

It's going to end up being you vs Caesar and Nursery, because all the other Servants will either be summoned massively nerfed or drain their masters dry five seconds after being summoned.
As usual just wait until only the big players are out of the picture, especially Gilgamesh, then target the masters.

Kill the master, like in Fate/Apocrypha.

>drain their masters dry five seconds after being summoned
God I wish that was me.

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No you don't understand. He means that they consume so much mana that the servants will force themselves on their master and take repeated nakadashi to replenish mana only for the masters to run out of mana and die mid-sex.

Yeah some of those servants also look like fucking them would be so intense you’d blow out your rectum and die.

Oiling Nursery Rhyme's joints.

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with Jason you will at least get to the final, he shines when he es overpowered

She's something you should not even be able to summon normally. She would rape Gil and any other normal servant. Only servants above her are complete bullshit like Melusine or Beasts.

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God I wish that was me

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What's most important is the choice of the servant. People like Gil and Herc are much better in archer class than in saber class, just like Cu is better in Lancer class and Lancelot in Berserker class.

Why is Jack the Ripper a teenage girl?

We never discovered the identity of the real JtR, so for all we know it was a teenage girl.

>What's the point of summoning an onahole?

how do people get direct capture of an arcade game like this?

Ackshyually, recent DNA analyses suggest Jack was a Jew.

She's not teenaged

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Okay so a small kid is capable of serial killing and skilled combat? Yeah okay seems legit.

>the one saber fag in this thread
lmao, serious archer gil mogs any none-grand servant.

She's not even a human. It's stupid, but she is something like a legion of unborn fetuses that seek the blood of people not wanting them to be born.

....what? And they all take the form of....a small girl?....what....?

a sexy jewish girl

Ozy has a chance of winning

>serious gil mogs anyone
And Saber mogs everyone in a world where people can't teach Japanese

One of the biggest plot points of the original is the grail is tainted and just summons anybody famous.

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All heroic spirits can be summoned, but not all that can be summoned are heroic spirits.

Why would an assassin need an ass like that?

It's a blunt weapon.

Can you think of a better way to silently assassinate?

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I enjoyed the fuck out of Fate, but I'll admit I never understood the grail shit. Different characters give different accounts on what it actually does, they should have just left it as something that grants wishes.

Yes, a small girl. With wide hips and a fat ass

Abigail is very powerful servant, but is held back by low experience and evil insanity. Consider her as a Berserker.

Which servant would you fug?

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Jack is nothing but a evil ghost which assembled dead fetuses into a form of a kid...

Hope the rest can rally together to defeat Gil. He's not only stupidly strong, having no master wouldn't bother him at all. You also hope Nursery Rhyme's master is not a male and didn't pull out some crazy fairy tale due to how they work. Lancer, Rider, and Berserker is not really an issue when compared to other servants. Saber might pose a threat, but defeating the master will do the trick.

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He lost to Liz, he's a gigantic jobber who can't help but underestimate everyone before jobbing like a dog. He's the Vegeta of Fate.

I dunno what to say about that, maybe pedo ghost turns fetuses into a fetish kid form for fun? Man that's fucked up.

The ghost itself is an mish-mash of vengeful dead kids, who want to "return to the womb" because of how cold it is outside, but do it literally to any unfortunate woman in London...

She isn't in the base material but they just kept on adding retarded shit to her arsenal.

The fucking ghost is into unbirthing wtf?

Yes. They were aborted, so it's natural for them to want to go back. Atleast in their corrupted mind

Continued: Maybe Jack wouldn't be so friggin cold if she wore some actual clothes plus a coat.

That's what her "mommy" should give to them, her master in Apocrypha did before kicking the bucket, no?

Comfy and warm Jack sounds pretty cute honestly

Even from the original FSN we already know that since she's not a complete heroic spirit there, she still has many arsenals that can't be brought out like the missing Avalon that she should have if she were a normal heroic spirit.

My wife, of course.

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>There are fags that hate this and want her to wear pants or that shitty cloak
Imagine not wanting to fuck this

He's one of the most famous statemen and generals in western history, the bridge between the Republic and Empire, and it's his best class to summon him as. He's easily at least Iskandar-tier, probably higher.

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Iskandar is already wanked to the rank of top-tier servants merely due to his posthumous noble phantasms. God forbid it's even higher.

Caesar Rider would likely have something similar to Romulus-Quirinus' conceptual NP since he's essentially the founding father of the Empire despite not being an emperor.

Jason is actually still OP in lore despite being a one star in FGO. He can summon all the argonauts, which are all top tier servants (including fucking Herc)

built for hotdogging


And more

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Like that has ever stopped Fate.

Aren't they limited like Iskandar's NP though? Everyone in the Ionioi Hetairoi is a heroic spirit in themselves, but they don't have any of their NPs and are mostly limited to acting within the Reality Marble.
Can Jason just outright summon Argonauts at full strength?

>>would still lose a female-exclusive grail war
You don't know that

I don't understand this assertion. Why would Jack lose?

Jackie is very very strong when used correctly, its not her fault and her masters have been women prostitutes or fucking retards
Assassins find weakness and weak servants injured from fighting and killing another servant and they end them while unprepared and not at full strength. They dont send them to fight a ruler one on one for no reason

Abigail would never be summoned in a standard HGW
but I do like her more, yes

What about the fact that shirou as an archer won the holy grail war by himself in oath under snow

Goof around
Once we're done goofing we take the war seriously since he shines when he's the absolute underdog

It's arguably weaker than Ionioi Hetairoi as it can be seen from the rank. Not only it's just a call summon rather than anchoring them as separated servants, but he only summons a handful of them at a time. Not to mention if Jason was being dirty, most of them will not bother to answer the call.

not really, no, assasins are great at stealth.
Most servants only know how to fight in a war for what they believe in, but sneaking into a high level wizard's house is hard.

Pants, sure, but what the fuck is wrong with the cloak
It's like you don't know about hidden in plain sight sex

How many of the lily variant are they?

I count 3

because all her masters have been retard jobbers

>Is he that strong?
Let me put it like this: in many languages his name is literally synonymous with the highest rank of earthly authority attainable.

Goddammit I just want to summon Nursery Rhyme so that I can have the perfect daughter to dote upon.
And with any luck her friends Jack and Lily can be chain summoned.

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Rider is his preferred class, and don't forget that Servants can get buffed from fame or home territories. That being why Vlad was able to go toe to toe with Karna in the Apoc anime. I hope I don't have to iterate how well known Caesar is.

Only 3 have Lily in their name but there are a few servants that are kid versions without being labled such, like picrel.

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>t. Rin

Not to say that 2 is bad, but you literally cannot beat 3.

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Medusa is explicitly not a Heroic Spirit but rather closer to a wraith that is only summonable if the Grail is tainted. That's why Gilles was summonable in the 4th war and Archer can appear in the 5th. That fact has kind of been swept under the rug for the sake of expanding the cast now though.

Have a servant with a broken Noble Phantasm or skill that doesn't involve winning in a direct contest of strength. Saber would have died day 1 if Lancer hadn't been called off by Kotomine. Gae Bolg is a force equalizer in the same way that many NPs with special effects are. For all their strength, Sabers tend to be skilled beatsticks with flashy, damage-based NPs that focus on blowing you out in one hit. Just use tricky, guile, and special abilities to bypass the direct combat advantage.

A water-down Herc that isn't in full Berserker mode is already better than most other servants.

>Jannu Alter
Yes that's the three

A sexy kid

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Lancer Medusa is not labeled Lily.

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this part right here

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she's a lily in all but name
hell it's even one of her monikers

That's what i meant by "unofficial Lily".
>Seiba lily (the OG)
>Medea lily
>Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily
>da Vinci
>Setanta (arcade)
Ushiwaka, Chacha, Wu and Paris should have older versions summonable, but we haven't seem them.
Also there's Altera and Tiamat that have (Larva) versions.

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Isn't that Taira no Kagekiyo?
I could be completely off the mark here, I know basically nothing about that event other than "hey SSR Ushi kinda"

How many normal holy grail wars have ever taken place across the entire franchise, where everything works the way it's supposed to and follows the established rules? Surely they're in the minority.

UOOOOOOH! Child hips.... Erotic!

>Follows all of them
All are background lore
>Follows some of them
>lol lmao
Extella and Link

None. The closest has been the 4th in Zero, where it was 7 human masters with 7 servants of standard classes with 1 neutral overseer. But it still had a truce called to deal with a rogue one (Caster), and of course it didn't end with a wish upon the grail.

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The joke is that they were all failures.

Didn't the one before FGO events happend how it supposed to ? One winner and got wish granted

The Fuyuki one that had Solomon?
yeah, sorta

As far as we know, yes. But just wait for Nasu to get a totally original idea and reveal how that grail was also a farce.

Perhaps, but we don't know if there wasn't any fuckery. We will probably know by next year.

Yeah, that's the one
pls mushroom-san no more retcons

no, more retcons!

back cunny uooooooh

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It was rigged from the start
And then that rigging attempt utterly failed (Einzberns doing what they do best) and made an completely imbalanced system that benefits nobody because the Grail is cursed anyway.
Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Loli Medusa is one of the best things this retarded franchise ever made.

You don’t. You summon the real jack instead.

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can I get an "uooohhh"

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But why? I can't remember much from her bio, but why is she that strong? Doesn't she just have tentacles and shit?

The Fate franchise should be called
>The Einzberns fuck things up again: Electric Boogaloo

Was Solomon summoned as a Grand?

Enough that Hassan became meta and Hercules got banned in Greece

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The only things close were the sub grail wars after it was stolen in Apocrypha. I think the 5th Japanese one was normal in the FGO timeline as well.

Connection to an outer god which means her power is "cosmic threat" level, which is exemplified by events such as "that time the entire greek pantheon ate shit trying to fend off an alien"

I can only imagine a bunch of Yea Forumsutistic Yea Forumsnons getting mad over people summoning OP servants.

Evidence suggest he was a normal Caster when he got summoned in the HGW. Marisbilly needed the money he got from the war to fund his researches and even then it took a fuckton of sacrifices and killing to figure out a system to summon servants properly for Chaldea.
He didn't have any means pre-war for something bullshit like summoning a servant in its Grand container. And we know that the bullshit that takes to summon a Grand artificially is so fucking big you'd need way more than a HGW to power up the circle.
A normal person doesn't summon a Grand. If he was capable of doing that, he wouldn't have needed to participate in a HGW to begin with. And we know for a fact he is the one that summoned Solomon because he used the ring as a catalyst.

The Velbar were the same kind of aliens as the Abby Gods?

Well if that is anything to go by, the people with OP servants were the ones that got mad the masters of Assassins were winning HGWs left and right instead.

Why do the cups never get an invite to these councils?

No. Velber is a completely real alien civillization destroyer. The lovecraftian gods are fictional to the current timeline, to the point their existence is from outside dimensions.
We can't exactly gauge their powers, but we know for sure the Velber and the Umbral Star are cycling the universe much like a comet, while those eldritch abominations seemingly only exist in other planes.

I see. So like, Abby hitting a Servant with her tentacles or vore-ing someone with her keyhole pussy just disintegrates anyone?

Not necessarily. She is more like channeling the power from the Outer God. Gilgamesh said it wasn't much different from a saint channeling divine miracle to heal people, but Foreigners do that via madness instead.
She'd need a lot of mana to just go disintegrate and voring people like that. Though she seems confident enough in taking on packs of servants by herself if needed.

>What's the point of summoning Jack?
To milk my cock with her fat pussy and ass, also head pats.

Licking loli Medusa.

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I'm going to win with whatever servant I summoned because I'm the protagonist. I'll go up against a whole bunch of bullshit overpowered servants and some extra servant who ha a whole bullshit class made just for them; and I'll still win with my weakass Lancer Don Quixote

but that can't be true because I'm the protagonist

Then how come Daybit summoned Grand Berserker

every loli.

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That guy is the most mysterious thing on the franchise. Da Vinci even says he is the kind of person that aims for the impossible. There are two possibilities:
>1- he didn't summon a Grand. The Grand was a stray servant summoned by the CF and made a contract with him.
>2- the motherfucker really did find a method and mana to spare to power up the circle. And a person that does all that will have an even bigger problem in his hands that would warrant him going through all that to summon a Grand.

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If Kiritsugu summoned Jack instead of saber, would he have won the war?

Pretty sure he could have won with nearly any Assassin. Hell, he could have won with any servant that was less of a moralfag.

Won't Kotomine will just get a saber? Anyway, it's useless even if Kiritsugu managed to kill all masters when a servant that can stay independent from their master for indefinite time and too hard to beat for Jack like Gilgamesh is still around. It's a much better strategy to simply give Avalon back to Saber and let her do what she did in FSN.

Depends if Jack doesn't shank him first thing since he's not very motherly a person

Jack would have turned against him sooner or later. Kiritsugu is a terrible mommy.

>redditcraft shit
Abby is worth less than the gum on my boots.

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>Any saber summon would be better at killing masters than any assassin.


How would one be a good mommy to Jack?

Give her lots of snacks!

Attached: file.png (850x443, 195.01K)

>tummy pats (internal)
>bed time stories

I mean any assassin besides jack is pretty much a free grail win

>Summon Serenity.
>Die next second.
How to win if no poison resistance?

It's funny how a single post can make one contemplate the obscenity of a daughterwife

He literally had cunny supply him with unlimited mana.

user, you don't HAVE to fuck your servant

Well I don't HAVE to drink my own urine, but it's sterile and I like the taste.

Even Jack is under the right master. She has a skill that the Presence Concealment does NOT drop during the night in an ambush. It's extremely easy for her to kill masters, and even servants. Specially if you wait until two dumb masters have their servants duke it out and attack them right after, if not during the fight.
As much as she craves for body contact, Serenity knows and avoids it if there is a risk of killing the master unless he wants. Hell, the first master of Serenity in Fragments didn't die on the summon. He died because he was dumb enough to happily touch her right after.

But I DO want to eventually touch her, also who is gonna feed her mana? I'm not gonna be a willing cuck.

I mean you don't necessarily need to cum inside her. You can masturbate and shoot it in her mouth or something.
Though if you do want to touch, then you will need protection or a mystic code. Manaka in Fragments used a Mystic Code to protect from the poison, while it's the same thing most masters did when they realized Jack produced a poison fog to survive the insta-kill.
Good luck finding one though. You'd need to meet a mage merchant or have some contact with the church.

> steels your Noble phantasm
heh… Nothin personal kid

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Try it with this one.

Attached: S312_Stage2.png (512x724, 719.08K)

Why ain't Ghengis Khan a servant yet? They scrape the bottom of the barrel for a bunch of nobodies while leaving a legend like that on the table. Can they not find someone to draw him as a Mongolian loli with a horse plushie or something?

I mean he can still an NP that turns him into a demon.

I don’t see why he couldn’t. As far as we know there are literally no conditions for when it can be used besides Alcides knowing it’s true name.

Multiplayer holy grail war when?

There is also still no Manfred Von Richthofen, which I find the greater crime.

Could I win the grail war with this dumb magical girl?

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bro just started heaven's feel thinking it was a prequel to blade works,and oh boy did i get fucked in the ass

She has infinite mana. You are already better off than most masters.

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because they went for a rehash for Grand Rider instead, and all he did was job because "noooooo this EVIL OF HUMANITY is too evil for me"

>summoning a Foreigner in a grail war
Come on now user.

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Plenty of good choices for fug.

Also it isn't as hard as you may think to win a HGW. Canon winners have a decent mix between OP and just kinda good like Astolfo.

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You only need to kill the master right?
I have an easy solution to your problem

Attached: 1648339667033.jpg (1280x853, 241.9K)

t. Kerry.

The holy grail war was rigged from the start.

Is there an explanation for the lily forms?
I thought lily was only girls

>Is there an explanation for the lily forms?
>"can we make a new character without needing to come up with a full backstory and reusing one instead?"

I don’t think that applies to Prillya Illya, though.

The Kaleidosticks operate on the principle of the 2nd magic. Whoever wields it will have fundamentally infinite magic, although restricted to their body's maximum container (like can't fire a meteor but can recharge tons of bullets).
That still applies to Prillya, and is brough up once a while since she needs to discharge and recharge, and doing simultaneously would damage her up, which then would need to be repaired later by the Kaleidosticks.
No idea why the fuck Zelretch is obsessed with Magical Girls though.

Attached: Based Zelretch.png (1130x1620, 1.55M)

>No idea why the fuck Zelretch is obsessed with Magical Girls though
Why would anyone not?

The Holy Cunny War.

No, you're fucked.

>little idol anime announced
Little servant anime when?

Attached: E5b1wD7VoAATafx.jpg (2048x1549, 307.89K)

>Little servant anime
Will Nero be allowed in?

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But a saber only win once out of five wars.

Illya's too soft, she'd have a hard time actually killing "people" compared to the mindless degraded Servants she fought for the Class Cards. Even if she can get over that or we assume she has post-3rei character development she's still going to want to talk people down and is generally too naive.
You'd have better luck with Miyu, she's stronger and more competent, she doesn't hold anything back to win.

Attached: miyu bazett.jpg (834x1200, 295.24K)

>Her master had made it clear early on that her skill apparently didn't lie in killing. It lied in her booty, and the bigger it got, the better she'd be at having a good bum.

>Abby looks like a skeleton
>Still weights more than Nero, a full fledged woman
They both need to eat more.

Attached: Saber.(Benienma).600.2478064.jpg (391x600, 57.73K)

>there's a small/large/XXL medusa
>her sisters get nothing
when are we getting the gorgon-esque versions of Euryale and Stheno?

Unlike TALLdusa, her sisters are divine and have a perfect body, atleast according to the mythology. They don't need other forms, since they're "perfect".

they just need to fire up the bullshit excuse machine they use for everything else and give us more giant snake tits

At some point we have to acknowledge that for all their autism about measurements Jap writers have no idea how girls work

>>Unlike TALLdusa, her sisters are divine and have a perfect body
And don't you forget it

Attached: sisters.jpg (4093x2894, 1.59M)

Based. Euryale and Stheno are perfect.

>everything I don't like is reddit
Kill yourself.

I designed my pawn in Dragons Dogma off her boy type. I should've just made jack, but the faces aren't very cute.

Attached: 20220404_032821.png (1500x2250, 1.48M)

I did the same, made me a Jack pawn. It's easy to get an outfit that looks similar to hers mostly because this game has g-string panties.

Attached: 87171037_p0.jpg (868x1228, 311.27K)

Despite the stats I had to go with the g string panties since they look good with the scale coat.

Wait a minute, I'm confused by that title.

Is this a holy war over cunny or a war for the holy cunny?

A holy war for cunny or a war for holy cunny?

What if Yog-Sothoth counts as extra weight

Sexy loli ribs...

Attached: abby2.jpg (798x1500, 536.72K)

Would Longinus be able to defeat her?

>At some point we have to acknowledge that for all their autism about measurements Jap writers have no idea how girls work

Attached: file.png (510x304, 185.52K)

Not exactly
Ushiwakamaru is the childhood name for Minamoto no Yoshitsune, so we should be able to get Yoshitsune as a servant, likely a high-class rider or saber.
Taira no Kagekiyo was a general for the Taira clan, which had a conflict with the Minamoto clan.
Taira no Kagekiyo in FGO is Yoshitsune's body being possessed by a bunch of angry vengeful Taira clan ghosts and calling herself Kagekiyo.
Isn't Wu just a lolibaba like Helena?

That may be but he'd have Iri too, she's a good mommy

>Instinct (A rank)

They've been saving big names for actual grail wars, rather than gacha

>Taira no Kagekiyo in FGO is Yoshitsune's body being possessed by a bunch of angry vengeful Taira clan ghosts and calling herself Kagekiyo
That's so boring

Wu has an official adult design.

Attached: EP44oEHVUAA5JJx.png (727x503, 204K)

Attached: e2fd04fb168c249680cb4c269bda33da.jpg (1032x728, 809.22K)

The hag squad of course

Attached: 1636217848455.png (3900x426, 3.49M)

answer the question

Summonable when

Attached: abby&wu.png (1371x800, 1.65M)

Well shit, she looks really good
It absolutely is and I hope Yoshitsune will come before this game dies


Attached: Wobha.jpg (1469x828, 156.07K)

the hell is that

It's Nero

Attached: Happyu.jpg (575x574, 58.76K)

wait what

Her being the Whore of Babylon wasn't a meme. She's Actually it.

Attached: Beastner.jpg (1000x548, 122.42K)

Attached: 1607393422430.png (1280x720, 556.25K)

Don't worry i gotchu.

Attached: wu.jpg (1000x1000, 913.51K)

>stronger than Goetia


>7 beasts
>Just 1 is male
>3 have loli forms

Really makes you think.

Fou and Goetia are both male. The rest are sluts and a whore

Attached: 20220404_010900.jpg (3365x1245, 573.37K)

I don't normally care for Nero, but this one...

Much better

Wait 'til you see mesugaki Nero

She was summoned by a useless master.

What would hitler be like if he was summoned?

You would be winning then he would use his NP to kill himself and you would lose the grail war.

His Lostbelt is in Central America, right? Maybe you can get enough mana to summon a Grand if you do enough ritual sacrifices.

>we finally get the Whore of Babylon
>but not the seven-headed Beast of revelations
For fuck's sake. Also, Whore Nero's design is weird, even by Arko Wada standards. What are those things under the red paws? And behind her hears?

Imagine summoning Armstrong as a Rider

>adult Wu Zetian in Agartha manga
>closer to reality Alexander the Great with no beard, great looking armor with Medusa's head and lion cape in case Files manga
Who do i have to kill to get those as alternate skins in the game? I like lolibaba empressWu and hulking barbarian king Alex, but man, those designs are top-tier.

Attached: par ma barbe.gif (575x338, 973.01K)

>Caster Hitler
>his NP is his paintings


Nero is called Beast VI S/odom. 666 is probably Beast VI G/ommorah.
She does have 7 beasts heads as familiars though that's probably not 666.


This is kinda stupid, but hey, gotta mike that umu skank Nero.
Surtr should have been a Beast-class, it would have made his battle as cool as the one against Tiamat.
Also, we really sgould have had a Singularity/Lostbelt/whatever set in Greece with Typhon as the Lostbelt King/final boss, and of course he'd have been a beast.

>Melusine vs Abby vs Tiamat Larva vs Draco

No matter who wins there is no world left afterwards.

Kektia doesn't even have break bars

Yes. His lance can kill anything

>no beast Surtr in Lostbel 2
>no Typhon that would've made an awesome end boss for a Singularity/Lostbelt or whatever event.
>no Angra Mainyu in his full divine ultimate evil form Ahriman
I am still mad.

Who could Jack defeat? maybe?

I will win and save the world by giving them the dick, on the advice of my servant Descartes (Pretender)

Need her to rape me

I hope so, it'd be kind of a waste not to use the Beast of Revelations/666.

I just realized we had two Grands appear in the Greek lostbelt yet neither fought a beast and one even lost his Grand Crown.

literally just Nero, how boring
hope her loli form got enough spotlight to get some more fanart rolling in

Attached: draco.png (1280x1810, 1.76M)

Please post more Abby.

Attached: 1614791221293.jpg (850x1275, 978.57K)

Sodom lilychad

Attached: Dracograal.jpg (1229x1229, 1.52M)

what kind of abby do you like?

I like cute Abby.

Attached: 1614791241291.jpg (2979x4096, 827.3K)

I don't need an excuse to post Abby

Attached: 1630575946699.jpg (1104x946, 206.15K)

Mash POV (she likes to watch)

Abby is spooky.

exotic Abby

Attached: abby tongue.jpg (2048x2732, 2.4M)

only because you ask kindly.

Attached: 92551533_p2.jpg (1500x1500, 236.06K)

That's good.
Thank you.

Attached: 1614791321413.jpg (991x1323, 526.53K)

Attached: FPcfgQWVsAAl8nR.jpg (2000x2090, 678.19K)

Those are some thick pancakes.

>Beast of Revelation/Whore of Babylon isn't a seven-headed beast, but rather Nero after stealing Tamamo's ears and chest
Once again SMT comes out on top

Attached: Mother_Harlot_(SMTIII_Art).png (2828x3669, 2.14M)

i want to lay face down on this pillow

>They fixed the loli abomination
I am sorry I didn't trust you, Nasu sama.

Attached: 1648823068251.jpg (1191x1683, 1.24M)

Man, they really have been dropping the ball with the Beast designs ever since Goetia
Koyanskaya looks okay at least

All of them
Cute Abby
Cool Abby
Creepy Abby
Comfy Abby
All Abby is good Abby

Attached: 90016108_p1.png (1250x1088, 3.65M)

gives you cunny and calls you mommy

And who're the masters who could control them? And stupid enough to make them fight only to see everything getting annihilated...

Attached: 5.jpg (1280x1851, 505.12K)

based Abbyposter

Attached: abby hand.jpg (850x1235, 633.58K)


Attached: 78674980_p0.png (1656x2390, 1.5M)

Attached: abby dab.jpg (1663x1314, 173.91K)

did someone say Dabby

Attached: 1648733527660.png (640x1120, 604.93K)

Attached: 1621233174625.jpg (1096x1048, 100.07K)

I really wish I knew how to make those

Attached: 84219763_p0.jpg (1284x1771, 369K)

cumming on girl paler than your cum...

Wait a minute, is she the Capitoline wolf?

>Really the whole grail war ultimately just boils down to "did you summon a saber servant?"
How come Saber never wins then?

i want to fuck her keyhole

You don't have a loli shoggoth to feed those pancakes so there's no point anyway.

but I like pancakes too

how lewd...

Attached: Abby lock.jpg (1426x1065, 773.08K)

Given how thick they are, it seems they're japanese-styled, which means the process to make them is incredibly gay since they're more like souffles than they are actual pancakes
If you undercook it, they're gonna fall, and if you overcook it, they're gonna fall, so you need to get it just right and frankly that's way too much of a hassle when you just want to make some breakfast to get through the day
You can look up how to make them but if you just want some fluffy pancakes, american style will do

>number 3 is binding
>nothing on the inner or outer pin
>4 is set
>aaand we've got it open

I love this fat child

Attached: 1647521423764.jpg (766x904, 380.57K)

Is this her best angle?

Probably best sex you'd ever have

Attached: 829.jpg (1240x1754, 286.07K)

she ahs a few good ones

Attached: 1624497208466.jpg (947x1320, 731.08K)

Hard to beat a rear view angle when it comes to Jack

Silly Jack, cows are supposed to have big boobs.

I want to get milked by those fat cheeks


Attached: Ei52Qm7U4AA42KB.jfif.jpg (2591x3624, 645.98K)

Well you can have to playing around jumping up and down on your bed

Attached: 1641554105230.webm (900x640, 2.96M)

Didn't both of them lose their Grand status?

Romulus-Quirinus still has it

She is riding one of those coin operated riding machines for children, how cute.

The wiki says that he lost it. Which would make sense, as a Grand doing anything but fighting a Beast would be breaking the rules.

Those are not child hips.

in that case, Skull Grandpa should have lost it back in Camelot
yet he sacrificed it to clip Tiamat's wings by himself instead

Attached: 68879710_p0.png (848x1200, 795.24K)

I figured that was due to him not being a summoned servant in camelot but just someone who is meant to be there naturally at that time period.