I love ara aras so much. They improve every single anime they're in

I love ara aras so much. They improve every single anime they're in.

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I wish Drasna was in a better game so we'd get more art of her gilf pussy getting creamed

>lolibabi uses 'ara ara'

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>tfw Lana mom is just a fucking OG anime character, gets shiton of doujins
>Barely any Drasna doujin

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That isn't an ara ara in the spirit of its meaning.

Too old.

She gets nothing with her canon proportions though. It sucks.

>Lana mom 2
Where's the 1?

She doesn't take any less than two at once

>you'll never bring an aged, yet still youthful women to orgasm with your mouth
Why even fucking live bros?


Drasna's too old. The lines around her eyes and mouth turn artists off.
Lana's mom is young enough, with no visible aging, for artists.

Lana's mom in fanon is unrecognizable to her canon version. She's flat as fuck but every fanart and doujin gives her GG cup breasts like it's standard.

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>Drasna's too old
shit taste japs

Truly, there is no reason left to live at all.

>Drasna's too old.

Drasna's feet

Old Hag Thread


Go on

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The "ara ara" is a subcult of the "OHOHOHO".


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Drasna is cute! CUTE!!

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Been there, done that.


She gave me her blessing, to marry her daughter.

>Implying I didn't
I could and so will you, wagmi.


Ypu better be larping, because I'm hella jelly rn

You wouldn't like it user. The trade off here is that both my girlfriend and her mom have taken quite a few dicks before me. The reason I am even together with her, is because she was easy. I don't mind it, but I can see how most anons would be extremely put off by that.

I don't mind it that much, I just want some okayodon

I am just happy that I have people who accept me into their family. Coming from a broken home, it's a wonderful feeling ti be accepted, even if it's horrible by Yea Forums standards.

You ever fuck them both at once?

ironic weeaboos ruined ara ara

>Drasna thread
At last

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Made for horse-like pokemon


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I want to have HANDHOLDING, MISSIONARY SEX with Drasna while she CRUSHES my hand with her grip and occasionally CHOKES me AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Evil hag

Time to fap to that micro bikini with areola showing and bushy bush pic again.


The Yokkora one?

She looks somewhat intimidating with both eyes open.

That's the best part

This one. Also I think the episode gave her some new fanart.


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More Drasna lewda when

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Is this /ss/?

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anime needs more hags

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People who don't like wrinkles on their hags, milfs and cakes are cowards

What is the minimum ara-ara age?

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late 30s, early 40s.

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I assume that this one counts, then.

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>old hag with a baby
disgusting and evil.
>a baby-frenzied christmas cake with a shy teenager
absolute perfection.
pic rel is the type of person who are into this.

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Drasna nails

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The only queen I would get behind in more than one ways

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So Fumi Hirano voices Drasna, I always wondered who’d they’d cast but they picked a great choice

Did she show up in the latest episodes? I saw Japs actually drawing her lately?

Ash battled her in the last episode.

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Obaa-san character, obaa-san seiyuu

>Only doujin with her has scat
My rage is immeasurable.

It’s pretty good until the last page.

Not yet, but my birthday is in 9 days, so let's wait and see.

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I love them

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Cutest GILF ever!

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This. Hags shouldn’t look like they’re still 20 years old.

You wouldn't marry one, would you?

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I assume I know the answer but I';ll ask
Did she win?

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My friends mom has a few wrinkles, but I don't mind that.

Does anyone actually like them slim or does anyone prefer ara aras to be soft and a little bit flabby?

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>Have massive older woman fetish from manga
>Actually date an Asian women in her 40s
>It's just like dating a woman in her 20s only with so much more baggage

This was nothing like the ara ara~ fantasy Yea Forums promised me. Did I get a defective one?

You're supposed to find a girl your age and wait for her to get to the ara ara stage you doofus.

Indeed this.

Nobody grows up anymore. People are just as childish as teens nowadays. Old people aren't wise, an old woman is just an overgrown child with a saggy pussy.

I love old hags so fucking much bros

I like apples and I like oranges, all aras are beautiful their own way.

I agreed. The Japanese artist should sexualized old ladies more often.

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That's why we're all here user.

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I want one of those teasing gf simulator romcoms except it´s a young KHV waiter and the (at least) 20 years older owner

Toe cleavage

why has tobato not done a hag h-manga? I get that they aren´t marketeable enough to get in magazines but now that he´s got a fanbox it should be fine

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wtf i love this thread now

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>a new chapter of umi ga hashiru end roll dropped on april´s fools
>it wasn´t a joke
I guess there is a god. Still I doubt I´ll get to see the rest on time unless a live action happens

>tfw you're 38 and officially older than the "older women" in mature fetish anime/manga
>all those aras will be lost, in time, like tears in rain

Unrelated to that, 12 years ago today I went on my first date with my first girlfriend. We met on Yea Forums and went to an anime con together. Excuse the blog.

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>back when i was young i always like to fantasize having a pretty big tits older gf
>tfw i'm already nearing 25 and soon i'll be older than the hags i loved
god dammit

Hags in outfits too tight for them are the best.

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Mature women's feet

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i like mature women doing age-inappropriate things

Like trying to seduce much younger people who work part time?

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I haven't watched Pokemon in ages, any other trainers like her that act disarming but would wring your neck given the chance? who the fuck crushes a 10 year old's hand she's amazing

you know, for all the crazy shit i've heard about the wall by browsing here, the fact that you old hags enjoyers exist makes me more comfortable about aging

i'm still young but user lied to me when he said i would be a waste after 25, feels good

Nobody wants 3DPD

This. I want to date a much older woman but treat her like she's mage age even if it's ridiculous. Few years ago I had dinner with some of my uncle's friends and there was a Korean chick in her 50s who was going gray. I wanted to see her dress like she was 20 and going to a party.

I got my first kiss at 26. Dating gets easier as you get older as long as you don't act like you're 16 forever.

I like them when they are old but still young enough they can get pregnant, 40-45 or so.

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Found a pic of your kids.

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It's okay, it just makes me realize that every taste is out there, 3dpd or not

Cute! Happy for you, i suppose most people mature out of their dogmatic phases as they age, regardless of gender. There's still a lot of men obsessed with youth but it's cool to see my life doesn't end at 25

Did you watch it? She wasnt flat

>blonde / silver hair
>eyes always closed
>sideways ponytail
Name a better combo

forgot the image

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>having kids

Yandex is giving me nothing, sauce my guy?

i just took this one

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No, Ash won. Then Bonnie asked her to marry Clemont.

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>young enough they can get pregnant

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It’s missing lines around mouth and under the eyes

You're still going to hit the wall at 30 and if you've been a whore it will show. besides no one wants
Anime women are perfect as they are made in the image of fantasy not reality.
take care of your body

>thick thighs
>thick eyebrows

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I wonder if this user succeded?
The deadline is coming up

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Maybe you like her more in this form. She can change at will though, so I'm not sure if you want her to have that much power over you.

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>Drasna thread still alive after nearly a day
It's perfect.

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>Maybe you like her more in this form.
it's nice but i think I'm too far gone, damn you Phoenix Wright

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Hanzo impregnated this..

>Background mom with 10 sec of screentime having more porn than the OG mom in 20 years
What went wrong

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Nice dude, did you have the chance to tell her your feelings yet?

I like it when they feel a bit dangerous, like the nakamura regura hags.

My guess? Oyakodon appeal
Looking like an older version of her daughter gives her a huge advantage

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Some of the greatest minds in history understood hag-superiority

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I said you don't like wrinkles you don't like barren wombs, you don't like sagging skin and crows feet,
Would you love a hag id she was flat?
Lusamine rarely gets on model art

Yes. I am secretly sleeping with her. My friend doesn't know, and we want to keep it that way.

Does she have nice titties?

You don't want to know how std-riddled the man was.

>hag lover
>hated the g*rmans
Jesus christ Ben was based

>Ara ara thread with 150 posts
>No one has posted the Queen yet
What the fuck is wrong with you all

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>black hair
>eyes always closed
>long hair

For me it's
>dark brown hair
>open eyes
>casual/gym clothes

this kind of hair

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Because what we really want is an Ara Ara from an older woman.

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Isn't she in herlate 20s, early 30s?

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Yeah its pointless when it's like Alicia from Aria who ara aras but she's not even 20 yet

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Is there a name for this hairstyle? Medium-length-streaks-of-hair-on-both-sides-of-the-face? I've noticed that nearly every hag I'm in love with has this feature

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thats explain why mallows mom failed

>Muronaga Chaashuu
Good taste user

Did they ever show her mom? I didnt really watch all that much of SM only got to like epsiode 70

>The lines around her eyes and mouth turn artists off.
And those artists are COWARDS!

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Ehh, her chest isn't that big.

Attached: 1524160691701.jpg (590x816, 80.72K)

If I had to guess, I'd say it's a combination of
1) Bog-standard design (same applies to Delia)
2) Looking nothing like her daughter

Attached: pokemon mallow mother.jpg (798x456, 90.78K)

Damn well I hope she's at least cute

whoa thats her mom? Weird

Which one?

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Patrician as fuck, I want him to knock her up.

Attached: 1615188206767.jpg (868x1067, 188.28K)

Yukari, she has the eyes closed ara ara vibe

Protag's mom

Why is this kind of shit so fucking hot to me?
I used to be normal, man.

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>eyes closed ara ara vibe
This is very important. In addition to it's raw appeal, this expression is also a strong indicator she'll say "But I'm just an old lady!" some point. Further research is needed for actual incidence rate.

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would you?

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>Further research
They are all perverts

They look soft and warm, kinda like a prison made out of meat, once you enter and they wrap their soft body around you it will sap you of all your strength.

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Eriko's irrumation was amazing

I would pick the oldest one.

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>virgin thinks that a handshake out of sportsmanship equals that a female wants to fuck you
how are you this deprived of physical contact lmao get a life faggot

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Why is she wearing gloves
Alsos she has a nice phat ass

>Why is she wearing gloves

cleaning up NTR user's NEET room of course. i wonder how she disposes of his piss bottles.

Hell no.

made for rimming pokemon

>cleaning up NTR user's NEET room of course

My parents had me at 40. Does this mean im autistic?

>be a decent artist
>draw cuckshit and bestiality
What a pity. Is this what mass profusion of microplastics leads to? Throwing in an antique hag to contribute to the thread

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user, you're on Yea Forums.

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I don't think anybody asked

>mass profusion of microplastics

Sauce? Reverse search gives me nothing

Honestly though, i still would. She got that great bod. And I would definitely kiss her too.

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not a hag don't care if she's 50 she has no wrinkles just big tits

youre the guy fro the other day whats with the gloves looking like smt lilim headass

Eating pussy is gay.

So all that dick you suck is straight?

Her body is quite sexy, ngl.

hag life
hag love

I was helping her with cleaning, and the gloves were for when she cut some branches on a small, indoor tree.


>I was helping her with cleaning
Good and responsible user

How do I get a mommy girlfriend?

Attached: AH3890.jpg (1242x1235, 121.42K)

Hell yeah.

Go to any online dating website and set your preference for 35-45 years old milfs with kids.

She showed up near the tail-end, where it's revealed that she died. We saw her ghost.

Not an actual mom, a girl my age with a loving, nurturing personality who acts motherly

>I love ara aras so much.
do you know why?

>Looking nothing like her daughter
user, she was not fair skinned, that was a subtle way of telling you that she was in the advanced stages of a terminal illness.

That's not a dress, that's a hospital gown.

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Tell me doc

My gf lets me suck her titties while she pats my head and calls me a good boy, it's the best feeling in the world. Now I just need to persuade her to clean my ears with a long cotton stick while I lay my head on her lap.

>with kids

Attached: Disgust.gif (480x270, 1.79M)

How did you even get her? And what was the first time like?

you are at least some part percentage microplastic
babies are now being born as half human half plastic cyborgs

>Noo, don't you ever think I mind you calling me mommy
Is it bad that I want this

You'll have to dig through the available girls to find one who's both very mature and not looking to be the weaker partner. Also while making sure she's not a controlling psycho.

Imagine having a gilf as your love partner.

Attached: commission___drasna_x_calem_2_by_ohmfancervice_der8ypp-fullview.jpg (1280x1615, 194.26K)

I want to rub and kiss those feet

Very good, except...

Attached: 1620442907127.jpg (540x360, 27.13K)

alice in hell

It shaves off her lifespan though

Thanks user. I hope you have a lovely day.

I have been friends with her son ever since we started school together. She was always a very kind and nice woman, who was always there for me, as much as I was there for her. Her husband was an alcoholic, and I was the one she cried to, when things were bad. After they got divorced, she was alone for almost a decade. I made my move after a misunderstanding, where I thought she found someone new, but it was just a relative visiting her. I went up to her, ignored the terrible stinging in my heart, and confessed to her. At first she rejected (she was moved, but confused) me, but after some time she was the one to revisit that proposal. Nobody was home at my place, so she came over, and we did it. She had seen no action in over a decade, so it was really intense and emotional for her, and very special for me, as I lost my virginity. We decided to keep it a secret, so none of her children (except her daughter) know about it. Usually I come over, I hang out with my friend, and help her around the house, if need be. But then if nobody is around, we do it.

Is her ace an altaria?
She truly is the best milf

Ever been almost caught by your friend?


No. We are very careful.


How did his sister know it then?

She doesn't live home, and she has a very strong relationship with her mom. They discussed it.


if anything, the way she's holding his hand looks like it would hurt him. like she's trying to wrench his hand down at the wrist

Attached: b82646f1-18ae-4e40-9302-053bf3b3b74f.png (764x1200, 303.48K)

>We decided to keep it a secret, so none of her children (except her daughter)
>(except her daughter)

kill yourself

wrinkles erotic... ToT

Attached: 5666755756567.gif (500x209, 1.94M)

I miss Y

She is in on our secret, and she is happy for us.

>Every shota's dream.

Attached: 22.jpg (1143x800, 64.03K)

Is he, is he inside the swimsuit too?



>[Oni Kizoku] Oshiete Ikema-sensei and Kyoutou-sensei/Teach me Miss.Ikema and Miss.Kyoutou
I only like this one for the "sharing one swimsuit" thing.

i'm a simple man with a simple taste

Attached: FLRK2zoaMAADSp_.jpg (1184x2048, 343.66K)

I hope the thread doesn't die, while I take a nice and comfy bath with my girlfriend's mother. She is already getting the bath ready. I'll leave you all with this.

Attached: 1648781524384.png (1600x1023, 2.46M)

Attached: Rage boils.png (482x513, 156.73K)

>draw cuckshit and bestiality

Attached: Moms for NTR.jpg (849x284, 80.6K)

As a Philadelphian, I'm honored to have this man as our representative.

>as a _____[blank]______
leave now nigger

Fine I'll go get a cheesesteak from Wawa while pondering the Liberty Bell and that time the police firebombed the west side in the 80s.

>this thread

Attached: uoohag.jpg (626x256, 27.7K)

>Drasna is finally in the anime

I prefer
and a nice
>*takes sip of refreshing beverage* WHEEEAH~
But I can take a good ara ara sometimes.

Attached: rare renge.png (5000x5719, 2.97M)

They're holding hands, they've already entered a level of degeneracy far beyond sex

Living the dream. Don't forget to wash her back.

Every girl I've met irl that also normally browsed Yea Forums were pretty autistic and our friendships always ended going awry and strained. I hope you and your first gf are still friends on some level

Attached: 2a4434843cf7ca4c5c48f1e6186134da.jpg (225x350, 17.11K)

tomo, she looks rather handy

>putting 'with kids' in what you look your bio
They're going to dial 911 before they'd dial you

Attached: Who put you on this planet.png (317x395, 54.67K)

I will continue to bump this thread.

Attached: 20191007_010549.jpg (900x1025, 353.94K)

fucking souce!!!!

>I love ara aras so much.
Do you??

And what does your girlfriend do while thia happens?


There should be more cute Gilf in japanese 2d media.

She was playing smash with her younger brother, while I took a bath with their mommy.


Attached: 7.jpg (620x465, 110.9K)

Not nearly enough feet art of her
most of it is DA tier traced shit


>While you smashed their mommy
Missed opportunity.

Attached: 20191105_193454.jpg (774x1032, 308.64K)

Do you??

Personally, I like it best when the ara ara is so cool that she wraps back into cute territory.

Attached: drasna wip.jpg (1053x922, 209.95K)

She was slightly more autistic than I was, and we split after two years because of our differences. We haven't spoken in almost a decade. No hard feelings, though. That journey ended, a new one began for both of us. She was a cool scientist and one of the smarter people I've known.

Dunno, I've met a few other girls who were anons. A couple were attention whores, a couple were super trashy, and one chick was a normal adult in her 30s who used to post creepypasta on /x/ 10+ years ago. I guess playing the averages I wouldn't want to rely on Yea Forums as a dating venue.

how much more based can he get

This is cool. Who drew these?

I'll hopefully finish this one sometime tomorrow if I can find the time. It's so nice to see people appreciating Drasna!

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Attached: melony_and_drasna__commission____pokemon_by_tadashibaka_ddmtfjp-fullview.jpg (1280x979, 163.35K)

Attached: FPQO3RqWUAM2VMM.jpg (1920x1080, 197.6K)

Attached: FPU-LJCXoAMieh9.jpg (1920x1080, 167.4K)

Let it die, there's a better hags

>0 results
This thread is shit. Yea Forums is shit.

Attached: e6e96f6fab5f564270e48795849d0777.jpg (715x1000, 492.85K)

Akiko is shit

What does ara ara means, anyway?

Mating call

It depends on the moment and how nice she is.

Fuck off faggot
Cute GILF. I'd sleep with her, if you know what I mean.

Attached: 1618304996748.jpg (2128x3019, 2.81M)

Rude. And no, you wouldn't

I would if she let me.

Attached: 1634771042350.png (408x789, 185.79K)

Not only did I smash her, but I also shaved her down there.

Wtf that's just an old Princess Jasmine

and Yea Forums too

she was a so lovable teacher

Old hags that try to compete with a younger generation?

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even rarer pokemon hag

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>Baby-frenzied women in general are hot as fuck.
She doesn't even care about her own pleasure, she's just hellbent on draining your balls with her hungry womb, not wasting a single drop.
>is there anything hoter than that?

Shit taste user. Very slightly trimmed Milf Pubes are the hottest part next to their huge cow tits.

Old hags in lesbian brothels.

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>see this
What do?

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>mess me up hard
OK user imma need a Source for that.

Well, she wanted it that way, and we left a small landing strip.

>tags: birthmark

>"Looking good ladies"
>Walk off whilst sipping my drink and chuckling to myself "Yep, still got it"

OK the landing strip saves it. Show her a good time user. Old girls like it raw. Once you're done she'll definitely come back for more.

Listed some old hags for this thread.

Someone explain to me why people correlate Drasna with feet?


Would you let yourself be trapped by an old hag?

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I swear, I've once read this exact plot to a hentai.

sauce? tried yandex, saucenao, iqdb, google.

If she let's me creampie her on a daily basis I don't mind.

No, you didn't

you dont want it, it's isekai

This lady is cute. Where is her art?

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>Walk in
>See this

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Uhhhhh sorry

What is this?


Ahhhhhhhhhh........... NO WAY!!!

>Turn 360 degrees and start walking


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Training hags.

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Hags being groped from behind like that while in public is always hot as fuck

Literally no source, none of the source searches work. Nobody knows where it's from.

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Me in the top right panel

Some shitty isekai about a guy getting a cheat tablet and then he starts banging every girl he comes across.

it's not unsourcable. it's just shit isekai that search engines steer away from

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Silly chad, why then did I find it the first time I googled it? Alright, I'll spoonfeed you.
>Gakuenmono no Otome Game no Sekai ni Tensei Shita kedo, Cheat-mochi no Haikei Danshi Seitodatta You desu
Chapter 1.3

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why does her trainer class not have a pixiv tag...

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All his girls make me feel uncomfortable. Not like the average vanilla /ss/ doujins, but they feel like real predators. Isolating the boy, corrupting him and eventually stealing them from their parents.

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Not gonna lie the ring being visible from behind is a 10/10 detail

Did someone ask for a Mamaid?

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No, I asked for a mermamaid.

Gen 6 Hag with off model Hex Maniac would be the hottest Pokegirl threesome

I once cast a healing spell on my mom, and turned her into a virgin again. True story.


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What fucking level of cuckshit is this?
Jesus Christ, get a grip man.


The duality of Yea Forums

>implying it isn't the same guy

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is it the same guy? lol

Point still stands

Never play it. But what's wrong with her in the game, user?

Lana's mom is really beautiful

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I want to be isekai'd and go on an adventure with a party like this.

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I am gonna be her son in law in the near future, but I already call her mommy. Turns out older ladies are very easy to flatter. That being said, none of her daughters boyfriends put much thought into it. They just saw her as a thirsty older lady. Maybe it is because I am a hopeless romantic, but I put extra effort into being nice towards her, when we I started to interact with her.
>You are such a sweet-sweet boy,
She told me. It felt nice, considering my mom doesn't give a rats ass about me.

Nigga saucenao found it for me first try

please do not post diantha's legs

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>hag without her hag lines

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>Drasna has appeared in one doujin
>her scene is fucking scat

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tomo, slim and petite gets me hard as diamonds

>that abubu series where a blonde colonizer hires an indian milf servant to educate her son

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You wouldnt suck on hag titties while letting her jerk you off

Sexy hags and Milfs are made for Ryona

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Liza is a good woman

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I find it hard to believe that an user can get so lucky.

its the internet bro
anything is possible

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Rock on

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What's she from?

My Divorced Crybaby neighbor

55 or 29. 55 if I needed money on the spot for debts, 29 if I wanted to have a good wife. 33 implies a history of divorce and 49 is a bit too young and ambitious, which is just lining up for disappointment.

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Truly the greatest

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Like holding hands?

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abubu did a series like that? I don't recall.

>no future Bulma

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Basically I got into this situation because I had a classmate who was a slut. She had quite a few boyfriends, and during guy talk, one of her former boyfriends told us how her mom is as easy as she is. So I went to one of those night schools, and there she was. My classmate again, and the only person there I knew, so we instantly sat next to each other, and started chatting. She was between boyfriends, so I made my move, and it worked. She especially liked the idea that slutty girls turn me on, and that I don't judge, but she also liked my more cheesy/romantic, and unique side. We had a fun time. After a few dates, she took me home, and there I met her mother. And the legends? They were all true.