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read the guide

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imagine not reading the guide

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Rate my colletion

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>mirko 1/8 by bellfine
will it be good

When you see it...

Reminds me of my childhood in Mexico


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I have decided to invest my time watching the anime since I am buying a bunch of AL figures

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>people already paying almost 400 for this

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>check MFC
>comment says some company sitll has her up for PO
> but they require 50% down payment and are located in AUS.
>buying loli figures from AUS that have to be imported to AUS from Japan.
this is a scam, customs will seize all them before they get in 100%.

>fun manga
>no figures

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Does that smiley face sticker have a mustache?

Third worlder rooms are soul.

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The overtly stained ladle? The person's arm? The snacks in the wall tile?

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Don't expect much from the main series, it's really not very good. Plenty of fan service. Slow ahead is much better.

Some exist. I'm considering canceling the Samurai and Genshin girls but can't bring myself to do it.

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Could an user here who's bought artbooks before tell me approx how much a4, paperback, 100 pages would weigh? Nip websites don't tell you the weight and that matters a lot for estimating shipping costs. Tried book weight estimation tools but it asks me for gsm and i don't know what that value would be.

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just find it/something similar on Mandarake Sahra, they list weights there, no idea how accurate they are though

Yes I heard that so I'm only watching the bisoku

Thank you. Just checked SAHRA Manadarake like you said. Unfortunately it looks like they tell you the price of the whole package, not just the book.
>I got "Size (Package Size) 300mm x 215mm x 6mm / 506g"

I just need the book weight since I'm going to use a proxy service anyway.

Or you could play the game, I've been playing it since release. Just kidding, the game is just a grindfest now The only reason to play it is because you either like the anime GIRLS a lot or because time sunk fallacy like me.

Read the dimensions, that's just the book. Package is barely a plastic bag if anything.

That's already a close estimate. You won't be shipping just the book anyway, there's the box/bag + padding to add.

Seriously it's not worth estimating shipping prices to that extent since at the end depends on the shipper and how many padding they add and what package they use.

If you only care about the fanservice from the first anime then here's most of the panty shots and part of ep.6 uncensored.

Wow, what the fuck. Other artbooks are telling me 700g, 1200g 1500g. Book weight calculator i used told me way less.

>Seriously it's not worth estimating shipping prices to that extent since at the end depends on the shipper and how many padding they add and what package they use.
I'm going to have everything sent to my proxy. They will put all my orders into one box and use their own packing which i know the weight for(+1.5kg max) So what packing mandarake or any other store uses will be removed. I need to calculate it so I know exactly how many books I can buy without exceeding my shipping budget.

Getting flan, sophie, and the two junketsu flugels this month.

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At that point you are paying more in local shipping fees than the difference between the stores packaging and any proxy. If you are planning to save you are doing it horribly wrong.

Nice. Azur Lane is a great anime. Yostar are awesome.

I disagree, I liked it very much. Still looking forward to Bisoku Zenshin since you said it's better.

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>At that point you are paying more in local shipping fees than the difference between the stores packaging and any proxy. If you are planning to save you are doing it horribly wrong.
How do you recommend I do things then? What should I change. I do make sure when i'm ordering of somewhere like toranoana to get above the item price limit so they give me free domestic shipping.

Use the bimonthly option to get all your books shipped together, don't use a proxy, just a forwarder. Avoid repacking fees and any other services they may offer you.

Consider 1.5kg in just padding is a world of difference, roughly 5ky extra. To ship it to North America.

figures are shit anyway user, just get a high quality png and get a custom poster done. displate do that or get a printing company to make you it and frame it. that's what i do when there is no official merch for something

>all that cunny
I bow.


>Use the bimonthly option to get all your books shipped together
Is that something just Mandarake offer?

>don't use a proxy, just a forwarder
Proxy is easier. I don't have to navigate labyrinthine non-english website or rely on questionable mechanical translations.

>just a forwarder
What company or companies do you suggest then and why? The only reason I'd use a forwarder is to get something that could sell out within the day of release since proxies take time to process your requests.

>Consider 1.5kg in just padding is a world of difference, roughly 5ky extra. To ship it to North America.
I'm shipping to Europe and i don't mind paying extra there specifically since don't want my items to be damaged. Had a bad experience with a package before.

I did it

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1.- No, that's toranoana. Since you mentioned it. Melonbooks is even better their shipping groups usually cover a whole month.

2. Easier if you are willing to pay extra and lose points, discounts and ease of mix and matching your orders that you can do when you actually admin your ordering accounrs. With just this you are paying considerably more.

3. The guide, you need to find whatever suits your needs.

4. This may not be for you if you are in such a tight budget. Books get expensive pretty fast, even the better alternatives add 50%+ of their Msrp to get them to you. And with a proxy that number is closer to 100%

And just an example of their points system just had a 24kY order at melonbooks order reduced by 7ky, with just points from a few comiket orders this year plus a 15% discount coupon they sent me.

They are sizeable way more than what you get from amiami/hs and the like.

Thanks for this assistance user, it's appreciated.

>Melonbooks is even better their shipping groups usually cover a whole month.
So where if their shipping together option written on their website? All I see are 590yen/690yen domestic shipping costs per item.

>2. Easier if you are willing to pay extra and lose points, discounts and ease of mix and matching your orders that you can do when you actually admin your ordering accounrs. With just this you are paying considerably more.
Ah so points from website reward systems, I didn't consider tha. Also don't proxies usually have things like free amazon prime?

>you need to find whatever suits your needs
Sounds good.

>Books get expensive pretty fast, even the better alternatives add 50%+ of their Msrp to get them to you.
Can I have an example of this please?

>And just an example of their points system just had a 24kY order at melonbooks order reduced by 7ky, with just points from a few comiket orders this year plus a 15% discount coupon they sent me.
Oh, that's a lot. I will look into a forwarding service then. How do you deal with things like customer service or emailing the websites then since they're not in English? Or is that the downside?

Why would you need to have service or email them? You order, you pay, its over.

figure when?

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The Rayearth moderoids are delayed, but the effects aren't. Stupid.

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To ask questions about fringe scenarios or something? To get additional details about their products or services beyond what is written in their FAQ or on their website. I've heard of people having real trouble when having to make phone calls due to language barrier.

1. Shipping groups, they ship everything released the same month together if you pick it. And in some cases everything from the same event even when the release dates span multiple months.

2. Amazon already has free shipping past a certain point, also, most proxies won't pass those savinga directly, some will still charge you even when tora/melon/amazon gives you free shipping.

>most proxies won't pass those savinga directly, some will still charge you even when tora/melon/amazon gives you free shipping.
What? What proxy does that? So they just make up a domestic shipping even when it's free?

There's no fringe scenarios when you know how their system works, and there are no real extra services besides what they tell you explicitly. So, not seeing your point. And never had the need to make a phone call ever either.

Most proxies will still charge shipping within Japan. It's part of their hidden fees.

Ah, I think Zenmarket claim on their site that there are no hidden fees. So i guess it's not the case for that proxy then?

Zenmarket is one of the worse offenders of hidden fees. To begin with their deposit system has a lower exchange rate and charges you to even deposit. And I had them charging me shipping for orders of over 20k from melonbooks.

Zen is not a good example of a cheap proxy.

Used zenmarket once, never again. Besides them being horribly slow at placing orders having deposit fees, and then charging you extra to undervalue your shit, I'd rather move my business to somewhere else.

>Besides them being horribly slow at placing orders
Did it take longer than 2 days after you filled out the form?

Nothing. Japan's figures are lacking lately.

Good thing China have been picking up the slack.

uooohhhhing out of respect

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>Zen is not a good example of a cheap proxy.
What is a good example?

Took them one week to place my order , 2 weeks to notify me when they got the item , 2 more weeks to invoice me when I asked for shipping and then 2 weeks to ship my shit.

All that process was done at the same time at Goody Japan as well, they placed my order within 3 hours, notified me the day they got my shit, paid the same day and the next one they shipped it.

I did that when booth's payment processor was down, nowadays I just forward everything.

I'm used to my shipments getting out of customs within a couple hours at most but they've been holding this one for over a day, should I be worried? it's not like they take breaks on weekends. I didn't even buy anything weird

They do take breaks on weekends though.

>Took them one week to place my order , 2 weeks to notify me when they got the item , 2 more weeks to invoice me when I asked for shipping and then 2 weeks to ship my shit.
Wow zenmarket is kuso.

>All that process was done at the same time at Goody Japan as well, they placed my order within 3 hours, notified me the day they got my shit, paid the same day and the next one they shipped it.

That's way better. They don't charge a flat commission rate of 300 yen or less though. Isn't that bad?
1 Yen ~ 4,000 Yen (incl. sales tax) 600 Yen (fixed)
4,001 Yen ~ 10,000 Yen (incl. sales tax) 750 Yen (fixed)
10,001 Yen ~ 15,000 Yen (incl. sales tax) 7% of total item price in one order
15,001 Yen ~ 50,000 Yen (incl. sales tax) 6% of total item price in one order
50,001 Yen ~ 100,000 Yen (incl. sales tax) 5% of total item price in one order
100,001 Yen or more (incl. sales tax) 4% of total item price in one order

Customs officers assigned to Incoming packages do take weekends off. It's a different story for the custom officers working with actual passengers and luggage.

anyone else had this issue where their proxy doesn't work on weekends?

huh. well shit.

not him but lately they'll not only take a day or two to place orders, if there happens to be extra shipping needed that the system didn't catch that adds an extra 2 days of back and forth messaging to actually purchase the items. Which if it's something low on stock or a one of you can get fucked over. Before they went in on non-English support this wasn't so bad but lately they've shit the bed constantly.

I bow


If you ar eordering dozens of single doujins and combining them it's bad. If you are ordering big packages, it's better than zenmarket by a good margin. It's been a while since I used them but I rather go back to them, since they actually disclose their full charges.

I wouldn't be using that proxy if that was the case.

Is it really so bad? Do lots of things get released on weekends?

Not him but what about if you wanted to negotiate a price with the seller? You'd need a proxy fluent in the language of the country you're buying from for that.

Consider large events spanning multiple days and conventions, those are actually on weekends. And for example the next winter comiket is held on a weekend. To not be available when a limited item goes up is a big fuck no.

I'm not negotiating anything, I pay what they ask for if I'm interested.

Most proxies don't negotiate prices either, at least not by email. They handle auctions by using the bidding system built in
There's no interaction nor Japanese needed for that. Just enter the damn number.

Would it be cheaper to use a VPN and a forwarder address instead of a proxy?

>those are actually on weekends
but not just on the weekends right?

>And for example the next winter comiket is held on a weekend. To not be available when a limited item goes up is a big fuck no.
oooh that would be bad. when is the date for the next comiket?

VPN does nothing if the site won't accept your payment method to begin with

Why do you need a VPN to begin with? Most stores and sites are perfectly available to overseas. The sites that need more than a forwarder are those that need either cash in delivery or wire transfer.

Mercari though

If forwarders are so much better, what is the point of buyee? why do people use it?

Considering most sellers in Merari don't accept neither credit card nor PayPal, it should be obvious why you would need a proxy. Has nothing to do with using a vpn

To overcharge brainlets
It's cheaper to use a forwarder and consolidate, also not all mercari products can be bought with buyee

Because retards are afraid or just too retarded to use Japanese sites. Just read this thread.

>If you ar eordering dozens of single doujins and combining them it's bad.

Anyone know what proxy is good for bulk shit like this then? Or maybe lots of small things like badges?

Forwarders require common sense and some study. Should be obvious why most just won't use it, considering every other zoomer needs a video tutorial for everything these days.

>also not all mercari products can be bought with buyee
Oh yea! any idea why? I tried to buy a unopened tapestry and it wouldn't work so i didn't bother with their service.

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Apparently sellers can choose to opt out of the buyee deal with mercari. Or you just have to wait a few days for the listing to update.

>Apparently sellers can choose to opt out of the buyee deal with mercari.
Why on earth? Wont that just reduce the chances of someone buying it? Why would they do that?

>Or you just have to wait a few days for the listing to update.
How that could that possibly cause a problem?

>Why on earth? Wont that just reduce the chances of someone buying it? Why would they do that?
They don't want filthy gaijin buying their shit I guess

>How that could that possibly cause a problem?
No idea

Probably cause of chinese resellers.

very nice
I think I'm gonna win my auction too

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I asked them if they can uncancel it.

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So what's the advantage of ordering from BiJ if their price is no different from Amico?

>just a forwarder
These charge per package though. And 200yen per order fees are higher than some proxies.

Proxy generally has additional hidden fees on top of that.
It's basically impossible for forwarding service to cost more than proxies.

Don't forwarders charge you for space and the overseas address though? What fees do forwarders tend to have?


I think you are confused.
Proxy is basically extra steps on top of a forwading service.

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i feel like im betraying my wife because i just ordered my first daki cover and its mignon, not her.
does this mean i need to order one of her before the other arrives or is it too late now????

She should understand that 2d is superior.

>I think you are confused.

>Proxy is basically extra steps on top of a forwading service.
I was just asking what fees they generally have since I know they charge per package and i wanted to know if there are others.

Collage was getting smaller then every March fig got delayed, and I got my April bonus and increase...
Going to sell a couple of figs I don't want anymore, seems I've reached the 'collating' stage of the collection, not sure whether to just go straight up local eBay or MFC.

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>Zen is not a good example of a cheap proxy.
No however they've been excellent in terms of accommodating requests, and with more use they get better thanks to that credit thing, they'll just straight up buy some things without you paying if you ask them to do it as soon as they can.


Very nice.

my wife is also 2d
its just my first daki obviously isnt of her when it could have been and i feel guilty like it should have been her first

Reminds me of shows I watched 15 years ago.
That is not good.

Attached: [ReinForce] Azur Lane Bisoku Zenshin! 01 (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC).mkv_20220403_033042.019.jpg (1920x1080, 330.73K)

>my wife is also 2d
Nice, that's pure and in line with anime orthodoxy.

>its just my first daki obviously isnt of her when it could have been and i feel guilty like it should have been her first
You could repent for that sin by waiting for your wife's daki to arrive and then sleeping with that one first.

>That is not good.
why not? things were better back then

good thing i'm a poster guy and 3dpd isn't for me

Naturally, you only remember the good parts.

no, i hate modern shit

I don't need figures to have both of those.

you can't use mercari without a japanese phone. that's why I use it anyway. For everything else I share a whale blackship account.

don't they charge 3$ per package to consolidate? also 1$ to receive every package?

Not if you're a whale user. I share a premium account with a few people and it ends up being pretty cheap if you accumulate points. Before using Blackship I just used BiJ's forwarding service.

So what do you end up paying then? If you say ordered 25 items and wanted them to consolidate into one package. What are all the fees involved?

I liked the two samurai girls that went up around the same time, but just not enough to order.
Don't really have a good shot for them.

>all those old hags

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Just work an hour of overtime and then not worry about the difference in shopping costs.

t. toddlercon

Use a forwarder.


All I want for christmas is an option other than DHL for Canada.

Wide range there.

Found mine in the guide.

I wanted to buy just a single item off yahoo auctions and I failed to find a cheaper option than buyee.

never knew a thumb palette existed.

Looked it in guide already. Tell me which (You) use and why?

>failed to find a cheaper option than buyee
How is this even possible? buyee are shit with fees. even zen is cheaper surely

I paid 500 jpy in fees, 210 for domestic shipping, 1370 for international shipping. Zenmarket deposit fee alone would cost me more than the buyee fees.

>1370 for international shipping.
what was this? SAL? DHL? Surface?

小形包装物・書留付き(AIR) so registered small air packet I believe.

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Amiami under fire in Japan, for being accused of secretly exporting Gundam Plamo to China without permission from Bandai (for people who don't know, Gundam Plamo shortage has been an ongoing issue in Japan, with many scalpers re-selling them at high prices)

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I really hope my order is legit.

>Ask proxy shipper to declare low and mark as gift to avoid duty and tax charge
>They don't
>Pay an extra $30CAD to get through customs
God i fucking hate this shit county

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We're fucked until Trudeau drops dead or resigns

Had to cancel a couple, then preordered a few more.
I think Cthulhu-chan will stay here til the end of strange aeons.

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Damn how much was the order, over 400 bucks declared?

I can't read moon, do they have proof there?

fuck amiami, why are you guys still using that shit store?

Not even the order was like $150 initially. I wanted them to declare it under $60 CAD and mark it as a gift to avoid duties. But alas that didn't happen.
Think I've spent an extra $100 just on shipping and other bullshit for this.

should I post some chink figures?

You'll probably just post those off-model bimbos. I, on the other hand, have found some good looking soulful chink figs I could post if anyone's curious.

how do you know you won't like what might post?

>what might post?
what I might post.

Because I don't like off-model bimbos, and judging from the complaints other anons share whenever your chinkshit is posted, they don't like it either.

Wtf I had an order that was over 300 cad just recently and my fees through fedex were 25 dollars for duty and their handling fees.
That's pretty shitty dude hope that doesn't happen to you again.

Just post them and shut the fuck up.

Pretty much everything is these threads is cumbrain garbage.


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Attached: FPa2Pb1aUAIo0nd.jpg (1020x1527, 74.4K)

A nice slab of acrylic as base, as usual

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Good discount and they don't up charge their products? Even GSC is up charging for exports.

hope the shirt is removable without forced castoff

its not

source: your ass

Apparently my ass can read specs and posts better than you

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Call me a fucking idiot but I can't understand figurine collecting for the life of me... Does these things at least have a decent resell value?

>Call me a fucking idiot but I can't understand figurine collecting for the life of me...
Do you want one of us to explain it to you, or do you want to remain ignorant?

>Does these things at least have a decent resell value?
Pic related quadrupled in value, although that is not normal for figures.

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Sometimes you buy things because you actually like them, not because you plan to resell them. Really hard to get for a brainlet, I know.

I just like to look at them.

in my case I'm the only one who bid heh

good luck

Call me a fucking idiot but I can't understand antique/baseball hat/Pokemon card/record/doll/car/seashell collecting for the life of me...

>doesn't understand seashell collecting
how, it's literally in your blood

Attached: willem dafoe caveman IIHIH.jpg (800x856, 201.67K)

You may be missing my point.


They're not an investment. Not everything is a pure black and white financial transaction.
People buy things because it has more value to them personally than the money they used to buy it. It's relevant how much its worth to everyone else.

Haven't finished my coffee yet

Same reason why people have expensive hobbies, because they just like it.

I'm looking to add a few figures per year to my Roth IRA account. Which ones are best for that?

Always bet on cunny.

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Why would I sell them? The point of buying figures is to have figures

>The point of buying figures is to have figures
Not really. If the point were to just "have figures," then it wouldn't matter which figures, you'd just get the cheapest ones available, regardless of character or quality. The point of buying figures is to enjoy the character, the art and even the story. Also, let's not kid ourselves, as fap material.

>Also, let's not kid ourselves, as fap material.
are you underage?

Not him, and I agree with your point.
But not everyone buys coom figures. I've been casually collecting for 6-7 years now and own 0. The ones that do buy coom figures tend to be the most outspoken and post the most in these threads, so it appears like that's the majority.
The lewdest figure I own is a Ryuko figma.

I'm a wizard.

So you have never looked up the skirt of any of your figures?

When are we getting news no this? I want to spend money…

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Give it 6 months or so.

He's right, who the hell gets a boner, much less wanks by looking at an anime figure?

No. I'm not constantly horny. When I am, I look at porn and jack off.
Never understood the underwear fetish. Never did anything for me.

>So you have never looked up the skirt of any of your figures?
You're definitely underage.

Are you females? Or are you on some sort of medication that murder's your libido? What you are saying is not normal for a healthy male. Hell, my grandfather is 94 and spends majority of his disposable income on viagra, so even he probably has more of a libido than you "guys."

Have you ever gotten your T level checked?

I wish I had lower testosterone. Then my hairline wouldn't be receding.

I like to buy good looking figures of characters I like. If that nice figure happens to be a bikini one I'll buy it. I don't take pictures or particularly inspect their asses/legs/pits/etc.
My partner does though.

homo then?

Baldness is genetic, not related to T.

I'm just trying to figure out where you're coming from here. I've heard that some of those anti-depression meds just kill your libido, and these days it seems like every other person is on some sort of behavior-altering medication.

Why are you controlled by your dick

I'm sorry if you got offended and feel the need to lash out by implying I'm "controlled by my dick," but why won't you answer my question? I'm not controlled by anything, but I am aware of the influence of hormones on my thought. I'm also aware of how biologically normal this is for any healthy male, so when someone says that they apparently have zero libido, I get curious at what caused their disorder.

Not that user, but I have always had the libido of a mummified panda. No medication required. Cute figures make my living space more visually appealing to be in, and serve as reminders of stuff I enjoyed watching. I doubt you wanna stick your dick into a good sunset, but you can still appreciate the aesthetic. I take that back, I should know better than to assume what a 'healthy male' will or won't want to stick his dick into.

you're too horny, go sit on a bucket full of ice and water. i have many lewd/fanservice figs, yet i never felt the urge to masturbate to any fig of mine. and that idea of looking up a fig skirt is boring as fuck, although it might be a bit amusing the first two or three times, the novelty wears off quite fast. I have spoken to dozens of collectors no one expressed such extreme sexual desires as you mentioned(except those who were into SoF) aside from some minor arousal when they get their first two or three fogs, which becomes almost null once you have gotten tens of lewd figures.

Seriously, you sound disgusting, I could understand your point if you were an 15 or 16-year-old horndog.

>Are you females?
Some yes, some no
>Or are you on some sort of medication that murder's your libido?

Not him.
But I'm not on any medication. I usually jerk off once a day to anime titties. I do not collect lewd figures.
Being constantly horny is not "biologically normal for any healthy male". Maybe when you're first going through puberty where everything is new and exciting and a stray wind is enough to make you cum. But definitely not for a fully grown adult man. Being horny all the time and needing erotic stimulus constantly around you is not normal. It's not necessarily a bad thing if it isn't impacting your or anyone else's life negatively, but it's not typical.

>but you can still appreciate the aesthetic.
Most people think that way imho, even with fanservice figurines, very rarely there are idiots which get an erection just by looking at them. My best friend has almost exclusively native figures, just for their aesthetic value.

>I usually jerk off once a day to anime titties.
nice job frying your dopamine receptors

>I have spoken to dozens of collectors no one expressed such extreme sexual desires as you mentioned
Since I didn't mention any of my sexual desires, one wonders about these conversations you're having with strangers.......

>I usually jerk off once a day
>Being constantly horny is not "biologically normal for any healthy male"

This is your brain on Christianity.

The key word is
It's not every day. I typically take a rest day after 3-4 days in a row to kind of reset things.

I haven't jerked it in 2 years.
Post figures you're excited for.

Attached: 2897370.jpg (1000x714, 195.75K)

>masturbates so much that he regularly needs to take a "rest day," like some sort of athlete in training
You are not making your case look any better for yourself.

Attached: 14844289639680.jpg (659x715, 96.04K)

Kek, I thought it was a meme. Are there sane people who are constantly horny by lewd anime figs? How the heck do they live like that? do they have a boner just by seeing them? do they take a particular fig every night to just masturbate with the other hand?

Breaking news: people have different arousal levels. Now that you've answered each other's questions, move on.

You don't have to samefag. No one is blaming you for being impotent.

>nice job frying your dopamine receptors
I have read that in other places, is it true or just pseudo-science? if true, it should be a bit like Parkinson's disease.

As with many insane ideas surrounding jerking off, it's a wives' tale.

My 3dpd gf.

>I don't take pictures or particularly inspect their asses/legs/pits/etc.
>My partner does though.
She's checking out her competition.

Attached: FIGFAG SLOGAN.jpg (1333x2000, 863.89K)

That was a different user.

Attached: 2175332r1553038697.jpg (1200x1200, 326.44K)

I don't understand why people step into other people's reply chains like this. Are you telling me that and are different people? Unreal....

>native figures
They really do have the best aesthetic.

Because we can.

Attached: BadWolfVindici1568890530.jpg (667x1000, 155.14K)

No, but you just simple get used to it. I can only remember being aroused when I got a Megahouse Boa Hancock Portrait of pirates blue ver, which was one of my earlier figurines.

>last time he remembers being horny was in 2013
I'm so sorry to hear that.

Attached: 1646844937422.jpg (795x422, 71.99K)

dude, It's an anonymous board, go to buyfag's discord if you're that bothered about that.

Do they not take breaks on weekends if it's a national holiday?

Attached: file.png (572x249, 16.86K)

Just because some discord exists somewhere else is not an excuse to act like an ass and breach common rules of etiquette in this thread.

>excuse to act like an ass and breach common rules of etiquette in this thread.
I didn't impersonate anybody neither I'd care less about someone doing it, I'm saying that people constantly doing it isn't a new occurrence, you should just ignore them as most anons with an once of brain do, and they'll likely stop, but you're just giving them more attention like the retard you are.

I tend to look figures as pieces of art, appreciate their paintwork and details, hence I rarely get aroused by them.

What a dull existence. Are you colorblind too?

Attached: 1643320344103.jpg (736x552, 151.99K)

I get horny all the time and I still experience this with art books sometimes. It's a weird feeling to stare at a fat ass or pair of titties and think "hmm, this line work is masterful! The shading and curvature provide a lovely sense of weight, don't you agree, Boner?"

Getting extra off topic now.

Half of the figures people post in this thread are coombait. Just because you've been chemically castrated doesn't mean everyone is like you.

Attached: FIGURE-131608_06.jpg (800x800, 85.1K)

>buy cast-off figure
>people who visit your home (or your room if you still live with mom and dad) crack jokes about you
>you develop insecurities
>cope with insecurities by lying to yourself (I don't jack off to my figures, I don't even jack off at all, haven't done that in 9 years)
>this thread ensues

Attached: IMG_0373_DxO.jpg (1500x1000, 378.07K)

Yep gotta love low test faggots that feel the need to project onto others

Elf posting.

Attached: e644d478.jpg (891x1280, 200.36K)

Attached: IMG_0108.jpg (1199x1800, 445.34K)

Attached: IMG_0200.jpg (3333x5000, 3.25M)

I don't use my figuresr as fap material, but why wouldn't I check up the figures underwear? I want to see how much fucks were given in the modelling, and looking at something that is usually hidden is one of the best way of measuring attention to detail. And yes, I like to look at the figure panties, it doesn't make me horny but the eye-candy is appreciated.

my current collection

Attached: collection-febL.jpg (1536x2048, 780.85K)

Nice bootlegs.

only pyra and mythra

Prudish women say "I don't fart." Prudish men say "I don't masturbate." They're all liars and not serious people. Just disregard their ramblings as you would the words of any other lying idiot.

Attached: censorship.jpg (4752x3168, 2.53M)

>Prudish men say "I don't masturbate."
You lack reading comprehension, I only said I didn't get aroused to lewd figures. Other media like doujins and animated hentai are an entirely other subject.

Attached: 15584_pic1.jpg (501x800, 82.54K)

Is Pyra and Mythra supposed to lean that much?

They are chinese knockoffs, I paid 20bucks for each so it doesn't bother me that much, by the way, I lost both support stands.

I remember that.
Bandai bitched at some big shops that export gunpla. They wanted them to stop shipping gunpla outside of Japan and gaijin customer should use the shops in their country.
Didn't know it was the fucking china bugs causing the problem.


Attached: FPRGGAGVsAI5mEw.jpg (1200x844, 182.88K)

Look a Tremor!
Never knew they bothered making more merch for Tremors, Burt scale when?

Attached: FPRGGttVgAEUYOG.jpg (1200x813, 108.29K)

Ironically that looks much better than the movie cgi

Attached: FPRGGXxUcAIpldo.jpg (1200x813, 75.92K)



at least the acrylic of firis exist

I have this Azusa. great butt.

Is bell fine bad? I saw pictures of the Kiss-Shot figure they released in february and it seemed fine.

>see figure of one of my favourite Vtubers
>turns out this pic related is just mediocre
Just. Why.
Why not Alter, Alphamax or Freeing?

Attached: FIGURE-138666_01.jpg (533x800, 46.94K)

>mediocre vtuber
>mediocre figure
Makes sense.

Attached: FPblBchXIAYArAX.jpg (750x750, 50.68K)

wait, is this real?
If so i am color blind

Attached: sad.png (500x578, 237.4K)

>Red/Orange color blindness
>The gene has been linked with hormones which cause homosexuality.
Sorry user, you're gay.

i think i might be slightly bi
i'm ashamed to admit it but i get aroused at the sight of dicks sometimes

Attached: 1485285905728.jpg (400x400, 50.54K)

also you didn't answer the question
is the test real of fake?

I'm an optometrist and yes, it's real. We have these charts all over my office. We often diagnose homosexuals here.


5/6 are real

Any non-mediocre figure of any non-mediocre vtuber?

sure buddy
why the question mark

Might be from before your time though.

Attached: DSC05893-a2abr.jpg (1000x1500, 858.17K)

I usually buy from TOM if I missed my window on other sites. Its only been once or twice before, but I got my orders fairly quickly and pre-covid. They have some shipping notices now for COVID obviously, but is there a way I can tell what the status of my own orders are better than just "preordered"?
I have one estimated to be shipping "Mar. 2022" Which is over but still no update on it, and my other figure thats supposed to be "Apr. 2022" also with no updates.
Pic related, my "March" shipment.

Attached: 602151850_2.jpg (680x800, 98.41K)

Pippa figure when?

I know thats Illya, but what figure is that? I can't find it.

Do a search on manda and sort by price. It's the one costing 50,000 yen

fuck off

poor bastard. here's a cute monochrome manga girl to cheer you up

Attached: 2.jpg (869x1230, 176.67K)

Thanks. Wonder why that doesn't show on MFC. I usually just use that when trying to see more images of a figure that catches my eye.

>It's the one costing 50,000 yen
huh? why are you so obsessed about its aftermaket price, is that all that matters to you?

I mean it definitely lead me right to it when I couldn't find a picture of it otherwise.

Fuck that room looks great. Lovely artwork.

>here's a cute monochrome manga girl to cheer you up
thanks user :)

>mention the price once



I cancelled a bunch, but added a bunch more, so the list hasn't really gotten smaller. fuck.

just paid for Satania and Illya, waiting on them to ship now.

Attached: preorders apr 2022.jpg (2625x3264, 1.51M)

>the most valuable and expensive thing in that picture is the detolf
Maybe acquire some taste and some will to purchase real things

I can remember at least 5 o 6 times in differents recent threads as if it were its only defining feature.

And you're saying that I followed you around for multiple threads to harass you and annoy you by harping on prices? Let me ask you this: What kind of anti-psychotic meds are you supposed to be taking, and why haven't you taken them today?

Nope, Majora's mask value is 180usd, why don't you check real prices before telling lies?

I know one of you guys at least has been looking for this for a while now.

top kek

>people talking about the prices of things
Oh no, you’re gangstalking that user now!


Very funny, gangstalking doesn't exist. Neck yourself.

Can you imagine paying 30,000 yen for that and then it gets held up at the border by leaf inspectors

Isn't porn legal in canada though

Only if the girl has a hairy muff. That Illya tapestry will get you in trouble. Maybe exiled to America.

can you actually go to prison for attempting to import something like that into canada? have there been documented cases?

What's the problem with selling them to un-japanese people? Is race a problem?

Not happening

Attached: F86CD327-EF79-4585-9044-48D7674C7585.jpg (344x344, 22.17K)

Amiami are great. Who cares if some gundam shit went to china? China are lovely and gundam's been trash for years now.

It sounds like a problem of breaking their distribution contract. And it's always bitter when you can't get what you want because foreign scalpers have bought it all up. At least it's gunpla instead of something actually vital, like houses.

There are enough scalpers in Japan.

The fuck? I jack off to 2d anime girls at least 4 times a day and sometimes up to 15 times.

>And it's always bitter when you can't get what you want because foreign scalpers have bought it all up.
Why the fuck don't the company just make more of these figures then? That would be problem solved and they would of course be undercutting any scalper.

pippa-chan you stupid

I don't get it? How the fuck do you guys think jerking off to anime girls once a day or once every few days is a lot? I do it 4 times a day and 7, 12 or even 15 times on other days.

Bandai is based for that honestly. Sick of companies letting China steamroll the rest of the world.
But lets not turn this into pol. post figs.
Release date when?

Attached: hkhx4z832f281.jpg (640x475, 35.95K)

Mii-chan the fishman turned me into a marketable daki help

Attached: 16FF0225-4D46-4BEB-98B9-56C8CA40B7DD.jpg (1800x1800, 339.27K)


Its a cute pose, but something about the art style is a bit off. I don't really buy daki's though so not skin off my back. I like her acrylic standee art a lot, but I don't buy those either. Usually just a figure guy here. But they are smaller, so I understand not wanting to invest so much into a figure. I'm sure its expensive to get a good one made.

I was making fun of that user for lying about not fapping. I have already jerked it three times so far today to hentai.

what have you been using?

ah i get it now. cool

So what are your records user? I've masturbated for 5+ hours straight while watching a walkthrough of the Sakura Spirit anime visual novel. My record for orgasm is 15 times in a single day. What's are you starts user?

Kizuna Ai got a lot of quality figures but they all dumped their ass off.
This will be the future of all Vtuber figures.

Same I might pickup the art collection but that's about it until something of higher quality gets made

So the people who actually like her can get her and all the scalpers are getting fucked? Sounds good to me.

Guys literally only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting.

Attached: this.jpg (233x236, 10.63K)


>wire frame nightstand
what happened to all your cunny tapestries user?

I put some of them around my desk, but am looking for B1 size tapestries for my bedroom.

What shit proxy was that? And did you email them?

>>Pay an extra $30CAD to get through customs
How were you informed that it was at customs and how did you pay? Did you have to drive to the airport to pick it up?

Dumb stinky fish.

stop making me horny for her user

delete this

Attached: 64796bn2.jpg (1000x1008, 350.67K)

Which proxy?
Proxy i used recently declared mine as 100$ and I paid like 20$ in customs.


what 'Oops'?

Ryan Matheson was arrested in Canada for possessing this image on his laptop (NSFW, obviously).
It's a drawing of kama sutra positions by an artist named ikkyuu.
The image is very cartoony and has clear educational value, but he was still arrested for it anyway.
This case was quite a few years ago now and he was eventually released, but I still hear on Yea Forums about imports getting searched for illegal drawings by Canadian customs.
I wouldn't consider any image 100% safe as far as Canada is concerned. Import at your own risk.

Attached: unknownb58888842089fa030e830795269afc3a.png (2100x2100, 1.22M)

huh, I own that (but didn't pay 30k for it)

what was that law where the first time you use a proxy/forwarding service you have to send to your real address to complete your ID verification? is that still a thing?


I never had to do that at White Rabbit Express or Big in Japan, and I've used them both recently.

It’s fine as long as they are feminine dicks

Sonico is dead. Long live Ryza.

Attached: preorders.jpg (1600x1600, 2.08M)

>Sonico is dead.
Thank the heavens.

who is the porkchop of ryza?

there's too many botes, i cant stop preorder them

Why would you use white rabbit trash at all when BiJ is so much cheaper?

Only applies to forwarding services. They sent the packages under you name, so you are both the sender and receiver and likeable for anything declared.

Proxies don't need to verify your ID.

Yeah, if you want one these are still on stock
They looks pretty usefull IMO.


Funny thing is that in the pics/video these look a bit bigger than they're in hand, but I guess that's because the guy that they used for the promo pics has manlet hands or my hands are much bigger than his, kek.

Attached: TOL-00002603_07.jpg (600x400, 24.57K)


Attached: FIGURE-138686_05.jpg (800x571, 52.45K)

>Ryan Matheson was arrested in Canada for possessing this image on his laptop
for how long was he in jail/prison?

>but I still hear on Yea Forums about imports getting searched for illegal drawings by Canadian customs.
what the fuck. how is America, UK or EU in comparison?


Read the replies.

>order something from bij
>send them an email with list of things to buy
>2 days later they send you an invoice
>pay the invoice, they buy the item
>shipping takes some time

>order from white rabbit
>pay immediately
>item is purchased from store within minutes of paying
>convenient interface to track every order, combine or split packages

>"durr why wud u use whtie rabit huuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

kuso rabbit are still pointlessly expensive, my proxy is chaper than bij and only takes hours to order

isn't zenmarket cheaper than both of them though?

Not him but Zenmarket is more expensive than BiJ and about as expensive as WRE once you consider their shit conversion rates for deposit.

anything is cheaper than kuso rabbit. zen should not be nearly as cheap as bij


Attached: 17fe5a1599310a2ff.jpg (900x900, 305.9K)

English please, ESL

join the club, still waiting on Mato figures or anything decent from Mairimashita Iruma Kun

here you go, got one already

Attached: Anime figure preorders 2022 and 2023 updated 3.2.png (998x1221, 2.04M)

byleth tummy

>If you are using them as a proxy, then read this page and follow the instructions.
>We're sorry, but the Web address you've entered is no longer available.


Reposting. Also got the Bellfine Kiss-Shot, but that was in-stock and not a pre-order.

Waiting on a decent Iruma fig, Mato, and SxF
I've given up hope on Benio from Twin Star.

Love after World Domination is also getting an anime iirc, that might be really cool too.

Attached: Pre-orders(2).jpg (2612x2612, 1.42M)

You get the 01 Godzilla?

I'm excited for this month

Attached: april22.jpg (5361x3402, 1.76M)

>Sonico is dead
thank god, hopefully Pochaco goes with her.
Ryza I can fully support though

God DAMN I regret not buying that so much. Fuck.

Not big on the color scheme and I really just want one.

I just started reading this, and it's great.

my dick

Pochaco has been dead way longer. Sonico got an action figure not long ago, so she's not totally dead yet.

I dont really care about Sonico, i mostly just hate pochaco, so good.

why does she wear the headphones

Attached: GOODS-04225411.jpg (600x600, 78.99K)

>fujo shit
i sleep

fujos dont play as the male MC, they all play as fem so they can pretend to get railed by dimitri

You are confusing a yume for a fujo.

Attached: 69d.jpg (1792x1080, 726.12K)

America is clear.

Attached: 7080E8D3-09E5-45EC-86DD-E2AD7A59322A.jpg (1575x2099, 569.19K)

>with more use they get better thanks to that credit thing
This, and it's very easy to maintain a high credit limit. Zen's not the best with fees by any stretch, but they're not the worst and their credit system + 45 day free storage are both pretty good.

I prefer using a forwarder to any proxy, but when I do use a proxy, it's usually zen. I used Neokyo once and lost out on an item on mercari because it took them nearly a week to even place the order, and by then it was already sold out.

Nice catch on the Joseph statue, I'm really happy with mine. The paint is great and it has a nice weight, perfect as a book end for the JoJo manga collection

It really is.

A lot of people don't know the distinction, even here on Yea Forums. I've seen the term fujo used as a synonym for fangirl far too often.

God damn, I need to quit reading about. I'm feeling the FOMO so hard on him right now.

HI All,
Short note here: Fuck Funimation
Fuck their shitty ass subs that make fansubs seem professional
Fuck their incessant need to pointless change things into bullshit
Fuck their terrible and low quality transfer where I can see the ghost of a moving mouth hovering over the mouth
Fuck their lazy ass menus, which on a bluray are sometimes in 480p
Fuck this wretched shit company that only survived because the owner's dad had an in and got him the license for the most popular show in the world.
Fuck Funimation

The worst and most petty is Demon Lord Retry. The show has a budget of $20 and whatever the producer could scrounge from his ash tray. They put 0 effort in the translation, except when they could swerve and make pointless changes.
Here's the story of a dog: Name of the dog on the side of the book: Pochi; Name of the dog on the front of the book: Pochi; Spoken Name: Pochi; Translated name: Fido. You motherfuckers think it's impossible for people to understand that DOGS CAN BE NAMED DIFFERENT NAMES?!?! Whose autistic child upon seeing a dog not named the same as their dog at home started grabbing their head and screaming so you felt the need to make this change?
People were wondering why Crunchyroll won out on branding after the merger and it's because they pulled shit like this. Going from a Discotek or Sentai release to a Funimation release is like going from buying legitimate movies to someone's home camera footage complete with crying babies and shouting.

And remember kids, this is why you don't buy licensed shit. Don't be this aurismal.

OK? If you are not aware, most people in these threads don't buy media, even less licensed shit.

Just watch this

>most people in these threads don't buy media, even less licensed shit.

This is false.

People in this thread buy manga, CDs, Blurays, etc.. They don't talk about it as much because the main topic of conversation is figures.

>Spoken Name: Pochi; Translated name: Fido.
That's actually a translation, though. In English, in fiction at least, there are generic names for dogs, like Fido or Spot. Pochi is just what they call dogs in Japanese fiction.

A real example of Funimation being dumbasses is when they changed Sakkyun's name to some random name they made up for no reason in Maou-jou de Oyasumi.

Attached: [SubsPlease] Maou-jou de Oyasumi - 11 (1080p) [28DCA1EF].mkv_snapshot_11.12.899.jpg (1920x1080, 740.37K)

Completely untrue, on both counts. Media hauls get posted every once in a while, just not nearly as often as figures.

Plain wrong.

Not according to the annual survey, the amount of people buying dvd/bd/CDs is minimal compared to those who don't.

See Comparatively it's true, most people don't buy bds/DVDs. And specially not licenced ones.

It's minimal compared to figures. Concensus on these threads since they begun has been avoiding any media that can be easily pirated and focusing on the one that can't. Of course some still buy some for their collection, but it's the minority. And western licensed shit hauls posting are minimal probably one in a hundred if any.

>That's actually a translation, though.

Nah, names should not be changed in general. You cannot convert a common dog name in japan to a common dog name in burgerville. It's jarring hearing someone call out a name and the subs say something different.

>common dog name
It's not. You're not paying attention to what I'm saying. Pochi and Fido are stand-ins for a real names that are primarily used in fiction writing.

The reason they changed her name is because her name is a direct reference to her being a Succubus and that's a no-no for Funimation.

>Clearly hear wan
>Translated as woof

Who the fuck approved this? I clearly heard one thing, how dare they change it to something completely different.

am I stupid for even considering buying this?

No, you are likely stupid for other reasons.

Not really, no. May I suggest, however, you look here first?

Cels tend to be cheaper when directly coming from Japan.

Attached: Itchy_&_Scratchy_animation_cel.png (944x709, 986.69K)


>"I think they go through a training programme that teaches them to look for anything. Like anime or Manga, that kind of style"
Wow what the fuck. Of course shitty westerners like to target anime styled art stuff. Scum. That is actually shocking. I can't believe they just they away the guy's property. Why do westerners have fucking aneurysms when they see anime styled art? Probably because it's better than anything their retarded brains could come up with. Looks like I'm going to have to be extra careful when taking my stuff across borders.

Attached: Anime Style Art on Megami Magazine Cover.png (1366x768, 2M)

Love that Baltimore fig.

Attached: GOODS-04222893.jpg (428x600, 80.58K)

Attached: FPbmwOWWQAg4sak.jpg (675x900, 116.16K)

Attached: FPbmwmrXoAY-o3a.jpg (675x900, 98.39K)

My taste is pretty plebian but I been consistent with it.

I have Byleth and the new Goodsmile Holo on preorder. Been buying the same shit for a decade. Fire emblem and spice and wolf shit. Also have Nia on preorder while already having Mythra and Pyra on display.

>displaying bootlegs
Bruh... Just when I thought Nintendies couldn't even be more lower, I see this.

Didn't funi did the dub for redo healer?!?

I didn't think Redo even got a dub.

cute fangs


Attached: FPevwiWWUAMlTRp.jpg (4096x2529, 747.34K)

she looks very top heavy.
also, that's a pretty big hat.

>nothing anime related yet
sell that shit and get a ton of bishoujo acrylic stands

there is something great about anime girls with guns

Good taste
Got mine in fine

how much do you pay for rent?

Do oc figures get rerelease?
I'm slightly bothered by the fact I have to spend a shit ton of money on a second hand thing

Just ignore that, I realized after posting it was too blogpost-y. If you really want to know, my monthly bare bones expenses comes to ~800USD/m.


Attached: 1592115061122.gif (600x422, 909.74K)

All western localizers and translators are shit and bad for the medium user. Anything that makes said medium easier to access is bad.
Gatekeeping is good.
You'll love this.

Attached: 1595269295608.webm (720x1280, 2.89M)

This artstyle makes me want to throw up

Somehow doesn't look like her.

Attached: Crayon Arts.jpg (1280x1904, 488.13K)

Question regarding those IKEA display cabinets that everyone seems to have. Do these come disassembled? If so, how large is the packaging? I’m going to the UK next month and I’m planning to buy one at a random IKEA over there . Would it be feasible to bring one of those with me on the plane?

Attached: B6A533BA-33B8-4695-899B-EA682C5BF436.jpg (2000x2000, 119.71K)

>Do these come disassembled?
>Would it be feasible to bring one of those with me on the plane?
probably, kinda weird though

Doesn't IKEA have the package measurements on their website? That aside, they're way too big and heavy to take on a plane normally. The other user who responded to you is retarded.

Attached: detolfplane.png (800x533, 262.77K)

You can’t just casually take it with you on a plane

>Would it be feasible to bring one of those with me on the plane?
You can't be this stupid

i'm glad nobody ackowledged this retard's efforts


You sure this wouldn’t fit in a baggage compartment

Attached: B6495E88-8579-4102-BA8E-D52F67319121.jpg (1242x810, 380.63K)

Why not buy it in your country, ikea is everywhere

t. poorfag

My wives look like ass

>Forget to check buyfag sites for over a month due to computer issues
>Find out I completely missed the boat on Thunderbolt Fantasy plushes by several weeks
Even though I've needed to slow down on buyfaging for a while this was the one thing I was looking forward to getting, and I completely missed it. Shit.

Attached: Dqh2wk_U0AAzA_g.jfif.jpg (1241x1241, 102.56K)

How are all of you this stupid? It weighs like 80 pounds and is glass. Just buy it when you’re in your own country, for fuck sakes. .

Haha must be nice living in the first world. Ikea doesn't exist in my shithole.

So? Similar display cabinets exist everywhere, even in my shit country those cost 75usd.

Demon Lord Retry? That's the one where the fansubs translated the eye catches (which are stat cards for characters in the episode), and the Funimation release didn't. Yea Funimation is trash unless they think it's going to be a million seller.

> Chinese bootleg,
> Slowboat shipping option only
No thanks.

Attached: Screenshot_20220404-115746_Mercado Libre.jpg (720x1280, 178.89K)

The only ryza I'm going to order

I got Kichou and Rou, no idea where to display them even.

>Chinese bootleg,
>> Slowboat shipping option only
>No thanks.
not that guy, but I think it's an official release.


>Good taste
It's still my favorite tapestry. I had to watch Mandarake for weeks to find one in B1 size.

thats cheap

So you say now. I'm probably going to order that one as well and hope I can resist getting more.

Wheres edgy lena with a fal.

>pre-ordered figures that I pre ordered too

You're a fucking idiot
Because it's my fucking money and I can do whatever I want with it
I'll enjoy my anime figures, airplane models and guns without your faggot ass opnion

>So you say now
Yes hopefully I can resist any more as well

Oh no, I don’t have a good feeling about this…

Attached: 897A5E3C-9EA2-4E4B-9CAE-45A8447969C6.jpg (1227x1128, 245.44K)

it's an official statue

I'd rather that than the lists that are all one thing, variety is the spice of life.

Attached: 58b9e6d9bceac09a8cfa984baa2fa6a3.jpg (850x600, 216.57K)

meant to reply to this

blindfag here

I like the new one more anyway.

i wish i preordered her

Clock purchased, just airing her out for a few days before she goes into the collection.

Attached: 20220404_120014.jpg (1157x1859, 180.24K)

Pretty shit quality for a modern scale, I have scales made 11 years ago which look much better than that.

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user as someone who dragged a grill from Florida, to Texas, to Italy, to Spain, to France, and then to Italy again, it's a massive pain in the ass to do and you're honestly better off buying one at home or just shipping the damn thing if it's that much of a big deal

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for a couple of seconds, I thought you were talking about a woman

oh thank god its just something stupid. who actually complained about this to get a design change?

It's a small change but it does look better that way
Tail now goes behind the leg instead of in front

this one is fucking primo. unfortunately the sword on mine doesn't really align with her hand so it looks a little awkward, but whatever that body and outfit are 10/10 to look at. also I'm displaying her with the smug face.

I was impressed at how straight the sword blade was given how thin it is on mine.

hey i'm not a buyfag, i just like to drop by the zoo now and then.

Every book I order from Mandarake has the weirdest fucking smell

That's just what Japan smells like.

I would argue that all of my books from Toranoana, Rakuten, etc. smell fine, but given that I've only ordered from Manda's Complex store, maybe it's just the smell of Akihabara in particular... or maybe they leave their doors open too much and it's just mildew.


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Those things are so cute. I don't even know what botan's fans call themselves.
I have the nousagi plush on preorder.

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Cute bomb cats

Also had Asuna show up.

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we're called SSRB

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Both are a pain in the ass to travel with that's for sure


I want Cicada lena

God damn I remember that shit happening. Was wild.
I just want normalfaggots to get the fuck out of my hobbies. Commit or piss off. Now they are bringing Disney into the mix. The days of anime are numbered until/unless this stops, no matter what Yea Forums says.
I hope Ken Akamatsu actually pulls a fucking hail mary miracle and gets elected over there in the land of the rising sun.
You know, I said that with my first Ryza order. Pic related. But much like I soon after ordered the beach one and WILL be ordering this one as well, because I love the art and post for it. Might sell the beach one because I really dont need THAT many Ryzas.
Hopefully you can maintain your will power. Usually its easy for me, but something just made me impulse buy that day.

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This isn't using the pixivfactory manufacturing right? What material is it using (besides just saying 2 way)

>don't need that many ryzas
bro im still waiting for that promotional only 6ft figure to show up on ebay or im going to have to make my own

What are you ordering? I think I have a pretty good sniffer and I've never detected anything weird with figure, books or tapestries from there.

She is just a really cute design and has a lot of actually great figures.

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why didn't you buy the life size when it was on preorder

Fuck when was that? I have been gone for weeks

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I saw that. I thought it would be a neat one to have, but didn't think something so large would ship outside of Japan.
Besides that if I'm spending that much, I'd be buying pic related

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Mostly h-manga, some doujinshi. Do you order from their Complex store in Akihabara, or another one? Maybe it's just an issue with that place in particular.
If I had to describe it, it's somewhere between damp and spicy. Like something that's vaguely cool and humid, but with the hint of incense or some other spicy thing. It's nothing close to what I think of as a "book smell."


It would be expensive to ship in a crate but well worth it.

I really wanted that one but just couldn’t justify it

it was from 2020 July 30th (Thurs) ~ 2020 August 30th
Only one person (a hentai artist) showed that they bought one

I was curious so I asked like 4 proxies if they could ship it.
Jauce and BiJ said no. White rabbit express/blackship said they could do it. I forgot who the fourth one was but I think they said yes.

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That's weird. Yes, I've ordered stuff from probably all of their stores at some point.

its been two years already...? How long was I asleep?

Same, I even considered buying just one of them, but I cannot bring myself to do it. I don't make that kind of cash sadly.

Not to mention it seems like prices in this hobby are rising. Or maybe I'm just paying more attention to what I'm spending. Both make sense I guess.
Didn't buy pic related, just a price example.

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its been like this since the chink flu, at least thats when i noticed higher prices than before

>Finally getting to a good financial place to be comfortable and enjoy my expensive hobby
>China rapes the world
>Prices skyrocket
Feels bad

Different person, but I only got my current finances in order (paid off all my debt and just went under contract on a house) BECAUSE of the economy over the past few years, since I'm relatively young and not afraid of a Chinese cold, but I have colleagues who are boomer age and literally went into hiding for a year and a half--I was able to do the work they were unwilling to do and ended up with a ton of clients they were otherwise hogging to themselves. It really is amazing the amount of money you can make sometimes by just being the person who made himself available to go do the job.

I learned to scale down and not dick buy. I got rid of a lot of figures i didn't care about too. Used that money for onaholes


I worked all through it, but I only make like 20 an hour. I want to buy a house, but I waited too long and the market is COMPLETELY fucked on that right now from chinese buyers, major companies like blackrock buying them up to force renters, and people doing what you did (which I don't blame you). My city usually has around 50k houses on the market on average, the past year, its about 700. They sell in a day or two tops for well over market value.
I continue to just work every day same as I have for the past few years wishing I'd done something different, though I don't know what.
Probably gonna buy gold or something to protect what I have since I'm worried about economy rn. I'd invest but I'm not very knowledgeable on that, and I know gold is safe.
I rarely if ever dick buy honestly. I can only think of one instance I've ever done that, mostly because I don't buy ero figs usually.
Pic related is my one and only dick buy.
And somewhat regret it, but shes really fuckin cute. I can resell if I truly dislike having her displayed for whatever reason. I know shes popular enough.

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Same, honestly if i lived in japan and had enough space to waste i would have gotten it but its just too big and expensive to ship

Investing is gambling you can be a degenerate or a midwit but without insider information your not going to win. The only way to make consistent gains is by looking at what the world looks like and put your money into what you want the world to look like tomorrow. Gold is safe but only to save value, its appreciates with inflation and even in a wasteland it won't do shit for you. If i invested the money i wasted on figs 10 years ago instead I might have made money. best time to start is now

>Gold is safe but only to save value
Thats exactly why I might buy it. My 0.04% interest bearing savings account isn't doing shit for me and I'm watching my savings dry up before my eyes.
I do want to invest, but again as I said, no real knowledge on it.
I would talk to a financial advisor or someone for an opinion on it before doing anything really if investments beyond small robinhood shit was the route I was going to go.

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Hello, I decided to buy a Chris daki as my first one, and after a brief look at currently selling ones I selected this one sold by Blurred. On it's booth page it says to use tenso for overseas shipping, is there anything I should know about that service and which options to choose?

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