French lit culture is horrible

Why are French people so engrossed with their own literature? I'm currently in a French university to study literature and it's unbelievable.
Most of them hasn't read a single Dickens, James or Joyce and yet read the complete works of some literally who like Bossuet, Fénelon or Vallès. I can understand that they would only study French author in class, but they don't read anything beside them, and sometimes Latin author. I've never seen such a pretentious country. Anytime you talk to them about any author that isn't French they won't be interested.

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va te faire foutre, je lis pas l'anglais alors c'est pas pour me coltiner une traduction à la noix de tes auteurs américains qui n'ont rien à dire sur rien

>people prefer their own literature
Thank you OP, I wasn't aware of that.

Finalement, même les Anglais sont plus bilingues et ouverts que les Français. Vous êtes un peuple snob.

rien à branler

>go to france
>wtf why is everyone here french

>même les Anglais sont plus bilingues
Tu te rends compte que les anglophones sont nuls à chier pour apprendre des langues quoi ?

Yeah, the average frenchman in 2022 is supposed to be a muslim black trans woman

tu projettes

cant argue with quints

>muh more anglo crap

people already watch enough anglo tv and speak english half the time at work

On a la même chose que O Twist en mieux (Hugo, Zola pour ne citer qu'eux).
Même vous les anglos vous vous faites filtrer par vos "classiques".

La lit. frouze baise la lit. anglo ces sales fils de pute porcins qui racontaient la même histoire avec 500 version différentes.
Perfide Albion.

Speak the lingua franca, frog

J'exagérais mais des amis à moi sont allé en Allemagne et ils sont bien meilleurs et plus curieux des littératures internationales.

i understand how you feel. when i was in the states i was horrified to find that americans do not read enough swedish authors.

Bien le métèque Italien? les Français de souche savent pas écrire de livre comme ils savent pas jouer au foot.

I want all of you frogs to know that I consider you subhuman. None of your 'writers' will ever hold a candle to Shakespeare. Stay mad. Except you, OP, you seem like the exception to the rule when it comes to Frenchtards being arrogant faggots.


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Wait so German lit is the only worthwhile one?¿

French lit is practically worthless in this day and age. German lit too. Really, American and Asian lit is where it's at. Anglo will always be kino though. Cope.

IDK but I was just in Paris and the total lack of originality bugged me quite a bit.
It seems like all a french person can do is process and regurgitate american culture. Fashion, music, literature wise, it's all just observations and reflections of the US.
Kids in Paris are dressing and acting the same as they did twenty years ago, from what I've read, and nothing has progressed or changed, except there's more immigrants.
Nice folks though. No living up to their stereotyped rudeness, they were friendly and curious.
Much preferred alsace though. Laid back people, tart flambee, and good wine.

You sound 50 IQ kek. What is this observation??
>Most powerful country in the world has a far reach sphere of cultural influence.
Round of applause for this braindead faggot.

>Asian lit
Literally who

I mean in any country the average person is a retarded american. I'm talking about people that has been 4 years in university and teachers.

Aw man, I'm sorry you're upset. Didn't mean it as some kind of value judgment.

Attention les potos, ce fil est contrôlé par la la menace angloise.

I only met a few academics in a bar, some grad students at sorbonne, who were fairly nice. One of the girls tried to hook up with me and my wife, which was flattering but raunchy and turned us both off. Didn't really talk about their work but they dressed and spoke in a manner indistinguishable from any other philosophy grad I've spent time with. Good english fluency with up to date slang and idioms which I assume comes from spending time on the internet. Everyone wore those classic camel trench coats or zara leather jackets, it was like stepping in to a Godard film. Feels stagnant...

But look, if you were hanging around in some bar in the states you'd probably encounter the same and worse characters, this is not a value judgment and I definitely don't hold my own culture or myself to be some kind of standard

jsuis anglais et personne ici ne veut apprendre une autre langue et ils ne liraient jamais un livre étranger

This is surprising. I am studying with what they call in France "normaliens", and they are not at all like that. They are quite smart and hard working, wear mocassins and vests, and do not go in bars. It feels more like My night at Maud's than Pierrot le Fou. They are very much boring.
But what you are describing is exactly the kind of person I met in bars studying in Spain.

normalien life sounds comfortable
I'm just mad because if I had relaxed a little bit I could've had one chick sucking my balls and the other sucking my dick, but I got up in my head about foreign STDs and my wife was not into the whole situation.

>He doesn't know Soseki, Kawabata, Tanizaki, Mishima, Murakami, Akutagawa.

your wife should watch more french film

>Japanese authors
Weeb burger. Opinion disregarded.

>thinks there are ‘foreign’ STDs
Stay in your wooden house and watch tv, my American fren, leave the degeneracy to us Yuropeans, you are not culturally prepared for it.

Those authors are either dead or cringe

>He doesn't know about regional gonorrhea and chlamydia variants

Anybody have reccomendstions for any french literature published in the last 30 years that is good?

Je peux lire en francais si il n’ya pas un traducition

I think Chevillard is very fun. L'auteur et moi got me laughing out loud multiple times. You already know about Houellebecq, but Plateforme is very underrated IMO. But other than that French lit is completely dead.

>French culture is horrible
fixed it fot you

why the fuck would they read that?

what do you think "franca" means, bro?

C'est quand même signe d'une intelligence terriblement mesquine que de considérer Zola comme supérieur à Dickens. Quant à Victor Hugo, ces romans ne sont pas ce qui devrait le rendre singulier a vos yeux, mais plutôt sa poésie.

Zola pue la merde, Marguerite Duras aussi

J'aime pas Zola ni le toiletteur Sartre, cependant j'admets que leurs oeuvres sont importantes dans le canon littéraire.

>les frouzes savent pas écrire de livre
Houellebecq est le seul auteur contemporain européen qui brille à l'international, et l'entièreté des peuples nous pompe le dard pour notre patrimoine culturel - littérature incluse.

Bouillonne, écope, dilate.

>points de comparaison
>les deux sont issus du XIXème siècle
>les deux sont journalistes et écrivains majeurs
>un écrivain français moyen surclasse "le plus grand" écrivain de l'époque victorienne britoïde

Absolument d'accord, Rousseau Voltaire Hugo et lui sont les individus qui ont fait le plus de mal à la France avec leurs idéaux.
Restent toujours des classiques dans le canon lit frouze (malheureusement).

>>un écrivain français moyen surclasse "le plus grand" écrivain de l'époque victorienne britoïde
Ce n'est pas en répétant une sottise qu'elle s'anoblit en sagesse

french lit is shit. balzac and zola suck arse. hugo and dumas suck. flaubert is fine. i like stendhal.

We should make a French/Francophone lit discord server but where instead of fetishing one canon we're capable of loving all that is quality

Most university students don't really read. This applies for ever continent and every language. Academicism is death in the West.


Just say Japanese Lit. No case in bringing up the whole of East Asia.

I know exactly what you mean OP I see these people all the time online. I studied English Literature in London and we did a fair few french novels as well as some German. Hell I think one of the favourite novels I studied was Madame Bovary, yet the French almost never remark on any works in English. I'm sure I'll get some snide remark about it not being worth reading from some French user but that only cements my view that the French are culturally chauvanisitic to the extreme. No doubt they have some really great authors and I love to read them, but it's just never reciprocated. Part of me think it stems from English ousting French as lingua franca and hurt feelings regarding that.

Jonathan Littell

Which univerisity? How's studying in France in general? I was going to study there as an international student via Erasmus, is it worthy?

They are just jealous and insecure from the English supreme tradition


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how do i learn french

>Camus est trop facile et Celine trop difficile.
Dites moi que je peux lire.

According to the UN, it is english since they forsook the frog language for the superior language.

C'est pourtant vrai.

>Literally whos

End your fucking life immediately you little cunt.

Qu'est-ce que le maniéré vite pour moi d’apprendre de lire français? J’ai apprend un peu de français dans l’école mais je ne suis pas très fort. Je voudrais pouvoir écouter et parler aussi.

> Throwing the hitlerian salute to the dead corpse of a decapitated woman over a hundred years before Hitler is born.
The French were so much in advance to their time its insane. Antisemitism, gassing indesirables, the Infernal Columns, state propaganda/police, targeted inception of suicidal tendencies through media (Mayerling incident was caused by Mary Vetsera being obsessed with French newspapers which were memeing every cases of suicide-pacts they could find).
They also invented both concepts of Cherchez la femme and Folie a deux, correctly diagnosing women as the source of men's psychological distress.
Truly a civilization ahead of its time.

They probably haven't read Proust completely and can't into Eluard or Claudel though, they desecrate their own culture with their pretention.
Any resceptable Frenchman from the 19th and early 20th century held in high regard foreign litterature, including that of the English. Do they not know that Gide said that English poetry was richer than French? Are they unaware that he considered the novels of other nations far superior to the novels of France? And yet who is more quintessentially French, who can be considered more of a prime example of the French homme des lettres than André Gide.
These people are philistines and you shouldn't be put off by them. You counter them by reading better books from their own language, and at the end of the day you'll be much wiser and better read than them all.