Why does it feel like this child is always judging me with her looks?

Why does it feel like this child is always judging me with her looks?

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Is her show really that good?

It's alright overall, but when she's the focus it has a pretty good eccentric sense of humour.


She's too weird to be sexed. Wouldn't mind a Hotaru though.

She's already married

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i like the triangle mouth look - it's the look of a child being amazed by the dumbest shit which means it's either gonna be funny or adorable

but natsumi is best girl

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Yes, when K*ma isn't onscreen

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it's one of the better CGDCT anime out there imo. just the OP puts a smile on my face every time youtube.com/watch?v=rd1LarIC1BY

One of the few CGDCT shows that Yea Forums doesn't hate, along with Hidamari and Azumanga.

Because she is, and rightfully so.

She's my daughter and she's very smart.

You have a very sexy daughter, sir.

Tokyo Towah


Its definitely one of the comfiest and most peaceful animes I've seen, love Hikanee and Renchan

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it's carried entirely by nii-san, dagashiya and the miyauchis

I see what you did there

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I love Dagashiya.

A real marriage, with a fertile fat ojiisan.

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it's like a fireplace, blanket, and cup of hot cocoa for your heart.

Imagine being in your 20s while having to take care of shop where no one goes and no man will ever appear to marry you and take you out of the boondocks.

You remind her of her good for nothing sisters.

How does she intimidate the rest of the cast with relative ease? Why is kaede such a fag for her?

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Kaede is self-insert

Well, that explains alot

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Sugaru nearly btfo completely when he threatened to speak a word to her. Scared her shitless and sent her running to natsumi for protection.

Imagine how fun it'd be living in his position, don't even have to say a word and everything thinks you're the hottest shit around.

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She needs rape correction

>local monster girl will never plot to make you her husband

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She's just curious about male anatomy.

It gives me a boner, so yes.

Reminder that ojisan != ojiisan
Ojiisan = grandpa-aged old man
You're thinking of ojisan.

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No I'm not.

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Fine, I concede.

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>fat ojiisan

candy store is based. no clue how she can put food on the table though

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She's 11??

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Kill yourself

>posting Renge when it's Hikage's show

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>posting Hikage when Renge is the star

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She knows what you did.

I just assumed she still lived with her parents

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tomboy imouto

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She's judging the police officer character who she launches an RPG at

I want to get groomed by Konomi-nee

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Just think. He will be just starting high school. She will just be starting college.


The amount of Konomi appreciation lately pleases me greatly.

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When I grow up, I'm going to marry Konomi-nee!

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Did Konomi ever remind anyone of Yun Yun from Konosuba, or am I the only one?

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F-fuck you too. ;_;

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Her genki makes me so happy every time she's on the screen.

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she recognizes kuzu when she sees it

Future badminton champion

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Worst girl in the show.

There is no show that Yea Forums doesn't hate. See

> just realized there's a NNB movie that I never saw
hehe later suckers

>user brags about the 1 hour and 11 minutes of enjoyment he has left

There are no worst girls in this show. It is impossible.

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Perfect girlfriend material.

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user, she looks like a child.

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She is 15 and growing into a respectable young woman.

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Did I stutter?

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she's an adult

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look at that proud mama

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>putting milk in curry

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I'd certainly put some of my milk into Koma-chan's cu**y, if you catch my drift.

I haven't watched the OVA and never will. How does it feel to live in a world where there's no non non left to experience for the first time nerds?

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I stand by what I said: she has (mild) autism.

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Both her daughters turned out to be very good.

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This mindbreaks the tomboy.

I remember an edit of this image where she has condom in her mouth. Does anyone have it?

It was legitimately amazing, I'm extremely happy that my favorite anime got such a good ending and epilogue

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everyone knows that tomboys make the best mothers

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>a cartoon image makes it ok

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This is exactly what I want to see when I wake up with morning wood and open my eyes.

They have some really nice sky scenery

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Her hair angers me for some reason so I will not watch this.

I dropped it because I felt like some of the characters were too mean to others.
Like people are always giving each other shit for being bumpkins and it makes me sad.
The Renge/Candy Store storylines however touched me deeply, honestly.

I may start again. I was halfway through the second series.

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I have the same problem with Haruhi

I always thought anime hair was supposed to be kinda weird looking.

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Her feelers.

It's for newfags and redditors/circejerks.

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Why is Komari's mom so lustful?

If you like SoL. If you don’t then no.

It's a top 3 SoL anime.

It was surprisingly nice and nowhere near as tear-jerky as the finale we got for nonstop.
Wrong everyone but her and Kaede have autism.

She's well aware that her bloodline's success in breeding and multiplying is the only chance for Asahigaoka to survive.

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it's over. fuck

I wonder if which child got their intelligence from their mom, I must find out who the dad is.

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Is that a sex thing?

Please don't call my daughter a "thing".

Hotarun just has a crush on her senpai ok

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jesus they're just teasing around. its the most soft hearted show ever, and you couldn't stand how mean they were?

They don't seem to ever lay off the short girl.

Koma-chan is hip and cool like a city girl!

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she got btfo pretty good there

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I want to lay with the short girl if you know what I mean.
Just kidding, I just wanted to say that.

I rabu Kaede

>He's never had a portable CD player
>He's never had asa makku
>He's never dotocomu'd
lmaoing @ your life

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I wanna be banana.

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See, that's what I mean.
They just kick the ever-loving fuck out of her at all passes.

It's not like they want to destroy her on purpose. It's her own fault for laying it on too thick.

Most of the time they are teasing her to help her not act too grown up for her age. At least in Konomi's case. There was a nice part in the manga where Konomi was shoveling snow outside her home and Komari went out to help because she wanted to be a helpful grown up, instead of playing with all the other kids. With just the right amount of good natured ribbing, she finally got the hint.
That theme keeps going until she stops pretending to be so grown up and finally eases into it with her mother teaching her how to cook, when in past instances she would trying on her own and mess everything up.

Does this look like the face of mercy to you?

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After learning about how she induces night terrors upon her sister, I see Renge in a whole new light.

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Renge should not have been allowed to live

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Renge should not have been allowed to wear clothes

Renge and her sisters are all born so far apart, I can only speculate the parents planned this out to have an older child available to take care of a much younger one while they worked out in the fields.

No it's just a part of the Miyauchi Breeding Cycle. Every time there's a poor season for crops, the parents conceive a new offspring to appease the gods of Asahigaoka.

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Watch out, she's gonna say the F word...

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I couldn't stop her.

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Moshi moshi

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You will not forget her, r-right?

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user, how could you? ;_;

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Komari is such a nice big sister.

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user, she's clearly younger

Send your brother over here now please thanks!

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She's not that thirsty.

So what piece of modern tech would you show Komari-chan to turn her smile upside and win her heart over?

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For you it would probably be Grinder.

You sound like you have experience

No one cared who I was till I put on the mask.

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At identifying gay anons? It becomes easy over the years seeing as they often post differently than us straight bros.

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Why would you give her a device that'd make her choose someone cooler than you?

It takes one to know one

Nah, but thanks for outing yourself.

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>in denial
Stop being so deeply closeted

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Get a room already you two gayfags.

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>user projecting his own sexuality onto others
Shame, I expected more from someone like you

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Someone like me? Way ahead of you. Time for you to take a step forward and be true to yourself.

Typical gay behavior assuming everyone else is the same as them

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No, I think we are quite different and I don't believe there has ever been a person who's truly been happy pretending to be someone else. Embrace the life of the boonies, Hikage and be gay (as in light-hearted and carefree)

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what a gay mannerism, you'd never witness such a display from Hikage

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Dotto comu

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Yea Forums

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I just wanted to know more about sleepy nee-chan
Who was she? Why was she a teacher? Was she really Ren-chon's sister? Why was she so tired?

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this nigga too soft for NNB

Bro no offense. I'm one of the biggest bitches ever who dropped shows because they felt too "mean" but there is nothing mean about Non Non Biyori.

>there is nothing mean about Non Non Biyori

What would sex with Konomi even be like...

>There is DICK spelled in Russian on her sweater

I have questions, bur I fear the answers...

Just anons having some fun

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Hika-nee is devilish

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She's always judging you with her looks.

Candy store was her babysitter

Konomi is based beyond comprehension. Probably a kitsune honestly

More like tiny wife material

They tease her but not malisciously


That's the best part

renchooon xD

Children of Gu

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why are silly cartoons in a language you can't understand and are aimed at children better at making you feel shit than high-budget television

Simply because high-budget TV is garbage because it tries to appeal to everyone, can't try anything risky or provocative anymore, and is essentially braindead.
>aimed at children
Why are you so retarded?

Not sure. I felt the entire end of the final episode was aimed at me. All those shots of people with their mothers and families getting back together made me miss mine.

NNB is seinen.

I stand corrected

in another life Renge was a no name driver in america...

Very good, why do you think it's remembered all this time?

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It's over, face the facts and forget about it.

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Hidamari was over ten years ago and is still getting regular threads kept alive through the force of sheer autism. They will never go away, but only if you don't stop bumping the thread...

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I will always bump these threads.

pictures you can hear

She has the "Stop beating your meat and start lifting" eyes user.

Watch one episode and find out. I absolutely hated this shit because the girls literally have one line of personality.


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Could Lelouch without the Geass defeat Renge in a mind game?


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no, stop asking

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I think she'd make a great crypto trader.

What about Renge?

She mines using renewable energy.

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She's smart enough to know about scams and would never do it.

Renge would pump and dump you without batting an eye...

>page 10 again
not doing a very good job

this monster is a groomer

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Because you touch yourself at night while thinking of her.

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Damn brat!

Well, I have to work too.

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