Golden Kamui 311 : Asirpa's choice


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His tongue must be really cold and dry at this point

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good bye, escape king

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>Sugimoto thinks about the photo
What did he mean by this?

By the time the manga ends, 50% of the people in this page will be dead



My poor immortal boy isn't going to make it...

Tsurumi must win

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Why is she looking at him like that?

>another name drop
Kill yourself, Noda

Asirpa is quite lustful after all!

I had a feeling that Asirpa would ask that the gold stay buried.

What do you want to bet that it does stay buried, the final chapter is going to be set in modern times with someone in like, a museum or something like that talking about it?

I want an ending à la The good the bad and the ugly for the gold. Someone must take that gold. Someone must win. Let it be Tsurumi

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Fuck the Ainu.

Shiraishi will steal the gold and live with a large family on some remote island as King

I hope the ending shows the gold staying hidden while nature reclaims the well above it or something.

If they go this route, what do you want to bet that there will be people who look like reincarnated versions of the characters looking at exhibit?

Nah fuck that crusty bitch and his weird chicklet teeth.

Kind of bummed that the train became decoupled though. Lessens the chance of the Koito/Tsukishima/Tsurumi/Sugimoto /Asirpa showdown I was hoping on.

It's what Boutarou would have wanted.

As much as I want someone to have the gold, this would be cool too.

>Kind of bummed that the train became decoupled though. Lessens the chance of the Koito/Tsukishima/Tsurumi/Sugimoto /Asirpa showdown I was hoping on.
I believe in Koito

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I had a theory that the story would come full circle and end with the final showdown being in manchuria where the manga began. But that seems to be wrong. The realization that asiripa had, the "partners" moment, and the decoupling of the train indicates its probably gonna wrap up here though.

No way Sugimoto dies after this, anyone who thinks the contrary is fucking delusional. Him dying would perpetuate the cycle of one getting murked and leaving the other behind, like his pal, the same kinda cycle that Asirpa is choosing to stop by ditching the gold.

The loli wills him to live and so his plot-armor is now redoubled.

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I appreciate that Asirpa knows on some level that her wish to simply give up on the gold isn't entirely realistic. It's wise to want to give up on something that just leads to more trouble than it may be worth, but ultimately, various characters are in need of quite a bit of cash, including Sugimoto. Although maybe she'll be able to take just a bit either from what's buried or whatever could have potentially been snuck out.

asirpa 😭😭😭

>finale comes down to two brain damaged fighting each other on a runaway train

sayonara sugi-chin

Thanks, nispa


>Waiting for any news from fic-nispa

Black eye Asirpa makes me feel sad.

🙄 🤢 🤮

RIght after you niggerman.

Its more than Shiraishi deserves

monke strong!

right? there were a lot of good ideas in the first thread.

>sugi misses the shot once again😔

Her eyes are back!!

No more smiles from our boy.


before she loses them forever😵

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I'm mixed on this. If the gold stays buried, someone unrelated would eventually take it and the blood that was spilled for the gold would be completely wasted. It would waste everyone's efforts and Sugimoto would never cure or help Ume in time since he's actually on a time restraint before the world war begins.

But on the other hand, there's no way they can spend or use all that gold and most likely Shirashi would get himself killed with his greed when someone else discovers that he's rich. There's too much gold for too little survivors, if all of one side survived then there wouldn't be a issue of sharing. Now they're stuck in a limbo whether to use the gold at the cost of everyone's lives or completely waste the journey.

It's over matagisisters

We are the missing brain bit buddies™

thank you user nispa

Ariko is alive so that dumb Matagi is probably still alive too. Most likely landed on his unreasonably fat ass

He sees past him in Asirpa

uh, Angel Eyes dies

The whole pagerel from chap 100 because I love the panelling
missing Кот already

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*previous thread I meant. Fuck me.

Maybe this one time he will actually hit his target.

Yeah, I'm with you there. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

I'm with you user.

But yeah, this was one of the funnier parts.

Goda dropped vol 29 cover yesterday

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It might be handed over to the government on the condition that they're compensated for some of the more major things they wanted to use the gold for. I can see that happening to tie up the loose end of the government wanting that wealth and not having to give up too much in exchange for it.


Why does he coil his vibrator there?

sugimoto for volume 30 then?


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I can only emote in this thread 😣

don't die sugimoto.

I hope he makes it

heehee golden kamuy

The loose end of Asirpa is saving the Ainu.
Hardly something they can just make a handshake deal with the Gov't for.

RIP emojis

seriously can someone explain what that thing is?

it's just an ornament

It is totally a vibrator officers got (with their sabres) so they wouldn't have to stoop so low as to ask plebeian privates for sum fuk

The way this is framed, that nispa is all but guaranteed to make it. Noda better come through with the dried persimmons, too.


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Chap 99 was great too, here's cat nabbing the 38 Sugi stole from some Asahikawa mob

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love these

I am jealous of that railing

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So glad this edgy faggot is dead

I am still riding that high, I hope it helps with next week's break and whatever the announcement will be

These are great

so he can still be a flagbearer duh

asirpa is forever tainted tho

as one of the anons who made a rapequest, same


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Nope. Her humanity was restored in this very chapter. You saw her eyes.

this still happened, she's unlocked her killer mode. Now will she use it to kill tsurumi?

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She'll have to put Sugimoto down if he goes full commie again

She's got his eyes now, how cute

It would be funny if Asirpa ends up being the one to kill Sugimoto.


top 10 anime betrayals

a Shin Angyo Onshi ending would be very fitting but I'm pretty sure the ending is going to be a comedic thing with Shiraishi/Asirpa/Sugimoto heelclicking into the sunset

Hey, I am the one that offered. I wanted to ask, since you wanted Tsurumi, how little Tsukishima do you want? The thread reached bump limit before I saw that

>copes so hard that it kills him
What a retard

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>Lessens the chance of the Koito/Tsukishima/Tsurumi/Sugimoto /Asirpa showdown I was hoping on.
Koito perfected his Jigen and nabbed the final battle with Hijikata, before saving Tsukishima. As far as final showdowns go he got a pretty fucking good one.

He blew his brains out because he couldn't forgive himself for killing his family and subconsciously wanted redemption hence why he couldn't kill asirpa or sugimoto.

Fitting end. A pathetic internal crisis proportionate to the pathetic motivation behind his rampage

This user gets it. Cat was just a walking tragedy

seethe moar

Thought it was weird that cat didn’t shoot Sugi in the head in front of Asirpa when he’s dragged down by the bear but then I remembered that he never shoot to kill. Cat just wanted to play cat and mouse while Sugi is actually trying to kill him

what's the context of this?

this may as well be true

are you two for real?

I worded it badly but back in Abashiri he’s worried that Wilk might be telling something that’d expose Kiro. He never tried to kill Sugi after his lies are exposed in the drift ice because it no longer mattered
Unless he did try and him not killing Sugi on the train made no sense at all

I hope it will be more clear in the tank release.
The weekly manga will have ended by then so Goda should have a lot of time to do little changes to the tank

>Asirpa, I've been reading this book!
>What if our problem isn't beating that bastard Tsurumi and catching the convicts to find the gold?
>What if our problem is that we're all fighting each other for the gold while the Emperor lives in a palace?
>Think about it! People like me and you do all the work out there, while that fucker gets richer than any of us in the end!

>S-sugimoto, c-can you please look over th-there...
>Th-think about meeting U-umeko again....
>I-I'm sorry you had to go out this way....

those are the eyes of a brutal killer, like tsurumi and ogata. Sugimoto still has light in his despite killing many people, he still clings on to his youthful innocence and sees asirpa as his redeeming light and morality. Asirpa could have been another killer like wilk or kiro but sugimoto prevented that.

I meant him going missing brain bits berserker but that works too

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>sugimoto goes killer mode from the poison

I get that commie mode is probably saved for final battle with Tsurumi but I wish he leaks from time to time

based communism

if the russians somehow end up with the gold, this will be amazing foreshadowing

I almost want that to happen to see the woke gk trannies in tumblr, twitter and reddit seethe

comrade sugimoto, this gold will be a great boon to our cause.

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How is it foreshadowing?
I’ve seen theories that correlate this story to the Tsar’s gold stash that was seized by the communists and got lost in the 1920s

If we see any real life ruskie I want it to be big dick Rasputin

Typical commie scum, he steals the gold and the scarf

Sorry I didn't drop by earlier, I assumed the scanlation would drop on Sunday.

This is the status of ao3

So far I have completed the OYuu fic.

The Tokyo SugiO fic is drafted.

The postfight SugiO fic is still not visualized

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Now this is real foreshadowing

Thanks. You’re the heavenly king of big dick

please suggest titles and point out mistakes
new prompts too

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Yuusaku's a bit too trusting isn't he

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dumb, even

There’s no way shiraishi is just gonna take the L and walk away right? What are the chances the escape king is just gonna run with the money?

Reincarnated Asirpa will liquefy after finding his skeleton in the well

hey, glad to know you're still around - unless he's there to be a snarky straight man allowing the Tsurumi theater to unfold, ideally, as little as possible. I love Monke but I am not fond of Voldemort.

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user who requested the OYuu fic here, thanks user, it was surprisingly sweet and I liked Ogata's narration. As for a title, it might be cliche, but I'd suggest 'To the Slaughter'.

I'll be using that title then, since it was your request. I will post the ao3 link in two weeks (if I get the invite by then) with the revised version I can't believe I forgot to make cat cum

Scat King bros...

He takes a bit of gold and is almost immediately arrested after getting drunk at a brothel. Sugimoto and Asirpa will see him carried off by the police and try to help, but he just stops them with a wink- after all, he is the Escape King.

>I want to make a feel good grand finale that makes you want to read all over from volume 1 again
Trust the plan sis


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Round 2 where Ogata gets off to Yuusaku topping him would be Godly if you feel up to it.

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Noted. Will see if I can come up with something. Any specifics?
Any photoshopnispa who can make Yuusaku’s hat here a proper officer’s hat? It is a lovely fanart otherwise.

That would be adding a line to his hat
Additionally, Ogata was wearing a the uniform of the private when he died, which means just two stripes on either sleeve ah, how I wish Usami had stripped down to his shirtsleeves in the brewery so Ogata could have completed his superior private uniform before he died then again Yuusaku isn’t wearing the uniform he died in (which was the more modern version Koito wears) but rather the most iconic one for his character so I can be convinced to ignore that, but not the officer’s hat. Uniform fetish autismo.

*of the private Vasya killed

Some internal conflict on Ogata's side from getting off on the fact he's feeling like he himself is what is corrupting Yuusaku would be chef kiss. It could start off innocently enough with Yuusaku feeling bad and offering to return the favour then escalating/getting out of hand since it's the only time Ogata has ever been 'receptive' to his affections? Not knowing that he's only doing so to achieve his goal/sully the family name, and Yuusaku getting swept up/carried away in the situation? Feels like the most natural path to take to Yuusaku topping and inadvertently wrecking Cat a new one.

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Inavertent wreking, nice

>I love Monke but I am not fond of Voldemort.
based and good taste
Blessed fic-nispa, I hope you continue to thrive.
looks good so far. I hate this ship but even I enjoyed reading this, there is something about your writing style and humor in this that is appealing. Very much looking forward to the other ones.

Absolute legend, there will never be someone that can compete with his levels of coping

Thank you! I tried to get into what I believe is Ogata's headspace. Do you have any prompts?

Especially since the government is implied to be out to screw over the Ainu when it comes to the land deed.

hmm.. in my opinion ogata seems to be pretty much an insecure virgin who thinks hes tough and reaallly needs his ass handed to him, so if I would write this I would consider that hes super inexperienced but stubborn like he is, determined to reach his goal and trying his best eventually becoming stressed or overwhelmed at some point in the process. Even though I don’t like the ship I think this has a lot of comedic potential in that regard, the idea of the other one being super into it and putting ogata off with that is hilarious to me. Regarding the other promts, same goes for scenarios that involve like Sugimoto. For these ones I love the premise of ogata desperately trying to appear as if he hes totally in control and not into it at all, while totally losing it in reality.

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Man, I can hardly wait. Noda's got my full confidence on this, that nispa don't miss.

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user with postfight fic request here, it’d be funny to see them being awkward in the story. Losing sleep asking themselves is it normal to get aroused by the prospect of getting killed by each other, then trying to rile each other up so they can relive the experience again. Enjoying getting their healing wound getting pried open. That kind of stuff. Similar to what said.

Looking at you, Noda

>then trying to rile each other up so they can relive the experience again.
This reminds me of that interview goda gave: “The thought of Sensei and Yuki seeking excuses to be with each other, damn it, I got a boner.”
Patrician taste.

Never seen that one before

He once endorsed a bl manga set in the meiji era and commented on it, its called Yuki to Matsu and is written by Hidebu Takahashi.

Nta but it might have been a blurb for that manga. Should I read it? I don't read yaoi but I like Noda's style so should I heed his endorsement? Any non yaoi readers here have enjoyed it?

I usually dont read or care for this genre but I looked into it because I was curious why noda recommended it, and honestly thought it was good.

What happened to the fic-nispa that was writing the crazy AU?

This. Ogata is a turbovirgin who can only convincingly fake it for short periods of time in canon. I'd love to see that play out more in fan works. I think it has great comedic potential for SugiO and YuuO since they're both also inexperienced.

Do you think that Sugimoto got some experience through Ume? It was super common for soldiers to get laid in brothels back then, but Sugimoto seems like someone who might not be into that to me so I like to believe that if he got any experience, it might have been with her.

Noda said something about him not having as much experience iirc. I think that tracks. Since Sugimoto reads romantic stuff aimed at young women, I could see him having a little bit of experience with Ume before she got with Toraji (and maybe he had some "complicated" feelings about Toraji as well). It's also likely that he would be waiting for someone *~special~* which is what makes it so funny that it's Ogata.

I'll try to read it then.
Crazy AU? Jog my mind, I don't remember that one

True, I forgot about that he reads this stuff, and how he acts about these matters all the time. Sugimoto really is a bit like a pure maiden in that regard. The idea of him waiting for someone special and then ending up with this is so fucking funny and cute to me. To be fair the two of them are kind of fucked up in their own ways, its not even the worst match.

From the ch. 310 thread. Someone joked about posting reincarnation-style AUs to cope and another user responded with pure gold. Another user said they'd write it if no one else would. The gist was that Tsurumi & co. were into some sort of white collar organized crime, Sugimoto was an underground fighter who looking after Asirpa and Ogata was a dentist.

>The idea of him waiting for someone special and then ending up with this is so fucking funny and cute to me.
Yeah, him wanting moonlit walks and sweet nothings but ending up with a "mutual animosity as flirtation/foreplay" type situation is hilarious.

>the two of them are kind of fucked up in their own ways
Agree. I think that's what makes it compelling to so many people.

Does this mean he's gonna die soon even though there seems to be literally nothing left to kill him now that his half of the train is detached? I thought that's what happened after Kikuta/Usami/mermaid guy got covers.

I'm still kicking around. I have the first chapter written, the next 5 or so chapters mapped out in a way that's (mostly) satisfying to me and a vague outline of how I'd like the story to go. I'm kind of stuck though because I keep worrying about things like pacing, how I want the story to end, and the fact that some parts might have loopholes or not make logical sense.

once the fire starts burning inside me, only your blood will put it out

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kek I hope we'll meet the based old chinpo again
You can do it user, as long as you keep these issues it in mind, I think you dont have to bother about that too much but I appreciate the aspiration. Maybe it helps to ponder about the general circumstances of that point in the timeline and see how pacing is done in other works you like to gain some inspiration.

Nispa as of chap 308 he’s on the train, has momke located and had his gold anniversary oneitis die in his arms. I am pretty sure he could easily figure out who struck the mortal blow too.

Attached: E6B2E906-EAAF-40F3-8A6B-21E1E8E7C06D.png (1289x1920, 1.09M)

I just had a random silly idea that Ogata might try to better prepare himself for stuff like that because he realizes he doesnt know jack shit about it in praxis and seeks a brothel on his own to learn how to do it, it ending in utter embarrassment for him because he is actually gay af and cant get off to women at all even when he tries, seething over sinking this low even for his abysmal standards and then still failing at it.

Oh no monkesisters we got too cocky

Momke is leaving quite the blood trail too


I mean that from a storytelling perspective I don't see a way to make Nagakura killing Monke satisfying/thematically relevant. Contrary to what fags like EHscans think, Hijikata went out on a great note, and a (comparatively) complete non-character like Shinpachi going on a revenge quest to kill another, actually important character just seems dumb.

kill turtle, save monke

god I love this throwback

Chap 264 too

Attached: F2DB3BF3-4152-4F3E-A85C-3F8670D9EEE3.png (1289x1920, 1.04M)

This, basically. Momke ain't dying for sure. Everyone outside the locomotive is a spent casing in this battle, doubt there's gonna be any more deaths besides Tsurumi. It's all winding down.

Beautiful, and the cat looks a bit like the one we’ve seen at Edogais house too.


I can believe monke surviving in the end, but when what we’ve got there was all there is to it I will be legit disappointed, even though I liked his fight with Hijikata.

I agree. But I do believe Nagakura will go after him with killer intent. Paneling in makes it look like Koito is crawling towards the back of the train (picrel is from the first page of that chap 308, before Nagakura got on) as Nagakura sees Koito before Tsukishima in the panels and him crawling away from that carriage would fit, Nagakura would be approaching the train from the front, after all.
Now, Tsukishimas position is pretty good to stop Nagakura from killing Koito and Tsukishima can perfectly die. If he sacrifices himself to throw Nagakura under the wheels between the carriages, Koito, in the next carriage would feel the Tsukicrunch and liquefy

Attached: 80A22C66-5DC2-47B6-AC4F-2F966205B64F.jpg (1329x769, 540.81K)

Makes sense from a tactical standpoint. I would prefer to have Tsukishima go down with Tsurumi, but this outcome is the most straightforward one right now.

I was ok with the manga ending in a few chapters until Tsurumi hinted at joining the Kwantong army in Manchuria. Now I feel like I have been robbed of an awesome arc.
Does anyone have any bookrec on the subject?

>tfw no more Tsurumi shenanigans

Attached: 9w928282829.jpg (521x521, 42.8K)


Only the fact that Gansoku LIVEs makes me believe he has a chance to survive.

>I would prefer to have Tsukishima go down with Tsurumi
I still want the final act of the Tsurumi Show to be Tsukishima just beating the everloving shit out of him.

That would be alright too, but I doubt he will do that. Hes too tired for this shit, might as well have a final terminator moment and then just die

Gansoku will singlehandedly stop the train to prevent a trainwreck ending, mark my words

Isn’t he in St Petersburg?

What can stop the train? Is there any destroyer left afloat?

You now remember Vasily


We are saving momke from storytelling perspectives but things like make me think not everything can be explained by a storytelling perspective

Since gk's on break next week when and how will we get the announcement? Yanjan toc thread?

just wait for the thread like I do

Attached: 1588831938039.png (344x255, 85.63K)

No it means he'll wake up, move up and shoot Sugimoto from the back in the most dramatically appropriate moment when Tsurumi is cornered.

Momke! No!

The back carriage would’ve stopped by then and I’d rather see him stop working for Tsurumi and release Tsuki from the mindbreak jail

the main three characters for each group were hijikata, tsurumi and sugimoto; they all have to die for the gold to remain hidden.

Attached: 1620655054319.png (1379x922, 1.67M)


Put a cloth over that wound for fuck's sake

a wasteful effort

OOK OOK over

I too think Sugi is done for

It's never over. We're growing stronger, sister, as the ledditor fears our power.

Attached: bitchmade.png (1050x681, 120.77K)

Asirpa gonna get blacked by momke

>no one here likes sugishira

Attached: thevibe.jpg (500x569, 79.13K)

Momke's homo to the bone, he doesn't have it in him.

Asirpa is the husbando in this relationship

Shiraishi canonically has STDs and no matter how much of a war criminal Sugimoto is he doesn’t deserve that

>Sugitmoto and Asirpa get married post-timeskip
>The timeskip is 6 months

Attached: 1591556425476.jpg (1171x1509, 141.51K)

This, hope he dies poor as he planned to use the gold to spread them all over Japan

Just as Huci intended.

Attached: 1520622244320.png (437x585, 260.34K)

Now that he’s over Tsurumi and Tsukishima is going to die, who will be his rebound?

Don't worry there's a bear nearby.

Attached: 1525740115844.png (844x1200, 388.92K)

I like dysfunctional, pathetic bisexuals with no game what can I say

Whatever older man that's left that he can develop some kind of fixation on. Seems to be his bag, desu.

Attached: guess who has two thumbs and the clap.jpg (294x171, 13.99K)

Nagakura needs a rebound too.

>that file name

inb4 Nagakura adopts Koito

Does he marry Yuki or does he just nab the boy, for reasons.

Attached: IMG_20220404_011848.jpg (1080x688, 214.21K)

Don't forget Vasya

Attached: superior private.png (640x837, 454.97K)

He takes Koito under his wing and teaches him to develop lifelong oneitis for men his own age.

I mean, like the other anons said, it IS canon.

Attached: double cheeked up on a thursday afternoon.png (1421x824, 1.24M)

inb4 he tries to set him up with Kantaro who is somehow saltier than Nagakura about Jijikata's death

Did that nigga actually get a cover? I've forgotten nearly everything related to him.

Attached: wildkot prowling.jpg (1200x801, 284.68K)

another funny filename

Attached: pov my vagina.jpg (258x275, 24.35K)

I am here and glad I asked!
The AO3 thing seems like a PITA since it needs more than a 5 min throwaway email so I'll probably just post it next chapter's thread.
I should have something for you since despite being a bottom monkey truther I figured out when he had the means, motive and opportunity to top Tsurumi. So something might get written.

Attached: 1297693 (1).jpg (342x392, 26.97K)

Cool page.

asirpa really is the perfect height for sugi

Scenes women will never understand

God damn, I really gotta binge this series before it ends. Amazing

Thanks for the encouragement! I know it's just a silly fanfiction, but I like writing short stories in my spare time and even though I'm not very good, I still feel like there has to be an "inner logic" to the story if that makes sense. I'll take what yous said to heart.

I don't think I'm the user that you meant to reply to but I kind of agree that he's kind of inexperienced. Noda said he just pretended that he knew what he was talking about, so he might have tried something like that.

I didn't really ship anyone before, but I think these threads have slowly converted me to liking SugiO. I guess I could see the appeal?

I was planning on making an AO3 account. I've never had one before. I don' t mind jumping through hoops I guess but I need a name.

Too bad. We’re all women ITT, nispa.


>I think these threads have slowly converted me to liking SugiO
we got another one lads

in all seriousness, if you're a half way decent writer and can string together a half way decent premise, you're already a lot better than a good chunk of the gk writers on AO3

I'm in the middle of a rewatch/re-read and will probably watch the anime again before season 4 comes out. I got one of my friends into it and he and I are going to do a marathon, probably.

Hopefully I can deliver. I've also recently went back to school to get a masters, so I'm kind of busy, but I should have some time next week to work on the second chapter. I'd like to be a few chapters ahead before I start posting.

I haven't actually read a lot of Golden Kamuy fanfiction, though. Should I?

I have ao3 invites if you want them.

>I haven't actually read a lot of Golden Kamuy fanfiction, though. Should I?
what's good is really good and what isn't...really isn't. if you want to avoid the pitfalls of popular but still shitty fandom characterizations, then maybe don't read as much.

I miss the emojis

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I'm happy they're gone because I was waiting for the 4chanx guy to add emojis. Now that they're gone I've turned off the native extension and things are back to normal. Maybe we could ask the 4chanx guy to add the emojis for 4chanx users?

One of my friends read the chapter I have written and described it as "the horniest dentist's appointment ever" which wasn't really my intention, but I guess I'm off to a good start?

Sure! Ty

Excited about the animu

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Scars would be touching

Sex with Momke

I’ll be here next thread too. Hope we are online at the same time then. See you in two weeks nispas!

Tsurumi will win.

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Momke needs the bearkakke treatment too

It’s ending in 3 chapters?
>tfw no hinna slice of life epilogue

this whole post, very much.
Their dynamic is something else, hottest shit I have seen in a while, I blame Noda. Some user in the last thread explained the appeal well.
glad that you appreciate my thoughts user! I can totally understand that, even if it’s just a silly fanfiction if everything is too out of place or too ooc it just doesn’t feel right. And why even bother writing if your not even a bit satisfied. Im for once am hyped for your works.
I’m actually the user who wrote that dumb idea with the brothel, I recall him once being portrayed bitching about shiraishi going to brothels so it may imply that hes not very fond of the idea, makes sense regarding his mother desu and would make the embarrassment for him even worse oh god

for real? Please no I’m fine with it ending very soon but only three?

This is where I got it from. Really unsure how Noda’s gonna wrap it up.

>>tfw no hinna slice of life epilogue
Say sike right now. The last chapter is gonna be grotesquely oversized to accommodate all our hinna SoL needs. Right?

How can we cope?

>Chapter for final fight and any remaining Tsurumi lore
>Chapter to finish the fight and hide/divvy the gold, get Umeko's surgery, etc.
>Epilogue chapter that may be extra long and show how everyone turns out
I agree it does feel a bit short but it could fit if they really needed it to. No idea if that user's telling the truth or not.


yeah I really hope Noda stretches the three chapters as much as he can to make it fit his vision.

We don't know what his page budget is gonna be for these, but I seriously doubt it's gonna take less than two chapters at the current pace to get off the train. I also think it's gonna take some doing to wrap up Umeko, considering how large that plot-point has been looming over the story.

Seriously hope these are some long-ass chapters and that it all plays similar to your outline.

It’s one more than my worst case scenario where cat got introduced in chap 4 and offed in the 4th to last, as it stands he got offed in the fifth to last unless the last chap is called epilogue lol (saduga Goda etc)
Anyway, vols usually have 10 chaps so vol 32 should have more than half of it for extras

The chapter count for the last volume is the only hope I have left for nice epilogue/extras. Otherwise we might have to resort to writing fics for ourselves

>unless the last chap is called epilogue lol (saduga Goda etc)
oh wow

Bumping to see if can share the invites

Three chapters does feel kind of rushed.

Yeah, I remember that user's posts and it really encapsulates the appeal.

>I’m actually the user who wrote that dumb idea with the brothel
I wouldn't say it was dumb. I have a chapter planned where he takes Yuusaku to a bar and the whole time he's inwardly really awkward and embarrassed. Whatever user said that they want more content where he's as much of a turbovirgin as he is in canon, I'm trying to deliver.

I'll be really interested to see how it all goes down since I feel like there are a lot of loose ends that need tying up. But like said, we don't know what the page budget is/what's going on behind the scenes.

I'm writing self-indulgent fanfiction.

Fucking called it and NOOOOOO

>Whatever user said that they want more content where he's as much of a turbovirgin as he is in canon, I'm trying to deliver.
I love you user, I would die for more canon universe stuff featuring turbovirgin ogata. I am sure you will write many good fics in the future. Maybe already request and ao3 verification just in case because it always takes some time iirc

based. it's probably because he's voiced by tsudaken but I will never understand why people think he's some kind of master of seduction when he's so clearly a deeply weird and awkward man.

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3 chapters is just too few.

I’ve seen the yamaneko talks referenced as a basis for stuff like that often but it was just soldiers talking shit because of his mom, if you actually look at the guy in question it’s hard to imagine. It must have been the power of Tsudas heavenly voice combined with the horniness of the people who imagine him like that in my humble opinion. Condolences to the woman that had to sit next to his awkward virgin ass until tsurumi picked him up back then

I am mangaonly so no Tsudaken effect but I find his whiscars and monolids sexy
I am a fellow turbovirgin tho

I do think he has his charm, just not in a sexy hot guy way. The character design is great it’s simple but unique and fits perfectly.

Thanks! What I'm working on currently is set in modern times, but I have a ghost of an idea for a canon setting with the same concept. I'll work on the ao3 verification, too. I need a penname/name for the series, though.

I think TsudaKen definitely has something to do with it. I'm not attracted to men, but I can see the appeal. His voice is very distinctive and he has talent. I watched some of the dub recently and Ogata's English voice actor isn't bad, he doesn't bring the same "charm" to the character. (Though I'd hesitate to call anything about Ogata charming--that's also part of his appeal to me.)

>I’ve seen the yamaneko talks referenced as a basis for stuff like that
That has merit, I guess. But I've always interpreted him as a metaphorical whore instead of a literal one.

>if you actually look at the guy in question it’s hard to imagine.
It's one of the things I like about him, really. As competent/intelligent as he is about some things, he has no idea how to relate to people or get along with them. His idea of socializing is showing off or initiating competition and he doesn't seem to realize/care that it rubs people the wrong way. I love the direction the story took, but it also would have been really entertaining if he wound up staying with Sugimoto's group just because of his dynamics with everyone.

>the horniness of the people who imagine him like
Definitely. It's probably the same reason they like to characterize him as a sharp/neat dresser with expensive tastes while I'm just like "...This guy?".

>Condolences to the woman that had to sit next to his awkward virgin ass
You just know that anyone who tried to hit on him was treated to one of the most awkward social interactions of their lives. He probably wouldn't even realize he was being hit on.

32 vols is just great so I do not schizo myself into rereads every 31 day month

>but I have a ghost of an idea for a canon setting with the same concept
please do, au doesn’t do much for me even though it can be fun at times. But the most important thing is that you have fun writing, I’m glad for everything really. Agree he definitely is a funny guy, involuntarily so. I miss the times where the four of them were traveling together, fun times. I have no idea for pen names, maybe something that relates to this thread or something I have no idea honestly but you can publish anonymously on there as well if you have an account.
>He probably wouldn't even realize he was being hit on.
This is not too unlikely, but to be fair he did recognize tsurumis intent at least back then in that carriage scene. maybe he would assume it’d be something like this, having a hard time to understand when someone actually likes him

This desu

I wish he was the christfag we thought he was ;_;

I am salty Asirpa chose the cat eared one for the yenta


>au doesn’t do much for me even though it can be fun at times.
I've never written an AU before, but there are some interesting ideas out there and the stuff that other user posted in the last chapter thread was too funny to ignore. I'd probably want to do some research on the time period for canon fanfics, but I like that sort of thing anyway.

>to be fair he did recognize tsurumis intent at least back then in that carriage scene
This is also true. He'd be the one that falls for whatever the 1910s-equivilent of that skeevy "I bet I can beat you at Mario cart" PUA tactic is and show up actually expecting to do whatever activity was promised.

He’s the guy that invites you for coffee and serves you coffee

>fic user is a gremlin Ogata truther

>Source is a literally who from Twitter with zero evidence
There's a big GK announcement in a few days, right? Wait for that before panicking about how many chapters we have left.

ata, that post in the last thread was gold. this is the kind of AUnstuff I actually enjoy I almost lost it reading this
>He'd be the one that falls for whatever the 1910s-equivilent of that skeevy "I bet I can beat you at Mario cart" PUA tactic is and show up actually expecting to do whatever activity was promised.
kek absolutely
It is a big graphic announcement with even a personal note from noda on it, I do believe this is legit but if its not than respect to whoever made it

How long would it take a steam engine to get from Goryokaku to Hakodate anyway? Any trainfags ITT?

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The distance is about 4km, or 2.5 miles, perhaps a bit longer depending on how the track is laid out. I don't know the exact type of train they're on but quick research tells me that the top speed for a British train could be somewhere between 75-100mph. American trains topped out at like 50mph.
They weren't at top speed the full time but it's not a long trek to begin with. I'm not a huge train autist so my research was a bit brief, someone may come in with some more exact info.
I will say that GK is relatively realistic with its fight scenes and that they're fast and hectic, so less time has passed than is probably apparent when you're switching between the perspective of several different characters. Professor Penis probably blew through that train car in under a minute or so. The entire Ogata fight was probably about 2 minutes, it just took us longer to read and discuss his mental breakdown. Koito and Hijikata only exchanged a handful of blows, so maybe 2 minutes there (as is befitting a samurai duel; Sanjuro's final fight was under 2 minutes and half of that was dialogue leading up to a single blow). A lot of the events on the train were also happening concurrently. The entire ride in "IRL time" probably took less than 10 minutes.

I mean, he kind of is.

Yeah, "they're in college" AUs can be kind of stale unless there's an interesting concept driving it. Otherwise it feels kind of aimless.

>kek absolutely
He gets invited to go 'deer hunting' and is like "...This isn't deer hunting. This isn't deer hunting at all."

>All chapters of Golden Kamuy will be free to read from 4/7 to 4/28
>As for the reason why I am being so generous is because I am confidence that this is a work that will make you want to reread and collect all tanks even after you read it for free
>I am confidence this is work that will make you liked it even if you had any bias beforehand
>all chapter including the last chapter will be free to read.
>In addition chapters from ch280 onwards will receive a LOTS of revisions and touchups
>If you read it with the serialized version you will get double the enjoyment
>But the biggest reason is because I want to reach the end with you all.

Is it ending though?

3 more chapters

Final chapter on 28th April

Thank you for your research. Iirc the locomotive is American

this feels like those word problems in school I could never solve.

thanks for the translation friend

>Gremlin ogata
>I mean, he kind of is
Really tho, he is like a neglected housecat gone feral I love him

Sugimoto will shoot Tsurumi dead right through the deed

He needed a domestication arc more than he did a redemption arc, really.

I was wondering if something like that may happen.

Asirpa fed it and it didn’t work, should she have tried to neuter it?

rip his balls

apparently it did work a little bit, but sometimes the circumstances just aren’t right and they go feral again to eventually catch toxoplasmosis somewhere and die

She needed to give it a litter he would have felt compelled to care for

>He needed a domestication arc more than he did a redemption arc, really.
Definitely needs to be domesticated first before something like that would work

I liked his death

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It was a good death. Historically, he had to die on the train. He died after encouraging Monkey to stop doubting himself, letting him save Tsukishima for real, and gave Sugimoto his sword which Ogata used to kill himself.

>fuck the gold I dun want it anyway
Fuck this shit seriously

At what point did momke’s sabre get dislodged?

>save tsukishima
too late for him, already dead inside
I liked it too, the dementia mode was really neat. I just wished he would have made a bit more damage

off screen when he went shinsengumi mode