Made in Abyss

Season 2 confirmed for Summer 2022

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Why the fuck am I still one emote short?


I am ready for a season of moth

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Can't wait for it.

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I was just joking to my bro about this and they actually announce it

Holy fucking shit. Thought it might be a Fall release, Summer is fantastic. There's about 100 days till release then. With this, the gap between each instalment of the series is 2 and a half years, with exactly a 5 year gap between S1 and S2, since S1 started broadcast in July 2017. This will probably be the last season of the anime for a long time, since it'll finally catch up with the manga, and considering how slow the releases have been, it'll take 5 years at this pace for enough content for another season, if the manga even goes for that long. Still, it'll be a sight to behold, extremely exited in how some of the creatures of this layer will be animated, and the music will be fantastic as well. Tsukushi will probably slow down his schedule even more until and during release, so I'd say there's a chance we'll get only 1 chapter within these 6 months, but it'll be worth it in the end.

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>Hataraku Maou-sama S2
>Classroom of the Elite S2
>Made in Abyss S2
Summer looking good

I'm ready

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made in abyss is edgy shit with snails pacing and forced hype

I'm so hype I'm in tears

>4 chapters a year for the past 4 years
Is he ever going to finish it or will he just give up and cancel it?

The character promo art is really good!

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>no Ozen this season or ever again
What's even the fucking point?

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Pretty cool

I expect there will be a certain extra scene with Ozen

Are they gonna be rubbing shoulder to shoulder with the manga or are they just gonna cover faputas arc?

The village arc is pretty long, so they're probably going to adapt only that

>Nanachi, the main character, not front and center
The art does look pretty good though aside from Irumyuui's gross distended naval.

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Unfortunately she takes a back seat during the upcoming arcs

looks better without the series logo

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Looks good

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It's time dialation. You'll get the ending somewhere around 4000.

Would be cool if the end it just as Faputa joins

Village arc was long and boring

It's a lot better if you read it in one go.

It was peak MiA wym

Cute and funny news 🤤

Im sure it will better in the anime. The manga had inconsistent release so the arc suffered

Moff official anime character design

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anime girls are confirmed to pee and poop because riko did both

Will this scene be animated in season 2 or not until the next movie?

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Definitely not this season

😭 uoooooh regu belly and chest

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hung Regu


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Can't wait for this moment

first episode of season 3

Are we really going to see Riko's elevator poop scene or will it be censored?

Its not like they show the poop directly anyway, so I doubt it'd be cut, considering that they already left in a fair few references to genital related stuff.

Only thing they'd probably 'cut' is the explicit *pooping noises* bit, probably will just play music over it or something while reg and nanachi talk about it.

Do you think we'll still see Riko squatting with her pants down, or will that be cut/censored? For what it's worth it wasn't explicit in the manga either.

Speaking of poop, will S2 adapt the living toilet chapter or is that too deep for S2 to adapt?

There’s barely any chapters left though. Anyways Made In Abyss only fell off since depth 1-4

Cute floofy moth.

they are going to do the whole village i think.

I hope it will get an extended cut.

Probably? again, they don't really show much of anything so I doubt it'd be censored.

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*probably not, whoops

>faputa not in the graphic

>he doesn't know

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>this will be animated


Lolipiss n poop aside, im hyped for this scene to be animated and the village in general

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Enjoy your cgi

Didn’t expect wazu to have purple hair

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Fucking hire FromSoft to model the characters and animate the fight, i will take no less

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You wouldn’t smell a moth girls cloaca?

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I mean the anime hasn't used CGI for any monster yet did it

Can any mangafags tell me if it gets better from here on out? I loved season 1 but felt like the movie was a let down

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What didn’t you like abide the movie? What did you like about S1?

it did for S1. that spider and hippo monster

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I really loved the sense of exploration and venturing into the unknown of S1, and all of the brutal stuff that was there felt fitting to show just how dangerous the abyss is, but in the movie I felt like it just sort of devolved into misery porn and then the big DBZ battle at the end really left a bitter taste in my mouth

Riko looks even cuter

Iirc that wasn't CG, it had different techniques, made it look more like rough paintings than on model digital art usually present in the show, the exact opposite of CG.

S2 defiantly focuses on how dangerous the abyss is. But it’s mostly localized in the 6th layer outside of the flashback. Wether you like it will probably depend on if you like the new characters since they are the main focus for the most part

bit too lazy to make my own webms now, so I'll just use sakugabooru. I checked, the hippo monster ( definetely was CG, with some 2D details added afterwards, but the spider had this style of animation ( which I honestly can'r tell if a CG model was used as a base or not. Any ideas? Also, does anybody have webm's of the sider fight?
Still, think it looks fantastic, the fact I didn't realize it was CG during my first watch means it was doing its job.

I did notice it from how rigid their movements are. Its nice that they did retouch it so it doesn't look jarring

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Oooouhhhhh Iruyuumi barren cunny erotic

Vueko dying from stairs is the dumbest fucking thing

Fitting end for a dumb slut whore like her

the movie was great, high hopes for S2 to double-down on maximum oversuffering
getting more of the god tier OST is just icing on the cake

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that's pretty fucking rad. Guess I have a reason to get caught up with the manga before then

>manga finally out of village namek
>time to see it animated
At least maybe I'll understand what is happening this time.


Why so mean? :(

I don't like the addition if Nanachi in S1 and think that she stole Riko's spot. I just wanted to see more Riko Reg cute moments

Weak b8

Will it be censored?

>more Riko and Reg cute moments
Oh no no no

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hope not cause budding moth nipples

Reminder that
>Riko shitting in the elevator
>meinya getting his anus prolapsed
>Reg getting his dick sniffed by Faputa
>Reg getting his belly button pierced by Faputa
>Mitty milkshake
>Riko getting licked by toilet kun
>whistle carver climaxes while working on Prushka
>Riko getting tentacled raped in the alley
>Veko rape backstory
>Iruyuumi chest babies
>baby soup
>Faputa gore sections
>dick sword
>Faputa’s school shooting
>Reg getting fisted by Faputa
>Reg getting asphyxiated by Faputa
>Riko eating testicles
Will be animated

I haven't paid attention to anime in a while but I'm guessing you have to wait for BDs for uncensored

what about Faputa x Reg sex scene?

Sorry bro she’s has no nipples

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The end of the arc had a lot of hype scenes that probably won't make it into this season.

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God look at those THICC thighs

free the nipples!

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>Riko eating testicles
Tell me you wouldn't try this. It probably tastes like spicy curry with a lot of soft (testicle) meat

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I didn't really understand the scene leading up to that. Did Wazukyan grab her and jump off the cliff just because he knew she'd turn into a hollow and die trying to ascend afterwards?

honestly looks like ball shaped doughnuts, would probably be crunchy on the surface with lots of sticky sweet white cream inside, should have also included the tasty sausage as part of the dish to slurp on

6th Layer oysters uma delicia...

If she would make it for me, I'd literally try anything.

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No, there was zero CG in either of the posts. I know it's hard to believe but just play the video frame by frame(sakugabooru allows to do so) and you can see the lines change between drawings, except for the cut of hippo submerging because that's just a single drawing being dragged with the only animation being the water fx.
As the posts suggest both were done by Kou Yoshinari who sometimes animates in a weird distinctive way that gives off CG vibes (you can check his sakugabooru tab) as he has full control over his scene as he also colors and composites his own cuts himself.
Some of his other stuff for example, and yes none of them have any sort of CG.
He is credited as the monster designer for S1 of MiA so he did animate a bunch on the show but now his credit was entirely gone in the S2 PV, I'm hoping he still comes back to do his stuff otherwise the monsters won't move at all or worse they would imply be full CG.

She cute

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pedophiles rejoice

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verueruko arc > riko arc

>no more lolipiss
fuck this shit

why is she so cute bros

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Uhhh, did you even watch the trailer?

Man I wish the mangaka had better fetishes

have you never tried "rocky mountain oysters" user?
they're pretty good

Such as?

More yuri

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when's the vidya coming out?

That's probably the only scene isn't it?

Based, at least we'll have Vueko having sex with the cyclops girl

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2022, when 2022? Who knows, gemu looks like shit anyway

Anime of the Year confirmed already?

Only if the alley tentacle rape scene is in fully

Baby making when?!

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Never, she got NTR'd by Riko
Captcha DMTXX

I wonder if Ozen is still fertile or barren.

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>NTR’d by Riko
Except Prushka was warning her she’s gonna get NTR’d by moth

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>Riko NTR'd by Nigputa
It just makes too much sense

It was great and the slow releases tainted your experience
They wont have the balls to include the detail that he's clearly getting hard while she sniffs him.

I want to fuck Faputa.

They showed Reg pitch a tent over Nanachi in the movie

>hey, you know that's his ex, right? and they clearly still love eachother...
>oh... well that's fine! I really like it when he takes the initiative like that!
>really... so you're alright with that?
>not just alright, I really like it! and if we meet any more cute girls in the abyss I want to see him take the initiative with them, too!
>speaking of which, we need to find a way to get you your body back so you can get in on it too, Prushka. poor Nanachi looks like she's just about to break from everything he's been doing to her...

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I don't even want to imagine the scent coming from her cunny

She's probably more fertile then Reg imagine if they fug tho

Ozen likes girls tho
Vueko does too but she looked interested in Reg's boy skin when they first met

Veko is a bisexual pedo.

>Ozen likes girls tho
Is that why she forces Marulk to cross-dress?

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>tfw no oneeloli with Riko

Ozen is just a maid otaku stuck in a fantasy setting. The cross-dressing is secondary to the maid costume itself.

she was interested in the squishy bits between his legs


sexy butler costumes just don't cut it

Theyre really keeping faputa under wraps huh

Faputa ad Garburoon appear in the first visual, dumbass

they're really only keeping the village itself and its inhabitants underwraps

I still wonder what anime-onlyfags think about the new characters

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They are just going to hide it behind the googles every time i suppose.

Reg harem when

What about the points where she doesn't have them

>Seems like there'd be a very pleasant scent

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Good question.
But seriously, i would love for it at least to be uncensored on the BDs

Tell me about Faputa, why does she wear the goggles?

Tbf, we did have the movie

Think there will be a second movie? I think the second season could cover the village arc and Vueko's flashback, then save Faputa's attack for another movie.

S2 will cover the whole village arc

Faputa is Kuno Misaki

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You sure? The village arc is long as shit.

It really isnt, it only looks like it is because of the time between chapters.

It’s the same amount of chapters as S1

>But seriously, i would love for it at least to be uncensored on the BDs

S2 isn't going to redo what the movie covered, right?

I doubt it.

How many episodes?

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oh god I haven't even thought of that
they often do that don't they
but they would have announced that by now, right?

Probably 12 or 13
Not like there's many more chapters to bd adapted anyway

The movie has made its rounds though TV broadcasts and streaming services so there's probably no need for that

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It'll be better as an anime

Well, Bondrewd is on the character art page for season 2. Whatever that means.

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As does Prushka.

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>bisexual pedo.
So like the author?

they appear in flashbacks


I don't think they do but maybe they'll add some at the beginning or something

Prushka appears as the whistle spirit. Bondrewd shows up to barter with Belafu

Oh yeah, I guess Bondrewd appears in a flashback bringing Mitty to the village and Prushka appears in Riko's dream Never mind.

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Ah yes, the iconic pose.

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I want to fuck the moth

Ooh yeah that's right


We know Reg

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Reg doesn't want to fuck the moth, he already did.

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since when do you only fuck once

When you stick your dick in a cloaca and it comes out covered in moth shit.

He definitely wants her

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Tsukushi really struck gold with everything about Bondrewd.

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Moth is a princess. She doesn’t poop

Reg fucked THAT?

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Lucky son of a bitch...

You've clearly never fucked an ass before. That rarely happens.

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Tight moth cunny...

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The realistic outie navels are disturbing me so hard

The what

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Speaking of pooping, will the game really have a toilet function or no?


See , , Another one of Tsukushi's disgusting fetishes, I assume.

>outie navel is a fetish
ok retard

Everything's a fetish, stupid. He obviously also has some fetish for navel penetration too, since it happens to Reg three times.

Breathing fetish

She even got the scar on her arm

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Attached: the real curse of the abyss is realizing there's a breathing fetish.png (247x246, 51.93K)

Considering Tsukushi's lack of fucks to give, I think it's very likely.

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Trying to tap that without Reg's stupidly sturdy body would most likely result in grievous bodily harm and probably death. Faputa doesn't look like she knows anything about holding back.
Then again, the sixth layer will kill you one way or another.

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Riko is cute!

I miss him so much, bros
At least we got RikoxPrushka yuri before he disappeared

Sex with Rko!

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I'm surprised Riko, Lyza, Ozen, Prushka and Vueko aren't more popular.
Are furfags really that big part of the fanbase? There should be a lot more hentai of the human girls

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The hell happened to him?

He just fuckin disappeared one day

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What artist?

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>White Whistle
>Most of it is dark colored

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Do i need to watch the movie?

The third movie is the sequel to TV anime, you can skip the recap movies if you don't want to watch it.


Attached: 1578846678574.jpg (1535x2048, 312.89K)

No, you don't watch the movie because you NEED to, you watch it because you WANT to.

>moth milkies

Riko (or Reeko as I like to call her), in addition to being totally useless and completely unsexy, also looks like she probably smells bad.

No, you WANT to watch it, because it isn't a recap. You can also watch the recaps first if it's been a while since you watched S1. You should probably do all of this a couple of weeks before S2E01.

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Wondering if Kurata wrote scripts for all episodes by himself this time.

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>bisexual pedo
So like Yea Forums?

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Moth pussy juices

i tried reading the manga but i can't really stomach the pedo stuff. is the anime any better? i keep hearing that this is supposed to be good but it's rough

Faputa is adorable.

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Attached: 1644037766132.jpg (3000x3300, 3.69M)

I like her cute mum

Attached: (2048x1628, 2.65M)

Attached: 1644036253974.jpg (1733x1600, 1.93M)

It isn't pedo stuff, nudity is natural in a world like that. And they don't filter it out.

My fucking god, why are you so autistic that you get bothered by that shit? It's just small quick scenes too.

Attached: EW2C4tDU8AIFpKl.jpg (1240x1748, 2.17M)

Honestly if you're that bothered by it then you shouldn't even watch the anime, let alone browse Yea Forums.

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Attached: a0c2e70254ce304aafe4a47433ddc323.png (1279x1806, 2.31M)

How does Tsukushi do it?
In interviews he doesn't at all hide the fact that he's a pedophile and the manga serves his fetishes, yet normalfags still defend the franchise.

surely you wouldn't get an erection seing a small child naked right?

Reg does
Tsukushi too

Because anyone with more than two brain cells can see that the show is objectively good in nearly every aspect. The world building perfectly encapsulates the word "adventure" more than any other story I've seen and the soundtrack elevates it further. Even the 'fetishes' that these retards complain about makes sense narratively speaking or just happens naturally like Riko and Reg bathing at a lake together. You got orphans that's forced to work in a literal death trap full of horrors beyond their comprehension but some people lose their shit if they see Riko being strung up naked for a few frames, which is really no different than how kids getting their asses spanked in older times. Also, any mangaka worth their salt puts their fetishes in their manga. That's just how artists roll.

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Stupid potato.

Why do the 4 arms and the tails only make it better?


more limbs means more fluff.

Attached: E7DyPh8WEAM3mbt.jpg (1377x2039, 156.22K)


>defends lolicons
>posts non-canon cowtits on a loli

Attached: 1648840364947.jpg (801x1414, 83.6K)

Have you guys got your Bondrewd yet? I got mine.

Attached: IMG_20220331_133758.jpg (2736x3648, 2.4M)

Prushka canonically has big tits though

And where would I get one? Do I have to jump into a big hole in the ground?

Bought it from Amiami.

maybe if you read the manga you'd know Prushka has large breasts.

damn prushka, your dad let's you be on two cover spines?

Her dad is so cool

welcome to anime. no gtfo

welcome to anime. now gtfo

Mailed the store I preordered from today. Where the fuck is it, the japs got it a month ago

Yep, and it even came with a cute little Prushka for pre-ordering from Goodsmile's site.

Attached: 851bb5c6432a8944dbeef7084a50ff67.jpg (400x400, 38.43K)

Still can't believe she's flat now. I want Prushka milkies...

first time?

Attached: 1576441962946.jpg (975x1200, 111.64K)

you don't have to be a disingenuous liar to get people to read the series. there definitely are some suggestive stuff about the underage characters that is uncomfortable. (like that toilet monster thing) my suggestion is for them to just watch the anime, they kind of scrub some of that stuff off.

I recognize those ears!

Attached: 0246-013.jpg (1120x1600, 220.1K)

overrated show. first season was boring af. not even cute bunny girl saved it.

>no Ozen
more like the immovable cuck

Attached: fa02b33cdfbe332e048ed14c111b1f6d.jpg (1200x1200, 1.07M)

>like that toilet monster thing
There's much more blatant stuff in the manga than that.

Attached: 0016-017.jpg (1139x1600, 252.26K)

Hunchback Ozen is cute.

Attached: 1648965524135.jpg (850x1005, 139.89K)

this is Ozen's revenge on men after getting cucked, she won't allow this boy to ever be a decent men

Attached: 88803201_p0.png (708x1000, 792.22K)

>Nanachi's armpit stench radiating from their wet tufts of pitfur after a long trek out in the Abyss

Attached: 1627295269833.jpg (997x1289, 755.95K)

She smells like wet dog.

Attached: 88235981_p1.jpg (600x900, 269.56K)

>July 2022
Fuck... I wanted to kill myself after May already. Now I have to live at least until September for Made in Abyss's sake.

>muh toys
Literaly manchildren


you're in a internet forum talking about cartoons

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So how many months left till the author finally makes a ending for the manga ?

The extra from the movie with pregnant Lyza and Torka was so good, I bet that hag was seething hard like impotent cuck she is.

Attached: Screenshot (203).png (1092x686, 609.4K)

Anime = / = cartoons


tfw going into this blind
can't wait, anons

they are about as much as figurines are toys

So you've seen S1 and the movie? Out of curiosity if you can give a quick reply before others post spoilers, what are your thoughts on the new characters ?


Can either of them do that, much less together.

Attached: FCJaZUHVUAMZ_Cz.jfif.jpg (1500x1500, 138.23K)

Attached: FFcQuy0agAE_wuG.jpg (1536x2048, 546.23K)

When I first set my eyes upon Faputa, I thought she would be my most Faputa'd character, if you get what I mean. But honestl? She's just disappointing. The "monster girl loli walking around topless" shtick kinda takes away the eroticism. Just like in African tribes where the women walk around topless all the time, the men probably don't get aroused by seeing tits as much.

Attached: 1648964278069.png (768x1024, 188.26K)



yes, and?


Reminder of what we could have had bros.

Attached: Untitled.jpg (495x576, 214.56K)

>Nanachiniggers will argue this is a boy

It doesnt look good to begin with.
The colors suck. Whats going on with the studios marketing dept. Do better, christ.

I love the smell of sun and steamed potatoes in the morning. It smells like victory.

Looks like an Onion Knight.

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When someone is any deviant sexuality configuration irl, what are you meant to say about it
>stop being what you are and immediately change your brain patterns!

If we're going down that road, FF has some of the cutest humanoid animals ever.

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>not even cute bunny girl saved it.
Disagree. It started boring and slow but the last few episodes were an easy 10/10.

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Its certainly a fact he hates drawing anyone with wide upper body

>Controversial Opinion
Dawn of the Deep Soul is the best anime movie of (almost the) last 20 years, with no actual competition for the top spot.

I miss playing Dissidia.

I love my beautiful wife Lyza.

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I really don't want to see on this dude's computer

Another victim of tsukushi adult hatred
She looks weird and not canonically impressive.

My wife does not look weird.

This series core viewership are humans usually called _______.

over 12y old adults

I want to mash that potato with my dick.

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>7 characters
The only thing that fits is "NINGENS".

Who even still cares about this after all these years?

the fans?

Me and my girlfriend.

What does she smell like?

Like Nanchi because Nanachi is my girlfriend so a wet dog

Surely they wouldn't release an official tie-in perfume if the character smelled like wet dog.

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Why not? They love dogs in Japan but many cannot afford them.

Even people who love dogs don't love the way they smell.

Pedophilia is wrong. You belong to prison, unless we fundamentally change society into Anarcho communist and give children proper sex education and change the balance of power. Watch Vaush if you want to know more on the topic, he is not a pedophile by the way, that's just what /pol/cel pedos project onto him.

kys retard

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I hope prushka comes back in season 2

We were robbed.

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>She becomes Rico's white flute

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She's gone and with her we lost her two huge Prushkas...

I only read it like a week ago so I do
Was preddy gud/10 would recommend but all the genitals makes it kind of hard to mention to people doesn't it

>all the genitals makes it kind of hard to mention to people doesn't it
What genitals? The manga doesn't actually show anything aside from nipples that I recall. Everything else is just implied.


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It's not "shown" exactly, but it does refer to a lot, then you get shit like the Reg pp pump or Fuputa ass sniffing.
I don't give a shit about it but I imagine most people will, kind of a shame.

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wondrous and mystical things

I-It's just cold in the abyss o-okay?

The music part at the start of the trailer is really appealing
Heres a nice arrangement of it

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>Anarcho communist
>Childrens' liberation ideology
You gear pedos are fucking retarded, none of these things overlap at all.

The anime doesn't tone it down that much, neither do the later parts of the manga. If depictions of children experiencing sexuality and enduring sexual abuse are intolerable to you I suggest you not watch this anime, nor any other anime, nor fiction, nor history, nor biology, nor religion, nor the vast majority of any written work which reflects the reality that these things actually happen in real life.

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>an entire season for the village arc
I sleep... I barely got through that borefest.

I kinda wants to watch this but the art style is holding me back . It looks too childish

bamboozle successful

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will be the greatest moment in the Anime panel

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How did Tsukushi get published in the first place? What is his origin story?

Yeah, that's a good one.

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Are you a child?

I can't wait to watch this season and enjoy every episode of my wife being cute and lovely and special over and over. I have waited years for this.

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If i'm not wrong his current assistant, who was his friend during school, showed Tsukushi's doujinshi "Star Strings Yori" for a Takeshobo editor. Basically the doujinshi was so good that impressed the editor and then he get published with Made in Abyss (which was an idea for another doujinshi)

Bros I want moth wife

I'd rather a rabbit personally.

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new frame of proto-wife... i feel like im getting blueballed... will i have to wait all the way until july to see my long-haired gutterflower in all her perfectly aged-up glory?

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>Flowers of Evil

I hope you get shot trying to touch someone's kid you fucking mouthbreathing retard.

i saw the uncensored version of the riko image in this series dagasi posted e621 before the mods deleted it for being irrelevant. I still beat myself for forgetting to save it. Long shot, but does anyone here happen to have it by some miracle? Literally only a furfag would since dagasi posted it nowhere else but e621 but still.

How often do you think she molests him?

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>imagine the milking handjobs

>ganjagang and Riko & Friends exploring the abyss together
can't wait for all the comfy good feels

>ywn have maru suck and stroke you to prepare you to enter ozen's dried out hairy old cooch

This it?

right series but that's censored. The uncensored of Nanachi vaginal and Reg anal can easily be found elsewhere, but the Riko vaginal one cannot due to how fast it was deleted from the only site it was posted on by the artist. My only hope is that some fellow furfag also saw it before it was deleted and actually saved it.

Ah, i missed that. My bad



MiA's author got me into fapping to Splatoon. I'm straight but I can BUST it to Reg nuts and cute things with their cocks firing off, is this the Tsukushi effect?

>I’m straight
user, I…

Oh user, it's not that, it's that... Adult boys don't do it for me. Just bouncy, sheen clean, uncut boys. If they're older pussy is the only thing that works

Ancient greek mindset

it's based. I'm having fun with it.

another normalfag slips past the filters...

Is Made in Abyss the best innpio manga ever made?


They will. I can even tell you exactly where this season will end. Faputa joining the party

>>Faputa’s school shooting

how are they gonna animate my nigga maji kaja


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I like a few masculine traits so long as they're smol enough, too. Someone Reg's size exerting themselves on a sport makes me want to squirt all over their sweaty swollen little legs

Thanks Tsukushi!!!

Ozen is so cruel. I dread to think what she does to him behind closed doors.

she drags her cooch over his face until some of the hair is languishing on it

What would Ozen do if Riko actually killed hserlef from the bully

stuff her in the cube again

What if we stuffed her somewhere with holes?

The main reason Ozen lives down in the abyss is so she can abuse little boys and live out her sick shota fantasies without interference from the police.

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I thought she only abuses Maruruk mentally/humiliates him by wearing a dress because she's mad that Lyza NTR'd her with a shota.

That was quick.

read or watch? i've got some free time and i'm thinking this one or houseki no kuni.

hnk manga is a completed work so thats a good option

Anime is a pretty good adaption, I'd give it a watch first then just pick up the story later.

kemono party has all of dagasis stuff... and every other paywall artist as well.

Based, but a bit on the shonenshit side

who the fuck is this artist? Nothing on sadpanda looks like this.

no it's not, fuck u

Read while listening to the anime soundtrack.

S tier bait

Inklings are cute but only the girl ones.

Mine is going by surface mail so it'll take a while...

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Season 2? Nice.

new chapter when

In 5 minutes

Tsukushi is too busy masturbating.

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Top uoooh

No Ozen
No watchzen

I'm not gay, however...

I'm into both despite only liking girls if it's an adult. I miss when pornhub didn't vet for content, lots of 12 year olds reporting that they were nutting in the sections for Splatoon porn

Only 3 years left before the manga reaches its ending, right?

The manga or Tsukushi?

he's not a tranny

If Tsukushi survived the Olympics, he will survive everything.



How do I deal with Bondrewd arc PTSD?

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by not a normalfaggot-frogposting nigger

Three if you count her cartridge. Pic unrelated

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Most of the guys she lives with are ugly old men though.

All that's left is the seventh layer then whatever's at the bottom. So probably at least 5 more years for the ending.

You can't get over it. We lost Prushka's huge milkers.

Those still exist in Riko's dreams. More importantly, Bondrewd lost his sweet monster body.

Moths don't have cloacas. In fact, they have some of the cleanest "pussies" out of all animals, because they use different orifices for sex and egglaying.

The biggest moth clade is called Ditrysia ("two holes") for that reason.

I think the bottom is actually a hike. Like Divine Comedy. The only hint we get is Prushka says the adventures just getting started when she finally meets her mother.

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