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>A link to the ultimate colossal science fiction and fantasy collection torrent
Never going to be created.

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Grimdark is superior *mic drop*

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Reverend Insanity shill has nothing to offer. That story lies dead, rotten and forgotten. Meanwhile The Wandering Inn has never been stronger. Choose wisely, good foolk of /sffg/ thread.

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tolkien fucking sucks

kill yourself moralfag happy fiction faggots

Second for Bakker and Vance and Peake and Wolfe and Tolkien and GRRM

Amber sucks!

you forgot Herbert, but it is okay, you will remember next time

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and also REH.

Should fantasy protagonists be sex havers or celibate?

Agreed. Banal waste of (admittedly limited) potential, just like rest of the author's disappointing oeuvre.

Ehhh, give it a shot. On the upshot, it's very authentic about its setting. There's HUGE tracts of exposition about the tundras and steppes. You want to know how the characters create a dugout canoe? We'll you're going to fucking find out.
The downside is that the Protagonist Ayla is essentially the definition of a Mary Sue. She's the smartest, toughest, most brilliantest smoking hot babe that were was and she gets a boyfriend who is a 6'6 aryan gigachad who left home and travelled across the world because he could never find a woman who was capable of taking his 15 incher balls deep. Then she spends the entire third book cucking him with a nigger.
There's also a stupendous amount of graphic sex. It's full blown fem coomer material, it's got a content to smut ratio similar to the coomlit we talk about here. Similar in the sense that the coomlit we talk about has ALMOST as much sex.

why does every shit book have a 4 rating on goodreads?

for me its: "In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war."

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I'd be glad if my father actually appreciated fantasy books. Sorry your dad is a filteré though.

Found out after 20 years of barely talking to the man that my dad is a huge anime/manga/fantasy book nerd. Guess it runs in the genes

I would not be glad if my father appreciated those things. It may be, it just may be, that his love for the mind-addling anime and manga have ruined his taste in actually good books. You might try to lure him into the right path first with some fantasy that is more anime-like, like Mistborn. No kidding, he might even like Sanderson's books. It is only after those that you move on to something better, and only after that, if even then, you might try to persuade him to try Bakker once again.

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He's showing obvious signs of cognitive deterioration or early dementia/alzheimers. I think he just enjoys the animation and vibrant colors and shit. He consumes such much entertainment on a daily basis he probably wouldn't be able to recall the name of the last anime or book he watched/red lul

To the user that recommend FanFicFare thank you so much. I just tried using it for the first time a few minutes ago and it worked perfectly.

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I've DNF'd two Sanderson series already after their second book, so I'm reluctant to invest time reading Mistborn. Maybe this time it'll be different since it's actually finished

I'm so fucking sick of people saying TWOW is not coming out
It is fucking coming out
It's coming out by the end of the year
You're all just fake fucking fans who think this is a hilarious and sick joke, fuck you

Reddit: the acronym

Why are you faggots stuck in an endless loop of talking about the same books and authors?

Try reading other books from different authors.


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Dumb fucking frogposter

The very least Gurm could do before he dies would to do what Karen Traviss did after she got Disney'd, make a blog post and outline where the characters and plot lines would have ended. Then within 10 years you get some decent quality fanfic for the fans who really can't let go.

Reminder that if you have not read Tolkien in recent memory as an adult, you are a midwit and should stick with brandon sanderson.

It was never even announced for this year.

the word was called

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what is Yea Forumss opinion on neal stephenson?

At my current reading tracjectory I'll have read works from every fantasy author except Bakker, Tolkien, and Erikson

He is protecting his virginity from a filthy slut.

Literally me

literally who


most known for snow crash & cryptonomicon

Only read Diamond Age. It was meh.

I'd like to read different stuff, but it feels like nothing worthwhile is getting published anymore. Tell me this: Has there been anything from recent years that harkens back to the good old days? By which I mean when men were manly, women were sextoys and knew their place, and both niggers and faggots simply didn't exist in novels.

fuck off moralfag

Im not reading your shitty tolkien novels

The fatass has lost his motivation and incentive to finish what he started, just fucking face it. It's embarrassing that there are still people jumping up and down in excitement whenever he farts out another vague tease for TWOW.

>Winds is going to be a BIG book guise, you won't believe how big, the BIGGEST book yet, oh yeah baby, at least twice as big as my fat wife's wrinkled vagina flaps, SOOO BIIIIG
stfu and stop falling for this crap

>p.p.s. If you enjoy the rest of the Inheritance Cycle, I'd recommend the Wizard of Earthsea trilogy by Le Guin, Tolkien (of course), Magician by Feist, The Worm Ouroboros, The Gormenghast trilogy, the Dragonriders of Pern by McCaffrey, The Dragonbone Chair by Williams, Dune, the Belgariad by Eddings, and the Mabinogion tetralogy by Walton. Have fun!
How is Paolini's taste?

>By which I mean when men were manly, women were sextoys and knew their place, and both niggers and faggots simply didn't exist in novels
Sounds like the average Xianxia/Wuxia/Cultivation novel

Absolute normiecore.

it has nothing to do with morality. It has to do with prose, vocabulary, word choice, and poetic art. You wouldn't know these things because you are stupid. You read books that don't challenge your brain and imagination (you probably are one of those mouth breathers that can't imagine things or have no daily narrative in their head).

Better than Rothfuss, who's editor had to come out and that they haven't seen a chapter from him in a decade.
Gurm has a precedent with writing too much for one book already, so it's not cope to take that statement at face value

>The fatass has lost his motivation and incentive to finish what he started, just fucking face it
yup, sadly

>It's embarrassing
no, stfu
asoiaf is absolute kino
and the show diverged from it so much that we didn't get any meaningful closure

luckily it appears that fatass has written a ton for TWOW
so at the very least i expect that book to be released, even posthumously if need be
i expect that book to conclude stannis the mannis' arc, "hold the door", cerceis' arc, dany showing up to westeros, etc

>"This article is right: authors don't owe their readership books, but what about the publishers who paid them? Book publishing is not as lucrative as many other professions, and publishers rely on their strongest sellers to keep their companies (especially small companies like DAW) afloat. When authors don't produce, it basically fucks their publishers...When I delayed the publication of book two, Pat was very open with his fans--they knew what was happening. I've never seen a word of book three."
Imagine picking up an unfinished fantasy series

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dont care

I only read grimdark novels

How do I get people to read my writing?

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grimdark isn't a literary term

write good
go to khan academy and study literature

Luckily I'm a zoom zoom, couldn't imagine sitting through the waits for asoiaf, Berserk, or Hiatus X Hiatus

cry about it moralfag

you're not getting me to read tolkien

keep reading sanderson

Relentless self promotion
Putting out your writing for free
Pandering to women
Connections to Jews

I think a lot of people these days start out by posting on various writing forums for feedback, or uploading to Royal Road

cry more psued

I believe Gurm's editor made a similar statement about having seen nothing new from him in a long time. And that was years back.

Damn you're right, The Forsaken was released all the way back in 2016, yikes

I'm not crying. Laughing at your low intelligence.

>but that was only last ye-
>2016 is now 6 years ago

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Im laughing at your psuedointelligence

I reread LOTR every year in November when the weather starts turning cold for maximum comfy. I've been doing it for nearly ten years now.

What Gurm is doing with finishing asoiaf reminds me of what I do with LoTR and Malazan. Just pushing it to the back of the reading list every time it pops up. For Gurm it's working on his TV shows and blog posting

>tfw slanteyed commies are putting out less woke garbage than contemporary western authors
the absolute state