Will there be enough content to animate a S3 once S2 finishes?

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Vol 5 and vol 6 shit goes down.
But lets not get ahead of ourselves, lets enjoy season two and see how the winds blow afterwards

There's enough for four seasons basically

We'll probably need to wait for the director to return from another exile to the Mewkledreamy labor camp, which means keeping Ito alive for 2 more years.
No pressure.

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There hasn't been an announcement for another season yet. It's probably dead.

God I want to see Suika animated

Then I guess we wouldn't have to wait over a year between the announcement and the studio starting to work on a new season. If there is an announcement

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Die, thread that discusses the demon girl next door. You don't belong in this world.

Who is that?

shadow mistress shamiko and her future husband monmo

2 years between seasons would be good if ito's health wasn't in a constant state of flux, without hiatuses it'd give her enough time to finish another 2 volumes.

I was okay with the time between seasons, it was the silence after the announcement which got to me

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Impressively useless thread, as expected of Shamiko.

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>No machikado mazoku in the title, so most people won't be able to find it by searching the catalogue
>Poor thread starter
>Already a thread earlier today
This thread was kneecapped from the start

Although to be fair it was a shame the earlier thread was destroyed by a certain autist, and some fag jealous that Mazoku threads stick around while their threads don't, so they wanted our thread to end rather than trying to make their own thread better. I went away for less than an hour and it was gone.

Less than a week until Shamizoku anime

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>Anri is able to control Shadow Mistress Shamiko's tail just by pointing her fingers
How powerful is Anri, really?

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4 tailspades strong

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Mazoku NTR series

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strong and respectable demon general with her loyal vassals

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SatAnri, user.

Shamiko news is coming in all over the place right now

i hope someone restreams this for those of us without japanese IPs or VPNs

I'm only watching this anime because I love her Seiyuu and she has big boobies.

Those are some good reasons.

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Now read her manga.

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>Shamiko's hospital friend

this artist operates on a whole different plane of shipping

Secondary faggots should not be making the Shamithreads

What other Kirara adaptations have been announced?

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RPG Real Estate also airing this season
Bocchi the Rock this year
I don't think there are any others announced beyond those at this point

>melty is doing the countdown now
Oh no.
Oh yes.

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Exhibitionist mazoku

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shamis out shamis proud
shamis saving the town

Unless they're slowing down for S2 and are only adapting one volume, 4 seasons is a bit of a stretch.

Mahjong arc when

Itou working hard

A hard working shami

>Itou working hard
Burnout in 3... 2... 1...

Hyper shami

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will they upload the livestream to youtube?

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A souper vegan.


This is a good time to sneak in a contract to make her agree to knock it off with her horsegambling habit.

Couldn't watch that niconico mazoku livestream event featuring リコ because of region lock
and heard from people who could access the stream that it was still difficult to stay on cause of too many viewers
also didn't search too hard for a VPN as I'd resigned myself to watching Magireco anime's finale instead, which was pretty fun and worth it

Season 1 also had some niconico streams which I just found hikari to yami no wars 1 hikari to yami no wars 2 hikari to yami no wars final battle
but they weren't officially uploaded so I don't think you can expect much on that front

hopefully somebody can grab the stream archive from niconico and make a streamable or something
unless some JP person will upload it like the above, which seem to all have been posted the day of/day after

minakata sunao released a preview page for the anthology

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Figures she'd draw Momo's RGB outfit for the anthology. She seems to really like it.

can't wait for the anthology to come out
incredibly based Sunao thanks for letting me start the translation ahead of time

title: Treasure of the Dark Clan!? Ancestor's painstakingly-crafted magnum opus peach-colored form!!

>Shamiko: "Ancestor! What is this!?"

>Lilith: "During the form brainstorming, I burned Momo's existence into the back of my mind and retinas via magic"
>Lilith: "and recreated and materialized this before my memories could fade"

>Lilith: "It doesn't have a soul, but can perform basic actions!"
>kukuku no ku
>sfx:smug (doya)

>sfx: cat momo batting the shiny object (pereperepere)

>shamiko: 'cute...'

side note but the term for transformed outfits which I just left as 'form' here, 魔力外装, would probs literally translate into 'mana armor/plating' and also sounds like Fate terminology
don't remember what prior translation for it has but I feel like this connotation is left out
and is important especially since Caraco has done multiple Fate jokes (one comparing herself to Kayneth)

For real, do you honestly think anyone likes you? Like, at all? Fuck off with your off topic shitposts.

>a whole different plane
Of sheer, raw, unfiltered mental illness.

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Honest question. Do you think making it obvious you're the only person who acts this way, and are just a shitposter who spams the same small handful of images over and over, is making you some kind of "epic meme" or something?

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we may be flying below normalfag radars, but we still need to deal with schizoposting...

I would have preferred normalfags over than the schizoposting.

yet not even he dares touch the forbidden fruit of mazoku full family incest

So if the sphinx had a backup of gusion, whats the purpose of the gusion backup on Shamiko's phone? Are they going to create a seperate gusion and ogura so her personality doesn't get absorbed?

Just report and ignore and wait for the Dark Bureau to clean the Light Clan up.

Maybe. Though there's still only one Ogura body, maybe they can pull a Gosenzo and make a Gusion from another batch of horse dung?

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I don't think they'll do the poop body again. They've done it twice now and its getting too convenient repetitive of a solution.

A. alt-timeline Gusion has unique/different info than Sphinx Backup cause she's from an alt-timeline that got barrier absorbed + info about bad timeline barrier space study
B. alt-timeline Gusion has more recent info than Sphinx Backup because it's from right up to when she died, not just when she last saved
C. alt-timeline Gusion doesn't know that Sphinx Backup exists for some reason, or more likely just thinks Shamiko/Ogura won't find it in time
D. alt-timeline Gusion expects Sphinx Backup to be found and used, and her ebook is an update to complement it
any combination of these except C would give it reason
I'm betting that we'll get one Ogura/Gusion and not two entities

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I keep forgetting that Momo's VA is also a really good artist.

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>notice new chapter is up for first time in forever
>it's great
>can't find thread here or even in archive
Fuck I missed it completely.

Go in /u/.

Search on wakarimasen for the thread on the 26th or 27th

unironically thanks a lot user, shoot though. After, what has it been, 5 months? more? I just forgot about following it with stuff like helping my dying grandmother. At least this is a bit of cheer.


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There's a doujin about this, but it's neither uploaded nor translated as far as I could find. Makes me sad.

it's been a while for everybody
welcome back shamibros

>POV: you are Lilith and your great-granddaughter in law is boasting about how superior her genetics are compared to yours
Although I'm not used to fanart with seikos this small

Just ask Shamiko to save us from the schizo.

Are we getting two anime this season? Cool, I didn’t know that

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Everyone jokes about succubus genetics but Lilith and Joshua are both completely flat. Seiko is the real source here

I just started s1 and have only one question, why is the family heirloom a demon dildo?

user Joshua is a man

>a proud bloodline of dream demons
>an unrelated normal or ex-magical girl has to come in to implant her oppai genetics
Embarrassing moment for the dark clan

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shadow mistress shamiko



It’s a Haniwa statue

I don't understand the question

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Clearly its a Tenga.


Report to the local police.

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That's gosenzu

When a demon gets sealed they turn into a useless knicknack.

Surely Seiko wont object to Ryoko staying up with her favorite book at night?

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Except for Johsua. The Mikan box is the Ark of the Covenant in disguise

Save Shamiko!

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You and I were reading the same chapter right now

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I apologize for being so useless

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Go stripping, the only good thing is your sexy body.

I really like it too. The RGB just makes it peak comedy.

>J. C. Staff
I hope it doesn't have too much QUALITY.

Probably the same as first season

Going by the trailer alone you can tell they upped the shamitail animation budget.

Medicos revealed what's included in the bundle of goods they're doing for my cute autistic crocs wearing flat chested husband (female)'s birthday, no life-sized tapestry unfortunately.
>Acrylic Art Panel, which is a peach-themed photo frame containing the shot of Shamiko and Momo from the opening of the anime
>Bromide card
>Acrylic keyring
>BIG Acrylic stand
Overall it's mostly the kind of stuff you'd expect to see, but the photo frame acrylic panel was a nice surprise.

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Its good that they have their priorities right

Why is Shamiko so shamicute?

people on the pre-screening were pleasantly surprised by the animation quality

Between this and Virgin Road, maybe JC Staff's actually trying this season?

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A new hat

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Shamiko Alter

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Finally, the new chapter is out

Sniffing Ito!

what does ito smell like?

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How did we get to the point that we're lewding the author too?

People in these threads when they got too bored, got WAY too obsessed with the author. Started to border on being weird at times.


She is moe
I'm not weird!

What? Did you expect some threesome?

I like the occasional cute art this guy does, inbetween all the lewd and scantly dressed mazoku

Have an orgy together.

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Why would they be embarrassed by such a great conquest. Bringing the cowtit genes in was a planned, tactical decision. It raised their family's effectiveness against autistic Magical Girls tenfold

What is Nyaga going to do?

It was really only a matter of time

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Just look at her arm.

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Hit something else. Or someone else.

is this series yuri? I will only read it if the demon girl is heterosexual

Nope. They love dicks.

I don't think there are even any male characters to ship her with. It's a magical girl series with an all female cast

as long as she isnt explicitly gay its fine


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This outfit and those horns are so cute. I hope she gets to become a mazoku for real eventually

Looks like a pink crab from the thumbnail.

Because it is. Just joking

there are only four heterosexual characters in the manga and two of them are animals

But at least one of them is an attractive animal

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I want to huff her tail

I'm glad lixpo is back to her usual self. I didn't like those chapters when all she was doing was to cry about shirosawa

Agreed, she was deceitful and conniving, tricking a 10 year old and an autistic book into breaking rules with her.
Exactly what I love about her character

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Слава Украине !

Шаміко Слава!

She was never presented as especially smart originally, just retardedly selfish and having no morals. Which fits since she is just an animal, in a literal way.

people think shes smart and clever because shes a fox, it's a trope. She's not exactly, Itou turns tropes on their head

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>Operation 27 is from Ukraine
>Special Operation

How did Ito know this?

Well she's stupid by human standards, all of her traps are easy to see through like they were done by a child. But by animal standards, or Mazoku standards that might be smart.

It's too late to make these jokes anymore, we actually got a new chapter now

I don't see how she's stupid, I feel like Lico made these traps easy to see through on purpose, why? because it's amusing to her.
For example here, I don't think she actually wanted to hurt momo. I feel like she's as retarded as everyone else.

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>idi svoyei dorogoy stalker !
Chernobyl power plant hides many secrets
Thats why russians take him

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How many weeks until Darkness Peach?

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Halfway into the season

>12 ep anime
>presumably volumes 3 and 4 exactly
>each volume has 13 chapters
>each ep thus covers a bit over 2 chapters
>Darkness Peach shows up midway through the second last chapter of vol 3
so epiosde 6
mazoku math

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When did people really start shipping Ryo and Ogura anyway? Was it before or after the manga started giving us lots of scenes with them

chapter 67

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Around 67

Any characters that exclusively start hanging out with each other start to get shipped, not counting family. Ryoko had no real connections beforehand, neither did Ogura. So it was an easy connection.

The real question about season 2 is what are they going to do for the OP animation? It's going to be hard to top season 1.

First OP is a bunch of those "front of every chapter image" animated together. Just do more of that. At the beginning of each chapter Itou draws some out of context image of the Mazoku gang doing something.

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>Ryouko likes books
>Ogura is revealed to be a book
>thus Ryouko likes Ogura
Ito was just laying the groundwork for this the whole time

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Attached: FPDa5vdagAIKND6.jpg (1250x1100, 142.29K)

Attached: FOqk29SacAUZXwZ.jpg (1602x2048, 237.85K)

which of you produced this disgusting incoherent abomination?

Attached: 8966B95D-DF01-4BDE-B41C-755352BC3222.png (1350x1938, 2.2M)

>didn't translate Ogura's answer text
literally unreadable
though the text is pretty indecipherable even to people who bought the actual magazine

i’m not talking about that, this whole chapter is MTL plus look at the last two squares not just the book is untranslated

>riko- and e!?
I'd be more concerned with the 'heta' or whatever if I wanted to nitpick that image

I want some MoMikan or ShamiLili

The "え!?" was translated in the original thread, and so was the "ヘタッ" (kinda), so that's on the typesetter
lixpo being リコ has been purposeful for the past several chapters, any regular would know that
and if you think that's MTL, I'd like to see your take on this page's text
It's all human-translated, admittedly with too much emphasis on preserving original sentence structure + literal meaning

Looks like the quick tl from the other thread with some minor typesetting fixes. From a lurker's perspective, those weren't meant to be uploaded as they aren't scanlation quality, but you know there's no stopping some user from doing it anyway.

it's a shitty speedTL/typeset from the threads that was just meant to let us talk about the chapter, I don't know why people insist on typesetting and uploading it to aggregate sites

>I don't know why people insist on typesetting
It's more pleasant to read this way. And some people find TSing fun I guess.
>and uploading it
That I don't really know, but equally don't really care. I genuinely don't even know what aggregates people use nowadays, all the manga that I read are either on Yea Forums or on scanlators' various websites.

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tummy and glasses momo

Attached: FO8nBk_aQAAcsi0.jpg (848x1199, 109.29K)

what's the ETA mazoku gang?

3 shamidays

Attached: FOwyN_bagAEAv_F.jpg (1500x1500, 757.34K)

in fact, the staff made a tweet not 30 minutes ago


Fox and tapir speak!

Lico's voice is higher than I expected, huh.

That is not at all what I thought she would sound like. Even the samples of the other characters the seiyu has done didn't sound this high pitched

Attached: E9kmWpZVoAYA4lL.jpg (2357x1822, 2.66M)

no... my imagination for her voice

She's really just Maira Mewkledreamy but a bit softer, huh
I expected a bit more snark or teasing and slightly lower

Attached: lixpo-n.png (879x843, 555.89K)

The daimaou, Shirosawa, sounds... really elegant and adult.
I was expecting something more pathetic and nasal.
I can understand why Rlyxprlo wants to crossbreed with him.
But foxes still can't love tapirs. It's forbidden love.

now imagine this Shirosawa having his tail hair plucked

I thought she'd be lower and more soft-spoken. This is going to take some getting used to.

I just finished S1. Anything I should do before watching S2?

Btw what is that sphere in episode 11 2:55? I know it reads COLA but that doesn't explain anything.

Attached: mpv-shot0001.jpg (1920x1080, 285.02K)

it's a cola sphere, it does cola sphere stuff

Attached: EqFfzaQUcAMehXx.jpg (1000x1000, 65.36K)

Meh, having to wait 3 days and 6 hours until Mikan starts her arc to become a mother that gives birth to her magical incest daughter-sister made of shit is sooo annoying.

It's the metaphysical concept of cola
It's delicious

>I know it reads COLA but that doesn't explain anything.

Attached: 1596744097639.webm (638x720, 409.72K)

I'm getting horny for a tube again

You know what's also tube shaped? That's right, a penis.

Attached: E-7_1YJVUAQ_Low.jpg (1668x1668, 363.2K)

Smug tube

Attached: 1621013891153.jpg (1032x1457, 979.06K)

I trust in Ito's direction.

I too wish to have a Nekomonmo in my life

Attached: momocatTL.png (1000x1416, 1.3M)

Attached: shamikooooo.jpg (2560x1820, 2.4M)

Yuri anthology

I like best boy's voice. It just clicks. As for Lico, I'm sure it'll be fine once we hear her playfully bully Momo.

>best boy
You mean only boy. He has such a deep, pleasant voice. Can't wait to hear him grovel and apologize.

>Forgetting about box dad

I thought the author was dying.

Apologize to the fridge deliveryman this instant

Attached: 1619315201464.jpg (1523x2048, 277.56K)

there exists a better boy

Attached: Deliveryman.jpg (478x1048, 64.54K)

She still is dying, but it hasn't stopped her in the past

Attached: 1642033989808.jpg (404x353, 62.88K)

Attached: FPfEYJoaMAQxgGt.jpg (1280x720, 194.28K)

she has ganbaru energy

Attached: CaracoEveryday.png (966x940, 482.09K)

Can't really call a disembodied voice a regular character though

Don't know what you guys are talking about, Lico sounds exactly like I imagined she would

I like Lico already, but it comes down to how she does when she gets to be mean and smug and intense rather than innocently dumb like here.
Shirosawa on the other hand is more off from my expectation. I thought he'd sound older and more like a loser, and not this handsome.

Since when did you fall under the impression dying would stop her?

>lilith's diary of suffering

>volume 5963

Attached: comfysenzo.png (843x608, 343.33K)

リコ sounds a bit different than what I expected, but shouldn't be hard to get used to
Shirosawa on the other hand... what the fuck. That's not how I imagined his -tamae AT ALL

Attached: FOrXLEbakAItCs8.jpg (4096x4096, 1.45M)

Attached: 1621095264888.jpg (600x613, 53.99K)

Oh man, theses voices are entirely different from what I imagined.

>it comes down to how she does when she gets to be mean and smug and intense
Yeah, I'm not sold on her voice so far so that switch would be a key for me. I guess it's a fine voice for "dumb innocence" moments she often finds herself in, but if she keeps it during the scenes like the one where she's tormenting Monmo or picrelated, let alone when she almost blew Honyu to pieces, I'm going to be disappointed. I've always imagined her as more of a smug fox of mischief and a slight sociopath who barely feigns her ignorance for plausible deniability, rather than just an outright dumb fennec.
But then again taking on such a voice would be a good way to act dumb, so we'll see.

Attached: Sugar rush.png (535x387, 156.21K)

Shamiko with a toast in her mouth?
Or a toast with a Shamiko on it?

Attached: FOmnIoEVgAIa9qn.jpg (988x1289, 133.7K)

The latter

Attached: shamisnack.jpg (1100x1400, 128.43K)

I didn't think of リコ as that soft voiced. Shirosawa sounds pretty much like I imagined though.

Someone had to deliberately tone down this shot from the manga.

Attached: LookCloser.jpg (877x651, 123.65K)

The fox sounds close enough to Kaoruko, i like it.


Lico's soft voice is pretty close to what I imagined
Shirosawa sounds way too manly wtf

With such a manly voice, now I want to see fanart of him turned human and he's a total middle-aged hunk

I bet Shirosawa gets all the tapir.. wait, what is a female tapir called... ah, a cow, according to the internet... he gets all the cows.

Might lead to tons of NTR-doujins of him (accidentally) seducing Seiko.

There's MORE content to animate.

So Shirosawa is a bull?

according to the internetz, yes.
makes sense that chicks dig him, since he does have canonically a superlarge prehensile dick.

How can an indestructible tangerine box that seals the mightiest incubus demon worth a gorillion wish points ever compete against that?

W-what is she sitting on?

Dream stuff

Impossible, Seiko only likes shotas

Attached: Seiko is a shotacon.jpg (2560x1440, 500.38K)

holy based

what's the meaning of this

Attached: 1649101045414.png (904x1133, 1M)

You greedy motherfuckers, just be content with the fact that we are getting a season 2.

N-n-nothing! Zip drives get hot if you have to pass a large file through them in one go. Thats all it means! Honest! It not like a book demon can get sexual flush from a nine year old (almost ten) girls mouth touching her mouth! Thats ridiculous!

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While her being a maho shoujo is still up in the air, Seiko was still a student when she met Joshua, and since she became ageless after copulating with him she is eternally a JK.
Note, agelessness did not prevent her breasts growing from raising two girls.

loser mentality

Not only is there enough material for a S3, I'm convinced they'll announce S3 is coming at the end of S2. The series has proven to be popular and successful, and while they can't commit to doing two cours back to back, they can already confidently say they'll finish up the adaptation of what's available.

Imagine if they skipped S2 and animated S3 immediately instead. I want to see Momo’s dream dive and Suika animated so much!

The director and cast are up for a third season, at the very least.

ganbare ogura become a book demon who can face up to her feelings

Why is it such a sin to ask for more seasons of something that you love watching? You're satisfied being fucking blueballed for more anime?

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Don't worry about it

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thumbnail looked like shamiko kissing a boy

boy (female)

cute autistic crocs wearing flat chested husband (female)

A girl who looks like a boy, marrying the daughter of a boy who looks like a girl

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