Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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danbooru.donmai.us/posts/5068175?q=holding_necktie pov

Requesting Natsume in one of the following:

- casting Adula's Moonblade
- munching on a hot dog i.imgur.com/FtyFjCm.jpg
- it's that time of the season, would be lovely to see her in a summer dress holding some sunflowers i.imgur.com/MljRJ24.jpg
- squeezing her thighs between my head as a prank i.imgur.com/a2fKp2D.jpg
- casino bunnysuit gal similar to this preferably holding an Ace of Hearts card i.imgur.com/IqLKq7c.png
- playing pool while she sits on the table, please include the thighs i.imgur.com/bqgaTxo.jpg
- cutelewd skirtless with pink shimapan preferably with a ribbon in her mouth i.imgur.com/FdHhKzS.jpg

Anything else is cool as well.

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I would like to request my cute honey bun Sakuya from Utawarerumono in any of the following:

My birthday is coming up on the 6th, so maybe some ideas below might be good:

-Mixing some batter for a birthday cake
-Holding a ticket that says "Free Ear Rubs" or "Free Tail Rubs"
-Putting ribbons on her ears
-Any other birthday ideas are welcomed too. Feel free to be as creative as you want with the ideas!

Otherwise, here are some other request ideas:

-POV headpats: imgur.com/T6O1wG8
-POV Handholding
-Hugging her from behind
-Tank-top and jeans or other casualwear
-Interacting with small bun: imgur.com/zgij23G
-Self care activities (brushing her hair, painting her nails, etc.)
-Giving poffins to a Buneary
-Midriff/tummy focus
-Tail focus
-Leg focus
-Thigh highs
-Anything cute is fine as well. I just want to see her happy

Long hair refs: imgur.com/a/FeBwl
Alt outfit refs: imgur.com/a/3a3fp0y
Some other outfits that might be cute: imgur.com/a/EALcx5C

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend

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Requesting Hibiki building gunpla.

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Requesting my super sugoi wife Izayoi Sakuya

- Her trying to take pictures with her phone of something really cute. She's not exactly good with tech so I expect her to have some trouble with it.
- Us playing on a swing set as kids or just sitting and relaxing as adults.
- Fancy clothes/bartender uniform playing pool. Us being together would be nice too.

Casual outfits or fashionable stuff would be nice.
Self-insert stuff and extras: catbox.moe/c/ur1xcj
Simple silver wedding bands are always nice. I like seeing her in more casual outfits as well. Dog ears and dog tail are great too.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you. Stay safe and thank if you consider drawing her or me and her together. Take it easy.

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I would like to request my lovely and very sensitive wife Kanmi Toshiko (better known as Binkan-chan). I would love a see-through-silhouette type delivery. Either with clothes or a curtain/blanket work:
As alternative, requesting her interacting with her bracelets (example and a little description in the ref), something simple like just a chat with me (with a lot of heart emojis) would be great, but it is up to you.
Or a pic of her dropping a few tears of happiness or joy would be great. Maybe something like this but as a pov pic instead: files.catbox.moe/u3pava.jpg (embed)

Thanks in advance! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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Good evening, Yea Forums! Requesting any of the following.

- My workplace had a fire & evacuation yesterday, so requesting my waifu roasting marshmallows. Bonus if I'm there with her!
- Hinagiku playing with/twirling her hair while blushing
- Waifu grilling on the beach whilst wearing a bikini + apron + ponytail combo!
- Inkling waifu
- Still on the Elden Ring train, so Hinagiku dual-wielding Reduvia daggers with an assassin-looking clothing set would be amazing (perhaps Banished Knight hood w/Gelmir Knight armor?): imgur.com/a/BZSQAGb
Or as a Leyndell Knight (minus helmet) wielding a Guardian's Swordspear: imgur.com/a/s9HKCYo
- For something lewd, waifu with transparent wet clothes or a towel: imgur.com/a/lMk999q

I'm always open to other cute, cool, or lewd ideas as well. And an older, adult Hina is always welcome for my requests, too. Here's my SI reference in case it's needed for anything: imgur.com/a/1uJ9E

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Requesting any of the following with Nozomi:

- In the stairwell or a hallway at school (Examples: files.catbox.moe/ygrb6u.png (embed) / files.catbox.moe/bilw3a.jpeg)
- In the school infirmary (Example: files.catbox.moe/mldpbr.jpg)
- Wearing her summer school uniform (see ref) and holding her graduation diploma while smiling or crying tears of happiness (Example: files.catbox.moe/mp2u1g.jpg)
- Something April Fool's or Easter-related

If you want to see some additional information about her, my SI reference and/or some other ideas, check out this album: imgur.com/a/8adDoqP

Alternatively, anything else you might have in mind is much appreciated as well, be it based on past requests, alternate takes on my ideas, seasonal, silly, cute, romantic or even a bit lewd. Thanks in advance!

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Requesting my beloved Taneshima Popura cutely in a inner tube in a pool.
Bikini if needed: files.catbox.moe/42o6n8.png

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April showers bring May flowers. Requesting my adorable Moeka immersed in the rain with a bit of a happy tune.

- In any cool/cute/comfy compositions with an umbrella
- Flowers flowers flowers! Hydrangea would be my #1 choice, but maybe blue nemophila or tulips are more in-season?
- Maybe slide in a cute frog or snail somewhere

Thanks for taking a look!

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Requesting Latune Subbota from Super Robot Wars

-getting excited over a super robot show
-wearing an apron, ready to do some cooking
-dressed as any of the currently confirmed XC3 party members
-wearing an orange fur-lined jacket, to look as if she was one of the SRW W Originals
-as we finally have some real Witch from Mercury info, and PTs aren't that different from Mobile Suits, I also wouldn't mind seeing her dressed as the protagonist of the upcoming Gundam show.

Anything else cute that isn't school-related is welcome too, particularly midriff-baring. Thanks for considering drawing her.

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Requesting Shion wearing a teacher outfit and telling me to study.
Her wearing her school blazer with a bunnyusit.
Demonlord Shion ref: imgur.com/a/jC50LBB
Extra Shion refs:imgur.com/a/P4zFT
Anything cute or lewd of her is fine
Thanks in advance

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Hello everyone.

I'd like to request my beloved Akari Mizunashi from the ARIA series as a nurse, maybe nursing me back to health I finally caught it ;_;

Please and thank you if you pick up my request!

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Requesting waifu dressed as a pharaoh like those houtengeki girls. Her tan is preferred in this context.

-waifu firing off a Comet Azur (read laser beam) with her witch hat flying off her head from the intensity.
- Or having fancy dinner in fancy dress i.imgur.com/gbNF87w.jpg
- Or a more casual look over a korean barbecue grill imgur.com/a/JuEWpSm
- Something emphasizing her long hair imgur.com/a/6Bb8tOd
- Just in some casual T-shirt and skirt/shorts imgur.com/a/67b9fmE
- In an orange/yellow bunnysuit
- Styling her hair with some bangs covering one of her eyes or with a hime cut

Joint req with Okita with the two of them running a radio/podcast show with mics and headphones or on a couch playing fighting games together in casual wear

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Requesting you draw one of these emojis with Cyan: catbox.moe/c/htp3ul
Or something else cute or lewd is fine.
But whatever you do, please stay comfy.

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Requesting my cat princess Himari.
Extra refs for her (+ more suggestions): imgur.com/a/yw4sK

- Wearing a shirt that says "Just because I'm awake doesn't mean I'm ready to do things"
- This i.imgur.com/Gwxi3Fe.jpg or i.imgur.com/nBIkIbQ.jpg
- Her in a cool gacha-style pose (examples: imgur.com/a/eY0DFj2)
- Her older self, trying on her old school uniform again, noticing it is a little too small. (Perhaps the summer one: i.imgur.com/MWNv0Rf.jpg)
- Looking at down on me disapprovingly, with disdain, etc (maybe like this i.imgur.com/bp8C9Tt.jpg)

Or just anything cute/cool/badass/casual/fashionable/whatever you feel like drawing and remains tasteful & sfw-ish is fine, as she has so little fanart. (Sexy is ok, lewd is not.)
Old requests are also fine, or check out these albums for more inspiration imgur.com/a/nIsXk?grid imgur.com/a/VR1vV?grid imgur.com/a/BVTz8?grid imgur.com/a/BVTz8?grid

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Posting for Nakifriend.

Requesting Nakigitsune, please:

- Like this:files.catbox.moe/fachgf.jpg
- Looking at fried tofu like this: files.catbox.moe/65owha.png
- In any of Hakusan's outfits:catbox. moe/c/wory8n
-Or Nakigitsune in a J-pop or K-pop style idol outfit
- or anything else!

Other refs:catbox. moe/c/7gcsnf

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Hello, hope you're all having a nice weekend.

Requesting Hanako

-Laying her head on user's lap while user pats her head.
-With extremely messy hair and blissful expression from hours upon hours of headpats and hair ruffling.
-Hanging laundry.
-Wearing jeans
-or just something cute you feel like drawing.

Thanks for considering, have fun!

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Requesting Hilda in either of the scenarios in the below list
- Wearing a full body stealth/ninja suit while infiltrating or posing in a kung fu pose.
- Looking at a sunset over the ocean while standing on top of her spaceship, Horus. Maybe with a city background.
- Watching fireworks in an American city of your choosing during the fourth of July.
- In her own vigilante/heroine costume. Sort of a combination of Deathstroke and Spoiler while keeping her colours. Optionally, include a head shot with the mask rolled up to her head like a cap.
- Something with her spaceship (Horus) Maybe repairing it or proudly looking at it somewhere scenic.
- Having a pleasant dinner in a restaurant. With either a beach or cyber punk city background.
- Walking on a beach during a Winter night.
- Walking through a cyberpunk city street or watching a city over a balcony. With more snow and Christmas decorations.
- Watching a fireworks display in a city. Maybe wearing a yukata in her colours.

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きみといっしょにホラ ほっぷ すてっぷ じゃんぷ
きみがいるから ドロゥ ドルゥ ドロゥン

References: imgur.com/a/L27oLmS

Requesting Amu Hinamori
•Any art of the suggested April outfits.
•Trying out any of the cafe drinks based off of her.
•Interacting with the cardboard cutout of herself
•Wearing her joker outfit for April Fools

-Hair style changes because I can't get enough of that: (mostly updated)
Hairstyles she has now: files.catbox.moe/kutigh.png
Hairstyles she doesn't have yet: files.catbox.moe/ueuuj2.png

Cute ideas: catbox.moe/c/jvql90
Lewd ideas: catbox.moe/c/o93wvv

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Hey WWD! I'd like to request my dear Touko Fukawa in one of these situations:
- Using the same clothes as Sucrose from Genshin Impact; i.imgur.com/4RzNJnA.jpg, or Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter; files.catbox.moe/wkat8o.png.
- Reacting to a ring like this; files.catbox.moe/qp5wo5.png.
- Red Thread of Fate.
- Anything beach related to celebrate Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp's announcement: files.catbox.moe/c7inn9.png
- Keroppi smile, or Bojji smile if you will.

If you have any other cute, fun or humorous ideas, I don't mind. And if you want to replace the user with an SI, here's my ref sheet. imgur.com/a/pMtqvR0, also worth noting the hair is black, only now I've noticed people mistake it for brown because of the ref..

Have a great week, wash your hands and stay safe.

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Thanks. Here's the same pic, but with some more Shuckles for Yuria.

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Unlike Sonic she shuckles

Requesting Kagura, please!

As always, anything you feel like drawing, even somewhat lewd, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Quiet, you.

Confused Shuckle is best Shuckle.

Requesting Crona, some ideas if you want something specific to work with -

Getting some exercise, wearing his burgundy tracksuit in the ref.
Conversely, him just lounging around and being comfy.
Enjoying snacks or a quick simple meal.
Wearing boyshort-style panties.
Mtu_virus ( catbox (dot) moe/c/vwxsbf ) type upskirt shot, looking up his robe.

Various 'this with husbando'-type image prompts - catbox (dot) moe/c/4euz9b
Feel free to add your own touches, or ask for extra details (outfits/bg/etc) if you want them.

Anything else cute and/or cool and/or mildly lewd and generally tasteful would be appreciated as well. Thanks and have a nice weekend.

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Hello, WWD.

I would like to request my cute bird, Shoebill, wearing a punk style outfit similar to the examples seen to the right of the reference sheet.

Thank you in advance, if you decide to draw her.

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Requesting Sina wearing this

Or anything comfy/casual, any other ideas are welcomed too, have a good sun day!

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Hello, everyone. Requesting my lovely Ashen Witch, Elaina. Anything cute, cutelewd, or cool of her are always welcome as long as it's tasteful.
Feel free to choose any of her designs in the main reference. If you want specific requests, here are some prompts:
- A fumo plush of her
- Dressed in a bunnysuit and black thighhighs
- Holding her wand and charging a spell while saying "I'm a travelling witch, but...", just like that one reaction image: imgur.com/a/qx00BRJ
- Proudly showing me a brand new black-gold credit card
- Something scenic with her enjoying the beautiful scenery, perhaps somewhere fresh like the beach, a lake, or windy grassy plains, anything works really
- Her adult self (imgur.com/QeucNai) wearing a sexy and classy lace lingerie
- Waking up in the morning and wearing pajamas/loose shirt, kinda like this for reference: imgur.com/a/MWojMBU
- SI request: this pose with the two of us, her on the left and me on the right: imgur.com/a/izEDpry (SI REF: imgur.com/a/4dvfAQv). Any other romantic couple activities would be very welcome too.

Thank you in advance, have a great weekend everyone!

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>ip range banned from posting images

ref: files.catbox.moe/uw19b7.png

Requesting my love Airi:
- bunny suit (as in, suit + bunny ears and tail: catbox.moe/c/uyh323)
- chibi airi in a teacup
- more genderbent airi: catbox.moe/c/il4pdn

Anything else cute or cool is appreciated. Casual outfit are welcome, no need to stick to her maid look. Thank you!

Requesting *Hyun-ae bathing

or *Hyun-ae piloting a spaceship

or something like this danbooru.donmai.us/posts/5068175?q=holding_necktie pov

or *Hyun-ae blush meter i.imgur.com/r4uSKvZ.png

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Hi wwd, hope you all had a great week. I'd like to request my beautiful waifu Akua:

-Being smug
-Being a rad twinswords dex user
-Playing some magic the gathering with me.
-Doing some spooky vampire things or something bloody and gorey.
-Wearing bikini and heels like in the reference, tanlines would be great as well!
-Reading a good book on the beach
-playing pool with me! SI i.imgur.com/3JDKWP1.jpg
-watching a spooky horror movie and being scared

Anything else is fine as well. Please and thank you! Have a good weekend.

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Requesting Risty as a mother.

Or something like this with her: imgur.com/gNglKvW

Or something POV across table with Risty.

Or a drunk Risty sitting on the floor drinking beer

Or her as a gyaru

Or handbra

Or her in a bunnysuit.

Or her wearing a jacket like this: m.imgur.com/pc1cf7B

Or her wearing torn, single-leg jeans similar to this: imgur.com/uKZQqKo

Or something like this with Risty: imgur.com/a/pQVLMsk

Or something like this with her: imgur.com/a/rqK8HWi

Attached: Risty_ref2.jpg (4000x2665, 3.47M)

Requesting please!

Thank you very much.

Attached: Pleinair Reference v2.3.png (1200x1200, 1.5M)

Requesting Kirika Misono, thanks.

Attached: Kirika.gif (636x1272, 3.71M)

Requesting my darling Miia saying "Bulllshit" before blasting ANM48 songs from her iPhone.
Either that, or Miia laughing at something very funny (imgur.com/a/6XJ5mV6)
Or this (files.catbox.moe/7syo6r.PNG) with Miia and SI (catbox.moe/c/qkvgke)

Attached: NewestMiiaRef.jpg (3572x4000, 3.43M)

Hello WWD, last week was me and Yukari's 7th anniversary.

Here's something I'd like to see:
- An anniversary related pic
- Yukari playing Armoured Commander II like in pic rel: i.imgur.com/O0Wlx0h.jpg
- A Yukari rendition of this WWI illustration: i.imgur.com/Dar9Jdy.jpg
- Or anything you like be it cute, funny, sweet or whatnot

I'd really appreciate receiving something from you. Thank you for your consideration!

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Waifu begging you like the good sub slut she is.

This but I'm the sub slut.

Being the prankster that she is, I am sure April Fool's would be a she loves.
Requesting my devilish Taiga playing a prank or just generally enjoying April Fool's Day, please.
Or going through morning routine stuff like brushing her teeth or having some coffee.
Or maybe something cute of her being a mother.
Or staying in high spirits with some strong spirits.

Additional Taiga references: imgur.com/a/bgzt4
Anything would be appreciated and take it easy, everyone.

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>April Fool's would be a she loves.

Requesting a cute chibi Sawyer, either a less exaggerated kind, like this:
Or a more typical 'deformed' kind:

Optionally, I found this piece of art lying around in my folders:
I don't know who drew it or who it depicts, or why, but if you want to, you can redraw it with Sawyer, because it looks fun.

Have a good weekend

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Wow, you'd have thought I'd notice that the first time.
I should proof read more thoroughly.

Requesting Q, please.

Attached: キュー.jpg (5654x3441, 3.41M)

Hello WWD!
I am humbly requesting my beloved husband Rikudo Madara:
- working out
- in a casual attire
- barefoot (uhh husbantoes)
- In a chibi/small form. I love chibis!
I would of course love anything cool or cute of him
Also a joint request with Kusu! Maybe the two of them as chibis
More Madara images and references: imgur.com/a/WJvCbf8
Thank you very much and have a spectacular weekend

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What are some interesting bunny suit ideas that aren’t just “waifu + bunnysuit” ?

Got a few ideas but not gonna say it here

Reverse bunny suit if ya feelin frisky

Requesting Natsuki with something similar to the reference picture.

If that's not too interesting, here's a few other other things I'd like to see: imgur.com/a/AZBybeZ

Or just anything cute or cutelewd would be nice.

Attached: reftemp.jpg (1904x1330, 1.59M)

casino bunny girls

- Waifu wearing bunnysuit...IN PUBLIC!
- Waifu as she's putting on the bunnysuit, or undressing
- Waifu wearing bunnysuit and eating a carrot. Suggestively. Or annoyed.
- Waifu holding up a bunnysuit and drooling, creeping towards you as she's about to put you in it
- Waifu bunnysuit wardrobe malfunction
- Waifu handbra bunnysuit
- Waifu's bunny butt receiving an affectionate slap from her husbando
- Waifu in a Big Chungus costume
- Waifu bunny bikini
- Waifu in a bunnysuit with a bunny on her head/in her arms
- Waifu in bunnysuit and covered in adorable bunnies

Damn, I need to request some of these myself.

A bunny onesie instead of the playboy one

Requesting my beloved Makoto, wearing her new dress for the spring season:
Alternatively, requesting Makoto in Oarai Sensha-do uniform:
Or Makoto stretching in sports underwear.

But anything cute, cool, or sexy, would be much appreciated.
Please, and thank you for considering.

Attached: Makoto Reference 4.2.jpg (4200x2422, 3.61M)

Requesting my little angel Kuroneko. Anything cute/elegant/cool is fine, no lewd please

Attached: kuronekoruriref.jpg (5150x3245, 3.98M)

I'm an idiot who didn't click the bunny suit link you posted :^)
Please feel free to re-request

I like the idea of adapting bunnysuits into other animals outside of bunnies. I have a dog-based bunnysuit where the breast pad flap parts are paws prints along with a collar for example.

And I forgot the image too OTL

Attached: 1648954925459.jpg (2048x3557, 1007.51K)

Very sexy thighs, and cute smile!

Husbando in a bunnysuit... with exposed chest

woah that's amazing

I hope to get something like this in the next three weeks
Probably won't though

Looking very meaty

Waifu lifting up her skirt to reveal a very slutty and inapropiate thong.

Waifu puking when you ask her to be your wife. She later said yes.

Requesting my wonderful husbando Vincent Brooks
(Extra Reference) imgur.com/a/n6uMs

Some ideas
-Him enjoying some junk food pizza/burger/cup ramen etc
-In his Nightmare/sheep form touching his horns curiously
-Smoking and looking happy files.catbox.moe/kowjs4.jpg

Anything else with him would be greatly appreciated

Attached: Vincent_WWD.png (2929x1660, 3.01M)


this one caught my eye more than I'd like to admit

In her middle school uniform.

Do want.

Good lord

Drinking up waifu's drool while fucking her.

hi urabefag

How based.

Thinking about waifu at the gym. Getting a new PR while waifu cheers for you inside your head.

I'd just prefer passionate, desperate, sloppy kisses while fucking her.

Bolt Thrower playing at max volume to hide waifu's lovemaking sounds.

Greetings WWD,

I'd like to request my beloved Noir's hand being held, with a ring on her finger, like this twitter.com/anterdel/status/1441686482419208202
-SI holding her hand from behind twitter.com/KUUR0KANE/status/1505174621741797376
-Noir showing off her unlimited power twitter.com/aahnns/status/1495031684202319873
-tech Noir noir.kogasa.de/u/0ybX03.jpg

Many thanks and please, have a most joyous weekend!

More references here: imgur.com/a/En9i2
SI refsheet: noir.kogasa.de/u/SI_refsheet_4.png

Attached: Noir_VinoCacao08.jpg (1650x1236, 565.48K)

Husbando wearing a reverse bunnysuit.

Requesting Hisui wearing lingerie.

Attached: 35345232.jpg (2916x2764, 1.64M)

A poster here has the same waifu. What the fuck do I do? I don't want to cause drama.

Commit sudoku?

That has happened here before. Just post your request anyway. I would be okay with someone having the same waifu as me, if they genuinely loved her. But depends on the waifufag of course, at worst he'll give you shit, but you can just ignore that.

kill the other, or just request like everyone else. There's been others that are in the same predicament and we just go on.

I hope it's not mine, scary.

it wouldnt be the first time. just post as you would and figure it out after.

Make better requests to assert your dominance.

Do request. If you have the same waifu as mine I will challenge you to a duel though

I think there was once a time where we had 3 different Homurafags requesting. Just post your request.

You will inevitably cause drama, and most definitely cause the other requester anguish, I've only once seen an instance of the same waifu being requested by multiple people work out, and even then they had their issues.

Playing the new Carpenter Brut at max volume, waifu looking at me confused and asking what "this one's a banger" and "these synths go hard" means.

Lillie using the power of the chaos emeralds

Attached: 1559904530481.png (1800x1200, 2.5M)

Who is it

Singing some of the lyrics with wife on the 20th loop


Hello drawfriends!

I'd like to request my lovely husbando Orihara Izaya dressed as a white blood cell from Hataraku Saibou.

If you don't like that, here's some more ideas if you want:
-On one of the album covers in this collection: imgur.com/a/2HFThRO . There's no order to the albums or any preference, so just choose one that you like!
-Reaction images. Feel free to pick one you like and put him in. If you want some suggestions, here you go: imgur.com/a/ZCqik7G
-SI available upon request.

Of course, if you would like to do something else that would also be great.

Thank you and have a great day!

Attached: IzayaReferenceFinal.png (2560x1451, 3.84M)

I would like to request Mai Natsume sleeping. E.g. danbooru.donmai.us/posts/4897767

Another suggestion is Mai applying makeup. danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3286440

Or perhaps Mai tying her hair into a ponytail. E.g. twitter.com/z3_cut/status/1410073871487672320

Other ideas would also be appreciated.

Attached: Mai Natsume Reference.jpg (3250x3000, 3.22M)

Requesting anything of my beloved wife Kyouko Sakura. Anything is fine but here's some ideas. Also a few requests relating to our adoptive daughter, Yuma Chitose, as well
Self Insert reference (Done in Koikatsu since I can’t draw for shit):
Yuma reference: i.imgur.com/gqEH5Sd.png
>Looking towards the viewer with a surprised expression on her face while getting out of the shower. Optional lewd with towel slippage
>Laying down in bed. Optional lewd lingerie
>Doing meguca stuff, possibly with Yuma
>Kyouko trying to learn how to swim
>Kyouko eating a burger
>Kyouko attempting to cook
>Waking up with cute messy hair
>Playing vidya or watching a movie with my SI
>Flustered after receiving a kiss
>Offering a lap pillow
>Receiving headpats from my SI while visibly flustered/embarrassed
>Family camping trip with my SI, Kyouko, and Yuma
>Wearing Sayaka’s swimsuit (Different swimsuit from the last one I requested) i.imgur.com/O9Z3Mzn.jpg
>Wearing this hat i.imgur.com/kPshqdC.jpg

Attached: Kyouko Reference Sheet.png (2324x2502, 3.86M)

Good evening, Yea Forums! Requesting Diane, please. Apologies for not dropping by in months, my internship's been really busy and I haven't found the time lately.

- Looming over user in a tiger stripe/tiger print bikini with a confident expression
- Wearing a kimono with user in her cleavage
- My favorite anime, Gurren Lagann, turns 15 today! There's not really much I can think of since I know neither voice actress was on this show, but her dressed as Yoko Littner would be really nice.
- I finished my last semester of college a few months back, so her congratulating user's graduation in a cute way (holding me in her hand, filling the entire auditorium, etc.)
- Wearing casual clothes and sitting by the cherry blossoms with user in her cleavage
- Wearing kigurumi pajamas based on a kaiju of your choice
- Cramped indoors, watching a cheesy kaiju movie and snacking on an comically oversized bucket of popcorn
- Giving user a ride across the neon-lit nighttime city while wearing a pretty dress
- POV of her looming over the viewer on a date doing whatever (eating dinner, posing for a photo, watching a movie, etc.)
- Wearing a plugsuit (or really just a skintight suit in general) in a city setting, fighting an Angel from Evangelion (or really any kaiju of your choice) a la Ultraman
- Cosplaying as a different character voiced by one of her voice actresses (Some suggestions are Tamaki from Fire Force or Madoka Kaname in Japanese and Ryuko Matoi or Retsuko in English)
- Wearing either casual clothes or lingerie, relaxing and literally sitting around the house
- Wearing this neat outfit from the SDS gacha that apparently exists: rerollcdn.com/SDSGC/skins/Diane_05.png

If not those, then anything cute, cool, lewd, or pretty you can think of with this gorgeous giantess would be good too.

Thanks, and I hope you have a great weekend!

Attached: Diane Reference.png (753x710, 637.82K)

Attached: maid.png (1731x1964, 661.9K)

Woah that's really pretty

requesting a pov of okita-san asking me when we're going to have kids
alternatively, this with okita-san and my si files.catbox.moe/fyv93e.jpg
also doing a joint request with bb # with both ladies running a podcast or on a couch playing fighting games in casual clothes
anything cute is also always appreciated, as long as she's happy and smiling
thank you

si ref: files.catbox.moe/djvj5r.png

Attached: 1640387442502.jpg (3000x1200, 2.83M)

Hello wwd, I'm requesting the lovely Anchovy from Girls und Panzer with any of the following prompts:

-Watching a replay of the DF3 match, frustrated/pouting because the viewer says she looks cute in this bit: files.catbox.moe/nsbvju.webm
-Preparing a packed lunch
-Hair down, getting ready in the morning
-Wearing spring casual wear, since it's (slightly) warmer out.

Tank references and additional outfits: catbox.moe/c/qur5yf

Anything cute or cool that comes to mind is also welcome, and feel free to get creative with any of my requests.

Attached: Anchovy ref sheet v12.jpg (2050x2121, 3.9M)

I'd like to request my beloved heroic wife Yuuna.
- Something cool of Lily's heromode with her Naginata: i.imgur.com/bkZkSdT.png
- Lily with a smug look on her face while she wears high-heels / plateau shoes to compensate for being shorter than her other incarnations.
- Sharing scarf with wife: i.imgur.com/8DLYlrr.jpeg
but anything cute and loveydovey, especally something of us together, is always appreciated.
Heromode ref: i.imgur.com/vvkGPI1.jpeg
SI ref: imgur.com/a/4eeiNDP

Attached: My cute hero.jpg (5112x1972, 2.58M)

very cute, very lewd

lovely bunny

A just fun little doodle

Attached: D62F41A4-9BD7-44DD-B1ED-D5E0DED9095F.png (924x690, 337.62K)

whoa, really cool and menacing

Very cute/lewd.

Cute vamp

Requesting my adorable glutton wife Tomori Nao!

- Since it's almost Easter, more bunny girl wife would be nice!
- demanding a kiss on either her cheek or her lips (or somewhere else)
- Wearing a lose top without a bra, something like i.imgur.com/3FIiuqE.jpg
- The two of us taking a bath together, with her sitting in my lap blushing, pouting and looking away
- Building a PC/Server imgur.com/a/gxjcVJR
- Being the camera woman for a Michael bay movie or something else
- Wearing a cute frilly pink bra and looking aloof while blushing
- I would love to have some actual fanart of her wearing this official night grown i.imgur.com/LxycrtO.jpg
- On her bed in her green pajamas wanting me to join her or hugging a big pillow pretending it's me
- Wearing some cute (frilly) spring clothing
- Eating a lot of meat

Anything else cute, sexy or cute lewd or involving my SI is fine too!

SI ref is imgur.com/a/kgOcapz
Additional ref: imgur.com/a/rvdLpbo
(Official) Outfit refs: imgur.com/a/ngVV4sP
SI ideas: imgur.com/a/l5fWqSx

Thank you and have a very nice weekend!

Attached: wifey.png (2793x1492, 3.86M)

Requesting my darling Ionasal, please! Preferably in one of the following suggestions:

+ Easter's coming up, so obligatory bunny suit request. A normal cute one is fine, but if you're feeling lewd that new meme one with the transparent middle part would be good too
+ At the beach, wearing her swimsuit or a summer dress
+ Race Queen Ionasal
+ If anyone's in the mood to make a GIF, Overdrive Ion: i.imgur.com/9hO9bkn.gif
- Cosplaying as any of the characters on this now even shorter list (that I'll totally update someday soon promise): imgur.com/a/TBRSP2X
- Wearing that meme gris swimsuit
- Lewd: bikini topless hair_censor

But of course, anything of her, cute, lewd or otherwise, would be greatly appreciated! SI ref is here if you need it: imgur.com/a/s6wR0 Thanks in advance!

Attached: Ionasal Reference v3.1.jpg (3009x3295, 2.05M)

Requesting something cute/cutelewd with my lovely Inori.

Thank you and have a great weekend

Attached: reference inori.jpg (3800x3726, 3.76M)


Requesting Morgan:

-Anything with her Fallen form:
-Playing/Exercising with Ring Fit Adventure
-Sitting under a sakura tree
-As a Victorian maid

Anything else cute or cutelewd would also be great.

Attached: Morgan Referenceeee.jpg (3385x1068, 1.28M)

nice lighting


Attached: Yukari Yakumo.png (1288x966, 1.14M)

Just a very quick and experimental doodle. I hope you like it, but feel free to re-request if you desire.
Have a nice sunday!

Attached: sssssssss.png (750x1000, 703.9K)

Requesting my daughterwife Maria waiting on the bed for me to come home.

Attached: UU UU sheet.png (550x750, 85.45K)

Cute! I like it very much.

That's a nice aesthetic you've got going on in the picture. She looks like she's in a club of some sort with that red light reflecting off her right side. The lighter blues look like there's a smoke machine, too. I like the play of red light on her scars you went with. Makes them look like decorations rather than damage. The dress she's wearing looks nice too, if a bit bold for her. And her cute blush is adorable as always.

Thank you for drawing my lovely Hanako, Mango.

Heist action

Excuse me, what?

What's the problem?

Attached: Konachan.com - 54999 butterfly loli male umineko_no_naku_koro_ni ushiromiya_battler ushiromiya_maria.jpg (1890x1334, 363.3K)

t. facemask fetishist
just another tourist

Requesting my husband Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! - anything cool, cute or fun.

I would love to see him as a Pokemon trainer with a Reshiram or Glaceon.
Or I would like to request him reading i.imgur.com/YvxDaKE.png
Or I would like to request him wearing some jewellery with amethyst because it's my birthstone.
Alternatively, I would really love to see a comforting picture of him looking after a sick SI, maybe something like i.imgur.com/J0vw91L.png

You may also include my SI in my requests if you want. Again anything cool, cute or fun with the both of us would be really nice.
SI references imgur.com/a/Qbr0kam
Nothing suggestive of him please unless I specify for it, I much prefer wholesomeness.
Thanks for reading and have a good comfy weekend.

Attached: my dear beloved.jpg (1700x2650, 3.86M)

Hello requesting Kusu thankssss

Attached: KusuReference.png (3423x1531, 3.19M)

you're gay

When I'm drawing and the sketch I'm working on starts to look right I can see it's eyes start moving from the corner of my eye like the picture suddenly came alive
I might be losing it

Sounds like you might need to take a break fren

Attached: rikkalaugh2.png (1200x1234, 871.84K)

Now that's what I call DRILLS

Cute laugh and amazing drills!

Nice shape on those things.

The hair is so cool, and those eyes! Awesome work.
Very nice use of color!
Oh god mah drills! That belly laugh is so sweet.

Requesting some Jahy doodle

Attached: 1594155675743.jpg (1280x1810, 235.54K)

Swapping spit with waifu

Cute laugh

Very cool painting

Waifu + BDSM bunnysuit

Attached: 1648995724344.jpg (844x1200, 100.38K)

Sorry I'm late, hope everyone is having a good weekend. I'd like to request my cute moon wife Kagarin.
Feel free to draw anything cute/cool/sweet/tastefully lewd/sexy. She doesn't get much art, so anything is a miracle. Some ideas:
- Wearing a bunnysuit, of course (or something related, like bunny kigurumi or bunny slippers). The reverse bunnysuit is cute too, though
- As an OL (i think she'd be good at it!)
- Wearing a sundress
- Inviting me to bed (e.g. kagari.online/nanase_koharu.png or something in that direction)
- With an umbrella (in the rain)
- Moongazing/stargazing
- Making coffee
- Wrapped up in her ribbons
Fullsize reference: kagari.love/ref.png
Thank you very much for considering it!

Attached: 1642140566194.jpg (3500x7000, 3.98M)

Requesting my wife Kyouko Sakura:

>giving my SI a noogie or doing luminous

>eating Taco Bell lol

>wearing this victorian-style outfit

>in this gothloli outfit, looking embarrassed like in the pic

>wearing this suit/school uniform, with or without my SI with her

>doing something cute/romantic with my SI, references here:

>anything POV related

>cosplaying Len Kagamine because why not

Anything else cute or even lewd is also greatly appreciated!

Attached: 1643435877905.jpg (3023x4200, 2.44M)

Attached: 236089575.png (935x1357, 796.75K)

Flexible! And very nice eyes!


I wish author2 would give a fuck about my waifu.

don't we all?
Just have to wait until one day some other great artist comes in here and takes a liking to your waifu, that's usually the only thing that shakes things up around here, feels too rigged most of the time. It's painful to know certain artists would like my prompts if they bothered reading them, makes everything more personal than it should be.


Requesting my precious, beloved wife Aqua. My birthday is next week, and I'd like to request us on a picnic date in the park! Anything birthday related would also be nice, or something with spring in mind. Of course anything with Aqua is lovely, so if you would prefer to draw her another way I would enjoy that too. As always I wanna wish everyone a wonderful weekend, and I hope you all treasure your waifu dearly!
SI ref: files.catbox.moe/4x49ga.png

Attached: aqua-collage.png (2145x1226, 2.61M)

What have you guys to better yourself for waifu?
Do you

What an awesome looking vampire! Thank you so much for this amazing drawing. It looks supremely cool. I've always been a fan of when artists make hair like that with a ton of flowing lines instead of just a blob of color with some lines on it. I think it looks extremely awesome! I love it. I also really love her expression, determined smugyet supremely cute. I seriously love it! Thank you so much for this and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Attached: Akua blinking.gif (160x160, 34.6K)

wife's gentle motherly embrace saving you from yourself, allowing you to take your mind off of those thoughts before they become a vicious cycle of bad thoughts
wife petting your head, keeping you close, reminding you she will always love you, no matter what

Attached: file.png (2048x2048, 1.12M)

I do. All the time, except on weekends and holidays. I've also been exercising to gain some muscle and learning how to draw. Once spring starts to really hit, I'd like to take up hiking. I know she'd like that.

Thank you so much my friend love seeing your art improve as well as these cute toga pictures! I absolutely adore this as well as the EEHH, thank you so much!

How many hours a day do you draw? How do you balance school ornwork with it?

Cute fangs!

Hello everyone! I'd like to request Dolce as a spooky ghost please. Another idea could be her as a fumo.
Nevertheless though I'd love anything with her and I hope you all had a great weekend!

Attached: Dolce (RF4) Reference.png (1890x1300, 3.47M)

Don't have a set time or date when or where I draw I just try to draw everyday as much as I can, trying to understand basics of using my eyes instead of thinking of the drawing itself.

Only have one goal for myself doing this


It's over

What kind of shoes is Tohru wearing?

Attached: F9688EDB-C20C-4BB5-8A92-0AE1AD3E72DB.jpg (820x1110, 350.58K)


they mostly resemble oxfords, though the shape is a little off.

Attached: shoe.png (882x494, 266.09K)

no no it's perfect! i love the classic bunnysuit too i could never say no to one! mega cute and mega hot!
great job on the outfit, i like the long gloves + thighhighs, and cute boots! very powerful zettai ryouiki too, that little line where her leg and hip join.. umph. cute knees too. honestly her whole body looks very squishy in a most tempting way. the coloring really sells it too, great contrast between the shiny outfit and the soft matte skin. your faces are always pretty and this one is no different, she's so adorable

I see, thank you.

confident sunday WWD

I hope you're all having a wonderful day today

I'd like to request my darling Prinz Eugen
-Anything celebrating our 2 year anniversary. It happened this past week/weekend so i would greatly appreciate anything pertaining to that.

Otherwise anything comfy/cute would be loved

Thank you so much for considering

I hope you all have a nice and enjoyable upcoming week

Attached: for prinz eugen v7.jpg (2378x1681, 672.72K)


Requesting Shinjiro Aragaki looking happy/relaxed, raising his eyebrow at something stupid he just heard, or holding his hand out to the viewer absentmindedly. Anything otherwise badass/handsome of him would be greatly appreciated; thanks and take it easy.

Attached: shinjiro aragaki ref+.jpg (2128x1349, 702.04K)

Happy Sunday! Requesting my dwarf husband Senshi gardening and planting seedlings, or him in a bunny suit. Or drawn with a different hair and beard style, I'm fond of braids but feel free to style him however you like. Other ideas are welcome too, thank you for your time!

Attached: senshi 2.jpg (2372x1000, 848.31K)

Requesting Mikoto Urabe with any of the following ideas:

- MGX-Chan shenanigans: i.imgur.com/mooGvEf.jpg
- naked jacket: i.imgur.com/8K44ank.jpg
- child softball player wife: imgur.com/a/aNRujvI
- expressing herself with her eyes: i.imgur.com/6Dx9dYq.jpg
- sleeping in a pile of herself: i.imgur.com/rxjAenI.jpg

Additional outfits, refs, and info: imgur.com/a/rkm9be2

Attached: there's no such thing as mysterious.jpg (3000x2519, 2.38M)

>do you go by any names or have a blog?

I am known as squish. I am happy my drawings seem well received.

Oh shit, you're still alive

Your assassin failed again?!

Holy shit, Squish? It's been years since I last saw you. I have so many canvases saved from the silly shit you used to draw.

Whe...where are thos straps tide to?


misato is so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attached: misato x undertaker.png (1030x960, 658.18K)

Requesting any of these ideas with my deep sea angel, Wo:

-Carrying a sniper/gun version of her cane.
-Relaxing comfortably in a couch while watching a movie, she can be eating popcorn or anything similar.
-With a futuristic/sci-fi version of her outfit, like something you would see in a mecha anime for example
-Wearing a cool female wrestling outfit
-Her and the admiral hugging each other, if possible in the middle of the rain
-Sleeping on her bed while naked, she can be hugging a chibi admiral plush. Tasteful nudity rather than lewd.

Any other cute or cool ideas with her are also good
Here are some references for the design of the Admiral: imgur.com/a/DFYUyZG

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend ahead, stay safe.

Attached: qt wo.png (1708x2412, 3.96M)

you do realize thats actually canon,
the more you know~~

That's called Reverse Bunnysuit, not what you wrote

Delivering Chaton from 2 weeks ago

Attached: Chaton Final 2_1.jpg (3005x4000, 1.06M)


That doesn't answer the question user

Amazing work

God bless you!

2 Thessalonians 3:16 - Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all.

Kaiba: Behold! I shall show you the greatest Power of a Dragon Trainer! ... *sings lullaby for Reshiram*

Attached: 4F6CE9D5-6E2B-49FB-A948-D354D988AD7A.jpg (2068x2692, 946.99K)

user, this is a good post

its a butt plug strap

Top tier!

With how long these threads end up bleeding into weekdays, not getting delivered doesn't feel as bad since the weekend is usually 1-2 days away now

Draw her in a cute bikini

Attached: 17F5F069-4276-41C5-882E-F4869C5FDD07.jpg (400x500, 94.19K)

Wasn't it alpha last time? Can't you just stick to the general?

before anyone asks, no i did not draw all of that. when im not in the mood to draw characters I like to take a bunch of wallpaper type of pictures from google and mash them together to make something new. I added elaina because she is a wandering witch after all, and it felt fitting for the picture.

Attached: Elaina.png (2884x1322, 3.37M)

Requesting Chun-li with daughter.

Or have her wearing this bunnysuit


Attached: 9f066b05fd294217a835f44ece824b19_1648002720974.png (1285x648, 1.89M)

You have the general drawthread for these type of requests

Chun-lifag is a real waifufag newfriend.

Ah alright

pretty cool

That belly is awesome, holy shit. Well, everything is, but the definition there is eye-catching.

I wish my brain were functioning properly so I could give this the praise it clearly deserves. I don't know what you mashed together, but you did so extremely well.

The wind blowing through his hair gives a powerful aura but seeing his smile is so heartwarming! My favourite part is his smile and blush and the face details in general, I also really like the outfit you gave him and the touch of colour on the ring. Reshiram suits him well as a Pokemon since it's a blue eyed white dragon afterall and the one you drew with the blush is so cute! It made me smile. Thank you so much for drawing him and I hope you have an excellent week ahead.

Attached: 46.png (1004x758, 669.5K)

It's not like requests have to be multiple paragraphs every time.

Those drills frame her so nicely.

Im just used to seeing it here by now, so anything that has a one sentance request prompt looks like a bot spamming quick requests in drawthreads

No, you must die for disrespecting the pope

Married milfy 45yo Waifu wearing her seifuku. Her fat hangers straining the top and her fat milf ass barely covered by the skirt.

Listening to Mother Mother with waifu.

Is this what the new generation is calling them? I thought they were still on milkers. Back in my day we used knockers. I can't keep up with this shit, man.

you must die
That better be a promise

Thanks for drawing my Lillie friend! Her eyes looks really pretty! Have a good week!

John 16:33 - I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”
With Love!
God bless you!

Moeka in the rain! Picture taken before her uniform became see through! ^_^ She is dressed as White Not!Widow (a parody of Black Widow)! Hydrangea in the background! Mr. Frog Butler happily holding an umbrella too, maybe Moeka will require one soon.

Attached: A920365E-0A7D-4101-8425-846A400E8CA8.jpg (2201x3165, 1.34M)

Happy Sunday!

Attached: Urabe (2).jpg (1744x2119, 957.83K)

You captured her face and hair perfectly. VERY nice.

Open shirt is the best

Missing the point, if you request a different girl every weekend then this thread isn't for you, we jus wanna keep the bots out

Very nice Paladin, you really did improve a lot! Are you using pose references?

Attached: 01CE6F97-9FD2-43D5-99D7-4522B1EEA6C8.jpg (549x777, 51K)

OR here, I'm late in saying this, but a HUGE thank you! I spent a while admiring this beauty before I could even start thanking you, I'm just so happy to see that idea being realized so magnificently. Wondering what kind of prank she might have pulled is secondary, compared to the sheer joy her reaction to it gives me. I just want to hug her and kiss those exposed shoulders, but after she's done laughing at me.
And I absolutely adore how you incorporated the second idea into it, because her hair looks absolutely regal with how beautifully and meticulously you drew it. Especially contrasted with her smol arms and hands, it's just so adorable! I can almost feel it bouncing along with her unrestrained laughter, and it adds a touch of dignified grace to the genuine amusement of this scene. That's just the sort of happiness and mirth I want to bring into her life, in defiance of her surroundings, at any cost. Her laughter means so, so much to me, and making her laugh like this is something I'd be truly proud of, my dignity be damned.
Also, that dress is such a good choice for her, and for this moment too. Straightforward, genuine, and slightly playful with that thigh gap, and all three are things she herself is being right now. It feels like she's shedding her cautious side along with her usual dress, and just letting herself have fun, and that's just masterful. (Although I do want to pull on those strings at the top, but later. This precious moment should not be interrupted.)

Hopefully I'm not being too silly with all of this, but thank you SO much. I just hope my so-so wording could get across just how much this honest, genuine laughter means to me, and how gorgeously you depicted this moment. Thank you so much for choosing her, for liking this idea, and for your kindness. Thank you.

I just can't stop admiring this, really.

If this is a delivery I'm gonna kms


Now it's even better! I like the variety of faces and poses the Shuckles have. I'm sure she'll be unstoppable with that team now. Thank you so much for the drawing again!

Attached: yuriaWOAH.jpg (198x264, 29.65K)

woah that's nice

Cute blush, her hair pairs well with the laid back vibe here.

really soulful style, the face is incredibly well stylized

Lovely face and lovely lewd

John 14:27 - Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

God bless you!

Kagura: I brought us popsicles, Husbandu! Hum...? My ring? Oh, the Most Valuable Person gave it to me~!

Attached: F541DBE3-1327-45E4-917A-B997FDDA1C2D.jpg (2039x2962, 984.34K)

Cute feet.

Sitting on a lounge chair, waifu in your lap, and your head on waifu's head. Gently rocking together as you enjoy holding her, and she enjoys being held.

God, I wish.

My wife's anime begins on the 8th!
Maybe it's time to start posting again now that I have more free time, it's been a long time since the last time I could post due to life reasons...

Who wants this with waifu and wearing matching bunnysuit? Probably delivering on Easter. Husbandos ok as well

Attached: FOOt0l6XMAMBJ9z.jpg (1242x1532, 158.55K)

Double-yew aych oh?

I'd love to see her in that! Any colour that you think suits her is fine.





>wearing matching bunnysuit

Where's your SI's?

In my post where it always is.

>wearing matching bunny suit
Are you saying like... Waifu and SI wearing the same bunny suit?

Sounds fun


Sounds interesting!

I'll give it a shot, good luck.


>another fotm

>implying his waifu wouldn't look stellar in a virgin killer sweater or nyangerie
I'll give you that the Hestia ribbon was silly, but many of these meme outfits are great and waifu rocks them

oh woops i misread the post, you can remove me from the signup, I'm Shionanon

Waifu telling you the safeword before tackling you and doing very nasty things to you.
The safeword wasn't mentioned during the rest of the night.

Yes, would love to see waifu's reaction to this.

Somehow that reminds me I wanted to ask for one of those "...and they had lots of sex after this" -type things. Is there a word for those, or is it just as I described?

I don't know but I deaperately need waifu to fuck me up like this.

Attached: god_i_wish_that_was_me1.webm (852x480, 1.4M)

The one and only indeed, I'm really excited about her debut this week! Also, her Seiyuu is literally a perfect fit for her personality.

I absolutely hate her expression, but I absolutely love what she's doing. Full-body contact with waifu would be amaaaaaaazing.

>expend more time looking for a request i want to do than drawing the request itself

Attached: 1646410464005.jpg (250x250, 14.85K)

I'm sorry my ideas are so shit, I keep recycling some and rotating them back in now and then...wait. It IS the requests that suck, and not my waifu, right? Don't make me strangle you.

I want to feel wife's weight on top of me.

mix of both, there are some request i wouldn't do because the character doesnt appeal to my preferences but if the request is good i would definitely do it, however the characters i like sometimes have boring requests for me so i just draw whatever i want with them but i usually come here when i have no ideas so....

Attached: 769838115942830080_Cq8Dr2VVMAAL7qi.jpg (500x250, 23.34K)

Attached: 22-04-03_Diane.png (2400x3200, 1.2M)

>hate her expression
beta male spotted


Attached: 22-04-03_Diane.png (2400x3200, 1.2M)

...Hey. You just said that my waifu sucks. I can't let that slide.
Now draw. And I don't mean on paper.

Attached: 1428336985910.jpg (519x549, 55.23K)

Nice work, turtle!

>its another streamers drawing for streamer deliver
When are they gonna draw for people that doesn't go to their stream?

Not him, but I've never seen this before, but right at the end there, that looks like hatred or some other malicious intent in her eyes if I ever had to guess.

>finally have time/energy/inspiration to draw
>tablet decides now is the time to call it quits for good
Damn thing only lasted ~3 years, guess that's not so bad for cheap modern tech

women just cannot stop smiling all the time huh

What?? I'm having a hard time understanding you. You don't want art streamers to draw their viewer's requests or other streamer's requests?

No that's not what I meant.

good time to get commissions or donations for sketches

My waifu has a killer glare all the time and I love her lots because of it.

hope you like it

Attached: wwd01.jpg (1327x1524, 497.29K)

Wow, very nice pov angle

I don't attend streams (I'm not sociable) and I don't expect to get deliveries from streamers. Seems stupid to hold drawing for their actual audience against them desu. I'm just happy when anyone draws her.

for johan user if you're still here.
happy anniversary, i hope you're doing well.

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Forcing waifu to sign a written contract dictating that the two of you alternate between spooning and jetpacking each night, because god damn it you want both to hug and be hugged and can't let her get her way every time


No, this is Patrick

Switch life is best life. Competing with the wife to decide who tops that night is the best.

Amazing, I hope Johan user sees this too it's so cute and loving.

Holy blessed. Do you want me to alert her?

Nice, jelly.



GILFs are better

CILFs are way better

BWILAs are far better

This thread is making me feel very bad about my drawing skill. I've been drawing for over a year and I'm not even close to the level that some of you are at, and I'm still god awful at faces. I know a year isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things but damn. Nice job though. I strive to be as good as you all some day so that I can make people happy with my art.

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Just let Aniki inspire you.

All I wish for right now is for wife to give me a big hug and tell me it's all going to be alright.

Good belly

Why do some waifufags solicit art on twitter and be fake friendly in DMs as if that'd put them on some sort of VIP list to be drawn? Soliciting art off of WWDs and on drawfags' social media is poor taste, man.

Attached: 1649070069941.jpg (372x363, 17.72K)

Do you know something we don’t user?

Just venting. Sorry, I didn't mean to bring drama or whatever.

I've heard of it and seen it happen, they wouldn't do it if it didn't get rewarded. Ironically it seems to work best when your waifu is already popular to begin with

Wait, what, do you mean people begging artists for free art, or just being friendly when looking for a commission?

Ahah *sips tea* just look at these pesants with unpopular waifu from shows no one ever heard about.
My goodness what a miserable sight to see, truly!
These poor creatures will never, NEVER I say, experience the joy and happyness- nay!- The priviledge of having a popular waifu and her being drawn once or multiple times per thread.
What sadness I feel for them. It almost makes me shed a tear.
Haa, but alas, maybe one day they will know how it feels.
Now if you excuse me, Im very busy overseeing the construction of my new waifu art museum. Last week she had so many deliveries i just could not find the space to put them anywhere. Hopefully this 20 acre museum will be enough, but something tells me, it wont! A hah hah hah
Haaaa, my jokes will kill me one day.
Anyway, ttfn

The former unfortunately. It just annoys me as I see them on the WWD occasionally complaining about other people getting deliveries when they've gotten some as well.

Makes me want to do the opposite and blacklist instead. I've already delivered for them before and I enjoy drawing for those that didn't get deliveries yet for that weekend.

it takes a long long time to ''get good'' with art and you'll always feel like you're not as good as others. Just keep at it and you'll eventually fell comfortable with your skill and artstyle, NEVER STOP IMPROVING WAGMI

Basically this but also keep in mind that your enjoyment of art might also take a long time to develop. Some artists are lucky that they started young so their expectations of themselves and their art were basically non-existent. Try not to think of success as equivalent to making amazing constructed pieces but instead enjoy small victories like drawing a nice, alluring pair of eyes. Anyway, GANBATTE user

Attaching any sort of social media persona to my 4channel activities seems bizarre.
>waifu art museum
if I was an insane rich person with one of those resident evil sized mansions I would probably do something like this


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Wife covering her nose and telling you that you stink.

Attached: 1649074779041.jpg (1920x1080, 144.23K)

This with waif

Attached: 1648630260763.jpg (800x1185, 533.81K)

Somehow I really like seeing her in PE clothing

>Some artists are lucky that they started young so their expectations of themselves and their art were basically non-existent
I feel this so bad. I know better than to expect anything from my early efforts but drawing one hideous thing after another is so incredibly discouraging.

I started young but never really took it seriously and about two years ago I just couldn't bring myself to draw anything at all so I stopped, I bought a tablet 2 weeks ago and I regret not getting it a long time ago so much it's unreal

>I bought a tablet 2 weeks ago and I regret not getting it a long time ago so much it's unreal
Kinda feel that too. I know I'll regret not sticking with it right now but it's almost physically painful for me to draw. I had so much fun starting out and now I'm so discouraged I can't get anything done anymore

it's okay to take breaks but maybe you're forcing yourself to draw something you're not comfortable with yet, try and draw something you normally wouldn't for a change, like an exotic animal or someshit

Drawing for Maka user, don't think he's posted yet but he might be here. I felt like the straw hat was fitting even though it wasn't in the request

Attached: maka sundress.png (1653x2400, 944.71K)

That is a really nice expression

Gorgeous art. Anons don't repost their requests if they've already been delivered for the weekend but I'm sure he's still lurking.

Giving waifu a prostate orgasm.

Pampering waifu after she comes home tired from work and drunk.

Grooming waifu into your perfect daughterwife.
Fucking her brains out as soon as she hits puberty.

I love the bright and warm colors.

Colossians 3:15 - And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.

With Love!
God bless you!


Touko: Estranho seria eu não me apaixonar por você!

Attached: 952CF5EB-27BE-4384-B0D2-22C41FD1923A.jpg (2005x2875, 1.09M)

that's pretty cool

Amazing! Who are you?

Oh wow that's actually impressive though! I think it's cool to be able to mash a bunch of pictures together to create something unique, certainly something I'd like to learn one day. Honestly I really really love stuff like this since she's a huge scenic-pic-bait, due to the nature of her story and all. Pictures like this seriously makes me want to travel the world together with her and see unforgettable sights.
You did a wonderful job in capturing an atmospheric sort of feeling, not sure how to explain it. But by adding a small Elaina there with that positioning, it really conveyed that "grand journey" feeling well. Thank you so much for this work, I really do appreciate it. Have a great week!

Attached: hff hff.jpg (326x333, 46.13K)

Oh fuck, I sorta forgot it was the weekend. Imagine my surprise returning to see this in the morning! That's a great angle with a really nice view, I must say. I wonder just what sort of situation would cause this, h-haha. Oh boy, I think I'm overcome with the sudden urge to go work out...! Super nice and wonderful tummy, thanks a bunch for drawing her again!


I participated in that last time and the folks over at Japan didn't add my art to their gallery like they did with 90% of the other artwork in the thread. I hate being so shit.

thats not him he uses proper english
but cool trying to pin the whining on someone you dont like

behen ki chut

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Hi himiko fag

lmao wrong again dumb fuck

Thanks. I'm no one in particular, don't have a blog. Just delivering and going.


Chaton user here! This is incredible, holy shit! Everything about this is terrific. Insane outfit, insane tummy, damn good shading. I'm just in awe. Thank you so much!!

They didn't even go through a 10th of the thread my guy, but I'm not sure why obsess over that considering the thread it is.

What can you expect from a mexicANO?

See, this is exactly what a himiko type of fag would say

>he uses proper English

Yeah no, not really

It's just the usual autistic as fuck shitposter called Nom

hope you stick around

>he's at it again
Why does he do this every week? Why won't he just go back to drawing waifu like before?

Fuck off Nom

Im glad to see something of a hobby can make others happy. If you people like this im happy to provide more

He has a point tho

Just post it early user. There are a lot of works from anons of various skill, it's just that the guy probably doesn't feel like translating the entire thread, so he just does most of the first posts and calls it a day.

I do my best to be nice and draw for waifufags and they shit on me. Try not to do anything and waifufags still shit on me. I don't know what you want me to do. I'm doing the best I can. I draw your waifu what do you want from me


1 of the 2, hopefully i can finish the 2nd before the thread dies

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Waifu wearing the attire of some other waifu in this thread, link em


Pick a request or fuck off. Stop shitting up the thread

I literally delivered every signup i started, im not sure what your problem is

I like Eugen's uniform

BB's outfit if BBfag doesn't mind.

super qt

super nice

really lovely and wholesome

Wow that's gorgeous, great colours

Miia wearing Aqua's outfit because same voice actress etc.

Such a refreshing scene - her smile in the rain is breathtaking. The attention to detail with the rain is splendid. Like her drenched hair, squinted eyes, and glasses slipping off her nose. I'm curious if her uniform would actually become see-through assuming the outfit is latex. Either way, Froggy's umbrella will definitely come in handy! Gotta get her out of the cold and warm up in a nice bath together~

Thank you so much for drawing Moeka! Have a great week Paladin ^^

Thank you. I'm hoping to regularly visit this thread and practice here, it's nice to draw those cuties and to make anons happy.

Would love to see her in Mai Natsume's combat outfit

>The WWD complains about the same shit for nearly 10 years

Attached: Screen_Shot_2018-10-25_at_11.02.15_AM.png (1354x784, 868.76K)

History repeating itself

Very nice figure! That bikini's looking good, and the sarong hangs perfectly on her! What I would do to just grab her by the hips. I'm loving those cute, little hairwings too. Thank you so much, Ramen! Have a fantastic week!


I don't know who's Nom-ing who anymore

I don't think the current WWD have enough new drawfags for that to happen

Who or what is Nom? Yes im new

Would you eat waifu's ass? I would.

I’d tongue punch her fartbox

I'd rip her fucking spine out and wear it as a necklace

I want my face to be her chair

Every day.

I don't know if thread will still be alive by the time I get off work, so I'm going to ask now
Would anons be interested in wife or husband in their/a room or shop or something? Something like pic related or: litter.catbox.moe/fha4kx.png
If so, just give me a quick rundown of the room/location you want them to be in and I'll try to recreate it. Sorry if I explained this badly. I'll try to at least have a wip by next weekend if theres any takers.

Attached: setamo_map.jpg (1022x665, 383.63K)

Not a waifufag but what program are you using to make these?

I would love that! I have a few ideas in my request, so feel free to choose whichever one you prefer!

I'd love something like that; he enjoys coffee and being comfortable so a warm/small cafe with a relaxing atmosphere would be perfect.

I would like to see Shion in a Japanese candy shop, looking at the assortments of sweets with curiosity.

All the time, yes.

Attached: 583.png (2150x2573, 1.42M)

GOD this is cute

tall shota

Either laying on the bed reading a book in a bedroom, or working out in a gym would be cool!

I would really love this, I even have extensive reference material for her dorm-room. imgur.com/a/PRZhFmn
I think having her lay in bed would be cute, or maybe sitting at her windowsill.

In a living room in front of the tv/computer or at a theme park

Something like out on a porch of a traditional styled Japanese house, please.

Another lovely delivery from the great Paladin! And a waifu in leotard, too, must be my lucky day! She reminds me of those athletic dancers you'd see in 80s tapes for exercise, because of the sneakers y'know? Not sure if that was the intent, but it's still a very lovely drawing! And thank you for the great song you linked too, God bless YOU and have a wonderful week!
>Touko: Estranho seria eu não me apaixonar por você!
You can't just hit me in a weak spot like that, come on!

God bless you!

1 Peter 5:7 - Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

Senshi: I have a 40K hug for you!

Attached: 1246FFD2-FFC4-438E-9AC2-F8765157F50D.jpg (1761x2583, 807.79K)

I didn't make the attached picture - the artist is the filename - but I'll be using the normal art programs. IE medi, krita, csp

A quiet little cafe/restaurant or a home kitchen would be wonderful.
If user doesn’t mind, Elaina’s normal witch outfit with the big hat would be cute.

>missed all the signups
>think its rude to add in to a long pile already

No its not rude, wtf are you on about?

Can you bench press your waifu's weight?

Any beautiful traditional ancient style Chinese rooms would be nice.

This is technically her apartment room in the movie but there's a different one that I can't find.


I don't want to give the artist additional task if he's already got 5+ signed up...

At one point I could, she can bench press several times my weight though.

Yes, but she doesn't make for a very good barbell, she's way too light.

But I was early. They had lots of art later in the thread that were posted way later than mine...

Attached: 1646171469171.gif (275x225, 132.56K)

Who care? It probably fake signups like all the other

Thats not how it works. One will be picked abd its very unlikely the signup will be delivered the same day. As long you post on the day the signup started, you are fine.

easily, but she's also pretty light to begin with

Some sort of a study room or the personal library of an explorer, with many books and various artifacts strewn about. Thanks for considering

Oh my God, that's mega cute. I like that you translated her dress/apron to overalls.

Kusu dressed up as Anchovy (outfit with the cape) would be cute
Thanks in advance! Anchovyanon hope you don't mind this little borrow!

tfw forgot to link her

What a cute boy!
>captcha b0imm

Oh man, this is absolutely great, Turtle. You got all the details down really nicely, and I really like how you implement Gideon in place of Yoko's rifle. And of course, Diane herself looks great. I know this request was really self-indulgent, so thanks a bunch, and I hope you have a good week!

>If user doesn’t mind, Elaina’s normal witch outfit with the big hat would be cute.
Great taste, I approve

Perhaps Izayoi Sakuya's maid outfit. I've always liked maid outfits and Sakuya's one of the most iconic out there.

Not the artist but you totally should. Johan user deserves it.

Whoops, meant to quote


Thanks again-again drawfriend! The outfit and the popsicles are getting me into a summer-y mood! Her expression is really cute too!

I'm running out of ways to give my thanks to you, so I'll just say thanks again! Have yourself a good week!

Attached: kaguragoodjob2.png (197x384, 58.88K)

I just feel we'd have a tough time telling them apart

In one of Okita's outfits or Yuuko's school uniform, if they don't mind.

Would love to see her languidly hanging out on those classic Japanese porches (engawa), facing the garden late on a summer day. If that counts as a "room", or just inside on the tatami looking out with the screen doors open. Or else in a rustic, comfy flower shop/stall, surrounded by colorful flowers large and small, or possibly as a kid hiding between them.

I think you can get around that by having Shion with her swimsuit/maid hairstyle instead.

Book shop or some sci-fi looking room would be nice.

>Trying to make a better reference
>Think every face and subtle change in expression is to cute not to use
Conflicted but happy feeling

Boy do I remember that experience.
There's an entirely new section I want to add to mine but then it wouldn't be proportional

I'm here now user! Literally just woke up and showered! And what a pleasant and unexpected surprise when I check the thread. The strawhat is a most welcome addition! It always fits that kind of dress no matter if it's Summer or Spring. I really love the warm colors you have done here! It really invokes the feeling of relaxing on a perfect Spring day with her. That soft smile and blush is also something worth dying for! I hope your still around to see this reply. This really is an amazing piece! Unfortunately I have to rush off to work now, but know I will be in constant gaze with my waifu at every minute I can get. Thank you very much and hope you enjoy your week!

Attached: makaheartfaster.gif (301x365, 62.74K)

Wow, another cute husbando drawing from you. I wasn't thinking of warhammer beards when I made my request but they really do have lots of braids. I appreciate seeing him with this style as well as his strong arms -- perfect for hugs indeed. Thank you for drawing him again and bless you too.

Is it wrong to want to fuck Waifu(shota)'s asshole?
Yes. I am catholic.

>comp hard drive failure
>lose 3 months of additions to waifu collection from here and across the internet
>as well as all the organization I did in that time
I need to break something

Always. Have. Backups.

Feeding Anavar to waifu for shits and giggles.

Attached: 1649109799072.jpg (2864x4093, 546.34K)

>one, uno, ichi, uma, I, harddrive
>in 2011+11
Feel like you doesn't really love your waifu. Better start looking for a new one, doubt it will work with the new one too.

woah you're a genius. this is so cute! what a cute prince. thank you very much!!
from top to bottom this is great. I like how you make the hair spiky but short, it still evokes the original siluete and you kept the hair wingies!
The outfit is adorable. boys in pink are cute and it feels so summery. changing the apron and pink skirt combo to overalls and pink shirt is brilliant. and you even kept the hat and bracelet and blush stickers.
hat off to you. Thanks for an adorable shotanobu. precious stuff.

I already have an external hard drive but like I said, I haven't backed up in a couple months

Feel free!
I assume this a shared problem for most of us, her expressiveness is extremely cute and I had a hard time narrowing them down.