Wake up its Akebi Sunday

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It's over.

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I was listening to this right now.

There's no lewd art of her

>no more Akebi Saturdays

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It hurts

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I'm gonna miss the little alpha dyke.

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It’s still Saturday user

>sexualizing children
no wonder this flopped that hard

Wow that's really original
Who else could've come up with this?

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I'm gonna be honest, I got real choked up when she pulled out the violin in this song. I'm gonna miss this show a lot more than I thought

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>ended without teacher fanservice

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Why do a certain overcompensating group of freaks hate this show?

Because it's so mild it destroys all of their moral brigading.
Shows people how harmless this stuff is.

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What did they mean by this?

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At least sono bisque won very hard.

missed the previous threads so...

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Those fingers were inside Erika just a few mins ago.

I miss them already.

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why all these girls so uglyy

don't forget, they're also smelly bitches that literally like to sniff their own feet.


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Okay seriously what the absolute fuck is with the jannies around here.
Stop deleting everything.


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It's not April Fools anymore. Wojak posting is forbidden again.

I miss her so much...

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I'm talking about way, way, way more than that


the problem with Yea Forums jannies isn't deleting too much, it's not deleting enough

I love this autistic male shamiko

You're not interesting.

>implying wojacks are interesting
go back

What's with hebes and Sundays?


same, it was way better I expected from reading the threads

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>You will never ride a volley dyke into battle


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the guitar girl!

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dumb frogposter

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Should have gotten a timeshare on her forehead, then.

I haven't finished akebi yet, be jealous.

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>watching streaming
i am not jealous

Give in, go read the manga.

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Would you fuck her??? would you wife her??? remember she's fucking pure and perfect. How many hundreds of offspring would you have with her???

The girls are made for yuri

Let's pretend that we are in a world where sience babies are a reality.

Man I see no fucking difference from the anime I stream to the anime I torrent

Put the grasses on

Nothing will be wrong

Pick your favorite row and favorie column.

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All of them

For me it's the genki girl in the last row

There's two of them

I just started reading it because I needed more Hotaru, I wasn't sure I'd like it but it's really good. Kao and Ai at the festival was cute.

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Last row and between first and second column.

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Even better

Very cute, and a nice proper introduction to Ai. The manga is pure eye candy so it's very easy to read I feel.

Erika slapping Akebi in front of their science children.

Name all of them

Erika, Hotaru, Neko(TN: cat), Ai
Legs, ???, Bookwife, Bugs
Washio's wife, Washio, Thiqq, Riri(Lily)
Forehead, ???, Cringe, Akebi(brown)

That's not how you spell Ayumi Tougeguchi-dono.

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My headcanon is she's the one playing the guitar in the ED.

usagi, togano, togeguchi, akebi
nawashiro, washio, riona, riri
tanigawa, hebimori, kojou, (forgot)
kizaki, hotaru, kamimoku, ai

I'm indifferent to Minoru but I can't forget her name because of Akebi's cheer.

Riri is made of sex. Pure undiluted sex.

>no more foot fetish anime

Wait until Cunnyichi

Stop being creepy.

You can wait a week for the ninja lolis.


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listening to that for a few days, i really like it

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S2 when?

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soon, i hope

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Mai is such a passive cuck it's ridiculous
She's literally me

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Her eyes weird me out. She looks retarded.

Pretty sure it's the eyes.

Pretty sure you have shit taste


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She just looks retarded.

You should relate then

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Ugly alien bitch


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cute yearbook pics


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Are the tank out of stock too or are they available?

The person behind the wackiness of the school
Must be a very rebellious type when she was young

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cute grandma

third row, 2nd column from the left

where do i get my own hotaru?

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Just pick one up off the street. They aren't big enough to fight back

Make your own.

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She's pretty quick

>already forgotten after a week

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I don't think there was even a dump thread for the last chapter

raw already out?

I will never forget.

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With whom do you think these girls will have their first time with?
Pic related is with no one until she's a cake because no one notices her existence nor tries to be noticed

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akebi with erika

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Me with fatty

I love Akebi

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>tfw no retard gf to play in the rain with
why even live

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Last episode is pure kino. Bedhead Komichi a miracle.

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Me too

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Manga version is better

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>Hotaru doesn't even get to say anything until volume 8
>new character gets tons of chapters in a row
I'd be more pissed but I like Hoko so far.

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Much better

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>akebi get S2
>quality drop because cloverwork have to make 4 anime in one season

I love akebi

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>ending has all the girls together making peace signs (holding up two fingers)

So we're getting season two right.

hope they didn't butcher the quality

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Me pounding Akebi's tight cunny!

never ever
we can dream though

The anime was already a step down in quality, even without all the censorship.

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akebi's been taking her idol practice a little too seriously, bitch should eat a hamburger

Hiro illust restock when

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Her name is Komichi. I love her too.

middle schoolers wearing bikinis is problematic so the female director vetoed it, prease understand

should I watch her anime

If you enjoy things that are both cute, and funny, i say yes

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Who likes Akebi here

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Should Super Cub have copied Hiro's art style as well? What I hated most about the Super Cub anime was them completely removing Reiko's big breasts and deciding everybody should look like a flat chested Snoopy

There is no way to redeem that garbage fire of a show

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When will they kiss?

soon i hope

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used goods

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Why did they change seats?


HQ version cropped at 16:9 for that user that requested a wallpaper version in that one thread that died too soon for me to post it. Also, column 3rd from the window side and the back row.

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What a shorty.

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epic gangsta moves

Why is she doing breast stroke in a free style competition?

thank you

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Autist can't adapt to change and Nips like bully autists.

sad, Why do lesbians always have to be like this? Even though I love them so much.

lesbian can't resist the dick

true true

It's a telling sign of the degeneration of discourse on Yea Forums that there are anons who non-ironically say that they watch this for the "wholesomeness" and "cuteness"
Just admit you like watching sexy middle schoolers. It's just a drawing, no need to be so afraid that you try to trick yourself. Don't self-castrate.

the dick is what made her lesbian

here he comes
the anti-lolicon brigade bringing his shitty obvious psyop

i watch for wholesomeness, cuteness and the yuri bait

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hey that user was me
thank you for your service

>jikan still moving
we lose

holy shit that looks way too good to be either de-jpegd and upscaled or a physical scan, what the fuck is the source?

Not anti-lolicon. Nothing wrong with liking lolis, liking drawings doesn't make you a pedo.
But the lack of self-awareness of people claming that they watch this for the "wholesomeness" is pretty infuriating.


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i guess it's pretty easy to become a compulsive liar if you've already fucked up your brain with hrt and shit
overcompensating t's are hilarious

next chapter when

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>Just admit you like watching sexy middle schoolers
Okay? But the wholesomeness and cuteness is undeniably there, unless you're implying that all those things are mutually exclusive


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Sure, they are there. But are complementary and secondary to "here's a girl you would like to fuck"

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>here's a girl you would like to fuck

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I liked the sleepy cat, also she has the coolest hobbies.

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even in nip Yea Forums you're laughed at if you're watching this primarily for the lewd, and they're much more perverted than us. you falseflag virtue-signalling groomer tranny piece of shit is hilarious, literal closet pedos
isn't it obvious that you don't even watch the show and only grabbed some pics by lurking the threads for months, being obsessed with this show being an overcompensating tranny you are?

i wish i could kill people like you myself. thread ruined i guess

Shhhh user, calm down, they can hear you.

there is no way you can take a full body pic like that

Why not?

selfie stick.

it's just impossible with selfie stick
but she didn't use selfie stick

really long wrist

Not a tr00n. I am a powerfully built man, of tall stacture and a muscular physique, though currently out of shape.
Never watch this, you are correct, though not a lurker. And the lack of explicit lewd content is actually a contributing factor into the sexyness. I am willing to bet like 90% of the people who watch this show like masturbating looking at instagram pictures just as much, if not more, than porn. Not everyone likes giant tits with agressive art and simple glance at those pictures show the subtle sexyness I am talking about

I want to steal her.

You're just a normalfag retard, who only sees the "problematic" parts and can't understand that people actually like the cute parts. Go cut off your dick.

>or a physical scan
Nah, even a shitty 3in1 600dpi home printer gets you better results than that. Nips are just huge cucks that will pay the same amount for trash digitals as they do for physical volumes so decent quality manga pages look amazing compared to what the average fan translations work with. No need to go any further then rips of official licenses to see it.

Attached: real HQ raw.png (6233x8692, 1.32M)

>Never watch this, you are correct
Why would you talk about a show you never watched?

I meant the pixels looked all wrong for a physical, but I guess it could be a downscaled binary black-white?

I like discussing discourse

listen here you little shit
you can get terabytes of manga with naked children on sadpanda, who gives a shit?
the wholesomeness makes my penis harder

Discourse for the sake of discourse has very little substance, a waste of time.

where did these "akebi is a wholesome show about friendship" faggots come from? i know for a fact you weren't posting in the weekly threads when it was actually airing. is this what the april fools gag attracted?

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Stop shitposting already.

Attached: Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku - 08 -00002.jpg (1280x720, 190.28K)

Where did all those shitposters who pretend to be experts about shows they never watched come from anyway?

Attached: 1642268720314.jpg (1280x720, 577K)

do you live in christian country?

Do it.

Pretty sure it's not native res. There's no way an artist would give publisher/printers manuscripts that low res. The digital tanks are just downscaled and filtered to oblivion.

This anime is everything wrong with modern animators. Every episode you can see they have an unhealthy obsession with young girls

>wholesome friendship
Usagihari is an expert in this topic.

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I think the guitar girl is cute

Shut up Togano, work on your free throws.

uh... Happy bday my girl, I guess.

Attached: FPbLLeAVsAIjn-Y.jpg (1536x2048, 364.8K)

This is the first time they revealed it, right?

>where did these "akebi is a wholesome show about friendship" faggots come from?
They were ignoring retards who see lesbians everywere.

Yes. This was the reveal. I guess the only reason it didn't get revealed sooner is because it didn't fit the "shot note" format since it's supposed to be her writing the note and having one about herself would be weird.

what does what I say have to do with my country of origin? I'm just interpreting the decisions regarding adaptation changes.


Huh? What shot notes are you talking about?

The things at the end of chapters we know the other birthdays from.

Fuck Kao

So in the anime Akebi has 13?

Yeah. She turns 13 week one of school which makes her the oldest of the bunch. Erika is almost a full year younger than her.

Akebi is prime.


I always forget that they are in Middle School not High School.

Please do not attempt to draw Akebi and her friends while taking hallucinogens. Thank you.

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Attached: 1645323587006.jpg (1920x1080, 222.11K)

Is that H-Hitomi?

Damn 13yos look like THIS?

Attached: 1642310207961.png (2000x2844, 587.58K)

shut the fuck up nigger

Attached: file.png (220x220, 66.81K)

Attached: illust_78412771_20220110_024223.png (1280x2048, 1.49M)

I saw it in a previous thread but Komichi is pure murderbait.
Pretty much the same sort of darling that would break the heart of the entire town and turn into a nationwide drama and cause célèbre if she was found dismembered in a ditch somewhere.
Cue the gruff detective that becomes obsessed with the case and the incompetent upper management as well as the unease permeating the community.

which of the girls would be tricked into sex first?



Attached: 1648701903479.jpg (1000x1000, 134.41K)

It always baffles me how angry muricans get at those drawings, but they never explain specifically why. Do they think it turns people into pedophiles? Do they think the people making them diddle children? Why does the US diddle more children then anyways?

What was her deal?

Attached: 1643494906109.jpg (1280x1470, 450.62K)

bro that's the UK flag
that image ought to be updated either way since puritanism isn't just constrained to the anglosphere anymore

>can't even tell flags apart
Seems like you got some murrican in your system bro

>another Akebi thread ruined by ironic lolicons and puritans that didn't even watch the show

Attached: 1626053819040.jpg (1280x720, 80.53K)

I know it's the UK flag nigger, I'm talking about americans because they're often the ones complaining about shit like that.

The topic of fivehead?


It's most of the west that acts like this.
Bunch of Jack Thompsonites who have somehow moved on from violent video games, but don't realize this is the exact same thing.

It's Erika without those stupid twintails. It's too powerful so it only happens from time to time.

The typesetting on this is nice.

Looks like the art of my favorite artist. If only

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Attached: e48d78cd-5356-40f4-9bc5-743bf0692d54.png (984x1399, 255.39K)

Why do people like Kao again?

She is small.

She's cute.

She's funny.

Attached: ywn.png (1136x1479, 851.67K)

Happy birthday Akebi


i don't know about tricked but the swimmer is gonna find a boyfriend and lose her virginity the first
if she doesn't have boyfriend already

She's a homewrecker

Attached: 020306174315.jpg (486x550, 75.74K)

Riri speaks in kansai-ben right? what accent is tougeguchi speaking in?

This, seeing Akebi on a bikini kinda kills the illusion of innocence she projects

I think Tsugaru-ben

so which of the girls is the prettiest canonically?

HEBEmori is the cutest, trust me I'm an expert on this topic

Wholesomechads, what are we watching this season now that Akebi's show is over?

Akebi doujinshi when?



Akebi Love

What kind of courting dance is this?

either kizaki or akebi

You can only choose one.

Attached: akebierika.png (1200x800, 579.11K)

I want to fuck a middle schooler!

Riri and Erika, they are canonically bimbos

Attached: 20220403_195123.png (880x495, 361.85K)

Komichi SMELLS

Attached: 1641668654955.jpg (1280x720, 119.24K)

Like what?

Hebe spirit.

Attached: 1647785121060.png (564x800, 251.51K)

I've been binging anime lately and getting to the stuff from last season. Should I hit this?

The argument is literally a slippery slope fallacy.
>If you like this then you like child bodies
>If you like child bodies you like real children
>You'll want real Pizza
>You'll want to actually rape
It's a load of horseshit from armchair psychologists who have no idea what they're talking about

happy birthday akebi!

Attached: 012.jpg (1133x1600, 360.68K)

If you like cute, drama-free slice of life, it's one of the best of recent years. Gorgeously animated too

Attached: 024.jpg (1133x1600, 375.08K)

I miss her

this show strictly follows the three episode rule structure
it has a double filter which is the infamous clipper scene in episode 1 and the... unique creepykino composition of episode 3

akebi gang vs some bitch gang

Attached: akebigangs.png (809x1185, 504.07K)


can't believe i rewatch ep 12 daily

I really like the body of these 12/13yo girls.

Attached: FIlWtVYaAAY4f1w.jpg (848x1200, 143.93K)

The bitches want to fuck Akebi and Erika, it's no contest.

Attached: e1f3756d-4668-4fda-8202-0c9a2c017c35.png (984x1399, 338.45K)

They look empowered and brave

Absolutely mogged hly shit

Someone can overlap side to side and the image of Erika slapping Akebi with the image of Will slapping Chris Rock please?

erika really want to FUCK akebi huh

Attached: FOdqEZ2XwAInw3f.jpg (1752x1238, 151.54K)

From left to right
Empowered Akebi
Empowered Erika
Empowered Usagihara
Empowered Ai

Attached: FOyaCyvaAAMXSlE.jpg (1754x1530, 2M)

Attached: 1647106584078.webm (190x240, 95.13K)

akebi tummy...

Attached: FNqTY-9UYAQP6sM.jpg (1754x1240, 579.11K)

Attached: 002.jpg (1133x1600, 640.88K)

Push button to trigger Akebigasm.

Attached: 030.jpg (1133x1600, 222.33K)

Attached: 008.jpg (1133x1600, 706.14K)

Blue eyes club?

they should auction a replica of it

You should recalibrate your monitor

Girly sleepovers are super interesting.

Attached: 36.jpg (984x1399, 384.56K)

>hag self-insert usagi-san


I would love to self-insert into Usagi if you catch my drift

Attached: 1649018580511.jpg (1324x1920, 1022.03K)

tfw will never be a cute girl and do sleepover with cute girl

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Attached: 1522681499137.webm (854x480, 2.9M)

Hiro illust restock when

Sailor Suit and Machine Gun! What a ancient reference!

Attached: 97315582_p0.jpg (1968x2832, 2.64M)

The last episode was incredible bros. I want to rewatch the entire anime just for that.

Attached: mpv-shot0344.jpg (1920x1080, 261.43K)

It didn't flop

Imagine the softness and smell.

Attached: 43.jpg (984x1399, 296.05K)

>just for that
There are 11 episodes of JCKino before the big end you know? also ep 11 is better

I know that's why I want to rewatch.
>11 is better
It's equally as good, EP12 was just a great conclusion, that final dance and music set to it was fantastic.

I wish to walk into that room, careful where I step, to leave a tray of pancakes on the nearest table, and vanish without anyone knowing it was me who left them.
More than life itself.

Attached: 1570398838695.jpg (746x960, 92.68K)

I wish to have surreptitious sleeping sex with either one of them while others secretly wake up and shlick while pretending to be asleep
You know, like in those JAVs.

Attached: 1648461327927.jpg (1920x2158, 1.96M)

Still lesser than burgers

british hands typed this post

Attached: 390F90C8-B383-4DB0-8D75-5936605FAB75.jpg (960x600, 95.24K)

I've seen these posted in previous Akebi threads, does anyone have sauce? I really like the style of them.

Post Kao

Attached: tumblr_4c60a595e4691e812e849961caaf63a8_e13dd83e_1280.png (1280x720, 816.69K)


Attached: [ASW] Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku - 07 [1080p HEVC][947CDFB3] - [00:17:02.980].jpg (1920x1080, 156.72K)


how much

>heavy breathing

Attached: [ASW] Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku - 11 [1080p HEVC][3C7B82AA].mkv_snapshot_12.02_[2022.03.20_19.06.48].jpg (1920x1080, 870.46K)


So did the author adapt the recent chapter from the original anime episode or did the anime base the guitar episode off of the authors notes

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My wife Hotaru is so cute.

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Does she speak?

By me.

She squeaks when I hug her.

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user this is a SFW board.

>have to wait for cultural festival end for S2

Will we have S2?
Please give it to me

i hope, the anime doing pretty good job too

This scene was probably my favourite from the whole show. Just comedy cold.

gold. Fuck!

I hope a potential S2 is at least the same quality, otherwise there's no point.

>at least the same quality
yeah, i probably won't watch it if they ruin it

If Shadows House got a S2 then everything is possible.

I don't think a season 2 would even reach the current arc, so it could already be on production...

>promised neverland

so tokyo holiday arc? it's pretty good to end s2 too

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It was gold but this was my favourite.

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I loved it too

Streaming numbers are okay, early sales boost numbers are meh, and disks aren't out yet. Things point more towards nay than yay but it's too early to make a definitive call.

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With similar pacing as S1 it could end with seat change/cleaning, and 2 chapters away there is this fantastic chapter which would be amazing to see adapted...

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>disks aren't out yet
Bisque Doll's first BD has been out for a bit. How do they decide when to ship them?

I bet that the JP numbers matter more than anything else

Probably on expected hype. Dress up darling had a lot of hype potential but is also blatantly extremely flavor of the season so they need to shove merch down people's throats asap before they move on to the next thing. Akebi was always more niche so it doesn't matter that much how fast the BDs come out since people that love it won't be getting anything similar any time soon.

I was commenting on nip numbers.

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is it true the artist draw the manga traditionally instead of digital?

Kao is a predator

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The anime adapted almost everything in volumes 1-4, some extras from volumes 6 and 7 and a chapter from volume 10, and it also has anime-original content, in 12 episodes
A second season with 13 episodes, no original content, and some cuts, could cover until the play
unless Hiro stretches it out for more than another volume

Akebi's pubes

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apparently it switches between panels

Goddamn female kid...

They also skipped one or two chapters and squeezed a few together. The original content is great most of the time so I wouldn't mind, but still, until the play? That will be like ending volume 11 at best, I don't know how they would adapt 7 volumes in one season unless they butcher a lot of stuff. And there's some extras from other volumes that they could adapt like they did in S1 to fill in.

You don't seem to be thinking in terms of anime episodes. Each episode needs to be satisfactory on it's own and the whole batch need to form something that feels like a whole. Beach trip would be drawn out if it were to last more than one episode. Same goes for the tokyo trip which should take no more than 3-4 episodes. If this gets another season the climax of the tokyo trip will be the mid season climax. Also volume 8 mostly happens on one school day so it takes no more than 1 episode to adapt like 3/4 of it. S2 would most definitely end with the cultural festival play.

Cute boy


Oh yeah I can more or less see that, I didn't notice volume 8 was that short too. I still think you are squeezing too much, personally I like the slower pace, but it could go either way.

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transparent background stolen from futaba

i think it's more like a complementary thing
the chapter literally ends just before her performance to akebi

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Cute gremlin onahole.

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What is she doing?

Making her body more flexible.

Trying to get like her sister, who has spent her whole childhood trying to get like their mother.

>Making her body more flexible

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His and Yuwa's favorite sex position is standing. You cannot convince me otherwise.

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Stop being a eunuch and reproduce

This body gave birth, twice

Akebi love

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> attention to hands and feet shoulders back and legs bordering on the erotic
> faces look like an afterthought

The faces are pretty good in my opinion, they all have variety, every character has a different body type and facial structure that makes each character unique. Rather than relying on just on an unique hair-style with some crazy colour.

when do they come out? and i tend to find that people the do the fotm thing with darling have no idea how well its manga sold before anime. 130-150k for a new volume in a month or two basically puts you in the top 1% of on-going manga

Why did she do it?

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I can see why Akebi is so flexible.

New chapter when